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Phn tch Thit k H thng Thng tin

TS. Trn c Khnh B mn H thng Thng tin Vin CNTT&TT HBK H Ni Email: Web:

Thng tin mn hc
o Tn mn hc: Phn tch thit k h thng thng tin o Mc tiu:
ncc khi nim c bn v m hnh ha hng i tng nquy trnh phn tch, thit k hng i tng, p dng cho cc d n pht trin phn mm nngn ng m hnh ha hng i tng (UML) v cc cng c h tr m hnh ha, chng hn nh Rational Rose

Thng tin ging vin

o Ging vin
n Trn c Khnh n B mn H thng thng tin, Vin CNTT&TT, B1-603, B1-503 n Email:

o Lch tip sinh vin:

n Lin h trc bng email

Ti liu hc tp
o Bi ging trn lp. o Nguyn Vn Ba, "Pht trin h thng hng i tng vi UML 2.0 v C++", NXB HQG H Ni, 2008. o ng Vn c, Phn tch thit k hng i tng bng UML, Nh xut bn Gio dc, 287 trang. 2002. o Martin Fowler, Kendall Scott, "UML Distilled Second Edition A Brief Guide to the Standard Object Modeling Language", Publisher: Addison Wesley, 2000. o Kim Hamilton, Russell Miles, "Learning UML 2.0", Publisher: O'Reilly, 2006. ISBN: 978-0-59-600982-3. o Terry Quatrani, "Visual modeling with Rational Rose 2002 and UML", Publisher: Addison Wesley, 2002. ISBN: 0-201-72932-6 o o

Gio trnh
o Nguyn Vn Ba, "Pht trin h thng hng i tng vi UML 2.0 v C+ +", NXB HQG H Ni, 2008.

nh gi
o im qu trnh: 30%
n im danh n Bi tp/Bi tp ln/Kim tra

o im thi cui k: 70%

Ni dung
o Tin trnh pht trin h thng thng tin o Ngn ng m hnh ha UML o Xc nh yu cu

o Thit k

n Phn tch mi trng v nhu cu (phn tch nghip v) n Phn tch chc nng (phn tch ca s dng) n Phn tch cu trc (m hnh ha d liu nghip v)

o Kim th o Mu thit k, M hnh kin trc,

n Thit k kch bn n Thit k i tng n Thit k giao din n M hnh ha d liu

Bi tp ln
o Mt s hng gi :
n n n n Xy dng h thng qun l th vin Xy dng h thng t v my bay Xy dng h thng qun l o to