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A Brief Biography of Casimiro Barela By Nicholas James Pedler Casimiro Barela was born in New Mexico, but his

significance in United States history is tied to the state of Colorado, where he became an accomplished politician. In 1875, Barela participated in Colorados Constitutional Convention, during which he fought for the legislation to be published in Spanish and German as well as English so that the states Spanish- and German-speaking constituents would also understand the laws. The next year, he was voted into Colorados State Senate. in which he would serve for almost 40 years. As a senator, he supported womens suffrage, advocated for New Mexicos statehood, and encouraged better relations between the U.S. and Mexico. Barela is also known for helping to make Columbus Day a holiday in Colorado, the first state to do so, in 1907. Throughout his political career, Barela fought for progressive ideas to support the people, especially his Spanish-speaking constituents. About the Author: Nicholas James Pedler works as a finance and accounting consultant in Denver, Colorado. He is also a literature and history aficionado, who particularly enjoys interesting stories about Colorados history.