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Competency Development Plan Form

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Management 301 Section

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Tyler Ashby

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Networking Put together a complete resume to Meeting new people in my area of study that can help my hunt for a summer internship. I am going to go out of Go to the CCO career fair and meet as my way to meet many people in my future line of work as people at different events put on through possible. Exchange cards, resumes, etc. Krannert that will put me in position to land a summer internship. Create a LinkedIn page to further meet people who I may already have connections with that I didnt consider. present to people just in case the opportunity presents itself. 9/13/2012

I have followed through with all the steps and they have worked for me. I have made many connections throughout the semester and I recently finished interviews with multiple companies. So hopes of a 9/15/2012 summer internship look bright.


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