There on the beach – on that desolate beach Dawn filters through as they land There on the beach some would not even reach Nothing unfolded as planned Running and falling – confusion defined He scrambles and clambers and claws The ridges rain venom - he somehow survives But his innocence dies on those shores From the dearth of a trench – through the fly ridden stench Shines the grin with a knockabout glow Where the slouch hat is worn, a new species is born Ninety years ago There on the hill – that un-winnable hill He is scared but by God, he’s committed There on the hill, so much young blood would spill The word "sacrifice" tragically fitted In protecting their homeland, the Turks never budge The high ground is theirs to defend Death blows a breeze that puts ice in his knees He prepares now to meet with his end For a moment, the sky turns a calm shade of blue And with that, the commander yells "GO!" He is hit and it burns – then to peace he returns Ninety years ago There on his grave – on that lost lonely grave With the others that grimly abound There on his grave – wooden crosses stand brave An ANZAC lies under the ground Australians – New Zealanders – brothers in arms Mates on the same team today "Goodbye and God bless cobber" so say the words In a strength we could never betray And this on the face of a small humble stone That in winter, is lashed by the snow "Please cry no tears" he was seventeen years Ninety years ago Here in my heart – with the beat of my heart I can’t help but tremble and shiver Here in my heart – it's so hard to depart From the pride that these spirits deliver For the courage – the kinship – the duty – the dove The flame of our freedom ascends Enemies once, now we stand with respect And continue this journey as friends Gallipoli – home to a ghost in us all From a tale, pray our children will know As the legend of ANZAC and "Lest We Forget" Ninety years ago

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