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Vocabulary: Problem Solving

Collocations: 1. Do activity 5 on page 20 in your students book. Then read the text below and check your answers.
Yesterday, my brand new computer crashed AGAIN. I phoned the customer service to see if they could help me to sort out the problem. I had to wait for 5 minutes before an operator took on to identify the symptoms of my PC and hopefully manage to diagnose the fault. But after 10 minutes of talking me through the process, all he said was that he couldnt solve the problem nor arrange a visit from the technician because he wasnt entitled to do these kinds of things. In fact, all he could do was to escalate the problem to his supervisor. But his supervisor was out on a 5 hour lunch, so bad luck. My PC is still on guarantee so I was hoping I could have it exchanged or at least get a full refund so I could buy a new computer.

2. Try to translate the 8 collocations in activity 5 to Catalan or Spanish.