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1. What is the word for pulley in Catalan? 2. What is the word for wheel in Catalan? 3. Which type of machine has got a lot of pieces? (e.g. a computer) 4. Which machine helps us to do tasks with precision? 5. The________ is the part on which other machine parts rest. 6. An_______produces mechanical motion by burning fuel. 7. _______ permit a machine to receive information from its interior or exterior. 8. The_______(or cover) is the part which protects the machine and to join other parts of the machine. 9. Which machine helps us to do tasks in less time? 10. Which machine transforms one type of energy into another? 11. _______ are used to lift heavy objects or to produce movement. 12. _______ are used to heat or cool objects. 13. An _______ is one which converts electrical energy into a mechanical motion. 14. _______ are the elements where the information appears. 15. Whats the word for lever in Catalan?