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Sales Management

Sales Management

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Published by: Vikas on Nov 18, 2012
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Sales Management

• Profits (Profitability) of firm. • Market Share. • Growth (Absolute / Relative). • Eye on the Future (Qualitative).

Sales Management Functions
• Internal Agent : Sales Team
• • • • Recruitment. Training. Motivating. Managing of Sales Force.

• External Agents
• Wholesaler(s) / Distributor(s) • Retailers

• Auxiliary Agents:(Also an Internal Agent)
• • • • Market Research Promotions Logistics Accounts etc etc.

Personal Selling
• • • • • 4 Ps of Marketing Product Price Place Promotion…(Personal selling a part of it).

Advertisement vs Personal Selling
• Reach (Mass vs Specified). • Aim (Awareness vs Final Sale). • Type of Product Segment (Volume Product vs Value Product. e.g., FMCG vs Durables vs Industrial Sector). • Results (More in PS in terms of % output).

Personal Selling
• Focussed only on target segment rather than mass segment. • Communication on an individual basis (One to One).

Sales Person in PS
• Face of the Company. • Knowledge of Company Product vs Competitor Product must. • Human Relations skills. • Communication skills.

Personal Selling Theory.
• • • • Attract Attention. Sustain Interest / Create Desire. Inducing Action. Building Satisfaction / Post sale Activities.

• (AIDAS theory).

Reverse of Selling Concept.
• Buying Theory (What does a Customer buy?). • Need Product Purchase Satisfaction Re – Buy

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