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Q1:X lends a sum of ` 10,000 to Y, on the security of five shares of a Limited Company on 1st April,2011. On 15th September, 2011, the company issues bonus shares. Y returns the loan amount of Rs 10,000 with interest but X returns only five shares which were pledged and refuses to give the bonus shares. Advise Y in the light of the provisions of the Indian Contract Act, 1872. Q2:Mr. X was shopping in a self-service Super market. He picked up a bottle of cold drink from a shelf. While he was examining the bottle, it exploded in his hand and injured him. He files a suit for damages against the owner of the market on the ground of breach of condition. Decide, under the Sale of Goods Act, 1930, whether Mr. X would succeed in his claim?Also give the difference between condition and warranty. Q3:Kalidas and Tulsidas were two good friends.Both of them decided to start a new business together.Thus both of them executed a partnership agreement for their new business of estate agency and both decided to purchase land from the poor villagers on the rate lower than that of market value by making them fool with an idea to earn money.Is this agreement valid or void?Also discuss the provisions regarding legality of object and consideration in brief.

Note:To be submitted latest by Monday,Oct 22 by all the students who have scored 5 or below 5 marks in their internals or have not taken their internal due to some reason.