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Date/ Cues Time 08 Subjective: /19 /10 Wala ko kabalo asa gikan ning @ akong hepatitis, wala pud gani ko 3:00 kabalo unsa na. pm Katong nagsakit ko sauna kay nagpadoctor ko ato unia naa man to mga tambal, tapos nagkasakit napud ko mga pila ka bulan, mao to gbalik lang nako ug tumar tong mga tambal pero wala nako nagpacheck up ug usab. As verbalized by the patient Objective: Lack of source of information Need C O G N I T I V E P E R C E P T U A L P A T T E R N Nursing Diagnosis Knowledge deficit regarding condition, and treatment related to absence of information Deficient knowledge is a state in which cognitive information or psychomotor skills required for health recovery, maintenance , or health promotion are lacking. Objectives of Care After 4 hours of nursing intervention my patient will be able to know and understand the disease process and treatment regimen as evidenced by: a.) Participate in learning process b.) verbalizati on of understan ding about his disease process c.) initiation of lifestyle changes and participate in treatment regimen Nursing Intervention 1. Establish rapport. to gain patients trust and have a good nurse-patient relationship 2. Evaluate desire/readiness of patient to learn. determine amount or level of information to provide at any given moment. 3. Provide an atmosphere of respect, openness, trust, and collaboration. important when providing education to patients with different values and beliefs about health and illness. Evaluation Goal Met! 08/19/10 @ 7:00pm After 4 hours of my nursing intervention my patient was able to know and understand the disease process and treatment regimen as evidenced by:

a.)patient 4. Assess motivation and participated in willingness of patient and learning caregivers to learn process some patient are ready to learn as soon after they are b.) Ah. Kabalo diagnosed; others cope better by nako asa na denying or delaying the need for makuha ang instruction heap b ug unsaon 5. Assess history of hepatitis b pagkuha ana infection na sakit. As to trace the source of infection verbalized by


Asked questions regarding his condition Expresses confusion on the nature of the condition Denial of condition Purchase of over the counter drugs without consulting the physician

the patient 6. Be alert to signs of avoidance May need to allow client to suffer consequences of lack of knowledge before client is ready to accept information. 7. Discuss patients perception of need Relate information to patients personal desires/needs and values or beliefs. 8. State objectives clearly in learners term to meet learners need according to level of understanding 9. Participate in learning process to assess learning patient and correct the wrong belief of the patient 10. Teach patient about infection contol to avoid transmission of the present condition of the patient c.) Dapat kung magsakit ko, magpa-check up diay ko sa doctor ug dili ko magpataka ug tumar sa mga tambal na wala gi-resita sa akong doctor. As verbalized by the patient