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Mountain Its like a road to success for me, where reaching it top only matters to everyone.

The base of the mountain is not hard to reach its a flat road where everyone can stand look at the top and dream to reach the top of it. No buddy know what danger does it hold but climbing to its tip is a prize worth it. Its same like life you dont have to struggle to be born its your mother who does it. After you are born you have to face everything what come in your way. Mountains can be giving in nature as well as taking from you something or other. When you are walking on road to success you cant take everything with you same as when climbing a mountain you take lots of think with to eat. You need strength and stamina to be maintained. Facing dangers is a part of road to success. Mountain woods are the most dangerous part where wild animals stay and wait. Some animals can be your friend and guide you and help you in finding ways and some can be an obstacle stopping you to move forward and run back to where you started from some can even harm you. A mountain can be giving in many ways. Water following down give you drink. Fruits on trees give you to eat in a same way when we do a good job in our fields we get strength to move forward with move thing and keep moving to reach that mountain tip which we saw at the base of mountain. Rolling stones are one more obstacle for reaching to the tip. Taking each step carefully does not means you might not slip and fall. Even when taking each step carefully you might fall and get hurt you should not stop. Completing the task is a major achievement. Rolling stone can cause road blocks and running around the same place find a new way even when you it might take more time to reach. When you are done facing every obstacle and dangers. After reaching the mountain tip you feel happy to find what you were running for has finally over. You wanted to reach the mountain top you have done it. When you look down you will be able to see what you faced to get at that place. One more thing when you look down and see people who dint try to climb the mountain were scared of it be sure to write them a letter and tell them how beautiful the world is from the mountain top.