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Love in the Heavens

Love in the Heavens

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Published by Stephen Zinnerman

A poem written by Stephen Zinnerman.

A poem written by Stephen Zinnerman.

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Published by: Stephen Zinnerman on Nov 17, 2012
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Love in the Heavens

There was once time.... that time couldn't tell my mother and father knew me not only the Father...and I knew not the world but the world knew all of me..even in it's unfamiliar state And so thus our parents the four of them did conspire and conceive Their emotion...passion....fear...their Love passed on to us...the both of us but before it was passed to WE.....the father passed it through time and time brought forth ....creation Creation came....and we were.....and Power then creation brought you and I forth...in Love...and in Love I've known you once..- Zinnerman

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