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Pre-study period (starting 3-4 months before exam) General information for the Gateway examinations Introductory presentations on the exam and the syllabus The full management level syllabus (PDF 166KB) examinable in Gateway exams Exam paper and post exam guide - for the most recent exam sitting

Study period (starting 2-3 months before exam) CIMA Learning Systems/ CIMA Quality Partner college or distance learning course Technical articles for the E2, F2, and P2 papers - listed by syllabus area. Study articles from Velocity magazine Ask a Tutor events on CIMAsphere every April and October CIMAsphere discussion boards CIMAsphere Get ready for May 2012 study group Study planner (PDF 894KB)

Revision period (starting 4-6 weeks before exam)

CIMA Quality Partner revision course CIMA local and student events Past papers and examiners answers requires MyCIMA login Questions by learning outcome for the E2, F2 and P2 papers Post examination guides for past gateway exams CIMA study support emails check your inbox!

Exam period (starting 2-3 weeks before exam) Exam techniques video Exam articles from Velocity magazine

Post-exam Exam paper available shortly after exam day Examiners answers available shortly after results day via MyCIMA login Marks breakdown by question on exam results letter Post exam guide available shortly after results day
Examination Results Statement 13 January 2011

Mr A Student 999 LETSBE AVENUE LONDON SW1 Dear Mr Student

26 Chapter Street London SW1P 4NP United Kingdom

Examination Session:

November 2010

Contact ID


Your result in the recent examination is as follows: Candidate No 211-1-043 Level Management Result Subject Enterprise Management Mark 75%