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ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN PROCESS Introduction Design for any significant architectural endeavor follows a sequential process beginning with

broad information gathering and ending with specific detailed design drawings. The process involves three stages Analysis, Design, and Implementation. The following enumerations indicates design process; however, a level of familiarity of the designer to the project may modify the process wherein certain steps in the process may be done simultaneously deleted or changed, rather on a precise stepby-step basis. An Architectural Design Process I. Definition of the Problem 1. Background of the Project 2. Scope of the Project 3. Project Objectives 4. Site of the Project 5. Building Requirements 6. Design Objectives a. Major b. Minor Development of Design Strategies 1. Design Consideration a. Major b. Minor 2. Flow Charts or Schematic Solutions 3. Technical Space Analysis Development of Design Concept Development of the Design and its Alternatives Assessment of Design Alternatives Final Design Proposal and Presentation