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Tuesday QASVOPT 2hrs.

Give students selection of "word cards" consisting of question words, auxiliary verbs, subjects, etc. Elicit the meanings of verbs/question words/subjects/time/place/etc. 1. Students create questions using those words and/or 2. Go through meaning on board. Q A S V O P T Students identify which words are verbs/auxiliary/subject/etc. and put them under the correct heading. Students create questions orally in the present form. e.g. What time do you go to school on Fridays? How old are you? Where is the bike? Choose a few students to write questions on the board and have the others correct them. Emphasis on detailed answers!!! THEN Explain short answer questions which start with auxiliary verbs specifically; do, have, can e.g. Do you like pizza? Can you ride a bike? Have you got a pet?

Then use 'flashcards' as a warm down and to practice forms.

Wednesday Lesson Two 2hrs. Sentence structure (same method as above)