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92892761 Armstrong s Handbook of Management and Leadership

92892761 Armstrong s Handbook of Management and Leadership

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Published by: Andrews Dwomoh on Nov 17, 2012
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‘Let’s stop the dysfunctional separation of leadership from management. We all

know that managers who don’t lead are boring, dispiriting. Well, leaders who

don’t manage are distant, disconnected.’

Henry Mintzberg (2004) Enough leadership, Harvard Business Review,

November, p 22

The key purpose of management and leadership as described by the Management

Standards Centre (2004) is to ‘provide direction, facilitate change and achieve results

through the efficient, creative and responsible use of resources’. Effective management

is the process of harmonizing individual endeavour to the common good. This intro-

ductory chapter sets the scene for the rest of the book by defining and distinguishing

between the processes of management and leadership. It also deals with the influences

that affect management in the shape of codes of practice and organizational and legal


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