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Lesson Objective (s): Agenda for Board: Student/Class Profile

Teacher Notes for Use During Instruction To teach characteristics and traits To check for reading comprehension Provided by teacher

Comments Turn on the smart board HAVE USB DRIVE Plug in USB drive and load the page before reading

Materials: Procedure:

Book- Piggie Pie by Margie Palatini Smartboard and Smartnotebook

Complete by: 10:00 am

Include: cognitive engagement & formative assessment (s)

Gather the students on the reading carpet Read the book, First half with Eileen second half with Kristi Ask questions every few pages, have the students make predictions After the book is done have ask more questions for comprehension and check for understanding Ask the students to name some character traits

Eileen will read up until page 7, Kristi will read the rest

Include possible adjustments if warranted by formative assessment

Begin Smartboard activity: Have each student drag a characteristic to either the witch or the pig and explain why. For no repeats tell the student if they character trait had been previously picked but if they have another explanation that is ok Students may add other character traits not listed on the board

Include grouping if any Closure:

Begin by: 11:55

Ask the students to name any characteristics that they have in common with the characters. (text to self connection)
Homework /Announcements : none