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Chatlog 11/11/12 (18:16:12) Willie: Kinkyclawz enters the channel.

(18:17:13) Kinkyclawz: *enters the chat room and sits down in her own chair in the gutter* Best to start how you mean to go on, right? Uh... did I just say that aloud? Oops. *giggles to herself and waits* (18:43:11) Willie: Aubergine enters the channel. (18:43:27) Aubergine: Hello, Hallo (18:51:14) Kinkyclawz: Hello Hello! (18:51:17) Kinkyclawz: How are you (18:51:19) Kinkyclawz: ? (18:51:29) Kinkyclawz: Sorry, I was busy giggling to myself. :S (18:51:30) Kinkyclawz: (18:52:51) Aubergine: I'm well how about yourself (18:53:29) Aubergine: I've been obsessively playing mystery Manor on FB (18:53:50) Aubergine: when I'm not staining my house (19:21:39) Willie: Eileen enters the channel. (19:21:53) Aubergine: hello Eileen (19:21:56) Kinkyclawz: Ooh 'eck, sorry Genie. I got doing a jigsaw on another tab and forgot about chatting. Hi Eileen!! (19:22:14) Aubergine: what are you up to (19:22:16) Kinkyclawz: LOL Obsessive gaming, I'm guilty of that too apparently. LOL (19:22:38) Kinkyclawz: Not Aye, and not bad thanks Genie. (19:22:43) Eileen: Hey there!!! Sorry got distracted with watching The Walking Dean (19:22:45) Eileen: Dead (19:22:46) Eileen: lol (19:22:49) Eileen: how are you both? (19:23:04) Kinkyclawz: You might want to watch Dean walking too. LOL (19:23:07) Aubergine: lol (19:23:17) Kinkyclawz: Not too bad thanks Eileen. (19:23:23) Aubergine: oh which Dean (19:23:38) Eileen: lol the walking one from the school up the hill (19:23:43) Aubergine: I'm well (19:23:48) Kinkyclawz: lmao (19:24:10) Kinkyclawz: Are you ok, Eileen? (19:24:22) Eileen: lol (19:24:29) Eileen: or am i not? (19:24:49) Eileen: *checks herself* yeah, I am (19:24:54) Aubergine: (19:25:08) Kinkyclawz: Ah, that's a question for you, yourself anf Eileen, Twister dear. LD (19:25:11) Kinkyclawz: also (19:25:19) Kinkyclawz: LMAO @ Genie. (19:25:49) Eileen: who's eileen? (19:26:30) Willie: Fang enters the channel. (19:26:36) Fang: Hello (19:26:59) Kinkyclawz: Hiya Fang! How goes it? I'm not sure who Eileen is, Eileen. Sorry I can't help. (19:27:44) Fang: I was OK but I'm not confused about Eileen not knowing

Eileen (19:27:56) Kinkyclawz: You're not? (19:28:00) Fang: possibly a new record for how quickly I become confused (19:28:04) Kinkyclawz: Clever man! (19:28:56) Kinkyclawz: lmao That's what we all are - record breakers. (19:29:07) Fang: me? or just stating what you want? (19:29:26) Kinkyclawz: A bit of both. (19:29:29) Aubergine: lol (19:30:00) Eileen: HI Fang! (19:30:09) Eileen: How are you, my twusband? (19:30:21) Eileen: oh wait (19:30:29) Eileen: marriage is not done yet (19:30:34) Eileen: still my twoyfriend (19:30:36) Eileen: Fang? (19:30:39) Kinkyclawz: Wow, you got Twarried between last week and now? Cngratulations! (19:30:40) Fang: I was going to say we're not even twengaged (19:30:50) Kinkyclawz: Ohhhh. *loks disappointed* (19:31:19) Fang: what were you talking about before I rudely interrupted? (19:31:24) Kinkyclawz: *has a twinge as she misses her twusband in chat* (19:31:33) Eileen: sorry KC! It must be part of the identity crisis (19:31:37) Kinkyclawz: Not rudely. (19:32:15) Eileen: *hugs her twister KC* (19:32:22) Eileen: don't twidge (19:32:26) Aubergine: we weren't discussing anything except how distracted we all were (19:32:31) Eileen: it's not very fashionable (19:32:32) Kinkyclawz: Your current identity remembered being Twarried to The Doctor... hmm. Are you called River Song? (a lil geeky reference, terribly sorry) (19:32:55) Kinkyclawz: LOL A discussion about distraction can take a while, it seems. (19:33:04) Eileen: it does (19:33:16) Fang: it's distracting talking about distractions (19:33:19) Eileen: lol and it was easy to jump into it while apologizing for being distracted (19:33:24) Kinkyclawz: Sorry, I'll stop twingeing now. *hugz her twisters and twrother back* (19:33:48) Kinkyclawz: What are we jumping into?! *has missed something interesting?* (19:34:03) Aubergine: distractions (19:34:04) Kinkyclawz: A ball pool? A waterfall? (19:34:13) Eileen: the convo about distrac... oh look something shiny! (19:34:19) Aubergine: jump right in (19:34:30) Aubergine: you're a natural (19:34:32) Kinkyclawz: *dangles shiny things to distract everyone* (19:34:54) Eileen: *sigs and tries to catch the shiny thing* (19:35:05) Eileen: sighs also (19:35:25) Kinkyclawz: sigging and sighing, similar but not quite the same, eh? (19:35:42) Kinkyclawz: and sigging is defintely different from cigging (smoking). (19:36:03) Aubergine: at least I hope it is (19:36:11) Fang: sig may refer too (19:36:12) Eileen: well its better than sagging

(19:36:18) Kinkyclawz: I'm certain it is, Genie. (19:36:35) Fang: I think she works for a German firearms company (19:36:48) Kinkyclawz: Wow, lots of references for Sig. (19:36:54) Fang: true Eileen, don't want you sagging (19:36:56) Eileen: i do? (19:37:02) Kinkyclawz: Indeed, sagging is not a good thing either. (19:37:15) Aubergine: cool can I have a box family discount (19:37:18) Fang: do you mind us talking about your bazookas (19:37:26) Kinkyclawz: You forgot you worked for a firearms factory? (19:37:45) Fang: you'd think that was the sort of thing you' remember (19:37:45) Kinkyclawz: LMAO @ Fang and Genie! (19:37:57) Kinkyclawz: A family discount on guns? Should we be scared? (19:38:14) Fang: are you going to appear of Doomsday Preppers Genie? (19:38:20) Kinkyclawz: LMAO (19:38:31) Eileen: no discounts! and of course we can talk about my Bazookas, Fang (19:38:36) Kinkyclawz: A very interesting show, that Doomsday Preppers. (19:38:38) Fang: "I'm preparing for the old ones invading" (19:38:42) Aubergine: we call it emergency preparedness (19:38:51) Kinkyclawz: *lmao @ Eileen* (19:38:57) Aubergine: and everyone should be prepared (19:39:04) Aubergine: the end is a month away (19:39:05) Eileen: for the zombies! (19:39:12) Eileen: *gets her gones ready* (19:39:21) Eileen: gones (19:39:26) Eileen: goones and guns (19:39:27) Kinkyclawz: Aye, apparnetly is it. 21st December right? (19:39:29) Eileen: you never know (19:39:39) Fang: goons with guns (19:39:50) Eileen: that, too (19:39:50) Kinkyclawz: you're well prepared with gones, goones and guns at the ready, Eileen! (19:39:50) Aubergine: If Zombies survive the end then that's what you should be prepared for (19:40:00) Eileen: just anything with a g and an n in it (19:40:05) Eileen: gins (19:40:09) Eileen: Genies (19:40:10) Fang: your hiring henchmen? like a super-viliian...wait do you own your firearms company? (19:40:38) Fang: Are you going to cause the end of the world? (19:40:41) Eileen: i do own it (19:40:42) Kinkyclawz: So zombies survive the end, the old ones cause the end and then Mother Nature has a lil temper tantrum, bless her, and wipes out whoever's left? (19:40:44) Fang: with your bazookas? (19:40:52) Eileen: nope, that will be you, Fang (19:40:53) Aubergine: why would you need to hire henchmen if you own a gun company (19:41:05) Fang: somebody has to fire them Genie (19:41:15) Eileen: exactly (19:41:17) Kinkyclawz: Henchmen to model the guns form the foactory you own?

(19:41:18) Fang: unless she owns an army of robots too (19:41:21) Kinkyclawz: factory also. (19:41:25) Aubergine: line them up and just keep shooting (19:41:47) Eileen: at whatever is not on top of a tree in 3 secs (19:41:48) Aubergine: remember only head shots (19:41:48) Kinkyclawz: Well, speaking of robots... we do have the Cabana Clones... (19:42:15) Eileen: ah yes we do (19:42:20) Kinkyclawz: 3 seconds.. is that to climb the insanity tree? (19:42:32) Eileen: any tree (19:42:45) Kinkyclawz: should make for fun viewing. (19:42:49) Eileen: how about the christmas tree? (19:42:51) Aubergine: well if we'll need a Daiquiri or a towel I guess the Cabana clones will do fine (19:42:56) Fang: oh..I was joking...seems Eileen has it all planned out (19:43:03) Eileen: at least you will be all glittery when you arrive on top (19:43:19) Kinkyclawz: Yeah... but it might be thought a little to early to put the tree up yet so they might have to climb another for the next few weeks. (19:43:28) Aubergine: she had been preparing for a while I guess (19:43:37) Eileen: yeah, you're right KC (19:43:47) Fang: the Mayan's predicted the rise of Eileen too (19:43:53) Kinkyclawz: LOL so the goones will be all shiny as a distraction to anyone who might oppose you! Mwahahaaaaaa *coughcough* (19:43:57) Aubergine: you can't decorate before Thanksgiving (19:44:07) Eileen: the rise of the light (19:44:10) Eileen: muahahahaaaaaa (19:44:11) Fang: it's OK we don't do thanksgiving over here (19:44:23) Kinkyclawz: But we don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here... or in Germany? (19:44:23) Aubergine: oh maybe you guys don't have thansgiving (19:44:34) Aubergine: so how will you know when to decorate (19:44:41) Eileen: nope no thanksgiving here (19:44:49) Aubergine: oh now I'm confused (19:44:54) Eileen: 1 day before christmas (19:45:09) Eileen: or at christmas (19:45:14) Aubergine: you decorate on Christmas Eve (19:45:19) Eileen: yes (19:45:27) Kinkyclawz: Ooh.... on an entirely unrelated note, did anyone find my "How To Take Over The World In 7 Easy steps" book? (19:45:29) Aubergine: why that's too late (19:45:31) Eileen: well in the morning or afternoon that is (19:45:49) Eileen: i did and it was a good read (19:45:54) Fang: that doesn't sound very efficent (19:45:57) Fang: either thing (19:46:02) Eileen: it is (19:46:08) Fang: Eileen only needs 5 steps but leaves decorating way too late (19:46:18) Kinkyclawz: I'll be working christmas Eve so can't do it then. I'm putting the tree up in early December, whenever my silly shift allows me a couple of days off to do it. (19:46:39) Eileen: i do it on the weekend (19:46:42) Kinkyclawz: Ohh, glad you enjoyed it. But you didn;t lose my bookmark, did you Twister dear?

(19:46:47) Eileen: and also at the beginning of dec (19:47:00) Eileen: i wont be in berlin during christmas (19:47:09) Kinkyclawz: Ohh, where will you be? (19:47:12) Eileen: nope, I found it at step 2 (19:47:15) Aubergine: where are you going to be (19:47:20) Fang: *looks at tickets I booked for Berlin* (19:47:22) Eileen: in Plauen, my hometown (19:47:39) Eileen: ooops sorry, Fang (19:47:42) Eileen: should have told you (19:47:45) Aubergine: ah home with the parental units (19:47:45) Kinkyclawz: LOL @ Fang. Well the two leftover steps are insurance in case those silly Goones get something wrong, as they usually do. (19:48:07) Fang: Friedensbrcke (19:48:08) Kinkyclawz: Aww, Christmas with your family. How lovely! (19:48:08) Eileen: yes (19:48:15) Aubergine: you get what you pay for KC (19:48:27) Eileen: lol (19:48:34) Kinkyclawz: Aye, that's true Twister dear. (19:48:41) Kinkyclawz: Ooh, what does that mean Fang? (19:48:41) Eileen: so i get nothing (19:48:43) Eileen: damnit! (19:49:00) Kinkyclawz: Aww, you have us. (19:49:08) Kinkyclawz: We're free, right gang? (19:49:11) Eileen: he is sitting in the corner crying (19:49:19) Aubergine: I'm sure it's okay if you go to Berlin and then drive to Plauen, Fang (19:49:22) Eileen: You can still change the ticket my twoyfriend (19:49:30) Eileen: or you take the train from berlin (19:49:47) Eileen: or drive like the Vice of Reason said (19:49:50) Fang: no I spent the last of my money on those tickets (19:49:53) Aubergine: train rides are nice (19:50:01) Eileen: we have a nice long Autobahn but with the traffic on the other side (19:50:03) Kinkyclawz: Ooh, and sadly get used to the trains not being on time, just like everywhere else, huh? (19:50:08) Eileen: oh (19:50:08) Fang: the rest already went on my vampire/zombie/Eileen and her henchman survival kit (19:50:34) Eileen: damn... i will borrow you some money then (19:50:38) Aubergine: you might be able to get a refund for the henchmen (19:50:44) Kinkyclawz: Ah. Well, at least you'll be safe on Dec 21st, Fang. (19:50:52) Aubergine: they were useless anyway (19:50:55) Kinkyclawz: It might be free travel after the world ends. (19:51:09) Kinkyclawz: LOL (19:51:22) Aubergine: after the end everyone will be walking anyway (19:51:43) Aubergine: unless you have a working bicycle (19:51:52) Eileen: yeah i think walking will be the most common way of transport (19:52:00) Eileen: you transport your body with your legs (19:52:01) Fang: sometimes I don't think you take the apocalypse seriously enough, it will be very inconvenient (19:52:33) Aubergine: nonsense just stay were you are and do nothing

(19:52:58) Fang: but the emergency broadcast show is rubbish (19:53:02) Aubergine: but stay warm, dry and fed (19:53:46) Eileen: they really should spend more money on the broadcast (19:53:47) Fang: and it' just the same show on a loop, how are we going to discuss that? (19:53:52) Aubergine: in case of emergency don't listen to this broadcast run for your life (19:53:59) Eileen: last time i slept in after the first 5 minutes (19:54:19) Kinkyclawz: Or horses, back to the old clippety-clop days? (19:54:31) Fang: but you just said stay where you are! make your mind up Genie! (19:54:45) Aubergine: you have to feed horses and when you get real hungry you'll eat the horse (19:55:13) Kinkyclawz: Yeah, so it's a dual purpose kind fo transport, whoudl you need to travel at all. (19:55:15) Eileen: but dont ride into Atlanta (19:55:21) Kinkyclawz: should, that is, not whould (19:55:24) Eileen: its overrun with walkers! (19:55:30) Aubergine: right stay where you are, but run in place for your life (19:55:40) Kinkyclawz: Dead walkers at that, huh? (19:55:44) Eileen: that is a wonderful idea! (19:55:53) Eileen: yes dead ones, KC (19:56:00) Kinkyclawz: Jogging on the spot, not sure that's in the manual. (19:56:05) Aubergine: well you wouldn't go to Atlanta for safety anyway. There is nothing there. (19:56:44) Kinkyclawz: Tsk. On the plus side, that would make a good show to watch after the emergency broadcast stops repeating. (19:57:07) Kinkyclawz: It'll be Gone With The Wind by the time I got there. (19:57:16) Eileen: lol (19:57:23) Kinkyclawz: Ahem, this is assuming my survival. nothign like optimism. ^^ (19:57:30) Aubergine: Atlanta's burning (19:57:51) Aubergine: it was never really safe in Atlanta (19:57:52) Kinkyclawz: Ohh, so that's what they meant when they said ti was a hot ticket. (19:58:00) Eileen: damnit! who burned Atlanta? (19:58:01) Aubergine: what were they thinking (19:58:12) Kinkyclawz: Hmm.. where WOULD be the safest place after the apocalypse? (19:58:15) Aubergine: them damned Yankees (19:58:24) Aubergine: and then the stupid Rebels (19:58:32) Eileen: maybe a farm? (19:58:32) Aubergine: well everyone really (19:58:34) Kinkyclawz: Scarlett O'Hara I think. Eileen. (19:58:41) Eileen: we could keep the walkers in a barn (19:58:55) Kinkyclawz: Use 'em for target practice? (19:58:55) Eileen: she did? what a b**** (19:58:57) Aubergine: there wasn (19:59:00) Aubergine: oops (19:59:14) Aubergine: there wasn't much room for those walkers to walk (19:59:45) Kinkyclawz: I know, terrible. She did it by accident though. She wasn't allowed to smoke indoors.

(20:00:18) Kinkyclawz: Tie them on a short rope to a pole in the centre and take bets on which one will get tied up first. (20:00:32) Eileen: good idea (20:00:43) Eileen: what was scarlet doing smoking in the first place? (20:00:49) Eileen: thats not very lady like (20:00:54) Aubergine: oh but then they'll start loosing limbs (20:01:01) Kinkyclawz: She lapsed. (20:01:12) Aubergine: it was just a fashion statement (20:01:18) Aubergine: she didn't inhale (20:01:54) Kinkyclawz: Heehee, and then they'll stumble over the bits that drop off and we can take bets on how long they last after bits start dropping off, huh? See, we can still have some entertainment. (20:02:13) Kinkyclawz: Ah, she learnt from a certain American president? (20:02:39) Aubergine: no he learned from her. (20:02:52) Fang: ah sorry I watching the emergency broadcasts (20:02:56) Aubergine: he learns all his bad behavior from women (20:02:56) Kinkyclawz: Ohhhh, clever lady then. (20:03:14) Aubergine: what did you learn, Fang (20:03:17) Eileen: they are broadcasting that already? (20:03:18) Kinkyclawz: Have they spiced them up with a bit of action yet, as per our requests, Fang? (20:03:23) Eileen: oops, need to get ready then (20:03:40) Eileen: and glitter and candy? (20:03:47) Kinkyclawz: Yep. *packs her backpack with her very own survival kit* (20:03:57) Kinkyclawz: Yep, those too. (20:04:41) Fang: (20:04:43) Aubergine: brb ... pitstop (20:05:00) Kinkyclawz: hb Genie! Ah, I need a pitstop too. (20:05:31) Eileen: hb you two (20:05:38) Fang: tsk, you should be like me with no bad behaviour (20:05:50) Eileen: i am! (20:05:57) Fang: don't leave me with her! what if she starts the first stage of her doomsday plan (20:06:26) Fang: you're planning on ending the world as we know it, how is that not bad behaviour? (20:07:34) Fang: hello? (20:07:36) Fang: oh no! (20:07:41) Fang: they've all's just me (20:07:45) Fang: I'm the only one left (20:07:48) Kinkyclawz: Baaaack! (20:08:03) Fang: phew, I was just about to strip off (20:08:32) Eileen: *comes back into room* oh, did i forget you, FAng? (20:08:58) Fang: yes you did, I'm seriously beginning to think this isn't going to work Eileen (20:09:53) Fang: REMAIN INDOORS (20:10:11) Kinkyclawz: Hehe, thank goodness we came back when we did, Fang. (20:10:13) Fang: (nobody watched the youtube link I so generously provided) (20:10:43) Fang: that's it (20:10:58) Aubergine: bac (20:10:59) Eileen: i am watcing it

(20:11:04) Eileen: thats why i forgot you, Fang (20:11:10) Eileen: wb KC, wb Genie! (20:11:22) Fang: well you basically commissioned that show (20:11:27) Kinkyclawz: I needed to evacuate before watching your video, Fang. I shall scroll back now. (20:11:27) Eileen: sorry, i was waiting for Genie to come back to wb you, KC (20:11:32) Eileen: wanted to safe space (20:11:39) Fang: wb Genie (20:11:52) Eileen: i hope its okay for you (20:11:53) Fang: I see there are no longer any "K"s left where you are (20:11:56) Eileen: the show i mean, Fang (20:11:58) Fang: no doubt part of Eileen's plan (20:12:01) Kinkyclawz: Heh, economical with words, Eileen. (20:12:06) Kinkyclawz: WB Genie! (20:12:23) Eileen: ks are the first to go (20:12:23) Aubergine: ty (20:12:29) Eileen: in the event of the apocalypse (20:12:34) Eileen: didnt you know that? (20:12:34) Fang: I prefered our shows before The Event, except for the show The Event, that was rubbish. (20:12:40) Aubergine: oh poor k's (20:12:54) Aubergine: I'll have to have a ceremony for it (20:13:03) Eileen: yeah, we should (20:13:06) Fang: pssst, never liked them anyway, put them togehter they for the KKK and on their own they think they're so damn special (20:13:16) Fang: has anybody played Fallout 3? (20:13:22) Kinkyclawz: Oh no, that just makes me inyclawz then. (20:13:24) Fang: That's set in the world Eileen created, great game (20:13:36) Eileen: Fallout 3? (20:13:45) Eileen: no I dont ow that show (20:13:46) Fang: it will do, she hasn't got round to elimiating the ones in out country yet (20:13:46) Kinkyclawz: No, is it good Fang? (20:13:56) Kinkyclawz: Good training? (20:13:57) Eileen: i mean now (20:14:02) Fang: no it's great, I already made the clear (20:14:07) Aubergine: I like Jeremiah (20:14:19) Eileen: you lie Jeremiah? (20:14:28) Eileen: who is he? anyone I must now? (20:14:42) Eileen: inkyclawz? (20:14:49) Eileen: may I call you C? (20:14:51) Aubergine: but of course I'm too old to survive in that one (20:15:24) Kinkyclawz: *loos at Fang expectantly, not sure who Jeremiah is* (20:15:35) Kinkyclawz: You may, Eileen. (20:15:57) Kinkyclawz: Aww, you're not. We'll protect you, your Vice of Reason/Twister. (20:15:58) Eileen: than you, C, that's very ind of you (20:16:26) Kinkyclawz: our not your. >< (20:16:38) Aubergine: it was an end of the world show with Luke Perry (20:16:50) Fang: Fallout is set in a post nuclear-war Washington with a nice 50s feel to it (20:16:51) Eileen: Lue Perry? oh my

(20:17:03) Kinkyclawz: Is it a game or a film? (20:17:15) Fang: game (20:17:17) Kinkyclawz: Ahh, you answered already! (20:17:21) Fang: you can play evil in it (20:17:28) Fang: if you so chose KC (20:17:32) Kinkyclawz: Mwahahahaaaaa *coughcough* (20:17:33) Fang: Eileen can play good (20:17:48) Eileen: i can? YAY! (20:17:48) Fang: Genie can play neutral (20:18:05) Kinkyclawz: YAY. I'll have to find this game now. What console is it on? (20:18:27) Fang: 360 or PS3, it's a bit buggy though (20:18:39) Eileen: oh (20:18:45) Kinkyclawz: Heee, Neutrality goes hand in hand with reason, huh? (20:19:08) Kinkyclawz: Ah, I don't have either console. Maybe when ti comes out on the DS. (20:19:14) Kinkyclawz: or 3DS (20:19:14) Eileen: does anyone now a good zombie game for pc, mobile or ps3? (20:19:27) Eileen: or faceboo? (20:19:33) Fang: The Walking Dead is meant to be pretty good (20:19:47) Aubergine: what's your obsessione with zombies (20:19:48) Kinkyclawz: Hm, no, I'm afraid I don't now any zonbie games. (20:19:49) Fang: on PS3 (20:19:53) Eileen: the waling dead *writes it down* (20:20:12) Eileen: thans? (20:20:15) Eileen: ! (20:20:51) Kinkyclawz: I'm not obsessed with zombies, but they do seem to have overtaen vampires as the creature-du-jour these days (20:21:17) Kinkyclawz: *is still plumping for werewolves to be the saviours of the apocalypse* (20:21:21) Eileen: lol loos lie it (20:21:55) Eileen: you want the apocalypse to be safed? (20:22:03) Eileen: or better saved (20:22:10) Fang: oh Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, that's pretty good (20:22:28) Aubergine: red dead redemption (20:22:31) Kinkyclawz: Ah, I miswrote. I meant they'll save us FROM the apocalypse. (20:22:32) Aubergine: really (20:23:16) Fang: actually it was called that before they added zombies (20:23:25) Fang: oh and Plants vs Zombies of course (20:23:25) Eileen: oh look (20:23:28) Kinkyclawz: Is Resident Evil a good suggestion? (20:23:41) Kinkyclawz: I've never played it. (20:24:03) Eileen: a game in the old sense (20:24:04) Kinkyclawz: Zombro is a super-cute zombie game on android for your phone. (20:24:05) Fang: hmm not really, the older ones are pretty good but the newer ones aren't that great (20:24:19) Eileen: oh let me loo for it (20:24:38) Fang: that wull be useful when you ill the electricity (20:24:41) Kinkyclawz: Best is, it's free too. ^^

(20:24:45) Fang: all we'll have is board games (20:25:23) Aubergine: yeah board games will win out in the future (20:25:28) Eileen: awww (20:25:32) Kinkyclawz: And candles, as no electric lighting. Monopoly by candlelight? (20:25:51) Kinkyclawz: Hmm, would Silent Hill be classed as a zombie game? (20:26:02) Fang: oh I forgot resident evil revelations on 3DS (20:26:06) Eileen: hmmm (20:26:09) Kinkyclawz: Anyone now how to play Chess? (20:26:10) Eileen: candles i lie (20:26:20) Eileen: i do (20:26:23) Aubergine: scary I might actually finish a game of Monopoly if there is nothing else to play (20:26:31) Fang: that's meant to be decent but I wouldn't pay much for it, there should be a demo you can download (20:26:37) Eileen: damn i noticed we use the k more in german than in english (20:26:38) Fang: me! (20:26:49) Fang: see your plans aren't perfect! (20:26:51) Kinkyclawz: *shudders* That would be the most terrifying part, having to play Monopoly at all. (20:27:12) Eileen: lol (20:27:17) Eileen: i lie monopoly (20:27:37) Fang: the trailer for Dead Island was brilliant (20:27:40) Aubergine: add board games, cards and dice to survival pack (20:28:01) Kinkyclawz: I'm not one for horror games, so might s_ip Resident Evil Revelations. (20:28:02) Fang: probably better than the game (20:28:08) Kinkyclawz: Heh, so it seems Eileen. (20:28:19) Aubergine: best start substituting c's for k's, Eileen (20:28:35) Kinkyclawz: ***** (20:28:54) Eileen: yeah maybe i should or noone near me will understand my commands to destroy the world (20:28:56) Eileen: or safe it (20:29:07) Eileen: i have not decided yet (20:29:16) Kinkyclawz: It'll ceep them all in line if you do, Eileen. (20:29:38) Aubergine: be an agent for good, Eileen, It' smore fun (20:29:41) Eileen: good idea (20:29:55) Kinkyclawz: LOL (20:30:03) Aubergine: space (20:30:25) Eileen: i give you space (20:30:27) Eileen: space (20:30:29) Aubergine: the final frontier (20:30:40) Kinkyclawz: But I can still be the evil influence thought, right? *eyes grow large and teary, bottom lip wibbles* (20:30:52) Fang: talking about your bazooas just doesn't sound right (20:30:53) Aubergine: whose ready to board a space ship to survive (20:31:15) Eileen: but only if your being good, KC (20:31:25) Fang: I've already got one, I've seen how Eileen's plan ends up...can't give spoilers though (20:31:25) Kinkyclawz: A space ship made of boards? Is that safe? (20:31:40) Kinkyclawz: So I can be a good evil influence? I can live with that.

(20:32:18) Kinkyclawz: Ohhh, but since you came back from it, that muct be a good thing. (20:32:19) Aubergine: you can be the best evil influence you can be (20:32:29) Eileen: brb (20:32:30) Kinkyclawz: YAAAAAY! (20:32:45) Kinkyclawz: HB Eileen! (20:32:46) Kinkyclawz: ***** (13:32:52) Aubergine: don't celebrate because Eileen is leaving(13:33:15) Fang: yeah how mean!(13:33:28) Fang: that's up there with ending the world(13:33:38) Fang: I'll have to go chec on Eileen(13:33:41) Fang: brb(13:33:54) Kinkyclawz: I'm just practicing being a good evil influence. (13:34:04) Aubergine: now look what you've done(13:34:05) Kinkyclawz: HB Fang! YAAAAAAAAY(13:34:19) Kinkyclawz: Oops, too good at being an evil influence, you think?(13:34:46) Aubergine: yes maybe just a little to good at the evil influence(13:35:00) Kinkyclawz: I'll dial it back a little. (13:35:18) Kinkyclawz: *stops, loocs horrified* I just thought of something. (13:35:38) Kinkyclawz: If the apocalypse comes, we won't see the end of Grimm S2 over here in the UK!! *sob*(13:36:15) Eileen: bac(13:36:21) Aubergine: well that's not good(13:36:26) Kinkyclawz: WB eleen!(13:36:28) Aubergine: WB Eileen(13:36:37) Aubergine: where's fang(13:36:43) Kinkyclawz: Sorry for beng too good at beng evl. (13:36:45) Aubergine: did he catch up with you(13:36:56) Kinkyclawz: He went to fnd you. (13:37:17) Fang: oh there you are!(13:37:26) Eileen: oh sorry, FAng(13:37:27) Kinkyclawz: WB Fang! (13:37:32) Eileen: i was too quick(13:37:47) Fang: this is almost as bad as the time I booed ticets to Berlin for when you weren't gonna be there(13:37:51) Aubergine: WB fang(13:37:53) Eileen: ty Kc(13:37:56) Eileen: ty Genie(13:38:00) Eileen: wb Fang(13:38:20) Fang: i thought you may be upset as KC cheered when you left(13:38:25) Eileen: i will be there(13:38:32) Fang: I was going to comfort you(13:38:34) Aubergine: you booed tickets were they really scared(13:38:42) Eileen: i was upset(13:39:03) Fang: damn straight I booed them, useless things taking me there at the wrong time(13:39:08) Eileen: ran the other way(13:39:08) Kinkyclawz: Aww, but eye apolog-eye-sed. (13:39:31) Aubergine: she did(13:39:37) Aubergine: and should be forgiven(13:39:42) Eileen: whats wrong with your eye, KC?(13:39:45) Fang: Eileen doesn't like being taken at the wrong time either(13:39:55) Fang: she's moaned about the trains before(13:39:58) Eileen: *coughs*(13:40:10) Aubergine: can't blame her(13:40:11) Eileen: yes i dont like it(13:40:15) Eileen: thats why i go earlier(13:40:19) Aubergine: trains are notorius(13:40:34) Eileen: notoriously late(13:40:38) Kinkyclawz: You found ths out Fang? Eye thnk eye need the eye-drops agan, Eleen. (13:40:40) Aubergine: no that doesn't look right ^^(13:40:51) Kinkyclawz: *wink wink*(13:41:10) Eileen: oh no! now that i's are gone as well?(13:41:16) Eileen: *win win*(13:41:25) Eileen: oh wait! *wn wn*(13:41:41) Aubergine: no we can't lose vowels(13:41:49) Eileen: *gets the eye-drops*(13:42:08) Kinkyclawz: Ooh, the eyes are slowly returnng to my sentences. (13:42:11) Eileen: we cant? but we just dd(13:42:47) Eileen: that s good to now(13:42:48) Kinkyclawz: It's Eleen's good nfluence. (13:43:15) Fang: why are you winking? Eileen was just explaining how she prefers to be early to give her a more pleasurable experience, she hates being rushed(13:43:21) Eileen: awww you mae me smle, C(13:43:32) Fang: dd?(13:44:09) Eileen: there s a vowel mssng, Fang(13:44:27) Fang: oh is this it? iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

iiii(13:44:29) Eileen: not sure whch one though(13:44:32) Kinkyclawz: *usues the eye-drops* Ahh, that's better. I can feel the I's returning to our chatroom as I type. (13:44:40) Fang: I found a bunch of them when I was out looking for you(13:44:45) Eileen: yes, eye thnk t s.(13:45:16) Fang: I noticed you're behind KC(13:45:23) Eileen: ah that is good! (20:45:30) Fang: on the chat logs (20:45:36) Eileen: i will have to go in 15 min (20:45:40) Aubergine: well at least conversations won't be so self centered anymore (20:45:49) Eileen: want to watch the rest of TWD S2 (20:45:54) Kinkyclawz: bugger. I got booted out! (20:46:14) Fang: I have to go in 7 mins! (20:46:14) Eileen: oh wb KC (20:46:31) Aubergine: you can't go because there are no eyes (20:46:36) Kinkyclawz: Thanks Eileen. Erm, could one of you good folks send me the log from: (20:30:53) Aubergine: whose ready to board a space ship to survive (20:31:15) Eileen: but only if your being good, KC (20:31:25) Fang: I've already got one, I've seen how Eileen's plan ends up...can't give spoilers though (20:31:25) Kinkyclawz: A space ship made of boards? Is that safe? (20:31:40) Kinkyclawz: So I can be a good evil influence? I can live with that. (20:32:1 Kinkyclawz: Ohhh, but since you came back from it, that muct be a good thing. (20:32:19) Aubergine: you can be the best evil influence you can be (20:32:29) Eileen: brb (20:32:30) Kinkyclawz: YAAAAAY! (20:32:45) Kinkyclawz: HB Eileen! (20:32:46) Kinkyclawz: ***** (20:47:06) Kinkyclawz: I have to go by 9pm our time. (20:47:17) Fang: funny you say that, I was just mentioning your behind (20:47:18) Aubergine: sure (20:47:19) Fang: on the chat logs (20:47:45) Kinkyclawz: The apocalpytic documantary you mean? (20:48:16) Fang: it must need heavy editing (20:48:34) Kinkyclawz: I am, Fang. I know, Got to get the other two weeks' editted. :/ (20:48:35) Kinkyclawz: I know, much editing needed. :/ (20:48:59) Kinkyclawz: Ooh, my chat froze for a moment. Something i telling me to get off the computer it seems. (20:49:54) Fang: I knew it! (20:50:00) Kinkyclawz: ***** (20:50:10) Fang: now I'll spend all week thinking about what you were upto and why you don't want me to see it (20:50:38) Eileen: did anyone sent the log? (20:50:42) Kinkyclawz: Heehee, but it's OUR chat that is being edited, Fang. (20:50:46) Fang: oh I never asked if you were effected by the storm Genie? I forgot where you live (20:51:33) Aubergine: no, but have many friends effected by it (20:51:45) Aubergine: we just had our first snowstorm yesterday (20:51:58) Aubergine: not much to talk about it almost gone today (20:51:58) Kinkyclawz: Someone has sent me a message. Cheers Gene

(20:52:04) Fang: that's good, well not the friends bit (20:52:12) Eileen: hope they will be okay soon (20:52:16) Aubergine: oh no I don't want to be gene (20:52:21) Fang: did you know Eileen never sends me messages anymore (20:52:28) Kinkyclawz: I hope your friends are alright, Genie. (20:52:53) Aubergine: hey just realized today is 11 11 the day Sara Pezzini gets the Witchblade (20:53:30) Aubergine: they're New Yorkers they'll survive and be just as pissed off (20:53:37) Kinkyclawz: Aww, no pics either? (20:55:22) Fang: just carnivals and plans for world domination (20:55:23) Eileen: dont cry!!! (20:55:33) Eileen: i have to have priorities (20:55:41) Eileen: if you love me you should understand that, Fang (20:55:44) Fang: then zombies, henchman, Hal, bazookas (20:55:48) Eileen: *hugs her twoyfriend* (20:55:50) Fang: supernatural (20:55:52) Fang: etc (20:55:55) Fang: all before me (20:56:10) Aubergine: that's a long list (20:56:19) Aubergine: wonder where you fall on it (20:56:28) Eileen: no etc not before you, that comes after (20:56:34) Fang: it would be longer, etc is about 12 entries (20:56:39) Kinkyclawz: Hmm, it is rather. (20:56:48) Aubergine: guess you'll just have to message her until she cracks (20:56:58) Eileen: sorry, FAng (20:57:03) Eileen: please forgive me!!! (20:57:10) Kinkyclawz: *wonders when the three lines he typed before will come through on the chat* (20:57:14) Fang: I'll think about it, all week (20:57:29) Eileen: uhmmm (20:57:39) Eileen: i could put you in between Hal and bazookas (20:57:42) Kinkyclawz: *she, not he* (20:57:43) Eileen: would that be okay? (20:57:44) Fang: I think it may be too late for mere words though (20:57:56) Kinkyclawz: Or between Hal's Bazookas? (20:58:03) Aubergine: pics then (20:58:04) Kinkyclawz: Mwahahahaaa (20:58:05) Eileen: yeah or that (20:58:09) Fang: leaving Berlin to avoid me was like a stake through the heart (20:58:21) Kinkyclawz: The stakes are too high? (20:58:26) Aubergine: oh dear (20:58:32) Eileen: i made those plans before i knew you would come visit! (20:58:40) Fang: EXCUSES! (20:58:44) Eileen: Genie!!! Help me!!! (20:58:51) Fang: see what you made me do! capital LETTERS! (20:58:51) Eileen: Oh Vice of Reason! (20:58:55) Kinkyclawz: To be fair, did you consult with eileena bout her plans before booking? (20:59:05) Aubergine: she is not leaving to avoid you fang (20:59:15) Fang: I wanted it to be a surprise (20:59:27) Aubergine: sometime when you try to surprise someone the surprise

is on you (20:59:37) Fang: wise words oh vice or reason (20:59:44) Fang: you should make fortune cookies (20:59:47) Aubergine: you should have though she would go home for the holiday (20:59:47) Fang: you'd make a fortune (20:59:50) Fang: from cookies (20:59:53) Fang: the clue is in the name (21:00:26) Fang: hmm thanks Genie, you've given me much to think about (21:00:28) Aubergine: maybe I'll look into writing fortune cookies (21:00:45) Eileen: thank you, Genie!!! (21:00:52) Eileen: you safed our marriage (21:00:53) Kinkyclawz: Thanks Genie! (21:00:54) Fang: right I'm off to have a think (21:00:56) Aubergine: glad I could help (21:00:59) Fang: marriage! (21:01:02) Fang: wtf? (21:01:03) Eileen: uuuuh i mean our not-engagement (21:01:10) Fang: what kind of pressure are you putting on me now? (21:01:13) Fang: I can't take this (21:01:14) Kinkyclawz: Are you going to write them Yoda Style? (21:01:19) Fang: *sobs* (21:01:25) Fang: goodnight (21:01:32) Fang: *tardis noise* (21:01:34) Eileen: Fang! No, dont cry!!! (21:01:34) Willie: Fang logs out of the Chat. (21:01:39) Eileen: we wont get married (21:01:44) Aubergine: marriage did I miss a line (21:01:49) Eileen: damn, he's such a sensible time lord (21:01:50) Kinkyclawz: Oh dear. Erm, goodnight Fang? Lots to think about? (21:01:58) Aubergine: oh dear (21:02:02) Eileen: goodnight, Fang (21:02:09) Kinkyclawz: :D (21:00:52) Eileen: you safed our marriage (21:00:53) Kinkyclawz: Thanks Genie! (21:00:54) Fang: right I'm off to have a think (21:00:5 (21:02:26) Aubergine: yes I did miss a line (21:02:34) Aubergine: wonder what else I've missed (21:02:42) Eileen: nothing else (21:02:43) Eileen: lol (21:02:47) Eileen: im not pregnant (21:02:47) Kinkyclawz: Far too sensible. You'll have to work on him gently to coax him into Twengagement. (21:02:48) Aubergine: maybe my chat log is missing important parts, KC (21:03:01) Kinkyclawz: Then again, I never knew JD and I were Twarried until he told me. (21:03:03) Eileen: good idea (21:03:06) Eileen: working on him (21:03:11) Eileen: i wonder if he'd like it (21:03:14) Eileen: *coughs* (21:03:20) Eileen: lol

(21:03:28) Aubergine: start by sending him a PM (21:03:28) Kinkyclawz: Fear not, the basics are still here, Twister dearest. *hugz Genie and Eileen* (21:03:37) Kinkyclawz: LMAO @ Eileen!! (21:03:54) Eileen: looks like in the twuniverse the topic marriage is a surprise for one of the two (21:04:00) Kinkyclawz: Yes, maybe with one of those pictures he's always wanting to see? (21:04:17) Kinkyclawz: Indeed, that seems to eb the case. (21:04:21) Eileen: me in a chicken costume (21:04:22) Eileen: hmmm (21:04:24) Eileen: maybe (21:04:28) Aubergine: maybe the twuniverse runs in reverse (21:04:35) Aubergine: you start Twarried (21:04:51) Kinkyclawz: Surely not you in the England shirt? (21:04:54) Eileen: maybe! (21:05:03) Eileen: maybe (21:05:10) Eileen: ok i gtg now, too (21:05:24) Kinkyclawz: Aye, and me too. Work tomorn. *yawns* (21:05:25) Aubergine: good night Eileen (21:05:34) Aubergine: goodnight KC (21:05:47) Aubergine: see ya in the Twuniverse (21:05:55) Aubergine: Tisters (21:06:07) Aubergine: or Twisters (21:06:19) Kinkyclawz: Goodngiht, my gorgeous, wise and wonderful Twisters (and absent Twrother/Twusband)! Have an awesome week and I hope to see you next week. (21:06:22) Eileen: good night twisters!!! (21:06:24) Eileen: love ya! (21:06:26) Kinkyclawz: Tisters? LOL (21:06:29) Eileen: *hugs you both* (21:06:59) Kinkyclawz: *big hugz for her twisters* Sleep tight whne you go, lovely ladies! (21:07:04) Aubergine: hugs and kisses.....tooodles (21:07:18) Willie: Aubergine logs out of the Chat. (21:07:20) Kinkyclawz: toooooodles! Take care and be good! Muah! (21:07:28) Eileen: bye (21:07:32) Eileen: what is toooodles? (21:08:20) Kinkyclawz: it's a twist on an old term "toodle-pip" just meaning goodbye or seeya later. (21:08:40) Kinkyclawz: WE have very odd words in the English language. (21:08:41) Eileen: lol okay (21:08:44) Eileen: toodles then!!! (21:08:53) Kinkyclawz: toodles!! ^^ (21:09:13) Eileen: :D

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