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5 Whys Root Cause Analysis Worksheet A Back to the Basics Improvement Template 5 Whys Worksheet MACHINE; SPIN WASHER

R PROBLEM; Spin washer briefly starts then trips out Why did the elevator motor trip out? 1. Voltage imbalance 2. Single phasing 3. Loose connections 4. Mechanical overload 5. Burnt motor windings Why did the motor winding burn? 1. under voltage 2. Overvoltage 3. Voltage imbalance 4. Single phasing 5. over currents Why did the motor draw over currents?

Mechanical overload Faulty over load Higher setting on the over load Lack of greasing on the sprocket Seized bearing on the gear box side Why was the motor mechanically over loaded? The motor installed could not handle large currents drawn by the mechanical load demands Why could the motor not handle large current demands? The installed motor was small electrically Why was the motor small electrically? There was no clamp meter at the time of procurement to measure the load demands of the mechanical load

5 Whys Root Cause Analysis Worksheet A Back to the Basics Improvement Template Why was there no clamp meter? The technician had already asked for a meter but it was not yet bought Why was the meter not bought? Procurement was slow Why was procurement slow? Quotations available were very expensive yet we needed an affordable but quality meter. Why did the over load not detect the over current? Faulty over load Higher settings on the over load By passed overload Why were overload settings high

The readings of the original motor could not be traced No clamp meter to measure minimum tripping current