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Some companies begin to use elevator cable with copper coated aluminium wires.

I wanted to issue this document for the potential risks at the use of aluminium at the low voltage and medium voltage cables..

Difference between Aluminium Cable and Copper Cable 1) Aluminium resistance is higher that the copper cable.%50 bigger aluminium cross section is necessary to achieve the same resistance with copper. 2) Aluminium expands when warms up. At 220 Volt application the aluminium conductors at 24*075 mm2 cable may melt and it has high risk of fire. 3) Aluminium conductors and copper wires has to be connected with special crimp devices. Aluminium wires gets oxidized quickly after getting in touch with oxygen special antioxidant Grease has to be applied on the aluminium wire.

Aluminum wire usage is against the EN 50214 standard and cable classification.

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