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Effective Business Communication By Anthony Sinisgalli One of the most important aspects to running a company is effective communication.

The following are a few key factors that contribute to results-driven communication within the workplace. 1. When speaking with employees or coworkers, make eye contact. 2. Overall, the listener should remain quiet while the speaker is talking; however, nodding and verbally acknowledging various points with yes and uh huh will indicate that the listener is hearing the speakers message. 3. During breaks in conversation, the listener should verify that he or she understands the speakers message by repeating what he or she said in different words. 4. When attempting to convey a message, the speaker should try to actively engage the listener by asking questions and requesting feedback. 5. All parties should approach each communication situation with expectations of a positive outcome. 6. Try to understand that, occasionally, misunderstandings will occur in spite of everyones best efforts, and no one should be blamed. About the author Anthony Sinisgalli maintains effective business relationships with more than 200 medical professionals through his position with HCA, Inc. He previously worked as a National Sales Manager at Eagle Eye Anesthesia, Vice President of Sales at Windsor Lake Design Co., and National Sales Manager at TimeOut Apparel.