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The IT industry is being looked upon as the next big employment generator (It requires 1.1 million job requirement by the year 2010). It is however no easy task for an HR manager in this sector to bridge the ever increasing demand and supply gap of professionals. Unlike software industry counterpart, the IT HR manager is not only required to fulfill this responsibility, but also find the right kind of people who can keep pace with the unique work patterns in this industry. The toughest concern for an HR manager is however the high attrition rate. So this situation requires a full fledged study on attrition and retention management in Speridian Technologies. Main aim of this study is to factors affecting attrition and to identify the retention aspects. The study was designed to be descriptive in nature. Descriptive research includes survey and fact finding enquires of different kinds. The study will come under the type of cross sectional study. Universe of the study refers to the employees in Speridian Technologies. The total population is 42. The whole universe is taken for the study. So there is no sample design required for this study. Primary data has collected through a survey method from the employees. The respondents were asked to take any one of the options given for each statement in the questionnaire and assured that the responses will be kept confidential and used only for academic purpose.

Tools Used For Data Analysis Percentage Analysis Chi-square Test Anova Weighted Average Method

Recruiting a new employee is costlier than retaining the existing ones. The best organizations focus on retaining and getting the best out of every employee. The real objective of any company is to retain only those people who contribute to the companys performance in terms of improving the quality of goods and services, or increasing the level of customer


satisfaction. Retaining their best employees requires companies to launch initiatives along several dimensions: introducing good house- keeping practices in offices and shop-floors; making performance-appraisal systems, transparent, objective; and participative;

professionalizing the senior management team; and ensuring that employees take pride in their work. Attrition is a controllable problem, if necessary steps are taken at the right time. Employees are the important assets of a company. If the attrition level increases than retention level, it will result in low production and increases the cost of production. So, the company should take necessary steps to provide better welfare measures and benefits to their employees and make the work environment a pleasant place to work and thereby retain their existing employees.