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Lesson Plan

Lesson Objective (s):

Comments: The students will be able to solve simple addition and subtraction math problems The agenda for the day is posted on the wall in the classroom It is a second grade classroom with 20 students. Two of the students are on the autism spectrum. Math board games the children made the previous day
1. The teacher will gather the 4 students who make their math board games the day before. 2. The teacher will ask the students what the objective of the game is. The teacher will ask how the game is set up and how they decide who goes first, second, third ect 3. The teacher will write the rules as the students say it on the back of the poster board 4. The students and the teacher will play the game according to the rules the students made up 5. This is all summative assessment the teacher will watch out for students who struggle with addition and subtraction

Agenda for Board: Student/Class Profile

Materials: Procedure:

Include: cognitive engagement & formative assessment (s)

Include possible adjustments if warranted by formative assessment

Include grouping if any Closure:

When the game is over, the teacher will go over any new addition and subtraction strategies that came up while playing the game.

Homework /Announcements :