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Basic Research Proposal Research Title: In Vitro Analysis of the Cytotoxicity of Orthodontic Mine Implants on Human Periodontal Ligament

Fibroblasts and Osteoblasts Investigators: Maria Teresa S. Nobeza Associate Active Consultant Department: Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service I. II. III. Cooperating Agency or Collaborators, if any Brief Description/Summary Introduction

The use of mini-implants is of utmost important in Orthodontics as ________________________. These implants are made up an alloy of __________, ____________, and ___________. Each manufacturer comes up with their alloy mixture for their screws. While ________ is an inert substance the other two are not and some fear that they may be harmful for _________________. This study aims to examine the 3 most popular brand of screws available in the Philippines and their cytotoxic effect on human periodontic fibroblasts and osteoblasts. Malkoc, et al (2012) has conducted an evaluation of the cytotoxic effects on mini-implants on gingival fibroblasts and mouse osteoblasts focusing on 5 products available only in the US. Their study has shown that ____________________ of these implants have __________________effects which shows that they may be harmful if used _____________________. Rae (1986 ) states that metal ions can be released to local and remote tissues and have been associated with side effects to the body such as allergic reactions and kidney lesions, hypersensitivity, etc. He further asserts that any metal implanted in the human body is a potential source of toxicity. It is imperative then that the most common implants be subject to analysis and evaluated in order to determine how they affect periodontal _________________________. The scope of the effect of a study on the cytotoxicity of implants goes beyond dentistry and into the realm of general surgery, orthopaedics and any other field of medicine utilizing metal implants. IV. Objectives a. To analyse the comparative cytotoxicity of 3 brands of locally distributed mini-implants b. To be able to recommend the best implant to use in the Philippine setting Methods a. Type of Study and time period and target population b. Inclusion and Exclusion Schedule of Activities Appendix References Proposed Budgetary Requirements