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Customer Value Benefits the customer receives are expressed by the value proposition.

on. The objective of the organization is to provide a superior customer experience. The value proposition explains the relationship among the performance of the product, the fulfillment of the customers needs, and the total cost to the customer over the customer relationship life cycle. Assessing whether a superior customer experience is accomplished requires determining the relative importance placed by customers on different attributes of the product.

Value Received by the Organization Determining value received from CRM requires the following information: (1) it is necessary to determine how existing and potential customer profitability varies across different customers and customer segments; (2) the economics of customer acquisition and customer retention and opportunity for selling, up-selling, and building customer advocacy must be understood.

Identifying less attractive customers and developing effective ways to handle this issueseparating the angel customers and the demon customers. CRM and Value Chain Strategy CRM must be integrated with the different channels that access end-user customers. The multi-channel integration process is arguably one of the most important processes in CRM because it takes the outputs of the business strategy and value creation processes and translates them into value-adding activities with customers.