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Engineering Ethic (BENU 4583)

Assignment 3: Review on Local Case Study Due date: 3 Dec 2012 (Before 5.00 pm) Work mode: Group Task: a) What and how is (are) the code of ethics violated by the people involved (engineers, management, local authority, government) in the case? b) What guidance might one (or more) of the engineering society codes of ethics provide in handling or preventing the event from happening? c) Use ethical theories (utilitarianism, duty and right ethics and/or virtue ethics) learnt to analyze the case. Consider all possible elements that are affected in the case i.e mankind, environment, and society. d) Analyze the factual, conceptual and moral issues in the case. Apply either the line-drawing technique or the flow charting technique to find a solution for the case. Justify the use of your chosen technique. e) What should the people involved (engineers, management, local authority, government) have done differently? Report format and marks distribution: 1. Introduction with picture, diagram, figure and etc. (2 marks) 2. Content (3 marks) 3. Ethical theory and problem solving technique related to the case study (5 marks) 4. Conclusion based on your findings (2 marks) 5. Reference used in the case study (1 mark) 6. Report format (2 marks) - Maximum page of report: 6 pages only including reference. - Font: NEW TIMES ROMAN (size 12). - Double column with single spacing. Local Case studies:
Topic 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Highland Tower 8) 9) Sisa Radioaktif di Bukit Merah, Perak 10) * ZERO MARK FOR ANY PLAGARISM ACTIVITY
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