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Discovering Dreams Newsletter

November 2012 Issue

November is National Inspirational Role Model Month

National Inspirational Role Model Month, which occurs every November, celebrates the influence of role models people who set a positive example we want to follow. Role models possess qualities we would like to have. They affect us in a way that makes us want to be better people. Let's take a closer look at these important people in our lives. They may have achieved great things under difficult circumstances, or be a family member, a friend, a boss, a teacher, a neighbor, a historical figure or leader.

Role Model Month From the President Upcoming Events 1 1 1

We all remember that certain someone in our lives that made a difference. We watched them make the right choices in life. They told us, "You can." Have you let this person know what their example did for you? Your expression of gratitude could be an extraordinary gift to that person.

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Now it's time for us to step up and be an inspirational role model for someone. How can we make an impact, just as someone once made a difference in our lives? To begin, it's important to recognize that how we conduct ourselves matters. Even when it comes to the little things, people are watching and taking note.

SPOTLIGHT on Discovering Dreams Core Values (From the President)

Differences in learning styles, personalities, and opinions are gifts to be recognized and embraced. Education should never stifle our creativity or quiet our true voice; it should enrich our lives and promote imagination.

Whats Happening: ____________________

Club CUSD Community Education Educational Enrichment Classes Local Family Classes Middle School Musical Mentors Washington Elementary SD Educational Enrichment Classes Middle School Musical Mentors

I'm feeling very thankful this November and it's not just because I work with some of the most joyful, caring people on the planet. I'm thankful to have embraced the value of gratitude and what it can do to help bring about positive changes, even when circumstances feel helpless. In recent years, I've chosen to remove my pre-formed value structure and redefine everything in my life for myself. As a result, my values have shifted and I now try to be grateful for the challenges that come my way, preferring to see them as opportunities.

When I apply these experiences to our current education system, I see the opportunity for a paradigm shift in our value system that would benefit students, teachers, parents, schools, communities and beyond. For a long period of time, instead of being grateful for the unique range of abilities inherent to each student, we have given great value only to particular subjects and skills. Instead of seeing divergent thinking as a highly valuable commodity for the future, we have impressed upon students that there's one right answer and, in some cases, only one correct strategy for finding that answer. Instead of asking students what they think, we have told them what they should think, do, say, and be.

Many educators, parents and organizations are opening their awareness to valuing the differences between students rather than forcing conformity. At Discovering Dreams, we believe in valuing authenticity in our students, so we ask them who they are, how they feel, what they want to do and why. Few would argue with the observation that placing children into corners and pre-labeled boxes has left many adults lost and searching desperately to find themselves. Our educators choose to take the opposite approach, sharing respect and appreciation with students, while empowering them to discover their own dreams and achieve their true potential.

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About Discovering Dreams

Every Child is unique and holds unlimited potential if they just believe. Our team believes in the dreams of students and our proven techniques empower students to succeed!! Melody Johnson, Founder/President/AZ Teacher

Dreamer Approach: Discover:

Students transition into programs by exploring who they are and who they dream to be while reflecting on a new concept or idea.

Who is Discovering Dreams?

Discovering Dreams is a small, women-owned business providing tutoring and other supplemental academic services to Arizona students in need. Since our inception, we have built a community of educators committed to inspiring students to see their true potential. We motivate students to reach their goals through unique, personally relevant activities that inspire focus, increase retention, and create opportunities for genuine self-expression. Together we will guide students, using individualized curriculum and activities, towards achieving their goals and giving them that empowering feeling of personal success. Discovering Dreams LLC was formed in March 2011 when our diverse and dynamic team of educators united with a common passion to support our education system in Arizona. Our goals of providing fun and effective tutoring sessions to students in need were a huge success. Last school year, we tutored over 700 low-income, at risk students in 24 school districts and more than 50 Title I schools valley wide and in Tucson. This summer we began expanding our supplemental programs into new areas, beginning with two free pilots of our Middle School Musical Mentors program. Participants reported wonderful, fulfilling experiences and our program design was improved through diligent observation combined with staff and student feedback. Our updated program will be offered, at minimum, in the Chandler and Washington School Districts in September 2012. As a new endeavor for the 12-13 school year, Discovering Dreams applied for and was accepted as a Club CUSD vendor with the Chandler Unified School District. We are currently offering multiple class options to parents, throughout the district, on a variety of campuses. In addition to our Musical Mentors program, we are also providing Local Family Classes and Educational Enrichment Tutoring Sessions, as well as seeking out collaboration opportunities to share our love for teaching and learning with Arizona Schools.

Students activate and explore their prior knowledge on a new topic of study.

Students learn about a new topic of study in a method designed to their learning style and interests.

Students try out their new skills and instructors assess their level of understanding.

Make it real:
Students are given the opportunity to assimilate new information with what is familiar and relevant to their lives.

Students, who are grasping a new concept quickly, teach what they have learned to a peer or explore another concept that is an extension of their lesson for the day.

Students revisit the new concepts of the day and instructors check for understanding.

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Spotlights and Updates

Staff Spotlight: Charis Harty

Discovering Dreams Newsletter

I am a 27 year old Arizona native. I recently received my Associate's in the Arts as well as my Associate's in Elementary Education and am now working on my Bachelor's in Human Growth and Development at Arizona State. Along with education, I have a deep passion for American Sign Language as well as the theater community. My work history is primarily made up of care giving for the elderly and children with special needs. I have been with Discovering Dreams for 1 amazing year and have had the privilege of being the program director for Middle School Musical Mentors. I have been working with students since I was in middle school and have always known I wanted to teach, but as I grow and delve deeper into the education system, the more Suzanne Swisher, VP of Field passionate I become about making a large difference in the academic community. I love that my job allows Operations me to be directly involved with students in the classroom, as well as to work with such amazing people to hammer away at old notions of what education needs to entail, and replacing it with how to help individuals tap into their own fountain of knowledge. I feel as though there is a large shift in our nation's ideals and philosophies regarding education, and I am so excited to be a part of it.

Whats Happening in the Field:

Notes from the field for November continue to find all of us at Discovering Dreams busily spreading our name and the opportunity to work with our wonderful program and educators. I am beyond thrilled about the harvest we have just begun to reap this Autumn after lots of soil enhancements (strategic planning and developing new programs) planting of seeds (letting everyone know about the unique and amazing support we provide to kids) Emily tweaking programs and providing extraordinary watering, weeding and pruning as needed (supporting staff, B., 2/03 individualized sessions that bring out the best in our students). 2/05 Eric T.,
Jared C., exceptional progress in our discussions with a Our efforts continue to be noticed by many and we are making2/08 number of districts to take advantage of the wonderful programs and professionals we provide to present them. Jack C., 2/08 The BIG news for October is that we did secure a wonderful contract with Dysart school district to work directly Arwen C., 2/08 with their school interventionists during the school day to assist and support the continued development and advancement of students needing additional reinforcementC., 2/08 grade level guidelines. Gratefully, we have Alize' to meet another venue so our amazing team of educators can get back to doing what they do best, making a Sean D., 2/12 difference in the lives of the children we can support academically and emotionally. Thank you, once again, to Shunnie G., 2/13 all our tutors for hanging in there as we have worked to redefine our place in the education community. Taki a 2/15 Last month, in Chandler, we began 2nd quarter tutoring with W.,300% increase in students signed up for this 6 week session and so many wonderful compliments and continued support from the school site personnel we have Tanner C., 2/16 been working with at each of the schools.

Since this is November and often considered the month of gratitude, I want to make sure everyone knows how Taylor M., 2/21 grateful we are for your continued words of support and encouragement and unabashed loyalty!!! We are so Ryan B., 2/27 very grateful that all of you truly believe in the dreams of Arizonas children and will do what it takes to see those dreams become realities. Many blessings to all of you and your loved ones for an overwhelming bounty of everything you desire and deserve this season. Smile with all of your heart, Spread Delight and Wonder and always remember to Choose Joy! Suzanne

Joshua U., 2/18

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Holistic Horizons

Discovering Dreams Newsletter

Why do we celebrate Veterans Day?

We celebrate Veterans Day because we honor the valuable people who did their part in helping to make the USA a better and safer place for us to live. We celebrate Veterans Day because, the date November 11, originally celebrated the anniversary of the official end of World War I on that date in 1918 (commemoration of the armistice that ended World War I). In 1954 it was renamed from Armistice Day to Veteran's Day, honoring both fallen and living military servicemen and servicewomen. Please note. Veterans Day is not to be confused with Memorial Day. Memorial Day is the day we honor those who have died for our country. On Veterans Day we honor the living veterans and thank them for their service.

Savory Almonds Recipe Recipe from

Almonds lower bad cholesterol and theyre high in protein, a perfect gift for those trying to cut back on carbs this year. These are flavored with garlic and rosemary and made with healthful olive oil. All this, and theyre really fast and easy to make. Put them in a pretty jar, and you have a gift that will make your friends very, very happy. INGREDIENTS (can be doubled, tripled, or whatever) 1 cup whole shelled almonds 2-3 tablespoons olive oil 1 garlic clove, peeled and crushed 1 teaspoon dried rosemary Sea salt to taste 1. Heat olive oil in a heavy-bottomed saucepan over medium-high heat. Add other ingredients and saut, stirring often, until almonds are fragrant and lightly toasted. 2. May be served warm, or will keep stored in airtight container, for several days.

Phone Number: 602-459-5217 Fax Number: 623-444-6280 Melody Johnson President/Founder

Matt Boyer VP of Business Operations Suzanne Swisher VP of Field Operations