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Andrs Romero H. Francisco barquero . 10-7 Computers

UNIX Operating System

It is a portable operating system, multitasking, multiuser, developed in early 1969 by a group of employees at Bell Labs, AT&T, which include Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie and Douglas McIlroy. This system is based on a core called Kernel.

It is written in a high level language. It has a programmable control language called SHELL. It provides facilities for the creation of programs and systems and the environment for the software design tasks. It uses dynamic memory management by exchange or paging. Has ability to interconnect processes. Allows communication. Guarantees a high degree of portability.

Mac OS
Macintosh Operating System, is the name of the operating system completely developed by Apple, in 1985, for its line of Macintosh computers. It is known for being the first system for the general public to have a graphical interface consisting of mouse interaction with windows, menus and icon.

From version 10 (Mac OS X), change the system architecture and became totally based on Unix, but its graphical interface retains many elements of previous versions. Supports strict separation between the user's files and system for maximum security against malicious programs. Includes disk encryption. Apple does not allow OS X running on hardware that is not Mac

Microsoft Windows Operating System

Microsoft Windows is the name of operating systems' family developed by Microsoft since 1981. It is the most widely used operating system among personal computers, servers, and small and medium. It was developed by Microsoft, but many of his basic ideas came from the Mac OS operating system of Macintosh computers.

Windows from 95 to Vista using the classic taskbar and in each new version incorporates more things and the Home pane is very similar in all versions. It has more popularity than any other operating system. Better compatibility with drivers. Because of its popularity is easy to find solutions to problems of all kinds. Its graphical interface is good. Has special network connection.