Creating A Lasting Memory

November 17, 2012

We started our day by creating a mosaic of the letter Vet using construction paper. As the children collaborated about how to make the Vet as colorful as possible, they discovered that using tiny pieces of paper would be a better solution than using big pieces. As a team, everyone ripped sheets of paper, carefully lying the tiny pieces down “like a puzzle.” Some children noted that the Vet is just like the Bet just with out the “belly button.” We experimented putting paper in the middle of the letter creating a Bet and then taking it away to see the Vet! Creating the mosaic together was a wonderful start to our very cooperative day of fun!

How do we document what we are learning? Today we discussed different ways we could document the stories we have been learning over the past few weeks and the stories we will be learning in the future. As we thought about the multiple ways we could remember the stories, one friend mentioned that we could keep the memories in a Torah! We then brainstormed ways to put our stories into our own Torah. Some of our ideas included: painting, drawing, collaging, using pipe cleaners, building with blocks, clay or Magnatiles, and using our bodies to retell the story and then taking pictures of them and gluing them into the Torah. The children then asked what we could do at the end of the year with the Torah and who would keep it. Together we came up with the idea to hopefully turn the Torah into a book so that everyone could enjoy their Kindergarten Havourah memories and retell them in years to come. We then split up into three groups- one to start building our torah and two to illustrate the stories. Bret and Zoe focused on building our Torah using paper cardboard rolls and colored tape, Shayna and Theo decided to draw and collage multiple materials onto our white Torah Scroll to retell The Story of Creation, and Dani, Celia, and Bella used construction paper and colored tape to collage the story of Noah’s Ark. All of the children were very excited to work on this year-long collaboration and they said they “couldn’t wait for next week” so that they could keep on working!