Death Rises Two minute outline for our opening scene

Fade in The scene begins with Aalliyah and Layla packing up at the end of the lesson in a classroom. The next scene is Aalliyah and Layla walking down the corridor, Aalliyah is on her phone and Layla is listening to music through her headphones, after reaching the end of the corridor they say goodbye to each other and Layla leaves through the double doors. Aalliyah continues to walk down the corridor but hears a weird noise coming from the lift; she slowly walks towards the lift but feels a very unusual presence behind her and quickly turns around but nothings there. She takes a deep breath and starts to walk away but then suddenly stops because she hears another noise and turns around. As she stares at the lift with fear, it opens and she sees a dead body inside it, her body freezes and she stares at the dead body for a while and as she turns around, a girl appears before her and grabs her throat. She tries calling for help but her voice fades out. Fade out

By Warren Siwale

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