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Produce Sugar from Sugar beet

The process of sugar production, which is very popular in Europe and some other countries, according to five stages. First, the beets are carried out by trucks from farms and unloaded at the factory. Then, in order to clean the beets, dirty things and rocks are removed by putting beets on a net and shaking before putting into the beet washer. Next, the cossettes are made by cutting off cleaned-beets into small pieces, and therefore ensure that the sugar juice is easy to be extracted when the cossettes are put in the water at temporation of 70oC. After that, a small definite milk of lime is added so that the deposits can be taken away by filter, in order to ensure that the solution becomes purer and cleaner. Finally, this pure clean sugar juice is heated several times to evaporate water before being spined by centrifuge to crystallize sugar.

How the developed countries help less-developed countries?

The world economy situation recently show an uneven development trend. To make a more balanced and sustainable world economy and finance, the developed countries has done numerous way to help the lessdeveloped countries. Firstly, through special un-paid loans