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Written Assignment 3-Ways of Knowing

Written Assignment 3-Ways of Knowing

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Published by: christine_salvemini on Nov 19, 2012
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English Composition I (ENC-101-OL) Written Assignment 3: Ways of Knowing

Gardening, Paris and Classical Music

Some people imagine gardening to be a hidden practice that only those steeped in earthy mysticism can successfully perform. Others might see it as an extravagant lifestyle choice; while parents who work full time simply feel it is for those with more free time. But the truth is whether you want elegant, quirky, traditional or modern; you'll find that creating or visiting a garden will enhance your lifestyle. Gardens in Paris, France are a wonderful retreat from the intensity of city life. They're easily accessible; many in the heart of Paris and within a short walk of the metro. In Jardin du Luxembourg, children can attend concerts to listen to classical music. ( " C r a i g " ) What is it in classical music that lures so many people all throughout the world? There is something in this form of music that pulls us towards it. Gardening is producing food with the sweat of your brow, rather than a swipe of a credit card. By doing it yourself; food becomes more precious and waste is harder to accept. Gardening puts the highest quality food available anywhere, at any price, on your table for pennies on the dollar. There is nothing like eating a juicy red tomato just picked off the vine from your garden. Many garden tasks are meditative; such as, pulling weeds is an instant form of stress reduction. Less stress equals more health, and health is very important even for those full-time working parents.

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The elegant garden in Paris, the Jardin du Luxembourg is famous for its calm atmosphere. In 1612, Marie de Medicis, the widow of Henry IV and the regent for the King Louis XIII planted 2,000 elm trees just outside of the Hotel du Luxembourg (today the Petit-Luxembourg palace). The queen directed a series of gardeners, most notably Tommaso Francini, to build the garden in a style she remembered as a child in Florence. ( M a g i 1 0 5 ) An oasis of green in the Centre of the city, the gardens today attract all interests and ages - from students, joggers, or families, to couples taking a romantic stroll. The original garden was eight hectares (USA 20 acres) in size. Today the park is twenty-two hectares (54 acres) and contains a marionette theater, playground, fountains, vintage carousel; a rose garden, an apple orchard, and about seventy pieces of sculpture. (Jarrassé 68) The atmosphere of the late-19th-century created a European classical impressionist movement in music. For the tourists and locals of this century the garden has a music kiosk or gazebo for free classical music performances. French composer Claude Debussy was leading the impressionist music movement; his objection was to the formalism and sentimentality of the academic music of late-19th-century France. Debussy, combining new and ancient musical devices, was emphasizing tonal color and mood, by shaping the superior worth of an impressionist painting to classical music. The new sound effects include long, atypical chords, the fast movement of sounds in the piano dynamic, the exploration of interesting timbres of an instrument and specific articulation. ( W i k i p e d i a , Impressionist music) Poetic classical music pieces with titles like “The Rain” help the listeners to trigger a wide range of emotions for connecting to the music.

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Some researchers are entertaining the idea that sound waves from playing classical music may agitate the air around plants just enough to stimulate growth. By the Medici Fountain, in the Jardin du Luxembourg a concert pianist is wearing a beautiful long red formal gown. She is playing impressionist classical music, as people are gathering around on peaceful park benches the melodies are also surrounding the attractive vistas and trees reminiscent of a Renoir painting. Parisian life could be translated into your own garden by providing stress free living. It can substitute for a gym membership in terms of the exercise it will provide you. Watching the growth of a garden whether you create your own or visit one of the world’s best, is refreshing, economical and trouble free.

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