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30 Minute lesson Plan Template YOUR NAME ____Mary Jane Morgan___

Grade Level__2__ Overall Element: Rhythm and pitch-match singing; half notes rests Month__11/12/10__ Previous Knowledge: Quarter, eighth notes, quarter

Objective: The Learner Will: Sing s, m, l; clap and stomp in rhythm, move to the music; Learn half notes Materials Needed: ELMO, Kangaroo Puppet, Pencil Procedure: 3 minutes A. Greeting (Sarah) Hello Children - Hello Miss Sarah Clap rhythms (quarter notes, eighth notes, quarter rests) 5 minutes B. Opening Song/Activity (Sarah) Kangaroo Lou with puppet and actions - pitch matching 10-12 mins C. Activity/Movement (Mary Jane) Here Comes the Bluebird song Use critical thinking questions to introduce the song Teach song by echo with steady beat - then sing song to different types of steady beat Play game with the song - Variation on game if it comes along nicely 5 minutes D. Song/Drill & Practice (Mary Jane) Assessment/Drill/Practice on ELMO of Bluebird song Learn half-notes and their value and use them in practice 3 mintues E. Closure: Short Song or Quick Drill (Sarah) Little old lady/scarecrow book with half-notes - Miss Trump Assessment: Informal data collected? Formal data collected? What needs to be repeated? What are the follow-up concepts you would teach next?