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Middle East Research Center, Ariel University Center

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Call for Research Proposals 3102

The Middle East Research Center (MERC) of Ariel University Center invites research proposals. The applicant must hold a PhD degree.

MERC is interdisciplinary by nature. It encourages research within the following disciplines: Middle East regional studies, Political Science, International Relations and Law. The Center aims to promote studies related to the geopolitical region of the Middle East and Central Asia. Theoretical as well as case study research are at the top of our lists.

Criteria for support are relevance to MERC's topics, scientific novelty and period of time required in order to complete the project. MERC fellowships range between 7,500-12,500 NIS. Selected studies will be published by MERC.

Proposals of researchers from Universities in Israel and from all over the world should be in English and include: 1. C.V. and list of publications. 2. Research plan including: title page, abstract, methodology, preliminary bibliography, the state of art in the suggested field of research, and timetable. 3. Proposals will not exceed 5 pages double spaced. 4. Proposals should be sent no later than December 1st 2012. Replies will be distributed no later than January 30th 2013. 5. Proposals should be emailed to: