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A total Western Media Blackout of the Massive anti-austerity strikes and protests swept across Europe as millions took

to the streets to express their frustration over rising unemployment, austerity, injustice, an end to the war on terror, an end to the surveillance society, justice to the banks who stole nations worth of wealth, and noise to the dire economic prospects ahead. Many rallies ended with violent clashes with police.Workers marched in 23 countries across Europe to mark the European Day of Action and Solidarity. General strikes had been called in Spain and Portugal, paralyzing public services and international flights, in Belgium and France transport links were partially disrupted by strikes and demonstrations, in Italy and Greece thousands of workers and students marched through the streets. Other EU countries, such as Germany, Austria and Poland, saw well attended union-led rallies. The Europe-wide strike action, the largest in a series of protests against the austerity policies, was coordinated by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and promoted on Twitter under the 14N hashtag.

11/14/12 Milano, Italy.

11/14/12 Clashes in Madrid, Spain.

11/14/12 Rome, Italy

11/14/12 Madrid, Spain

11/14/12 Valencia, Spain

11/14/12 Thousands of people are protesting now in Istanbul, Turkey, against Israeli attack in Gaza.

11/14/12 Protesters in front of the Israeli prime-ministers house in Jerusalem against the attack in Gaza.

11/14/12 Clashes in front of the parliament in Lisbon, Portugal.

11/14/12 Demonstration in Rome, Italy

11/14/12 Barcelona in the streets! "We are fucking angry!"

11/14/12 Madrid, Spain.

11/14/12 Demonstration tonight in Valencia, Spain.

11/14/12 Catania, Italy.

11/14/12 Torrelavega, Spain.

11/14/12 Firenze, Italy.

14N From Spain with love..

11/13/12 Granada, Andalucia

11/13/12 STRIKE! Le Mans, France striking firefighters block a train, gearing up for N14 (November 14th) Pan-European 'mega-strike' against austerity.

11/08/12 Anti government protest in Buenos Aires, Argentina

11/08/12 Anti government protest in Buenos Aires, Argentina