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Alison Benson and the Realm of Wonders Union

Alison Benson and the Realm of Wonders Union


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Published by VictoriaJSmith
A war is brewing in another kingdom. A place until now Alison never knew of, until one day a strange baby-like man demands that she follows him, and Queen Zantha
from the Kingdom of Frinda tells all.

How her mother, Carla, was a good witch who held many spells in her wand, and of her late father, Jason, who took on her evil brother, Prince Amir who took the fatal blow to his heart, when Prince Amir was ready to defeat his sister for taking the kingdom from his rightful grasp.

Prince Amir is to return. The need to kill all that wished him ill in his childhood, and revenge for his sisters ruling is filling him with anger.

However, stealing a photo of the young prince from a room in the palace, Alison begins to see into his life, a different side to the Queen's and Realms accusations of this fiend.

Will she get the Realm to side with the Prince, to fight against a queen who to the realm, is in need of their assitance.

Will it be a war of good versus evil, or evil versus good?

Find out how it all began, who will side with who, and let time tell a different story

A war is brewing in another kingdom. A place until now Alison never knew of, until one day a strange baby-like man demands that she follows him, and Queen Zantha
from the Kingdom of Frinda tells all.

How her mother, Carla, was a good witch who held many spells in her wand, and of her late father, Jason, who took on her evil brother, Prince Amir who took the fatal blow to his heart, when Prince Amir was ready to defeat his sister for taking the kingdom from his rightful grasp.

Prince Amir is to return. The need to kill all that wished him ill in his childhood, and revenge for his sisters ruling is filling him with anger.

However, stealing a photo of the young prince from a room in the palace, Alison begins to see into his life, a different side to the Queen's and Realms accusations of this fiend.

Will she get the Realm to side with the Prince, to fight against a queen who to the realm, is in need of their assitance.

Will it be a war of good versus evil, or evil versus good?

Find out how it all began, who will side with who, and let time tell a different story


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Published by: VictoriaJSmith on Nov 19, 2012
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ALISON BENSON The Realm Of Wonders Union



By Victoria J Smith

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author’s overwrought imagination or are used factiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Text copyright 2009-2014 Victoria J Smith


Thank you to my husband Barry, my three wonderful children, Luke, Joshua and Elizabeth, my parents John and Carolyn, and finally to everyone who has believed in me.

Thank-You all

Somnia operor adveho verus si creditis in teipso

Dreams do come true if you believe in yourself

All magic words can be found via Latin translated by Google translation



Julu A’ Vanda gave a deep sigh and began to cackle. The sound of terror, which were echoing around the dark, cold underground corridors, of Grimsley Castle, made the old, evil witch trot along the narrow tunnels like a princess preparing to dance with the handsome prince of the ball. She was a witch many feared, a woman of such brutality in her magic that no one dare disagree with her orders. She seldom used a wand to cast her spells, only the tip of her index, arthritic finger was needed and this would make each soldier in this castle fear for their lives, not sure that when her finger pointed towards them that they were to live or die. Her appearance showed nothing but ugliness, her face full of warts, with yellow, peg-like teeth and a grey tinge to the skin on her feeble stature, her dark life wrapping itself around her like the black skies of Grimsdritch. It was not like Julu to be down the dungeons on this usual wet day, only the senior members of the army allowed this special privilege. However, Julu was eager to deliver a note to her master; her curiosity was not allowing it to be left on a desk for wandering eyes to see, she sensed that this message was important and one that was to be read by the eyes of one person only. She held on to the rolled parchment tightly. Her grasp, so tight in excitement was crinkling up the vellum, which was tied in a black, silk ribbon with the name Prince Amir written upon it in red ink. She stood at the opened doorway of the dimly lit, grey stoned, curved room of the dungeon and stared indignantly at the blond-headed man who was hanging on a strappado. His wrists were tied to the back of him by rope and weights strapped on to his feeble body to make the pain more pleasurable, to the man who stood and stared coldly at the prisoner. Prince Amir could not help but give a devious smile as he picked up a small cauldron of bubbling oil and gave a passive look up towards the young man who quickly began to scream for his life. However, the prince did not want to hear the pleas, to listen to a beast who was begging for forgiveness. The man stole from him, and this was never a favourable thing to do, especially when the prince who was holding the cauldron teasingly in front of the scared prisoner had the looks of a wild beast. His once handsome features were taken many years ago, the look of innocence and purity had long gone. All that looked back at him from the broken mirrors in his castle was a face that he could not recognise, his eyes were no longer blue, but black, so dark they would become, when evil was fast approaching, that inner yearn to harm was all he felt comfort in, so tranquil and calm he would become. And the scars which lay up on his ashen skin would twinge in anxiety, so eager to take the life of another that the person who was still begging for his life had no chance of being free from this malicious place.

Prince Amir took a deep breath. The thought of what he was going to do, making him smile curtly to himself, the blood pumping in his veins with excitement as he suddenly threw the oil towards the man. The hot oil hugged the prisoner’s body like a silk scarf, as it landed on his face, naked torso and limbs, making the prisoner scream out in horror to what the prince had done. Prince Amir began to laugh, so harsh and loud that the candles, which stood on a table next to him, began to blow erratically, the room becoming colder, as though they knew what was to come. However, before the next punishment was handed towards the oil, soaked man, his insane thoughts were interrupted. The cackling he heard made him turn around. With anger, he began glaring at Julu, his eyes not moving from her, as he quickly walked towards the witch who was standing in the oval doorway of the dungeon. His hands began to clench into a fist as he neared the wiry grey-haired, woman and the thoughts of slaying her was close to his heart, as he stood looking down at the witch who cackled back at him, unaware of the true feelings he had of her. Julu smiled harshly, as she held the parchment out for the prince to take, her black finger-tips stroking the bound-up message tenderly and her eyes looking into his with malice. He snatched the vellum from her grasp and tugged at the ribbon, unrolling the parchment with annoyance, a feeling of knowing what was going to be written on this smooth calfskin, before his eyes even began to read the neatly written message. His face began to look agitated as he looked up at Julu, who shrugged, as she was handed the vellum to read for herself. A light cackle came from her mouth, as she looked at Prince Amir, awaiting his verdict on the message, which was making his black eyes blaze in anger and the scars on his face turn redder. He snatched the parchment out of Julu’s hands, growling with anger at what had been written, the words spilling out in front of him like poison. He stared at the note one last time before walking towards the open fire and threw it in, the temples of his head thumping in anxiety, as he stared at the parchment that was quickly burning away. He stood staring at the fire for a second, before Julu spoke. His mind snapping out of his bitter thoughts, and making him no choice but to listen to the voice of another, rather than his own. “Master, the time to do what you have wished to do for all those years should now be taken. Her death is all that you want, and I know that until she dies, then you will have to suffer the pains that she had inflicted into your heart.” Julu stated as gently as her wicked voice would allow. Prince Amir nodded. How right she was, he thought, as he turned to look at Julu, his eyes softening for a second, and her smile for one instant, looking human. “You know what to do,” Prince Amir nodded, before turning back towards his prisoner who was hanging up on the ropes.

He looked harshly at the man and gave a sly smile. as he grabbed a sword from the wooden table and returned to the pulley. .


Mrs.CHAPTER 2 Alison Benson was in no mood for school today. And would any of them even dare to attempt to begin playing around in their form. not a cloud in sight. no one had done wrong today. As usual. quickly glaring at her students as though they had? Not unless they wish the venom from her mouth to spit at their faces. However. tall. anxiety in doing a daunting task would make her heart beat faster and her temper more frayed. who was young. not yet of course. She bellowed her orders to her class like a captain to his soldiers. Today was the day of their field trip — a trip that the whole form was dreading. Peters High would take with eagerness. leaving the class subdued and wishing that they had skived the day off. . the do’s and don’ts given verbally. The sort of look you would have when sent to your room for doing something wrong. her face screwing up in anger before a word emitted from the mouths of her form and walked out of the room. Mrs. it's now 9. Foster was not a teacher who would allow her form from her beady-eye sight. Foster was their only teacher for the day. each student had that glum looking face too. Foster to an assistant teacher called Miss Solar. as today was no normal school day. blue eyes and could’ve easily been a model with her cheekbone structure and full lips that were painted in clear gloss. It was a nice sunny day. who would allow the students to wander around like young adults. as would their teachers. and the word “DETENTION” was thrown at them like a ball being thrown in a game of rounders. Alison gave a big sigh. who would growl at any child who passed by.15am. Baines insists we use this company. when their sour face teacher. The yearly field trip was one that most forms of St. thin cane. which was felt on the faces of the small crowd. wobbled into the room holding on to her long. How she wished she were anywhere but at school. as long as they did not get up to mischief and upset fellow visitors with their immature behaviour. only a pale blue sky. who had an angelic face and a smile for anyone who needed one. However. Mrs. like most school trips — the coach was late. with shoulder length blonde hair. as she looked around her form. she loathed school trips.” cried Mrs. “This is ridiculous. A mean looking woman. Foster. In fact. I never know why Mr. “This coach was booked for 8.” “Maybe he doesn't know any other company?” replied Miss Solar.30am this morning. She was a woman who should not have been a teacher. In truth. especially today. with birds passing by in a warm breeze. and no one was looking forward to having the elderly teacher yelling at them for doing the slightest thing wrong. and one who would agree to have a child severely punished if found breaking the school rules. The children walked out of the school into the playground and waited for the coach to arrive.

And as Alison was prone to the verbal bullying from many of her peers in her form. blued eyed girl. coloured shirt. “HOORAY!” yelled the children when the coach finally appeared. Foster declared as she held her head up high. as if she were royalty parading around to adoring well-wishers. “Yes.” Sarah laughed. “She gets on my nerves with her constant smiling and being too girly for my liking. leaving the coach driver to feel like a child himself. as her fists were used more readily than her brain. Foster glared at him as though he was a prisoner. whilst pulling a face at the smell. as she walked away. No pushing… I said no pushing Simon Slater. no dillydallying or sloppiness. ran low on the old diesel. a day I’ll never forget. stared blankly at the teacher from behind the wheel. big-boned and one who you never wish to disagree with. It was so rusty. “She is nice most of the time. was the rust itself. Sarah would stand up to them. “About time too. But I suppose she’ll be better than Foster.” Sarah sighed as she climbed into the bus Alison sat by the window and pressed her head against the glass. a girl who had dirty blonde shoulder hair.” Mrs. even if she is a bit—cuckoo.” replied Alison. Foster asked rudely. I would be a good Head Teacher!” Mrs. in black-rimmed glasses. A girl whose only true friend was Sarah. which would always be tied up for school. “Took you an hour to do it?” Mrs. “Don't bother answering. If I ran this school. “This is going to be a great day out. looking at the driver with so much hate that the stare itself could have cut him in half. Foster growled. I just wish it was only Miss Solar who was taking us. while Mrs.” explained the coach driver in an ‘I-don’t-care attitude’ as he began wiping the remains of his breakfast from his mouth and wiping his hands on his already off-white. I can see we’re really going to be getting along on this trip. her nose turning up at the stench of stale tobacco that seemed to be lingering around the coach. with gelled black hair. The Slater boy flushed red and looked towards the ground as he walked along. picking at a small pimple on her left cheek.” Mrs. brown eyes. “Sorry about that. as she pointed her arthritic finger threateningly at the blond-headed boy. mousey brown hair. that Alison thought the only thing keeping the coach from collapsing. nice orderly line. Foster scolded. as well as stupid?” Mrs. The door to the coach opened and an untidy looking man. then added. thanks to the rude tongue of Simon. “Well err !” the coach driver replied looking for words that he could not find. It was a tatty white and red coach with the words HUMBLE COACH SERVICES written on the side of it. needed to fill it up.” Sarah whispered sarcastically into Alison's ear as they walked slowly on to the coach. . Are you deaf. Foster looked at him with fury. not caring if she was given a battering in the process. who knew of her mum’s psychic abilities. She was a pretty faced. Yes.“Nonsense! — more like idleness. which was wafting gently around. Foster commented in a very stern voice. “Come along. Mrs. with long. it would run like clockwork.

as she rubbed her neck harshly. which was ready to spew its bitterness at the young girl. She always got teased. forgot my Spell book. dirty blonde coloured hair was all she could use as a comforter. whenever she questioned her mum for her strange behaviour. her face burning up quickly by being shouted at by her friend. who nodded in agreement to her words.” sighed Sarah. “I can see she’s getting ready to start casting spells. Simon put his head through the gap in front of his seat and stared at Alison. who burst out laughing at the cruel gibe and making Simon feel happy at his own snide remarks. She loathed it all and yet. then adding.Alison thought her mum was losing the plot. “Cool?” replied Alison. Freaky?” Simon hissed. “I'm sorry. as Sarah nodded. who just looked unimpressed back at him. and she insists on getting her stupid candles out to deter death in the room!” Alison shouted before turning away and began looking out the window once more. she still got the brunt of her mum’s psychic powers. as Alison would catch her arguing to herself in the kitchen. I shouldn’t have shouted at you like that. “Before someone gives you a rap in the face!” She turned back from the sour faced boy and looked at Alison sadly. However. “Gonna be sacrificing a chicken at the gardens. who quickly shot back into his seat. Alison was as red as a berry. “About time you grew up. Ouija boards or any other mystical things. “I wish they wouldn’t tease you so much. It was a long deathly silence before Sarah spoke. they .” Alison replied dryly as she stared at the green-eyed boy coldly. just because Simon thinks it’s okay to tease me.” Alison looked away from the window and rolled her eyes annoyingly. Sarah cringed with embarrassment. one that they both wished was never occurring. She knew that her friend was hurt. her mum would always declare that a spirit was unhappy that a message. which they wished a love one to know about. “Is it cool when your Mum starts chanting over your dinner? Or telling you a person is sitting next to you whilst watching the TV? Or how about when you’re going to have a bath.” Simon sneered.” Alison responded as she smiled kindly to her friend. “I think what your Mum does is cool. And as they spoke of the day that they had in front of them. “Why don't you bog off?” suggested Sarah looking through the gap between the well-worn seats. “Not today. had been scowled at. even though Alison had no knowledge of tarot cards. with his voice attempting to sound mysterious and cynical. her ruddy cheeks flaring up in anger and her brown eyes darkening with intent at Simon. a frown planting quickly on his overly pale face. A friendship that Sarah and Alison knew was never going to be broken. I was— just… you know?” “I'm sorry too Sarah. to his best friend William Johnson.” she added aloofly. Her short. as she coyly played with the dead ends on her long fringe.

in there. . “Remember when” reminisces.knew that in years to come that this would no doubt be spoken of.

confused as to what had poked him. with wild brown hair and a beard to match. with Simon looking around. Alison liked the walk around the gardens as the day progressed. as she inhaled the numerous flowers with eagerness and giving the strangest of smiles. but to the students. as she took her foot out of her shoe and gave it a rub. The usual frowns on her face now seemed seldom. it was the only thing she found interesting. She stood up and continued walking. “Come on slow coach!’’ shouted Sarah who was beckoning Alison to walk towards the group. The bright green grass and the sound of water flowing gently in the many fountains that lay around the gardens. made her inhale deeply. noted by the sharp-eyed girl. Foster standing behind. He was as hairy as a grizzly bear. taking the sweet scent to her lungs. as they rolled their eyes and pulled faces whilst the kind hearted. Alison sat down rubbing her feet. the group getting further into the distance and Alison realised that if she did not walk a bit quicker. which was digesting a bug. just a normal flower. making Alison feel a tad sorry for the woman. . his voice booming in excitement at each flower he thought was unique. she would lose the group for sure. entertained them. made her feel calm and tranquil. Them. With a deep breath. and for that small moment halted her whines. small heeled shoes. not only was the beauty of the gardens. Alison on the other hand. whose long thin nose and crooked front teeth attempted to move. she was now wishing that she’d put her comfortable shoes on and not her new. “I’m coming. to her new movements.CHAPTER 3 The Botanical Gardens were not the best setting for a group of teenagers to be walking around in. but over enthusiastic tour guide. as they slanted to the side of her long. She had an enormous ball of grey hair. and showed the group around with pride. rolled into a bun on the back of her head. watched as Simon and William were attempting to push Suzanne into a bush. The tall walking cane she held was used frequently to steady the woman. wrinkled face. An attempt at moving her frown to happy was hard for a woman. She quickly gave Simon a sharp jab with her cane and continued walking. she began to pick up her pace. a smell she would love to bottle and bathe in. which she passed.” Alison called back. David Edwards. she never knew her teacher had dry wit. and was not aware of Mrs. However. who walked with a limp. Sarah had gone to look at a Venus flytrap. which made her small beady eyes look alienated. as she looked with true admiration at the flytrap. Whilst the aroma of flowers. who always smelt of baby powder and old-fashioned musk. almost puppet-like from where Alison was observing her. I'll catch you up. which were the height of fashion for the season. Alison giggled to herself seeing this. something else caught her eye too — her teacher.

“Are you blind? Down here. It appeared so abruptly. look!” the voice shouted impatiently. Puzzled. then to Alison’s surprise. “Pssst!” A startled blackbird flew out of the bushes and Alison jumped at the loud alarm call. “Who's there?” asked Alison in a worried voice. the area was deserted.” replied the voice gruffly. Alison looked around seeing if the coast was clear.” Alison cried. “Come with me. it would do no harm seeing what it wanted. and now she wished she were not so. either. as the hand began beckoning her with eagerness. She hesitated and looked at the hand. It was only she who was around in the heavy foliage part of the gardens. She had only walked a few more paces when she heard “Pssst” and again she looked around. A voice.” said the voice. as she looked around with hidden fear. She took one more look around and continued walking towards the group. “Under here. Maybe you just like taking people’s money for the fun of it!” Alison replied sarcastically. “Where?” asked Alison. Again there was no one there. as each crawl took her into the depth of the foliage which became darker. “Dunno. making Alison jump. or you’ll never get there. before she crouched down and began to crawl underneath the bush where she had first seen the hand. a rude voice snapped her from her thoughts. “I can’t see you. like a baby’s. “What would I want with your money?” the voice replied in a high octave tone. “I do not wish to steal from you.” Alison groaned. “And I’ve not got all day. girl!” The voice beckoned threateningly.” . a tiny hand appeared. that Alison jumped. as her heart began to beat faster.” came the voice. no wandering around. It was so tiny. Surely. Please. keep going straight. Alison saw the bush she was standing next to give a small rustle.However. it is a matter of urgency that you come with me. “Oh great. Alison turned around quickly. She shook her head and continued walking. Alison looked around for the second time. which sounded rather touchy to the girl. you. which sounded too eerie for Alison’s liking. hoping that it was just her own mind making her hear things. “Where are you? I can’t see you.” “Come on. “Hey. “What and have my ice cream money pinched? No thank you!” Alison replied in a harsh voice. just herself. “Over here!” came the voice. Follow me — NOW!” The voice boomed. that’s really helpful.

eyes with utter annoyance and walked on. and has one bad temper if you don’t get a move on. pointed shoes that were tapping impatiently in tiny white tights. “Oh my!” Alison replied.” the small ginger haired man said with no interest to the question. Alison could not hold in her wonder. pleased that it was no longer dark dreary and prickly.” he said worriedly as his reddish eyebrows began dancing on his face. “This is the Kingdom of Frinda. and you dress funny too. reds. “Ah. as she looked at the red silk. “What is this place?” Alison asked curiously. “I have no idea why I’m needed. who can walk and talk on their own. “Come! The Queen hates lateness. I’m only joking. “That’s not funny. The grass beneath her feet was orange too. I'm coming.” he sighed blowing out. she is the ruler of this kingdom. it was so bright and so pink. as she grunted and crawled forward. her stomach rolling over with fear. It was not long before she was out of the bushes. the last man who was late for his appointment. so I shall finish your childish behaviour. However. Blues. and a dress-like garment. but none were of green. I'm coming!” replied Alison. which was also red. as he attempted to brush his lucky-troll-doll. She could be getting the pillory ready in the village as we speak. blacks and even gold. I’m sorry. and was puffed at the knees.” Alison declared. as the man pulled a face at her taunt. but then laughed cruelly. “Oh yes.” Alison stated sarcastically. with dark lilac clouds that were passing by gently. well. Alison looked up at the sun. unruly hair down to his head. so she can’t have me punished!” “That’s true. and trees that were of different shapes and colours to what Alison was used to. as she touched a purple leaf on a low-branched tree she was passing. he rolled his baby blue. purples. you should see your face!” He laughed rudely.” “Gee. as Alison pulled a face with annoyance. a small island that is in. as she looked at the baby-faced man with eagerness hoping he would tell her more. what you would call.“Ok. Besides you started it. I’ve never seen anyone as small as you. then attempted to wipe her grey skirt and white. “You are rude. “Because you are tiny. “And what are you anyway?” Alison asked the small sized person with curiosity. short-sleeved blouse down. She stood up stretching her arms into the air.” the man sighed. “Queen Zantha. I suppose. an alternative universe.” Alison nodded. The sky was a very pale lilac. but you are small. he’ll never be late again. if she is left waiting too long she will—” “What Queen? What will she do?” Alison asked with a look of alarm. making the already grubby looking clothes dirtier. I was informed of your insolent words before I travelled to your kingdom. . with her dirty hands.

which stood on the thatched roofs of the homes. they were no doubt cooking their daily meals. I am just a messenger. He looked oddly at her hand and walked on.” he said as his eyes looked at her uncaringly. unless you wish to be punished. “Zindel!” shouted a guard who was guarding the gates against any unruly louts who wished to enter the palace uninvited. “Can I ask you. “My name is Alison. which Alison could not help but stare at with fascination. with wooden window frames and doors.” “Well.” the man pondered. knowing she had struck a chord. so that Alison could not hear.“How dare you.” Alison quipped. being small an’ all. I don’t have all day. and we do as she wishes us to do.” The weird. it's a nice name. unaware of the negative words that Zindel had spoken. . before averting his eyes back to Zindel. painted in beige or very pale yellow. this thing is not the best or easiest thing to get. “Mmm. this is how many folk of this kingdom dress. and began to stare at the stranger with un-sureness. as she stared wide eyed at the beautiful building in which she was soon to be entering. so I suggest you keep that badmannered mouth of yours closed. I am unable to stop that.” “Well. “’Cause you look like one. “My name’s Zindel. I am known as a Yintin. “Where have you been? The Queen is getting impatient. with smoke puffing gently out of the chimneys. as she looked at the small person cruelly.” Alison smiled. which separated the village from the grand palace. The path ended by big iron gates. whose face was becoming as red as his garments. We Yintins’ are small. I have no idea as to why she wishes to see you either. her face smiling as kindly as she could at the small throng of fellow Yintins. Alison looked at the old village with awe. My full name is hard to say. Many of the cottages in this small hamlet looked in need of refurbishing.” “Yes. as she rolled her eyes. quickly. I know of the punishments. but wonderful scenery of eccentric trees and flowers ended and a path of red cobbled stones appeared.” He stated curtly. which was heading towards the palace.” Alison stated holding her hand out and at last remembering her manners. All were made of clay. “We are loyal servants to the Queen. So come on. who had come out of their homes. un-fazed by the from the small man. so folk call me that. “So are you a pixie then?” Alison asked. and are baby-like in our looks. “I certainly am not a pixie. taking them through a small village. The guard looked towards the girl staring with curiosity. “What’s your name?” Alison smiled. why I am here?” “Queen Zantha requested that I found you and bought you to her.” Alison smiled. ” he whispered.

” the guard smiled wilfully. The carpet was a very pale blue. as she felt herself strutting along the corridor. a bit like holograms and were very hypnotic to the eye. Keep still and do not touch anything or you will be killed. Zindel pulled a face. which were being held in wooden holders on the walls. In fact. never in her wildest dreams did she think that she.” Zindel stated as he did a mime of a knife cutting his neck. something that it always seemed to do when she was nervous. as she held on to her stomach as it began to cramp up in pain. Alison stood waiting patiently by the door. She was really going to have to think what she would say to the queen before answering her. Each door they passed was gold and had pretty patterns that swayed as you passed by. let’s hope she can help the queen. The entrance was in the middle of the palace. and bringing her back to his own lands. However. yes. She had only ever seen adventures like this on TV. . “Can the queen be nice?” Alison asked Zindel in a whispered voice. and apologise for our lateness. that Alison was now concerned about the actual size of the queen that she was due to meet. on the three-floored building. in case she replied with the wrong answer. with bits of what looked like glitter shooting up at Alison as she walked by. only white candles. “If you don't upset her. “Stay here whilst I inform the queen that you are here. The annoying child was too much for the man.“Well. They were allowed admittance through the gates and began to walk towards the palace. the need to do something so ridiculous at such a serious moment coming voluntary to her limbs. he loved scaring people — especially annoying kids like Alison. The thought of being killed was now really worrying. curious as to what the queen was like and why she was actually needed in a kingdom that she had never heard of. Zindel walked off and gave a silent chuckle. which were making Alison feel dizzy when she looked at each door she passed. with two double pink doors looking back at her. to an imaginable beat. herself. with one clay step leading up to two very large oak doors. The corridor they were walking through was extremely long. It had windows of every shape and size. but if you do. the palace seemed to go on in length and breadth. Zindel shook his head in despair with the expression of a man who had been told he had five minutes to live. The corridor ended in a big square hall. shone the way to their destination. Alison was not looking forward to the prospect of having her neck sliced. Alison felt like dancing. with guards standing on either side to let those who were allowed entry into the royal residence. which was being hummed in her head. who had now wished that he had not been given the daunting task of seeking her. when they had entered the palace into a hall that was so big and extravagant. would be involved in something so bizarre. with two large wings on either side of the palace.” Zindel warned sternly as he walked away. but then disappearing.

as he looked at Alison and beckoned the girl into the room. .Zindel opened the doors quickly. his face red and sweaty.

“Alison. eight of them in all. The windows were tall and wide. Queen Zantha walked towards a set of chairs and table. with ringlets cascading down her back. with beautiful beading and embroidery. one leg behind the other. pale in colour with blusher pink cheeks and lips that looked far too perfect not to be coloured in red lipstick. round chubby face. followed by her footman. The floor was made of cream marble. The Queen walked through a door on the right hand side of the overly large room. Zindel suddenly bowed. Queen Zantha whispered into the maid’s ear. “If it was not for your mother and dear father. but all she did was nod. the maid. “I need a message to be taken back to your time and place. She had the deepest blue eyes Alison had ever seen. who then curtsied and disappeared through a door to the left of the magnificent room. They walked to the end of the room towards steps where two big wooden based. so Alison taking this as the time to do so began to curtsy. “Please stand. Zindel. She was such a beautiful Queen with blonde hair tied in a very fancy bun. I would have died many years ago and this kingdom would not exist.” the queen requested gently pointing to one of three seats. red thrones were positioned on a small stage. “I am Queen Zantha and I believe you are Alison?” the queen asked and waited for Alison to answer. “Please be seated.” Queen Zantha replied gently. Down she went.” the Queen ordered and both Alison and Zindel did as they were told. I need a message taken back to your mother.” “And who is this person?” asked Alison as she looked at the queen with admiration. Alison looked shocked. her body shaking unsteadily at the unusual posture she was doing. which was shiny and sparkled as though brand-new. with a face of such beauty that it could have been made of porcelain. while Zindel walked around the room looking at the pictures on the wall and then sat down on his own in the corner. by gold thread that was visible on the dress and puffed sleeves. who made a constant fuss over the queen and Alison. “My Mum?” asked Alison in surprise. Her dress was made of purple silk. And along the edges of the room there were many different styles of coloured seating. staring out of the window.CHAPTER 4 Alison followed Zindel through the double doors into the largest room she had ever seen. which had been hand crafted carefully on to the long gown. with odd piles of worn out looking books stacked haphazardly on the small coffee-like tables next to each of the seating area. Alison obliged the request. “My Mum? And you knew my Father?” Alison gasped. next to the thrones. followed by a footman and a maid who also had the same baby-like appearances as Zindel and hair that also looked wild and untamed around her small.” Queen Zantha stated softy. It is very important that this person gets the message as she is the only one who can help. .

” Alison stated bitterly.” She nodded as she took a sip of her lemon juice.” she sighed gently as she smiled kindly at Alison who looked shell-shocked. curtsied and walked out of the room. “That night. I have no idea why. though. Many died.” Queen Zantha began. The blackness of his soul was that no one could comprehend. But he was a warrior that I respected wholly and one that you should be very proud of. the seriousness on the queen’s face was enough to knock her out of her bitter thoughts of what she was going to say to her mother when she got home. and Papa would not allow him to take the reins of this kingdom. King Jared. “My brother. However. who had abdicated from the throne when our mater passed away. I gave my utmost honour of obeying this and so.” She smiled gently. your mother was heart-broken. that I was to take to the ruling of the lands and to protect its people from harm. all it would relish in is unwarranted death and Papa would not allow it. The maid served them both. while trying to fix the TV. I am sorry that the secret of his death came from my mouth. “Now Alison.” Alison nodded with understanding. your father put his life in his hands to protect me. was all about. He is a man who held bitterness in his heart. If Amir took hold of this kingdom. “Mum never spoke of it. I know she loved him dearly and it is such a sad recollection for your poor mother to allow it to be spoken of in normal conversation.” Queen Zantha shrugged gently. Queen Zantha was unsure what to say. what I am to say is important and if your mother does not get the message back to the realm. with the acceptance of its people. “Yes.Queen Zantha gave a light laugh and stopped talking when the petite maid came trundling towards them with drinks and cakes. never once thinking it could be anything as astounding as this. only himself. “He was deprived of the throne many years ago. she had no idea what this realm she was speaking of. So on the final day of his ruling of this kingdom. “Amir declared war not long after and with the Realm of Wonders Union behind me. we fought hard. Her mum had always told her that her dad had died when she was a baby. Their assistances are needed. as she continued to look at the girl with curiosity. as I do not have many men to fight and protect the villagers. her voice sounding nervous as she spoke his name. before she gave an earnest smile and making Alison feel at ease. “This kingdom is one of happiness and of rejoice. I know that all at the realm will assist me in this unforeseen future. “I don’t think you were told the truth of your father’s departure Alison. who bowed before closing the double doors behind them. He cared for no one. To Amir. Prince Amir. my child. He was a true warrior that night. Alison believed her. Yet. Your mother will know what to do. a feeling of putting salt into a wound seemed the obvious solution. including your father who had protected me from Amir. it was his birth right to become King. then I think that this kingdom will be no more. by my Papa. he declared through the courts of Frinda. A freak accident she was told on many occasions. whenever Alison asked about her father. . her eyes scanning the girl with interest. I was allowed to be the Queen of this Kingdom. followed by the footman. Alison was confused.

Alison. because if Amir does take this kingdom—” she sighed as she looked out of a window. the necklace glowed no more and so I put it away. as I walked past the necklace in my chambers it began glowing again. making Alison look at her curiously.” Queen Zantha almost whispered in wonder. protecting me from the evil that Amir wished to throw at me. It was a lot to take in and she hoped that her mum was going to tell her the whole truth of this secret life that she had seemed to have held from her talks with Alison and inform her of her father’s duties in this realm that Queen Zantha was talking highly of. “A witch with a good heart. but it will not allow me to attach it to my neck. the necklace will not entwine me and is glowing quite bright. as she observed the distant look that she was displaying on her flawless face. “She also saved my life and is the only person that I wish to speak to. she was no longer a little girl. I had always thought only sorcerers. held such magic. However. she was a young lady who had the right to know the truth. that was spell bounding. watching your mother. your majesty.” Alison looked at the queen with a bewildering look. the necklace was my shield. the most amazing thing that I had ever seen. “The magic she threw at Amir was breath-taking. I think your mother needs to do this. My fear is that Amir wishes to take the kingdom from me once more. “Ready to crawl back home?” asked Zindel. “Is my Mum a witch?” Alison asked with a look of confusion setting on her unusual pale face. “You seem so low since your meeting with the Queen. She had so many questions to ask her mum. his sword ready to take my life when your father came through the doors and fought for my life—” she stopped talking as she watched Alison with sorrow.“My brother had found me in this very room. but would she answer them? She felt betrayed by her mum. ********** Alison and Zindel walked back towards the forest. she will be able to begin the battle plans for the kingdom.” Alison vowed. Alison nodded. Alas. hoping never to use it again. “he will destroy it and its people.” “I will do as you wish. who is one of the councillors at the realm.” Queen Zantha nodded proudly. today. When the battle ended. However. I must protect myself. “She will also need to speak to a lady called Lidah Fortes.” A small smile suddenly came to her mouth.” . Alison never spoke whilst travelling back to the portal.” Queen Zantha stated as she gave a light gasp of air. When your mother came through the doors and found your father. “Your mother chanted me a necklace and whilst Amir took to battling in this kingdom. “He was the most astounding warrior that I had ever seen.

“Follow me and we will get you home before anyone has noticed that you are missing. that is your mother.” “Sometimes things are not mentioned because of the upset it could cause. “Right. through this bush and you are exactly where I first met you. Zindel crawled back to the village where he came from. Foster has called the police by now.” Alison murmured. I bid you farewell and good luck Alison.” Alison sighed. before Alison had chance to reply. “Well. Therefore. “Mmm.“I was told my dad died a hero and my Mum is a witch who has powers I never knew of. Only the one who is to hear about it.” Zindel shrugged and made his way to a purple coloured bush.” Zindel stated as he took Alison to as far as he was able to go. I think she has no choice now.” “Missing? But I’ve been here for hours. She took a deep breath and crawled out of the bush and back into the Botanical Gardens. You’ll be fine. Remember.” Zindel smiled smugly.” Zindel stated softly. when you go back. it will be as though nothing has happened. “I feel pretty annoyed about Mum not telling me. . I bet Mrs.” Zindel smiled reassuringly. time stood still in your kingdom. you must not tell anyone of this. “When you came through this portal.

. most of them muttering and pointing with disgust at Alison who stood looking around and wishing that she were invisible. “It wasn’t Simon. Please don't be angry with me.” “Can't or won’t?” Sarah asked in her typical haven’t-got-my-own-way voice “I wish I could.” “Well.CHAPTER 5 “ALISON BENSON!” Alison turned around in fright and saw a very angry Mrs. “I can't tell you. but having dirty hands too. just curious. and Alison smiled back. I will—” Sarah began as she clenched her fists. A crowd of people had stopped to watch the performance. only made her uniform filthier.” “I’m not. Foster spat and stormed off.” Mrs. Alison shrugged her shoulders. it was dirty and torn.” replied Alison. “Look at the state of you. much to the relief of Alison who’d had her fair share of stares and rude comments. You will be having detention for being so incompetent and getting yourself filthy whilst out of School grounds. “Simon didn’t do this did he? If he has.” Sarah winked candidly. whilst looking around for the culprit she detested. which were being whispered around the coach. ********** The coach arrived back at School. How on earth have you got so filthy by walking from the cactus area to the floral collection?” Alison looked down at her uniform. You are a disgrace. what happened?” Sarah asked. I will. I hope it was worth getting into detention for. Her long cane held high in the air like a warrior ready for war. She wiped herself down. I promise as soon as I can tell you. Foster coming towards her. what happened to you?” asked Sarah in amazement.” “Sarah. “Don't you shrug those shoulders at me. like a game of Chinese whispers and making Sarah’s already over-red cheeks burning with fury. Never gave me a chance to explain thought Alison. cutting in. “Wow Ali. but I can't. “So. young lady. not as though I could have.

Foster asked as she began lifting a cup of tea to her mouth and taking a dainty sip from her favourite Wedgewood teacup. That a queen from another place. “Very well. Foster nodded.Mrs. remembering her manners. “Dunno Miss. Foster went into her drawer and got out a piece of headed paper and an envelope. while Mrs. who was surprised at the slang word. I do have a life outside these four walls. with little potted plants that looked far too artificial to be real. Foster growled and began staring at Alison with a look that could have melted ice. not the answer I was looking for. “Yes Miss.” replied Alison. as the school was in need of a good . It had concrete stairs on the east and west wing of the school.” Alison mumbled trying not to stare at her teacher. “That’s much better. but adequate for her usage. Along the side of one wall stood filing cabinets. that she needed to get home to tell her mum. Miss Benson. detention for one week. ruler and pins. starting tomorrow evening. but stern teacher. Alison could not tell her the truth. why you were in such an unmentionable fashion whilst out of the school grounds?” Mrs. Foster’s office was only small. Foster declared dryly. “Well? I don’t have all day. and so before a change of heart from their frail. so as not to annoy her teacher anymore. it was a dull. Foster. however. Foster allowed her class to leave school a good half an-hour before the day had officially ended.” she stated coldly as her face contorted with anger and her spindly fingers began tapping on the table impatiently. windowless corridor. were old and so thin. the exception of Alison who followed her limping teacher back to her office. Alison always hated that look. a stapler. “Now. which held years of stains from chewing gum on its steps. “I don’t know. promising not to tell a soul. “Please go and sit in the corridor while I write a letter for you to take to your mother. Mrs. Miss. The school was built in the sixties. especially foul looking creatures like you. Miss Benson.” whispered Alison.” Mrs. Doors. with dimly lit corridors on each three floors of the school and lino flooring which used to be pale blue. but of course. All. Alison thought. that they would never hold a fire away and protect a soul. alas. Alison opened the door and shut it quietly. “Pardon?” Asked Mrs.” Alison stood up and made her way to the pale blue wooden door. but now grey. it would make no difference. And like many buildings of this era. as she looked at the floor and smiled slyly. which are a health and safety issue in today’s times. on which lay text books piled neatly on the side near the wall and a stationary holder with plenty of red pens. She sat on one of the four wooden chairs in the narrow. I would like you to explain to me.” Mrs. then replacing back on to the saucer gently. waiting for her punishment. ugly looking structure. If the decorators ever did come to the school to decorate the grubby looking walls. as Mrs. time and dimension needed help. You will have detention until next Tuesday. if ever such a thing occurred. It had pale orange walls. a desk. a time when the future of robots and flying cars were going to be around by the 1980s. they made quick haste from the coach and ventured home. A strange gesture from a teacher whom seldom allowed this luxury.

that all was well… she continued. She took tentative steps. even if her peers were laughing and joking around. it felt too eerie. The big tatty. hoping it would not make a sound. the corridor would be dismal and dark and her mood would change again. which seemed unwelcoming most of the time. clicking the door shut. holding on to the rail so as not to slip. brandishing an envelope with the words.30pm. she was unable to make out who were actually on the tiring looking pictures that had been pinned on the large notice board. to Alison. She began looking around the corridor to see if it was safe to continue her small journey to freedom. The door opened and Mrs. Foster gave a stern nod to her head and walked back into her office. However. her eyes began staring voluntary up towards the ceiling. quietly. Benson’ on the front of it. . as though being watched. ‘For the Attention of Mrs. Foster stood in front of Alison. She knew that when she opened the doors. her double stepping now turning to one foot at a time. so as not to make a sound. “You will need to give this to your mother.” Mrs. as though she was trying not to disturb someone sleeping. Foster’s frail fingers cautiously. Alison took the letter from Mrs. until 4. Alison turned right and started walking along the long. Mrs. but hearing the cleaners every now bashing their floor buffers against the doors of the classrooms harshly. walking quietly. but with no other people around to make the walk to freedom more bearable. opposite Mrs. Alison began walking towards the west wing staircase and began descending the steps to the ground floor. pale blue. it needed a good makeover. as I do not tolerate excuses for lateness. She tried looking at the pictures and photo’s on the wall. It always did when she walked around this school. both of her feet going on the same step. “You are to report to my office from 3. Alison felt nervous sitting on her own in the long corridor.30pm. You are not to be late. In all. and with confirmation in her mind. as she entered the last five steps of the stairwell she began slowing down. It was a school. dismal corridor. Foster stated harshly as she held out her hand with the envelope wrapped tightly around her old fingers.” mumbled Alison.refurbishment and bringing up to date with new departments. However.” “Yes Miss. informing her of your lateness this week and as to the reason why you have detention. but unless she stood up. She could not help but sigh as she opened one of the big doors. that feeling of something not being right would always knock at her conscience. Foster’s office. double doors were now in front of her. which never had the feeling of contentment or ease. it creaked with such loudness that Alison winced. slowly. Her mood cheering up instantly when the bright yellow sun came shining through the windowed stairway and like a young-child began skipping down the stairs. She walked around one of the corners in the corridor and as doing so. only made Alison feel more nervous.

being in a shabby looking school on your own. hoping it was just this old. Winters was the caretaker for the school. with brown hair. unsure if this strange shadow-like spectre was following her. Winters. Winters opened the main doors and a grateful Alison slipped out. running was not one of her strong talents. otherwise they would be sneaking home watching their soap operas and leave me to do all the dirty work.” laughed Mr. whose eyes quickly widened with fear when she saw the darkness float from the ceiling and began gliding gently down towards her.” “You and me. Winters walking out of the staff room. She was tired. No evil monster was going to grab her and take her away screaming! “OI NO RUNNING IN THE CORRIDOR!” boomed a voice from nowhere. but still too far for a girl.What’s that? She thought to herself. they kept staring up. with yellow strip lights to shine your way. He was a cheerful soul. A blob of black was all she could see above her. “You couldn’t leave the school until I was here. She stopped in her tracks. She tried so hard not to keep looking over her shoulders. Mr. a man who never seemed to complain much and always singing a melody or two whilst doing his jobs around the school. He was medium built. Alison ran hard and fast. I have the keys to the door. as though she would snap in half at any second. Winters. pulling each muscle to its fullness. She turned to her final corridor. Alison was unsure what it could be. her eyes were not listening. “Sorry Mr. However. something caught his eye.” he said in a much softer voice.” Alison panted. greying slowly and a moustache that looked tidier than his hair. However. yet each time she did. Alison smiled back. “I just want to go home. under six foot tall and middle aged. “Oh my!” screamed Alison and with a click to her mind that this was the time to move. the door to the main exit was near. the imagination of the young girl was already playing havoc and this was not making her feel any better. He glanced up at the ceiling in the foyer. She had never moved as frantically as this in her life. She begged her eyes not to look up. I have to keep it locked to keep those cleaners in. .” Mr. “You know the rules. she gave a loud sigh when seeing Mr. However. she proved to herself that she could actually run when faced with terror. Mr. He waved her goodbye. both. With one last breath of strength. Winters chuckled. there was the shadow trying to scoop her up in its cloak of darkness. Turning around in a panic. she began to run. anyway. to carry on walking at the fast pace she seemed to have allowed her legs to do and to continue to the main exit of the school and run home. empty school that was taunting her for being silly enough to earn a detention for something she had not done. However.

” Mr. Oh well. “Must be my eyes playing up.“What the blazes was that?” he shouted. mind how you go home and no running. remembering why she was running in the first place. Alison looked up to where Mr. Winters was staring. . Winters warned as he began to close the big green doors of the school.

A feeling that she could have been bullied. which always looked kind and gentle. “I have detention too — I have a letter. However. However. Alison and her mother were similar in their ways.” Alison sobbed and Carla smiled shaking her head. stroking her long hair and whispering comforting words to Alison who responded by hugging her mum too “Why don’t you go and take a shower. with skirts and tops. get cleaned and put something cosy on. she never wanted to grow old. music. Carla was still very youthful. as Alison made eye contact with her mother. Carla gasped. Carla walked over to Alison and hugged her tightly. I know what it will say. haven't you?” Carla asked with concern. Her hair colour changed as frequently as she had hot dinners. “I think by the way I am looking. “You’ve been contacted by someone. she did feel itchy and her skin felt as though it had never been cleaned. you should know the answer. and fancied the same male actors too. as sweat and dirt had mixed. I am sorry. “Don’t you worry about that. came to her thoughts.” Carla stated. “How’d you—” Alison began “I see it in those blue eyes.” Carla whispered as she pulled moss and twigs out of Alison’s hair. when looking at her harsh face and knew she was not going to win this argument. Carla shrugged with carefulness. her face flushing with anger and her normal carefree persona was flushed aside. which would lead to some petty arguments as to why they believed they were the perfect accessory on their idols arm. Carla noted the state of her daughter’s uniform as soon as she stormed into their cosy living room. Everything had to be pretty coloured and very mystical looking. to get those stubborn stains off her new skirt and blouse. as she kicked. She had the strangest fashion sense for her age too.” Carla sighed and Alison began to cry. we may be going somewhere. even when she was in one of her moods. she was not going to mention that she needed more than an oxy clean detergent. Oh Alison. making the pores on face feel like she had slapped on more foundation than a wag on a night out. as Alison looked at her confused.” Alison replied sarcastically. . Now go. dearie and I seem to be right slap bang in the middle of it. which Alison hoped she would be lucky to possess when she was older and blue eyes. as she observed her daughter who was scratching her hair like a child with nits.CHAPTER 6 Alison walked into the living room of her house. her shoes off with gritted teeth and sighed deeply. Alison nodded. They both enjoyed the same films. whatever is needed to be told can wait a moment longer. She had a flawless complexion. “So…erm…did you have a nice time at those gardens?” Carla whimpered as she watched with caution as Alison growled and sat down on the settee.

They had moved to Green Acre Road in Westwood after Jason. only two high stools permitted into the tiny room. and being such a small room meant that there was not enough room for table and chairs. and preferred a cape rather than a coat when venturing out of her house. therefore. “But I never knew this was here. On the numerous shelves.” exclaimed Alison. “Shall we?” Carla smiled and walked down the flight of stairs. but seeing her mother sit down on a . Carla opened the door and quickly burst out a chant. It was all they could afford. stood boxes of all shapes. “It keeps you out. but brushed and her favourite black tracksuit bottoms and black t-shirt with the best band in the world (according to Alison) picture. A temptation for Alison to investigate. something that Alison would get embarrassed about. I’ll give you fright. However. others as though they had seen better days. “Going to do anything snazzy to get the lights on in here?” Alison asked sarcastically. with pointed black.” “That’s going to keep people out?” groaned Alison as she rolled her eyes with scorn. “Exactly. Carla took the coats off the hanger and pulled the hooks down in the order of ‘4 2 1 3’. splashed on the front: The Frightening Mannequins. Numerous wands. Alison’s father. stood with pride in a brown wicker basket. It was not long before Alison came back downstairs. her hair was still damp. Alison was amazed to see the wall to the right of her disappear. but still it held plenty for Alison to be interested in. doesn’t it?” grinned Carla. white and pink hats. to listen in. all glistening in the superficial light. they had no choice but to sit in the living room. Each room having the same colourings of natural walls and coffee coloured carpets. just a light switch — hang on. eating off a tray.” Carla switched the light on and Alison looked amazed at the room. The kitchen was only small with cheap beech units and brown freckled worktops. “Keep away who has no right. It may have only been a small room.” Carla shrugged as she and Alison went into a room that was in darkness. leaving a dark black space. sizes and colours.which were heavily sequined. with a flick of Carla's fingers the light switch was clicked and lights appeared down the new passageway. had died. some looking new. showing a flight of steps. A two-bedroom semi. a big bedroom and a smaller one. followed by a very shocked and nervous looking daughter. knowing it looked odd going under the stairs with the coats and vacuum cleaner. beckoning her in a similar way as Zindel had done earlier that day. “You’ll see. now come on. “Oh no dear. She looked at her mum with the strangest of stares when she opened the small door under the stairs and walked in. patch worked or tie-dyed. the size of an average bathroom. with bay windows to the front of the property and had a long hallway with stairs leading up to a bathroom.” Carla smiled. which led down to a big white door.

” “She said Lid — erm I forgot her name. Carla sighed and shook her head. I take it the news is not good?” “Aren’t you concerned that I was taken to see her?” Alison asked with a look of confusion coming over her face. as I know that she would not contact anyone unless it is imperative to do so.” “Queen Zantha? Not seen her in years. “I know it’s hard to take in sweetheart. who has never forgiven his father for allowing Zantha to be Queen. He has so much evil within him and he will have an army as strong as any beast that exists in our world. wants her to get an army up and running to go fight against Amir.” “Later? You know where she lives? And our town hall will agree to an army going to this kingdom?” Alison asked as her face pulled into a confused look. “Oh dear. Alison sat down as if she was a customer of Carla’s who was waiting to be told news of a deceased family member. “Amir is one nasty man. she wants.” “Lidah Fortes?” “Yeah. “Yes. because the necklace you made her is glowing and won’t latch on and says she needs you to go and sort it out. which made her feel nervous. And the town hall is in a different kingdom. that is. who continued to smile and still sounding calm and collective as she spoke. I just hope we can get to the palace in time and save the villagers and the queen. “Yes I do. from Queen Zantha. “So. said something about a realm?” “Right. invasion being felt suddenly.” Carla smiled. but I think it is important that you tell me what Queen Zantha has to say. you have important news to tell me?” Carla asked happily.” Alison stated carefully and watching her mum’s nervous expression. . “This Lidah lives in Westwood? And what kingdom is this town hall in?” Alison asked as her eyes were almost coming out their sockets. “She thinks her brother is coming to kill her. Alison looked perplexed.” Carla thought aloud. How could her mum see things in her eyes? She closed them for a second.” Carla smiled. I do know where Lidah lives. the queen. by all that was being spoken by her mum. “I had seen it in your eyes that you had been to a place that had no connection to ours. as Alison stared open-mouthed back. He killed so many people last time.” Carla stated worriedly. doesn’t sound very good. I will need to see Lidah later and she will go straight to the town hall to get the unions’ agreement to this. right. And being Queen Zantha I have a feeling that it has something to do with her brother.chair near the small oblong table and move her tarot cards to one side.

Andrew Winters was one of them too.” Carla sighed deeply.” smiled Carla. and your dad went to a great swordsman who trained him with a few other children. from my School?” “The very one. never wanting to see the pair of them again. Alison there is a lot you don’t know about this — this Lidah.” Alison could not help but feel sorry for her mum.” “And what about Dad?” “Well. who was now deep in thought. but I need to go and visit the queen and see what is happening with the necklace. but how could I explain to a young girl that her mum and dad went to different kingdoms slaying evil people? We’d sound like we should be locked up in funny farm. “Amir may have looked like a man who would drop to the floor if anyone sneezed on him. her eyes stinging as tears began to glisten from her overly bright eyes.. I think that was why I was hailed to the union. it surprised him. she would throw out a sly smile and shake her head with a I-don’t-care-what-you-say attitude. great when spying on our enemies. with a baby should not have been doing such a harsh mission. Lidah trained me. putting it that way.” Carla stated “And then on that fatal night in Frinda—” Carla took a deep breath. “I know it was wrong to keep the truth away from you. that was when I realised that a young married couple. So when he found out his ability. never been able to.” Alison looked at her mum. Alas.” “Mr. something that would often happen whenever her husband was ever mentioned. Yet. how they abandoned her and Alison. A warrior who was protecting the Queen from a bloody death. Carla stared at her daughter. Her eyes were no longer showing confidence. thick skinned. I know that I should tell you about it.but it was too late to change our minds. not caring if she too was killed on her adventures. I could tell people things that only they knew. “He had the ability to turn invisible too. never mind hold a sword. they were misting over. even if any rude comment was made about her. like the caped crusader. He could aim any sword towards an enemy. imagining her father as some hero who saved the world. He’s lucky to be alive.“Yes.. he would strike it so precisely and BAM…they’d be dead. “I thought I could cope if…anything happened. A woman who to Alison. and sometimes I could see if good or bad things were going to happen to them. Winters.” “What was Dad like?” Alison smiled. but he sure had the strength to kill your father. But how did you become a witch and dad was a swordsman?” “I always had psychic powers.” “I suppose so. was strong. “Your father was fast and agile. he never knew he could fight. And like the mass . but I didn’t. his powers were taken by an evil witch called Julu A’ Vanda. even as a child. “Mum? Why did you lie about Dad?” Alison asked sharply. She needs the powers around her again to protect her from Amir. union and kingdoms and my involvement in this life. she does. but he’s no longer able to go to war. And when I needed to tell my parents of his death. here she spoke of the fear of telling her family of Jason’s death.

unlike our mundane ones. laughing at the good and eyes of fret showing when bad was spoken. . a burden in the small community in which they lived in. one where visiting places that she had only read about in books. never in her dreams did she believe her mum held such a wonderful secret. opening a blue drawer and pulling out a very small. slowed down and images of unicorns appeared from nowhere and began running around the wall of the room. of the battles that she had been part of. I think I need to go and see the queen and get this necklace sorted out. this one began glowing orange and green in Carla’s hand. “To see the queen. “Where?” Alison asked slowly. “Frinda!” And the unicorns stopped. of course. which was going around the room. Carla’s mood changed. replied smiling.in Westwood. until Carla shouted.” Carla. that speaking to her about the realm. However. as she stood up and walked towards a set of drawers in the corner of the room. She opened the box and pulled out what looked like a paper clip.” Carla declared. Carla had held the truth of her life from Alison for so long. It soon grew to the size of a normal everyday key. “Now enough chat. scalloped shaped trinket box. Alison watched in amazement as the swirling. Alison looked at her with awe. “Right shall we go then?” asked Carla. Faster they ran. and of her magical friends. they too treated Carla as an outcast.

Hence. and standing all alone amongst the trees in the forest of Frinda. “Just up here and we will be at the gates of the palace” Carla declared. noticing that they did not have much in the way of creature comforts in their small habitats. Carla shut the door and using her fingers around the edge of the door she began to seal it like closing a zipper on a suitcase. How the villagers were once proud keepers of rich lands that were fit for a king. as he demanded to be let in with the visitors that had been requested a meeting by the queen. Zindel jumped with a start unsure who was calling him so abrasively. like the queen asked. making sure all vulnerable were hidden from the beasts that took their men with no dignity. as it bounced back up into the air. which would make him growl harshly. with Carla telling Alison grim details of the previous war. which made the fields unworthy of growing wheat and barley. as the grass that now grew was poisoned and only a mouthful would kill the animals. can you?” he smiled and stared at Alison’s companion with interest. He was not much of a conversationalist. How animals were no longer able to live in this kingdom. with a harsh shrug to his shoulders. seeing those from the realm as the enemy rather than the ally. as she moved away from the now invisible door.” Carla stated. dimly lit village. “I’ve bought my Mum back. Zindel sighed deeply. Alison did not seem to notice the tension between her mum and Zindel. She knew the Yintins were not a warm bunch of folk. rolling his eyes. his hair was his main concern. “Zindel. He walked away. ZINDEL!” shouted Alison. . pointing to a meandering cobbled path that went past a few clay built houses. as they she spotted Zindel coming out of a drinking hole. as he attempted to brush it down harshly with his tiny hands. “Can’t keep away. until Prince Amir poisoned the lands. “Hey it’s Zindel!” Alison exclaimed excitedly to her mum.CHAPTER 7 The white door looked strange in the middle of nowhere with no wall adjoined to it. why the grass had turned orange and the trees had become strange and disfigured too. as she walked along and peered into the homes of the villagers. even though the realm did all that they could the last time they were here. and the door vanished. “I can’t have that in view of people around here. Carla walked along with caution. Zindel walked towards the guard on duty. I’d be in so much trouble. They walked through the quiet. and headed towards the palace. “You again?” Zindel cried. his eyes scanning the armoured man with irk. Can you get us into the palace?” Alison asked cheekily. but with no joy.

” Zindel stated dryly. Alison did not feel so scared this time whilst in the palace. . “You know what the villagers are like. But if she says things like that in the village. as though she was drifting into another world.” Zindel cackled rudely. “Are you okay. who began to spin around like a ballet dancer. going around and around. “She is a bright girl. you know — mad. I’m fine.” Alison cooed. Carla was panting as the narrow staircase went for what felt like an eternity for her. It seemed endless. a bit. dear?” Carla asked Alison.” Carla answered. as he opened the oak doors of the palace and turned right. just before he vanished on the next bend. Carla blew out.” Zindel uttered.” Carla whispered harshly at Zindel. “Can we have carpet like this?” Alison asked her mum. but Alison was still humming. All small. with no handrail and slippery yellow steps due to over use. that carpet is so wonderful. loopy. who knows what may happen. She realised that bringing Alison may not have been the best thing to do. that was well-worn and in dire need of disposing of. “She said that earlier too. Carla was feeling guilty about this. “I believe you. what with all the glitter jumping and coming back down. which Alison had been to earlier.” he noted before continuing to walk up the winding stairs. as he shrugged his shoulders. bad mannered and never appreciated a thing that the realm did. Carla pulled a face and tapped Zindel on the leg. in-between hums “It’s a bit old dear and besides I don’t think this colour will go with our brown and cream walls. “My daughter is not loopy. her eyes looking glazed over and a strange look planted on her face. I wasn’t sure if she was. up and up. top of the class in all her subjects. well. To Carla it was a plain blue. “Yes Mum. as not all candles were lit. However. She knew very well what the villagers were like. as they walked along she could feel herself relaxing. ragged looking carpet. looking puzzled at her daughter. I’m sure you had your fair share of their hospitality when you were here last time. but with Alison still humming. instead. they went to a door that led to a spiralling staircase. even though some parts of the corridor were in darkness. “Glitter?” Carla asked puzzled.” Alison almost sang.” Carla whispered alarmingly. “But it is so pretty.” Carla declared proudly. Zindel did not take them to the great hall. The blue carpet she walked upon began its display to whoever wished to walk upon it and Alison smiled and began humming a tune. Yet Alison carried on humming without a care in the world. Up they went.“I will take you to the room which she feels is one of privacy and then I will find her and bring her to you. “What does she mean by seeing glitter? I didn’t see any. it made it very hard for her to feel any pity for her daughter.

It was turned towards the wall rather than to the room. Alison was curious as to what the picture could hold and with inquisitiveness picked the picture up quickly. with an angelic look on her face. with jet-black.” Zindel stated. He did not smile nor did he frown in the picture. The last picture that Alison came to was not standing with pride like the other pictures she had the pleasure of seeing. their rosy cheeks and a posture that normal children would not possess. before closing the door with one mighty bang and making Alison jump with shock and bringing her rudely out of her daydream. but impressive candle chandelier. Alison on the other hand. “Please be seated and the queen will be with you shortly. She was expecting it be a picture of some old person. Alison could tell it was she. oval shaped eyes. who would be looking typically moody at the artist. However. all looking happy and tempting to the observer who was sitting and staring at them. However. nevertheless. it still felt homely as an open fire was burning in the fireplace. rather than been painted by an extremely gifted artist. and all that she needed was a cup of hot chocolate and a good film to watch. He looked about fourteen. wooden oak door. by the blonde hair and the shape of her face. However. There were plenty of pictures of the queen. she always liked the warmth on her skin from a log fire. She sighed with boredom of having nothing else to nose at. In front of them stood a very old. He looked like he was a caring boy. much to the relief of Carla. it always made her feel cosy. was a bit more curious. this was a boy who had pride. who sighed and took a deep breath. even in a drawing they looked surreal. . gave Alison this inkling. She could tell they were royalty. shoulder length hair. with a small. which hung on the ceiling. but Alison could see that this boy would turn out to be a very good-looking man. a boy and a girl. silken sofa opposite the fire. His face was that of a child. Carla sat down on a red. She wasn’t cold. She sat down on a wooden chair near a small oak table. and freshness to his face. it was as though this picture was not of importance — unloved even. which made the room glow orangey-red. as he stroked the head of a horse. with a very sweet looking nose and slim lips. This girl had blonde hair too. had stature — and Alison was struck with infatuation.The top of the spiral staircase had ended. Alison was surprised to see the most handsome boy looking back at her. and shone soothingly in the room. There were also pictures of two other children. that each portrait looked as though they had been taken by a camera. while the young boy had shoulder length mousy-brown coloured hair. with a shallow gasp to her mouth. The room was small and round with grey stone walls and nothing exciting to see. with eyes that looked bright. which held pictures of young children sitting on the table in their gold frames. Picking each picture up she smiled softly to each one that had been painted with so much care and attention. with a catch that was so big that Zindel needed two hands to open it. as he smiled coyly at the person who had drawn the picture. She looked at ornaments on the fireplace and opened drawers to see if anything interesting was in them. all she found was a dead spider and some blotting paper.

yellow. which Carla took and held gently “Carla. your majesty. Zindel nodded and walked towards the door pulling an annoying face and slammed the door loudly.” Carla agreed. The chain was made of fine golden threads. except no noises were heard. “Zindel. “And Alison. dear. swished her wand at the necklace gently and said in a nice clear voice.” Carla demanded. “Please be seated. orange and purple poured out the blue diamond. emeralds and sapphires encrusted into it. it is giving me an awful headache. which were woven intricately together with precious stones of diamonds. my dear Carla. green.” Queen Zantha ordered kindly. would you get refreshments for my dear friends?” the queen requested. The colours went round and round . was a white-gold pendant with a huge blue diamond. blue. “such a long time. “Protegat velatos de hoc lepore. “It’s certainly going wild.” the queen began. The room shone radiantly with colour. Carla fastened the necklace around the queen’s neck while colours of red.” “I have to admit I am not sure either. “Please hurry.” giggled Alison. as though fireworks were going off. It seems an eternity.” agreed Carla.” Alison nodded. Carla took her wand from her jean pocket. Do you have the necklace with you?” Carla asked looking worriedly at the queen. she was still holding the photo and wanted to look at it some more. I shall take this as solemn news. The Queen smiled and held out her hand. With her command the colours came towards Carla’s hands.The catch on the door made Alison stop looking at the picture as Queen Zantha came into the room. “I am so glad you came. The necklace was the most beautiful thing Alison had seen. back so soon? Thank you for informing your mother of the problems that I have in Frinda. let’s see if I can fix it. followed by Zindel. “I am worried that the necklace is glowing and I am taking it as a warning that Amir is returning. Queen Zantha nodded as she held a carved wooden box in her delicate hands and handed it to Carla. Carla and Alison stood up and both curtsied together.” the queen sighed.” Carla smiled.” “It does indeed. “Well. bouncing off them and began twisting and entwining around the queen from head to toe. but to be on the safe side. who opened up the box. “Indeed it is.” Whispered the queen happily. At its centre mounted. she had no idea what to say.

as she watched her daughter stand up and jiggle her hips. She never knew her mum could cast spells. She found Zindel a smarmy man. and that they will listen to me. “Need the… err toilet. Carla looked up at her daughter. Alison had not felt entirely convinced. I believe she has a few good people around different kingdoms that will assist your village. but we will be ready for him if he attacks. then faded.” Carla replied as she and Alison curtsied. the feeling of dread coming over her that she had been caught stealing from the queen. who seemed to complain as much as he could. then he may not have been important. Alison thought it was funny seeing a queen sit down with a cup of tea talking about everyday life.” Alison mumbled quickly. wanting to know how many would be coming from the portals so that . who in turn felt relief that she had chosen the correct spell. to a woman who had no royal connection. even though the queen had told her earlier of her mum’s ability. and I know she will be training new members too. I am praying that the villagers will be more aware of the problems that we will be facing. If the picture was facing the other way. Alison pondered. She would love to know who this boy was. Carla and Alison walked along the forest edge. “All right dear?” she asked. She began to look at the picture once more. she took the picture out of the frame and tucked it into her jogging bottoms. “Thank you Carla. or even an uncle. Alison thought. I now know that I am safe and if Amir comes I will be protected.the queen. Carla was glad to get out of the village. Alison had looked on amazed at what had happened.” “I have taken much of your time. which seemed to have no pause in it. Mind you. She could do with going to bed. I will make sure she has an army ready to bring to Frinda. “Let’s just hope we are wrong about Amir coming. watching as Carla closed the door behind her and smiled self-contentedly. I think Alison has had a very long day. “Your majesty. when I ask them to be prepared for the unmentionable that might happen. to ask. a cousin. The queen sighed with relief and smiled at Carla. However. his eyes melting her heart in a way no other boy had ever done.” the queen said mournfully. Zantha and Carla spoke for a while. unaware of what was going on. Your village will be glowing like a star when we are here.” Queen Zantha sighed as she touched the necklace with gratitude. Before she knew what she was doing. It may scare him away. Alison looked shocked. looking at the photo more carefully.” “One hopes so. nearing the portal to their world. “I will speak to Lidah when I return. telling each other about their lives. I must thank you both for coming at such short notice. “Oh right.” replied Carla. and the queen bowed her head. we need to go home.” the queen smiled as she too stood up. she felt it would be rude to interrupt a grown-ups conversation. her eyes seeming to have locked on to his.

” Carla winked.” Carla smiled. “A secret. she stood up and said. while Carla stood there. “Let’s have tea then. as she rubbed her hands together to get some of the dirt off her fingers and came through the door. “Wow Mum.” Carla thought aloud.” and with that a tiny seed appeared. a mellow light appeared. how’d you do that?” Alison asked amazed at the small blue seed that had appeared from nowhere. When she had sown the seed. closing it immediately. She opened the door again and the stairway under the stairs was waiting for them to ascend. as though the evening that they’d just had. who was hoping that this day was going to end. just hope it doesn’t get squashed. he complained. I’m starving. No fighting. Alison went through the door. was a normal every day one. swearing nor flirting allowed whilst residing with royalty. Alison was relieved when her mum began to unzip the door and through the edges of the door.rooms and food could be ready and asking Carla to mention that noise would be kept to a minimum when they took to staying at the palace. She opened the door and the séance room appeared. “Flos semen. She bent down and sewed the seed at the side of the door. . “There. She held out her hand and said. daisy-like flower. “Planto a flosculus caeruleus.” And with those magic words the seed quickly grew into a blue coloured. Carla went up the stairs followed by Alison.

She was so tired. she was one that was feared by the opposite side if a tackle was needed. who had blonde curly hair and pale blue eyes. which were no different to the gowns. hypnotised by the beauty of the boy. and never cared if she got a thick lip or a black eye. but with her power and her bully ways. until she could no longer keep her eyes open and slowly drifted off to sleep. Alison’s life usually dragged. as a tackle from this girl was like being involved in a car crash — hard. delicate finger over his lips and stared at his eyes. She felt under her pillow. “Please let me play. The girls ran out of the bedroom. which the two girls were wearing. He looked about ten. or vice versa. you’re not our friend. navy blue. . rather than pale skin — she always called them sickly kids. She was also the one who preferred sport. “We don’t want you to play with us.” the boy called out sadly. so much had happened. yet her mind was very active tonight. and the boy followed them. ********* “Look at him. running her long. a bit older than the two girls he was approaching. to Alison it did. who should be climbing trees and receiving a telling off from his parents for ruining his clothes. as she preferred her own time for reading or listening to music.” she giggled. He wore a white frilled shirt. as she was always involved in some sort of scuffle in or out of school. “Go away and stop following us!” the girls shouted as they began to run into the courthouse and into the garden. strange day. and took out the picture of the boy. as her opponent would always end up worse off. Football and hockey were her favourite games. which looked far too clean to belong to any ordinary young boy.CHAPTER 8 Alison lay on her bed. Sarah was every inch a tomboy and was a girl who had bruises to show off in class. She could now see they were blue. It suited him — well. dressing their china dolls in beautiful miniature gowns.” giggled a blond-headed girl to another. knee length breeches and freshly polished black boots. “Go away!” shouted the other girl. fast and unforgettable. It had been such a long. The only enjoyment she had in her small world was visiting her best friend. Sarah. She had no after school activities. as a young boy came walking towards the two girls who were sitting on the floor in a large bedroom. and not running around a field like a lunatic chasing a ball. a very dark blue and his skin was an olive colour. the word activity would always send a cold shiver down her spine. She had always liked boys with a tan. Alison stared at the photo. laughing as they did so. I am your friend I do not wish to upset you.

I don’t care. WHERE ARE YOU?” the boy shouted out louder. It was so quiet. “ZANTHA . his voice trembling with fear. The trees were covering the bright sun in the sky. pleading with them to stop running and to let him play with them. Junda. and making the boy breath heavy. so still and dark. or the twittering of birds.” Zantha shouted out. no one was there. JUNDA. Soon there was silence. He gasped and quickly turned around shouting the girls’ names. loathed it deeply and so with a loud cheerio to the girls who were hiding from him.JUNDA!” the boy continued shouting. “Zantha. The silence was one he loathed. looking for the two girls that he secretly hoped were hiding behind one of the many large tree trunks in the forest. However. as he walked he saw something in the bushes. No longer was there the rustle of branches. still shouting out their names and hoping that they would call back. YOU MUST GET OUT OF THE FOREST!” the boy shouted. The darkness slowly disappeared as the light of the sun began showing its face once more and making the boy inhale with relief. “Tell him. He became worried…scared even. at being in a gloomy place. He walked towards the bush. Come out at once or I will tell the king!” the boy shouted. “ZANTHA. he had changed his mind about playing with the girls. . as though laughing at the pitiable child who looked on the verge of crying. come back. as he took tentative steps further into the woods. hoping that he was not going to be jumped on. not even a feral creature came to greet him. He continued walking. I know who he will believe and it won’t be you. hoping to make the girls’ jump with shock at being found. as he continued running to the direction that he had heard the sound. you’re not allowed to be in there. he walked quickly towards the light and to the path that would lead him back to the village. He could hear bushes rustling and the odd snap of a twig.The boy continued to follow. but the only sound that echoed around was of the birds that were singing in the trees. as fear rolled into his stomach and making him hold it tightly as though he was going to be sick. Gathering pace. The girls ran out of the palace gates and into the village. “ZANTHA. her blonde. curly hair bouncing as she ran. An arm of one of the girls was showing between the branches. he hated the forest. he headed back to the edge of the forest. and a look of fear drifted on to his face as he moved his head quickly around. which was vibrant and green in colour. Alas. He turned around. The girl’s laughter became quieter as they ran further into the forest and the boy’s running quickly slowed down. following a red cobbled path that led out of the village and into the forest. when he could not hear the girls any longer.

“I understand that. she was sweating and unable to get her breath. “What have you done. Do you think I would put understudies in a war like that?” The visitor asked sharply. she found that her mum had a visitor. But we need a few people like you Carla. Her face showing an evil smile. for no reason she stopped at the living room door. as she looked at the body on the floor and then at the boy with a look of glee planted on her unblemished skin. She lifted her hands up and felt the picture in her hands. having you and Jason as parents. She didn’t understand how she’d had such a dream like that. Look at you. A rarity for a girl who loved her sleep. However. In years to come when she is older. you never knew you could cast spells until we nurtured it. she has a lot to learn. but then moving closer to the door. Yet. Curiosity was all that was on Alison’s mind. I am sure she can be of use. she began to walk towards the kitchen. At first she thought her mum was watching the television. it will take me a little while to find. This one is not the sort of war that she will be able to help in. “I have plenty of people to join our mission. protecting them. She was shocked at the thought of this. her open eyes etched with pain at the last glimpse of life. Junda lay on the floor with blood pouring from her stomach. However. Alison gasped at the mention of her name. Now you are one of my best pupil’s and an asset to the union. Amir has thirteen years of anger built up inside him.” “You know I will always assist you. Amir?” Alison woke with a start.” “She will not be involved in the fighting. “She has it there somewhere. So was it Amir? Or. I don’t think she should go. I would never dream of harming your child. as I taught you.” Alison heard the visitor say. was it just a silly dream that she’d had? She felt confused. She opened the door to her bedroom quietly. she’s not ready. But then his face changed. a look of shock overcame him. He turned around and saw Zantha standing there.” “She will be. and stuck her ear even closer to the door.His face was ready to shout out a loud boo and hoping to scare them as his quiet footsteps had paid off. she will be needed to assist with other wars.” “Of use? She is my daughter. Carla. I do not wish to lose Alison too. She had no idea who it was. use defence magic and abilities to protect people. which was taken away abruptly. how did she know that it was he? She didn’t ask the queen for his name. She will be helping the villagers. A scream behind the boy made him jump. I will teach her well. and headed towards the stairs. Amir she thought to herself. rather than fight. I do not want danger put on her. “We have a lot to sort out. But do you think Alison is up to this?” Carla asked. thirsty even. those that can cast spells. After gently descending the creaky stairs. but I lost Jason through war. “What have you done?” She asked coldly.” . but the voice sounded very familiar. still tiptoeing so as not to disturb her mum who was still downstairs. so she carefully listened.

alas. almost shouting out her name in disbelief. “She went to Frinda too. her mum came out of the living room. when she saw who it was. Zindel actually came to me. making things appear from nowhere. “To you it is. no one knows until it is developed. Alison walked eagerly into the room. She has not shown any. “Dear Carla. before she had chance to hide. “Mrs. and had no doubt travelled to all sorts of strange and interesting kingdoms. Yet at the same time. “One can presume she may have wished to see the girl. she is smart in knowing what a person possesses.” Lidah stated. which may be hidden within her. wanted to know who Alison was. It looked too hard. your. Alison was curious to the answer too. she moved away from the door quickly and headed towards the kitchen. . I want you to meet Lidah. before covering her mouth. Foster?” Alison cried. She tried hard not to sneeze.“Lidah.” Carla said smiling. her nose disagreed to the silent pleas and suddenly sneezed. She could never be like her mum. She shook her head alarmingly. a lady that also possessed magic in her hands. which she had never dreamt of doing. “Why Alison?” Carla asked. She does not like to be in the dark when a youngie develops into the age of being taught the ability they were born with. almost crying. The conversation was scaring her.” Carla voiced. She wanted to move and just go and get her drink However. Alison stood looking aghast. Alison continued to listen to the two ladies talking.” Lidah nodded firmly. almost protesting. However. the alien looking creature that stood before her. “Come in nosey. too confusing. it seemed. that they felt like they were going to be pinned to the wooden fixture. Alison stared in shock.” Alison knew she had no ability in her. she gasped so hard that she thought she was going to be sick. she still wanted to know who Lidah was. you’re my teacher. her legs refused to budge and her ear was so close to the door. was now going to teach her some tricks. a lady of wisdom.” Carla posed. Her mum’s uncertainty was making the woman protest more. or making things entwine. But my real name is Lidah Fortes. I’m not sure. your—”Alison stuttered. “But you. not knowing what to say. nevertheless. Alison sniffed. her nose had decided to itch.” “We’re not sure if she has any ability. permanently. The queen had asked for her personally. However. so as not to be heard. The teacher she hated. The queen may not be of magic or abilities. I will see if she has any ability that can be found. “Lidah? This is Lidah!” Alison almost shouted out.

“So how old are you?” Alison asked aloud. Lidah smiled as though reading Alison’s mind and said. It seemed to make the old lady uplifted. Alison wanted to leave the room. A future of death and war. her eyes softening when talking of her time in the union. She always wanted to be a veterinary nurse.” Lidah hummed as she tapped her head and winked. I had to see for myself. but I was prepared to sacrifice my needs to see if you were worthy of being taught the abilities. Lidah seemed to enjoy talking about her real life. Never in her mind did she know that her future would be of slaying evil monsters from other kingdoms. Alison sat on the settee.” “495? You’re joking. she did not wish to be in the same room as the teacher who always shouted at her for doing minute things in class. “She will be stubborn to learn. I do look young for my age. however. looking Alison up and down.” . that is interesting. don’t be rude!” Carla scorned. which was also to a minimum. There was no escaping now and so she decided to hear the outcome of her future. you know. Lidah pulled firmer. aren’t you?” Alison asked half laughing. This she would have to weigh up and see which career she actually wanted when she was older. and taking gerbil’s home for the night. vile. something she did not expect. as she suddenly pulled Alison close to her. I have been keeping an eye on you this term. Alison looked at her mum for moral support. as I had taught your mother. this I can see. when I found out that there could be another member to our union.“Yes. I know how old I am. she hated the smell of Lidah’s breath on her cheeks. She tried pulling away. keeps the old mind active. looking at her eyes. “I’m 495 years old. “Yes. I can see. feeling her skin and grabbing at her hands. Her glares were not as frequent. Alison listened intensely to Lidah.” Lidah stated. “It’s okay Carla. she seemed different to the teacher she knew at school. bit of fight in her. But her eyes.” Lidah hummed and then loosened her grip on Alison’s neck. and the touch of her shiny old hands grabbing at her face. Alison felt dizzy. noisy things. “Yes. I like surprises too. And while all these negative thoughts were going around in Alison’s head. but I will overcome it. I must look into it in more detail. And I think after close examination — mmm — yes. when Lidah took a breather from talking and began to take a sip of sherry out of her small glass. However. looking after sweet dogs and cats. I think I could. I have taught many people in my life and she will not be as bad as others that I have taught. Where I come from you live for thousands of years. I’m not a senile old bat. nor were the tone of strictness in her voice. The teacher you were supposed to have this year suddenly had a bout of fungalitis that refused to budge from her body and I was drafted in. I hate kids to be honest. “Oh no.” Lidah confirmed. all she got back in return was a warm smile. mmm she sees things that no one else can. “Alison.” Lidah chuckled. and always seemed to be spying on her in the playground.

” “Thank you for coming. Your body. Mind how you go and I’ll speak to you tomorrow.” Carla replied.” Carla stated as she opened the living room door for her guest. I need to find which ability is best suited to you. “Thank you. . apprehensive. however. that sort of thing. well. After that I may need to find excuses to hold you back at school. “Tomorrow. you know. Lidah.” Carla smiled.” “Yes. to get on to the pavement in their street. we can venture to other kingdoms too and learn strange new things. that it soon becomes second nature and you don’t notice it. “Not allowed to. “We’ll see how it goes.” Alison stared at the skeletal lady.” Lidah nodded. until you use it. Alison lifted her head up. that is. then smiled. But then you learn such strange and wonderful things. to make sure none of the intoxicating liquid escaped her mouth. waving to Lidah until she was out of sight of the house and closed the front door. opening the front door to the outside world. “Ah.” “Awww!” Alison groaned. Plus. “But what you did tonight. Being a woman of such age would without a doubt. like dancing or making sunshine crystals. “Yes. I don’t want to do this. “Indeed you will. She realised why Lidah was such a strange looking woman. I was like it too. She must know some basic rules first.” Carla shrugged casually. or. if your mother allows it. giving a shrug to her shoulders.” Alison mumbled. as she began walking down the drive of the house. but it will be fun. I will make sure Alison is ready for you tomorrow. make her look strange and scrawny. when Carla walked back into the living room.“But that is such a long time. ta-ra!” Carla shouted. we do not only have to stay in our own kingdom. Alison was sitting on the sofa with her head on her hands looking at the floor.” Lidah stood up and grabbed her carpetbag and walking cane. I understand. not here anyway. We still have to exercise and move around. Bye for now. I have a few errands to do before morning comes around. I’ve never seen you do things like that!” Alison cried. “Mum. you will be in detention. it would be best not to show her anything. “Where I come from you are not allowed to sit around and do nothing. not like your old folk seem to do. doesn’t it go? — Oh. worried. then you will come with me to my kingdom to be taught more. We have a week to do this in. and then we can progress from there. “I must go.” Lidah took another big swig of her sherry and licked her lips when she had pulled the glass away from her lips.

” Carla pointed out and pulling her reluctant daughter off the settee. She has taught many people. off to bed with you. and even then I need a shovel to move you in the morning.” “Yeah sure. So shoo. So try not to be too rude and listen to what she has to say. Mum. I notice you’re only in the kitchen for a few seconds when you’re cooking. of all people. “Well. “Can you imagine if I started throwing magic around? It would cause mayhem. . that no one could see?” “No.” Alison groaned. bed — now. not my form teacher from school.” Alison protested. I do have a microwave. Little buggers bit me last night.” Carla nodded. I will be up shortly.” “MUM!” Alison cried with embarrassment.” Carla laughed. She just doesn’t understand how to treat kids. not some baby in a nursery. sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.“Why not?” Alison asked. Either way.” Alison yawned.. “Not even a little magic.” Carla smiled. “Not till 7am. “Night Mum.” “Kids? I am a young lady Mum. Mum.” Carla winked. I’ve been itching all day. I just need to tidy up the room. “Goodnight dearie.” laughed Carla.” “Well. it’s nearly 12am. She knows what she’s doing. cloak and strange spectacles. “Okay.” “Never?” Alison asked half smiling.” Carla gave Alison a kiss on the cheek. she has no idea how to treat you. She’s a very wise woman. I think you should give her a chance.” They both laughed and then Alison’s face became a frown. and Alison smiled. I can’t stand her. if that’s a better way of saying it. you have to be up shortly. whatever you want me to believe. young adults. “Never. and so I never do magic here.” “But it had to be her.” “She’s a good teacher. “Well they do dear.” “Alison. so stop asking. “Yes. “But she’s Lidah? I was expecting someone with a pointed hat. “Ever?” “Ever. “Right missy. when she opened the living room door. it would be awful to be honest.

” “Well. get up. nothing nasty. it looks awful.” “Mum. “I’m awake. and as annoying as it was. she felt the picture of the boy under her mattress and smiled at the handsome boy who was looking back at her.” Carla complained. you’re just a bit warm. Tucking the top of her quilt under her pillow.BEEP. get up now.” Carla pointed to the door.” she sighed. Come on. pulling her duvet over her head.” groaned Alison. Looks like you’re wearing a wig. with unfairness. I’m warning you. I’m awake. She turned over and attempted to get back to sleep.BEEP! “ALISON GET UP AND TURN THAT ALARM OFF. I could be dying for all you care. Take it out and put your red bobbles in.CHAPTER 9 BEEP. “And make your bed too. it makes the back of your hair go all funny. as Alison tutted.BEEP. she was too lazy to switch it off.” Alison groaned. After tying her hair up in the bathroom. as she rolled her eyes as though in pain. “Alison. “It’s a headband. they are. please. “That’s not fair!” Alison shouted back. it doesn’t suit you. the noise was getting on her nerves. Look I’m sweating. YOU’LL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!” Carla shouted up the stairs the following morning. her pillow was now on top of her head. I had an awful night’s sleep. Carla felt Alison’s forehead and smiled curtly. “MMM. come on. I’m tired. “Well. “Not hungry.” Carla lied. opening her curtains and pulling the black pillowcase from her daughters face. otherwise Lidah will put a curse on you. Alison groaned.” Alison grumbled. . you keep telling me you’re not a kid anymore.” Carla stated. “Well tough. Leave me. I’m so tired. she went to her room to make her bed. you either get up or I’ll pour cold water on you. as she pulled her feet from under her warm duvet and on to the coffee coloured carpet. your breakfast’s going soggy. so more responsibilities from here on. new craze in school. I hate them.” Alison protested and pouting as best she could to the unfairness of not being able to copy the school trend. “Alison.” “Aww Mum. “Still a cutey. when she entered Alison’s room. big enough to make it yourself now!” Carla shouted when Alison was half way up the stairs. Her alarm was still buzzing. I’m ill. “What’s that in your hair?” Carla asked when Alison finally appeared in the kitchen.

all week?” Alison posed. “What if Mum saw it?” she asked herself. yesterday was the strangest day of my life. She decided she was taking it to school with her. before her mum noticed. Carla winced. “So are you going to tell me about yesterday? I thought you would ring me and tell me the news. “Got everything? Have a good day at school and see you tonight.She went to put it back under her mattress — but then stopped. as she pecked her mum on the cheek and answered the door to Sarah. her face looking far too eager for Alison’s liking. “Sarah.” Alison sighed. I was going to call you. round. “Have a nice day. and walked back into the kitchen to have her breakfast. DING.” Sarah stated inquiringly whilst smiling. but I suppose I have no choice. “I think I’ll just about cope. Alison hated that look. “Don’t forget.” Alison replied. and began their walk to school. She will know if you’re listening or not. By night-time I was worn out. in her office. Sarah waved and followed Alison up her drive towards the street. and then the panic was on to get out of the door. you two!” Carla called out. yesterday?” Sarah asked Alison as they walked past Mums’ pushing buggies laden with young children. mark my words. “So what the battle-axe do to ya. listen to what Lidah has to say. brown eyes. “Yeah. so be warned. tell me —please. who stood there with her new headband on.” Sarah looked at Alison with her big. So will you miss me when you have to walk home on your own after school. To be honest I had no energy left in my body to talk. “Ooh nice. Downstairs in the hallway she put the picture in her backpack as quick as she could. “Bye Mum.DONG.The doorbell rang.” “So come on then. It always made her feel guilty. “Detention for a week. eh?” Sarah laughed. who were off to school. looking like a lost puppy. makes a change being you and not me though. I will miss our stories of Rachel and Simon snogging and telling gory tales like that. too. That cane is not only used for her to walk with.” They both laughed.” Alison looked at her mum alarmed. but I thought your Mum would be yelling at you. so I waited for you to call me. I suppose. especially seeing her hair was like rag-tails at the back. .” Carla said as she was pushing her daughter out of the kitchen into the hallway. and her mum nodded a firm confirmation.

At first. those doubts soon disappeared and she hung on to each word that Alison was telling her. “Bit unfair.” Alison did an expression of Mrs. How can you stay alive for so long? I thought being fifty was old. all that magic and you can’t waste that punk. The whole area was deserted. “It would be mouldy and vile by the time she blew the candles out. So. She was not sure whether she was being told this to bluff her. only small bushes scattered around. Sarah looked at her watch and her laughter stopped.” They both sighed. and reported back to their parents. you did promise. Come on. especially how she breathes. they can’t give you detention can they? Please Alison. Foster. “Is Foster really that old?” Sarah asked. she’s teaching me.” . let’s go somewhere where we won’t be disturbed. and then she grinned. “Gee were late.” They walked across the road on to a pathway. they continued their walk out of the bottom gates that led on to an open field. You could kill the little sod. if need be. “You’re going to be doing magic? That would be so cool. which led to the park.” Alison shrugged.” Alison replied. “Well. Alison nodded “No wonder she looks like a walking corpse.” Alison giggled. it would take ages to light. “Oh my Al. she sat down on her backpack and began telling Sarah all that had happened. but that is taking it to a new level. It was not far from where the girls lived. Sarah would not believe the story that she was being told. can’t do. They scanned the area one last time to make sure no one was around. “Not allowed to.” Alison replied with disgust. However. what are you going to do?” Sarah asked with excitement when Alison had stopped talking. just themselves standing there. but not here. “Not even on vermin like him?” Sarah huffed. “I wouldn’t want to be putting candles on her cake. isn’t it?” Sarah chuckled. And with Alison feeling happy about the surroundings. No dog walkers. There were no trees. Sarah pulled a face as though trying to think of something else to say.” Sarah grinned. Foster and they both began to laugh. “Sorry. “All right. when it came to where Alison’s.15. “I have to go and train. so as not to expose the truth. only allowed to use it when we’re fighting.” Sarah pleaded and making it even harder for Alison to refuse her begging. it’s 9.” Alison exclaimed. Mum was involved. so they knew staying there would be a bad choice if a neighbour spotted them. You could zap Simon. and then Mrs.“I can’t tell you here and besides we’ll be late for school.

the worry of what might happen to them when they eventually got there. and then pretend we had to be with them when a teacher came to see why we were not in class. like the second one best. “What we gonna say?” Sarah asked. “Dunno. She looked pleased at the tender cradling she was receiving.” Alison suggested with an evil grin. Would’ve knocked him out then. thank you. Alison and Sarah walked around the playground trying to find someone they knew. They turned around to see Suzanne coming towards them. .” “Been here all the time. “Hope it’s John Simms. as everyone seemed concerned about the goings on in the school. at the same time.They began to walk towards the school. an upturned nose and bucked teeth.” Sarah mouthed towards the sky. Foster is looking for you. All faces were sad. Sarah!” shouted a sweet voice. It was an easy operation to do. however. Sarah looked at Alison.” Sarah snarled. Let’s just hope we can sneak in. was now all they spoke of as the street to the school was now a feet away. “Yeah. which were being passed around the playground. some with tears at the news. Sarah put her fingers down her throat seeing this and Alison smirked when she walked past them. with a look of confusion on her face.” Alison answered. so stayed out here. but all had looks of confusion. but Bragshaw was standing around like an ice sculpture. Her short. beat the prefect up at the door. saying how awful it was. They approached the school grounds and were surprised to see that the playground was full of students. the whispering was to a minimum. but all Alison did was shrug her shoulders. Simon was hugging Rachel. Alison and Sarah beamed. Alison tried listening to conversations the word ‘Fright’ appearing quiet frequently in the hushed talks that she was eaves dropping in.” Sarah agreed. a girl who had small pig-like eyes. and quickly crawled through the opened gate and into the crowd of peers. “Where have you been? Mrs. so as not to be seen. couldn’t get in the school. We could say that the prefect had been attacked or something and we would be hailed as heroes and then get to class.” Suzanne murmured. “Alison. They crouched down behind the wall leading to the school gates. you know. sobbing. “Any news as to what’s erm happening?” Sarah asked curiously. “Oh. “Thank you. blonde bobbed hair was swept back in a black headband and her normally sparkling blue eyes looked at the girls worriedly as she approached them. many heads were shaking. just for not having me blouse tucked into me trousers. after seeing this. He made me get detention the other day. rather than two girls appearing from nowhere. Or even better.

“Who would do such a nasty thing? Poor Mr. Alison nodded in agreement. my Mum has done nothing wrong. Foster has been looking after him. “Didn’t the witch predict this?” Simon hissed in Alison’s ears. clever of her. nothing like that. .” exclaimed Sarah. that thing you call Mum?” “Oh her? Oh yes. Winters looked like. Yes. “Witch?” Alison asked bemused. “Move over. as stiff as a board.” The playground noise quietened. right?” Alison implored angrily. when he came behind her. as the men entered the main doors of the school. “The monster. her eyes looking raw with fresh tears and her normal pale complexion was now red and blotchy. “Look at them. scared of missing something. “Wouldn’t put it past her. But I’ve heard the corridors are in a right mess. “Or what? You gonna get her to bewitch me or something?” Simon laughed. but at the same time was hoping that Suzanne would tell all. Winters. two uniformed men got out and grabbed a stretcher from the back of the van. she changed her mind and stayed put. Winters. when he was bought to the ambulance.” Simon quipped. as the crowd opened up to create a causeway. wide enough for it to drive through. isn’t it?” Alison snarled. She did not want to see Mr. “Hope they catch the person who did this. like bleeding vultures. “No. glaring at Simon and Rachel. he wouldn’t harm a fly. she came here and chanted a spell on him. so lay off her. Poor Mr. The ambulance moved slowly towards the main entrance. shift yourselves!” shouted the sixth formers to the curious students who looked at the ambulance’s flashing lights with fascination. All curious to see what Mr.” Both girls gasped and looked shocked.” Sarah complained to Alison and Suzanne. “No. with Rachel giggling. When the ambulance had stopped. Alison grinned and shook her head. before pushing a girl out of her way so that she could get to the front of the crowd. Looks like he’s been attacked. They’re waiting for an ambulance. “Look you. but turning around and seeing Simon holding Rachel in his arms and were heading towards her. The crowd surged forward.” Suzanne replied. not able to move. “What caused it? Has he had a heart attack or something?” Alison queried. Their inquisitive faces staring purposely towards the doors of the school.She didn’t want to put her foot in it. as the white ambulance pulled up at the main gates. Winters cold. he’s as white as a ghost. taut body being carried out.Mrs.

Maybe she could have Rachel kissing your backside permanently or something. “I wish she would. if you do not wish to breathe my air. and with the doors to the van open at the rear. “But that’s the only way you can describe it. that the crowds of students were now looking at them. He seemed his usual happy-go-lucky self.Alison laughed too. ********* The form sat quietly thinking of what could have happened to Mr. “His face is funny. when she got back to Alison. this did not amuse Simon. he looks terrible. Foster came out of the main doors. “Serves him right. and then laughed as the crowd around who had heard this snide remark. whilst others tried tiptoeing. that’s not nice.” Suzanne smiled. listening to the crowd who had seen him. so that the ambulance could make its way back to the main road. Winters. who was standing next to Alison. “about time you stood up for yourself.” Sarah sighed. and go and invade someone else’s space. loosing Rachel’s arm and pushed his way through the crowd. because she’s always creeping so far up.” Alison groaned. “looked like someone threw paint over him. hoping to get a better view. Alison could not see anything. . before walking towards the ambulance. Once she had entered the ambulance. carrying a stretcher with Mr. I suggest you bug off. and super glued his body. I hope he gets better soon. Now. Because your breath itself is killing me. the doors closed behind her. “He did look bad. However. joined in with the laughing too.” “Sarah. “His fingers are strange. and then quietened when Mrs. Faint gasps could be heard from the students who were at the front of the crowd. Alison looked at Rachel who shrieked under her breath and moved away quickly from the girl who had belittled her hero. “Feelings are mutual.” Alison sneered.” The main doors to the school opened and the two ambulance drivers came out.” Alison grinned. meant that there was no way of her seeing Mr. rather than the main door. never mind your body odour. Alison had only seen him the day before.” she heard one girl whisper.” Sarah commented. Simon glared at Alison. She looked at the students coldly. Winters. she was standing near the front of the van. Suzanne. Soon the whispering became loud talking. it like a disease. She felt like crying.” she heard from another. Winters on. The crew got back into the ambulance and the students moved out of the way. laughed out so loud. “I hate you!” Simon scowled. she realised he was in a bad state.

and a face. “You’re disgusting.” “There is a God after all. I know. sigh. “As you have missed first period. before a tear could envelope in her eye. so please. And as smart as he was in appearance with his freshly ironed long-sleeved shirt and tie. with hazel eyes.” Alison whispered back. which was his preferred style. as you know Mrs. Armstrong replied. The class groaned with the odd not fair being heard. believe each word that he spoke. Armstrong. The girls looked apologetically at the teacher and quickly quietened down. the geography teacher. but always speaking out when the time was needed to. which made Alison laugh aloud. he’s a teacher. “Now. “I know. “I know. could I have quiet please!” Mr. Armstrong suggested and stopped talking when the door opened and Miss Solar came walking through the door. who would do mundane after school activities. be patient—” Mr. Armstrong commented firmly. I think it will be class lesson’s.However. entered. who in return smiled back. he still had to be a good teacher figure for the pupils to follow suit. And unlike the other teachers at St. who was shorter than his peers. Alison. As was his body piercing. Sarah’s face beamed at seeing him. it’s just for today. rather than spiked. School rules stipulated that hair was not to be gelled into a fashionable style. “So I will be taking you for this lesson.” Sarah whispered to Alison and sighed lovingly. “Sarah. Armstrong. as did a few other girls. Armstrong. Winters —” “Yes!” a few of the class whispered. without the evidence in place. He had a smile that would make even the hardest of people soften up to. and for the fact that we are not to use west wing for the day. His dyed black hair was left to hang around his face whilst in school. Peters High School. too. like Math’s English—” Mr. the pupils could see where his metal attire would be decorating his nose and ears. made even those who were unsure of his tactics. which again. which always looked comforting and calm. Foster has gone to the hospital with Mr. giggling. “Please pray we have Mr. Mr Armstrong looked at them before continuing. He looked about twenty-six. She smiled sweetly at Mr. it could not hide the fact that under the cotton material. he played in a local punk band. . you will be staying in your form for most of your lessons.” Sarah whispered excitedly as she began yanking Alison’s arm in excitement. was an array of tattoos. “Not today.” “Will we have woodwork today?” a boy named Barry asked.” Sarah grinned and began to make strange gargling noises. but can you imagine in years to come when he’s famous. the door opened and Mr. rather than moving around. Even for a rebel like himself. which had a childish look upon it. Proof of his after school activities was apparent by his appearance. as the innocence he showed upon his handsome face.

“Well. “You think he does?” Sarah asked beaming. you need to impress him.” “Poetry?” the class groaned again. as she grabbed her tatty black. Foster has left me a note on her desk telling me you have to do poetry this morning. “Right. However. folding his arms and staring intently at his teacher. “Dunno sir. Armstrong repeated and again looked around the class. she had not noticed that the photograph of the boy had fallen out of her backpack. “Yes. smiling at each child whilst doing her task. However. now please be quiet. “You dropped this. “Okay. Armstrong asked. Armstrong asked with a puzzled smile and making a few girls’ smile too. Alison nodded and Sarah began quickly getting her pens and paper out of her bag. before she had chance to speak. . Alison opened her backpack. I’m sure you are aware of the different types of poetry there is. so get your pens. she had walked off to tend to William who had his arm up in the air.” “Poetry is for girls!” whined Barry. I’m sure Mr. whilst others stared annoyingly at the teacher.” Alison smiled smugly. Miss Solar. does anyone know any poetry that they could share with the class?” Mr. Armstrong ordered as he looked around the class and making sure.” Still no one made a sound. “And who said that?” Mr. pointing to a pile of books at the edge of the table. and un-clipped a safety pin. which was holding the zip teeth together. “Right. “Well. could you hand these books out please?” Mr. Armstrong asked as his eyes looked around the class with curiosity. “How boring is this?” Sarah groaned. pulling out her equipment. Heads began shaking slowly. so if you want to be noticed. Miss Solar obliged by putting a book on each desk. You can have a go at writing your own poetry.” Miss Solar remarked sweetly. unfortunately you are.“Now. they knew who the boss of this classroom was. “Anyone?” Mr. She looked at the photo and then at Miss Solar.” Mr. So now you either do know poetry and you do not wish to embarrass yourselves in front of the class. papers and thinking caps on and no moaning. but I ain’t learning it!” Barry complained.” Alison looked at her open-mouthed. Rock star over there knows poetry. backpack off the floor. “is he from a boy band? Not seen his face before. and was surprised that Miss Solar had got it in her hands. or you are very naïve about poetry and wish not to learn. Mrs.

and Barry bowed to his audience. inspire me with your talent.” Mr. “So.” Mr. Miss Solar will collect them in due course.. Embedded in the stars that wish. surprised at being picked on as his freckled face began to turn red with embarrassment. otherwise you will sit in silence. “He’s gorgeous. which she disliked. if it makes sense or not. Armstrong demanded. looking at the boy curiously. He felt silly. doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. Armstrong stood up from the chair he had been sitting on. so leave your papers and books on the edge of the table. However. However. then put his fingers to his lips and the class stopped in an instant. Armstrong remarked. “Sleep little town be known.Anyone? No? Well. as he rolled his mouth around his face and looked around the class. The lesson had all but ended. for which he was relieved about..” Mr. Where dancers dance the moonlight twist. A place of happy. Alison could not concentrate at all now. with a look of annoyance on his normal carefree face. I will choose someone. He took a deep breath and began. making the girls in his class sigh softly. at this moment in time. then she too would be asking questions. Mr. it was hard to think about anything but the picture and of the dream that she’d had of this boy. She wished that she had left the picture at home. “We have five minutes till break time.” “Sarah.” . Sarah looked down at her textbook. a place of lone. and started scribbling on a plain piece of paper. It had been a quiet hour. You can talk. “Well. but please talk quietly. you. She put the picture back in her backpack and began to think of what to write on her ink-free paper. will you be quiet. especially when all the class turned to look at him. “Ahh. Where soldiers drink from every glass And then they like to shake their ass!” The class laughed and cheered aloud. Barry hesitated. does anyone have a poem to tell the class. She was usually good at writing small stories or poems. Inspiration was not inside her today.“Who’s that?” Sarah almost whistled as she began ogling the picture with interest. I thought it was pretty good. as he was able to mark his pupil’s schoolwork. as he joined in with the laughing.” Mr. Armstrong responded. Armstrong stated with interest. Come on. if her mum had seen it. yes – Barry!” “Me?” Barry mumbled.. “Yes. not bad from someone who thinks poetry is for girls.

this picture. do you?” “I suppose not.” “Amir!” Mr. But when Zantha came behind him she called him Amir. that’s the Queen. but what you doing nicking photo’s out of palaces. but you don’t just take pictures. Armstrong sat back at his desk looking at each pupil. “I found it at the palace. Mr. you fancy a murderer. the one in the picture. I dreamt about the boy. I like him. “Had this boy done it?” “I don’t think he did.” “Gee Alison. “I’m not too sure. she can’t do me in. Zantha. so they kept running away and then he found Junda dead in a forest. for?” “I really don’t know. if I’m fighting for her.” Sarah sighed. He leaned a bit further forward on his desk to hear what they were saying. I don’t fancy him.” “THE PALACE?” Sarah seemed to have shouted.” cried Sarah.Mr. but won’t she chop your head off or something?” Sarah asked looking concerned. who is it?” Sarah asked quietly.” “Suppose not. “Who?” “This Queen. Armstrong looked up from a book he was marking and stared at the girls. Armstrong could not believe what he was hearing.” “How old?” . “Big mouth. and I think he kept calling the other girl Junda.” Alison replied. and carried on marking. so he may be wrinkly and stuff. But the dream.” “So. then?” “No. “And he’s the baddy?” Sarah asked “The very one.” “Oh my. He’s got to be old now. Armstrong gasped under his breath. But last night. he could be firm and strict when the time to do so was needed. and accused him of killing her. Mr. He felt like asking everyone in the class to stop talking so that he could hear their conversation more clearly. “So. it showed him and two girls. They would not let him play with them. He loved his job. I saw the picture and I just felt I wanted to take it. “’Course not.” Alison scowled. I had a strange dream. how much more is there to tell me?” “That’s all for now. “Sorry. as a boy that is.” “Yeah.

I think.” Alison smiled. He wanted to find out what else she knew of the rivalling siblings. staring at Alison who was steadily making her way out of the room. He needed to speak to Alison alone.” Sarah smirked. The bell rang and the children left the room hastily for break. . “Thirties? He’s not that old. He was curious as to what she knew about Amir and the Queen.“Dunno. Mr. pushing and shoving each other in the progress. in his thirties. Armstrong sat silently. but it was not going to be an easy task to do.

stuffy room.” Mrs. Mrs. Sarah turned around glaring at him. but felt no joy over it. are we?” Mrs. Bragshaw asked excitedly. Simon grinned evilly at his victim. and began kicking it. “SARAH.” Mrs. NOW!” Mrs. “I thought it was when we were in our last year that we had exams?” Sarah whispered to Alison. Bragshaw asked sternly. He slid down in his chair so that his foot could reach the back legs of Sarah’s chair. you will see how fantastic these tombs were made. Simon took great interest at the teacher’s threat and decided to provoke her once more. which was now showing jars of body parts that were pickled. “Girls. and Alison was not sure whether her first magic lesson with Mrs. “Well. who too had not been listening to the teacher. Bragshaw hollered. will you pay attention. and turned back to the screen. mouthing at him to stop. and with the pen she was using. you won’t know the answers. Simon and William were sitting behind Alison and Sarah. then again. or not. “No Miss?” mumbled Sarah. yawning every now and then. her light wrinkled face frowning at Sarah with annoyance. maybe we do one of those little tests. Bragshaw pointed to a student. Bragshaw pointed out angrily.” Sarah whispered. one more outburst then you will go to your form teacher. The girls looked at each other smiling. due to being in a dark. keep your yawns to yourself and listen to the lesson.CHAPTER 10 It was the last lesson of the day. she was curious as to what was going to be taught. OUT OF THIS CLASS. “Keeping you up. as they knew Mrs. She did not really want to go. “—and if you take a look at this pyramid here. and kicked the chair even harder. A few hands shot up. “Dunno. as she pointed a pen at the picture that was being projected to the class on a white screen. You will have exams soon and if you don’t know the questions. Bragshaw smiled. “So boring. “You little—” Sarah shouted.” Mrs.” replied Alison dryly. Foster was going to take place after school. Foster was not going to be there to set up lines for them. “Does anyone know what was kept in these tombs?” Mrs. Bragshaw shouted in her best teacher’s voice. while Sarah scribbled on a bit of scrap paper. Alison looked at the picture. However. which made the teacher look up. “who cares about a manky bit of cloth in a big building?” Sarah groaned. letting out a louder than usual yawn. .

her head felt light-headed. as she began to make strange noises under her breath. She felt as though she was floating. gliding gently towards his green eyes. that the pictures on the wall in the room blew up like a mini-whirlwind. but she could not help staring at them. and slammed the door so hard. when she heard the shouting of a man and a woman’s voice echoing beneath the room she was in. She looked around frightened. Alison’s vision became blurred. with scraggy brown hair and a moustache. with discarded food and drink packaging strewn around on the floor. Alison ran back towards the bed when the sound of footsteps were coming up the stairs. and she could not see nothing around her as the room around her became black. you’re evil — you deserve to die like them!” the man raved and suddenly without warning. just in case she came face to face with these people and they would harm her if they caught her trespassing in their home. The man’s voice was angry. when she’d done her private threat to the boy and was ready to turn back around. fear within her telling her. and so peaceful. who looked at her with dread. They looked calm. a heavy feeling surrounded her body. she wanted to open it and escape. The door banged open and a man. Alison walked towards the door.Sarah got up angrily. before settling back down on to the wall momentarily. grabbed Alison . her feelings evaporating into the distance as she continued to stare hypnotically at the boy who was now unsure what she was doing. who in return stared back. A cardboard box in the corner of the room was all that was in here to keep the belongings of this person’s. came in and grabbed her. she wanted to leave wherever it was. and was approaching the door to the room. She felt sorry for her friend who was standing on the other side of it. which had blue tattered wallpaper. She began to breathe heavy. which Alison was in. Alison looked at the door. worn out blankets that lay scattered on a bed. but she was afraid to. She looked at her clothing and gasped — it was boys clothing. It was only a small room. hoping that it was a dream. she realised that this was not so. as she began to walk around the small room. as though wild animals had attacked her. The Dungarees that she was wearing were ripped too. She felt strange. old. She turned her gaze to Simon. A red chequered shirt that seemed to have been torn and revealed fresh scratches to the arms. “You see what happens when you play with witches? Do you? You’re vile. not enough room for furnishings. pushing Simon on the way out of the classroom. the shouting was making her head hurt. that all was not well. Bragshaw threatened the class. something she had never noticed on the sly looking boy before. as though trying to calm the angry man down. but standing in a bedroom. who was stout. She was no longer sitting in class. she found she could not take her eyes off him. Alison was terrified. personal artefact in. which she would wake up from in class. However.” Mrs. However. “Anymore behaviour like that and I will personally set punishment out for you all. whilst the woman’s was soft and reassuring.

and we will never forgive her for that. trying to protect her from this evil beast. kicking her with his unsteady foot. Without warning. but before the blow of a fist came towards her. She stood up not knowing what was to come. she suddenly sensed herself floating out of Simon’s body and instantaneously found herself lying on the floor in the classroom. squeezing as hard as he could.around the neck. The tired looking woman attempted to hold back her hysterical crying. will you?” the lady pleaded. You promise me?” Alison looked up at the lady. The man continued to yell at her. Her neck was hurting her. the woman pulled her away and pushed her into the bathroom. Emma!” Jack shouted. She looked at the mirror. as he pulled her up by her hair. and locked the door. “He’s dead. a strange tingling sensation swimming around her face and making her feel as though she could pass out. as he attempted to focus his eyes on his victim. Alison looked at the teacher with fear. before all went black. you know that. If he wants to play with witches. “Simon. leave him Jack. you must keep away from her. . he’s scum. he won’t play with that girl again. “He didn’t know it was her. Her mum killed your Nan. She began to stroke Alison’s hair. before pushing her abruptly on to the floor She began to cry more at the pain he was inflicting on her.. The man had been drinking heavily. then noticed a mirror by the sink. Alison shook her head. His hands locked tighter around her neck. The lady came running to help Alison. pulling her up from the floor. by the smell of his breath and staggered every now and then. He loosened his grip when the feeble punches of the woman were felt on his back and Alison landed on the floor. and making Alison gasp for air. how could she be Simon?. do you hear?” The lady sniffed. His face was badly bruised and his neck showed the signs of the throttling. but Simon. looking back at Alison was not she. Alison screamed in panic. “You must promise me. a very young Simon. but the man pushed her away abruptly. OK? The girl is evil. crying. “Get up you little weed!” Jack shouted. but couldn’t. making the lady hit her head on the banister. her head felt as though it was on fire. then he can bloody live with them!” The banging on the bathroom door stopped and the door to another room banged loudly — then there was silence. you must never play with Alison again. with the teacher tapping her face gently to revive her. “I want him out my house. it felt as though his hands were still around her.

” Alison woke up slowly. Winters had seen that night. She wanted to examine the corridors and entrance hall. just as she had requested. that allowing Alison to be taken from her room was important. was not something from this planet. destroying any minute data. Mr.” Mrs. Foster. and winced. her head was banging and she felt uncomfortable. Foster had agreed to this and wanted to make an immediate start. and walked closer to Alison and sat on the edge of the table peering into Alison’s eyes. Foster had returned. just looking at a person you can see if they have had sorrow or happiness. which could be used to find out the exact cause of Mr. Foster’s chest in the quiet room. Winters incident. Alison could hear the crackles of Mrs. Mmm yes. Foster could take her and begin teaching her. “Somnum. She was now sitting up in a hard wooden chair. She did not like to be bullied into things that she did not like or trust. but only on the grounds that it was all back in order and open for the following morning. so with the quickness of her spindly fingers she raised them above Mavis’s head and said. She had no time to persuade Nurse Mavis. The Headmaster. She was a nurse who liked order and quietness around her patients. . Time was ticking by and the old witch had other things to attend to. Alison shrugged. that she would care for her until her mother arrived. but first she had an appointment with Alison. The west wing of the school had been closed all day. is death and mortality. It meant that Mrs. Foster was not aware of her own body noises as she stared with wonder into Alison’s eyes and gave a silent gasp. and being in sickbay. yet at the same time.” Mrs. Without your door to the world all there is. pulling her shoulders together and giving a shudder. she had no idea what she was talking about. “Eyes tell stories. Mrs. the room was stuffy and staring at her like something possessed was Mrs. he was aware that what Mr.CHAPTER 11 Mrs. eyes tell stories of the soul. But the thin. strict. Alan Baines hated being told what to do in his own school. No longer was she lying on white sheets with a baby blue blanket covering her and a cool breeze floating around the room from the fan that was on a table next to her. before people began walking through the corridors and removed evidence. Foster began. He had agreed for the closure. though it did have advantages. Mrs. And Mrs. “Your eyes seem different. She was not happy to learn of Alison fainting. nurse had other ideas. Foster was not happy about this. Foster stood up. nor that she would give her detention for fainting in class.

” Mrs. “Very well…Parcum. Alison shrugged.” Alison replied bluntly. “We’re still in my office. I could feel the pain he was going through. all I saw looking back at me was Simon. Just name a place and we can go. seeing that she had no choice — began. what have you seen?” Mrs. that you have seen things that do not belong to you. She still felt sick and thinking was hard. I can take you anywhere. who was trying to protect him. secrets of others. and sat next to Alison. However. “How about. not with an old teacher who was now walking to her desk and opening the old drawer. and Alison warmed to it. His dad was really hurting him. she was sitting on a park bench.” “Amazing. “Have you seen things. It was strange seeing her teacher do this. Foster asked and waited for an answer. “You have?” Mrs. watching two ducks waddling towards her. while Mrs. Foster stood by a small railing. if I take you somewhere. The red gem came to life.” Alison looked confused. Alison thought for a second. “No. Foster asked kindly. and pulling out a small box.“It is as though you are of a distant past.” Mrs. Foster said loudly. holding a bag of bread in her hands. “Have you delved into something that you should not have seen?” Alison sat up straight and nodded her head gently. Foster urged. She never seemed the type to have a gentle side. “I saw Simon as a young boy. Foster queried. Why was Simon being hurt?” Mrs. Foster stated with a confident nod of her head. Foster gleamed.” “Where were you when this was happening? Were you watching from the side?” Alison shook her head. I think I was. “Park. Foster hummed and arred and leaving Alison to ponder what this meant. tell me where. and I think it was his mum. please tell me. I think it was his dad. Alison?” Mrs. throwing bread to the quarrelling ducks that ran towards her eagerly for the crumbs. but the man was nasty and kept pushing her away. “So.” Mrs.” Alison replied quietly. he was being shouted at by a man. and when I looked in the mirror. well. “Park?” Mrs Foster asked. “Can you remember playing with Simon as a child?” . but a change of scenery does do us the world of good. the room became red like fire for a second and before Alison could vent a scream of fear.” Mrs. “This man said that my Mum was a witch and that he was not to play with me. She had no idea where she wanted to go. to reveal a red gem “Quickly. I was Simon.

Only little. even though it was closed. “Mmm. thinking aloud.” Mrs. “What? Oh nothing. and get top marks?” Alison smiled Mrs. “Oh no dear. you’re using a lot of energy in your body. spying on our enemies and seeing what they have planned. you will be able to use it wisely. take out what they were planning. and I can teach you to use it for the present and future too. I would’ve known. “I saw glitter on the floor. and doors.” “Would that mean I could know the answers to my exams. “Yes. Very strange he was. it’s an ability all right. and then I felt sick when I was distracted. Died at a young age though. Foster gave a light laugh. No. which made me feel happy and content and the doors—” “Sorry? Glitter on the floor. and bring it back to us. of all the children it was him. What was his name now? Ahh yes.” Alison smiled and shrugged her shoulders. Like. they danced and moved around. Wolfsan Albeiter. He would sneak into the enemies mind. Foster mumbled.” Alison looked down at the ducks that were now fighting for the last bit of bread that had been thrown.” “Yes. Taken over a person’s body?” “No. which is a pity. it may come to you. and I know you don’t get along too.” “Why?” Alison asked. “And at the palace. Foster. but I don’t think we were friends. and that would be a waste of energy. “But I had one memory and that was of the past.” “Ability?” “Oh yes.” “No worries. you would have to scout every exam board in the country to find them. I saw light appearing from the door.” . Never. what did you feel?” “Sorry?” “Did you feel different at the palace?” “No…yes I did. We never needed to hide in dark corners listening to plots. did you say?” Mrs. Foster asked looking puzzled.” shrugged Mrs. So have you done this before?” “Done what Miss?” “Delved into people’s minds.“I’m not too sure. that’s all.” Alison stated honestly. The last person who had this ability found many secrets for the union. I may have done over the park. I have not seen this for centuries. the doors. but he was very useful. “So strange it was Simon though. All we needed was this man. I think I need to open your mind and train it to accept this new ability.

Foster sighed. Foster looked at Alison. and singing of years gone by now.” Mrs. Whatever it was tried to kill him. eating and drinking. Alison. and Alison walked out.” “I don’t think Mum would be too happy if I was sitting next to enemies. It looked just like a shadow. could’ve been a passing spirit. What was it. She was interested to know what it was. you get plenty of those in this business. trust me.” “Did it happen in the main entrance?” Alison asked. Foster paused for breath. we shall begin. Winters being found this morning and with me being away from the school—” “How is Mr. Get plenty at the School you never want to be here late at night. He is in great shock. I noticed it had arms or something. Alison looked around at the cramped room. but at least I have something to work on.” Mrs. was pretend to be on the baddies side. The opposition never knew. .” Mrs. “We must go. but—” “I might? Well.“But I would need to stand in front of them to do this moving into body thing. I saw something in that block. “Not too sure. I am sorry we never got down to a lesson. “Well. With Mr. Amir knows about us seeing the queen. you might. would she?” “You do spoil things.” “Did you?” Mrs. “A gut feeling dear.” Alison sighed.” Mrs. Winters. “Yes it did. “What Wolfsan used to do. I’m afraid I have other business to attend to. Foster opened the door to her office. “He will be fine. Foster smiled. Foster stood up from the bench and said “Meus muneris. who I think you may know. It tried to catch me. seeing who your parents are.” Mrs. but luckily. as she looked down at her watch. that’s good to know. I think his old war tactics kept him alive. but it was fast. suddenly remembering the poor man who had been carried away earlier that day. It’s not only you I have been watching. “We must go. Won’t I get killed?” Alison asked. they only stunned him. and sighed “Tomorrow. and wants to stop us from fighting. tutting.” and suddenly they were back in the office. as she tapped her long pointed nose. But you are the greatest interest to me. I also have new members. “Or already. Miss?” Alison asked.” “It’s just that yesterday when I left you. “Can you tell me what you saw?” “I don’t know what it was. do you know?” Alison asked. that way it was easy access.” “How would he know?” Alison asked.

He did not like the fact that Alison knew of a war that was approaching. just because he was commissioned to stay on earth. “So. Armstrong. before closing the door to her office. “I must go now Sir.” Mrs. then trouble was going to brew. Mum will be worried. Mind how you go. Armstrong was walking behind her. “Yes. I fell over. However. “Nothing.” “And you got detention for that? Mrs. Alison nodded. Alison began to walk along the corridor. Armstrong looked at Alison puzzled. He hated being the last to know things. Foster stated gently.” As much as Alison liked Mr. an asset to their fold. Mr. unaware that Mr. She had seen that look in the boys’ eyes in her form. until he was needed. “Detention.” Alison replied. .“I will see you here tomorrow. Armstrong enquired. no matter how big or small. his eagerness to know what was going on pumping in his veins as he quickened his pace and gave a light cough. “Yes Sir. “Being mucky? Why what had you been up to?” Mr. and that he had no knowledge of it.” Mr. Foster. Foster?” he asked curiously. why have you been to see Mrs. Foster can be a bit over the top at times.” Alison smiled sweetly at the teacher who nodded back. He felt betrayed by not being informed.” Alison nodded. of course you must go home. Alison noticed he still had the boyish twinkle in his hazel eyes. “Much better thanks. For his age. Armstrong smiled and bowed his head. Alison turned around and smiled kindly to the teacher who gave her a polite smile back. she was not letting on to the real reason of her visit to Mrs. sir. Armstrong whispered. He decided that enough was enough. as though he was up to mischief. “Feeling better now?” Mr.” Alison voiced promptly. that’s all.” Mr. especially as he was told that he was of importance to their missions. But don’t tell anyone that. She knew that when that look was around. his smile turned to a disgusted frown when he watched her walking along the corridor once more. “for erm…getting all mucky on our school outing. he wanted to speak to his leader to see if there was going to be a war and if he was indeed. Armstrong asked kindly. Take note of everything different that is going on around you. He was not happy that she would not leak her knowledge about Amir or the Queen by mistake.

CHAPTER 12 Lidah breathed a sigh of relief when Alison had left the room. Residue was seen on the ceiling and floor. she said stipes ad onbrier and the note vanished. She needed to go to her real home back in Onbrier. She had expected her student to be stubborn and obnoxious. which may have been clothing of the person or thing that had committed. was even better. scratch marks on them. she decided that she had all that was needed to begin her investigation. but could not put her finger on. quickly taking a small key shaped item out of her carpetbag and held it firmly in her hands. all about what she had seen in the entrance hall. It had a more old fashioned smell. that was hard to remove from Lidah’s spatula into a jar. a torch. this unforeseen sight. However. She stopped writing and inspected the main doors. Lidah collected her evidence. Lidah opened the door of the west wing. a place where she could think and assess her finds. nothing strange appeared. She clicked on her torch and noticed that the doors looked as though they had plenty of fresh. that the evidence was clear. and unwilling to co-operate. Lidah was not going to rest until she found out whom. but also knowing that she could have an ability to nurture. She looked down at the floor. Torn material. or what had done this to him. Time was passing by and with a case full of jars and her notebook crammed with notes. and continued to write pages of notes. She walked back to her office and locked the door. She needed as much evidence as possible to find the cause of Mr. The key glowed silver and gold. Lidah could see that there had been a commotion. as though it was to prevent Andrew seeing whom his assailant was. speaking so freely was not only a surprise. Leaflets were scattered around the floor. and carefully looked around the corridor. She took deep breaths to smell the odour. olive green passageway and wrote in her notebook. and then proceeded down to the west wing. a kind of sticky blue substance. whilst walking along the dreary. She needed sanctuary. carefully labelling each jar and placed it in her briefcase. folded the paper in half and holding it up in the air. She could not see clearly enough due to the darkness in the main reception area. The lights in the ceiling had been smashed. looked up at the ceiling and walls for clues. She wrote a note stating her meeting with Alison. Winters awful occurrence. before Lidah shouted. a smell that Lidah recognised. grabbed a notebook and pen. “To Onbrier!” . The corridor did not have the usual smell of boiled cabbage and sweaty socks. They were made of solid wood and painted a dark green. some of Andrew’s and some. It was only when she went into the main entrance area. and Andrew Winters’s mop and bucket lay carelessly on the ground. and birds flew happily around the wall for only a few seconds. At first. She unlocked her filing cabinet and took out her briefcase.

The door to her home knocked and with her apron and gloves still on. These scratches were made as though Andrew had got this thing and was attacking it.” Frezca voiced. His life is one of luck. who was looking around the room with great interest.” “From another kingdom. These are scratches made with anger. “Not like this Concesta. “I agree. “A young girl from the school witnessed a shadow type spectre in the main hall. the tall man. Andrew could not do this. One was tall. and they followed her into her examination room. I found plenty of scratch marks on the door. with long grey hair. like a child who needed to investigate the world around with sticky fingers. which was found at the scene. a mixture of flowers and herbs that was once used to fend off diseases and bad odours in the olden days. Andrew stopped the object from leaving the school. whilst holding a magnifying glass to his eye. I know he likes to use people who possess deathlike abilities. “Indeed I do. no. as his blue eyes began eyeing up a strange item to investigate.” “Yes. I have a feeling that Amir and his cronies have something to do with this. but doors scratch easily. to freely roam around the kingdom. “I believe you have evidence from the scene at St Peters High School in your laboratory. Concesta. Lidah?” enquired Concesta. which looked around curiously at things to touch. Whatever it was. which showed authority and confidence in his wrinkled old face. his fingers would have been torn to shreds. was in fact. too. a long moustache and a more friendly looking face.” “Whatever it was has put dear Andrew in the infirmary. she opened her door to two peculiar looking men. wearing a sky blue uniformed overcoat and carrying a strange multi-coloured briefcase. This here—” Lidah pointed to the blue goo in the jar. blood. “is blood. He was lucky not to have died. Lidah welcomed her visitors in. thin and balding and had a regimental look to his face. She also remembered the aroma that she had smelt in the corridor. Andrew fought hard to keep the beast away from the innocence of earth. it was certainly not human. and a lot of this was found in the main entrance. was small and plump. All I can see is that whatever it was. The other gentleman.” replied Lidah.********** Lidah was amazed to find that the blue goo.” .” Concesta shrugged. perhaps?” Frezca asked. “And does the evidence tell you what the outcome of the attack could have been caused by?” “Alas. It was that of a very oldfashioned favourite called tussie mussie. these are deep scratches.

and the circumstances of this scenario. I don’t have much more to go on except theories. you. Until then. and that she believes her brother is coming back to take over the kingdom. seven o’clock sharp.“Amir? Why Lidah? We have plenty of enemies who wish to annoy us with their existence. However.” “And do you think this thing is still lurking in the school grounds?” Concesta asked. grabbing potions and liquids. I agreed I would put things back in order before school reopens in the morning. “I’ll be there. to begin the task in hand. “I must get back to the school and clear up the mess. then earth would be in dire trouble. “I am hoping it went back to where it belongs. “It just seems a bit of a coincidence.” Concesta stated dramatically. which were needed to clean the school. but how long he will stay in this condition? Who knows? I am hoping he will wake and he may be able to tell us more. Baines is not very happy about the situation. Andrew was only stunned. and Lidah put her findings in a cupboard. if whatever it was had escaped from the school. “As do I. Lidah. “Don’t forgot. we’ll let ourselves out. than this happens. of course.” Lidah took her gloves off. the smell was not pleasant and he hastily put it down.” Lidah agreed.” Lidah nodded. Frezca will go to the infirmary to monitor Andrew’s progress and speak to him when he comes around.” reminded Concesta to Lidah.” Concesta stated as he and Frezca walked towards the lab door. or the union. “I will inform headquarters of the results and your personal theories of the find. Mr. and that is no good for me. I too hope he can tell us more about the incident. there is to be a meeting at headquarters this Friday. earth time. then opened another cupboard. and looked at Concesta and Frezca. very coincidental indeed. who had picked up the jar of blue blood and sniffed it. And no sooner has the message been received.” Concesta remarked. The door to Lidah’s house slammed shut. I think. Queen Zantha sends a message to us about her necklace glowing. Yes. She walked up her garden path through the portal door and back into her office at the school.” “Very well. .

” General Pinnah agreed. as long as he had it.” replied General Pinnah. “Yes Master.” Amir said in a voice that sounded deep and sinister.” Amir snarled with a wry smile appearing on his heavily scarred face. as the black sky and storms gave no light to those sitting in the room with a prince. his face looking devious at the thought of death fast approaching. His once handsome face was now painted in scars. He sat scowling at the men who sat around the table in the great hall hoping that they had at last found his men and the mission could begin. I know how you wish to massacre the village. “Indeed they are. a tall man.” Amir snarled. some faint from battles long gone by. the war will begin and I have many men who wish to join us in this battle. and her wretched team of amateurs. who showed just as much darkness as the outside of their kingdom did. Amir stood up from his chair looking at each of the eight informers who sat before him. This war will end no sooner than it has begun and the Kingdom of Frinda will be a figment of our imagination. “Can I presume that this army of yours is capable of killing and that they will not run in the opposite direction?” Amir enquired in an authoritative manner. now stood black and empty. and others that still looked new and raw.CHAPTER 13 Prince Amir listened intensely to his informers. The table of leaders laughed and chanted “Amir” then began banging on the table so loudly that the metal tumblers that they were drinking from crashed to the ground. rectangle oak table in the large. around a long. stone room. The tall. His eyes that were once blue and shone like sapphire stones.” “Are you aware that Frinda is to be banished? I want all that lives there. His killings over the years bought many coins and jewellery to his collection. The time to take his sister was now brewing in his veins. His clothing however. with muscles built like mountain peaks on his body and had the continual look of death printed on his hardened ginger. He had killed many men over the years who had not fulfilled to his satisfaction the producing of an army that was merciless and evil. Many are from kingdoms that are not too far to transit to us. “Soon. once confirmation of the war is agreed on. He had waited so long for the moment to kill his sister and her villagers that he was now getting impatient. killed by the hands of this army. I will be informing them of our itinerary. be child or elder. Money was no object for Amir. bearded face. His life was of hatred and bitterness and the smell of death was all he found as a pleasurable desire to have. was still of expensive quality. “Julu A’ Vanda has taught many new wizards and witches to assist her in killing Lidah. Amir sat back in his chair smiling. wide window in the great hall was no use to the councillor’s. He did not care how his wealth came. “This army is not cowering down to pathetic objects of any sort. .

The table of informers stood up and bowed to Amir.” the voice stated nervously. Lidah is never alone when we near her. The yearning of the war was bubbling inside him. You said that she was easy to kill.” “You did not think it was wise to bring him back here to be dealt with?” “Dealt with?” the cloaked person repeated. The chanting and laughing continued. He stopped Ahaz from leaving the school. He knows the consequences. “I believe you have news for me? I am hoping it is good. . is he?” “Yes Master.” Amir growled. Their voice sounding quieter than it normally did. and the eagerness to get to Frinda was all that he desired. He did not care how their lives ended. as he stared longingly at the bolt of lightning that was striking the homes of the village that were near his castle.” “It was Winters. and walked out of the room quietly. when the feeling of punishment was nearing them. Amir stared at the cloaked person annoyingly. Amir turned to face his new visitor who was wearing a black cloak that covered them from head to toe. that he would be able to get out of the school to assist you. Amir stood up and walked towards the window. the cold shiver down their spines was never going to leave them until they left the prince. “He has failed me. including many of his informers. as long as it was done.” a timid voice whispered from the doorway. So where is Ahaz now? Surely he is not at the school. “The Mission did not go as planned. I am sure she can be taken without suspicion.People were scared of Amir. “How did it fail? She is an old lady. Those that refused his demands were killed.” The voice stated carefully. even with the warmth of the room. “Winters should have been killed when we had the chance. his mind going over the meeting. they wished not to be seen in this castle. pitiful creatures?” Amir growled with anger. “What?” boomed Amir. “Well. Is he afraid to face up to them? Is he a coward like the rest of you self-loathing.” Amir noted. I have more business to continue with. as do you. They knew of his way of disposing of people who did not commit to his plans and ideas. Master. until Amir lifted his hand in the air and the once loud room suddenly became quiet. as they wrapped their black cloak around tighter. drinking from a tumbler. “Go now. The caped person said nothing. as the looks of a person could easily get them hung out for the birds to feed on. what is it?” Amir asked impatiently. There was a short pause. “Master. including their face. And where is Ahaz? You said that he was of use to you. whose face began scowling at them.

” “Who informed her of this?” Amir enquired angrily. Inform me of anything you learn. with a slight cackle coming from their mouth.” the cape person replied bitterly. Ahaz is to return to Grimsdritch.” Amir mocked. Master. She seems to know more than others of this battle. That is what she had said to another girl. I am sure this girl will tell all.” “Of me?” Amir asked. you may leave.” the hooded person replied cynically. “It’s something that is happening where I am staying on earth. and bowed down. “I believe from the palace. Amir glared at the now empty doorway. The beings of this world are very easy to deceive. She spoke to another in school. It may have been from her that she knows of the war.” the hooded person replied. looking puzzled. except that she has a photo of you. “A being in knowledge of business that has nothing to do with them? What is Zantha up to? She is now getting assistance from children to do her dirty business?” Amir snarled “What else can you tell me of this earth child?” “Nothing Master. Master?” “No I do not know of the girl you speak of. before I decide what to do with the worthless fool. as I have no more to say to you.” Amir snarled as he began to walk towards the table where a clay bottle of wine was waiting to be drunk. Master. if persuaded nicely in that sweet manner in which you believe is assisting you in this strange place.“Is there anything else you wish to tell me before leaving. “It’s about a girl. She knows about the war. “Yes Master. I believe she has visited the queen too. I will see her at the school she attends.” “Where did she find this picture of me?” Amir asked curiously. I will coax it out of her one way or another. “I’m not of knowledge of this. what girl?” “You are not aware of a girl called Alison Benson.” the person stuttered.” “Very well.” Amir turned to listen to the caped person with curiosity.” “A girl. which she carries upon her person. as they see beauty as honesty. she is infatuated by this picture of you. before leaving the room. “Yes Master. “The girl knows of you and the queen. . you must see what this girl is up to. I have a few questions that need answering.” “Yes Master. It is a picture of you as a child. “Very well. He was intrigued as to why his sister wanted a child to know of the war.

before walking out of the room.” Amir smiled. wiping his mouth with the black sleeve of his doublet.“It will indeed be a short war if she insists on children joining her alliance. and then began laughing at the thought of the army she could be using to fight his soldiers with. . He took the clay bottle from the table and took a long swig from it. laughing evilly at the prospect of an easy war.

you need all the strength you can get. “You’re down. “Well—” Carla began. “How’re you feeling now?” “I feel better. “Glad to hear it. “No. because it is a bit of a mouthful. which are in a Kingdom called Onbrier. then?” Carla asked smiling. shaking her head.” Alison said smiling.” replied Alison yawning and stretching. not really wanting to know. with a touch of bewilderment being heard in her voice. as though she was reading a storybook. unsure as to why she had not spoken to Alison.” Carla smiled. is bound to be the last thing on her mind. when she entered the living room. Even on our planet we have soldiers and warriors who are keeping an eye out. she said. Many of the fighters and wizards that are in the union have the job of keeping each kingdom safe.” Carla nodded. and waiting for the happy ending. it seemed a bit strange to listen to her mum talking this way. She had felt ill when she had returned home from school and thought having a lie down would help. thanks. Hasn’t Lidah told you about us?” Carla replied. She plopped herself down on the settee and waited patiently for her tea. “Well. Alison stared. but also warriors. She quickly got out of bed and went downstairs. the Realm of Wonders Union.” Carla shrugged. I hope you’re hungry I’ve done chicken tikka for tea and I even made a cake. However. . soldiers and knights. “The what?” Alison asked. witches and sorcerers. now that you’re soon to be in the union. or realm.CHAPTER 14 Alison woke up to the aroma of her mum’s cooking. making sure that evil people from other kingdoms or alternative universes never put a foot on our world. “So what is the union?” Alison asked dryly.” “You have been busy.” “I’m sure she just got a bit excited and forgot all about telling you. and Alison tried hard to think of something to say that would not make her seem naïve or hypocritical.” answered Alison bluntly. Any problems they see they have to seek the help from our headquarters. “She never told me anything. We just call ourselves the union for short. so hence the name. So I suppose telling me what I’ve let myself in for. “The Realm of Wonders Union. but as it had been mentioned it was in her best interest that she knew what it was. “There are many of us. Carla continued eating. as she picked up her fork and cut a bit of cake to eat. had to rush off. not only wizards. she was hungry and couldn’t wait to eat. a look of puzzlement coming over her face. sitting down with a cream cake on a plate and placing the fork gently on the side.

even in this trade they prefer the women in the background. you’re only allowed to go through portals in a certain place. If you go to Onbrier. isn’t it?” . Of how Mr.” Alison told her mum about the day’s events. and of the ability that Mrs. including what you eat and drink. I do tend to get over excited at a battle. they are used to this formula and would never change it.” Carla winked. you mean?” Carla asked. I think I will have eaten all that cake that’s left in the kitchen. So the conversations do get a bit heated. but for Lidah and a few others. Means I could sneak into the enemy’s minds and find out their plans. Lidah lives there.” Carla laughed.” Alison said. no secrets are allowed. while the men get their hands dirty and do the killing. She even has to send data off when she’s over here too. But unless I’m standing opposite them. “As for Onbrier. too. saying what is the point of all those years of training when they are left to protect an area that would rarely have a flick of trouble in. it’s going to be hard. “I can’t believe that you have an ability like that. Winters had been attacked in the school by some strange shadow that Alison had seen the previous day. Onbrier that is — not the portal centre.” “No good for me then. “I do plenty. especially in the meetings that we have. she is one of the main councillors and a great teacher to have too. “So have you been to many of these battles?” “Quite a few. “An eventful day and you’ve not even begun training. yes. very strict. Nice place actually. to us it would be difficult. “Very tiring all the same. that does sound interesting.” Alison sighed. “Anyway. Foster says it’s good. Bit like an airport. as Alison nodded eagerly. such a strange one. “Where is this place again?” Alison asked. without sounding harsh. enough chit-chat. but very tight on security. but who knows. “Onbrier.” “Yes.” Carla stated firmly. How she’d told Sarah about the Queen in Frinda and the possibility of going to war. Foster thought she may have. where there are funny looking old people who question your reasons on being there. When you’re older.” Carla frowned. On the reason for fainting after going into Simon’s body and seeing into his past. You have to send data off for everything you do.“So what do you do exactly?” was all Alison could vent up. you’ll see what I mean. “I think I’d go mad. I have no idea how that’s going to help you in the future. alas. your dinners getting cold and if you don’t hurry up. they prefer I use my magic as defence rather than attack. may I point out.” Alison admitted and smiled as she imagined her mum on a battlefield and pointing her wand at some evil henchman who was about to attack her allies. many female fighters get annoyed about it. Bit unfair really.” Carla shrugged.” Carla smiled. “Mmm. but without the planes. Couldn’t live there myself though. It is easily accessible by portals. so the odd magic of firing arrows from my wand does sometimes occur. “Mrs. “It is the kingdom that is sort of in the middle of everywhere.

His face was scratched and his clothing ripped on the concrete as it continued to go round. but no one took it seriously. as our mums’ used to say. It was years ago. like a ghost.” Carla spat. Simon thought it was fun. He grabbed Emma by the wrist pulling her out of the playground. mind. who was at a community centre that I had the misfortune of predicting a fire would occur at. Simon was pushing the roundabout when his leg was caught on a bar and he was trapped. saying he took to drink because of his mum’s death. she left him to it. The poor lad was in a right mess and Emma was beside herself. Emma didn’t want him to and would try to persuade him to play elsewhere.” Alison sighed. “You were both on the roundabout and you both took it in turns to push it around. and gave her the small pile I’d got. Including Jacks wife. we went to the playground. and the pain I felt. because he was drinking before his mum had died. always has been. and she met Jack then she changed. It was awful — poor thing. yelling at her. You went on the swings and wanted pushing. He tried the self-pity card on the village. but he refused. people began to call me a witch too. dear.” “Jack is a vile person to know. with a puzzled look. At first it upset me. “Emma got her hands out ready to take him from me and whispered thank you. so started doing it too. Luckily. Simon was there too.” Carla sighed.” “It could well have been. He always had a can or bottle of something in his hands when he walked the streets.” “That’s awful. he was a drunk. Strange that it was then.” “I know. “At the moment. Simon followed you around the playground. it was scary. in a way. Simon’s Dad was evil. you know. as you were both not strong enough to do so. “So you’ve never spoken since?” “One time she did. So in the end. Behind me was Jack. “Right from the age when he was allowed to drink. She’d asked if I had a tissue to help mop some blood from his leg and face. “So do you think that what I saw was the aftermath of the playground incident? Simon was plastered in cuts and his clothes were ripped too. Then I met your dad. “We used to be best friends. After that. but then her face turned to sheer panic. We were at the park and after feeding the ducks. Then he started his hate campaign against me. so I picked him up and cuddled him. If ever I passed in the street she would walk right through me. He soon began his vindictive name-calling. not very fast. when you were about four. nothing seems strange. though isn’t it?” shrugged Carla. I was nearest to Simon. Emma. Let’s hope it was a one off.“Mmm. As usual. I had. “Is it okay if I go to Sarah’s house for an hour?” . She took them gratefully. blaming me for the death of his mum. but then I found that I too could ignore her. We were glued together at the hips. being Simon of all people whose memory you saw seems very strange. I don’t like the sound of that.” Alison sighed. Emma and her son. Nevertheless. I can’t help but feel sorry for him. you did your excitement scream.

she could not care less. She was all for turning around and going the other way to her house. unsure of what would happen to him. but himself. Mum will shout at me if I’m late.” Simon stated annoyingly. and his green eyes were refusing to look at Alison. standing by a lamppost was Simon.” Alison muttered and began walking once more. “What did you do to me. the sky was getting ready for nightfall. as she picked her backpack up off the floor in the hallway and left the house. and of the aftermath of what occurred in class. However. Simon was not pleased that he was unable to grab Alison’s attention as she walked on and crossed the road. that his privacy had been stolen from him.” Simon stated calmly and making Alison. why not. “Alison. She was no fan of the big-headed lad who cared for no one. and a hint of chilliness came on her naked arms. “I can’t. see you later. ********** Alison had walked to the end of her street later that evening.” “Who said that?” Carla asked. Simon walked towards her. Alison had no idea what was meant by that. Sarah could not help but make fun of Alison fainting in school. kids are only allowed three showers a week. Anymore and it’s bad for us. And not only talking and thinking of the devil as she walked home.” smiled Alison. so decided against it. She crossed over the road and walked as fast as she could. And then how she overheard Simon telling Rachel and William that he felt strange. However. “I’m off.” groaned Alison as Carla laughed. earlier?” Simon asked quietly. stop in her tracks. his face looking even paler than normal.” “A shower! But I only had one last night. you did. “My form did. School in the morning and you could do with a shower before bed. Rules are. his face looking at her with urgency. “I don’t know what you mean. It had been fun seeing her friend for those few hours. She was curious as to why she was staring at Simon the way that she had. which was an extra tenminute walk. laughing. “I need to talk to you. it’s urgent. “Alison.” “Mum. Please. . “Now. I really need to talk to you. I don’t sweat. I’m sure smelling of soap is far better than smelling of sweat and having greasy hair. I haven’t done anything!” Alison protested. and stopped again.” Alison nodded firmly. just be back before dark.“Sure.” Please? Alison thought to herself. that I don’t believe.

was this pay back? On the other hand. nothing on the walls. he had averted his eyes to the poppies on the memorial. screwing his face in resentment at what she had said. I was in a room. “Why would you be so cruel about my Dad? Is it because he hates your Mum?” “No. or break it to him gently. could she ever forgive herself for not telling him what she had learnt from her visit to his body and what was lurking in his mind? Alison gave a big sigh. instead. Your dad was shouting at you and he was hurting you. Your bed had blankets. “It was blue. What was she going to say? Should she tell him the truth? Or. paper. “Simon. she was not sure if she was to come straight out with what she had seen. “Let go of me!” Alison ordered with anger. That is what I saw. when I opened my eyes everything was different. I saw what happened. Alison sighed again. I’ll tell you. I saw you when you were a child. empty food packets. tell me. I just stared at you and everything went black. “I have to go.” “That never happened.” Alison sighed. “Simon. but would not look at Alison. grabbing Alison by the arm. “Tell me what you did. Simon sat waiting for her to begin. “I don’t know.” “What about it?” Simon asked harshly. she locked you in the bathroom. let him suffer? After all the months of torment he had given her. but not here.” Alison protested.” Simon hissed. “So why then? Come on. Alison had no idea where to begin when they both sat down.” Alison whispered and began walking. TELL ME!” Simon demanded. Tell me what you did!” Simon shouted. Tell me the truth. I saw your room. who was now looking on the floor with tears flowing from his eyes. She was protecting you from him. so your Dad did not hurt you anymore. Please Simon you have to believe me. “Alison.” Alison uttered quietly and looked at Simon. don‘t you leave. You had no toys. just rubbish.” Alison replied sharply. You had nothing.Alison felt sick. I saw it with my own eyes. I saw it.” Alison assured him. no pictures. “Okay. Simon let go of her arm and they both began to walk to the Cenotaph in the village.” Simon remarked coldly. “You really saw that? But how?” Simon asked softly. .” “You’re lying! My Dad would never hurt me. Why lie?” “I’m not lying. I wish I knew. that is the truth. it was real. I wasn’t in class. “I don’t know how it happened. but no quilt. I saw your Mum too.

I feel different it’s as though you released something in my mind. I suppose if you say it like that. I don’t feel empty inside anymore.” Simon smiled. It’s a very strange feeling I have. so I had to have him looking after me.” “I’m confused. He would make me stay in my room. Alison had no idea what to say. My Dad will not let me choose my own friends. But he never did. A few times I had said things to you and I felt guilty. honestly. blushing slightly. “Better than my so-called friends.Simon sighed too and looked at the poppies once more. it’s as though my sad past has been taken away.” Alison admitted. I always wanted to tell you that I hated saying those cruel things to you. “My room was bare. “Any money we had. You and Sarah always seem to be up to something. He couldn’t be bothered to find work. you know. I always wished he would leave me and Mum alone. your Mum anyway. “Yes. he told me to make your life hell. yes. So I did. and if I did.” Simon looked at Alison. I was so lonely. the bad memories that I wanted to tell someone about. “Yes.” “Like me?” Alison asked. However.” “Not really. So I was pushed into being their friends. I do. then I could have things.” “I’m aware of it. just pretending?” “Well. I was never allowed to watch TV.” Alison murmured as she shook her head. “You’re not really nasty then.” Simon laughed. I never wanted to hurt you. It’s like a distant . no thank you. I always wanted to be your friend. all the tricks I did. I hated him so much. but I’d sort of chicken out and say something horrible instead. I really did. When he’d learnt we were in the same form in secondary school. after today with you going in to my head. Dad spent it on drinks and cigarettes. I remember him mentioning you years ago. but Dad stayed at home. “Like me?” Alison half laughed. but was scared to. “The only time he would like me was if I upset folk.” Simon said angrily as he lifted his head and wiped the tears from his eyes with his jumper.” “Gee. He hates her. and that I was not a wanted child.” Simon’s eyes filled up again. and the unhappiness that I have stored all these years have vanished. said I was a burden.” Alison shrugged. I used to watch the kids in the streets play on their bikes. Sarah and I thought you and Rachel were — you know. “He wanted to know every nasty detail what I said to you. I do like you. Simon nodded sadly. He hated me. Mum went to work. We had nothing. well.” “Rachel and William? I thought you were best friends. “I’m so sorry Alison. Things I wanted. “I’m friends with them because my Dad knew that their parents’ also hated your family.

I must have thousands of bad memories that need to be seen. “But please. no one can know about this.” “So you don’t mind what I did earlier to you at school?” Alison asked. if that’s okay with you. “If dad found out that I was talking to you. I feel different. .” She stood up and smiled.” “I promise. Mum’s going to go mad. without feeling the pressure and pain I have held inside me for such a long time. “I really must go now.memory and I can carry on with my life. you know what he’ll do.” “I don’t think I want to. “No I don’t. then — well.” Simon nodded. “I understand.” he blushed.” Alison vowed as she looked at Simon’s blushed face and smiled. not a word to a soul.” Alison smiled. You must visit my mind some more.

his arms flinging in the air at the wrongful accusation. I was wrong.CHAPTER 15 “Amir. he saw Zantha’s face. that’s all. pointing a finger at the door. she sighed sadly. as he heard Amir’s footsteps outside his opened door. “You will not be coming with me to the hunt tonight. Go now. You’re nasty. “You thought killing Zantha’s cat was going to please me?” the king enquired angrily. unsure what his father was declaring to the confused looking boy. I thought better of you Amir. on close inspection. Amir walked head down towards the door. Alison was already awake. how sad they seemed today. Obviously.” “What? Oh no. you’re jealous of me. “Yes Papa?” Amir said smiling and bowing down to his father who was in his private chamber. walnut settee. “Yeah. eh? If you tell me about them. dear?” Carla asked. “Papa?” Amir replied sheepishly. I’m not into that dream thing. before putting the picture down gently and went downstairs for breakfast. Turning around one last time and hoping for forgiveness. The tears were still flowing gently down her face and the gentle sobs came from her mouth. sobbing hard. thank goodness they’re just dreams. “Everything all right. her tears were heavy as she looked at her brother with bitterness. “Zantha I did not —” Amir began. “BEEP BEEP BEEP” “Alison — turn that alarm off!” Carla shouted. However.” “Well. Why do I have these dreams? She thought to herself. fine thanks. Zantha sat next to the king. before my anger erupts. “You murdered Pinpins. an evil smile was etched upon her lips and a look of malice was showing on her face. hugging him tightly and crying plaintively. come here at once!” King Jarred commanded. King Jared was sitting on a long. red woollen. “ENOUGH!” shouted the king. She took the picture from under her pillow and stared at Amir’s eyes. Funny dream.” “But Papa—” Amir protested. and allowing her father to stroke her long. then I may be able to tell you what they mean.” the king stated harshly. blonde locks.” . when seeing Alison looking upset.” Zantha declared. “What you have done is despicable. cuddling his daughter who was crying despairingly in his arms. Mum.

Alison changed the expression on her face. now it’s the three amigo’s. well I suppose it hides your infections. have ya? Got a bit sick flying around and now you look like crap?” Rachel laughed. “Why shouldn’t it be?” Alison replied sharply. “Ooo.” “Yeah. Been on your broomstick all night. Baines was pleased about that. as he was not willing to pay for damages caused by things alienating his building. “Yeah. “Everything all right?” Sarah asked when they were walking to school.” Alison half-smiled. You seem as though you’re in another world. She was curious to see what Simon was going to say. Mr. She was ready for school before Sarah even rang the doorbell that day.” “Very touchy. You look like a bleeding panda. much to the disappointment of the pupils who saw her when they entered the room. Simon stood and smiled wryly at Alison who smiled in return. “Yeah. except the door.” Sarah hissed. aren’t we. Simon said nothing.“Be a laugh. shoot me down.” “Maybe later. The main entrance and corridor of the west wing was back to normal and nothing looked different. followed by William. then walked off before Sarah noticed. She ate her breakfast quietly and went upstairs to get changed.” Rachel said in a matter-of-fact way.” groaned Sarah. Alison grinned. “It’s the in thing having eyes like this. she saw him smile too. and William joined in mockingly. well at least she doesn’t look like she’s got black eyes with that eyeliner on.” Sarah piped up. until they saw Simon. Mrs. “Whatever.” Alison whispered. that a carpenter would be coming to replace the doors at the expense of the union. “Look at Freaky. It still had deep scratches on it. but Rachel spoke first. . Heard you keep getting bugs on your lashes. which was rare for the Benson household. this morning?” Sarah snapped. Lidah could not use a spell to mend objects like doors. “I do not. so she promised Mr. I only asked. you’re lying!” Rachel ranted before storming off crying. Rachel and William coming out of a street. Foster stood in her classroom. The girls continued to school without saying a word. and when looking at Simon. understatement of the year. Baines. “Oh great.

with a look of annoyance coming on his freckled face. . again.” smiled Mr.” Alison smirked. “I think most of them have. “Anyone dares push in front of me and I’ll punch them. as he stood in front of his class. quick. “Alison. never mind see his gorgeous face. as though he was already standing in front of her. the girls fought for the tables at the front. I’m always stuck at the back. Armstrong began. Armstrong. “If only he knew. including Alison. A few sighed. Mrs. “You have him this afternoon. “Sarah!” Alison whispered quietly. An orderly line for the lesson had quickly formed by the time Mr. half panicking. “We did that in primary school. Armstrong’s geography room looking at the door. Sarah was already waiting outside Mr. “Damn! Forgot to do mine. She looked around the class and smiled slyly.“Wish it was Mr. “Glad to see that you are interested in geography.” Alison confessed. hurry before Michelle takes your seat!” Sarah almost shouted in alarm. “Me too. as she smiled to herself and thinking of the good-looking teacher that she could not wait to have. as she held the chair with both hands so that Michelle could not sit down. “I hope you have remembered the homework that I had set for you on the school trip. Armstrong. “Can’t wait.” Sarah declared. I can hardly hear his voice. “Today. Foster clapped her hands sharply and the form stopped talking in an instant. I would like it put on my desk before you go to your first period. so stop complaining. Alison thought this was amusing and walked casually into the room with the boys.” Alison whispered back. they too glaring back. when Alison stood next to her and watched as Sarah began glaring at a couple of girls who had queued up behind them. Alison sat down quickly and a frustrated Michelle slowly walked to the back of the class.” Mr. ********** The last lesson of the day had soon come around.” Mrs.” Sarah whispered in Alison’s ear. Foster looked around the class intently. I hope I can get to the front of his class this time.” Sarah winked. Armstrong had opened the door and began beckoning the pupils in. blue sleeved shirt and red tie still looking fresh and tidy. As usual.” complained Barry. his long.” Sarah sighed dreamingly when she sat down. we’ll be looking at maps of our local area.” Sarah cooed. who looked puzzled at the outrageous catfights for the desks at the front of the classroom.

Foster has asked me to assist you in your class.“And did you understand it?” Mr. “Yes.” Miss Solar said happily. then?” Mr. which she wished she’d never been given. as he watched Alison pack her bag slowly with a face of unfairness showing upon it. “Mrs. “Yes. Armstrong. “Do you know how to use a map to find your way to your friend’s streets?” Mr. the other students had run off as soon as the bell had rung. I am told I am not needed by her. and Alison was in no rush to see Mrs. almost forgot. Miss Solar was at a table at the back of the class and was having difficulty folding the big maps up. Armstrong asked. have a look of disgust on their faces. Armstrong had given her the task of doing. “Off for detention. as did the other girls in the class. that’s fine.” Mr. The class erupted into laughter. Alison was the last pupil in the classroom. and why she had not returned back to class. . which Mr. as they showed awe in their eyes for each other. if that’s all right with you Mr. I know where my friends live. Simon off you go. “Not too good I’m afraid. She wanted to see her friend before she went there herself. “Right. “It’s took me a month to sit here and I have to go?” Sarah cried. with an airy look on his face. Armstrong asked Alison. “I don’t need to sir. She took her bag and plodded to the door. Sarah. followed by Simon. Foster.” They both stood smiling at each other. A job. The end of the lesson came and Alison had not seen Sarah since she left for Mrs. “Oh. Sarah. but before he could finish his sentence the door knocked. “Right let us begin. Sarah looked at Miss Solar with a look of horror on her face. who blushed. Armstrong.” Barry responded. Foster’s office. curious as to what their form teacher needed with her. The door opened and Miss Solar walked in smiling.” Barry answered. Armstrong enquired casually. Foster’s office at the beginning of geography lesson. but—” Mr. Armstrong began. Armstrong commanded. Sarah and Simon are to report to Mrs. “I know what the symbols mean.” Mr. Armstrong suggested as he clapped his hands. hope you know your maps. and Barry raised his hands jubilantly into the air as though winning the grand prix. “Enter!” shouted Mr. but I’ll give it a go.” Miss Solar smiled softly at the good-looking teacher. Armstrong said smiling back.” Mr.

and looking at Alison harshly. But I won’t tell anyone if you wish to inform me of what you know.” Alison said timidly. not being given news. She grabbed her backpack and walked towards the door. I know more than you think. “But I don’t know what you mean. Never had she seen such a look from this usual care-free teacher. Alison’s expression on her face showed that he was on to the truth. Armstrong approached her. She could still feel the glare as she walked away and closed the door behind her. “Are you doing lines?” Mr. The hag will keep you safe. Armstrong menacingly. his boy-like glint showing in his hazel eyes. Mr.” Mr. and then understood what he was talking about. Sir. Alison stared blankly. which he would gladly receive at all costs. is it?” he enquired.” replied Alison shrugging her shoulders.” he shrugged as he quickly looked at Miss Solar. shrugging her shoulders and looking at her teacher strangely.” Alison nodded enthusiastically. “Nothing else?” “In what way. “You lie all you wish Alison. “You know about Amir and Zantha.” Mr. she could not help but stare at him. and as much as she tried to avoid his glare. which Alison noticed in an instant. “Sorry sir?” Alison asked. . when at war. Sir?” “You know. Mr.“Yes Sir. who rarely frowned. “Oh lines? Yes sir. Armstrong asked again. His leaders were not spilling it from their mouths.” Alison stated. but I will find out the truth from someone’s lips. as though he had coaxed her into it. as his fighting was one that made him stand out from other men.” whispered Mr. before averting his eyes back at Alison and gave her a smile that made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. unsure that he would be hailed to fight the enemy. a bitter look was still thrown. Armstrong said. but I see Lidah is teaching you well. who too pulled a face back. even after the door had been closed. “Don’t worry. He hated being kept in the dark. A secret that I know you would like to share. Lots of them. winking his eye. “Lines. which he knew he could easily do. “I have no idea what that means Sir. Armstrong watched Alison leave the room. Armstrong whispered. her stomach rolled over. merely wishing to join in with fellow students talks. or shouted. I was hoping from yours. He was not happy that he had not been contacted.

He looked at Miss Solar and sighed. before walking towards her. pulling a face at her weak attempts at folding up the maps correctly and wishing that he had not given her the simple chore to do. .

“Who’s that?” Sarah mouthed. Foster stated. “As I have mentioned to you three a moment ago. a boy from year nine who had emigrated from Egypt two years ago. green grass. surprised that her teacher knew. that they could have something to nurture. It was a deep. each human could possess such a thing. a place I go to when you children annoy me in class with your ignorant ways. They have no right putting you in a position to blabber secrets out. I will give you the basic rules . They were harder to convince that there were such things as portals.” Sarah. It was such a pretty colour. Power. so that Mrs.” and the room vanished. and I want to make sure that you know how to use your special abilities safely and effectively. sitting in Mrs. “Yes.” Alison said looking around the room curiously. “I take it people are asking questions?” Mrs. Foster smiled. I’m sure you’d rather be elsewhere than this dreary room. and the other two are to be trained as warriors. strength and bravery. I have asked you four up to my room as you have something special. and took out her red gem from a box in her drawer. The children gasped. gasped. “Erm. Foster couldn’t hear her.CHAPTER 16 Alison opened the door as quietly as she could when she had arrived at Mrs. To the right the most beautiful waterfall that anyone of them had ever seen. Foster asked alarmingly. with trees to the left of them.” Mrs. all looking confused and vexed. You must never talk to others about our work. something that they never even thought would ever exist inside them. people will try to prise things out of you. red as fresh blood. It was harder to inform them. but Alison ignored her. Two of you will be learning to deal with your special abilities in magic. “Tranquillitas loco. Foster looked at the children thoughtfully. The chairs the children had been sitting on had now vanished and instead they were sitting on lush. I will speak to them and no more will be asked. but so calming at the same time. The force of the water falling down into the lake below was causing the water to foam. Foster’s office. “Let’s go somewhere beautiful. called Robert Harrison. “Don’t worry. this is amazing. Foster said in a nice clear voice. to make sure it was real. “As I have explained. It was always hard trying to persuade people from earth to join their team. “Sorry I’m late Miss.” Mrs. as she touched the grass next to her. yes Miss?” Alison answered. alternative universes and that true evil lurked around every corner.” she frowned. But first.” Mrs. rocky cannon with a big chute of water cascading down the red rock. Simon and another child. “Wow. Foster’s office and was surprised to see Sarah. The gem began glowing and Mrs.

girlfriend?” Sarah complained. Not being able to give you rule books because of snooping parents.” She sighed.” she shrugged.” “You can see light?” Alison asked looking around her body. I forget things.” “Yuck! Like boyfriend. “You are meant to be together. your feelings of universal love brightened. “I was hoping Mr.” Mrs. whilst others need just a bit of assistance. I will need to give you them whenever I am able to. War injuries. “I will not give you all the rules.” “Oh. or if I remember. when you came back together your auras brightened. I think you should be aware of the rules. whilst they were in another kingdom and making it easy for them to return home without their family being suspicious of their new secret lives. and the looks of confusion was set over their angelic faces. getting old you see. and very powerful too. will. . unsure what their teacher was talking about. Mrs. I think. Just in case something happens. Some do not need to use equipment as they have natural flair. with what has happened I will need to seek another warrior. “Most likely. Your spirits are in ecstasy that you have bonded. “Yes. as she looked at the waterfall and sighed happily.” “I don’t understand.” Mrs. there are far too many and they will confuse you.” “You said I had magic too. However. he is in the union too. How time stood still for them on earth. But a few at a time. It is a strong beam of light. Winters?” asked Sarah.” Sarah whispered.” Alison shrugged. “Not exactly. However. “Will we have wands?” Simon asked curiously. Foster ignored her doubts and continued with rulings that were not really being understood. but he has not fought for us for a few years now.” “Me? Why me?” “You both have a strong ray of energy when together. didn’t you?” Simon asked “You my dear are the link to Alison’s ability. Foster smiled. Even though you both showed hatred towards each other. and each hoping that the rules were never going to be needed in the future. The basic rules were given. I sensed that from an early age you met and then parted. but sometimes when in battle they’re pretty good back-up. “Mr. Winters was going to assist me with the basic sword techniques over the next few days.of our union. make it easier for you. Therefore. Sarah was very confused on this topic. especially when doors of portals were to be zipped up after use when they had arrived at their destinations. “Yes. I don’t need a wand all the time. Foster stated with content.

“Yes. So many strange things have happened. for one. He is jealous of Zantha being the queen. I have much to do. my Dad died. they were all thinking about their time with Mrs. Foster. going through portals to kingdoms. It’s just that sometimes our outer body glows and if they feel compatible with someone. “Sadly.” “It will make sense in the end.“I’m afraid it’s confusing Miss. As usual. A look of relief began showing on Alison and Simon’s faces. “I don’t know about you. it glows even brighter. but he lost. “I am sorry. and they shrugged at each other at the silly thoughts that had begun floating into their minds. it wasn’t your fault. and as much as I have enjoyed this lesson with you all. I’ve been to Frinda. “We must leave this place and go back home.” “You’ve been to different kingdoms?” Simon asked.” Robert stated. you just need to work together and help each other. Amir. but this is really strange. I too need to do things I do not enjoy doing.” Alison smiled back. My Mum ran him out of town. “Cool. No one spoke until they exited the school.” Alison confessed.” Mrs.” Alison voiced. isn’t it? Is it scary there?” Simon enquired.” Simon stated softly and gave Alison a remorseful look. “How can we not tell? But at the same time if we did. “You don’t need to. it’s a funny colour.” Simon nodded. Not being nasty to Simon. Don’t worry. “Not really. “Meus muneris. but I don’t fancy him or anything.” Mrs.” and the beautiful scenery that the children had the pleasure of seeing vanished. Hard to explain. his eyes almost popping out of its sockets. Strange looking people.” Alison whispered. The sky is not blue like ours though. They fought years ago. “Her brother. his soft brown eyes looking at her curiously.” “Wow. believe me. I think people would think we were crazy.” Alison smiled. . “Well. but the queen is nice and normal. with a look of astonishment showing on his pale face.” “That’s where the battle is. Amir killed him. Foster nodded. Foster held the red stone in her hand and said. in a blink of an eye. “What like?” Robert asked. “Don’t be. I promise. so who is it we’re supposed to be fighting?” Robert asked.

Alison looked at her friend annoyed. Sarah!” “What?” “Put me in a situation where I can’t say no. I won’t tell anyone. Bet they sell some weird stuff too.” “I don’t think so Sarah.” “Course I didn’t.” Alison mumbled to the boys before walking away with Sarah. Come on. Foster said. “Would love to go before we have to fight.” . tonight.” “Oh boo.” “Stop making excuses up. You could’ve said no. “Come on Alison. “No. “Yes. “What about tonight?” Robert posed. let’s do it. please Alison. it could be dangerous. I could bring some things back here and sell them at school. What if we get hurt and couldn’t get back. We could go and be back before anyone finds out.” Sarah pleaded. “What?” Sarah grinned.hoo. We’ll be tucked up in our beds before anyone knows were missing and still have our few hours’ kip before our alarms go off. right?” Sarah asked Simon and Robert.“Do you think we’re going to go there before the war?” Sarah asked. with Simon and Robert looking at Alison with hope in their eyes. “I already said so.” “But you kept going on.” Sarah groaned “It’s tonight.” Alison sighed. “When?” Simon asked.” “Okay. As Mrs.” “She has a key?” shouted Sarah excitedly. So are we then?” Sarah asked.00am and we’ll go. we can sneak to yours when your Mum’s in bed. Our parents would go mad. Be round my house at 12. she walked a few steps before saying. “Mum has a thing that she uses to get to different kingdoms —” Alison stopped. but sometimes Mums working on things till late. time stands still. but don’t forget it’s school tomorrow. it would be okay if we all went.” Robert agreed.” “Nahh. how would we get there before —” Alison looked at Sarah. “Sarah we can’t.” Sarah begged. “If you’re game for it. “Well…okay. “You did it again.” “Don’t be so bloody boring. “I shouldn’t have said anything. and a wicked smile suddenly planted itself on her face. School.

“I will see you tonight. I promise. You mentioned keys and portals. or falling in love. “Okay. Don’t sound like romance to me.” “Okay.” Alison blushed. 12. and universal love.” Sarah laughed. “Sarah!” Alison looked at Sarah. “Don’t be so nasty.00am. “Nothing is happening between me and Simon. “I won’t. .” Sarah. I bet you will.” “Yes. that’s all. “So you and Simon eh? Pretty disgusting if you ask me.” Alison stated. so quit going on. “I’m not going out with him. no earlier in case Mums still up.” Sarah laughed. We’re not getting married. Didn’t think he was your type anyway. no way did I say it. changing the subject.” Alison vowed. blonde hair and all. She just meant that we could work together.” Alison smiled. holding her stomach as though it was going to explode. Alison sighed.” Sarah grinned. I’ll keep quiet. all this glowing stuff. But don’t harass me next time. “I bet.” “I hope not. otherwise Rachel would be crying in her hanky at your wedding. nothing else. vowed before giving a sly smile. and throwing her hands around in disapproval of the accusation Alison had thrown at her.” Sarah retorted shaking her head. who now had the look of a child who had dropped their ice cream.“I don’t think so. I think you wanted to do it. not me.

His hair was spiked up to its punk standard too. “You know very well what I am here for. Matthew opened the door and frowned. “Young man. He waited for her to begin. But if you’d have told me what was going on. She banged on the door so hard. She is so annoying with all that smiling. rather than have them drawn on a piece of paper. as he was no fan of flat hair. His favourite plain black t-shirt. until confirmation has been agreed. “Well learn it.” Lidah complained. she is a good teaching assistant. and she was going to tell him so. his usual cool-self was wary. She did not like her students being put in difficult confrontations. so that it could be put away when not needed. music sheets and school exercise books piled high in the dusty hallway. maybe I wouldn’t have needed to. blue skinny jeans and red Conserve trainers were being worn. “Not only did you ask her out like that. Section 24. Mrs. number 324. too.CHAPTER 17 Mrs. “You’re not my Mum.” Matthew bit back. young man. If you read your rulebook you would have seen it. I’d love to wipe it off her face permanently. It would’ve meant that I would not have needed to come and tell you so. Foster was not in a good mood as she approached Matthew Armstrong’s home.” Matthew sneered.” “Until the union give the nod. She never complains when given jobs to do. “Could do with a bit of a clean in here.” Lidah mumbled when seeing his guitars. but also I believe Mistie was in the room.” . so let me in.” “I know I did.” “I don’t think I managed to get that far in the book. Matthew opened the door wider.” “Mistie? She’s as dizzy as a roundabout. It’s there in black and white. “Matthew that is not a nice thing to say. all new applicants and missions are not to be mentioned. He knew what she was here for. He followed Lidah into the kitchen. Foster winced as soon as her eyes were drawn hypnotically to the tattoo’s that were showing on his arm. so don’t tell me how to keep my house.” Matthew snarled. and he knew that what he had done was wrong.” Lidah suggested crossly. with an edge of annoyance to his voice. She found them distasteful and wondered why they wanted things drawn on their body. I don’t think she would have understood what I was saying. She’s in a dream-world half the time. with a sarcastic smile. “What is it?” Matthew growled. I cannot believe you approached Alison in the way that you did. that any harder and the door would’ve been thrown from its hinges. and a very unhappy lady walked through into the hall. You put her in a very difficult situation. just yet.

” “Oh I see. But I’m not happy not being told anything. And if you need me then let me know. “Yes you will Matthew. If enemies are around and hear. . but no battles.” Matthew shrugged. in a downtrodden way. and she is not to be around whilst I am doing them. I don’t think she should know about it. But those Stimikhans are dirty. then I will not trouble anyone any more.” “Oh yes the Stinmikha war. “Matthew. She gives me the creeps. probably the whole school knows. “Oh yes. I am well prepared for this war. why did she know about this war before me?” Matthew asked. your fighting skills are to be proud of. So we are presuming that Amir is ready to fight again. but you must be careful where you ask delicate questions like this. at a job well done.” “I have power and strength too. and we need your aggression on the field. In fact. I do not want you to approach Alison this way again. so don’t you worry. only a few were needed. I will inform her that you are in the union.” “Like this war that Alison was blabbing about in class the other day?” Matthew implored in an annoyed voice. She will be helping you in your classroom for a while. I have a few gigs lined up. You are coming aren’t you? We will find out more at the meeting and you will be informed of the itinerary of the battle.“I don’t like her.” “Well get used to her. I feel like Billy-no-mates. Matthew. That’s why I approached her. the enemies were no more than the size of children. But be warned. especially the way Sarah shouted. his eyes gleaming in satisfaction. When I was given the position at the school. Lidah thought for a moment and smiled. I have nothing planned.” “And it will. I have things that need sorting out. There is a meeting on Friday. goodness knows what could happen. with a look of unfairness showing on his face. I have been in a few battles over the last few weeks that have improved my fighting skills.” “Yes. so I was told. If it were not for their beards and odour smells. Not a big battle I hear. You should know that you are an important asset to the union. but for the enemies. It always made it look like they shouldn’t be fighting for the union. “She spoke about it in class?” Lidah was surprised at this. you told me that we were all working together and that information would be given. I would not have fought. let me know. Lidah hated the look off anyone who was recollecting his or her battles. that’s fine then. vile gits that needed a good shave with my sword.” Matthew snarled. So anything at all.” “Yeah I won’t. as long as I’m informed. And will I be going?” Matthew asked. Zantha said that the necklace that Carla gave her was glowing. “She was told by the queen personall y. Amir’s army are of strength and evilness.” “Well.

Who is it?” Matthew asked. after school in your classroom. tomorrow. you are fast. “But she’s also a young girl. He knew saying that was a mistake. And Zellacta will not be able to get back until Monday.” “I didn’t mean it like that.” “Very nice. by then war dates will be set and my students will not have a clue which way to hold a sword. “Sorry. “Thank you for the drink. agile and it would help me. I have a gig at the local tonight. well my union. “Yes. my rules.” he smiled coyly. “Don’t forget. didn’t think you’d want a drink from someone who slums it. I have never seen a child with anger like it. “Have to go myself. Matthew followed her.” Lidah commented rudely and glared annoyingly at Matthew. Fighting will calm her down. I suppose I could help.” Matthew mumbled. .” “Robert I can understand. who in turn winced. If not. never mind how to use one. got to set up the equipment and make sure Slasher gets there. Andrew was going to help. “It will be Sarah Butler and Robert Harrison. You know some lovely people. visit Onbrier and they will sort you out.“How would you like to teach some sword techniques to a couple of students?” “Me? Why?” Matthew asked. He got locked up last time for throwing up on a copper. what with being cooped up in Onbrier.” “Yes. Make sure you have what you need. as Matthews’s cheeks flushed. and she needs to get it out. “Your ideal. She could not understand why someone so talented lived in a house that was in such dire need of a good clean and fresh air.” Lidah stated harshly and walked into the hallway. but he is unable to now. sounding unsure.” Lidah said sarcastically.” Lidah left the house and took a deep breath. but Sarah?” “She has fighting spirit.” “I don’t think gender of a person should come into it Matthew.” Lidah said.

However. morning. . staring harder she seemed to go into a trance. towards a large wooden barn. She gazed at his eyes…she loved to do that lately. She got her clothes ready for the adventure and packed her backpack with a torch. Amir stood up and began to walk from the back gardens of the palace. the warmth of her room was no longer around. but also the queen. who had urged Amir to wipe his eyes so that she could see what was going on. Alison was not sure if it was she. could mean trouble. She could feel the air was cool. with straw piled to the rafters on the left side of the building. No horses were visible. Its doors were opened wide. and into a pebble courtyard. or that the tears were burning his cheeks and the need to wipe them away was of his free will. not only from her mum. wiping his eyes and sniffing loudly. groaning to himself. silk doublet was used as a handkerchief. just like Simon. everything around her became dark. A place that if they got caught in. and all with the upper half of the doors open. a panic in his breathing made Alison aware that something was not right. She lifted her hands to her face. who did not wish nosey kids to probe her kingdom before going to war. The straw that was around the horse was bloodied from the deep wounds on its stomach. The yellow sun was in a deep. She could not believe that she had put herself forward by agreeing to take three people to Frinda. as he pulled the thick material roughly over his eyes and cheeks. and realised that she was inside Amir’s own body. blue sky.CHAPTER 18 Alison felt sick. The walk seemed rushed. They walked towards the side of the palace towards a fenced up area. who rocked back and forth. Then with a deep breath of air. a secret that he was not allowed to tell. each with wooden doors. as lying on the ground lay a chestnut horse. and she was sitting on a mound of grass in the palace grounds. Something that he had kept hidden away. noon and night. as she heard the soft sobbing from the boy. and looked down sadly. before falling to the ground crying once more. wishing that she could’ve known him and been his friend. food and a bottle of water. as the doublet of the boy stroked his face. All she thought about was he. and she now knew that she was going to see something that Amir wished to share. which housed eight grey stone stables. and lay on her bed grabbing the picture of Amir. Amir walked in. She began staring at the handsome prince. His dark green. It was the same feeling she’d had when she visited Simon’s body. The light breath of the horse and the nudging of its head made Alison aware that he was dying. The sound of crying was close to her ears. Alison felt herself gasp. but Amir did not note this as he walked past the deserted stalls.

” Zantha cackled.” Zantha purred as she stared at Amir with no fear of harm approaching her. because I will take you down like the pitiful creatures of this kingdom. “I will always fight you. She watched as his hands covered his eyes and face. and all who live here will bow down to me. what happened?” Carla asked. I am going to make sure that your time in this palace is going to be a very unhappy one. Alison suddenly felt as though she was floating. Alison felt as though she could cry too. who could have killed your horse?” a wicked voice behind him sneered. like an angel hovering over him. . So please. “Sleep tight Harpo.” Amir cried as he closed Harpo’s eyes and continued stroking his mane. “Oh dear. muffling the sound of his crying. She was above Amir. “When I am ruler I will make sure that this village obeys me. I will get my revenge.” Zantha vowed. Zantha. and everything you love will be taken away from you. I want to see you suffer.Amir stroked its mane. hugging the creature and whispering gently in its ear. for as long as Amir could remember. with her mum sitting on the edge of it. entertain me with your tears. One by one. who did not seem to have a bad bone within him. He never does. stroking Alison’s forehead. “Why did you kill him?” Amir asked as he pushed his sister back on to the courtyard angrily. and I wish this too. unable to help a creature who had been his only companion in the palace. You should not live amongst the good-people of Frinda!” Amir yelled. and walked away laughing. “Leave me alone!” Amir shouted. and Papa will never believe you if you tell. then kissed the horse on its temple and watched sadly. unable to fathom out why she would be so cruel and vindictive towards her brother. as she watched him until all around became black once more. Alison stared hard at Zantha. Alison opened her eyes.” He threatened. each thing you love will be taken from your life. “Alison. “You have done much evil. “Dear brother. She was back in her bed. I’ll miss you. “What? And leave you to suffer in peace? I don’t think I could do that. Amir turned around to see his sister standing there laughing by the barn doors. You have surely earned a place with the devil. You’re poison. She was soaking wet. and her mouth was dry. It is so much better than Papa’s plans of a puppeteer coming for my birthday party. that he now wishes that you were not born. his bloodied hands turning into a fist.” Zantha stated. as he quickly stood up and ran at Zantha. “Did a nasty person kill your horsey worsy?” she laughed. Alison sat up quickly. You have done so many bad things. as he died. “Don’t expect victory dear brother.

“A bit. and noticed it was a portrait of a young boy “Who’s this?” Carla asked.” Alison protested.” Carla stated angrily. . You are going to be in trouble if anyone at the palace finds out.” “You steal too? How stupid are you? Why on earth did you do something as stupid as this?” “I don’t know. Carla followed. “I had a dream.” Alison mumbled. “I don’t think he’s the evil one. This was the moment Alison had dreaded — her mum finding the picture. the monster who killed your father because you like him?” Carla spat.” “I didn’t know.” “YOU WHAT? You like Amir?” Carla shouted as her arms began going fanatical with annoyance at her daughter’s stupidity. “Why did you take it?” “I took it because I like him. “What was all that about?” Carla asked concerned. young lady.” Alison replied quietly. Alison’s stomach began somersaulting.“I feel sick. her voice shaking with fright. something on the floor caught her eye. “I didn’t know it was him. however. if I had I would not have taken—” “You take a picture of the enemy. She felt like she was going to be sick again. looking at the handsome boy on the photo with curiosity. “You don’t know?” “I…I—” “That is not going to work with me. Carla held her daughter and took her back to bed.” Alison whispered back. “I didn’t know. “AMIR? What the blazes are you doing with a picture of him in our house?” Carla shouted. “Feeling better?” Carla asked.” “A dream that makes you sick?” Carla looked alarmed. “I think it’s Amir.” Alison whispered. “Well?” Carla enquired.” Carla mimicked. “Where did you get it from?” “I took it from the palace. pushing her mum away and running to the bathroom. She moved her body to take a closer look at the object.

She never wanted to rule. slamming the door.” “How do you know. They’re real.” “They’re not dreams. just to—” “You liar!” Carla shouted. Mum. and stormed out the room. she has killed. It’s the queen who’s the evil one. Mum?” “I do not need to explain myself to you!” Carla screamed as she stood up and walked towards the door. I have seen what she has done.“I beg your pardon? How dare you say that! He’s killed thousands of innocent people and you have the audacity to say he’s not evil?” “My dreams of him show him as a kind boy. if you think that Amir is INNOCENT!” Carla growled. “I don’t think you should help with this war.” “They’re dreams. . saying she would rule Frinda. They’re not real. She mocked him.” “She would never say that. “It’s true. I’ve just been in Amir’s body.

and then get a message back to her mum. Then she saw the note on an old scrap of paper saying: Gone to Lidah’s . But at the back of her mind. She was worried about bumping into her mum on the way to the kitchen. other thoughts were coming too. not only about her friends coming to the house. and saw them in the house. Alison was confused. so thought it wise to tiptoe. She was surprised to see everything in darkness when she was downstairs. and sat on a stool by the kitchen units. and having no “Love Mum” at the end of the message showed that her mum was still angry. Alison sighed and carried on into the kitchen. unsure if the dreams she was having were true.CHAPTER 19 It was getting late. who did this evilness and the queen was right.” Alison said. grabbed a bag of crisps and an apple from the fruit bowl. or was it he. It was 11. or the queen had made out to believe. what would happen if her mum came back at the same time.” She stood up and walked towards her bedside table. delicate walking was needed now. the sky outside was turning dark blue.20pm. She felt uneasy. or just her mind playing tricks. Amir would have ruled and he would have ruled far better Alison thought. who should have been run out of the village. Alison was oblivious to this as she sat at her desk. “What should I do?” Alison asked looking at the picture. She would have found out eventually Alison thought to herself. now I’m talking to a picture. She made herself a sandwich. just so that they could get down to the portal and get back home before her mum came back from Lidah’s. The clock on the mantelpiece showed 11. Alison looked under the stairs and again darkness fell. that the queen would kill them. She did not want to hurt her mum. “Great. Was what she had seen of Amir the truth? Was he really the scapegoat for his sister’s badness. She really thought going to Frinda was not going to be a good idea. and reacting in the way that she had. What would she say then? She now wished her friends were waiting outside. Her best. The writing was rushed. then gave a huff. she did not want to lie to her about the picture. . was the evil one. to Alison. that her brother was evil. She truly believed that Amir was not who her mum. but also. but at the same time. Alison’s stomach rumbled. The queen. She decided she was not going to fight Amir. just to spite him and pay back Alison for not believing her. saying Amir had murdered her. She was worried now.back late “Oh. She decided food was needed before she ventured off to the unknown. and Alison was getting cold feet about going. not after what she’d seen of the queen. She was also worried that if the queen found them wandering around Frinda. It was she. upset about her mum finding the picture. not Amir.35pm.

“So.” Alison whispered. Each child began looking for the key. “Hi. Then she remembered where she had seen her mum take the box. Alison opened it and clicked the light on. Except they run from a tent on the market and not in a basement. when Alison took it out of its case.” Sarah asked. it’s a pinky. she’ll go mad if she caught us down there. bluish coloured box. when he entered. with the crystal ball and stuff.” “You okay. We need to before Mum comes back. but pleasantly surprised to see a flight of stairs. moving a row of books from a shelf. and the children looked on fascinated by the spectacle. “Is your Mum in bed?” Sarah asked pointing to the ceiling. it holds the key for the portal. lifting cubes. She quickly went to her front door and ushered them in before they could say anything.” Alison. “Got it. that’s what I call cool. . showing the room in all its glory. “We’re going now. answered. as the room began glowing and unicorns began cantering around the walls.” Alison replied calmly. Where is it?” Alison groaned. Alison looked at her friend with annoyance. Ali? You seem odd. then?” Robert asked impatiently. clear. and Sarah stopped speaking. I think. The room dazzled with light.After the third glance through the curtains. Alison clicked the light on. that’s all. “That’s it. “Come on. when are we going. showing the stairway clearly and they followed her down to the white door. “Phew! Thank goodness for that. She opened the blue drawer and smiled when she saw the strange trinket box.” Alison replied. and watched in amazement when the small item grew bigger. follow me. “Not in.” Robert. “Yeah. Alison was relieved to see her friends standing outside. voice. and the unicorns stopped dead around the door in the room.” she smiled.” Simon remarked. declared. this is cool. like one of those gypsy tents. “Now. “None of those.” Sarah whispered. The other three stood around the table. “Nervous. under the stairs. “So now what?” Robert asked.” Sarah smiled.” The three children followed Alison. “I need to find a small box. “Wow.” Sarah commented. “Frinda!” Alison shouted in a loud. They were surprised to find themselves going in the cubby-hole. really pretty. and let’s get this over with. or strange shaped boxes up for Alison to look at. gone out.

The thatched roofs had either been burnt away. this is weird.” “What if I need the toilet?” Sarah asked worriedly. they could not believe that they were in another place. Alison looked around the door. or had fallen to the ground. Windows lay tattered with broken panes of glass. which made Simon laugh out more. The other three looked on amazed.” Alison whispered as she looked around the village with a confused look.” Alison sighed. “Sarah.” Alison informed her friends. “Do you think we should?” asked Simon.” Simon laughed. with a concerned look on his face. “Right. and looking around at the dire mess of the village. “What’s happened?” Alison cried. no matter what. And doors had been smashed. “The houses look deserted. and by the side of it. leaving gaps in the dwellings. even. “Thanks for the info. however. She shut the door and felt around the edge of the door frame. “Oh wow. They looked around to see if they could see anything.“Well?” Sarah asked. the clay on the walls had become dry and had crumbled away.” Alison replied. My bladder plays havoc when I’m nervous.” “So is going for a wee.” She continued walking. opening the door wider. the stairs aren’t there. “Be quiet. “They were not like this the other day. they could barely see a hand in front of them. “No wandering off.” Alison announced. be quiet in case someone’s there. . He took his torch out of his bag and clicked it on.” Alison whispered sternly. she saw the flower her mum had planted the last time they were there.” Simon gasped. “Someone might be in the bushes. “We need to close the door. “We’ll follow you. the palace is that way. “Shh. and attack us. and no light was escaping from under the door. I’m not sure what the villagers are like. Sarah bobbed her tongue out. “Were here. for all I know.” Sarah complained. They might be blood-thirsty killers.” she looked around. They stepped out of the door on to the edge of the forest in Frinda. another dimension.” nodded Robert. so that no one from Frinda decided to investigate the strange beam of light coming from the middle of nowhere. so Shh!” “This is strange. she hated Alison in her serious mood. Each house looked unkempt. She had to make sure that the hole was sealed.” Alison remembered. “We’ll have to be careful. pointing right. or burnt. with the darkness. this is serious. so stay together. Sarah pulled a face.

” Alison answered. “The palace is over there. but a war or battle can start whenever the enemy pleases to. which too was in total darkness. “This was lit up.” Alison stated.” Simon commented. The children climbed tree trunks. The place was so shiny that you needed sunglasses to see. rather than a place to welcome people. The palace door was nearing and the teenagers were relieved that they were nearing their destination. with the iron bars screaming out as though in agony when being touched.” Alison gasped. was in ruins.” “Think we should go?” Sarah asked. the creaking was so loud that it echoed around the palace grounds. pointing to the big building. “Maybe not. she was scared too. All four winced at the noise and hoped no hungry wolves came from afar to feast on them. The children walked over them. People were walking around. “Hope you have your hiking boots on. Pictures that were still on their hooks were filthy and faint. and jumped on to other trees. Alison walked slowly towards the door and was not surprised to find that the door was not locked.” Alison huffed. The four adventurers walked towards the palace. Alison was upset to see that cobwebs covered every space on the ceiling in the once impressive hallway. and began looking for any life in the village. her hands shaking uncontrollably. The black iron gates lay on the ground. She tried opening it quietly. No one has been told. . rusted and broken. The once impressive floor was now so dirty that it looked more like an allotment for growing vegetables in. I can feel it. They arrived at the Palace and the once beautiful building. but this is not right. and even from where she stood. it seems so strange. “They can’t have. all apprehensive as to what was going to happen once they had reached their goal. but with age. The trees that were once cared for and reaped of vegetation had been torn from their roots. then aiming for parts of the ground that did not look as though thorns were going to be in wait for them. “It looks like it has not been occupied for years. do they?” Robert stated.“Maybe they’ve already had the war. as she looked around nervously. Robert walked behind the girls. she could see that it was damaged. “What’s going on?” Alison wept. “Yes. and moving bushes of strange looking berries and weeds away from their faces. they don’t have to make times and dates. Sarah grabbed Alison’s arm. The grounds to the palace were overgrown with grass and weeds filling every inch of land possible with its greed of wanting the whole ground to itself. looking around.” Alison sighed when she saw the assault course in front of her. some broken and others through age. neither of them speaking. lying on their sides as though they were sleeping. The doors were hanging off their hinges. or those less fortunate lay carelessly on the floor.

” “Is that where you?” Sarah began. Who knows?” “So where do we go from here?” Simon asked. that is where I found it.” Robert remarked.” Alison commented angrily “What boy?” Robert asked. But this is not right. I know. as though no harm was coming to her. “Yes it is. The four began walking along the corridor. How from one day to the next can things change this much? If a war had happened. Well. or her friends. “Maybe. and even though it was mostly in darkness. “We’re not sure he is yet.” Alison said sharply. Sarah. “I want to see the rest of the palace. “The great hall. “They may have done. bits of paper lying around with hints as to what’s happened. what’s left of it. “I have only been to the great hall and tower. I don’t care. “Amir.” Sarah replied without thinking.” “Maybe it’s the plague and they ran off.” Alison sighed. then?” Simon asked.” “Found what?” Robert asked. apart from the flicker of a couple of torches they held. that may tell us what’s happened. But they must have diaries or something.” “So where do you suggest we go. .” “No one’s here. She was expecting Alison to snap at her. as she looked through a gaping hole in a wall opposite where she was standing.” Sarah said in a matter-of-fact way. then we have to look around the rest of the palace. Alison.“No. The tower. I think that should be our first port of call. we need to find out what’s happened.” “But won’t she go mad if she found out we were here?” Simon asked. “That’s the queen’s brother isn’t it?” Robert queried. before you ask anymore. it’s not normal. So quit yapping. “Oh. “We’re not here to talk about pictures. “I know that. She could not understand why. and then go to Mrs. who knows. where are the bodies? Why did we not see anything outside? We should have seen something. I need to see if anything materialises. The palace was deserted and unoccupied. But it turns out he’s a cold-bloodied murderer. had nothing of importance in there except pictures. she found a picture of a dishy boy there. Alison felt at ease. but was surprised when she said. If nothing is found.” Sarah stated. Sarah. “So what if it is?” Alison replied crossly. We need to find something. yet she felt content. Foster and tell her of our findings.

“Same thing. “I’m fine. it’s creepy. They look as though they’re dancing. “What’s up with her?” Robert whispered to Sarah. it shows me things. bouncing under your feet as you walk. and began dancing merrily around her friends. the patterns on the door. “Oh yes dearie. Just to the end and the big doors are there.” Alison replied. It’s filthy. Alison stopped humming and stood looking at her friends.” Sarah murmured. “They dance. “Well. just weird.” Alison retorted. Sarah.” . “I can really see glitter. “Alison. in a dreamy way.” “The doors dance?” Sarah asked looking at a door they were standing next to. They walked along the corridor for a while. Alison smiled. “Can’t you see it?” Alison replied sweetly. “We’re nearly there. don’t you?” Alison cried.” “Alison. before Alison giggled. so dirty I’m sticking to it. and the doors …are. “The glitter.” Alison cooed. silly. The other three children looked at her. I see nothing but ragged old carpet. walking away in a dream.” Alison sighed and began humming again. I feel divine. they try to make me float into them. “No. in fact. “This carpet is so nice. “You think I’m mad. the glitter on the blue carpet began bursting from the floor into the air and descended back down.” Sarah mumbled. “Why?” Sarah asked dryly. She loved this carpet. I see it each time I come. as though they want to show me things.” Alison drifted off. It’s so nice. Sarah shrugged. I think it’s the ability I have.” Sarah complained. “See what?” Sarah asked looking at the drab flooring they were walking on. well…” “What about the doors?” Simon whispered calmly. she looked on amazed at her friend’s strange behaviour.” Robert replied sarcastically. “You all right?” Simon asked Alison. “Not the doors themselves. like a mini firework display. you’re scaring me. she had never seen anything so beautiful like this before.Walking along the corridor. with a look of confusion written on his pallid complexion when Alison began humming to herself. it makes me feel happy.

“Look at that!” Alison gasped. made it too hard not to do so. “Sarah!” she shouted. She realised she was in the great hall. but listening to Alison laughing and murmuring in a strange language. She could feel herself moving towards the door. not physically. “You are funny. Robert. . the sound of screaming and the crashes of things being broken. the silver glowing brighter as it tickled Alison gently on the face. a very young Queen Zantha walked in with her soldiers. Alison laughed at what was happening. her friends could not see what she could. she felt well again and she focused on the room around her. Her head felt light. but the rhythm of the door and the glitter dancing around.” Robert complained. Alison landed on the ground with a thud. The glitter that she had happily danced through was now coming towards her in fast flurries. She could hear a commotion through the double doors. and her breathing was shallow. She felt as though she was dying. a mixture of fear and excitement coming from her mouth. she was all alone. but at the same time. The room was bright and very big. as Alison began screaming. All three turned to see what Alison was pointing at. But unbeknown to Alison. but stopped and began staring in the direction of where Simon was standing. they wondered if she had become possessed by some evil monster. while the other three stood like statues. floating in darkness. which was dancing around. “You’ll be safe in here. terrified of what was going on. However. The glitter spun round and round. Sarah grabbed Robert’s arm closing her eyes at what may be approaching.” Alison laughed as she danced around him. She felt like she was floating and couldn’t stop herself from doing this. and gave him a bear hug. Sarah pulled a face and Robert looked mystified at Alison. It began spinning so quickly that Alison felt light-headed. Alison stared at the glitter. She drifted away from her friends and no longer could she hear their voices. but an outer body feeling. The glitter began twirling around the door.“About time too! I’ve never walked this far in my life. She went to open the double doors. Alison was scared. They were still expecting something bad coming towards them. following the glitter that was almost floating into the distance.” one of the soldiers said to the queen as he bowed down. seconds later. “What’s up?” Simon asked looking worried. She tried to look away. cascading around her friends and spinning around until it approached Alison. They got to the big doors and Alison went to open them. She felt drawn in. thinking her friends were in trouble.

when a soldier walked towards her. a man appeared at the double doors. However. Not once. she was invisible to him. dear sister. You were angry at his decision. The queen turned around in shock. your Majesty.” . swords at the ready for the intruder who was approaching their ruler. as did the soldiers. “You were jealous that Papa gave me the kingdom to rule. his clothing was doublet and breeches.Queen Zantha looked at the soldier. “You have never wished this kingdom to be ruled by me. You had better knowledge than I. but all she did was laugh at him. dear sister. His hands lay up in the air as if surrendering. a cold stare was all that the soldier got for his troubles of assisting his ruler from the chaos that could be heard close by. The soldiers stood near the queen.” the queen said in almost a whispered voice. she was expecting him to say something. Amir began to walk towards her. Papa wants you to go to his castle. He thinks that your ruling is not a benefit to your villagers.” Amir stated calmly and looked at his sister affectionately. An evil laugh. However. His childhood face had changed a lot from the picture she had of him. he walked through her. This you know of. that seemed to echo in the grand room that they were in. With relief in her mind. I have come to take you away. You were the stronger of the two of us. fastened up — unused. The four soldiers saluted and began looking around the room. Alison looked at Amir and saw that his looks were still noticeable. she carried on watching and seeing where this scenario was going. When Papa told me of what his intentions were after Mater died. “Soldiers. “All clear. “I wish no such thing. This I will not do.” “I never disagreed with Papa’s decision. “Zantha. did I wish the kingdom for myself.” the Soldier ordered.” She began. The queen nodded and walked slowly towards the throne where there were two back doors. “Amir. search the room to check it’s safe.” the soldier stated. You wish to take me away and kill me so that you can claim my kingdom. and a sword hanging from a belt. Alison was not sure if this was a dream or real.” Zantha screeched. instead. which were made of Italian silk in colours of gold and green. He wants to take care of you. What’s going on? Alison thought. which would lead her away from the battle. However. You are unwell and in need of help. His shoulder length. with black boots laced up. “You lie. but had more of a chiselled feature. I was in agreement with his decision and vowed that I would assist you in keeping order in the kingdom. one on the left and the other on the right. Amir was not ready to fight. I have no illness.” Amir replied softly. black hair lay loose around his face. “You dare come to take my kingdom away?” hissed Zantha to Amir.

You did things that even I could never imagine a person could do. and what came next was a bigger surprise to Alison. Alison had never seen such anger in a person in her life. and the soldiers who had all stood in line to protect their queen. You must leave now before you are found and killed. Death in their eyes as their curtains closed. dear sister. you will die. his face solemn. Amir stood silent.” Zantha spoke airily. Papa realises that making you queen was the wrong decision. “I have not asked for this war. Please come with me. Nevertheless. I have a carriage outside the village. He regrets it deeply. my. for fierce warriors to fight my soldiers . each one crashing to the floor.” “You dare lie to me. And when he finds you. who proclaimed war. “This war that is surrounding this village is not of anyone’s doings. He soon realised that you needed his help. you do learn quickly. you were cruel to me as a child. The queen grabbed one of the soldier’s swords. “Yes. and a look of satisfaction suddenly coming over her at the loss of lives she had ended. Amir looked at her worriedly. my brother?” “Zantha. unsure of what to do. one last time. with a look of bewilderment on his face.” Zantha cackled. after all. He indeed was no threat to anyone. “What have you done?” Amir asked. “You have soldiers killing your own people?” Amir asked. stood motionless as though in shock. dear brother. Not the runt of the family. I have searched kingdoms high and low. but MINE!” Zantha laughed. “You think I am going to come with you? You are a murderer and soon my warrior will be here to kill you.” Amir protested. was now in the great hall. as the queen came at each of them. almost choking in fear. He will see the death upon my feet. villagers of past have spoken and gossip began in Papa’s castle. The fighting is bad.” Amir pleaded.” Zantha hissed. it is not I who wished for this conflict. She had never seen anyone been killed before. The soldiers looked on. screaming with anger as she slit their throats like buttering bread. as Zantha looked angrily at her brother. “Come now. speaking gently towards their queen. that YOU are the one that is insane and needed taking care of. being as you were — his favourite child.Amir bowed gently to his sister. You were too young to rule. Alison screamed at seeing this. who in return scowled evilly back. She was now scared and wanted to go. her eyes staring at the blood on the sword she was holding. The man. “I knew you were coming and I needed to prove to the people around. “You are not well enough to stay here. Papa would believe you over me.” “And let you take my kingdom? NEVER!” hissed Zantha. not I. “My. and the battle that surrounds my kingdom.

Amir looked horrified at his sister. it landed on the floor by the window. Zantha began to scream as though in fright. He is not the evil one in this room. before withdrawing the sword. and with the sword. before she raised her hand quickly. “I too know of your intentions. Those who did not obey me… died. “Kill Him!” shouted Zantha to the masked warrior. . My mission was always to end your life. and held the silver blade in front of Zantha’s chest. before he could do so. Zantha had a face of fury.” Zantha stared at the warrior.” Zantha laughed. his sword held tightly in his hand. The prince is not to die by my sword. The warrior walked towards Zantha and Amir slowly. Amir shook his head with anger. “I should kill you for the misery you have caused. by the throne. The queen threw the sword out of her hands. She pushed the sword harder into him. she did not want anyone disobeying her. The warrior fell to the ground — dead before he had landed. and watching gleefully at the loss of life that she had caused once more. The man looked at Zantha and Amir. but the frown did not stay long. her face had a look of repulsion upon it.” Amir. The queen slowly walked backwards when she realised that she was now going to die and she was unable to protect herself. she’d used to kill the soldiers. with a look of terror in her eyes. but your life indeed needs to end. “I will not kill him. and shook his head. and with a harsh clink. when I warned them of the future I saw before me. ready to strike when the time was needed to. his eyes open wide with shock showing through his mask at what she had done to him. and I side with the prince. I will not kill anyone who does not deserve to be killed. Carla came running into the room. He slowly took his sword out of its scabbard. ready to take revenge for what she had done. The warrior looked at her in bewilderment. He raised his sword above his head. muttered harshly. I have heard what was spoken.” The warrior walked in front of the queen. as I know that you wish pain on the innocent and I know of the true reason of this war that you inflicted on this kingdom. making Amir move to the side of him. Zantha looked open eyed at the sword. “You are to go with Amir and seek help. However. then in the corner of her eyes she saw someone walking out of the left door. pushed the sword deeply into the warrior’s chest.and to kill all those who did not listen to me.” the warrior stated.

Weapons appeared from nowhere and began firing at Amir. She had not realised that the warrior was her father. She was glad she was getting away from the place she had visited. her eyes wet and blurred. all the anger she was feeling with the loss of her husband. the queen had a look of evilness upon it. Gently she floated until she was in darkness. unbeknown to Carla. as seeing what she had just seen.“Mum!” Alison shouted. but with the gentle noises the glitter was making. Carla held her hands up towards the air. “What have you done? Why did you kill my husband?” Carla screamed at Amir. “You killed my Dad. her arms cradling the man in her arms. Amir ran out of the double doors and when he had gone. she could just about see the silver of the glitter once again spinning around. . she glared at Amir and looking towards him. as she stared at the man hoping that he would wake up and look at her. Amir stood still. However. Her mind began swirling. not Amir!” she shouted. the pain of the salty water making her face sting. Alison began crying too. Alison stood up and wiped her eyes. the magic faded away gently. was not helping. her body began moving slowly into the door. She had no idea why she was shown this. “Succurro meus angelus. but couldn’t move from where she was. At first. He did not know what to say. swirling round and round. Alison soon began to go into a trance. to tell her how sorry he was. and yet. as she had stuck to the ground with fright. and began hugging her. Alison felt alarmed at this. “Concentrate” she heard whispering through the glitter. She wanted to hug him too. Alison sobbed. Zantha walked towards Carla. but through the tears. She began to watch the glitter as it began its journey towards the door. stroking Carla’s hair. Carla ran towards the body of the man lying motionless on the ground. made the magic spell strong.” The room glowed of colours and patterns began forming. as she kneeled on the floor. he felt her pain. The scene disappeared in front of Alison’s eyes. “Jason? Oh no. she shouted. She sat on the floor. as tears smeared her face. he could not move towards her. Her screams of pain began to echo around. a sly smile was planted on her delicate lips. and allowing Carla to cry upon her shoulders. She was now all alone in the room. Carla was furious. Jason!” Carla screamed hysterically. her mind would not allow her to float.

If she was dead it wouldn’t have ” Simon commented rudely and shrugged his shoulders abruptly. They stood by the big oak doors of the palace. I hope Amir burned the place down. “How are you? What happened?” Alison sat up. “They’ve been like that all the time you lay there. or something?” Sarah snapped. it was never him. please. A war. you two. She had never felt this angry before. with her still inside. She jumped and walked without fear of being injured.” Alison could hear a gentle voice calling. the shrubbery in the palace grounds was not an obstacle for Alison any longer. Sarah on the other hand. “Of course she’s alive. Foster before something bad happens. Nevertheless. “Hey. to tell her teacher the truth about the queen and Prince Amir. thought differently. you daft lump. “Wait up. slow down. Alison. She opened her eyes to find three people staring at her. being in a strange place and the only light being from torches. is a war that she’s planning. She was usually the tough and carefree one and not bothered about the consequences of bruised limbs and bangs to her body. her anger was erupting. gave the village a sinister feeling. She began to walk towards the village. and began to run out of the palace.” “Relax? She’s declaring war that she expects us to fight in. The queen is evil and we need to tell Mrs. the village looking even more menacing and eerie. you should relax a bit.” Alison walked quickly along the dark corridor.“Alison. “Alison.” Robert said looking at Alison affectionately.” Sarah gasped. stupid. You wanted to know what had happened. .” Robert tutted.” Alison declared angrily.” Sarah shouted. Alison was not bothered. “Her chest was going up and down. but Alison still felt dizzy and light-headed. so that she can kill anyone who is not loyal to her. “you’re alive. “It’s the queen. You were out for a while. and was greeted with more darkness. I want to go home now.” Sarah gave her friend a hug. “Everyone blamed Amir for that war. “I hate her.” Alison stated angrily and stood up ready to walk away. No longer did she see glitter dancing. looks of worry planted on their young faces.” “I don’t care what’s happened. She’d fainted. She wanted to get to the portal. She felt anger burning up inside her. that for all I know.” Simon commented. “you fainted. “I thought we were going to investigate the palace for clues. that’s all.” Simon remarked. “Please. not Amir!” Alison screamed.” Alison cried. She killed my Dad. “How’d you know? Are you a bleeding doctor. it was her. However.

“With the dreams and the experience of what I’ve just seen. people are going to die. and this disagreement on what side to fight on. relief in their faces as the light of the séance room shone underneath the gap of the door. don’t you?” Simon asked. so he grabbed her gently by the arm and they both ran as quickly as they could. “Thanks. about this so called ‘Queen’!” “You really hate her.” Robert replied when he looked at the clock on the mantel piece. which was next to the invisible door. She undid the zip. Alison opened the door and all four went through.” “We’re here if you need us. Her mum had always thought that it was Amir who had killed her dad. it was found and Alison began to feel the edges of the closed door. my feelings towards her have changed. “What’s the time?” Sarah asked when they got upstairs into the living room. was not going to be easy. She opened the front door for her friends and watched as they walked to the end of the drive. and the other two nodded in agreement.03am.” Simon smiled. With relief.Simon felt nervous too and understood Sarah’s feelings. her nerves were making her feel cold. Alison ran with her torch on the ground. She’s evil and needs stopping. I have to think how to break the news to Mrs. her eyes scanning the floor and hoping not to miss the blue flower. she’s not going to care who dies. But if we don’t say anything.” Alison stated. How could she persuade her otherwise? Her mum was stubborn at the best of times. She was not looking forward to seeing her mum tomorrow. . She felt sick again. Foster. She knew her mum would never believe her. following Alison and Robert. and her bones were shaking as if in fear. “12. “You’d better go before my Mum comes home. before Alison closed it and then reopened it to reveal the stairs under the cupboard. Now go before anyone finds out you’re not in your beds. she’ll go spare otherwise.

coming out of their usual street. which then joined on to the main route to school.” she laughed. “All right. have a feeling it’s going to be my worst day. so decided against this. all was quiet too. “No idea. . I know. so don’t say anything. her mum would have shouted for her to get up and out of bed by now. She wanted her mum to believe her. She wanted to avoid the arguments and disagreements — for the time being. and she groaned. “Look. Alison did not care. “Nope. Alison pulled a face.” “Where’d she go?” Sarah asked. Alison knew it was going to be a difficult task. and Alison was not in the mood for her immature slander. glad in a way. as she knew that Rachel would no doubt have ammo to throw at them. William and Rachel. the sun was shining brightly in the sky. I hope I don’t see her all weekend. until she saw a mug by the sink. Sarah smiled brightly to her friend. with your crappy hairstyles and tatty uniforms. Alison spotted Simon. how revolting. you always do.” Sarah sighed rolling her eyes. being the stubborn and obnoxious person she was most of the time. “But then. She clicked her alarm off and went to the bathroom and had a wash. but wherever it was. after her storming off last night. Downstairs in the kitchen.” “Oh don’t say that. she wanted nightfall to arrive quickly. I’m not always putting my foot in it. today not a sound was heard and Alison knew this was a bad sign. “Not like you to be early. anyway. her face had changing to thunder too. And you have the nerve to turn up to school like that. It was as though her mum had not been home all night. with her nose in the air as though something unpleasant was on the ground. Just want to get today out of the way. another sunny day was on the cards. She knew she had to see her mum sometime today.” Rachel scowled.” Alison and Sarah walked towards school. Usually. She met Sarah halfway down her street. “Look at the state of you two. Rachel looked at the two girls. however. You look like you’ve been sleeping on the streets. Alison wanted to look for her.CHAPTER 20 Alison’s alarm went off. Alison half smiled.” Sarah said smiling. but at the same time.” Alison warned Sarah. She made her breakfast and ate her cereal quickly then left the house. Have you seen your Mum?” Sarah asked softly. “How’re you feeling this morning?” “Fine thanks. she did not feel too good and wanted to go back to bed until the day ended. they don’t know about us being friends with Simon. I bet it has to be something to do with the union. However. she was nervous as to what she may say to her. However.

” Sarah said slowly. “Nahh. “Get your books out and read quietly.” Sarah giggled. as every time she looked up from her desk. who too had a look of confusion written over his clammy face. and a look of fury was planted on her face as soon as Alison entered the room.” “What does that mean?” Sarah asked.” Alison smiled. reached into their bags for their books. “Never thought he’d say that though. the ups and downs I’m going to have today. when the teacher’s glares erupted on Alison. but quietly. and if I hear anyone speaking between now and the bell going. followed by William. . Foster demanded in an angry tone.” Mrs. Foster glared at each student individually. I’ll have Mum yelling at me when I get home. Rachel had never been spoken to like that by Simon. shaking her head before continuing to walk to school. kind of level’s the depression out of my life a bit. then you will all stay in after school. her stomach was aching with the butterflies that seemed to be flying around so fast in her belly that they could have sent Alison floating into the sky. Foster’s eyes seemed to have imbedded into Alison’s. “I see. “At least they don’t need to spend all their living lives in front of a mirror to look like that. “Serves her right.” “No way. “Told you. at least it balances my day. Foster was already in the classroom when the girls arrived. Alison and Sarah laughed hard. “You know. and quickly.“Stop being such a malicious cow!” Simon shouted. So get over it.” Simon snarled and looked at Rachel with annoyance before storming off and leaving Rachel looking surprised. she always looks like that. but having that snob spoken to like that.” Alison whispered to Sarah. he was forced to be friends with her. ********** Mrs. because you look more like you’ve slept rough. thought he fancied her. “I am not having chit-chat before your first lesson this morning. If she smiled she’d still look like a dead fish. but found it impossible. not knowing what her friend meant and looked at her friend. like a volcano ready to spew its lava out. but Alison could not smile back. She sat down trying to avoid Mrs. and ran off begging Simon to wait for her. Oh well. Mrs.” Sarah laughed. And there was certainly plenty of hatred in those eyes to keep a devil happy for the rest of its life. Foster’s evil stares. and each face had a look fear written over it at the thought of what punishment she would be giving.” Mrs.

She smiled at him. she knew it was not going to be good. fear felt within her. “I know more about the situation than you think. she had no idea what to say.” Mrs. and already you decide not to? You decide the enemy is in need of your assistance?” Mrs. winking his eye. she dared not disagree with her. She is the victim of his callous ways.” Alison protested. It is she that needs killing — not Amir. “She is concerned. it is all ill-fated. she would have come to you and tell you about the picture. what can I say?” Mrs. you carry pictures of him.“Alison — my office — NOW!” Mrs. “The rest of you. or hurt anyone. I see things. and then turned to Simon who seemed to have a look of remorse in his eyes. You see him in dreams.” Mrs. Foster suddenly shouted. which made the class jump. Foster ordered. and it would be he that got punished for her nastiness. . because he loved her. Remember? I have seen what that so-called queen has done. She had no idea what was going to be spoken. Foster snapped. as she grabbed her friend’s hand. “Sit. and he smiled gently back. Foster suddenly asked. if you dare disobey my order. “Do you have that picture of him? Your Mum told me that you stole it from the palace. Foster stormed out of the classroom. I will make your time at this school very unpleasant. Alison walked into Mrs. Alison. “You are entrusted to fight with us. Give me the picture.” “I see. Alison squeezed it back. Why am I not surprised?” Alison commented harshly and raised her hands in the air in disapproval. Foster butted in. “Do you think Amir is in need of you? He is evil and needs eliminating from life. Alison got up slowly. And what makes you judge in this?” “I’ve seen what she has done. She would put the blame on him. you’re not even trained. she was scared. “Well. She has done the nastiest things that a person could ever commit. but by the looks and the attitude of her teacher. pointing to a chair.” “All dreams dear.” Sarah whispered. and already you have stirred up trouble. her face changing to sadness. not caring if her tone offended.” Mrs. “NO — no he is being blamed for everything. Foster ordered. “You have not been with us five and twenty minutes. not conclusive.” Alison looked at the floor. Miss Solar don’t take any gip from these little imps. And yet. you know nothing. he accepted it. “You’ll be OK. Alison did as she was told. She belittled Amir all through his childhood. You indeed need to see the truth and not see what your mind wishes you to see.” Mrs.” “How dare you shout at me.” Mrs.” “HE DOES NOT!” Alison shouted.” “I don’t need training. “Oh yes. Foster’s office and closed the door. Foster began.

“And that is why we need to get rid of this picture. we need to stop her harming others. now all the troubles will go. but this picture must go. he is sending you dreams. I want the picture. Foster sighed deeply and stood up and walked towards the rubbish bin. “She did. Foster looked up from the bin. NO!” Alison screamed and ran to Mrs.” Mrs. Foster ordered. Foster with hatred. “What are you doing?” “I’m destroying it.” Alison stared at Mrs.” “No.” “You’re lying—the queen is evil. She needs killing. so her brother could get the blame for it.” “I can’t believe you did that. and handed it to Mrs. NOW!” Mrs.” Alison lied. Soon all the dreams will vanish and the reality will sink in. of course. It’s the queen. Now go back to class. a boy of beauty. “Yes dear. “Alison. Foster.” Alison cried. I have things to do. . Dad overheard and it was the queen who killed my Dad. “Alison. Mrs. Foster threatened as she gave Alison a sly smile. you need rid of it so that you can understand what is going on. do you? The queen is sick. if not then I’m afraid I will have to take evasive action. “I am sorry Alison. She needs locking away. trying to grab the picture back. How? I do not know. she felt like squeezing the vile tempered teacher until the life inside her disappeared. Why won’t you listen to me?” Alison yelled. “Ah yes. Amir didn’t. give me that picture. Foster tore the picture up and let it drop from her hands into the bin. Alison glared at the teacher.“I don’t have it. I had to do it. “Alison you need to get rid of it. Mrs. Foster looked at Alison with a look of sincerity. The queen arranged that war. “Nooo!” Alison screamed.” Mrs. who snatched the treasured picture abruptly from Alison’s clutches. Sighing with annoyance.” And before Alison could stop her. her face turning red with anger. I saw her do it. and believe me it will not be pleasant. She kills for the sake of it and has no consideration for anyone. Foster looked at Alison with pity in her eyes.” Mrs. He is not evil. But sometimes even the most beautiful things can turn bad in time. Foster. His lies are coming to you. Mrs. “You have no idea. Otherwise you will go insane. Alison reluctantly took the picture out of her backpack. She killed my Dad!” Alison screamed.

“Are you okay? Are we in trouble about last night?” Simon asked with a look of concern on his face. as the teachers were unaware that the accidental pushes. But bloody hell Alison. so pop in and whatever’s on your chest. Foster nodded her head. she took a deep breath and wiped her eyes. all eyes staring as she sat down.E and I feel like knocking Rachel around.E was the easiest lesson to do this in. Luckily it was mumbled. kicks. “We heard you yelling. as though the incident had not occurred. Now back to class and don’t forget after school with Simon. and a look of sadness showing for the young pupil. you didn’t half shout. “She makes me sick with all that smiling and beaming. . by crying. were in fact. Alison smiled at her friend. banging the door as loudly as she could and hoping it would annoy the teacher even more. not caring who saw him talking to his new friends any longer.” Sarah said infuriatingly and put her fingers down her throat. then walked back to her form. Foster’s office.” Alison said smiling kindly to the attractive teacher. “You okay?” Sarah asked quietly and squeezing Alison’s arm tenderly. She always had an excuse to beat her enemies up.” Alison nodded.” she laughed. who looked like she could bawl her day away. “Of that prim teacher that has the looks of a horse? Never in a million years.” Alison whispered as she tried not to make a fool of herself. Makes me never want to brush my teeth again. before she exited the room.” Miss Solar said gently. she was not in the mood to speak. “Is everything all right?” Miss Solar asked Alison. punches or trips. Alison glared one last time at the bad-mannered teacher. dearie. “Come on its P. The class looked up at her. Before opening the door to her form room.” Alison whispered. curious as to the circumstances that were occurring in Mrs. “Now off you go to class. “Yes miss. and I will hopefully see you later.” Sarah grinned.” Alison smiled and left the classroom. The bell went for first period and all the class made haste to their first lesson. you can tell me. a deliberate attack on people that she loathed. a look of concern on the pretty assistants face. “If you need to talk. before she walked out of her office. Simon approached the two girls.” “Thanks. “What she want?” Sarah asked crossly.“I’ll keep that in mind. looking at her pegs all the time. “You’re only jealous of her. I will be here all day in this room.” Mrs. half-crying and half-cursing under her breath. “There. And P. half-smiling.

” “Oh. I don’t think you’ll take no for an answer. I’m not in the mood for P. “Dunno. but instead sounding more like a lovesick puppy. That was what Foster was on about. about people trying to pry into union business.” Sarah protested. Rachel can wait another day. “He knows of the queen and Amir. She was desperate for someone to listen to her.” Sarah said trying to sound convincingly hard and protective towards her best friend. asking me things.” “Do you know anyone who does not require portals and could help us?” Simon asked. would he?” Alison asked. her face lighting up at the thought of this good-looking teacher being their saviour. They are not seeing the whole picture. She has no idea at all — so thick skinned. he may not help me. “Fine by me. “I know Mr. rather than Amir being the good guy. “Can I come?” Sarah enquired. “That’s if you want to. moral support. She was more concerned that I hated the queen and thought that she deserved to drop dead in a vat of hot lava. you know if he harms you. “Yep. He approached me about them yesterday. and with the anger she felt with her mum and her teacher.” Sarah smiled as she punched her knuckles into her hand like a mini-punch bag.“She’s not mentioned that. too?” Alison asked Simon. with hope in her heart. I think I need to speak to one of these union folk. will you? I think we should go now. she needed someone on her side to back her up. trying not to laugh at her friend’s supposing. “Sarah. when I came into her room yesterday. “She took the picture off me too. “How about Mr. “Are you coming. Can’t we do anything about it?” Simon asked.” Alison suggested.E. he’s bigger than you. smiling. Alison nodded. Armstrong?” “What?” Sarah said. seeing if I would tell him what I knew.” “You may need moral support. I’m sure he won’t do anything in school.” “Amir’s picture?” Sarah gasped.” Alison shrugged. Winters is in the union.” Alison said. Far to one sided. But I could see him and see if he could help in any way.” Alison thought for a moment. “I think I need to speak to him alone. otherwise. “Why?” Alison asked. so that’s no good. I don’t want you getting in trouble with your P. “All right. I could fight him. ripped it into a million pieces and said that the dreams I’ve been having will vanish. “I don’t care.” .E teacher. you’re not going on your own. I have no idea which side he’s on — hopefully Amir’s. but he’s in Onbrier. to be honest.

“Is it because you don’t believe me? You think I live in a dream world like the rest of the kids around here?” Alison said trying not to sound croaky. tell them to stop this war?” Alison asked with a look of hope in her eyes.” Mr. “I will be going to a meeting in Onbrier tonight. Foster. Hence why Lidah is such a vile wart at times.” Sarah muttered.” Alison declared when she had completed her account of her findings. blazer. “Yes. “Amir is innocent. so with you being on this union thing. where she witnessed the murder of her father. “I wish it was that simple. so all I can do is try to see if I can get them to listen to me.“You’re coming. But my Mum won’t listen to me. No bowing out now. He felt awful saying this. Alison. the more. She told him of the dreams of which she seemed to be having. which you said you are — could you not go and see them. and getting recruits from kingdoms all over.” . They cannot cancel it like cancelling a paper being delivered to your door. do I?” Simon half smiled. Amir had gone to fetch her to take her away to her dad’s castle. Mr. Armstrong shrugged.” “You really think he’s innocent?” Mr. the merrier. I got you to laugh. He hated hurting people’s feelings and never wished to hurt anyone who needed his help. “But what if we get caught?” Simon asked. those union guys are very firm on what they conduct. “Looks like I don’t have a choice. The passing into the picture of the prince and seeing how bad Zantha really was. How she believed the queen was not who everyone thought she was meant to be. ********** Mr.” Sarah. “There. like yourselves. or Mrs. Come on Simon. I do. not start a full scale war. said tugging Simon’s navy blue. which it always seemed happen when she got frustrated and disagreeable with anyone. especially when he saw the look of devastation in Alison’s eyes. Armstrong said smiling. Armstrong shook his head. almost as much as she hated Rachel’s taunts. trying not to sound like a chicken. but gee. These big wigs have started the war procedure. think on your feet. she detested the teacher. “You just say we’re running an errand. and we have agreed. I know he is. I really do. “I believe you. even though it was the truth. “They’re making a bad mistake. winking his eye and giving her a gentle smile. Enrolling folk. by her sly smiles and her acting skills when they were needed to get Amir into trouble. Armstrong listened to Alison with interest from beginning to end.” Mr. Armstrong commented. And going through doors at the palace. The queen has asked for our help. the queen is not sane. Typical of a man. Alison laughed. Armstrong asked compassionately.” Mr. which they had sneaked into the previous night.

However. “Can’t wait. “Oh where do I begin?” Sarah said beaming. Mr. we are fighting evil against good. “Now. I know that it will be a hard task. Sarah looked at him with a look of glee on her face.” Mr. That is not how I fight. “I know. not good against evil. just shocked to be honest. at least I’ve convinced him. She needs to know the truth. I believe I’m training you and Robert tonight.” Alison said. She had never felt happier in her life. Armstrong nodded and left the room. If this is the case.“Will you?” Alison asked. not you fantasising about a teacher. puzzled. Armstrong shrugged. and got up to leave the room. “What do you see in him?” Simon asked Sarah. my room after school.” Alison groaned. now melted away — for the time being. “I will do my best. He stood up and walked towards the door and then turned around “Oh Sarah. will you snap out of it?” “Mr.” . Armstrong promised and bowed his head. “We have important issues to deal with here. with a big smile planted on her lips. “Well. “Sarah. “We’ll be here all day. “Thank you. the weight of the worries that she’d had.” Sarah sighed. Armstrong's teaching me.” “You are?” Sarah beamed. I must get back to class – that’s if I have one left. and I will try to persuade who I can to change their views on this war.” Sarah said airily. but I wish I could convince my Mum. “Don’t start her. what you have told me certainly changes my mind too.” Alison smiled.” Alison retorted annoyingly. all on his own.” she grinned. her eyes gleaming with excitement. Oh my.” Mr. I know. Alison rolled her eyes.

They both sat down quickly. “Meet you at the cenotaph. but the emotions inside her were so strong she couldn’t help herself. Alison looked at Mrs. She did try hard not to do so.” Alison threatened whilst laughing. She even thought about whether she wanted to go to her room after school. Sarah smiled wickedly at her friend and nodded her head with enthusiasm. Foster said firmly. Foster’s office. who was sitting at her desk looking at the two teenagers with a snide look on her face. “Look at you. Alison nodded slowly. her face going red. but for the fact she felt like yelling out.CHAPTER 21 Alison avoided Mrs. “Don’t worry. as though demanding dogs to do party tricks for a treat. I was given some very discerning news.03am. The two children shook their heads. smiling She continued to walk to Mrs. “And no gory details. and swearing at the teacher. was when Suzanne had that big cream cake for dinner the other day. Foster as the day went on. from minors who had no elders present. Foster with extreme dislike. daring not to look at Mrs.” Alison reminded Sarah when the final bell of the day arrived and the eruption of kids tumbled out of classrooms like sweets on a conveyor belt.” “I didn’t know.” Sarah gave her dirty laugh as she disappeared into the throng of students in the corridor. because if you had. daring not to disagree with their trainer. Foster. There was a pause until Alison spoke. her face changing to dread.” She looked at the two children with obvious annoyance in her eyes. seeing Simon whose smile seemed to warm her inner thoughts. the last time I saw that look. “Ready?” Simon asked when Alison approached the door. Simon knocked the door and both walked into the room when Mrs. Sorry. I’ll be there. “Pity. Foster had ordered them to do so. Foster asked. “Sit.” Mrs.” grinned Sarah.” Alison muttered. . and Alison shook her head. “You went unsupervised through a portal at 12. Not with embarrassment. it would have meant your mother would not have needed to go to Onbrier to explain the misuse of the portal. made her feel better. “Before we begin training. Foster stated and looked at Alison. she really did not want to be here tonight. “Did you not know that we’d find out about this?” she asked.” Mrs. but knew if she didn’t. “And whose idea was it to intrude on another kingdom?” Mrs. then she would be in further trouble. However.

“It was mine. with a look of remorse showing on her old face. then she did not feel any remorse about her mum and the unions’ petty regulations. and took out her red gem from her drawer and placed it on the palm of her hand. Foster asked casually. “But I think we were too late. The walls were white.” Mrs. “Believe it or not. They both bolted up straight. Foster said. which to Alison felt real. Foster looked at them both and shook her head. She wanted the lecture over.” Alison hissed.” Mrs. nothing to see.” Simon said agreeing. “Yes!” they replied in unison. “Locum secretum. The room laid bare. because I know when you go home your mother will have plenty to say to you—” “Yes. The room instantly changed to a room so bright that sunglasses were definitely needed. then you may never enter portals on your own again. “Why did you do it? Why go to the palace of all places?” Mrs. Foster stated half-heartedly. when minors go through portals unsupervised. What she had seen at the palace was true. kicking her feet to and fro. It looked as though it had already been blown up. it worked.” Alison muttered and looked at the floor. “All of ours. “Yes. “We wanted to see it before this war started. we decided that if we made them feel evil and spooky.” “Protect us?” Simon repeated.” she replied uncaringly. warning bells go and the portals are sent into overdrive and they create an empty kingdom. We did think to make them a bit brighter and colourful to make you youngie’s feel at ease. I get the message. “Yes. “We’re all to blame. well. as were the ceilings and floor. that was to protect you.” “Well. Foster asked. the fate of her father’s death with her own eyes. let’s begin. butting in before Mrs. nothing to sit on. and unless Lidah or her mother believed her. Foster looked at Alison. “Why do something so dangerous? You were lucky to get back. I’ll never do it again. Foster could finish her sentence.” “All dark and eerie was it? Daunting. Mrs. with two wands placed on top of the table.” she commanded.” Mrs. there was nothing false about the queen killing her dad. with no human life to be seen and the air was as still as death?” Mrs. . “Alison. just a plain boring room. it was getting tedious and mind numbing. However. All but a glass table was present in the empty room. you have had it easy with me.” Simon admitted. She had seen it.” Simon butted in. her voice changing from annoyance to being concerned. “And you?” “Suppose.” “I see. waiting to be used.

and boxes with hats and capes. Now. the other foot forward and hold the wand in the hand that you use to write with. And when they saw the water inside the beakers they laughed once more. Your signature is now etched upon the wand. now point your wand at that table and say — Vas. It felt light in her hands and felt eerily good too. She looked at the two students who had positioned themselves as she had ordered. “Well done. you should feel proud of that. now we need to fill those empty cups. was it?” Simon posed. “You have picked this up quickly. thin baton. vases with beautiful coloured flowers. and then stand next to me. unless they wish harm to themselves. You have done well. “Good. Foster stated. “This is your room from now on. “Any training will be done in this room.” Mrs.” “Aqua!” they shouted together. so again point and say —Aqua. the room was decorated the way Simon and Alison wanted it to look. a settee. Foster’s office. They walked towards their beakers to see if it had worked.Alison looked around the room with a look of boredom.” Alison and Simon put their wands in a drawer and got ready to be transported back to the office. a bookcase with books of all genres. “Today. when they had left Mrs. you must leave them in this room. it was made of oak and had natural twists. both of you will choose a wand. Foster looked at Alison sternly. Simon and Alison look at each other and laughed. what else do you think we need in this room?” ********** Within that first magical session. Foster instructed. They could not believe that a simple commanded from a wand would do something so amazing. Foster remarked.” Mrs. your wands are not to be taken with you. .” Alison picked up the wand nearest to her. “Right. Now stand with one-foot back. She felt the wand between her fingers.” Mrs. “Not so bad after all. “Now. we are learning basic magic. so no other is allowed to use your wands. Two purple beakers appeared from nowhere. along the seventeen inch. with pictures on the wall. even though it was nothing powerful or eye popping to the holders’ of the wands. we will have to continue with your training on Monday. “Well done. Alison was not sure if it was a good thing to feel. whilst Simon was curious as to what the teacher was going to do in this strange-boxed room. or not. Alas.” Mrs.” “Vas!” they both shouted at the table. As the weekend is nearing. nothing hard and nothing to get you into mischief. You have much to learn.

The shadow stopped moving. “Yeah.” “Fun? I’ve never felt so scared in my life.” Alison ran as fast as she could. the shadow stopped coming towards them. They ran to the main entrance. hugging her.” Alison said muttering. Bit creepy. Alison knew the shadow was following. but hey. but whatever it is. fearing that their lives were now to end. “Oh no. made it fun. The shadow slowly held out a cloaked limb to them. it’s locked!” Alison screamed. “Yes.” “I thought you said he would be asleep. She kept turning the handle hoping something would give. I enjoyed last night. Alison looked up at the direction where Simon was staring.” Alison mumbled.“It was all right. with Simon pulling her to double her speed. Simon smiled and looked at Alison warmly. “RUN!” she shouted grabbing Simon’s hand and began to run along the corridor. you liked it. . instead he stood and looked at them both. I did. then stood up and walked slowly towards Simon and Alison. Simon had no idea what to do. Me doing magic and spells? Wish I could take my wand home though. “I don’t know. But nothing did. looking hard at his friend and trying to see if he could get her to smile. I thought he was going to knock me lights out when I got in. shrugging her shoulders as if the lesson was an everyday occurrence in her school curriculum. Alison loosed Simon’s hand to open the door.” “Well I did. her head resting on his shoulders not daring to look at what was approaching them. her eyes widening in fear as she saw something dark hovering above them. admit it. “All right? Come on. but she was not turning around to make sure this time. He grabbed Alison. “Alison.” “I thought he would be too. it’s gaining on us.” Alison laughed.” Simon half heartily laughed. “What is it?” Simon asked in fear as he ran alongside Alison.” Simon smiled. I feel proud doing that then. “So leave me alone. Alison was scared and hid behind Simon. I might be able to make my Dad disappear for a million years. it crawled from the ceiling on to the floor. “That bad?” Alison asked coming out of her mood for a second. I —” Simon began. but something in the corner of his eye caught his attention. The door was near. but having friends like you. However. he had a vile temper last night.

” Simon turned and grabbed the door handle. “Simon I have to go. The dreams she was having were no doubt playing on her mind too. “Alison no..” “But what can I do?” “Tell him what you have seen.” the shadow replied. I have been watching. The deaths his sister inflicted on others. “You are — a shadow. He has not told you to see this. “He never used to kill people. Maybe she could change the feelings of a prince who wanted to kill his sister? But why did it have to be Alison? Why was it important for her to see this evil creature. she was right. You know how I feel about Amir. please. they could leave the school.” Alison stated gently. “I see things in him that make me feel for him. he may kill you.” “How can I go to him?” Alison asked. his obsession to do harm to his sister has taken over his mind. hearing.” Simon protested and grabbed Alison by the shoulders as though shaking her out of a dream. “The master?” Alison asked quietly.“You believe in him?” the shadow said shakily. “Prince Amir. “The master. It is only you who has seen the truth. which you have seen in the dreams that you speak of. “He will kill you?” Alison hated the thought of Amir killing. “You believe in the master?” the shadow repeated. her voice shaking. we must leave. It’s hard to explain.” “Killed? Who will kill you?” Alison asked concerned.” “How you feel?” Simon asked looking confused. We obey the master because we go on his word.” the shadow stated sadly. you have seen what has happened. He changed from the kindest prince to a beast who had no feelings for another.talk?” Alison asked. But you. hoping the door would open so that. who killed without good reason to? . He will be spared a life of insanity and insecurities if you could tell him that you believe in him. he did not know what she could feel about someone she had never met. If you don’t I will be killed.. How do you erm. “You’re not going. I know you will help me. but since the last war. We have to meet Sarah and Robert. as you use yours. “I use my ability. He did not want Alison going to a place that was unknown to them by a shadow who could easily turn around and kill Alison at the snap of a finger. Alison looked up. Simon looked hurt.

yellow. She did not see herself coming to harm.” Simon begged. that he thought what she was doing was wrong. “Simon I’m going. and she wanted to make sure that he knew that she was on his side. She needed to be with Amir. she shrugged her shoulders at him and began to walk. unlike Simon. let’s go home.” The shadow crawled back up towards the ceiling and began to glide along the stained.” the shadow beckoned. My life will be spared if you tell him. She too wanted the queen dead. Alison moved from the back of Simon. please you shouldn’t go. Please. support him in his battle. and if anything happens no one will know where you are. Do you understand?” Simon demanded. we get out of there.” Alison said her voice sounding harsh. The revenge for her father was all she thought of and no one but Amir would understand that. your life will be in danger. and no one is stopping me.“Come. cracked ceiling. She could see he was not happy. She . Alison nodded. “You’re not going on your own. who had a feeling of dread inside him. “Alison. “I will take you to him. I will come with you and if he tries to harm you. come.

he did not seem as threatening as he had done so before. . to ask you to come with us. “Yes. only sixth-formers were allowed to use this floor. They carried on walking until they came to a dead-end. with a look of bewilderment on her face. what to do. he was not letting Alison go to the castle by herself. But Alison. Simon had a look of worry etched on his face. The colourful surroundings had disappeared. This was a restricted area. Miss Solar smiled. Ahaz here. you are awkward to get to. but his gloomy appearance still made Alison feel nervous. which showed a flight of stairs that seemed to disappear into more dreariness. Nevertheless. or even what to think. I guess you saved Lidah’s life. “You? You’re with Amir?” Alison asked. The only thing that separated this area of the corridor was a plain grey door with the words: NO ENTRY KEEP OUT The shadow crawled from the ceiling and back on to the floor. he moved slowly to the door and opened it. He knew of Ahaz’s intentions and tried to kill him. Dreary darkness leapt back at them from this scary looking narrow opening. They had no idea what to say. They walked carefully up the narrow staircase and were greeted by dusty chairs and desks. He was not sure that going to see Amir was a good idea. I was sent here to sort… things out. If harm came to her. They walked past the empty classrooms. each was in their own thoughts. he would never forgive himself.” Miss Solar nodded Alison and Simon stood silent. as the teaching assistant sat there looking at the two teenagers with a gentle smile on her face. so they did not notice someone sitting on a chair until their eyes got used to the dreary lighting. which had been thrown in.CHAPTER 22 The shadow glided gently along the corridor. and then tentatively approached them. rather than placed tidily. but Andrew got in the way. but when Lidah approached you that day. The corridor had bright coloured walls with exaggerated love hearts or sayings on the photos that were scattered around the corridors notice boards. leaving it as grey and dismal as the rest of the school. “Miss Solar?” Alison asked. had heard what was said and reported it to me. puzzled at seeing the pretty teacher sitting alone in this grim room. It allowed them to study in peace or relax in piece. The room was dimly lit. Ahaz wanted to get out of the building to you. Alison and Simon never spoke to each other. away from the juveniles of the school. towards the west block stairway and up to the top floor.

“I promise that he will not harm you. “Shall we?” Miss Solar whispered. He knows you believe him.“I need you to come with me. It was as though she was their saviour. A voice that sounded too old for their beautiful assistant. a look of meaningful nastiness showed in their beady grey eyes and the smell of death was reeking on their breaths. They walked along the cold. She had no idea what to say to Amir. . The one soldier in armour. Alison felt strange. His mind is of death and killings. which showed them a grey cloudy sky outside. bare corridors of the castle.” Miss Solar nodded. Yet. which covered his body from shoulders to toe. and now she was shunted from one Kingdom to the next. Simon was scared — Alison more so. then grinned slyly and bowed. with a small arch window. In front of them was a big oak door. A look of un-sureness on his face as he looked hard at the pretty lady in front of him. he may have a flicker of sanity in there. She had never felt so frightened in her life. with a tinge of harshness thrown in for good measures. Her heart was pounding fast and her breathing came out hard. but I think if you go. circled room. “We’ve come to see the master. Alison gave a wry smile. she really wanted to see Amir. a voice that both Alison and Simon had never heard their assistant teacher speak before. it was a voice that made Alison nervous. and colours of greys and blacks. “I will speak to the master.” Miss Solar said. Two soldiers approached the group.” “Will he kill me?” Alison asked. A war that Alison had not known about until Tuesday. was the coming of war. she could not think why. nodded and pointed to the door in front of them. Miss Solar and Ahaz thought otherwise. “Are you ready to see him?” Alison sighed. wooden chair she was sitting on and held on to a small looking object in her hands. she had never felt so scared in her life. She held the key in her opened palm. Miss Solar opened the door that they had entered earlier and instead of the eerie corridor in the school. made of stone. swirled gently around the room “Grimsley Castle!” Miss Solar shouted when the blacks and grey swirls suddenly halted in the loft. fear suddenly over flowing her body at how close she was to seeing the prince. Amir knows of you. Alison nodded slowly and Miss Solar smiled gently and stood up from the rickety. She wanted to tell him what she had seen of the queen and what she believed was the truth. he wants to meet you. She knocked the big wooden door and entered the room.” Miss Solar commented in a voice that sounded shaky. She was only a kid and all around her. but at the same time. they were now in a small. The dimly lit flames made the castle fearful.

and felt obliged to comfort her in any way he could. It never used to be.. but when teen years struck.. Alison almost gasped aloud when she saw his now unrecognisable face. The stench of sweat began to envelope the surrounding vicinity in which they stood in. and he wanted to impress the being with his story. Simon stared open-mouthed. I have stayed here ever since.” “Is this place as scary as it looks?” Simon asked “His obsession with his sister has made it a cold and apprehensive place to be. His hair was in need of a good wash and his face had a full week’s growth of stubble. Ahaz smiled. the room slowly spinning. I was told it used be a pleasant place to live. his shadow slowly disappearing and his body changing into human form.Ahaz stood against a wall. Master. “You may enter. His black eyes seemed to glare. At first. he could see that she was not coping with the situation in front of her. He saw my misfortune and promised me he would care for me and shelter me from all those people who wished me away. “I have bought Alison. So I decided that my life should end. when my shadow appeared it frightened people and again I was asked to leave. led to the smell still coming in. her face looking paler than normal. as her breathing became heavy and the feeling of sickness coming into her mouth. Alison straightened herself up. Simon however. However. hoping to live in peace. the master came to my aid. as though all was vacant within him. it came on strong. “How did you do that?” Simon asked with a look of surprise on his face. as slowly the blackness was now creeping away from Ahaz’s body to leave the face and body of a person who looked weak and feeble. his anger is not good. I have learnt to keep on his best side whenever I can. I accepted and moved to Grimsley Castle. but had the appearance of emptiness. which unfortunately. looked amazed.” Ahaz sighed. Her heart began beating faster. He takes care of me. I began to think of ways to rid myself. breathing through her mouth. but now. It scared the villagers where I used to live and I was asked to leave. Amir had his back to the newcomers who entered his room. Alison put her fingers to her nose to partly get rid of the stench.” Miss Solar said uncomfortably. I went from village to village. “I have had this ability since childhood. At first. Simon grabbed Alison’s hand. which now resembled the look of a scary mask. it was unnoticeable. However. staring out of a window. Then. Simon and Ahaz. she took a deep breath and got ready to walk into the room with Miss Solar.” Miss Solar declared when she came out of a room. I was accepted. He’d never been spoken to with wonder and curiosity in a voice before. rather than that of a human being. . Amir turned slowly around to see his new visitor. as though in a trance. as though he was unaware of their presence.

“I want to get the union to know the truth.“The child from earth?” He whispered callously. you’re nothing more than babe in arms. his anger was nearing to eruption at the sight of the young girl standing in front of him.” Alison declared. and I wish for revenge.” Miss Solar protested. Amir looked surprised. “And is she to lead me into battle? To lead my soldiers to my sister’s palace.” Alison demanded. “She’s seen your life in dreams. “You expect this being to be my redeemer?” Amir shouted at Miss Solar. and she killed her own animals just to get you in trouble with your father. You are nothing to them. and to parade her around to the adoring well-wishers she felt to put ill on?” Amir commented harshly as he stared evilly at Miss Solar. just new blood to train and give orders to.” “They will never listen to a child. “A child who wishes revenge for the death of her father? That is something I have never heard before.” He gave an unearthly laugh. she is here to help you. “I want to help you. how young you are. “Yes I will.” he laughed harshly and then stared at Alison with a meaning look. She killed your cousin Junda. and I know you’re not evil. You are of no help. too. “She sees as a child sees life. “I know she hurt you and I know that she did those cruel things. “You want to help?” A bewildered look appeared on Amir’s face. which scared Alison. “I have . her face reddening with the words that he had spoken so bitterly and wishing that she had now listened to Simon and had left school with him instead. who looked as though she wanted to cry. “She is nothing more than food between my teeth. she killed your favourite horse. I have seen the life you had. to slay the blood out of her body. she believes you.” Amir growled. her fear was now disappearing.” Alison looked at Amir.” Alison spat. as her face began wincing to the harshness of his voice. I believe you over that queen.” Amir threw his hands in the air. “A strong girl at heart and has pure hatred for my sister in her voice. “She killed my father. “Master. and gave an in-human smile back to the girl. who stared back at the prince with intent. She knows about the cruelty Zantha heaped on you.” Amir sneered.” Miss Solar stated. she must leave. She is no help to me. her courage coming back to her. “My. But what do you think you can do?” Amir asked his evil approach changing.

All I have are photos and stories my Mum has told me about how courageous my Dad was.” “How do you know?” Alison asked. “Ahaz. “The warrior in the great hall.” He laughed once more. I never knew my dad. “You think I would come here to take pity on you. I was a baby. I saw that night.” Alison declared. because this war that is soon to begin would never be happening. and that he would help you fight in this battle against your sister. but she did not accept. It just happened after I visited the Palace. You would have been a great king. You were willing to kill her that night. And you my child. she will be safe. “I wish her no harm.” Amir asked interestedly. Nevertheless. and Alison began to get angry. Mistella please take the boy with you. a personal cause and one that are rarely achieved. what she had seen. “I know if he was alive today. They come slowly in your childhood and develop more so as you get older. His mind was deep in thought. she believed was real. Alison smiled gently at Simon. before Mistella reluctantly walked him away. She sat on a smaller chair. Amir poured a drink into a tumbler. “I don’t know.” Simon protested. or the fact he could kill her in an instant. and offered Alison a drink. many fighting for revenge. are not worthy of getting myself harmed for. quietly. was your father?” Amir almost whispered. And no one was going to tell her otherwise. You would have had Frinda and you would have ruled the Kingdom. They do not just suddenly appear. I saw how you looked when my Dad was killed in the great hall of the palace.plenty of soldiers. I never got chance to know him. she was in no mood to drink. “You must have some inkling on this ability. This I believe. “You see my life. and sat down on a chair by a big maple-wood desk. I am curious as to how.” Amir requested kindly.” Amir nodded. but it was not as sturdy as she was hoping for.” Alison looked Amir in the eyes. I wish you had. he too would be here telling you that he believed in you. I need to speak to this child alone.” Alison replied. “A man who sided with me and was willing to take Zantha’s life. as the anger bestowed within only gives them away to the enemy.” “I’m not leaving. rather than mine?” Amir looked away. . you would have killed the queen there and then. “Please sit. You felt remorse at what your sister had done. if it were not for my Mum coming in and seeing Dad lying on the floor. His black eyes and disfigured face did not alarm Alison anymore. because of what I have seen in my dreams? She destroyed your life and she destroyed my life too.

A very strange occurrence. It is to right the wrongs that have been done. then he will not be able to persuade the council. “Royalty with magic or abilities? I believe that is a hanging offence in my line. I had a dear friend who was an old sorcerer who would show me amazing things.” Amir looked at the young child and smiled kindly. so I am pleased that his final journey was of sanctuary.” “And are they. Greed. “Do you have an ability?” Alison asked curiously. “As a child I was agreeable on the eyes. if he can convince some to change their views.” Alison suggested. But I have heard it is as good as the heavens above. I am unsure how you just suddenly got the ability. even at that tender age.” “But I can try. then I soon will become as insane as her.“I know many with abilities. . but war is not a game. I do not wish this to happen. but true in my heart it is. I feel if I do not destroy the bit of life left in my sister. I wish for peace and harmony. which is an impossibility to travel to. even dimensions. around kingdoms and dimensions. Nevertheless. Amir shook his head.” “I will try my best to get them to listen to me. “I really want to help. There are many with abilities.” Amir looked at Alison. I know it seems a strange thing to say when you see my despicable state. He died of old age in a beautiful kingdom. He gave me some beautiful items that he had found on his journeys around kingdoms.” “Such innocence from a child’s mouth.” Alison blushed. “I believe you took something from the palace with you?” “I took a photo of you when you were young. But I mean not to. I need to rest her and I believe when this is achieved all wrongs that she and I have committed will be no more. The wars and battles over the years have deprived me of looks and an appearance that scares many. Many young maidens were to be had. the union consists of beings from all over kingdoms.” Alison smiled gently. They can be as old as a star twinkling in the sky. then they must surely start thinking about delaying the war. I knew of many. “I don’t know. as she looked at the pitiful face of the prince. But as you see time tells a story. Zantha has destroyed many lives —as I have. the elder breed or mere bairn in this union?” Amir asked.” Alison shrugged “Ahh you see. Amir. When I was a child.” Amir laughed. Alas. They do not just exist in Lidah’s company. obsession and hatred begin to take over and your life changes to satisfy that need. if he is as young as a seed that is beginning to grow in a forest. I have an older person who believed me when I told them about you. “If the truth of your sister is told they may change their mind and refuse to fight with the queen. for the dear old man. I would not wish war upon anyone unless it was meant to be. I would watch him with fascination when he came to the palace.

“You must leave now. I will take her life away. Alison was never going to change his mind on the war. ones views differed to the other about the war. killed her father. She had seen fear in Miss Solar’s face. He did not seem as frightening as when she had first come into the room. in Alison’s view. I came back here. Alison nodded. She was not going to object to his scheme. She knew his feelings. It is a war that has been planned. She had. They have seen many people who have objected to her rulings. she has that charm of making people see her as a weakling that needs assisting. like she has done to so many. They will not speak evil of her. Alison did not know how to react. They know the consequences of doing this. She had ended the life of someone Alison had hardly got to know. and if they did not commit to my tactics and orders on how my sister’s life was to end.” Amir stated suddenly. as she stood up from the rickety chair. You must however.“It will never happen. His obsession of revenge on his sister had rested on his mind for all these years.” Alison pleaded. My sister had belittled me for years and I was blamed for all that she had done. my anger began. and there was no turning back. She was on her own. She could no longer speak to her mother about the situation she was in. but at the same time. They believe Zantha over me.” “But the villagers — can’t they speak up about what she’s done to them?” “Unless they wish to be flogged. Alas. I too have not been the sanest in mind. someone she would’ve loved to have known. so obviously he was not a man of feelings.” Alison vowed. “I hope you beat her. then my frustration would be of cruelty and they too would not live. It began to take over my life. I will try to change people’s minds.” Amir stood up and looked at Alison in a curious way. and no one is going to deny me the pleasure.” Amir declared angrily. she too wished that Zantha were not alive. not even the most harden can watch as her soldiers do the most unspeakable things to those poor souls. or caring for people. He may have understood Alison more than her mother. and my mind began to think of how to kill a maiden who had caused so much bloodshed and sorrow to so many. they were not to be. I don’t think they will. “I will do my best to get help.” Alison remarked harshly. They are scared. and child. I searched kingdoms afar for warriors who would match my sister’s evilness. “You are too kind. “They will not believe you. but it’s not necessary. and alas. I would let them leave the castle and travel back to their homelands. At first. I will not show pity on anyone who comes between Zantha and I. I have engagements that need sorting. . The night of your father’s murder. I never knew I had anger as strong as I had experienced that night. be kept out of the war. But years later. The hatred she had for the queen had become imbedded into her mind too.” “You must let me help. After leaving the palace. It was a turning point of my life. No one will listen to you.

She would have to sneak around the castle without being caught. But to her annoyance she could not hear any. She had no idea of the size of the castle. only the door she was standing next to. Alison began to panic. However. it seemed to be the only solution to her problem. expecting to see Simon and Miss Solar outside the door. She had come out on to the corridor. She was scared of opening the door. She knew staying in the room that was to take them back to school was not going to help either.” Amir stated and gave a laugh. and at each one. she would stop and listen at. Sod it she thought. She came out of the room and began to walk along the cold. they were not there. However. she had no choice. He stood up and bowed to Alison and smiled. hoping to hear a familiar voice. There were plenty of doors to try. However. Alison walked to the door that they had used to get into the castle.“I will do it for your father. but there was nowhere. She opened the door and slammed it quickly behind her. she could hear the sound of people approaching. when the voices became nearer. in case something non-human was living in there. Alison began looking frantically around for somewhere to hide. I have much to arrange before they infuriate me with their presence.” Amir vowed. Suddenly. the room was empty. and the sounds of boots thumping the ground got louder. and knew that the people that she had seen so far were not of the approachable type to ask for help. . the voices of anger suddenly erupting in the corridor. stoned corridor. “Now go before my council arrive.

She was transfixed. The coldness had now passed. in fact.CHAPTER 23 The room seemed out of place in this dark. with Italian silk blankets that were crumpled up in the middle of the very large. Alison walked around the room. . dreary castle. she felt as though she was being pushed into the gem further. her fingers began to stretch eagerly to the gem. as her finger’s disappeared inside. She kneeled down to look at the gem to get a closer look. and the sky above was like a blue lagoon. her head moving slowly towards the jewel. and still have room for a garden. There were gold coins. fright beginning to show on her face. On the floor. Chairs and settees of all shapes and colours were scattered around the oversized room. A big four-poster bed was up against the wall on the left side of the room. wooden bed. The chilliness felt on her body made Alison shake. She took her hand out and put her face inside. which sparkled as if wanting to be noticed. She held her hand into the gem and giggled. Suddenly. and her senses quickly coming back to her. She was not sure if going there was a good idea or not. that Alison had to cover her eyes with her hands. The strange sensation of ice began to blow on to her face. However. draped in coloured stones or pearls. as though it was hypnotizing her. and the warmth began to be felt on her body. However. And there it was. with oak wardrobes that had detailed carvings upon its doors at the bottom of the room. she did not. It looked out of place against all the other bright dazzling coloured ones. Gems of all colours and sizes scattered carelessly on the floor. before landing softly on grass. which showed pictures of people of years gone by that were hung on the big. as if trying to be invisible — but not being good at it. she just sat gazing down. as she pulled erratically to remove herself from this dilemma. which stood proudly on extremely large windowsills. In the distance. oak panelled walls. It was such a beautiful room that had big bold flowers in pretty patterned vases. This was a soft calming colour. so large in fact. and suddenly she began to fall. which seemed to wake her up. as though being told to do so. She tried to pull herself out of the gem. she had seen the strangest gem. She did not fall for long. and books piled up on the floor and up against a wall. that lay on tables. Alison stopped in her tracks. intrigued at the beautiful things it displayed. Temptation to touch the gem was strong. a feeling of reassurance suddenly coming over her. The space around her was so bright. She stood looking around at first. she saw the small hamlet and the palace. and jewellery of all designs. A beautiful array of rugs. unsure what to do. a path was noticeable. as if to hide the secrets it held. It was as though branches had been put on its path. The sun was shining. Alison’s eyes widened with excitement. a very pale pink coloured one. Alison was not concerned about this. she was curious now. that Alison thought her two-bedroom house would fit into the room with total ease. The room was huge.

like a light switching on. I am sorry to have troubled you. she could see a person. However. Then. but it has the basics necessary for me to live on. She did not feel scared. He looked very familiar to Alison.t In the distance. It is not much. However. each stride was of confidence and power. She had never been called beautiful before. I’m Alison. Alison did not seem concerned about this. and had hatred for a person she could not imagine possible. The week had been so confusing.” Amir smiled and bowed down gently. Alison did not have any doubt that it would lead to something wonderful. The trees around the forest stood in tidy lines like soldiers on parade. His appearance seemed out of place in this wooded area. I landed here and followed this track. she felt calm. she noticed that the person was a boy. she knew “Amir” she whispered to herself. her face beaming.” Alison smiled. his head held high. who looked about thirteen years old. Not a speck of dirt was evident on the hands or face of this handsome young boy. She had seen him before. gliding gently above her as though wanting to please the new person who dared walk on their secret pathway.Alison began to carefully walk along the hidden path. Alison blushed. I feel rude not introducing myself to such a beautiful maiden. She had met unusual people. The path seemed to go on forever. “You seek to return to your place of habitat?” Amir asked smiling. You are more than welcome. that seemed willing to show off their beauty and splendour. whilst away from the palace. on the left side of the path that Alison was walking on. with each gold thread embroidered with care on to the navy blue doublet that the boy was wearing. Each bit of material looked handcrafted. still in awe at the display of beautiful birds. I have no idea where I am. she had to think where she might have seen him. I am Prince Amir. she could not remember what was real any longer. who seemed to be walking towards her. He walked with importance. shoulders back. I seem to be lost. . Alison nodded. His clothing looked far too expensive to be worn just to walk around the forest in. with the sound of angelic music coming from the most colourful birds flying around.” she replied kindly.” “I do not think of it as trouble. and for a split second. “Hello?” Amir said curiously “Who are you?” “Hello. “I shall take you to my retreat. “Yes please. smiling. She walked on the soft yellow ground that lead the way to her unknown goal.” “That’s fine by me. when nearing the individual. She carried on forward. became friends with the most unlikely people. the calmest she had felt for as long as she could remember. in fact.

Amir put his hand out and stroked a pure white deer. but not to me. “Yes. but Amir at this time did not know her. If I see them in the palace grounds I bring them here.Amir began to walk back down the path. “Yes. which flickered hypnotically on the open fire. His eyes reddened as he held back the tears.” Amir pointed to the animals that were now appearing from bushes and trees. we can sip from the bottle if you wish. Alison accepted the bottle and took the bottle to her mouth.” Amir said softly. However. “You will take little. and fruit that was scattered carelessly on the dirty floor. Alison followed still looking at the splendours it held around the forest. pointing to the crumbling building with pride. They are very shy creatures. “Come. “Drink?” Amir asked after taking a big swig from the clay bottle.” The building was made of clay. . I come here to get away from the palace. but still it showed enough light into the room. she seems to take pleasure in hurting harmless creatures. they seem content that I am here. until Alison saw a small building with smoke coming out of the chimney. I do not wish my guest to be of ill health. and away from my sister. The fire was stoked up. which stood on a rickety shelf. a few plates and tumblers. there were no windows.” Amir smiled. The birds are beautiful. Amir laughed. If she did —” Amir stopped speaking.” Alison gasped putting her hand out to stroke the deer too. of course. with a door that hung slightly off its hinges. took a sip and removed the bottle from her mouth pulling a face. Alison could not believe the creatures that came to them. but plenty of sticks and small twigs had been used to play with the enticing flames. I pillaged some cider from the palace. just holes where the frames used to be. “It’s very nice here. this part of the village is pleasant. She knew the answer.” Alison cooed. “He’s magnificent. nothing was cooking. The small room had a table and three chairs. Very seldom do people come here. “This is my secret hiding place. so coming out with the knowledge that she knew of the wickedness his sister caused would not go down too well. “Is she not nice?” Alison asked. “He is one of many in the woods around. She does not know of this place. And Alison certainly did not want to scare Amir.” Alison admitted.” “That would be nice. I have never tried cider before. They walked further. I will see what drinks I have for us to enjoy.

Alison sat next to the stone in the large room with confusion written all over her face. smiling kindly to the boy. Alison began to tingle inside.” Amir took Alison back to where she first came in to this kingdom. “I shall let you eat an apple instead. She would like to have stayed here forever. but feeling her cheeks. “It is a pity. I would not want to upset my visitor. Alison was tempted to go and hug Amir. she knew that it was not. so he says. but moved on when he became of age to conquer other kingdoms. They both looked at each other. I have seen the sire plenty of times leave that way.” Amir picked an apple off the floor and wiped it on his doublet. He also goes to a grave where he will sit and talk for hours. She took the apple and smiled. so he wishes no longer to visit me. “I will take you to your departure point. as sadness began showing on his face. as though not wanting her to leave. “I must go soon. This may be easier on you. He says he too used to live in Frinda. He does not tell me his name.” Alison said. I do not have many visitors. but knew it was not wise to. Amir was curious about Alison’s clothes.“You are not used to the taste. Come. but I do get one person who comes here frequently. but I feel as though I know him from another time.” Amir sighed.” Amir kissed Alison gently on both cheeks. I have pity on the sire. “So when do you wish to go back home?” Amir asked. I wish not to. “I must go now. “It has been nice meeting you.” Alison said regretfully. It will be late and I too must be heading back to the palace — which alas. as he has a look of sorrow in his eyes. but we will talk for hours. I too pulled a face of repulsion on my first drink. It felt like a dream. as her stomach rolled with happiness. “It has been a pleasure meeting you too. . “I believe you put your arms in the air.” Amir looked down. his face looking dejected at Alison. But I do not pry into it. as the grey skirt and white blouse seemed dull and unflattering to the young girl. who too smiled back tenderly. “I will. He has the looks of a wild creature. The two children spoke for what seemed like an eternity. my dear maiden. as though he is regretting his life. and you will disappear. before Alison held her hands in the air and disappeared from the village. I sometimes feel lonely. You have been most splendid company.” Amir said solemnly. He comes here to refresh his body.” Amir admitted as they both began to laugh. but knew that it was not the right thing to do. Please come back when you can. “It is as though the person beneath talks back to him.” Alison said with regret in her voice.” was all Alison could say without giggling. before handing it to Alison.

Zantha was not happy about this. “I cannot stay in a place where time stands still. We would play together when we were children. She befriended Junda. We agreed that she would pretend to still be friends with Zantha. I found the place by accident when riding one day. “You went to my secret place?” Amir whispered dryly. “I’m sorry. The boy you see is nothing more than innocent. and Zantha—” “You saw what happened?” Amir asked. But one day—” “They ran into the woods. if I did that I would lose my sanity for sure. It was of a time that I began seeking independence from the palace.She slowly stood up. Zantha would say cruel things to Junda about me. I used to take things from the palace and take them to the building that was barely habitable. visiting it from time to time eases the pain in my heart. If I feel uncertain of my future.” “And wise of you too. I held on to that one. I seek the advice of my one true friend and cousin — Junda. gave the gem to me. But Junda did not like this. She hated her cousins as much as she despised me. I would spend hours playing there. “No. if I had. It distracts me from the life I have before me” “Why don’t you stay there if it makes you feel better?” Alison asked. Alison nodded. Alison turned around. so that I would know of her evil plans. He knew of my life. I never meant to go. she remembered the dream only too well. Really. “I have no worries with you going. It would not be of any help. unsure what a man would do for intruding into his private life. I felt content when visiting. and with a small shudder to her shoulders.” “Who from? yourself?” Alison asked. “Junda was more of a sister to me than Zantha ever was. Amir held his hand out as if to quieten her. unbeknown to her. My anger seems to disappear from me when I go there. looked at the prince with fear. the sorcerer that I mentioned to you about earlier. I did not say anything about you. I go to that time to seek reassurance. Tergan. her voice trembling. someone was in the room with her. I take it I was a gentleman to you?” Amir asked. However. It just happened. I seem so naïve when I see myself. I thought it would upset him. Zantha never knew of the place so it was my sanctuary from her and the palace. I go to that place from time to time. That is a time of my life that I remember. and they both began to play together. “Yes. and went to walk out of the room. She knew my sister was ill.” . so carefree and adventurous. and gave me the gem to put my happy memories in. She should not have died the way she did.” Alison apologised. with her brother Josiah. and began to tell me the unkind things my sister had told her about me.

I am not a tidy person.” Amir stated and bowed to Alison. One slip and the consequences are for you losing your living life. it has much more reasoning to it. as though trying to cry. but please do not vex. It is very precious. The grave of Junda did not appear for many years. But try if you wish. by his wicked sister’s evilness. and the only people who he thought highly of were taken away from him. The stone glows when visited. My father did not speak to me for many months.” Amir sat down and looked at Alison. and that one day he would return and take revenge for his sister’s untimely death. he had not had a good childhood. but alas. She felt sadness inside her. and told me that he knew that it was Zantha who had killed his sister. I had come in here to fetch my parchments for the council.” Amir smiled. I am a fool with no understanding to the realisation of life any longer. “It could be that I have been having dreams about your life. She listens to my woes. Good luck and be careful with your life. with sorrow on his face. Alison walked to the door. She too felt strange being in the room with Amir. Tergan thrust the gem at my temples and that was the memory that came out. as though he was of importance to her life. I have no understandings as to why. just compassion and I hope that if our paths cross once more. it was as though she needed to rest her soul to the sky above.” Amir laughed.” “I understand. but no one is allowed in this room. I feel no bitterness towards you.” “No. This castle is not a place of kindness. and I never saw him again. “What happened to you?” Alison asked quietly.” Alison said looking puzzled.” “I accept the apology that you give.” Alison nodded. I do not wish my privacy to be shown to others that I deem unworthy of showing. “You must go. “I was looking for Miss Solar and I heard voices. it is a room I keep away from prying eyes. his black eyes darkening. we will seek the truthfulness of our future destinations. so I came in here to hide. Alison felt sad too.” Amir looked at Alison curiously. and whispers kind words to me in the breeze of the wind that comes to me from the heavens.Amir looked down. I will speak to someone. I knew someone had found the gem and needed to know who had ventured into my memory. After her funeral. Josiah had sneaked in one day. “It is of such strange feelings that I have with your presence. Josiah was taken to another kingdom away from Zantha and I.” “The war will begin shortly and help from the union will not be of use. though I must be forgiven for the mess. turning around she said. “I was sent to the dungeons for a short time. Alison acknowledged him and walked out of the door. but not being allowed the means of doing so. . However.” “I don’t know what you mean. I am sorry for intruding. “It was in the dungeon when I was given the pink gem. It is as though I know you. but could not understand why. “I will help you as much as I can. sadness she had not felt before. before allowing me to take her to my secret place.

“Come. I want to come with you. Miss Solar.” Miss Solar said beckoning the children to the door of the portal. “What are you doing up there?” Simon asked almost shouting. she did not and so he made a gentle exit out of the room. “Ahaz. Darkness is falling and the beggars will come parading on the doorstep. you must stay. were standing in the corridor and were surprised to see Alison walking down the corridor towards them. Alas. pointing to the door that they were standing near to.” “I will be back shortly. and walked slowly towards the door. before all around became dark once more. “But he will harm me. I promise. They went into the small room ready to depart from the castle and Ahaz entered the room with them too.” Ahaz wished the children good luck. the village would reap the goodness of life once more. . and that he would rule Frinda. if they’d spotted me who knows what they would’ve done to me. and Alison would help in any way she could to end the queen’s reign once and for all. And within seconds of his departure the gap under the doorway gave way to a blazing light. “I was looking for you. go to my room and keep out of sight. It is not a pretty sight. hoping Miss Solar would change her mind. “We left you in here. we must go.” Alison replied. The queen was no longer fit to rule and a new leader was vital. Miss Solar put her finger to her mouth to shut Simon up.” Miss Solar stated gently. I will go to the master with you when I come back. and had to hide when the soldiers came. but Miss Solar shook her head.” Simon whispered.She hoped that she would indeed see him soon. Simon and Ahaz.

and that we are now deep in the middle of it. “No. with the biggest smile planted on her lips that Alison had ever seen. Ahaz has a lot of explaining to do. The bitter ruler needed to suffer in the most horrifying way possible. then Frinda would be free of the evil that she had caused over the years of her ruling. he talked as though he did not want this. oh my. but I will see if I can get people to believe me from the union. “Mr. “I’m fine. If I can get a few. Armstrong is. The sorrow in Amir’s eyes when she left the room upset her greatly. he wants happiness. all you can do is try. Sarah and Robert were sitting on a bench at the Cenotaph and Sarah looked as pleased as punch. Alison was deep in thought. I know that this war is happening. “Yes dear. How can you be malicious one minute and be kind and caring the next?” Alison asked. He has people in that castle. Did that Amir upset you?” Simon asked looking concerned at his new friend. Alison and Simon came out of the school and headed towards the cenotaph. I hope that you were able to reason with him. trying to make Alison smile — which she didn’t. But on his own. if word got around about the truth of the supposing weak queen. his anger is too strong. I just feel like I should do something. “You all right.CHAPTER 24 The room was still dimly lit when they returned. It just seems strange. But Amir. harmony and peace. then at least I’ve tried. She needed to help him in any way she could. Be careful and look out for each other. which are scary and mean looking and he’s killing people who do not obey him. Ali? You seem bothered about something. I pity him.” Sarah sighed as her eyes closed at the thought of the handsome young man. She really hoped her geography teacher could persuade people. “Are you okay. But my feelings towards him are strange.” Miss Solar said smiling gently. but to be put to death and never see the light of day again. Alison? I am sorry to have taken you to the master. “I don’t think I did. unless I explain the situation to the master. I must get back to the castle. . A man with power and with everything he could wish for was lonely. he will not rest until his sister dies. Alison sighed.” Miss Solar smiled. He was not supposed to have been caught when he travelled here. She wanted to harm the queen as much as she could. and his true feelings were slipping into the misery of darkness. She was not in need of help. Leaving Amir the way she had made her feel as though she should’ve stayed and help prepare for the war.” “Feelings? You don’t fancy him do you?” Simon asked.” Alison shrugged. I’m sure there are a few sane people there. so he will pay the price for it.

She was drooling so much in the lesson. But she is scared of Amir. I’m not sure. but he is not my Master. wink. He listened to me without shouting. almost muttering. not like what he did to Miss Solar. “It went really well. “No he didn’t. “I can’t believe it. nudging Alison and humming “here comes the bride” in her ear. to be honest. he didn’t need to come and help me as much as he assisted you. “I bet you can’t. but he would not allow her to. He had to put up with her lying and evilness as a child. Well.” Sarah sighed. you’re only jealous because I could hold my sword correctly. He is a true gentleman. “I planned it. Sarah nodded. and caring as she makes out to be. she only refers to him as ‘The Master’. wink. Armstrong nearly stabbed her with his sword by slipping on her saliva. “—but I will. “So. How Alison said that she wanted to help. That smiley. They must know that Zantha is not as kind. Alison glared at Sarah with annoyance and shook her head. behind.” “I think you will find it was I who could. “No. “After we left the room. we went somewhere else. it’s eating him away.” Sarah gushed. “Miss Solar is not a witch. “Can we come and look at it one time?” Sarah asked. prim and proper cow. The anger inside him has taken over his mind.” Sarah whispered. I shall get an apron for next time. and taking them to Miss Solar and going through the portal to see Amir. I can’t get me head around it. He wants to kill her so that it will ease his mind and he can leave all this evilness that he has created.” replied Simon smiling happily.” Sarah remarked. how did your lesson go?” Robert asked Simon and Alison. been annoying. we now have our own training room. “Can’t see why not. Alison and I had to decorate it by using a wand and saying magic words. to be honest. “Fantastically.” Simon said proudly. so I don’t need to. “Oh yes. whilst Robert shook his head. do I?” Alison asked. I don’t think she is. He is not that frightening when you speak to him alone.“She’s not shut up since we came out. You remember that shadow I told you about from the other day?” Alison asked. .” Alison said.” Robert commented and rolled his eyes at the love-struck girl. can’t wait till Monday. then?” Simon asked as he looked at Sarah’s strange expressions.” Robert stated sarcastically.” Robert said harshly. “I take it all went well. I have to get the realm of wonders union to believe me. when we came out.” Alison said butting in. is an evil witch. Alison began to tell Robert and Sarah about the shadow speaking to her. nice. I don’t know if I was supposed to. you thought you were going to have him to yourself all lesson? I don’t think so.

“Dunno. “Yeah.” Simon stated as Rachel gasped in shock. you’re gonna be in real trouble. “Have you got a problem? I’m talking to my friends. Simon carried on laughing.” Rachel cackled and William laughed too.” Simon said retaliating. Alison looked at Simon with a look of concern.” Sarah complained as Simon and Alison began laughing. “So what’s the joke?” Rachel asked almost hissing with rage. You could’ve been killed. so as we don’t have to see your ugly face’s again. It would have been mouldy if I’d had to wait for you two any longer. dearie. Simon glared at them. And as the four teenagers began talking more about the castle and the gem that Alison had sneaked into. “Ha-ha your friends?” Rachel sneered. and knew that the threats that she gave would be followed up. Simon quickly stopped laughing when he saw Rachel and William approaching. “Will you be all right?” she asked. so stop complaining. He walked over to Rachel with a look of hatred in his eyes. “Since when? You belong with us. “You know where I am if you need me. not these vile creatures. I think you’re lucky to be alive. “So why don’t you and your glove puppet. I’ll be fine.” Sarah cried. because that’s all that comes out of your mouth.” Simon said angrily. chicken and roasties. ********** .” Sarah stated sarcastically. which made Alison and Simon laugh more.” Sarah muttered. but inside he felt ill.” Simon whispered back. “It’s not funny. with William following behind like a lost sheep. we are alive.” “I have been friends with them. “Oh I think I have a bigger brain than yours. all you have in there is muck. He knew Rachel like a book. “I will tell your Dad on you Simon. since common sense took over me. putting a hand gently on his arm.” “Well.” All three kids began to laugh at Simon’s crude comment and Rachel shook her head with anger and stormed off. that I assure!” Rachel shouted as she crossed the road. Simon smiled sadly. Simon knew that he was going to be in a lot of trouble when he got back home. It is you who’s vile.” Alison whispered. go and chuck yourselves off a cliff. “Nothing that your brain could cope with. but going into that castle. sulking even more. “Stop complaining? It’s my favourite meal tonight. “We would’ve been sitting here all our bleeding life waiting for you two to get your backsides here.

“Well.Alison closed the front door to her house as quietly as she could and went to go upstairs to her bedroom. Alison felt awkward. I knew that would be dragged up!” Alison screamed. her face turning red with anger. I’m sorry. a face suddenly appeared from the cubbyhole doorway. “Don’t you raise your voice at me. looking on the floor and clasping her hands together. and come back thinking I wouldn’t know? Well missy.” Alison whispered. “Down here. I just hope you realise the trouble you have caused. It should’ve been you that was frog marched to Onbrier.” “I wanted to. in case it made her mum angrier.” Alison muttered. when they informed me of what had happened.” Alison shouted sarcastically. you don’t do things by half.” “I do now. nor was I. I never thought you would do this. Carla looked at Alison shaking her head in disbelief. But oh no. she dared not say she objected to her stares. However. and you have stupid dreams about a man who should not be alive. sentenced to death even. being accused of letting youngsters use a portal without an elder. because I need to know what is going on in that little brain of yours.” “That man. I only popped out. deserves to live. “That sarcasm is not helping you. thinks it’s okay to go and have fun in another kingdom. “How could you do something so stupid? I have spent all day at Onbrier. and you sneak in here with your friends. Is that all right for you?” Alison shouted. You know of the dangers. This morning I was ordered to go to Onbrier. Because of what you had done and the fact that I had left the key unattended. They were not happy. “Alison. cross my heart. Alison took a deep breath and walked slowly down to the séance room. more than that queen! I’ve seen her viciousness. I could have been arrested. how wrong you are. Alison knew she would not win. that is not what I want to hear. now!” Carla shouted angrily. stupid thing.” Alison spat. trying so hard not to yell. not me. and seeing the temper that she’d had the night before. Why?” Carla screamed as her hands began flying around with annoyance. “Picture? Oh here we go again. Alison the hero. Stupid. “I don’t know. I was told off for leaving my portal key lying around. and you still went in. .” Carla sighed. I have to be punished for the stupidity of it.” “I’m sorry. you bought that back here. “Yes it has. young lady. “Sorry? They thought I let you have a run around in there. Have an answer for me. like she used to when she was younger. “Alison those dreams are blotting your true views.” Carla replied harshly. do you?” Carla stated. it won’t happen again. as you call him. Since you took that picture you have changed. when she knew she’d done something wrong.

with Amir standing over his body.” Alison said staring at her mum with deep loathing. “You will learn the truth. They are fighting with the wrong side. She was not going to gain her trust and get her mum to listen to her. but the anger she was feeling was real. “I do not need to sleep. She could not believe how nasty she had been to her mum. They never will —picture or no picture. She felt so angry with her.” Alison screamed. she had never imagined that her daughter would speak like that to her. I have seen it many times in my dreams and consider what Amir has told me is the truth. teddy bear. you believe that Amir killed Dad. She needs to die. as she went out of the room. you have had a long week. . by the window. like Amir wants revenge with his sister. brown. Alison ran to her room. she had never seen her daughter have such an evil look in her eyes. bitterness at her mums reaction to the war was not helping one bit. She had no idea what to do. “Alison. “before tearing the picture up. like she did Amir. “Why the queen?” She said to herself. I believe him. and I hope Amir does what he wishes. You don’t care about this war except for your vengeance. “Why will she not listen? I have seen the truth. why would she not believe her? Alison tried hard to convince her that she knew the truth. because if he doesn’t. but alas. She needed to calm the situation down. this is revenge. so black and bitter looking and Carla took a protective step back from her irate daughter. Carla looked shocked at Alison. It will cause deep regret for you and this regret will drench your body for the rest of your life. I’m sure that’s what Lidah said to me this morning. and began to cry. Well my views have not changed. her mums feeling belonged with the union.” Alison muttered and then unthinkingly kicked a large. so as not to upset her daughter anymore.” Alison looked at her mum as though she was unknown to her. it will be too late. and so for you. She sat on a chair. which sat minding its own business on the floor.” Alison shouted. I’ll make sure your precious queen never breathes again. Amir is not the one to blame. and when you do.“Yes. It was as though someone else had dictated the argument for her. maybe you need sleep. her face looking bitter at her mum. because the stares she was getting were scaring Carla immensely. it’s the queen. and with one last look of bitterness she threw at her mum.” Carla whispered. but all she could see was Jason lying on the floor. that is why were—” Carla began. The queen is insane. She sat thinking for the reason of this. I think if you listened to your heart and understood what I have seen. I need to see your union. “The queen requested our help before Amir.” Alison said tartly.” Alison hissed. and you must believe in me too. Carla’s blood ran cold. then you would change your mind and join Amir’s alliance. She slammed the door to her room hard and loud. “The queens poisoning you. Carla could not understand why Alison had strong emotions for Amir. she walked out of the room. “Liar. They need to listen to what I have to say.

if your daughter is causing disruption she needs to be stopped. you know. “What’s that you have in your hand?” Carla shouted. Concesta followed Carla up to Alison’s door. A quick injection will calm her down—” . and threw a chair at the door. but I cannot deal with the minor standing here. and held it tightly in the palm of her hands. “You can’t kill people. “Concesta.” Carla ordered. ready to be used without ill feeling. “Oh Dear.” “As is my daughter!” Carla retaliated. She could feel the heat surging from her body.Fury began to burn inside her. but she could not help it. you’re no use to me. I see what you mean. You’re nobody in my life. “Do you think you could calm her down before I go in? She seems to be having a tantrum. I must get help Carla thought. She walked away from the door.” Carla said anxiously. She did not want to do this. She felt she had no control of her body. shrugging his shoulders. no! Put that away.” Concesta tutted when he heard the commotion in Alison’s room. not here at least. With what seemed like seconds. She took her key from her pocket. “Onbrier. “I told you what she was like. just like swatting a fly — well. she began to throw things in anger. and ran back down to the séance room.” “You don’t say?” Carla said looking flustered. when Concesta showed her the strange instrument.” “I will do my best. I am of importance. “Alison!” Carla shouted through the door. Carla ran upstairs. “What’s happening?” Carla screamed. He opened his case. when the unicorns stopped running around the room. “This way.” Alison growled with anger. I just hope you can help. she was too scared to go into the room in case Alison harmed her. The authorities will not take it too kindly. smashing ornaments on her shelf. and making Carla scream. “You must stop that!” “Go away.” “What a very strange custom. but listening to Alison screaming with rage. and on the end of the pipe were six small needles protruding out. tearing books up from her bookcase and kicking the door as hard as her temper would allow. Carla jumped at the sound of the object banging at the door and began yelling outside the door begging her daughter to stop. Carla returned with Concesta. quickly. you’ll kill her with that!” “If she comes at me I need to protect myself. and pulled out a small black box. and before she knew it. can I?” Concesta stated. However. with a long pipe attached to it.

They looked dim and were turning a more greyish colour. she was upset at how the blueness had gone. Alison was getting tired. “It’s gone quiet. with a look of concern. “I will take her back to Onbrier with me. a dirty grey. Carla steadied him down the flights of stairs’. her room was spinning around. and then her calmness will come back. Concesta had no feelings for fellow beings. like doom was casting over her body. “Take a look at her eyes. “What can you do?” Carla asked. and her desk had been pushed over. and saw Alison on the floor in deep slumber. “If you can find any clothing in this room. until suddenly she fell to the ground in a heap.” Carla said butting in. then it would be advisable that you bring it.” Concesta nodded while opening Alison’s eyes to look at her pupils. . Carla looked shocked at this. Alison’s room was unrecognisable. “She is not usually untidy. they’re a strange colour. so as we can analyse her. observing the clutter. She needs to rest. every bit of space was now cluttered. The posters of her favourite band lay in tatters around the floor. Carla. Go to reception when you arrive at the institute. but she still felt anger and bitterness and began to pull apart her bed. Her eyes slowly began to close.” Carla sighed.” Carla opened the door. “Oh Alison. and threw her over his shoulders. and looked around the room.” Carla looked at Alison’s eyes. Carla gave him a stern look.” Carla whispered to Concesta.” Concesta stood up. but then. before closing the séance room to start packing a case for her daughter. I will go ahead.” Concesta picked Alison up. She has seen plenty and I think she needs to rejuvenate her body. and they will tell you where to find her. faster and faster it went. “Bit of a messy individual. throwing the mattress across the room and ripping her quilt up.” Carla stated.“—and kill her. where she will stay in the institute. isn’t she?” Concesta commented. “Indeed. “I shall try the door. She could feel her eyes getting heavy. she was sweating profusely and her breathing was rapid. it’s the pressure she’s under.

“Continue. Nothing real. Dabila a smile. she has recently found out about us.” Carla said frowning. just over did it. It scared me Doctor.” Carla sighed. Dabila said softly.” Dr. her pulse is a bit erratic too. The window in her room was large. then it must be heard. “How is she?” Carla asked giving Dr. Carla knew him from the union. but I think if there is another side to this tale. “I take it you have not listened to your sibling? Minors do say the most irritable things at times. Her breathing was not as erratic as it had been. rather than fight them. He was small in size. A doctor walked into the room looking at a clipboard at the end of her bed and then looked at the patient.” “Amir is not worthy of being concerned about. “Indeed dear. “A bit high for someone this young. He was a pleasant man with grey hair. rolling his eyes and shaking his head. I know I was. He had no pity or remorse for what he had done. but she still felt hot and looked clammy. with beautiful views of woodlands. “She seems to have started having dreams about Prince Amir. round face. “She’s fine. she seems to have got herself involved in the situation a bit more seriously than I had expected her to. he proved his actions on the night of Jason’s death. As you know. Tell me dear. even in battle. I too will be going to Frinda to fight for the queen. and a doctor who took time to listen to his patients. that’s all. “Well.CHAPTER 25 Carla sat staring sadly at her daughter’s motionless body at the institute. However. but had such a loud voice. “Minors get a bit excited when new things surround them. I never knew Alison was capable of doing that. and I will give no support in . He never took life serious. he would rather have a laugh and a joke with the opposition. blue eyes and wrinkles of plenty on his happy. and then there’s the battle. a basin and a couple of bright yellow chairs for visitors to sit on. all sides of a story must be told.” “Alison has had a dream. that it compensated his stature. She has views that are different to mine and that was when she went mad and destroyed her room. has she been doing anything out of the ordinary?” Carla gave the Doctor a funny look. with a bed. that’s all.” Carla stated. I’m sure you were the same when you were this age. but sometimes they do say things that they understand are to be the truth. He checked her temperature and tutted. The room that Alison was in was a small lime green room.” Dr. She believes he is the good person in this war and that the queen should not live.” he chuckled. And a big orange sun to look at whilst lying in a bed and wishing that you did not have to. Dabila smiled kindly.

but this — I don’t know what to say. blinking to get used to the light around her. “She has not been through my portal. she wouldn’t. “Well.” Dr. as he looked at Carla and sighed. Dabila looked around the room. she knows no one else who has one. I can do so much. glaring at the small doctor. ********** Alison was in deep slumber when she heard her name being called softly from afar. shaking her head. do you think she could have contacted Amir in any way?” Carla shook her head at the doctor’s question.” Carla repeated slowly. She woke up gently. “When I began examining her. thinking hard as Dr. what have you done?” Carla gasped. I noticed the colourings of her eyes. which was unusual for this happy old man to sound. a serious look suddenly etched on his round. it would've acknowledged her movements if she had. it has to have come from somewhere.” She looked at her daughter with annoyance and confusion. Dr. Carla began to think back to what Alison had said in the séance room. She is infected by something. Dabila sighed as he left the room. . Dabila tapped her shoulder with a feeling of concern. “A silly question to ask.” he said quietly. They seemed to have darkened since being in slumber too. she didn’t think her daughter was silly enough to have actually gone to see Amir. And besides. “She couldn’t have? She’s not that stupid to have gone to Amir. “No. They are unusual for a being from your planet.” he said apprehensively. How are you?” The voice whispered. what had Alison said? What was it about having dreams of Amir and “What Amir told me” Alison had stated. “Alison. Nevertheless.” Carla stated. “Told me. Carla could not believe her daughter actually doing this. she thought hard at what the doctor had told her. wrinkled face. she had doubts about her daughter. “I think you must understand that Alison may not have only had dreams of Amir. she’s not silly enough to have gone to see him. but one of concern. and looked at her daughter with a look of remorse on her face and walked out of the room. She had changed since the queen had spoken to her about the necklace glowing. Alison looked up and mumbled. She stood up. and then having dreams that seemed to make the queen the villain in this warfare. not very nice for the minor. “Alison.encouraging my daughter to convince people otherwise. In between the shouts and tantrums. Carla was confused.” Carla retorted. The place was unknown to Alison. but she could not void it from her mind.” Carla commented.

“Speak? It bears no tongue to speak with. as she winced with pain.” “Where is she?” Alison asked.” “The meeting? Ooo my head. You’re at the Onbrier institute. “It spoke?” Mr.” Mr. I’ll be back to work in a couple of weeks’.” Alison stated with a look of concern showing on her face. wasn’t it? I'd seen it before I went out the door. It was superficial wounds. Alison nodded. upped and went when it was nearing the time. “He came to me today and spoke to me.” “Did the shadow speak to you?” Alison asked. Winters chuckled. Winters laughed. as she looked around for her mum. looking at Alison strangely.” Mr. They must have given you something to knock you out with.” Mr. so I left her alone.” Alison whispered. they are shadows. it had chased me along the corridor. “She’s gone to the meeting. “A meeting is being held at the town hall. soon?” Alison asked.” Alison thought aloud. “Institute?” “It’s another word for hospital. telling me to get better before rushing back to you lot. I had to make sure it did not escape on to our planet. Your Mum was not in the right frame of mind to talk. I feel ill.“Where am I?” Alison asked tiredly as she looked around at the familiar voiced person. Winters remarked. “Are you better now? Will you be coming back to school. Winters?” Alison gasped in surprise.” Alison groaned. Winters replied smiling gently. They are not worthy of trust and could’ve caused pandemonium when loose.” Mr. “I’m a lot better. Winters laughed. Baines has sent a message over. “The one and only. as she looked around the small room with confusion. They seem to enjoy inflicting pain when you’re lying there unable to defend yourself. which was smiling down at her. “Mr. gave me a headache too. “It told me to go with him—” “Go where? Please say you did not go with him?” Mr. “Indeed it was. here. . thank you. Winters shook his head. “How did I get here? I was at home. as she gave a wry smile. and sat up to see the caretaker’s face. Mr. They like words like that. “I saw you on a stretcher. Alison looked her visitor in the eyes. “It was that shadow that attacked you.” Mr. Winters repeated with a look of curiosity showing on his face. nothing serious.

It all began when I returned home from the palace that night with my Mum. “When I went to bed that night I began to dream of them. Winters. and the queen was almost smirking when she blamed Amir for the death.” Alison said as she bit her lip and saw the caretaker’s surprised look. shaking his head. Zantha told Amir that it was she who had proclaimed war on her people. Do you need a nurse?” “No!” Alison shouted. until Foster — I mean Mrs. who had a look of disbelief showing on his face. “Mum came in when my Dad was lying on the floor and presumed Amir had…you know. either through a photo which I had. I have seen into things that no one can imagine. Foster. That was when she took her sword and killed him for refusing her order. I wanted to.” Mr. “And now. you should not have gone to Grimsdritch.” “Dear Jason? You didn’t see him—you know?” Mr. were of her doing.” he whispered. But it’s not. Winters blew. You all believed her. I see his life. no one will listen to me. Alison nodded solemnly and Mr.” “Alison. you do not make sense. Winters asked as he wiped his face with a handkerchief. I took it. Mum thinks the dreams I'm having of the prince are overshadowing the war. You have done something that not even the in-sanest person would do. and did not deserve to die. “I know that Prince Amir is not whom everyone is making out to be. to tell him I believed in him. how Amir found the body of their cousin.” “Alison. I saw this glitter which sent me to the time my dad died. And the shadow wanted me to go to him.” “I had to. He wished not to. And when we sneaked to Frinda the other night. Winters asked as he sat on a chair next to Alison’s bed. Queen Zantha has done some very malicious things when she was a child. Foster ripped it up.” Alison exclaimed as her eyes widened. after her putting this necklace. as he knew that he was not the cause of the battle. I saw a picture in this room. Amir does want revenge on his sister because of what she had done to him when they were younger. She was doing all this to blame Amir. and well. he refused to kill Amir. and the blame of all she had done would be pinned on to Amir. her soldiers and her people.“He knew that I knew the truth and he wanted me to go with him. evil kingdom. to talk to him.” Alison looked at Mr. Winters groaned. Mrs. “Amir never killed him.” “How do you know? Did Amir tell you this so that you would go against his sister?” Mr. that Amir was taking revenge for her being the queen. which has a magic spell around the queen’s neck. She was vindictive and cruel. When my Dad had heard what she had said in the great hall. “No. That the evil warriors that Amir was supposed to have had fighting against you.” “Yes. it is a diseased. My Mum. You are too young to go and give views on battles. “Goodness me. she informed Zellacta that Amir had killed your dear father. .. he never spoke of it. unable to vent a word.

that war was so brutal. because I do not wish my comrades to die in her hands once more. I don’t know—” “Please.” “So let me go to the meeting and explain my findings. he never wished harm on anyone. so many people died. until they both married and had children. they hung out with each other. “It is something that I never expected to hear. the queen was deeply moved by the circumstances around her. this is what I cannot understand.” she sighed. slaying us.” Andrew stated as he shook his head. sir. recalling it back in my mind. They fought many battles together and drank much wine and beer together too. he would be the one who would be lurking around. they will throw you out in a second. “This is so strange. just to get at her brother. I always thought something was amiss. Don’t you believe me?” Alison asked. It is the queen doing what she has done.” Mr. as she looked at the caretaker with relief. The battle is not going to be good for anyone. He smiled back. she got you to fight for her. I really need to go to the meeting. they will not listen. Amir was never at the warfare. I need to at least try to speak and tell them what I know. Even when back home and doing their normal day-to-day activities. You will be bait for the queen and the evil monsters that she will be finding to kill all those that have gone against her rulings. I will speak on your behalf. . Winters sighed and wiped his face again. “Please.” Mr. Winters declared.” “Alison. “Sir.” “And we believed her too. The union leaders’ are very stubborn. allowed the death of our men to satisfy her needs of revenge. And if I recall. if you are not allowed inside. you must believe me. and now.” Alison pleaded. but also a dear friend of Andrew Winters. I really need to go. just to harm her brother. “In fact. the leader would never hide away from the conflict. What you have told me now makes sense. Amir was never around—” “Because he never planned it. killing us. only that Zantha returned to the castle to be taken care of by her father. Jason was not only a comrade.” she stated sadly. She planned everything. and if I get those folk in the meeting to listen. They have the agenda’s planned and they will not accept or expect new matters arising. then the war can be terminated. But you know. it’s the truth. You see. “If you are venting a war. you are too young to go to the meetings. thank you. thinking back. I have to admit. you don’t know what that means to me.” Alison cried.“But it was never him. I will fight your cause. I will try to get you in that meeting. “Thank you. and being a favourite of her father. Alison. “I do Alison.” “What was that?” Alison asked. However.

. But Alison had seen it. All who knew the warrior bowed down in sorrow. He had no idea that Jason was anywhere near the queen or prince. A man who died doing a job he took to his heart. And for the first time. and Andrew believed her.The death of a friend is one that always falls heavily on your heart. even though minds of a younger generation can be over-zealous and more imaginative. she had said. and found Jason dead on the ground. However. he felt as though his life was ending too. to call out when he saw trouble coming towards him. he always felt that Jason’s death was something much more complicated. his men were outside protecting the queen from the evil that was invading her palace. than a disgruntled prince taking a blade to his heart. he never gave it a thought at the time. However. saw the true actions of that night. saving those that did not deserve death being brandished upon them. the death was witnessed by Carla who had run into the room. it rang true to him. He was not supposed to be. as they were always looking out for each other. When news came to him in Frinda at what had happened. Andrew was not around to protect his friend. Carla blamed Amir. he was the one who was holding a sword high up in the air.

Alison had wished she had her roller skates with her.” Andrew called over to Alison. If they see you as a child at the meeting. Carry on walking towards that green shop over there. Alison also noticed that the people around.” Alison frowned when he pulled out the most ridiculous clothing Alison had ever seen. which stood tantalising her in the window. One thing Alison noticed whilst walking. yellow paper bag. and in fact. and held her chin out for the beard to be attached to. topped with silver sprinkles was whirling gently around on a mechanical cake stand. and I will come to you shortly. and women had their hair rolled into buns so big on the back of their heads. none had the normal contour that Alison was used to seeing when back home. and still it bore no child of any age. I need to kit you out. so that she could skate along the smooth path without falling over a crack. you will change from a girl to an old man in an instant. “I must go to this shop. trying not to laugh. Quick. I do hope that they are to your taste. was the lack of animals and children. I’ll look like a clown. blues. but she made sure her long mousy hair was not on show. Alison stood at the green shop and gazed at the brightly coloured cakes. However. Their walk had taken them into a small town. as he began to walk towards an alleyway. it was a wonder that they had not tipped over with the weight. Alison was hungry and the cake. Nevertheless. Alison laughed when she saw the items. each person holding tightly on to clipboards. “I’m not wearing those. the people around may have been old in age. which was large. “Put these on. calling Alison to buy it. follow me. “And finally…clothing. Most men wore long kipper ties that nearly touched the floor. a voice behind her snapped her out of her daydream. The wig was not the most comfortable thing to wear and Alison scratched her head as soon as the wig had been fitted. with green and pink icing.” Andrew instructed. any bright or pastel colours on the buildings. The fresh. crisp.CHAPTER 26 The village that they were walking through in Onbrier was the nicest place Alison had ever seen. The pavements were yellow and very flat. but they wore some of the strangest garments of multi-coloured clothing that she had ever seen. gave way to reveal a long. The colourings of bright yellows. It was as though they were going through the middle age dilemma of wanting to still be young in their looks and appearance. made the street look continental and more vibrant than it did where Alison lived. grey pointed beard and a matching wig. I have no idea what they will do. . writing as they went along. All the buildings looked immaculate. The streets were quiet and very clean too. were extremely old looking. which he was holding for dear life.” Andrew said.

as they curved gently up to the next floor. the meeting is starting. which could be taken after you passed the reception desk. stating CELL UNITS. the reception area took the right hand side of the room up. “Remember what I have told you — don’t open your mouth. through an archway and on to an orange corridor. which was padlocked on the right. in big black letters. you have to dress up like them. The stairs were wide and elegant looking. which showed a square courtyard. The corridor was long and high with one long window to the left of them as they walked along. She rolled the legs up and stuffed as much as she could into the pointed purple boots. which hung down from the high yellow ceiling.” He opened another bag with the same type of clothing.” Alison mumbled. and plenty of war scenes on the pretty coloured glass. it’ll pad you out a bit. only in a different colour. with a purple bow and red and blue striped trousers that were far too big and long for Alison. leathered chairs with notices on big board’s informing people of what floor each department was on.” Andrew smiled. which were too big for her and very uncomfortable to wear. as though only single filed people were allowed into the building. The main hall of the corridor was huge. so don’t worry. The main staircase took you to the next floor. and a small staircase on the left with a smaller plaque saying STAFF ONLY .” ********** The town hall was a big yellow building with stained glass windows that depicted pictures of wizards and warriors. in which lay a fountain in the shape of a wizard. with a dark blue door. “Slip them over your clothes. with large double blue doors to let the visitors in. . brightened the dark windowless area of the hall. “I look stupid.” Alison did as she was told.” Andrew threatened kindly. If we’re late we’re not allowed in.” “You’re not. with two old women who sat at large oval. “You and about a thousand others. sighing as she got dressed. A crystal three-tiered chandelier with hundreds of small light bulbs.” Alison stated. “Now we can go. with a look of importance showing on their aged faces. Opposite them were red.“If you want in. “I will. The path to the building was narrow. look. Come on then. which pointed them to the great hall in which the meeting was taking place in. The vaults of the town hall were on the ground floor Alison noted. She wore a yellow striped shirt. not sure why a town hall had vaults as they walked past the main flight of stairs. cherry wood desk.

“Let’s get in then. Foster straight away. beamed room. Three other people were on the stage too. and made the courtyard look inviting. but many were sitting. made it hard not to miss her. gone downhill since. some standing. Even from where Alison was standing. the meeting was being held. The noise in the room was loud. No one likes him. Alison looked around. “The only reason he’s on the board is because his parents were.with waters of gold flowing out of the ornaments staff.” Andrew chuckled. “See. bellowed. Andrew walked slowly into the room. which seemed to go on into the distance above them. was huge. making sure not to knock people with the door. “Hush. ordering people to be quiet. The stage that the main speakers were on.” Andrew complained and began egging the booing on more. or the meeting will be postponed. You are all tense of late. There’s no need for noise of such high volume. The cream and silver marbled floor in this impressive enclosure. and on the black wooden floor where Alison was standing. “That’s Fenfold. we need to withhold the noise. as he turned the door handle gently. We do not accept this behaviour. taking notes of the meeting and writing fast. she could barely see who was sitting there. her bony appearance in the most shocking green dress. sitting on large chairs behind a long table.” A man remarked at the table as he stood up to take to the stage. “Enough. Hush. but she recognised Mrs. loads of clowns. A smaller table was at the side of it. were here. and we will deal with them as best we can. with balconies. she could see that the lady was flustered and had a look of confusion written on her face. are rubbing off on to you. you know. thin man. amazed at the colourful outfits that were being worn in the meeting.” Andrew suggested. They got to the door where on the other side. The Kingdoms you are living in. “As you know we have had all sorts of propositions in. which Alison could not help but stare at in an impolite manner. Attached to the large double red doors was a blunt notice. captured the rays of the sunshine within it. They were the lucky ones who had managed to get to the town hall early. Alison closed it quickly. laden with piles of paper. Alison looked around the room to see if she could see her mum. there was a mass of people. BOO!” He began shouting through his cupped hands around his mouth. objections were being expressed and feelings coming out about a proposition that had been put forward.” The tall. and many had strange features to match. but it was hard to see anything apart from the heads of the people who stood in front of her. with a small grey-haired lady sitting. . Usually they’re voted in. Not this one though. The silver walled and gold ceiling. His grey clothing looked out of place with the coloured ones that folk around the room wore. and then landing back into the fountain’s bowl. Such shambles of incompetence!” the man shouted above more boo’s and heckling. People of all shapes and sizes. but the union cannot come up with solutions for all that is queried. “BOO!” some people heckled back. His parents pushed him through before they retired. seemed miles away too.

She pushed at the man who had been rude to her. . However. Alison frowned. and was now dictating to those in the meeting what he had been told about Amir and his sister. I have heard. Lidah Fortes. like a thunderstorm approaching. “As you know. the person approached the front of the hall. However. “That looks like Matthew. Alison grinned. We have acquired many warriors and wizards and this is greatly appreciated. “Who?” Alison asked. glaring nastily at the back of the black-haired man. overwhelmed that her teacher was now on that stage supporting what she had said. and with her big walking cane banged it several times on the floor. if we all unite. but was shoved back abruptly by a tall man. as it seemed very quiet from where she was standing.Alison was glad of the beard. Amir. “Your geography teacher. The realm of wonders union will defeat the evil creature and hopefully send him packing to his new life down-under — with the rest of his evil banshees!” Lidah shouted as the crowd began applauding with enthusiasm. against her brother. “Are you sure that it is not the queen that we should be fighting?” He stated curiously. the sound echoing around the room. stood up. However. Matthew Armstrong?” Andrew replied scratching his head. “We have many people who have been kind enough to offer their assistance to this conflict. who wanted to get the meeting over and done with. and go back to their homes. trying to move forward to get a better look at the speaker. I am sure he can go to his grave happy and knowing he contributed to your lives. we have been discussing with Queen Zantha the confrontations that are nearing. and he made way for her. She could barely make sense as to what was being said. Prince Amir. She was embarrassed with all the looks that he was getting from some very annoyed people. then it will be his army who will lose this battle. “Thank you for the heart felt feelings towards Fenfold. Alas. shocked at what was being said on the stage. This we have accepted gratefully.” Lidah stated as she looked sternly at the people in the room. when the applauses had quietened down. has found an army that is capable of killing us in an instant. and stood on the stage.” Alison listened intensely. he has not responded to her letters.” Andrew commented with a look of surprise. and has wished she could speak to her brother and come to some conclusion on the matter of taking her kingdom from her.” She nodded solemnly. who refused her this move. and so she has reluctantly agreed that we must set up a battle plan immediately. She needed to speak. and the disagreements quietened in an instant. Alison was fuming. she heard someone at the other end of the room start shouting at Lidah. “—The queen is in deep anguish that the war is nearing.

“And you are right. who had sat quietly. He stared at Lidah with hate. I do not have evidence. you are not turning the union against this war. only the say so of Alison.“—so you see. I do not wish to stand by her in this war. She is in not in the right frame of mind to tell us to fight for her.” “If you are referring to the youngie. so took no notice. Alison had moved nearer to the seating area. you do as you are told by these incompetent imbeciles behind you. She could not be caught —not yet. At first. The queen has attained the help from us and that is final. “I stand by the union.” Lidah protested. “You’ve done it now. hoping not to get involved in this argument. he wanted to say more. he thought it was his friends who were prone to causing disruptions. I will have to put a hold on that. a few years ago.” Lidah said loud enough for the congregation in the room to hear.” “I am not permitting my views to anyone in this room. “I do not know where you are getting this information from Matthew. but I know someone who does have proof. it is she who needs slaying. anyway. that she is not right in the head. We know she has dreams of this prince being picked on by a wicked sister.” Lidah commented sternly. you have no firm proof of the accusation you are putting forward. You have no proof that the queen is —” “A nutcase?” Matthew butted in. but I am sure your snitch has sent you information that is not true. we cannot go on the say so of dreams by a minor. Matthew could see a very angry young girl coming towards the stage and gave Lidah a look that said. Andrew followed her. You should know after all the years of being so-called-friends with the queen. “Lidah. “You are a wise old woman and they should not over shadow your true feelings. Amir is not the bad person in this warfare. and looked disgusted with the way that they had been victimised. .” Matthew stated rudely as he pointed to the three people.” Matthew declared. “She is a fake. Some of the crowd began cheering.” Lidah stated rudely. We need to think this war through.” “I have proof. They have no reality of life. whilst others looked around uncomfortable. that whatever you decide. I must hasten to add.” Lidah’s tutted. “Matthew.” Matthew shouted for the room to hear. They are dreams. But then he heard the voice. Whether you and your small hooligans agree.” Alison declared as she climbed on to people’s laps and clambered towards the stage. they are not real. However. A minor’s say so is out of the question. “Why not?” Someone shouted from the seating area. is no matter of concern to me. “The queen is in need of our help. Matthew knew she was right. he had no proof. A voice that was of anger and annoyance and even under the fake beard. and I state that I will not give personal feelings towards this. dear man. It is she who needs ditching like the last queen we got rid of. but his eyes averted to a commotion in the crowd.

Alison glared back at the old lady. The look of death seemed to have taken over Alison. The room was in uproar. as though Alison had the plague. She’s not to be trusted. “You are not fighting with the right side. with her cane shaking towards the girl with frustration.” Lidah was seething her head shaking hard with what she was hearing. please come forward. she could not be heard and the meeting was in turmoil. The people who had been sitting down listening to what was being said on the stage. if the union are lying. to get as close as they could. leaving a very scared old lady sitting on her own and scribbling as fast as her hands would allow it. banging her cane hard on to the wooden floor. I do not wish any more hearsay in this meeting. which annoyed Lidah more. Carla came towards the stage trying to coax Alison to get down. the hope of causing misery was immense. no one would. Amir is the one that needs our help. unsure who and what to believe. other’s shushing. . but Alison was not having any of it.” others commented. “She has escaped from the institute. so as they could listen to more of what was being said. If not. and the embarrassing pleas of getting off the stage and being a good girl. “It is from a Child’s mouth. The three men that were behind the table vanished. and needs to be reassessed. had now stood up from their chairs. Lidah was angry. Some heckling. To Lidah. the annoyed audience and the two men who were fast approaching. Lidah then called two very sturdy looking men towards the stage. the usual glare did not make a difference to Alison. her beady eyes bore into Alison and Matthew. not her. hatred was felt within her. and informing them of his feelings towards the queen. pushing and shoving with no ill feeling. However. as she ignored her mum’s hand.” “You would not listen. her lips tightened as though trying to hold her anger in more. or at least think of what you are doing!” Alison shouted to the crowd. The crowds were listening. She is not in the right state of mind to do battle. with the fracas that was happening on the stage. shouting and pushing each other to get their views across. who gasped with alarm. as though her soul had been taken from her.“YOU!” Lidah shouted. she will kill you all.” Lidah shouted above the noise in the room. But staring at the young girl.” Lidah commented with concern. Lidah almost gasped with surprise. at her table. forwarding to the stage. the look of mortality showing in her eyes. “You are not permitted in this meeting. “Is it true?” People were asking. asking for more information on Amir and the queen. Andrew ventured on to the stage too. any elders who can clarify what is being told who have actual proof. “I’m not fighting. I believe by all accounts she has an infection. and gave his account of what he had been told. Lidah stared back at her. However. You must stop this war. “The minor is ill. Alison’s eyes looked black. and should not be out of grounds!” Lidah shouted to the on-looking crowd.

chairs. The other man followed. “Quick. Matthew landed perfectly and urged Alison to do the same. “It’s all right. “What daft names. He opened the window and within seconds disappeared. Matthew punched the one man on the face. Alison looked down. Matthew and Alison waved at him and began to run. Matthew shrugged his shoulders casually and smiled. small beady brown eyes and pink leathery skin. so as they could not hear her.” the larger of the two said. never been to one so worthy of staying awake at.” Matthew said pointing to the very large window. Alison took a deep breath and jumped out of the window. who had a strange looking snout-type nose. However.” Alison said whispering. her breath was already running out. “Daft kids. closing her eyes so as not to see the broken limbs when she landed. “But don’t tell them that. as the two sky blue-uniformed men approached the stage.” Matthew smiled. demanding they stayed put. “Jumped from higher. grabbing Alison quickly and ran with her out of the back door that was on the stage. The portals in that direction. with a bald head. “Just Pig Face and Jigger.” Matthew whispered back. a large wooden table. we need to leave. They grabbed what they could to block the door. but she urged herself on so as not to get caught. Matthew had caught her. The man was now at the window shouting at them. She was reluctant to do this. The force of Matthew pulling Alison made her run fast. and a small bookcase. “In here.” Matthew responded. and stood looking around the room for an exit.” “Whoop what a meeting. .” Alison laughed. isn’t it?” she gasped as she looked at the drop to the ground. quick. the furniture being pushed abruptly by each bang the man behind the door was doing.“Take her!” Lidah shouted over the noise. but the door was now opening. as though it was nothing. pulling Alison into a room and closing the door behind them. But before she landed. his hands clenched into a fist ready to use on the rogues who had run away from him. “The window.” Matthew ordered.” Matthew stated as he pointed his finger out in front of him. Alison turned to see two men coming towards them shouting Matthew’s name like men at a football match calling on their team. too. “Bit high.

Where I’m from. But hey. tattooed along his now naked arms. who had a happy jump to his walk. business?” Matthew smiled. they seem to rub each other the wrong way. to reveal the now talked about tattoos on his arm.” Pig Face exclaimed. I think I’d better take my punishment when I get home. we said what was needed to be said.” Jigger commented.“You should come to more of em sweetie. bit of a walk though. but remembering he was a teacher. they’re all odd. Alison smiled and nodded. Writing’s not of importance. intrigued by the designs on his skin.” Matthew remarked. it certainly stirred something in there.” . she avoided asking questions. I think they either wanted to hear more about it. “You look at em round eya. dreadlocks and jumped up and down with excitement. They are nothing more than stuffed up white collars and need to be kicked down a peg or two.” the one called Pig Face stated. if it’s something that needs saying it should be said. and yer be flying up to them there clouds. sir. I don’t agree with it. Designs of what looked like emblems. “No need fer that. call me Matt. erm. they’re not from our part of the world. Alison looked at them. or wanted us killed. when he looked at Alison’s worried face.” “No thank you.” “It’s the breed in em. we can always go elsewhere. and with the notes they send. it’s up to them what they do now. Not quite sure. love a good fight. Alison was not too sure of the markings on his arms. anytime you need help. “Well. let me know. As you can see. “You’re not worried about your Mum are you?” Matthew asked when he glanced at Alison’s down trodden face.” Matthew stated. it makes me sound like some old codger.” the other one said who was tall. as they began punching each other. back there. I hate sir. “Hey. and well. Those union folk think that what they say goes.” Matthew sighed. if you wish. “If you are. Matthew smiled. Matthew took off his green striped jacket that he was wearing. it’s the arms on me body you need to worry about. Could punch ya. “Well. First time I have seen people come up at the stage like that. but Lidah really doesn’t help when she glares like that. and that I am not. Would kill me. “These are my dear acquaintances. shall I say. it would. I think I messed it up a bit though. But they have been dear friends of mine since I have been in this.” “Only ‘cause ya can’t write. it didn’t come out as I had hoped. with black skin. “Thank you for trying to help.” Alison said in an almost whisper. trust me. And please. “So do you think anyone will change their minds and won’t fight?” Alison asked. “Take no notice. Jigger retaliated and swore back at him. I have plenty of friends in many kingdoms if you wish to take refuge there. “We need to get to the portal.” Alison said as she motioned her head towards the area they had left quickly behind.

” “Mistie?” Matthew gasped.” “Yeah. “She should not have taken you. how irresponsible.“What will you do?” Alison asked. “Unbelievable.” Matthew frowned. . they are rude as—” Pig Face began. hate them in here. He has years of hate built up. He’s not a nice person. he told me when I went to see him. what with that smiling and crap. apart from you still being alive?” “Nothing. you know. “I knew there was something not right with her.” Matthew shook his head with disbelief. and gave a wry smile. I've heard he has his army in preparation and I think having me in there is not going to make a difference. “You have not seen what I have seen. don’t. “Miss Solar took me. Matthew looked at his companions. I am really going to have her at school. So what happened. he must release it in the only way possible—” Alison said in a way that made it sound morbid. what a stupid woman. And you Alison? I thought you had common sense. jeez. some have — others declined.” Alison stated wistfully.” “No. They walked further until a large building appeared with the words: Portal International written on the outside of the building. but I also won’t be fighting with Amir. “Well. I’m not fighting with the queen. That I am hoping for. “—Kill her. he could’ve killed you.” “Jeez Alison. Pig Face began snorting quickly and loudly.” “I know. who too looked back with confusion and unsure how to react to Alison’s comment. his sister has done that to him. She has no chance of surviving.” Jigger muttered slowly. “Here we go. well to him it is. The other two men stopped bickering and listened.” “You felt sorry for him?” Matthew grinned as the other men laughed. not drag you there. How’d you get to see him?” Matthew asked. which made Alison jump. I felt sorry for him. I know a few folk who have been asked to fight with him. She thought I could talk him around and tell him about my dreams.” “How do you know it’s ready?” “Things fly around kingdoms. Alison nodded. but she could do that. he’s killed plenty himself over the last few years. “Only way. he talked to me so kindly.

Your check has come back as clean. .” Matthew stated. “All right. and then you can go home. then Matt. doubled up. “Speak up. and Alison nodded again. you’ll be here all night. Alison gulped. Alison nodded “Just go through the motions with them. “Name and title?” “Matthew Armstrong and I’m enlisted as a warrior. The man looked up from his notebook and frowned.” the old man said looking up at Alison.” the old man snapped. with yellow and white tiled flooring.” “Very well. “2 Havern Terrace.” The old man tutted.” Matthew suddenly replied. They sound more vicious and I’m up for a grapple. luckily folk are still at the meeting.” Matthew butted in quickly. We’re going to talk tactics. with red uniformed guards’ who stood at the multi-coloured doors that were around the area of this building. you know. “Oh no! How am I going to get back? I don’t have a key!” Alison groaned. “Destination?” The man asked abruptly. The building was huge.” Pig Face apologised sarcastically rolling his eyes. They walked towards a green door. “Now. that’s because he’s from another kingdom. sorry sir. as though old age had taken hold of him. so pretty quiet at the moment. Pig Face waved goodbye too. when a note suddenly appeared from thin air.” Matthew remarked. knowing that he was a man. “You’ll have to come back with me. and looked Alison up and down.” Matthew replied as quickly as he could think.“Pig Face! I don’t want that language in front of Alison. for the war. and you. is he new here?” “You don’t recognise him? Well. and notices of do’s and don’ts covering the apricot walls. She had no idea what to say. “We’re down here. I will see if I can join Amir's Army. “Deaf. if you disagree. that is indeed noted and you can go home. before walking off in opposite directions.” Matthew suggested.” the old man declared. Alison. with his spindly fingers holding on to a small cane.” Matthew replied. I have other meaningful duties to do. and in front of it stood a very old man. and began mumbling to himself. “He’s a bit deaf. I need your companion’s name. who swore quite frequently and did not wish Alison to hear this type of language.” Jigger declared excitedly. he’s coming back to mine. “Doesn’t look familiar. “See ya. but give it an hour and we’ll be like sardines in a tin waiting to get home.

Key please. . which was then put on to a silver disc on the table next to the guard. Matthew passed him his key.” the guard demanded. “Very well. thinking hard. before handing the key back to Matthew. Matthew nodded acknowledgement to the old man. holding out his frail fingers towards Matthew. stating the address in his old croaky voice. He may enter. he seems too old to cause trouble.The old man pulled a few faces. before opening the door to his house.

who had sat patiently.” Matthew responded. whilst others stood proud on stands. and we will provoke the actions of those who wish death upon our souls. if ever you need to get to other kingdoms. as he opened the front door to let Alison out. who had appeared earlier that day. He felt different. Take care. If you can fool one of those Onbrien folk.” General Pinnah declared to the table of comrades and Amir. “Put that beard on and no will notice. “Anytime. “So the rumours are true?” Alison remarked looking around. Frinda will be deemed lifeless and the . he had other things on his mind. which was very narrow with textbooks.” Alison replied.” Matthew smiled. So no going through anyone else’s portals again. The lost souls will be for the taking. “I shall take it as a compliment. The young girl. ********** “The date has been agreed.CHAPTER 27 Alison was surprised at the amount of guitars Matthew had in the room in which they had entered. listening to the arguing and disagreements around the table for most of the afternoon. he stirred quickly when Julu A’ Vanda spoke. more guitars and clothes strewn around on the staircase. I understand and thank you again for helping me. Some that looked like they had seen better days. however. “Yes. with piles of music sheets stacked up in the corner of the room. gave him plenty to think about. He was in no mood for his noblemen and their arguing. if all’s well. I’m too young.” Matthew nodded. Do you understand?” Matthew asked firmly. a new feeling was in his body… one that he had not felt for a very long time. and see you Monday. The screams of innocence echoing around are one that pleases us all. then you can easily fool the bouncers at the club. and microphones.” “I can’t. “The death of so many is what we’re all yearning for. You’ll have to get down to the Felix Ground Club with your mates one night. then I will be your elder and assist you in doing so. smiling.” she smiled as she continued to look around curiously. Some sixth formers have seen you. He was not sure if he was in a dream. now you know where I live. “I heard you did. “You play in a band or something?” “I play in a local punk band. They walked down the stairs of the house. say you look nothing like a teacher.” Alison said shrugging her shoulders sadly. which lay in a tangled mess in a wooden box. “Right.

Alison had indeed made his mind work. it was as though a spell around him had been broken.punishment. How he hated this woman. and all the goodness that was once the blessing of the prince. “So are we in agreement? We have the warriors needed and Julu has many more men who will make sure Frinda and its people will be banished for good. it was a different type of feeling he was sensing now. she spoke of wisdom and truth. and that she. and had drunk enough to exit his life right then. and show her things that were not deemed sane to others. which would be seen by all. twisting each tale into a tight knot. She had approached him at a time when he had decided that he’d had enough of Zantha’s poison. and his feelings became more bitter and ruthless. she too had smiled upon the news of the deaths in Frinda. and a voice that cackled and cut through you like a knife. he had set upon the innocents of kingdoms around. was in no doubt the cause of the fatalities. She seemed to rule his way of life. Amir stared at her. and making her tale sound more sinister. as if to he. with her twisty-wirey. the thirst of taking another’s life seemed to thrill him. in which they have inflicted on our Master. Julu had known Zantha for many years and was aware of the evil that she had bestowed upon her brother. the queen wishing her to leave her and to provoke another with her cruel unstable mind. he seemed to see what misery he had bestowed on others. as he took the sword from his scabbard and sliced them in a way that no one could imagine.” she snarled as she stood up and looked around at the noblemen. after Alison came and told him of what she believed was the truth of his past life. He began to listen to Julu with great earnest. His anger took over. or could the child's memory be playing tricks of the mind? Only Zantha and he knew of the true actions of her father's death. Had what she’d seen on the night that her father died. However. and took no notice of pleads from the innocent victim. She had wished to share the unpleasant life with the queen. she was refused entry to the kingdom. and the crimes and misery. however. She was involved in a way that he could not seek reason for. will be marked upon their lifeless bodies. But her adamant way and thoughts on Zantha did not make sense. At times. the true recollection of the event. who nodded firmly in agreement. She was the most evil person Amir had ever met. He stole lives without their permission. He no longer felt the anger inside him. But the truth took a new meaning to him. no one would believe him. apart from the death of her father. Julu had taken it badly. was in such a low frame of mind that he had taken what Julu had said as the truth. Alas. Amir. and when she had taken Amir in. she told him of all she knew of his sister.” General Pinnah posed. the queen. grey hair. Certainly not with the blood of others saturating his hands. his . death was something he wanted. soon changed. and the pleasure of doing so was planted on his face. and he knew even if he had spoken of that night.

as though she had thought of a joke that only she would understand and looking once more around at the quiet table of noblemen she said. “And it can wait one day more!” Amir shouted as he banged the table hard. They could not understand why he did not feel the pleasure that they felt. The noblemen on the table turned to look at Amir. and none were too pleased at this. She looked at each soldier with interest. as she did so. to them. and Julu had the look of ill doings on her face. this I have knowledge to. the looks of annoyance tattooed on each of their faces. being felt in Julu’s black heart. so that he could begin the process of getting his men ready for war.” he muttered.” Julu noted. and walked out of the room. Her body was hunched and twisted. “Master. It was as though he did not want a battle. he merely stared into the distance once more. Amir will agree to the battle dates. “Commence with the war — full moon it will be. her dirty. all those years waiting. They did not want to back down and surrender before the war had begun. The noblemen banged on the tables. and walked slowly around the table. She looked at each comrade. “I must think. as though the misfortunes of the prince's change of heart was of her doings. Julu stood up from her chair. The thought of death had excited those around the table. Amir did not smile. the satisfaction of what was to come. I have to tend to other things. grey eyes piercing each nobleman who sat before her. Amir stood up sighing. chanting. due to the battles she had fought over the years. It is a shock to the system that he senses on this dark. and her index finger rubbed the tip of her wand. “Master. her face engraved with pleasure. Amir did not seem concerned. waiting for the reply.” Amir stated. and was also normally felt by Amir.” Julu cackled. . However. “I do not wish to discuss the war. A look of discontent was all that they saw. “I have things that need doing. his voice sounding softer and yet pleading at the same time. nor did he scowl. He would relish the thought of the screams and the hope of killing everything that stood in his way. the time has come. is it agreed?” General Pinnah asked boldly. She stood and turned to the table. pitiful night. her black cloak gently floating behind her. with an evil smile appearing on her face. The noblemen were surprised at what they had seen. A change is nearing and I need to be ready. “The battle will begin. no one moved — no one daring to.heavily scarred face looking harsh at Amir and hoping for a positive answer.” Amir looked at the council.” General Pinnah commented.

” “Yes. I will make sure that the kingdom will come out and celebrate her life. and I will have this Kingdom to rule. The only person who believed in him had died. Alison looked at her. and now she has gone. but I will not rejoice in this. to be alive.” Zantha looked at her mother with a look of evilness etched upon her face and bent over the body and kissed her mother’s forehead. “You’re all alone.” Zantha sighed happily. She hated having these dreams. and no one will be able to disagree.CHAPTER 28 A young Amir sat down by his mother on the bed. his eyes boring into her eyes with bitterness. they were of truthfulness. before walking out of the room. “She was the only one who understood what was going on. Carla opened the door to the living room. and she was more than happy to take the kingdom for her own sinful pleasure. “I will make sure each person who spoke of my doings to Papa will pay for their lives. with a look of disbelief showing on her face. her short life had now ended. had now gone to another place. He did not care if all could see his sadness. The door opened and Zantha came walking in. Alison woke up in a panic. and he was all alone. The dream she’d had was not pleasant. as though unsure how to react to the scene.” Zantha cackled. “Don’t say that!” Amir shouted. giggling and making the petticoats on her dress flow gently around. he wanted her to live. flowed freely down his face. humming gently to herself.” Zantha laughed. I just want to make sure that she is out of my life for good. . Amir looked at his sister with hate. Her pale face was now grey and her eyes closed. her face was not of sadness. Papa will leave. and I will make this Kingdom bow down to me at last. shaking her head whilst looking at her daughter. Alison heard the click of a door downstairs in the séance room and then the light stomp of feet on the stairs. Amir sat looking at his mother. her nose was red too. “I heard the rumours in the grounds and my. his sister was to be Queen. laughing evilly and clapping her hands with glee as she approached her brother in a bright blue gown. she will not be missed. He also knew that the time had come for his father to abdicate from the throne. because she felt that they were real. the old hag has died at last. Her eyes were red and puffy. as she began to spin around the room.” Zantha remarked. She looked at her brother one last time. but a sinister look was upon it as she looked at her brother and then her mother with a glint of a smile. the one who always defended him when things occurred in the village. making the path clear for her to deal with the war that was approaching. “Don’t worry Amir. as though in a deep slumber. as though Amir was showing her his past. his heart had been broken. and tears like raindrops. she had cried plenty. Carla sat down. pulling a face. “Why did I dream that?” she asked out loud.

I do see these things. If she had the guts. “No I don’t. look at them. they are no longer your eyes to the world. “She is hiding the truth so not to hurt you my dear. but someone else’s. she has more knowledge of what is happening. you can’t see it. you will know of the truth soon. Loved ones are being torn up.” “Trust?” Carla gave a sarcastic laugh. because what she can see in me. can you?” Carla remarked. with hatred in her voice. the spirit of another is taking over you. you’re talking like some mad woman. “He’s bloody evil and poisoning you too.” “I don’t see anything. “He’s poisoning you with his thoughts. “Ha-ha a woman who is supposed to see spirits of others. “You know what. “Well. “You have it in those eyes.” Carla objected. and see into the future? You are not true to your word. Look!” Carla shouted and grabbed Alison. do you?” Carla screamed. She hides nothing from me. and she knows the real happenings in this war. It is Lidah who is poisoning you.” Alison responded. an impostor before me.” Alison muttered.” “Don’t be pathetic. but abides the union.” “You keep saying that. “No one is poisoning me. I know what he is thinking. what?” Alison protested. lifeless. Alison looked at her eyes. .“You have no idea. Look at you. and the bitter smile Alison had given her changed to a more sinister look. You must listen to yourself. her voice shaking. what do you mean?” Carla screamed. “She knows what is to be done. “Then look and it will answer your question. the eyes of another looking out. Go on LOOK!” Carla shouted. I can see in her. pushing her towards the mirror over the fireplace violently. Time is nearing and you must be sure that the side you have chosen is the side that will be of truth. “See.” Carla protested. That I know. evil is lurking within you.” Alison sneered. “I can. Carla slapped Alison across the face. “You? How could you?” “How could I. She knows the truth. even the most simplest of folk can see it. sighing impatiently. her voice sounding cynical and cold. Carla shook her head. everyone can see it. and you will learn of the truth when it is too late. Going to Amir? Why? He’s—” “I trust him. She will not admit that they are wrong. she could see nothing and tried to move herself from her mums grip. she would not be fighting with them — but with Amir.” Alison scoffed.” Alison snarled. not to others.

she needed to get help. her breathing becoming slower and shallower. slowly to begin with. and was driven to harm the living before their spirit was taken to the next life. take the evil from within her. until their spirit was given access to their next life. And with the name of her destination being called . just the threat from a spirit who had not been believed by its member of its family.” Carla whispered this to herself time and time again. and take the lives of others for enjoyment.” Carla looked at Alison strangely. and placed a single white candle on the table — the only light that she wished at this moment in time. and then faster and faster the words came. I wish to see. It was a spirit who was refused entry to the afterlife by another. her eyes staying shut. She knew of these spirits well. She fetched a box from a shelf. a voice that was trying to reason. a simple inkling to the transformation of her daughter appearing in front of her today. Carla had protected her daughter. Her tarot cards were put away. the memory I have forgotten. and found a crystal that she felt relaxed with. She took her key from her pocket and watched with sadness as the unicorns ran around the room as the room shimmered in colour. as she needed no distractions. that Alison was easy access from wandering souls that were unable to get to the other side. Each memory passing through her mind in an instant. To abuse the body it was using and make it their own. Then with a start they opened. but threatening at the same time. She needed to take the spirit away and allow her daughter to be a child again. to use their lost souls upon her. Carla proceeded down to the séance room. Her marriage to Jason and the birth of Alison. but had never encountered one. It will be the ruins of you all. but someone else. They too will grieve the actions that they have done. Faster and faster the past came at her and then it stopped. Flashes of her past coming in dribs and drabs. “It is of the past that I wish to seek. and looked around the room. I have warned you of this. not the carrier of a monster who would cause havoc and allow its hunger to destroy others. Amir killing Jason. the path had been opened in an unsuspecting way. Carla wiped her eyes and stood up slowly. She needed a few things. keeping her away from the spirits who had wanted to befriend her. Floating in front of her a time she had forgotten. Carla sat quietly and closed her eyes. Carla walked towards the door and closed it behind her. A warning that is misjudged. She never thought that this would really happen. However.You will not listen to reason. She needed to get her daughter back. The hatred from her parents. She never dreamt that this spirit would be from a kingdom that had no connection to theirs. when needing to get messages to their loved ones. The spirits had warned her of this many years ago. Carla felt horrified at the thought of this actually happening to her daughter. so as not to let the intruder follow her.. and placed it on the table. You will be alone after the war has ended. She knew that it was not Alison who had spoken. and the union are not going to heal your heart. before it took her life for itself. and that they would accommodate her daughter.

out, she looked around the séance room, as though it would be her last time, before opening the door, and closing it behind her.


Alison woke up early the next morning. She’d had the worst sleep imaginable, and was glad that daylight had appeared at her windows. She usually enjoyed her weekends, but today, she felt that she could not be bothered with watching her favourite television shows, her friend Sarah bringing her new CD’s to play, or her mum. She wanted to get away from this place altogether. She wanted to be on her own, in a kingdom that had no life, just so she could sit alone and think. Alison walked along the street, her thoughts overcasting her feelings. She had so much on her mind, that she had not noticed Simon sitting on a bench at the cenotaph. “Ali?” Simon whispered, unsure his friend had heard. Alison had. She turned around, and gasped at the sight of Simon’s black and blue face “Simon? Who did this?” Alison enquired with a look of concern showing on her face. Simon did not need to say anything. “Your Dad did this to you?” Alison gasped. Simon nodded. Alison’s face turned red with rage, her hands had automatically wrapped themselves into firm fists, but she was still able to speak. “Why Simon?” she asked as calmly as she could. “She told, didn’t she? Rachel told him about us chatting the other day. When I got in last night, he went berserk, knocked Mum and me around like anything. Mums in a worse mess than me, she had to go to hospital and have stitches. As usual, he put the tears on, saying he could not help it. I really hate him. I wish he was—”Simon looked at Alison, her face solemn at the news being told to her. “I could do that for you; I will make his last breath painful,” Alison stated harshly. Simon was not too sure how to react. As much as he hated his dad, he did not want his life took away — not by Alison, anyway. “The cops know about it, so if you do anything I think you might get in trouble,” Simon said hoping that Alison wouldn’t do anything stupid. Alison nodded as she looked at his swollen black and blue face with sorrow. “I must go, I have to go somewhere,” Alison said looking around. “Where?” Simon asked, confused at Alison’s change of tone. “I have no idea. I just want to get away from the interferences of this place, so much noise and strange things around, they are not a requirement that I need at the moment,” Alison confessed, then walked off.

Unbeknown to Alison, she had walked to Matthew’s house. Why she had done this she had no idea. However, knocking on the door, it was too late for her to run away. Matthew opened the door, his hair scruffier than normal and eyes that were still sleepy. He was not in the mood for visitors so early in the day, but when he saw Alison, who seemed to have no intention of leaving, let her in and sat her down in the kitchen with a mug of tea, while he went upstairs and got dressed. “So, what can I do for you? It’s really early, you know. I didn’t get in till five this morning,” Matthew explained, when entering the dark red and grey, large kitchen and seeing if hinting would make Alison leave. However, she just sat looking at him with a frown. “I do not wish to hear of your overnight activities. I need you to assist me today. I need to leave this place and think about the changes that are happening. My life seems to be of nowhere and I am desperate for freedom from this time,” Alison explained. “OK,” Matthew replied, blowing. He had no idea what Alison was on about. He made himself a mug of coffee and sat down, scratching his hair and ears. “And where do you wish to go? I cannot think of a place of peace, most places I go to are pretty loud and violent,” Matthew said nodding in agreement, to what he had said. Alison frowned more, and then smiled wryly at him. “No worries. I will find sanction somewhere. I know of a place and a person who can take me there, but I have no idea how to find her, unless you can point me in the right direction,” Alison requested. “And who will this be?” Matthew asked, sipping his drink, “Mistella. Take me to her,” Alison commanded. “What? No way, she's venom. I am not going to take you to her,” Matthew complained, shaking his head violently. “So you know of her abode?” Alison smiled. “No I do not!” Matthew protested. “I hope you are telling the truth. No worries. You can take me. You did say you would be my elder, and take me to wherever I wished,” Alison said slyly. “Yeah, but it was a figure of speech, not an actual promise,” Matthew exclaimed. “I unfortunately take figure of speeches, as you say, as a literal promise, and that is how I am portraying it; so you will assist me of my order. I wish you to take me to Grimsdritch.” “That’s where Amir lives?” Matthew gasped in alarm as Alison nodded. “No way, I’m not going there, they’ll kill us. I have a gig tonight too, I’ll make a bit of money out of it, and I’m not missing that to go to some weirdo’s castle,” Matthew complained. Alison stood up, her eyes flickering from blue to black. Matthew moved back, when he saw this. He was afraid of what was going to happen.

“Very well, I apologise for interrupting you and I will not ask for your assistance in the future.” Alison bowed slowly and went to walk out of the kitchen door. “Hey, wait,” Matthew called. “I will take you, but promise me that I will not get harmed Alison, you know Amir, tell him I am not there to cause trouble,” Matthew begged. Alison nodded. “I will inform him, but it is the others you will need to be wary of. But I am sure you will protect yourself, in a way that any warrior would. I too need protection, as to them I am nothing but a girl, but within me… they will know who I am,” Alison laughed. Matthew looked surprised at what she had said. Then looking at her eyes flickering once more, he knew why. “It won’t open,” Matthew groaned, when they had gone into the spare room and were trying to enter Grimsley Castle via the portal in Matthew’s spare room. “It looks like there is only one portal allowed to be used to get there, unless you know the whereabouts of it, sorry, no can do,” Matthew said shrugging his shoulders and smiling with relief. “It’s at the School. That is where Mistella left from,” Alison replied, suddenly remembering. “Right, school it is,” Matthew muttered.


The school gates were closed, and as it was only 7am on a Saturday morning, not a soul around to see them climbing the iron fence into the playground. The main door was locked, with many keyholes and locks which had been used to secure the door and so they knew that this was not a way of entry. They walked around the school trying fire doors, pulling at windows, hoping they would give way in the anticipation that the caretaker had not locked up properly. Alas, they had, and so entering the school was not going to be easy. “Well, we tried, maybe we should come back when the school opens on Monday,” Matthew suggested, as he began to walk towards front of the school. “Wait. You cannot give up that easy, look up there,” Alison called, as she pointed to a window on the second floor, which looked open from where Alison was standing. Matthew looked up and shook his head. “Look, I'm not climbing up there to get through a window no bigger than my fingernail. I’m sorry, you will have to wait till Monday,” Matthew shrugged and once again walked away. Alison was angry; she picked up a large stone and threw it at a pane of glass. Matthew looked horrified.

“You’re crazy!” Matthew shouted over the sound of the alarm bells that suddenly began to ring. Alison climbed through the broken windowpane and headed towards the door in the classroom. Matthew sighed, shaking his head and followed Alison into the building. The alarm bells were piercing; a warning to the outside world that all was not right. Matthew felt like his eardrums were going to burst with the noise. However, Alison seemed unscathed as she ran along the corridor towards the staircase in the west wing. Up she went not breathing for air; she seemed to glide effortlessly to the top floor. Matthew followed, and looking out of the window he could see the police cars coming towards the school. He knew he’d be in trouble when caught. The only thing they could do was to get to the portal and escape the bedlam that his partner in crime had caused. The door to the cellar was locked and Alison cursed under her breath. She ran at the door, banging into as hard as she could. It gave way and they both ran up the stairs to the room. “Alison, I can’t believe what you've done. If those coppers catch us we’re in trouble, you know that, don’t you?” Matthew remarked, panting for air. “You worry too much. Now please, we must go, otherwise if they come up here —well let’s just say they will not see life again,” Alison grinned. Matthew looked puzzled at Alison; he was not sure if he had heard her correctly or that she was joking. The portal magic that Matthew used began to do its job. The room swirling in blues and greys, nothing as special as her mums, but still it did its job. Matthew declared the destination and went towards the door and opened it slowly. A look of grief fell upon him, but to Alison, there was joy. They were at the castle at last.

“Where is it?” she shouted.” Matthew gasped. No jewel's lay around like the last time she had visited. there is going to be bloodshed!” Alison growled. “They have taken the gem. An unusual coloured gem.” Matthew whispered in an angry tone. and so cold on the skin. “It’s pink. “You have stolen from me. Alison did not acknowledge him. They did not want to cause trouble . She turned and rather than look petrified. bought hidden fear to Matthew as he held on to the hilt of his sword. “You lie. he had no idea what was going to happen. her voice bouncing from the walls in an undignified manner. she flew at the men. until she could smell the air changing to a fresh smell of blood.” . Matthew frantically looked for the gem. hoping no one was watching. She wanted to see the pink gem on the floor like the last time she had been in here. look at the size of this room. The corridor with no windows. I need to go to my place of solace!” Alison screamed. Alison knew where she wanted to go. you vile weasels!” Alison shouted. the room was tidy. But Alison seemed to have everything under control. The door opened to the unsuspecting pair. Alison began to open the door to a room. as she pulled a book from the shelf and threw it across the room. However. you are no good at lying. Matthew being unsure of Alison’s intentions tried persuading her to get back to the portal. She was not in the mood to go looking for things. He took his sword out of its belt and held it out in front of him. I want the gem.” stuttered the soldier who Alison had got in her grasp stuttered. she was busy looking for something. You are weak and no use to me. It was Matthew who saw the two soldiers standing there. I can see it in those eyes. grabbing one by the throat. However. and carefully picking things up so as not to make a sound. They’ll hear you. She walked into the room. Alison frowned. as he began looking around. “If I find that they have stolen from me. Alison was oblivious to them. “Stop it.CHAPTER 30 Matthew and Alison walked as quietly as they could in the corridor of the castle. ready to use the weapon quickly if it was needed. as he quickly looked around. I want it NOW!” Alison shouted. “What gem?” Matthew asked. when he saw Amir's private chamber.or be in trouble. Matthew winced. and closed the door when Matthew had entered. He had known it was not Alison that had been speaking to him and wanted to get rid of whoever it was inside her. Matthew could not believe what he was seeing. “N-n-no we would not do that. little light. “Jeez. She ignored his whispered pleas and moved closer to the door that she wished to enter.

“If you tell me who has been in this room I will let you go— if not.” Matthew stated. She was enjoying his pain. killing those who provoked them with their existence. The soldier fell to the ground like a sack of coal. he deserves to die. and . I saw her with the gem. and the soldiers face getting redder with each squeeze. “Alison! Let him go!” Matthew ordered. he had been told by fellow warriors. A look of pleasure on her face. her face showing hatred for the man in front of her. Julu is not far.” Alison smiled. “Come. Alison took Matthew’s sword and slashed him from behind. “This is not the time or place. She had no fear inside her. as his throat was being squeezed tighter. before Alison could do more damage as the soldier lay on the floor screaming in agony to the wound that was unexpectedly put on him. Matthew grabbed the sword back. please don’t kill me. who had dared venture here in the past.” Alison bent down by the wounded soldier and pressed at the fresh wound. Matthew grabbed Alison and pulled her abruptly away from the soldier. Alison glared at the soldier and loosened her grip around him. she knew where to go. as the sounds of pain came from the soldier. and bowed to the soldier. Many telling tales of escaping the wrath of Amir —they were the fortunate ones who could tell their story to other kingdoms. Alas. Matthew followed Alison. It was a place for lost souls.“Please no. I’m-m telling the truth. I smell the pathetic beast. but unbeknown to him.” Alison replied in a matter-of-fact-way. With relief. Yes. “I-I don’t know. “Tell me who has the gem. Alison climbed the stairs of the castle and though she had never been here before. I have not taken anything. and wished to do more to hear those screams. as the soldiers of Grimsdritch thought nothing of ill doings. and had stayed in bed instead. She smiled.” the soldier repeated. I promise. unsure if he was telling the truth. He was in a castle that reaped evil and smelt of death.” Alison growled. “What are you doing?” Matthew asked angrily. “Very well warrior. He had wished he had not opened the door that morning. so as not to cause more harm. gasping for air. I will not harm him any longer.” the soldier said quickly. If others come they will kill us. holding his neck and trying to catch his breath. many were not given the privilege to. it was as though she was being guided there. “He displeases me. the soldier went to walk away. Then Alison turned her gaze to the second soldier. Pink it was. She has the gem.” the soldier begged as Alison squeezed tighter. Alison looked at the soldier. “Julu has it.” Alison ordered the soldier.

” Julu hissed.” Alison growled. You will soon become yourself.” Julu cackled with excitement. darkness was around. Return me the item or I will end your life like the others. but rather than shout out.would kill anyone who stood in her way. She walked into a room.” “It is the child’s wishes to go. “I steal nothing from you. but it felt like someone or something was telling him to. and you will be alive once more. “This is the place of Amir’s. this is the best that I have done for you. wooden table. hurt at Alison’s allegation. A lonely flame on the wall was the only glow to this area. So leave me be. “Give me back the gem. Julu was standing with her back to the door. and rotten fruit and vegetables stood on a long table on the left side of the large room. had been pickled and stored away in jars. as she walked back towards her table. If I am to become strong within her. She was not standing down to anyone in this loathsome place. Baskets of herbs. Matthew stood at the doorway. so as the pages did not get lost. but it was a fixed frozen smile and looking bewildered at her accusation. You are no longer of his body.” Julu hissed.” “I do not have the gem. “Hag! You lie. And books of spells lay around open on certain pages on long wooden stands. her peg teeth showing a satisfied grin to the young girl. Items that were deformed and mutated and were once living creatures. He has changed. “You have found a new habitat. She walked along the corridor that was even darker and colder than the last.” Julu cackled. “You have stolen from me. But this. You suffocate and are unable to function in the way you please. You’re like the rest of the off loaders in the castle.” Alison protested. she too needs rest from me. “You know I want to go there. Julu turned around. He is now no longer a person to be feared. He was curious as to what she was talking about. bought light on the person she wished to speak to. from time to time. He walked nearer and took his sword from his scabbard and . looked down from their new homes on high shelves around the toxic smelling room. He too had seen the change in Alison. Matthew began to walk closer to Alison. his feelings are of dreams of serenity and unity. but flames coming from an open fire with a cauldron boiling upon it in the corner. Julu smiled. Why wish this place on your soul? It deems your life. “Amir has taken the change badly. Proof given in the castle was enough to convince him. and walked towards Alison. He did not want to. by a long. she smiled.” Julu laughed. dear friend.” Julu cackled louder.” “I do not have the gem. “I see your soul upon the eyes.” Alison demanded. Alison looked at her with fury. The girl has served her purpose.” Julu snapped. with wooden spoons being used as bookmarks. “You are to be reborn within an innocent child.

Julu looked at Matthew curiously and smiled wryly. He did not want to be disturbed. unwrapping it. They returned back Amir’s room and she placed the glowing gem on the floor. She took Matthew’s hand and held it tightly.held it in front of Julu. the blade pinching the flesh on her neck. She looked at Matthew and he removed the sword from her neck. You have taken what you needed.” Alison ordered Matthew. to reveal the glowing gem. Alison stared at Julu. you know. I know it was you who has taken it. Matthew obliged. and gave it abruptly to Alison. “You think I lie. her eyes fire-like. Your paths have crossed too many times. They both looked at the gem and without a pause for breath. “You will not be reborn without me. you think I will not get the warrior to kill you?” Alison implored.” Alison growled. Julu cackled again. “Without me. “Very well. so I hope you can explain the reason for you having the gem. her lips began rubbing each other in thought. may not be what you want. your life has ended. don’t you?” Julu stated. Matthew had no idea what was going to happen. “Come. glaring at Julu with abhorrence. Julu sighed and took an old rag from the shelf. and this my child. your life stays put — for now. Alison pulled at Matthew and they both disappeared into the gem.” Julu snarled and walked away. in a menacing voice. “He’s there. The fear inside him had gone. Be gone now. But I wish to have the gem back. He knew he was not going to be killed. The sword close to ending her life made no difference to her and she averted her eyes back to Alison. calmly. .” Julu rasped. You know the consequences of this. I know you cannot kill me until the spell has become fused.

“A strange name.” Alison said smiling. The old Amir was sitting on a log. He stood up when his younger persona smiled cheerfully at him. who looked as lost as his elder-self. he sounds a divine person to meet. “My names Matt. “Please take a tumbler. Please.” Amir smiled as he bowed gently to Matthew. oblivious to what was happening around him. A strange thing to say.” the young Amir said happily and sat down next to the old Amir. The old Amir nodded and Alison stared back. but could not. but well suited to you. “And a new friend too. . He says he has feelings that he has not felt for a long time. He seems most strange these past days. Matthew listened with interest and felt sorry for the boy. They walked further on until the building was in view. as they began to venture on to the secret path.” the young Amir said smiling. “The sire I spoke of has come to stay for a while. and told the story about his wicked sister. as they both hugged gently. “You returned. do you not think so.” Amir stated happily. you must introduce me to him. the darkness that he had felt for so long. I have plenty more drink if you wish.CHAPTER 31 The sun hung lazily in the sky and Alison gave a relieved smile. She looked around and drank the scene around her. He could see the anger within her. the sweet maiden I spoke about the other day. He seems to have changed. looking back at him. Matthew was amazed at the forest. old building look homely. He had seen the two people with Amir. The young Amir had seen her in the distance and came running towards her. most strange. “Yes. Alison smiled as she saw the smoke coming out of the chimney and making the run-down. his face beaming with excitement as he held his arms out ready to embrace his new friend. He tried to look away.” Alison replied kindly as she averted her eyes to the young boy. He had not wished to see anyone here and was not happy at the thought of his life being taken over by others. How she enjoyed the sound of the birds that sang around and flew gently above them. I agree. “Yes please. dear maiden?” Amir asked Alison.” the young Amir smiled excitedly. Amir walked towards the cottage and Alison began staring at the old Amir. and he looked agitated. “This is Alison. he too was shown the animals that Amir had saved. and forced a smile back to the boy who was eager to introduce his new guests. kind sir. “And this is Matt. Please be seated I will bring drinks to you. Alison held her arms out and smiled happily.” Amir replied kindly.” Matthew smiled compassionately and bowed his head courteously. Alison I have water if you wish. Amir glanced back at her.

” Alison begged. The large. a bitterness that is burning up inside. and he hated all that crossed his path. “Is there somewhere. Amir looked at the sorry person in front of him and sighed.” Amir sighed as he looked at the girl with forlorn. “I feel anger. which haunted me for so many years. all that had now gone.” Alison cried.They drank their drinks quietly and the men wiped their mouths with their hands. Amir had felt the monster that had overshadowed his life for years. then I would have disposed of it many years ago. Yet. as she covered the hand with the other. she noticed smears of blood on her hands. my child. as guilt came over her as to what she had done in the castle moments earlier. “Change? I do not understand. where I can wash my hands. And people say they can see darkness in my eyes. he saw things in a new light. Help me Amir. Amir.” the old Amir smiled. never allowing happiness in her heart. He did not wish the sword upon a person any longer and understood Alison’s fear. “She had the gem and told me the spell had worked. The burden of this thing dictating his life and he was never allowed to object or disagree to what the evil within wished from him. a lake up in the forest. do you wish me to—” “I shall take her. I speak with loathing to the people who love me. I almost killed a soldier at your castle. “The same as you. and Alison sighed as she watched ducklings with their parents swim by without a care in the world. dark blue lake looked calm and peaceful. as his now deep blue eyes stared solemnly into Alison’s. I need to rest.” Alison replied. “What is going on? What is happening to me?” “I see that darkness in your eyes too. I need to recharge myself for the change. If I did. But how child? How have you become possessed by the darkness? When did this happen?” Amir asked softly. “I have no knowledge of how to take the spirit away from you. “Yes. and wished that a child so young could not be possessed by something that was evil. began his mission of harming all that it seemed unworthy of living.” Amir admitted as he turned to look at Alison. “Why have you come?” Amir asked when they were no longer within sight of the cottage. Amir? I seems to have something on them. However.” Alison whispered. Come child. With panic she looked around the log fire where they were sitting. just grim and malicious thoughts. as they began to venture into the forest.” Amir asked. hatred that I never knew I had. the begging of life from another were not of his favour. hoping no one else had seen it too. He killed for no reason. anger was all he could see.” Alison smiled. Pleads of forgiveness were never heard. . Never being able to control the urge when the evil within. I do not wish this upon me. “Julu. as Alison went to wipe her mouth with her fingers. I am sure you have a lot in common. “The darkness. I cannot control my anger. beckoning Alison towards the forest. you talk to erm…Matt.

You must resist as hard as you can.” Alison sighed. she did not know how a person who had died would understand how she felt.” Alison cried. It is what the darkness inside desires. she is of honesty and will take care of you. she held the bloodied water closer to her lips and took a sip. the liquid began to tarnish the blood of the soldier that she had attacked. However. with the freshness on his breath and skin. “I don’t know what I'm doing. Alison. sad that it was. Amir had seen the action and pushed her hands away from her mouth. Amir was more positive. She is of goodness. He helped Alison to her feet. and Amir moved away. and the whispers from the trees that made him feel immortal from the pain he had held inside for all those years.” Amir said. She was not in the habit of speaking to people from the other side. He will suffocate you with his presence. and she felt that it was not a useful thing to do. She hated what her mum could do.” Amir confided. a subtle smell of promise in the air assuring the beholder of warmth and energy. The taste of evilness began burning her mouth and throat. Her eyes turned from blue to black then faded. ones that I cannot share with another. The un-named grave was perched on the top of a green-grassed hill. And however. Do not give into it. Alison looked at him. With a sly smile planted on her face. and know that no one could hear you.” Amir begged. However. Alison smiled and began to sip more. do not be afraid. But he too had tasted blood and he knew that it was the blood that made the darkness within him alive and more sinister. “I speak to her the problems I feel of importance. if not. a life that was shortened by misfortune. as though he had news to tell the departed child. “No. It was a place of serenity. Resist the urge. “You will not. a place to think the troubles of your life through. Alison glared. You too can speak freely to her.” Amir assured Alison softly. and stared serenely at the lake. and sat staring hypnotically at the coloured fluid. She is aware of the feelings around. her voice shaking with fear. he seemed eager to get to his cousin. “Come. “Please. fresh water in her hands. “How? I do not understand. he will take you for himself. “She will understand the pain you feel. It was the calmness that he loved.” Alison asked. “Please. I will take you to Junda. He knew what he had done was not the wish of the spirit. A view of the village could be seen in the distance and the trees around lay asleep in the heat of the sun. It is to save you from what is inside you.” Amir declared abruptly.Alison crouched to the riverbank and cupped the cold. his voice almost whispering. .” “The grave you talk to?” Alison asked with sorrow. you must not. and the sorrow within her began to be seen once more. A place where he would sit for hours. you could feel that calmness was around.

“I am Junda. around you?” Amir replied. which appeared from nowhere. She stood up and looked around curiously. as he slept contentedly. Alison began to whisper to the good spirit.” she replied smiling back at the pretty girl who nodded with approval to her name. it had no way of spilling out. Amir’s. A place that wished not to reveal itself to the stranger who was unsure if she was dreaming. Amir lay on the ground near to where she had been lying. golden hair and a smile that sparkled in this unforeseen place. She wanted reassurance that it would leave her. his eyes still closed. whom wished to harm others in the way that he was harmed when he once lived. who listened to her sadness about a life that was no longer hers. they fell upon. Sleeping in a place. unaware of what was going on around him. The whisperings of the trees around began to agree with the spoken word from another place. “I am Alison. She could feel the whisper of another upon her ears. and needing the help to banish what was now living within her. The gentle breeze surged upon Alison with such force. words unknown to Alison. she looked about eight. “You tell a tale of misery. The ground beneath her was no longer of grass. dear cousin. Alison would have laughed at seeing something like this.” a soft voice called to Alison. Alison turned around to see a young girl looking at her. Alison stood looking at Amir. “She is here. For years. She felt nothing but the air swirling gently around her. as she closed her eyes and felt hands embracing her body. Amir’s eyes became heavy. I feel as though you know your life will end. his body rocking to and fro before he lay upon the ground beneath him. his face smiling with ecstasy as his arms suddenly outstretched in front of him as though hugging another. but of golden sand. but to the guardian’s ears. that she fell to the ground. and swayed gently to the motion of the wind. or not.” Amir whispered. he suffered the anger that he wished he did not possess. It was a strange and unusual moment to witness. “You are safe. . smiling. with long. unless it is undone. But she did not. The coldness was now felt on Alison’s face as it was gently caressed. she watched the actions of another with interest.” she smiled brighter. a gentleness that meant no harm. where he knew no evil could stir him from his slumber. It is an evil spirit of a man. she will seek you shortly. He closed his eyes and then began to mumble.” the girl smiled softly. and the sky was pure white. but of another. and let her live as Alison Benson once more. There was nothing in front. The feeling of love was reaching within her. her eyes became heavy with tiredness. He is relieved of the burden being released from him. The darkness inside her had been drenched away. “Amir told me of the misfortune that has been put upon you. child. behind or the side of her. unable to fight the sleep she suddenly felt she needed. Alison stood trying to feel something. she knew what was to come.“Do you not feel the presence of another. Alison opened her eyes and blinked with surprise.

And on this one working day. “What happened?” Alison asked as she sat down next to Junda on the soft golden ground with wonder. Believing it was Rundsflin who had committed the murders. dear Alison. She was in need of help at a cottage that she had moved into. Junda nodded. the glow around her warming Alison’s own soul. his path of destruction begun. The men began speculating as to what they thought he had done in the cottage and Rundsflin did not protest his innocence. before it could escape and be reunited with his wife. He had never spoken to another in the way that he did to this fair lady either. “He returned home from the market late one night and found the cottage in darkness. She watched him suffering and when he breathed no more she lifted the spirit from within him. She fed him for the work that he did for her.” Junda gave a wry smile. He is unaware of how it was done. Junda smiled gently. he stopped. “The spirit within you was one who once lived a life. “Julu has an obsession with spirits. stealing the souls of the recently deceased before they are able to begin their new life. and yet. For hours they tortured him and when his screams quietened. A man who had no bad bone within him. But it is not the fault of Amir. “Unbeknown to him. Julu took his spirit. They had both been murdered.” Alison whispered. and each day his smile was of truthfulness. the screams that he cried were heard by a few drunken men.” “That’s awful. His fear turning to tears. by others. Rundsflin offered his assistance and she accepted. as you can imagine. who too had died that night. All except one person — Julu. so he would help at the market whenever he was allowed to.” Junda sighed. a loner who lived in a village many years ago. He never realised that he would be loved.” Alison cried. a fine maiden arrived at the market. as in their bed laid his wife and child. dragged him out of the cottage. who were walking past his cottage. and he was feared. as he was. as you are. He allowed the punishment that was put upon him. he is sad that it had to be yielded on to you. He went upstairs and in their bedroom. they left him to die on his own.” Junda nodded. but of another —” “Julu. “He was known as Rundsflin. She moulds and provokes them so that they become evil. which he was grateful of. He began calling out for his wife. “They soon married and a baby born. The .However. He did not enjoy begging for food. stole it before it could reunite with his young family. Junda nodded and sighed. she never replied. The man who held the spirit was unable to control the anger that he suddenly possessed. to throw misery and bitterness around and to cause harm without guilt and allow it to become stronger by each life it takes. taunted him and made him so angry with rage that when she found her first host. but alas. But the happiness was not to last. “Julu provoked him. just as you do. and love quickly blossomed.

who sat looking on the floor. Her thoughts on what Junda had said about a man. and breathes in the unhappiness it’s inflicted on others. “I am afraid it will be present inside you until the spirit decides to move to another. her eyes looking at Junda solemnly. Amir tried to talk. you have a child from your own time that will protect you from the evilness. The spirit wreaks havoc to those around it. “You and this boy must stay together for the aura to maintain your sanity and life. and soon the darkness of the spirit began his trail of destruction.” “Is there a way of getting rid of it?” Alison asked. not only to the spirit. A man who had lost his family and was no doubt hoping to return back to them when his own life ended. Junda stood up. And yet. He wishes hatred and sadness. and held her hands out for Alison to take. Junda moved closer to Alison and kissed her gently on the forehead. Provoked spirits thrive on misery and will delve into your heart and tarnish it with bitterness. but then she realised that the ones that held power were of stronger pleasure for the spirit. Good luck Alison and I wish you happiness for your future.spirit killed all who had harmed him on that fateful night. ********** The sky above was turning a darker blue. He felt her presence at the sacred place where Junda’s spirit lived.” Amir smiled when Alison opened her eyes. He knew that she had been to Junda. Alas.” Junda replied softly. but to yourself too. “I hope that what was spoken will be of help to you. we must leave the forest as it is not a place for someone so young. “Nevertheless. The darkness hates happy auras. but he was never any good at talking to people.” Junda said quietly “She used to use those that had no importance. The brightness of his and your aura will bond together and it will protect you. you are only allowed to stay here for a short while. was deprived by a witch who thought otherwise. Amir had been awake for some time watching Alison. and Alison fell asleep once more. But your aura will bring warmth and comfort. Alison was in no mood to speak.” Alison nodded and smiled back. It senses the pleasure of pain it causes. “You must go now. “Come. the need to be with them was of his utmost importance.” Junda nodded. and cause as much pain as it can to those it thinks are a burden. “Julu has moved this spirit from one person to another for many decades.” Junda looked at Alison. Years of being a man who had never spoken in a normal conversation. it will not go completely. and the final whistling of birds’ ready to roost was around. . unable to speak as the glow around Junda brightened. found it hard to think of anything to say that did not sound too cynical or unfounded.” She smiled sadly. who had been held prisoner within her made her feel forlorn. it will take all that it thinks are untrue.” The walk through the forest and back to the cottage was quiet.

The young Amir looked happy to hear the tale that Alison was going to tell. Lidah mentioned that we worked well together. “She must send it away and let it go to his wife. “Are you okay. not until now. I think we should get Julu to help it to the other side. the evilness will awake once more. His power getting stronger on each kill it sanctioned. He needs to be freed. she did not seem as angry as she had been earlier. “Who’s Junda?” Matthew asked aloud. Alison?” Matthew asked when he sat next to Alison. How Julu had stolen his soul before it was taken to its other life. well. I think she meant Simon. Had no idea what that meant though. and the love that it once held for another. but I assured him that all was well. and of the evil that it had bought on the people who had murdered him on that fatal night. A place that reeked of evil and death and the passion that strived the living to kill like wildebeests. “I see. “A task she will not do.” the young Amir nodded as he sat back down. did he?” Matthew whispered with concern. he took me to see Junda and she told me about the dark spirit living inside me. She is not going to let go of something to please others. Matthew looked at Alison. whilst the older looked worried. and was worried about how his younger self would react when told of the world that they were talking about. that is. until the night of his murder. How the girl knew of the spirit within Alison. thanks to Julu provoking the spirit of the man. “Amir? No. “But I know that when I leave here it will come back again. smiling back. . but a look of bewilderment was etched upon her unusual pale face. Alison nodded.” the young Amir said smiling as his two friends sat down by the warm log fire. She told of the girl who cradled her and comforted her with soft words. “Is there no other way to get rid of it? Did this Junda say anything?” Matthew posed. “Simon? Is this the boy who came to the castle with you?” the old Amir asked curiously.” Alison declared as she looked at the three people in front of her. Matt was getting worried. killing those it felt deserved to die. “Julu must end this spirits misery. “I had a feeling that was where you had gone. He did not wish his private haven to be spoilt by remorse or sadness. “Just to stay close to an aura.” the old Amir explained.” Alison shrugged.” Alison suggested. Alison begun. I took Alison to the grave that I have told you about. Alison looked around. “He didn’t do anything.“I wondered where you had gone.” Alison answered as quietly as she could so as the Amirs’ could not hear her. she will not allow this to happen. “I am sorry Amir.” Alison demanded. before allowing it to roam around freely. Do you think he will help you?” “I don’t know. I know when I return back to the castle.” the old Amir stated as he drank wine from a clay bottle.” shrugged Alison.

” the young Amir demanded harshly. “What is it?” the old Amir asked as he looked anxiously at the young Amir who looked around worriedly. I do not care of my life anymore. The young Amir saw the look in his new friend’s face. Many loathe her for her desire for the taste of death. but she would cast a spell. He had never asked questions. Neither had seen him angry before. It was all of Amir’s life. The boy had not aged in all the years of him coming here. Every now and then extra things were put into place. To me. He will eat you away. and I demand you bring it here. your time. The memory in the gem was like a video. I do not remember what happens when you are not here. being played at the same place each time the old Amir had come to visit. The spirit is now inside the child. It has harmed you for many years. “The thing you speak of. and he felt sorry for her. He had no way of knowing of the places that they had talked about. I am willing to accept the spirit and bring it back here. Alison looked at the old Amir. “I am confused.” replied the old Amir. He thought that by doing so. a memory he felt content with. but I do not wish the spirit’s presence in a maiden that I adore dearly. his face turning red with bitterness. he would hasten the departure of those who chose to visit him. “It is not an animal that can be loved and played with. and I could not challenge her anymore. He has anger that no one can control. He had no meaning to life. “I understand. he was a secret to all. and the grave. She has desires and fulfils them by displeasing others. This place is a haven that I wish no burden to be put on. I am sorry but the beast within you is not leaving you for the time being. The old Amir looked at the boy. Alison and the old Amir looked at him.” the young Amir ordered. could it not stay here?” The young Amir asked curiously.” Amir sighed and looked down at the floor. Many times I yearned to kill her. not in this place.” Amir remarked sternly. sire. I wish to know the reason.” the young Amir said looking confused. Just a life when you visit. He cannot kill here. “Then take me to your place. except the two new people who had visited his special place. and is taking another for its pleasure of killing more? I forbid him doing this. The only living things are the animals in the forest and —” the young Amir stopped talking. . the trees. “Do you know of the reason sire? You have a look of forlorn in your eyes. she will let the spirit feed on many. or with anyone. it will not pass to you. the animals that appeared from time to time.“I know she will not. I fear her too. like he has this poor child and I. It feels strange. She has no kindness in her bones. She will not reason with you. the lake. even after her death. shaking his head. I do not want him harming her. I do not remember the palace. kind sire. “Amir. He knew it was only a time in his life. The boy was only a part of it. and looked at the three people around the small fire. it’s as though I have no life. who had a look of bewilderment. I cannot do this.

“Very well, I will tell, but not here. I will tell you of your life. Come, it may be of darkness, but I will tell you of the life you live,” the old Amir promised. They both stood up and walked away from Alison and Matthew. Alison knew that what was going to be said, would be upsetting to, not only the young boy, but also the older self. She sat watching the two Amirs’ depart from view, and hoped that it would settle the minds of each other once and for all.


Alison had sat looking at the fire most of the night, the orange and red flames licking at her thoughts. She felt sorry for the younger Amir. How lost he looked, so innocent and so blameless. She knew that when Amir did speak of his true life, she knew he would be upset, and feel horrified as to how the young boy became an evil beast who destroyed lives without feeling any guilt for his actions. Matthew had passed out for the night. He had taken to the strong cider with delight. The pure alcohol was as good as any that was bought in his local supermarket, he exclaimed to Alison, as he began slurring his words and singing loudly every now and then, and making Alison shush him so as not to arouse suspicion to the animals who strolled by, looking at the strange pair with curiosity before walking away. Alison kicked Matthew’s legs abruptly as soon as she heard the rustling of trees, and making him groan out in his sleep. Matthew stirred and sat up gently, his hangover was quickly upon him. His eyes and head throbbing in pain and the regret of drinking too much in such a small time, was playing on his mind as he began to focus on the two princes’ who looked anything but happy as they stood staring at the two guests’ with woe. “I have been told of the misfortunes of my real life,” the young Amir began, as he looked at Alison coldly. “My life that I know of is of lies; I am not the lucky person I felt I was. I have been betrayed by one person —myself. The years of me coming here to detach myself from the deaths that I have committed are not ones I will forget lightly. I feel as though you are all laughing at me. I wish my life here to end and that no one returns here. I must be set free from this time and let your lives be of truthfulness and not of lies,” the young Amir declared. Alison was lost for words. She felt sorry for the poor child. She could not let him disappear into oblivion. “Amir, I am sorry,” Alison whispered. “Sorry? Ha—I deserve no pity from anyone. I am just a memory from a past life. I am not real. Nothing is. My life is nothing. I should not exist any longer. You must leave me and let this time go.” “Amir, you must stop this,” Alison protested as Amir looked at Alison with sorrow. “Stop this? I have been told the reason for my existence. That this place is used as a resting ground, and that the only purpose of this life is to recharge and refresh one’s self from the creature that lived within myself, and rest the spirit before killing once more. I am as evil as that beast you now share your body with!” the young Amir shouted. “Please Amir, you cannot say that. The old Amir loved being here, didn’t you?” Alison pleaded to the older Amir, who stood and looked sadly at Alison, before smiling gently. “I must leave this place, and never return.” “No, you can’t —” Alison protested

“Alison, it’s for the best,” Matthew whispered, as he held his head, which was banging like Slasher’s ten-minute drum solo. Alison shook her head. “No, I won’t not let it happen. Why must you leave?” Alison cried. “Because I have told the younger self of the life I lead. I bear no secrets any longer and I must leave the past behind. I have amended the thoughts that I had dwelled on, and now I can carry on with my life.” “But you, the young you,” Alison sobbed. “I do not wish to live as a memory any longer. Alison I am sorry, but the burden is not of my choice. If I had not been told the truth, I may have lived as a memory for many years. Please, you must go. Leave me to be a distant memory,” the young Amir begged gently, smiling kindly at Alison, who continued to look at him with remorse. “It’s my fault, I should never have come here. It was your secret place, not mine,” Alison remarked. “It is time that I moved on. You are not to blame,” the old Amir smiled gently. Matthew walked away with Amir; he was not one to dwell on sadness. He was never able to show his true emotions like other people, and he was unsure how he was to react at this moment in time as he turned to look at Alison who had stood staring at the young Amir, unable to move herself from his saddened gaze. “I may only be a memory, but I will remember my time with you, dear maiden. I will hold your life in the heart that I still possess. Take care of your life and I wish that I were able to have removed the beast from you, as I wish no unhappiness on the maiden who I will cherish for all my waking life,” Amir whispered softly. He leant forward looking at Alison and kissed her gently on the lips. The warmth on her lips making her feel as though it was a kiss that was true and heartfelt. He pulled away from her tender grip and walked away. Alison held a finger to her lips, and began to cry. Matthew walked slowly towards Alison; he had no idea what to say. The young Amir had spoken to him of the time he and Alison had spent together. Amir had said he felt he knew her, but was unaware as to how, or why. He had strange feelings for Alison, as though he needed to protect her from the life she lived. He spoke with maturity for his young age. Matthew knew that the boy was only an imagination of a life that no longer existed, but pondered on what he meant about knowing Alison. He had no idea of the meaning of this, and doubted he ever would. He put his arm around Alison, and walked with her. She felt reluctant to move, but knew it was no good staying in the gem any longer; Amir was gone for good. The walk back to the exit was quiet. Amir looked around at the animals and greenery, stroking the odd animal that wished to be touched.

Alison felt anguish. She could not understand why her feelings were like this. She knew that it was a memory not real; nothing here was real. She took one more look around, hoping to see the young Amir for the last time, before they departed out of the gem and back to Grimsley Castle. “You must leave. You are not safe here,” Amir stated quietly, when they returned to Amir’s living quarters as he began to cautiously look around his private chamber hoping they were alone. “I think you are in more danger than I am” Alison sighed. “Julu knows the spirit is no longer inside you; she knows you are weak without it.” “I will deal with the problem. I am capable of defending myself. The evil spirit did not need to rouse my anger that much. Living with the perils of this life would make any sane person turn to another for help. Julu is no longer a threat to me. I need to put an end to the war that is on the cusp of beginning. I feel that people are going to die who are not worthy of the death this army, that I have sanctioned, will provoke. You must warn the union that I wish no bloodshed, that I deeply regret what I have done. I know that the war is not a benefit to all who are concerned any longer. Just two siblings who are unable to stand up on their own two feet and getting other people involved in their squabbles,” Amir stated solemnly and sat down on a chair looking out of the window, the greyness of the sky making his face forlorn. “And what will happen to me?” Alison asked. “We need to rid you of the spirit, but no one here will help. I have plenty of people who will help to end your life, but alas, not to save it. You must go to the boy, and hope the spirit does not erupt into the anger that it is capable of. I am sorry I am not able to help.” Amir sighed and looked down. Never had he felt so useless in his life, as he looked at Alison’s saddened face. She needed to be free from the spirit that harmed, not only others, but the host too. He knew what she was feeling, how suffocating it was, never being able to speak of love or happiness, of old times, of memories that he wished to take to his grave. And yet, he could do nothing, but look at her with compassion, as though she was a person who was soon to die, to be taken from this life to another. “You must not be sad. You must be pleased to have what you wished for — freedom from the spirit. Your eyes are no longer the darkness of a lost soul, and your skin does not show the marks of war, too. The Kingdom of Frinda must be yours and no longer Zantha’s. You must see that, spirit or no spirit; the war must be fought. You can leave this kingdom and start the process of making Frinda, a Kingdom in the way that your father ruled it many years ago, a place of happiness and warmth. You must rid the queen of the pleasure of the kingdom once and for all,” Alison said boldly, as she grabbed Amir’s hands and smiled. Amir sighed. He could no longer see any reason for killing, but also, he knew that Alison had seen the queen do things that no sane person would do. “Please go, this place is not a safe haven for you both.” Amir commented kindly as he stood up and bowed to the two people in front of him. Matthew bowed and Alison smiled gently.

“The spirit will soon rise within you; you must seek the boy and hold the spirit away from your life. Go now,” Amir repeated, opening the door for Alison and Matthew to leave. Amir sighed and sat down looking into space. He had a big decision to make. A decision he could not make sense of any longer. He knew that Frinda needed to be freed from his sister. He also knew his sister was not going to come back to Grimsdritch with him. He had tried this last time and was unsuccessful. Amir recollected the times he’d had as a child at the palace. It was never doom and gloom at one time; in fact, he and his sister were the best of friends. They would always play together and loved each other as all brothers and sisters did. But that all changed that dark, wet day, when he, for some reason, had run to the door before one of their servants could, and standing in front of him was an old lady. Her grey hair sodden with rain. Her skin was shiny, with no wrinkles, but red veins on her nose and cheeks, which had given her age away, even to the young boy. And teeth that looked stale and no doubt harboured weeks of food and drink, which made her appearance, look scary and fearsome. He could not remember much else, only when he came round in the barn. Zantha was over him, the pain he felt on his face and body were like toothache. He could not move his jaw, his eyes were blurred, and his chest felt as though all the life in him had been sucked away. But yes, Zantha, he remembered — over him, her face contort with anger, her teeth snapping at him like a wild animal, and the threats from her innocent mouth shocked him. She was no longer a young girl, but something more sinister. An evil presence had suddenly spilled into her, and she enjoyed it. She loved the way she could harm people and animals and still put on the tears to their father, King Jared, blaming Amir for all the wrong doings in the palace and village. He knew people were scared to speak the truth, as they had seen with their own eyes the manner in which she dealt with those that had crossed the line. She was feared by many — Amir included. Yet, Jared was one who saw no ill in his child, only love and heartfelt happiness. It was Amir who he detested and would send to the dungeon when ill had been done. Amir would take the blame. Not because he was scared to tell the truth, but because he knew telling the truth would be of no use. Jared believed Zantha and no one else could change that, not even his wife, their mother, Queen Belinthia. It was not until Zantha became Queen, that Jared realised that all that was told of Zantha was the truth. It was as though moving out of Frinda, the spell that she had casted over him had vanished. Jared felt sorrow in his heart. The guilt of what he had done to his son was now laying heavy upon him, and the hope of Amir to forgive him was all that he had wished for. Amir never felt angry or bitter for his father’s actions. He knew that Zantha had played a game upon their father. She had manipulated the way that he talked and ruled his kingdom. Amir and Jared’s friendship quickly begun, a bond that was strong and one that was no longer fragile. But on one cold day a young Yintin came to Jared’s castle. His face red from the bitter winds that he had run in and his clothing still soaked from the short boat trip from Frinda to the village of Baslington, in Grimsdritch.

He hid under his bed. but Jared did not believe his denial. when news got back to her about them wishing to flee the kingdom. . He did not wish this. and the refusal of not assisting her was suddenly overshadowed by feelings he could not understand. For years. his father had come to understand what his daughters true intentions were with her people. and the sorrow in her eyes played a part in playing on her father’s heartstrings. but with each parchment Zantha had sent. It was from Zantha informing him that Amir had declared war on her. crying. and the protests of innocence from the boy’s mouth were never taken seriously. and that she needed the assistance of an army to fight her brother and his soldiers’. he needed to go to his father’s castle at once. Their father was confused. a parchment that arrived at Jared’s castle was not of good news. a woman who Amir had respected as a child.He sat next to Jared. pleased that at last. He never spoke to his father again. He felt betrayed by him once more. The betrayal in Amir’s heart began once more. he had felt nothing for him. his father had appointed Lidah. A sadness of abandoning his father grew upon him. Amir never wished for a war. to return and promised that Amir would take her away from the kingdom. the tears she shed. and with no second thoughts decided. then a contented smile soon took over her face when she sliced them into pieces as though cutting meat for a meal. they were supporting Zantha on this deadly mission. and had locked himself away from those around. and informing Jared of all that was happening in the palace. to assist his sister. and bringing her back to the castle where he would care for her. relishing in self-pity and wanting revenge. He suddenly loathed Lidah and the union. However. the love he had for her had blossomed once more. He had waited for the soldiers’ and the queen to leave. telling him of what Zantha had done to his parents’. before escaping. and for her to be cared for by their father. He was made to believe that the killings were of Amir’s doing as a child. Jared had thought deeply of what to do. He did not want harm to either of his children. Now. his feelings had changed. and he could not see how his daughter could cause misery to others. However. and never wished to see him again. He quickly began to make his plans so that he could go to the palace as soon as he could. to kill his sister for the pain he had caused in his life. as he was not standing by to have his daughter’s death on his hands. he still agreed to the order that Zantha was to be taken from the Kingdom. Zantha knew how to provoke her father’s feelings. Amir was asked for the reason of the sudden warfare. and making his father suffer for all that he had done. Amir agreed whole-heartedly to this. watching the queen’s face look at his parents’ with so much hate that all he saw in her eyes was evil. Amir denied the accusations. but he pleaded with the young boy. He informed Amir that he was going to do all he could to help Zantha. Zantha and her soldiers’ had stormed into their home and he had to witness his parents’ cruel ending. hoping for refuge in another. and yet. Zindel. How could they fight for Zantha? He knew Lidah knew of the pains in which she had caused around the village and yet.

leaving his skin smooth.He stood up and looked out the window. He turned to look at himself in the mirror that he hated looking in. He decided he wanted to see his father. The sky had changed. Amir felt happy at seeing the change in him. His handsome features had returned. a light gasp coming from his mouth when he no longer saw greyness looking back at him. the castle was not a place to celebrate your life returning and he knew that he could be in dire trouble when fellow noblemen found out that the spirit had now left him for another. when he suddenly turned up and begin talking as though he had never been away. His eyes were as blue as the sky above. The scars had gone as Alison had said. he looked around the room. and smiled. Again he smiled. He was not sure if his father would feel as joyful as he was feeling. Amir smiled to himself as he gazed with wonder at the new sight outside his windows. A pale blue was immersing from the darkness. had now stopped. He went to a wardrobe at the far end of the room and took out his black cloak and black. . flat cap. before closing the door behind him. velvet. and his features had changed too. The sun creeping out from behind a black cloud and the wetness of the storms that had battered the kingdom for years. However. He had not felt this happy for many years.

I think we can go now. his heart beating fast at the thought of being caught trespassing on school grounds. .CHAPTER 33 Matthew and Alison arrived back at the school. who were no doubt walking around the building and looking for the suspects’ who had broken in. just to double check. Matthew slid from the back of a table and crept down the stairs towards the door. so they entered the second floor landing.” Matthew whispered when he came back into the room. After listening once again. lay scattered about on the cluttered tables. All types of coloured paper. they opened the door and ventured out into the corridor. who could see two police officers in the playground. The alarm bells still ringing and still as loud and annoying as when they departed the school. close enough for him to see what was going on outside. which were still open. She was not a fan of school at the best of times. They knew it was no good trying to leave the school. It was the art room. was annoying. “I think we’re safe.” “About time too. Matthew stayed a distance back from the window. Alison and Matthew had a clear view of the police cars and officers standing around. looking at the school building and hoping to see something out of the ordinary. She was still thinking about the young Amir. no cop cars or bobbies around. With a sigh. Matthew tried a few doors. Pieces of scrap card discarded haphazardly on the floor. No breathing. and making sure it was safe. in the cleaning stakes. It was a messy room. Matthew pointed out of the window to Alison. Alison sat huddled away in a corner hoping that if anyone came in. A room that even the cleaners knew they were never going to win. and glue-pots. hiding under tables. hoping not to get caught by the police. Two cars were parked on the road. tiptoed towards Matthew and crept down the stairs. when he looked out the window. “I think they’ve gone. when they came to the main stairway they could see that the police were still around the vicinity. He leaned a bit closer to the window. They stayed in the attic.” Alison said groaning. “All clear. No footsteps. The walk to the stairs was not a problem. No whispering. The art-room overlooked the playground. The alarms eventually stopped ringing. with two officers’ still prominent in the playground. Alison was bored and wanted to go. then no one would see her. so the possibility of two other officers being in the building. Alison slid from under the table. pencils. and hoped for the best. a door opened and they both entered.” Matthew sighed. now she was trapped here and for how long. but at the same time. She felt sorry for him and longed to have been there a while longer. to say the least. however.

She will pay for the damage. and giving a loud sigh. They walked out of the room and down the flight of stairs on to the ground floor. be quiet. his heart beating so fast that he thought his life was going to end. she merely smiled wryly at him. unless there was a reason. Baines. “Afraid so. All this unnecessary vandalism in this school is totally unacceptable. My reputation will be ruined if the school inspectors visited here on a .” Matthew commented as he opened the door quietly. thankfully I have not been approached. But damage to a window? I am not accepting this. It seems a pointless hobby. “Yes. The alarm may have been set again. “Pathetic causes. “I don’t like all this sneaking around on school grounds. Matthew. or were you already in one of your kingdoms?” Mr. You can come back as a different person. it’s absurd. in more ways than one. “I broke in. Sir?” Alison asked Matthew. Matthew froze to the spot.” “I don’t think it’s a hobby. Baines asked cynically. who stood staring back at the angry head teacher not knowing what to say. “I hope you have a good explanation for intruding on to my premises. Isn’t that right.” Matthew muttered under his breath. “It’s amazing how many people are. Matthew was curious as to why the alarms had not been set. very different. More of where you can right the wrongs that others have caused. Matthew stared at Alison with annoyance showing in his eyes.” Mr. It’s a wonder you have not been approached.” Matthew whispered like a schoolboy. And the reason was behind them.“We’ll have to see if we can get out though. I believe. “Well. and the window will probably have been boarded up. It’s amazing what strengths you hold when you go to these kingdoms. “Did you break a window to get into the school.” Alison smiled. you know. boring anger at Matthew. He knew that the police would not leave a property of this size un-alarmed. I’m sure you have something to contribute. Sir. Baines gasped. Baines shouted. Matthew looked ahead. I would not want to be a member of this ridiculous cause. A very angry head teacher! “You?” Mr. or feel concerned at being caught. Does this alarm you?” Alison asked slyly. Alison did not flinch. “You? Please tell me you’re not with these — these people are you?” Mr. looking puzzled at Alison. and stood waiting for a reply. Sir.” Matthew said. I am hoping it is not one of Hilda’s stupid missions. “Alison. It’s not normal. forcing a smile. Hilda will know of this. when he had heard the footsteps approaching his office door. Why you weird folk need to use my school as a passage to other kingdoms is— well. as he threw his hands into the air. trying hard to think of what to say without it sounding silly when replying. “No Sir.” complained Mr. Baines snarled.” Alison answered smiling.

his voice shaking slightly.” Matthew whispered. Can you hear me?” Matthew asked when he saw the look of pain on Alison’s face. ruined by you undesirables who run havoc around here. her eyes flickering from blue to black. with Mr. Matthew stared at her.” suggested Mr. Please.” Mr. “And Matthew. “I do not want to trouble Simon.” Alison grinned. Matthew and Alison left the building quickly. We need Simon. Baines as he opened the main doors.” Alison whispered. I am not having you allowing students to do this sort of thing.” Matthew stated. I will have a report written for you. or someone’s life is going to be ending abruptly. especially as he had seen Alison’s strength and anger at the castle. If not. “You are not. I trust you. as her hands reached out boldly. Baines turned around. I am sorry it happened. unaware of what was going to happen to him.bad day and through no fault of mine. either. I’m afraid I will have to let you go.” Alison protested. “Help me. to show his frustration. before slamming the double doors as hard as he possibly could. “I’m scared. for my sanity at least. I want a full explanation on Monday as to why Alison thought it was a good idea to damage school property. Baines. which would be a shame. This is the final straw. Matthew looked at her in disbelief. I will be telling Hilda this has to stop. Alison suddenly went to grab the head teacher. I think that spirit thing is waking up. . “Very well. trust me. as I hope you trust me. it was out of character for Alison and myself. nevertheless. before Mr. Baines stated in a stern voice. I could have ended his life. I’m fine.” Matthew smiled reassuringly. and I hope it’s not going to be mine. her teeth snarling at the bald headed man with bitterness. “Please. no one but you and I would’ve known.” “I was not joking. “We need to get Simon. “Yes.” Alison vowed. However. Matthew was not sure if he should be pleased at the reply given. “I had better let you out of the school. he was not going to allow harm to innocent people. “You think this is funny? I may have lost my job and you say something as stupid as that.” Mr. “You should have let me kill him. Alison. he pulled her back quickly. “Your life is not in danger. Baines commented harshly and walked back into his office. Baines staring annoyingly at the two people in front of him.” Alison smirked. I can see his eyes looking at me.” nodded Mr. we must find Simon. when Matthew saw her intentions.” Matthew replied. as you are a good teacher. Nevertheless.

glaring at Rachel. Alison’s face flushed red. not with what happened earlier. her eyes reddening with tears. canal and any other place they could think of. I think you had better keep those sweet little eyes averted from me. and the need to find Simon was becoming more desperate. He shouldn’t be speaking to you. do you know that?” Alison hissed. and pushed Rachel down on to the floor with such force.” Alison suggested. you will wish you had been turned into a mouse. her eyes piercing with anger as she suddenly ran at her with fury.” Alison snarled. “Why. “I don’t know. which Alison was inflicting on her. as she glared down at her enemy with pure hate. what happened?” Matthew asked curiously. How do we know you won’t set chants on us and change us into mice?” Rachel stated in a smarmy voice. scratching his head and looking around to see if he could see him anywhere. he may still be there. and unaware of Alison who was nearing them. that’s what. Alison sighed and Matthew groaned. Alison gritted her teeth. She could almost taste the fear that Rachel was releasing from her body. You’re that crazy witch’s daughter.” Matthew half-laughed. Alison kneeled next to Rachel and grabbed her hair tightly in her hands. because I have no idea. all laughing and joking. Alison was getting angrier and frustrated. how long it would take before the spirit’s anger took control of Alison. but the spirit. “His dad. “He deserved it. Alison spotted Rachel walking with a gang of girls. Rachel nodded. “Oh look. “There was no need to tell Simon’s Dad that he was chatting with us.” Alison snarled before walking off and making Matthew look at her puzzled. They began walking around the streets. a menacing look appearing in Alison’s eyes. “If that is the case. He was not too sure. I don’t think he would go home. They walked towards the cenotaph. minding their own business.“Come on. “I think so.” Rachel laughed harshly to her friends who also began laughing with her. where teenagers would hang out and without older people telling them to move along and to stop being a nuisance. “Well?” Matthew asked. began walking over to Rachel. and began killing anyone who stood in its way. as she pointed at Alison who was fast approaching. That is the lowest thing anyone could do. in Windermere Drive.” Alison threatened in a voice that sounded harsh and wicked. I hope you know where he lives or where he hangs out. and without objecting to the deadly thoughts that had awoken in her mind. . it’s one part of the three stooges. park. Matthew knew that this was not Alison. I left him at the cenotaph. because if you ever speak to me or my friends that way again. cursing under her breath every now and then. “You’re an evil cow. even if they were just sitting quietly on a bench. but Simon had gone. that it knocked the breath out of her. and her face going blotchy with the pain.” Alison muttered.

she pushed at Rachel face. as she pulled as tight as she could on Rachel’s hair and making Rachel scream out louder.” he shrugged solemnly. we’ve been looking all over for you. ********** Simon was walking along Pear Tree Lane when they had spotted him. she has learnt her lesson!” Matthew shouted. scared of making a move in case Alison turned on them too. you’ve found me. his eyes piercing hers. I promise I will shorten your delicate life. Rachel’s friends stared with horror. “You have caused a great deal of grief for Simon. the pain echoing around. unaware of the car that had gone past him. but Matthew quickly turned around to see the pathetic object lying on the ground. who were now walking away. “Simon. as he strolled towards the girls calmly. The satisfaction of the harm caused to her began showing on his face. and pulled her away abruptly.” Alison sneered evilly. Simon's bruised. enough!” Matthew shouted. “Simon!” Alison shouted. She was unsure if he had heard. She looked towards Alison and Matthew. and I wish to harm you in the same way that he has been harmed by his father. but before she stood back up. deliberately banging Rachel’s head on the floor. Matthew grabbed Alison. and had plenty of small bendy roads that you dared not speed on. in case other cars came from the other direction and hit you. “Alison. Simon’s head was down. as he stood a small distance away. Alison glared at Rachel. and a look of hatred showing in his hazel eyes. It was a small lane. was making Alison smile more. but he slowly lifted his head and gave a wry smile. .“Alison. Alison let go of Rachel’s hair. as he smiled bitterly at her before turning around. You ever come near me. His cheekbone was swollen and his normal pale complexion was now ashen and a look of sorrow was all that could be seen. evil thoughts were going through her mind. his eyes looking hard with annoyance to what she had done. Rachel lay on the floor in disbelief as to what had just happened. almost clipping him with the wing mirror. Alison and Matthew walked towards Simon. left eye looked very sore. that’s enough. or speak to me again. “Well. that leads to fields and small cottages with smallholdings. he walked as slowly as he possibly could. walking towards Simon.” Alison called out.

” “I saw Rachel. I feel like I’ve not eaten for days.” Simon commented as he walked into a pile of textbooks that lay near the stairs. “I’ve never been in a teacher’s house before. I gave her a piece of my mind. His black leather settee looked brand new too. I think she just dubbed me in. “Yes. and give him a taste of his own medicine. Simon sat down and smiled at Alison. with a big hi-fi unit. we were there for a while.” Alison agreed. with rows upon rows of CD’s underneath. “I think we’d best move from here before we all get killed. leaving Alison and Simon to make their way carefully into the living room. after I met you earlier today—” . I make great cappuccinos. If she knew that your Dad would do that. I suppose. Matthew came into the room with a tray.” “I don’t think she really knew. He hoped that he would accidentally bump into his father one day. trying to avoid the stares from Alison and Matthew. “Oh?” “Yeah. I needed to go for a walk. and plates filled with buttered toast and biscuits. which lay proudly on top of a black unit in the corner of the room. which held three mugs of cappuccinos.” Matthew said as he walked towards the kitchen. “Kitchen is just here. “Where?” Simon asked. who in turn gave him a pitiful smile and sat the other end of the settee. “Yeah. Simon looked around the hallway of Matthews’s house with curiosity.” Matthew commented. its erm — different. “So what do you want me for?” Simon asked. and this made him feel angry. We have to mark all that work. I have to admit. The room was large and looked like it had recently been decorated.” Simon shrugged. He could not believe that his father had done this to the young boy. I can’t believe my Dad reacted the way he did. pretty scruffy buggers. just to get me shouted at. aren’t we? Perks of the job. then I think it was a crappy thing to do. but I’m starving. fine now.” Matthew winked. grabbing a piece of toast.” Matthew smiled. as a car honked its horn for the three of them to move over to the side. “Well. as did his flat screen TV and surround speakers.Matthew looked at him sadly.” replied Simon. “You okay?” Alison asked. “My place is not far from here. so we have no time to clean.” Matthew suggested. you know. Come on. go sit in that room and I’ll bring the drinks through. “I don’t know about you. I don’t think it was for me to be beaten to a pulp. “Ah yes. and pale grey on the rest of its three walls. with black and silver wallpaper along the chimney part of the room.

” “Well. I’ll see you Monday.” Simon said nodding.” Matthew agreed. and then I have a gig tonight. you get help. “If it goes bad. So I have to turf you guys out. both unsure of their destination. I feel fine. Take care of each other. before closing the door. Alison and Simon began walking. “Listen I have loads to do.” Matthew nodded. looking at a confused boy. If you think she’s not herself. and not sure whether she was joking or not. “Glad to hear it. I’m afraid. “Yeah.” Matthew suggested “I really don’t want to go to them. you don’t seem as agitated as you were earlier.” Matthew said.” Matthew warned Simon as he let them out of the front door. then maybe I will. “Me?” Simon laughed. if you know what I mean. works first. The visit to the unnamed grave of Prince Amir’s cousin.Alison and Matthew began to tell Simon of breaking into the school and their visit to Grimsley Castle. I have to admit.” Matthew blurted out as he sipped the last of his drink. “Simon. so good luck. any strange things. Then going into a pink gem where Prince Amir’s favourite memory of him as a child lived.” Alison admitted. “Yes. “You’ll see if it happens. You promise?” Matthew asked sternly. mate. as he touched his face. “I will. But yes. anyway. I think you’d be better as a warrior. “No problem. . thank you for coming with me. “I think Lidah is training you in the wrong job.” Alison shrugged. no evil thoughts lurking…not yet. you go to her. and sorry for trying to kill folk. bloody hard work. But let’s just see if this keeping together thing. so be careful. Junda. I have a date in a bit. going to be hard at bedtime. “I can barely look after myself. I have to agree with you. Can we see what happens?” Alison shrugged. Sir. as Simon looked at her confused. who informed her of the spirit that was now living inside Alison. look after her. because I’m not sure you can cope if that spirit wakes. an all. isn’t it?” Alison agreed. “All being well. he sort of uses me as his body. How am I going to stop some fierce spirit coming out killing folk?” Simon asked. “I think the union will help. “Well. “—and I think you’re needed to help me.” Alison shrugged. I don’t know. pulling a face. laughing.” Alison said when they had finished telling Simon the whole story. Junda said I was to stay by you to keep the spirit at bay. with an apologetic look on his face. Be careful. and informing her that the spirit would stay at bay if their aura glowed gently around her. “And so what do I do? Live with you or something? ’cause I don’t think me Dad will be best pleased about that. “To be honest.” Alison replied.” Matthew smiled. he doesn’t come out.” Simon responded firmly. Alison nodded.

whilst Simon sat on Carla’s favourite chair. We all can.” Simon smiled softly to Alison. would’ve gone down a treat. Foster is teaching us. you know. but there was no reply.” Simon sighed. “Alison. and went through the door. But I keep thinking. who had looked at him with alarm. However. Papers would have had a field day. I know she will. I think you’ll go far with your new career. what with us wanting the opposition to win. She called for her mother. she’ll go too. It’s a very icy atmosphere. “Nice here. will he?” Simon said thinking aloud. “Nope. He’ll be a lonely old man with no one to care for him any longer. he won’t be able to hit me again. Don’t stick up for him. “I don’t like it. isn’t it?” Simon said looking around at the clean and tidy room. that’s all. rather than me Dad trying to swipe me with his fist again. Alison approached the front door of her house and opened it. winking her eye.“So Amir’s no longer evil?” Simon asked. “Well. “Good. anyway. your first task is to help me with this thing inside me. “And what about your Mum?” Alison asked. she’s out. I just got caught. you’re more than welcome. If you can do that. when he caught us sneaking out of the school. and plonked herself on the settee. with the odd ornaments on show on the white painted mantelpiece and windowsill. wouldn’t they?” Alison said smiling. I even went for Baines. “I will sort him out.” Simon gave a loud sigh. “My temper has been awful. if I can do this magic that Mrs. He deserves a fright every now and then.” Alison said angrily.” Alison sighed. Look. She’s scared to leave. it’s the drink that does it.” Simon laughed.” Alison shrugged. We could—”Alison began but Simon shook his head. He will have no one to belt then.” Alison said. “So where we going?” Simon asked. “I hope for your sake you can achieve it. but my Mums not in the best of moods at the moment. he’s a miserable sod. He won’t remember. then I can leave home and I won’t see him again. could’ve been expelled or something.” Alison replied. but I am.” “That I would like to have seen. not knowing what to expect. I think if I go. you could come back to mine. “Our living room is . if I keep out of his way for a bit. “I know. He’s not worth it. If you can bear the stony silences and arguments. you can’t do anything. “I think I can cope with that. “She’ll go. head murdered by an aggravated student. “Good job I didn’t though. “Yeah.” Simon grinned.

Benson. I’ve put a magic curse on the door. if you need to talk. but not your family. “You don’t have to be sorry. the time spent in the stone had lengthened the day for her. “Mum buys me decent clothes. and a crappy family. just so the other kids don’t pick on me. Carla.” Carla said dryly when she saw Simon sitting on a chair. It looks a bit nasty. have you? Let’s hope the opposition got a worse beating than what you got. but Alison dropped off to sleep. well. and have decent things. but with Mum’s wages and Dad’s drinking bill. Please Simon. I will tend to my business. which was planted firmly on her mind and was never going to leave her for a very long time. . “You know.” Simon replied bravely.” They sat watching the TV.” Alison sympathised. I’m sure you can keep my daughter out of trouble for a few hours. Carla. looking sternly at Simon. “I won’t be too late. I sound like an old woman being called Mrs.” Carla suggested. I have to go to Lidah’s house later. I always thought you were rich. She kept seeing the young Amir. it doesn’t leave much. “Hello. “Now. “It’s a bit sore. “I think your Mums here. Alison stirred from her sleep. if you excuse me.” Simon sighed. And please call me.” The door opened and Carla walked into the room.tatty.” queried Carla.” Carla noted as she placed a piece of paper on the windowsill by the phone. “It’s up to me. — at the moment anyway.” “Yes.” Alison smiled.” Carla said sympathetically. stay as long as you wish.” Carla stated glaring at Alison. and Alison stared back. I will make sure when I’m older I can live somewhere nice. “Well. Benson. isn’t it? I can choose who I wish to be with. Been fighting enemies already.” Simon half-smiled. this is where I am. Even though it was still only Saturday. But our house is in need of a mega makeover. No smile or facial expression showing on her face. dear?” Carla remarked sarcastically. I have things to do. and her eyes red raw from lack of sleep.” Simon whispered. Is that clear. that’s all. can’t afford much. “Thanks. I have nice friends. so no going downstairs looking for things. She could still feel his presence. dear. good for you. well. she was worn out. discussing matters that are of no concern for you two.” Carla smiled sincerely. “Any problems. we only have hand me down stuff from the charity shops. “I thought you were banned from coming anywhere near us. Didn’t expect to see you here. her face looking drawn and tired.” Simon replied as Alison rolled her eyes. you know where we are. and no doubt the crying she had done. you can pick your friends. “Alison. As they say. “Looks like you’ve been in the wars. his face appearing every now and then in her dream. and that tender kiss on her lips. Mrs. “Sorry. But I can cope.

. “Glad she’s gone.“Yes Mum. Simon felt awkward. Have fun.” Alison turned away and looked at the wallpaper. We won’t venture down there. she's a miserable sod. don’t worry. He was not sure what to say.” Alison grumbled. Carla smiled at Simon and closed the door. We have better things to do.

“The storm will come shortly and the thunder will be gone. “Get used to it? I’ve never heard or seen a storm like this in my life. made everything seem eerie and strange. The lightning quickly followed. She began to get closer to the window. Just a feeling. that’s all. Bit out the ordinary.” Simon commented with a bitter look.” Alison stated. The noise and vibration of the thunder was causing the alarms on houses and cars to go off. as she continued to watch the TV. watching the street light up. He enjoyed a storm too. “I hope you’re right. is unheard of. Simon was beginning to get wary staying on his own with her. the rumbles getting deeper and more aggressive.” Simon remarked. “It’s a storm. “Looks like we’re in for a right storm. which was beginning to flicker. The rains not even started yet. laughing evilly at the damage that was being seen through the window. Simon looked at Alison with fret. “This is not a normal storm. that’s all. was nowhere in sight. The forks of lightning were attacking the trees.” Alison shrugged. “It’s been going on for hours. like the kettle drum of an orchestra. Three weeks without rain in this country. So stop being a baby.” Simon cried. she seemed unconcerned about the noise. The pink and white flashes brightened the street. The usual sunshine.” Alison assured. There’s nothing to worry about. I don’t think I can sleep with this racket going on all night. but I suppose we need it. which Westwood had glowing around for many weeks. but still that deep rumble. Alison’s behaviour had changed too. before all went dark once more. Simon stared back at Alison.” Alison groaned and turned to look out of the window. “You’ll get used to it. Simon gave out a sudden yelp of surprise. so faint. so how do you know?” “I don’t. the sky illuminating for a second. Very weird. Simon looked at Alison with disbelief. and roofs on houses were beginning to detach themselves from their abodes.” Simon protested. like a camera-flash going off. it was soon to venture to your own doorstep.CHAPTER 34 It was getting dark outside. looking at the greyness that was showing in the living room window. but a storm that seemed to last longer than normal. . jumping at yet another loud boom of thunder. The thunder could be heard from a distance to begin with. however.” Alison smiled. She seemed erratic. as though the storm was exciting her. It seemed a very strange thing to say. and it wouldn’t let you forget that as you counted how many miles away it may be. “It is very dark. Louder and louder the thunder went. Alison seemed to relish this.

“I need to get a better view of this storm. but at the same time. She began walking down the street. so as not to anger her. laughing at the carnage that the storm was causing. She began to run towards Simon. so that she could do all she could to protect them. Alison ignored his pleas and walked outside. Life is no more!” Alison roared. as though he’d been on too many roller coaster rides. spinning around in a circle. She walked towards the front door and opened it. Alison took no notice of his pleas. Simon had to be with Alison for her safety. it’s dangerous. to run to her with fear in their eyes. as she looked at Simon with an evil look. pleading for more to come. “The storms will end this Kingdom. The damage it is causing and the sound of pain in the air. her face widened and she looked back up into the air. Simon sighed. much stronger and more vicious than before and the rains came fast and heavy too. Simon was aghast. . Simon was not sure what to do. who looked at her. Alison stood at the end of the street and stretched her hands into the air. by taking their lives away. but her face showed no remorse from the entertainment ending. to harm this place with its anger and letting those around cower away. but the monster inside her. “MOVE! MOVE!” He shouted aloud at himself. He felt that his life was in danger in more ways than one as he tiptoed behind Alison. The rumbling shook the ground beneath him. Alison laughed. He looked at Alison. you’ll get killed!” Simon shouted. laughing. chanting. never have I seen such a fascinating scene. as she attempted to grab Simon. The noise had been unbearable. He needed to move quickly. The thunder was slowly going into the distance and the lightning was fading away. However. she might cause mayhem. In fact. but what of his? Simon began to follow Alison. He did not fancy going outside and getting killed by a spirit who could attack without warning. stay inside. and he turned and ran. screaming in ecstasy. Alison was behind screaming in anger. He felt ill. unable to shift his body from the spot.” Simon begged. he knew that if he left Alison to her own devices. as though casting a black magic spell. her hands grabbing at thin air. but the shock by the way she spoke scared him. He had known that it was not Alison who really wanted to be outside. She held her head high. This makes me thrive for more. unsure what her actions were going to be as her eyes widened and the blackness of the soul looked at Simon with malice. Simon stopped walking. and wanted to see what it could do to harm the people of this world. The thunder had returned. her black eyes piercing his green ones.” Alison declared. and the lightning was much brighter and fiercer. “ALISON!’ Get inside. The smell of fear was tantalizing her taste buds the need to kill was flowing in her veins. the rain dropping to the ground like people clapping at the theatre. looking up towards the sky. It had woken up to the sound of the storm. the sickness rolling in his empty stomach. “Alison. her hands reaching out to the terrified boy.

Alison growled in anger. He ran. waiting for the inevitable to happen. fear ripe in each beat of his heart. he was unsure where he was going to end up. He knew that it was too late to go back to the house. Simon grabbed hold of a five-foot fence and jumped over it. Simon was unsure if Alison was near. which drummed his chest hard and making it hurt. the intensity of illumination that suddenly came around them was blinding. He knew he was not able to run any longer. However. He was aware that his life was going to end. his feet were in charge of his destination. He walked towards her slowly. her lips touching his neck tenderly — he knew that any second now he was to die.Faster and faster he ran. Alison pulled Simon closer to . panic and fret was all he had now. He took a deep breath and stood up. Her bitter smile and eyes told a story of his ending. he thought. He was scared. she was free to roam the country. her teeth showing eagerness for what was to come. he felt hot and bothered. if not. He was unsure what was happening. even the world to feed the spirits hunger for death. as her arms draped around his shoulders. and quickly hid behind a bin in the garden. as she ran towards the house. even with the rain that had drenched his skin. faster. the force of the mini-explosion throwing Alison to the ground. She sniffed and looked towards the house that stood on its own bit of land. and when that happened. as the fence Simon had jumped had been blown up. the plan was not to work. she ran as fast as she possibly could. He opened the wooden fenced gate. He felt as though he should move. Simon turned quickly to see Alison lying on the floor. her eyes widening. he needed to get his breath. The journey to nowhere was no good now. Alison had stopped running. she could sense his presence. She snapped her teeth hard like a hungry alligator after a meal. just missing the fork of lightning coming towards him. making Alison lick her lips at the thought of what she wanted to do with the fickle boy. who to go to. He had no idea where to go. hoping that Alison would not see him. now ran as though she had run this well all her life. the fear in his aroma was around the vicinity. All he could hear was the storm. He had no idea where Carla was. which had a garden fence that seemed to hide its secrets from the neighbours around. it was hard to make out if she was coming towards him or not. but this was not to be. Simon was near here. but to Simon's disappointment. and this. hoping Alison would not be able to keep up. The brightness was all around. He felt her close to him. She looked at it curiously her head looking from side to side at the strange building that was shielding her enemy. she could smell Simon. His body was aching inside and out. the stench of fresh meat was close to her. but at the same time did he not want to be caught. Simon ran to a house. would give him extra time to hide from her. because looking back at him was Alison. The girl. she would know. She was as fast as he. He held his arms out. wherever he went. who could not run a hundred yards before gasping for air. slowly turning around and hoping to escape to safety.

staring in surprise at the two people who were shimmering with this magical glow in their garden. looking away embarrassed.” Simon said blowing out with relief. and smiled at her. that he was not to be harmed and that he was safe. Simon was unsure how to respond. . Simon held Alison tightly staring at the lights around them as the beams of light began swirling and twinkling around them. Simon looked at the lady who was staring curiously back. making the street light up. “Where are we?” Alison asked when she began looking around. She nodded puzzlingly at the relieved looking boy.her. as did the thunder and lightning. “I have no idea. but the light that surrounded them seemed to reassure Simon. before going back into the house with her family. The flashes of gold. The rain stopped. yellow and silver that were around soon began to fade away and they loosed each other. but I’m so glad you didn’t kill me. The people from the house came out to see what was happening.

“You could pay them out of your pocket money.CHAPTER 35 Simon and Alison began to walk back to the house. “Did you?” she smiled wickedly. and ran back to Simon. “We’ll find it. “We have to find it. bit scary. They walked around the village. looking at street signs and hoping that each one was the sign they needed. But that storm was something.” Simon groaned as he pointed at a street sign that was lying on the floor. “I can’t believe how vile I was. but to no avail.” Simon stated. “I’m sure Foster and her cronies will sort something out. and the fact that it was the spirit inside her that could have caused it. for the damage you’ve done. Look at what I’ve done. who stood in the street waiting for her. Alison looked at him.” Alison sighed. as he groaned at yet another street name that lay on the ground.” Alison smiled. “’Course I didn’t. It’s a bit hard looking for things with most the signs being blown up and damaged.” “I don’t think they have one. Simon may have calmed the spirit for the time being. “It had got a phone number on the note.” Alison sighed when she handed the small piece of paper to Simon. Maybe they have a time machine and we can all go back in time before anyone notices.” Simon shrugged. it wasn’t your fault. .” Simon remarked. “Hey.” Simon suggested. Mum only pays me when she remembers. I’ve never heard or seen anything like that before.” Alison groaned. “We’re never going to find it. “That would take hundreds of years for it to be paid off. She went inside her house and found the address that her mother had given her. I just feel so stupid. I should have been looking after you more.” Alison groaned as she began looking around the streets at the damaged property and vehicles. but the strength of it was much fiercer than anticipated. Not a bad idea though. I feel really awful trying to eat you. She knew that she needed help from the union. though. rather than hiding at the back of the settee. they may put me in jail. or something. and the mass of people who had now ventured out of their homes to examine the damage. “I have no idea where Summer Hill Crescent is. It has to be around here somewhere. I hope no one finds out that I’ve done this. you should’ve called her and asked for directions. She could not believe the damage the storm had caused.” Alison apologised.

“Well. We can’t do it on our own. I can’t stand the old bag. with panic in his voice. Matthew shook his head. unsure of whom the occupants were as the window rolled down to reveal three strange looking men. it would’ve been better than us walking around aimlessly looking for her.” Simon replied. Simon smiled with relief at seeing his teacher. Foster’s house. The third man had black spiky hair and tattoos galore on his arms. Alison felt it seemed out of character for their teacher. which were scattered around on her freshly mowed lawn. “What on earth are you two doing out here?” Matthew asked alarmingly. “You did this? But How?” Matthew stuttered.” Alison confessed. ushering the children into the van. more like an ape that has escaped from the zoo. Slasher. wouldn’t it?” Simon suggested. Alison handed the paper to Matthew and he nodded. They pulled up outside Lidah’s property. but having the two teenagers with them. Just then.” Alison muttered. squealing the wheels as he did so. The driver was stocky built and had a green Mohican hairstyle with earrings that went all the way up his right side of his ear. The thin looking man. “Suppose so. a nose ring and a scar on his cheek. I need help. “I know where that is. “We need to find her mum. Stay low. who was very strict and hated clutter in the classroom. But I need to get that help now. Simon pulled Alison away from the curb. who sat in the middle. I think I caused this mayhem. white bungalow with a large garden at the front of the property and held a strange array of cheap and tacky ornaments. You’re right. turn left up here.” Matthew ordered. .” Matthew demanded. who shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes. He did not mind his friend driving like a lunatic when it was just the band members. Slasher nodded and pulled off quickly. made his authority of a teacher come out. “Get in.” Matthew commented glaring at Slasher with annoyance. “Where are you going?” Matthew asked. It was a small.” Alison complained. “It was me. “Hold on to something. she’s at Mrs. Slasher is not what I would call a courtesy driver. had bleached hair with pink highlights on the tips of his long spiked hair. What if a building falls down and lands on you?” Matthew stated annoyingly. it just happened. but I’m not phoning her.“Yes. as he took the left hand turn. The back of the vans got our gear in. so no one sees you. a black van pulled up next to them. you’ll have to sit on the floor though. “I don’t know how. “Can’t it wait? You can see the damage. never mind chatting sweetly on the phone to her.” Alison admitted.

They walked into the hallway of the bungalow with squinted eyes. “She’ll get over it. that the door crashed to the ground with Slasher falling on top of it. Alison knocked louder.” Simon said shaking his head. He pulled at the door handle. shrugging his shoulders. had an arrangement of odd-looking flowers. Alison knocked on the door and composed herself. it seemed very large. his heavy build was a useful tool as a door rammer. it was as though no admittance from anyone. “She’s not gonna be happy about that. and moved himself away from the door. Matthew called Slasher over.” said Matthew. and even in the darkness. “We can’t do that. You’re already in trouble as it is. don’t want any nosy neighbours calling the coppers on us. Come on.” Alison whispered and pointing to a door that seemed eons away. The house was in total darkness. “The only time I want to see her and she’s not in. For a bungalow. “Hold on. “I’ll just say we were worried. was allowed entrance into the rooms. we’ll have to break the door down.” Matthew suggested. Simon gasped. but no movement was audible inside the building. Think we’d better go home. Hoping the old lady would hear.” Matthew suggested. but again nothing. “Pitch black inside too.” Alison cried as she pulled at Matthew’s t-shirt. including the occupant of the property. “Only one thing for it. some of the petals had a slight silver glow to them. He shouldered the door with such force. “Look. to move him away from the door. and hoping that no one was around to see this strange bunch of individuals creeping towards an elderly person’s home and looking as they were up to no good. waiting.” Simon huffed. Each door they tried was locked. can’t hear anything.” Alison groaned as Simon looked through the letterbox hoping to see something. never mind breaking Foster’s door in.The flowerbeds that were in the front garden. Slasher ran at the door. can she?” Matthew suggested. each looking around. The hallway seemed to go on and on in length. “Suppose not. let’s get inside. Slasher.” Alison muttered. . Alison sighed. sort the door out mate. as Slasher picked the door up as he waited for them to enter the bungalow. Can’t say anything about community spirit now. but it was locked. They walked along the yellow pebble path towards the bungalow. and hoping not to confront any obstacles that were ready to take them by surprise. that’s all. ready for when the teacher came to answer the door. They stood quietly. there was no windows to throw artificial light into the unknown that they were walking carefully along.

” Lidah ordered firmly. her voice tearful. he grabbed the item before it landed on the ground and put it quickly back on to the table. but Concesta tutted at being knocked. These people are assisting her in doing this. The people around the table looked at her. The room was full of peculiar looking people. “I want to see Mum. I can’t do it on my own. They are here to help a fellow comrade in her hour of need.” she beckoned eerily. Simon seemed to be hypnotised by the light.” Alison cried. With all that has been spoken between the two of you. with their strange features. “Carla is away at the moment. your mother still loves you greatly. her voice shaking as she knocked the door nervously. She is seeking help. She understands the burden that has been placed on you. We are here to help you. dear child. anyone there?” Alison called. “Hello. and all three began to walk a bit faster with zest. “I need Carla.” Alison gasped.” The door opened.” “She’s been everywhere to help me?” Alison asked. curious as to their homelands and knowing they had no chance of coming from his world. Alas.She could see light under the door. who immediately poked Simon on the cheek and began smiling. “She has. The three people obeyed her order and she quickly closed the door behind them. knocking something off a small table. “Alison. She has bought many people from many kingdoms to assist her in getting rid of the spirit. even with her powers. “Come. and Lidah looked at her and puckered her lips in slyness. staring pleadingly at Lidah. and know of her passion for fighting evil. she cannot get rid of it by herself. Your Mum has been worried about you and she knew that you were not as sane as you normally were. whose skin was scaly. Where is she?” Alison demanded like a spoilt brat that had not got her own way. Simon moved back into his previous position. Simon was not amused by this and tried moving away from the strange man. and looked in need of a good scrub to get the dead skin off.” Lidah walked around the long table and sat down. Matthew sat next to a small round faced man. “I need my Mum. She knows that the spirit within you is an evil creature that needs to be sent to the other side. these last few days. She beckoned her new visitors to be seated too. So reluctantly. Simon could not help but stare at each one of them. “Yes. Simon sat next to Frezca. They know of her courage. but with quick reflexes. “That thing that’s inside me is a lot nastier than I thought. please sit down. we know of it. with Frezca again examining him.” . It’s urgent. hoping her temper was not going to make her do anything silly. looking around at the eccentric people in the room.

Lidah tried smiling, but gave up and stared, waiting for Alison to speak. “So what do I do?” Alison asked. “She will not be long. She’ll tell you when she arrives. It is a coincidence you coming, Concesta and Frezca were coming to obtain you. You have saved them the trouble. And Matthew, you too were to be hailed to my abode. I believe Alan wished for you to write a report of your activities, concerning damage to school property?” Lidah asked. Matthew nodded, embarrassed at what had happened. “It has been dealt with. It will not be spoken of again.” “Thank you,” Matthew sighed, with relief shown on his face. “Yes, I have my uses. Even though I’m an old fool,” Lidah declared, trying to force a laugh. The group of people sat patiently waiting for Carla’s return. Alison told them as much as she could about the spirit, and the destruction it may have caused on the streets with the fierceness of the storm that it seemed to have summoned. Alison looked around the room. She was not sure how to feel about these people. She knew most of them would be fighting for the queen, and now they were to assist her mum in getting rid of a beast that was lurking inside her. Alison felt a pang of guilt inside her. She was not sure if any of them would survive the war if Amir's Army raged its bitter anger towards them. “Yes, it is not going to be easy to explain this to the officials who maintain this country,” Lidah pointed out and snapping Alison out of her daydream. “We are hoping that weather reports will assist us on this matter. I am sure we can arrange for graphs and charts to be mandated by someone at the union. It is not a wise thing to do, but unless we want to be caught, then we have no choice but to erm — change a few things to accommodate the situation.” “Do you have to do this a lot? Change things to suit you?” Alison asked. Lidah glared at her, and then half smiled. “The people of this kingdom have limited knowledge of what’s going on around them. New things seem to be disapproved of by a minority of people. If they knew of what was happening, then it would be pandemonium. People get confused, riots occur. It would be terrible, and then we beings from other kingdoms would have to disappear for many centuries before returning back to this kingdom.” “Has it happened before?” Alison asked. “A few times, yes, very annoying. So we have to keep the union a secret from all.” “What about Bai- I mean Mr. Baines. He knows.” “Yes he does. Unfortunately, the school was built on portals. It was once fields and a very safe passage for fellow warriors and sorcerers to get to their destination. When the school was built many years ago, it caused mayhem to many who were needed on missions. Mr. Baines had to be told. He also has a contract with us, with the promise of telling no-one about the goings on at the school. He knows of his fate if he talks.” Lidah grinned evilly at the thought that had emerged in her mind. “He hates the union. He thinks that we are a waste of

resources. But if he knew of our reason, I think he would understand and appreciate us,” Lidah replied. The people around the table nodded in agreement. A glow from another room came and Lidah turned towards the door, waiting for whoever had come in from the portal to make their presence. “I have the last person,” Carla declared, smiling at Lidah. Carla looked around the room, noticing there were more people in the room than on her previous visit. “Alison!” Carla cried. Alison was unsure if her mother was happy to see her or not, until Carla came towards her and hugged her. “What brings you here?” Carla asked. Alison told her of the spirit and the chaos it may have caused in the village and Carla listened. Dismay was felt inside her as she looked at her daughter with sorrow and hugged her once more. “Ooo, well, it’s a good job I can help, isn’t it?” Carla announced. “Do you have all you require before we begin ridding the beast?” Lidah asked and interrupting the daughter and mother private moment, as she stood next to Carla with eagerness to get the job done. “Yes, I have what’s needed, including the spirit,” Carla replied. “Very well, we are to leave this kingdom for another. Simon, you will be needed for this I am afraid. Matthew you may leave if you wish, or you could come with us,” Lidah suggested, as she looked at the young man for a quick answer. “I’ll come with you. I’m not leaving these two alone, not now that I am involved in the goings on of this quest,” Matthew declared as he nodded at Lidah and smiled warmly at Alison. Lidah nodded approval at him, and Carla smiled kindly. Matthew returned the smiles and nodded. “Very well, follow me. The room will be a tight squeeze, so no bulky items, unless they are necessary,” Lidah ordered. A few of the people in the room dropped bags on to tables, taking out staffs, wands or swords, and leaving the rest of their luggage behind, and followed Lidah to the small portal Room. It was indeed a tight squeeze. Alison was squashed up against the wall with Simon next to her. Simon was trying in vain to pull his arm away from two bodies that it seemed to have lodged itself between. “Please, you must be quiet!” Lidah shouted, over the groans when she closed the door.

The muttering and groaning stopped, and she held the key in her hand. The room began glowing of blues and greens, with birds flying erratically around the wall and making the room feel as though it was spinning around, as the magic began to work. “Frinda!” Lidah shouted, when all the excitement around the wall had stopped glowing.


The group breathed a sigh of relief when they came out of the small room, stretching their bodies and taking deep breaths. The sky of lilac and the bright pink sun was shining down on them and making the place feel eerie and sinister. “Why Frinda?” Alison asked her mum, when she was able to fight her way through the small crowd towards her. “We found out that this was once the hometown of the spirit. To get him to the other side, we need to get him to the place of his death. If we had rid the spirit elsewhere, the consequences would be fatal; with this one, at least. It may help him to go to his new life if it’s around familiar surroundings,” Carla informed Alison who pulled a face. “But here? Why does it always involve this place?” Alison asked, looking at the forest edge with resentment. “I have no idea. I don’t suppose I ever will,” Carla smiled. The walk was not towards the main village that led to the palace, but in the opposite direction. The forest edge seemed to go on for a distance, whilst traveling this way through Frinda. The forest seemed frightening too, even though it was daylight in Frinda, the darkness that came from the wooded land gave Alison the feeling that someone would jump out on them and kill them all. The twelve people walked in twos behind Lidah and Carla and each person looked around with curiosity at the strange appearance of the forest and grass, which to Alison, looked as though it would come from one of her Mr. Men books she used to read when she was a kid. Frezca was occasionally trying to pick leaves that were lying low on branches that they passed. But Concesta would tap him on the knuckles with the hilt of his sword, to stop his childish habit of messing with things. Alison, Simon and Matthew walked behind them all. Alison felt under-dressed in her jeans and t-shirt against the others’ who had cloaks, strange hats, wands or swords. “Do you have to wear that type of clothing?” Alison asked Matthew as they walked and pointed to the floating cloaks. “I’m supposed to on missions like this, but I look daft, so I refuse. Lidah hates the fact I don’t, but I’ve told her I can’t fight with one of those stupid cloaks on, I’d be in a right mess wouldn’t I?” Matthew smiled and Alison nodded in agreement. “Who are these people, then?” Alison enquired. “I don’t know all of them, most of them are wizards, and so unless they save your life, you have no real dealings with them. But those two strange looking men there, the one on the inside is Frezca. He loves to experiment with things. He makes some of the best potions going. A very strange man though, always messing and touching. He just finds everything fascinating.” “Yes I know, I’m sure he poked my cheeks out earlier,” Simon muttered.

“The man next to him, he’s Concesta. He’s what you would call a law enforcement officer. He uses whatever he wishes to detain unruly folk in Onbrier. He’s very agile with his sword too. All I can say is never get on his bad side.” “And him?” Alison asked as she pointed to a tall, blond-headed, middle aged man, whose head was held high, as though of importance. However, he looked a kind man, a man you could easily talk to if ever there was a problem. “He’s Zellacta, an excellent swords man. He taught me when I was summoned to the union. He's a great fighter and he’s pretty good at negotiating too. He has the sort of face that melts the hearts of the opposition, especially woman. I know, I’ve seen it, I think it’s those blue eyes of his,” Matthew said smiling. “The others, alas, I don’t know them. Some folk keep themselves to themselves, and — well, I can’t be bothered with small talk, to be honest.” The party stopped walking. Alison looked around to see what the problem was, and then began to breathe heavily. “Talk about dé jà vu! This is where that gem took us to begin the journey to Amir,” Alison whispered to Matthew. He looked around, nodding in agreement. “There is a path that should lead us to his cottage; alas, we cannot seem to find it. Could you all please help locate it?” Lidah asked her small troop. “His cottage?” Alison screamed to Matthew. “It couldn’t be the one Amir used, would it?” Alison croaked as a sick feeling came over her. “Found it!” Carla shouted. “It’s hidden underneath all these weeds. We need to clear a path to get through,” Carla suggested. Three warriors came forward and began to slash at the weeds, the others following behind on the new path that was being made for them. Alison felt numb. The feeling of what was happening felt surreal. She had only been here earlier that day. She had expected to see the young Amir any second now; he always seemed to come as soon as she walked along this path, his face beaming with excitement when he had visitors. She wanted to see him now, to hug him and tell him of the news she had, but knew that it was a memory of a person’s life that she had no involvement in. They walked towards the old cottage. It had been damaged over the years. Amir’s secret hide away now resembled piles of rubble, with only two walls remaining. “Are you okay?” Matthew asked Alison. He too had felt peculiar walking on the path towards the cottage. He did not usually have feelings like this. But this one was an odd occurrence. He hated having feelings like this. It slowed his reflexes if they were needed in battle. “Right, this was his home. We shall rid the spirit here. Firstly we need to find something for Alison to lie on,” Carla suggested. “Lie on?” Alison asked looking alarmed.

whilst everyone else looked on quietly. We could use that. No one is to . Frezca and Carla carried the table out of the ruins. “Found this. we must form a circle.” Alison stared. but at the same time. We’ll us this. the thought of being tied up and the spirit fighting to stay.” Frezca said eagerly and beckoning Carla into the crumbling cottage. you’ll be fine. “Alison. She thought it was going to be just a prod on the back and he would leave her for good. Alison responded to his wishes. Remember. He may fight against what we are doing to him. she wanted to be herself once more. “Now please. I want you to be near her head. so that he does not harm you. things may feel and look real to you.” Carla sighed. and positioned it outside the cottage. dear. holding Alison’s hand. she wanted this episode to end. looking at his friend with hope. Alison looked at her mum. The spirit may do what he wishes to stay inside you. “Alison I am going to do my best to get that spirit to the other world. Concesta smiled at Alison “I need to tie your hands and feet.” The rope around Alison’s limbs glowed. He is not going to pass to the other world without a fight. Alison hugged Simon tightly. Frezca dusted the table off excitedly. and she quickly felt the ropes pull tighter on her skin. She grimaced at the tightness that she had suddenly felt around her wrists and ankles. We need the spirit to come out as easily as we can.” Carla sighed. She took a deep breath and walked towards the table. smiling and beaming with pride at his find. she wanted to leave and go back home. she said. No strange behaviour from you or other people from there on. or not. She was indeed scared. You may feel disorientated.” Carla declared. knowing what was to come. the spirit is strong. Do not let him change that feeling inside you. I wish not to harm you. “When he has gone everything will be back to normal. I will be here — we all will. We need to restrain you. many love you. and with her wand. “Excellent.Carla looked at her solemnly. We will not leave you alone. “I’ll look out for you. She needs the warmth of your aura.” Simon whispered. as she read her daughter’s mind. desperation was seen on her face. Simon. made Alison panic.” Carla noted. He has fed upon the living for many years. unsure if she wanted to go through with this.” Concesta smiled sadly. Lidah looked at the rope. “Obstringere funem. and took a deep breath hoping not to scream out in pain and show herself up. We need to tie you up. “Alison come on. She had no idea how the beast was going to be removed.” Frezca suggested. but when he passes on. “We need to lie you down. let’s get this over with. But now. “Looks like a table. shall we?” Carla stated gently. then lay down. You must be strong throughout. and climbed on slowly. He tied each limb as firmly as he could. She felt queasy. Alison sighed.

we must unite to rid the spirit. “I’m ready to begin.break the circle.” Carla took a deep breath.” .

as he began to walk through the downstairs rooms in desperation and began turning chairs. Rundsflin was a tall. tables and anything else that got in his way. She knew she was in the body of another. and even in darkness. You have done so well in making my home habitable once more. And even though a stranger to Alison. as Alison began to glide into a world of her own. as the sky suddenly began moving. it seemed a strange language. and walked her into the cottage. Her mum’s voice was heard in the distance.” the lady smiled gently. but whose? The lady held Alison's hand gently. pale skin and a prominent jaw line and eyes that were sunk into his long. unaware that Alison was no longer there. the others looking at her. The cottage was in total darkness. She began to gently float down from the sky. I have the love in my heart to give to you. She felt silly lying there with everyone looking transfixed to what Carla was saying.CHAPTER 38 Alison was not sure if she was to close her eyes. faster and faster she went. but not for long before she landed on the ground. young woman with long.” the lady said smiling. The smell of food was cooking in a pot hanging over an open fire and a tumbler of ale was poured for Alison as she sat down. until the sky turned blue. The cottage was freshly painted and a pretty. “You must be hungry. and have children. The hope that they were . and I hope that you too have the feelings inside for me. the pale lilac sky looking back down at her. She walked nervously towards the cottage with Rundsflin. She could hear her mum speaking. drawn face. she could hear the fear in his voice as they walked into the house and suddenly felt the dread that the man was feeling too. The scene vanished before anything was spoken and Alison began to float back up to the sky once more. each holding hands around the table. black hair and brown eyes smiled at her. putting her arms around Alison and kissing her gently on her cheek. thin man. or stare at the people around her. Rundsflin. as she embraced Rundsflin from behind and kissed the back of his neck tenderly. No facial expressions showing amongst them. he looked malnourished with short grey hair. She could see the others standing like statues below her. floating high into the lilac sky.” the lady sighed. She followed the man. Alison nodded. louder and louder she spoke. I want us to be of marriage one day. who was calling out aloud through the damaged door. daylight was soon to become darkness. “I don’t have much. Alison stared up towards the sky. “I wish to be more than just friends with you Rundsflin. She seemed to be flying above the clouds. This time she stood next to the man. but you have made me feel like I have riches that are desired by others. Quicker and quicker it went.

They pulled Rundsflin out of the building and began punching and kicking him once more. hugging the small infant tightly. as blood poured from its wounds and drenching his clothes in an instant. begging them to leave him in peace. picked Rundsflin up and carried him into the small squared hallway. Then he too turned around to see three men staring back at him. How could they hear something that did not exist from their time? Then she heard the voices of others. She suddenly screamed at the men. and threw him down the stairs with such force. he was not given the opportunity. But he knew it was not so. stoned building. as they kicked him back to the ground and with each thud of a fist. but alas. but it was no use. not caring if they caused pain. She could not hear what was being said.” The one man growled as he clenched his fist and ran at Rundsflin. They pulled him abruptly off the bed. was shouted around the small. that Alison could hear the sound of bones snapping inside Rundsflin like dry sticks. Alison felt remorse. and not giving him a chance to speak. the agony that Rundsflin was feeling made Alison feel ill. the fresh blood covering his clothing and hands as he cradled his child lovingly with his tears dropping on to the child’s head and making its blonde hair darken with dampness. assuming they were asleep. The stockier man of the three.well was all he wanted as his continual plea for them to come out from wherever they were hiding. Alison screamed. as Rundsflin screamed. the screams of agony to the death of his loved ones were loud and painful and Alison felt his pain. when he walked towards the bed and stared with dismay at their battered bodies. as they began to punch and kick him. He picked his baby up. Rundsflin began screaming in pain. begging them to stop. came the sound of a break inside Rundsflin’s body. and began to cry as she saw the lifeless bodies lying next to each other. to see for herself what had happened. as she too began to scream in unfairness to what had happened. . who were doing this monstrous thing to Rundsflin. but they could not hear or feel her existence. but the shouting was of hatred towards Rundsflin as they ran at him and began their campaign of hatred to a man who had done no harm. Alison walked into the bedroom. He tried to stand up. The door was ajar and for a brief moment he felt relief at the sight of the woman and his baby lying on the bed. before Rundsflin did. she suddenly heard the presence of others in the room. He gently put the baby down and cradled the lady. Rundsflin sat on the bed. She took a deep breath and with that. wooden stairs to the bedroom. and his tears began flowing freely once more as he began screaming in pain at what was around him. “You’ll pay for their deaths. He lit a lamp and went up the creaky old. and staring curiously at the bodies of the two people lying on the bed. His screams became loud.

all-muttering to themselves. Rundsflin slowly closed his eyes. hoping to leave this place for serenity with his loved ones. Each person in the circle was in his or her own train of thought. and quickly took a jar out of a carpetbag. She began to float down to her body. She could feel something pulling inside her. she began screaming out in happiness. as he was shook out of his wish and the maiming began again. but at the same time. The sky was going faster and faster. including Simon. She began looking at the man with a stony glare in her eyes. just so she could at least help Rundsflin and get him to safety. treating him as the murderer of his family that he loved and cherished. She screamed out louder. yet. Alison could not bear to watch any longer. Her wired hair began blowing gently in a breeze that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. it was cloudy looking and nothing special to feel rejoice over. when a figure could be seen nearing him and seemed no threat to the man who hoped that this person was here to help him. It soon became quieter. but alas. each person ignored her pleas. she could not stop it. the pain in his eyes informing her that he was in dire need of care. turning from blue to total darkness for a while. She could not believe how cruel his last night as a human was. and looked around at the circle. had their eyes closed and they were all muttering to themselves. their clothing saturated in blood. She tried pulling at the men. She knew he had no right for this to happen to him. Alison suddenly felt a sharp pain inside her that made her scream out. their eyes firmly closed. but still she carried on staring at him. he no longer had the strength to keep them open anymore. Alison stared at the old woman. The burning inside was excruciating. as their thirst for death had been quenched. her eyes transfixed on his breathing. felt that she needed to be there for him. She did not want the man to die. . and feeling no remorse for inflicting the evil punishment on an innocent victim. and how the villagers inflicted the pain on this defenceless person. but then not being allowed to enter. and then held it towards Rundsflin’s mouth. “What’s going on?” she could hear herself shout. trying in vain to get someone’s attention to help her.Rundsflin eyes were opening and closing. The old woman watched as he died. but to the old lady. as they bid a fond farewell to their fellow comrades with a nod and a smile. Rundsflin’s eyes opened with relief. without feeling remorse for their actions. who had a look of spitefulness in her eyes. before turning lilac. and his breathing suddenly stopped. as though she was being ripped in half. but the men around were cruel and uncaring. as though slipping away to the other side. each man leaving. hoping that she could be real. Alison could see the jar filling. Rundsflin pleaded for help. each person. but no one replied. Alison began floating back up towards the sky. just so he was not on his own while this mauling was happening to him. Alison felt sad at seeing the death of Rundsflin.

but no one took any notice. and began to pull at the ropes that were tied around her hands. She screamed louder. Rundsflin's screams were threatening to all. Her body soon began slowing down. She beckoned Rundsflin nearer. But she could not understand what he was saying. Rundsflin’s face was of pure evil. and a sly smile began showing on his mouth. They seemed calming and hypnotic. and then smiled as he held the lady’s hand and she tightened her hand over his. But something coming towards them caught his eye. and then she too looked at what Rundsflin was staring curiously at. but again no one responded to her plea. revealing a lady who was holding a baby. She breathed deeply. Cursing began to come out of her mouth to the others around. She wanted to free herself. staying close to Alison. and making her hit her head on the table as she was pulled back down. hoping to get the attention of the others around her in the circle. but the harder she pulled the tighter the ropes became. The spirit was not happy and he floated out of Alison. it was a foreign language that echoed around her. At first he refused. even though it came from her mouth. it threw her from side to side. However. before her life drew to an end. up and down. she felt her life was ending. and the wish to harm her etched deeply across his face. his thin lips rubbed together. as his hands began covering her mouth and nose. her face beaming with happiness as she stared at her husband with love. The screams of evil were coming out of her. as the gold orbs disappeared. he was stifling her of the oxygen that she needed. but the pretty lady held her delicate hand out and beckoned him to come. His language was no longer English. “Please let me go!” Alison shouted. He looked at Alison as he began to float above her. Two balls of light came floating towards them. and began screaming at the sight above her. She tried to breathe. but could not. relief felt in each gasp she took. She felt as though her insides were going to burst. Alison looked at him. a look of hatred bore down on her. The sound of her mum’s voice was sounding more threatening with each sentence she spoke. He looked up and his hands loosened around Alison's mouth and nose. she no longer had the strength to fight back. Alison screamed. his face showing a . Rundsflin looked at her in awe. She began kicking. as though blaming her for the cause of his execution. they were ignored… no one was listening. and the pulling inside Alison became more violent too. their smiles making them look angelic and beatific. Threats of death hurled at the people around her. as his black eyes locked on to Alison’s. She looked up at Rundsflin for the last time.The pain began rising inside Alison. Then she heard a scream that did not belong to her.

” Lidah commented clapping her hands. “Yeah. no more evil thoughts were around anymore and this was the only time in her life where she never felt so pleased to laugh out like an immature child. Thank you. think that’s what kept me sane. And seeing him vanish in a ball of light. had some strange dreams too. “That was pretty scary stuff.glimpse of happiness. I have had a message from the queen seeking our agreement that we will be ready for the battle. The anger was taken away. and the only feelings she had were happy ones. Then I heard you saying you were free. at the latest. Amir is no longer evil too. “Well. She breathed in deeply and smiled to herself. Alison sighed. then I guess I’ll have to believe you.” Alison said smiling. the sighs for breath were heard as they proceeded out of the small portal room and into the room that they had been in prior to the mission. mimicking Alison on the table. “You must all remember that now the spirit has gone. The group walked back to the portal. “I’m free. They had returned to Lidah’s house. you mean orbs?” Simon acknowledged. Carla looked at her and finished the last sentence before stopping and closing her book. “I know.” Carla said softy as she hugged her daughter. and she could not help but look around the circle of people and giggle. I’m free!” she shouted to the circle. all-talking with excitement. I don’t want Amir being killed—”Alison pleaded before she walked away. “You’re safe now. before he and his family disappeared into the bright light above them and all became lilac once more.” “Ahh. We have much to discuss about the war. but she did not care.” Alison whispered. Sadly. . so if you say they’re orbs. Again.” Simon admitted to Alison. and telling their own story of events.” “I don’t know the technical name for them. The heaviness in her body had gone.” Lidah announced. “I hope I never have to witness one of them again in a hurry. “Now. “Are you all right now? You were doing some strange dance movements. you know. You try lying on a table with no padding. the army at his castle won’t be backing down.” Alison winked. I am pleased for you Alison. “I saw them too. But please. I must ask if the young beings will leave.” “It was all right for you. We need to be in the kingdom this coming week. not waiting for a reply.” Simon laughed. you know. and about the strange feelings they had whilst witnessing the passing of the spirit. the first time in ages in doing something like this. the spirit is no longer living inside you and amongst the other beings of this kingdom. My backs killing me. what a good result for all. made me feel better. He regrets the war and wishes that it was not going to happen.

.“I’ll take them home.” Matthew stated quietly. as he followed Alison and Simon before closing the door behind them.

if everything was fair. then we would back down.” Carla replied as she put milk on Alison’s cereal. I still think deep down he wants his sister dead and we need to protect her. “So what’s so important for me to be getting up so early on a Sunday morning?” Alison asked. It may take you years to master your skill. You need all the training you can get.” “Mum I’m tired. “Well.” Carla nodded. He’s not as evil as he was. You said so yourself. “The war. Alison groaned even more. when seeing Alison’s face droop. let me sleep for another five minutes. I am aware his personality has changed. .” “I don’t want Amir to die. The union will not allow this. as stupid as you are venturing to Grimsdritch. Robert and Sarah. even though he wishes no involvement in the war. He’s really nice. “You are to go to Onbrier with Simon. before climbing out of bed.” Carla whispered as Alison grumbled. looking at her mum’s gleeful face.” “It seems unfair now.30!” Alison protested when she looked at the clock on her bedside table.” “Has the queen been told of Amir’s change of heart?” Alison asked. But the protection of the queen is important. he still has an army. Get dressed and come down for breakfast. is he? Even though he wishes not to be involved.” Carla smiled slyly. that’s why. But we can’t let innocent people die. you need all the hours you can get. “Not today. this is very hard for us. And Amir will still need to go. She cannot be killed. and believe me. when Alison entered the kitchen with a frown. drinking her coffee and reading the Sunday newspaper. “But Mum. “And why?” Alison asked. You have much to do this morning. “Mum! It’s only 7.” “Yes.” Alison muttered. Carla was sitting on a stool in the kitchen. He’s not going to sit in his castle drinking cups of tea while his army kill his sister now. If his army had not been sanctioned. that’s life dear. I can’t go to Frinda.” Carla said as she walked out of the room.” Alison groaned. who are not going to back down. “Yes. you have to go somewhere. last night. “Come on sleepy head. but at least you can come back here at about 9am and you can go back to bed. I’ve spoken to him. You know my feelings towards this war. then we wouldn’t be involved. “Alison.CHAPTER 39 “Alison.” “Nor can Amir.” Alison murmured.” “Well. and pulled her quilt over her head. Now eat your cornflakes before they go soggy.

Mr.” Sarah remarked harshly. had to be you. She’s probably rubbing her hands with glee at the thought of all those dead bodies that will soon be lurking around the palace.” “And I never will. could it? Oh no.” “Yes I bet. my day didn’t go too well either. and is you-know-who. where Robert and Sarah were sitting. Simon. “You know.” Alison replied back and scrunching her face up. We need to be at Lidah’s in an hour. And it was not just Matthew. please stop taunting each other. “Oh and why? What happened? Did he save you from a vicious monster?” Sarah screamed with unfairness and her face looking like she’d ate a lemon. unsure of what it was too.” Alison muttered. her mouth pouting. You haven’t had the dreams. believe you and me. In need of practice for this war. You don’t know what she’s capable of.” “Alison!” Carla gasped. “Who?” Alison sighed impatiently. So stop getting all stroppy with me. Now please eat. “Me Mam was hovering in the living room when your Mum phoned this morning.” Alison and Carla walked to the Cenotaph. Armstrong?” Sarah cooed as her eyes began glowing and a big smile planted perfectly upon her red. too late for that. so I couldn't reply to her question. Robert nodded. coming?” Sarah asked smiling. . “So where we going?” Sarah asked.” Sarah mumbled. “Oh right. “So unfair. “Well. yes it is. “What’s a Hernikin?” Sarah whispered to Alison who shrugged at the question. after the weekend we had. “Armstrong? Oh Matthew? I have no idea. She hates bad time keepers.” Alison boasted and smiling craftily at Sarah who glared back. staring at the two girls. “As a matter-of-fact he did. her face looking forlorn.” “We’re going to Onbrier. Sarah smiled at Alison. my knight in shining armour. “Girls. I think?” muttered Alison. blotchy face. “Matthew? First term name’s. “It’s true. “A type of beer. while you go gallivanting around with him. Couldn’t be me. you’d give a Hernikin a migraine never mind me. “So unfair.“No dear.” Alison replied slyly.” Alison smiled wickedly. Mum and loads of others were there too. now is it?” Sarah said. I had to help Mum and Dad strip my walls.” Carla cried. “Sarah.

A boy who needs a loving home. his round face turning red. “His dad beat him up the other day. about him talking to us.” “Property? He’s not an object.“Where is Simon? We have to go. Alison and Robert. Lidah will be in a foul mood all day.” Alison asked. “The coward. You killed my Mam and now you trying to take my boy from me.” Sarah commented.” bellowed an annoyed man's voice.” Carla tutted when she looked at her watch once more. as she followed Carla. be my guest. He opened the door and a look of anger came on to his face as soon as he saw Carla. His stocky build doubling in size with anger. then come on. Rachel told on him. “Is this what you get. “What?” Carla asked surprised at the accusation that he had made. You ain’t seeing him. . “Look.” “Rachel? The squeak! I knew I should have knocked her out in the playground last week. “You’re a witch. how about an ass. when Carla looked at them.” Carla said looking at her watch. He is a boy. now go before I call the police. you’re brain washing him. what with his dad and all. but stopped immediately.” Carla demanded. ain’t ya? Poisoning his brain with witchcraft. Carla walked up to the street where Simon lived. like you. Carla had walked up to Simon's front door and knocked it loudly and sharply. all right. eh? Your kicks out of bad things? You want to stick a needle in him or something?” Jack yelled. “We’re going to have to go. let me turn you into something shall I? I know.” Sarah yelled.” Sarah grinned. “Where’s Simon?” Carla yelled. as she pushed past Alison and walked harshly to catch Carla up. to tell him who he’s to see and not. But Carla put her foot in the way. Because that’s what you are — an ass!” Carla shouted. Carla looked at Alison with disbelief. Robert and Alison laughed. trying to close the door. “What? What’s happened?” Sarah asked puzzled. the other day? It’s you that should be arrested. “I thought she was always in a foul mood. “All right. if we’re late.” “Police? After what you did to Simon. “None of your business. “Get off my land!” he shouted. don’t you? If you want to see me in action. “Do you think he’s all right? You know. not some heavy footed fool. her face suddenly turning red with rage. And as for a witch? Ooo Jack you really know how to press that button. “I think if she broke wind she’d still frown. not yours. I want to see Simon. not me. you ain’t having him. you have no right poking your nose in our business!” Jack shouted. harming a child!” Carla screamed as she stormed off. and before Alison could reason with her. he’s my property. Her anger had taken over her. now. “HE DID THAT TO SIMON?” Carla shouted.

” Sarah laughed. I need to know he’s safe. before turning back to look at Carla with a silent plea. I want to see if Simon's safe. “You don’t scare me Jack Slater. her blackened eyes looking back in fright. her small frame almost wishing to be invisible as Carla smiled at her. be off with you. “Well sweetheart. you hurt me as much as you want. I just want to make sure he’s fine and I will go. but Alison elbowed her in the stomach and glared. but an ass? That’s a killer. I know what Jack has done to him. and showing a look of concern on her face.’ and with the blink of an eye.” Jack winked. “Now why don’t you and that motley crew go before I do something that you’ll regret. “He’s safe. please.Sarah giggled. “Get back in there. I won't tell.” Carla demanded.” “I want Simon here now. You’re not cursing me with it!” Jack shouted as loudly as he could. Her shoulders slumped forward and her face was bruised. Carla looked through to the hallway and spotted Emma standing in a doorway. Carla smiled evilly back. best friend. “Emma.” Carla threatened. “It’s not funny. Jack stared curiously.” Carla whispered. Now move from the door. so that the neighbours who were twitching at their net curtains could hear.” Carla pleaded calmly. I’ll deal with you later. You are nothing but a weakling. and Emma walked quickly away like a scared mouse. and cook my breakfast. and black magic away from my house. tobacco stained teeth. . that’s all. his brown eyes looking Carla up and down with intent as he moved forward and touched Carla on the face with a stubby finger. She looked pale and clammy. So stop messing around. And with each step she took she stared worriedly at her husband. “Shh!” Robert whispered to the both of them. ‘Ut in sepulcrum. as though still in pain from her attack.” Jack sneered and Carla stared back unfazed. Take your voodoo dolls.” Jack yelled. Emma walked slowly towards the front door. “Emma please. “If this gets nasty we need to be ready to help.” Alison whispered sternly. “Glad you said that. So go. She quickly pulled her wand out of her coat pocket and said. I eat babies like you for dinner. Snooping at the door. laughing as he did so and showing his yellow. with stitches visible on her forehead. or I will do something. who had turned around and glared viciously back at her. “I know Al. Please?” Carla asked looking through Jack as though he didn’t exist. her eyes glinting at what was on her mind. Emma stared back at Carla. Jack vanished. His friends are concerned for him. the smell of alcohol and dry sweat suddenly polluting the air around her and making her feel ill. when she saw the state of her once.

“But Simon?” Alison asked. who once again had walked off shouting. who had hoped to calm the situation down. GO!” Emma screamed. “He’s my husband. you have no right to poke your nose in. but wherever he is. Alison looked at the house before running after her mum. I’ve really done it now. I hope he suffers a painful life. looking around shocked at what she had seen. “Can’t please some people.” Carla sighed. Your both safe.” Carla retorted. Carla stormed off angrily. “Where is he?” Emma asked quietly.” Carla answered. He’s right. “Jack? Jack!” Emma cried.” Carla whispered. “Where is he?” Sarah asked. “I have no idea. “He won't harm you anymore.” . Emma looked around the hall in a panic.” Carla muttered under her breath. Simon looked out the window. as she walked into the hallway. He’d heard the commotion from his bedroom and with a look of happiness showing on his bruised face he said. Go now.The three children gasped. hoping that he was still there. smiling. No one deserves that. her hands touching out into thin air. “Emma. and pushed past Alison. “We’ll have to presume he’s well. “Farewell Dad. “What’ve you done? I can’t live without him?” “But he speaks to you like dirt. Lidah’s going to be angry when the report goes in. You’re vile. Emma!” Carla shouted out at the front door.

Sarah smiled at the mention of his name. and making Alison giggle at her best friend’s expression. and hoping that the poor lad had not been harmed by the cruel. “Yes.” Lidah declared nodding. her eyes rolling with the thought of her hero soon arriving. I can’t open it. . and her child. “One missing. You have not had long to train. Alison laughed at Lidah’s dry comment and Sarah gave Alison an annoying look. We’ll have to go around the back. I hope.” Sarah said pointing to her khaki green and brown combat trousers and black vest. and all the private lessons that he would be giving her in sword fighting. dear child.CHAPTER 40 They had arrived at Lidah’s bungalow with looks of unfairness showing on their faces at not being able to see Simon. Carla. Not being funny.” Lidah shrugged annoyingly as Alison had a little grin to herself.” Alison said nodding and remembering the colourful shops.” Sarah complained.” Lidah stated. she could not believe that Emma was so devoted to a man who would harm her. You must realise that we are very busy. you are aware that we will be staying as long as possible in Onbrier.” she grunted. “They have some gorgeous clothes. “Now. dirty looking man.” Carla sighed. we must get to Onbrier. Carla was still fuming. but I prefer me comfies rather than some stupid dress. We need to train you well. “Don’t worry. the front door’s stiff this morning. before pulling a stern face. one that she had not noticed the previous night. who deserved what he had got by Carla’s spell. A stale people smell crept into Alison’s nostrils. which quickly changed to a drooling smile when Matthew entered the room. The group sat down at the table in the room that Alison had been in the previous night. She looked at them with annoyance in her eyes. “Nothing stupid.” “But I don’t have clothes or anything with me. But come. as she looked around the board-office like room with boredom. Lidah walked into the garden when they had arrived.” Lidah tutted. “You know how I feel about being let down this way. I am not happy. Simon wasn’t able to come. I’m sure you can buy something when we’re there. which I apologise about. “I’m sure we can find something as distasteful as those clothes. Lidah shook her head breathing an annoying sigh. We don’t have time to keep transporting you backwards and forwards to kingdoms. “We’re just waiting for Matthew and then we can go. He’s a terrible time keeper.

“Wow.” Lidah declared when the portal room was spinning. were going to have to go to the school first. sometimes.” Lidah commanded and the office changed into the room that Alison and Simon had decorated. However. Come. Now aren’t you pleased about that?” Lidah nodded and pulled a sly looking face Alison looked at her mum with a look of panic in her eyes. Alison walked back towards Lidah and the room suddenly changed back to the office when Lidah commanded it to do so. “Will I need it?” “Ah.” Lidah and Alison walked back into the room. Lidah opened the door and revealed her office. She put the stone away. we will be back shortly. . and the red stone immediately began to glow. I forget things.” Matthew remarked. as well as other teachers from different kingdoms. No need for those checks. where Matthew and Carla were still talking. I believe Zellacta will assist you on some days of training. you can use my portal to Onbrier. you have me all to yourself. It began glowing for a second when it was picked up.” Lidah opened the drawer of her desk.” Lidah beckoned to Alison. “Yes. “My wand!” Alison said remembering. As you are going to be living with me in my accommodation. I need to get my stone first. putting a big bag down on the table. “‘Locum secretum.“So glad you could make it. you will take Sarah and Robert to the town hall. Alison. before disappearing.” Lidah scolded. But I will be on other business. I’m sure your young legs could’ve carried you here instead of those mechanical transports. “St Peters High. “Now please. She was too busy staring at Matthew. the light entwining around Alison’s hand. It has its uses. yes. that’s one way of being on time for school. “Now please. “You’re not coming?” Alison asked her mum. well. but I will be around when you have your break. the room glowed before Lidah shouted. You will indeed. Matthew. “Alison and I will go to school. you know. The rest of you can stay here.” Lidah said sarcastically.” Alison commented. we must go. bringing you. Alison walked up to the drawer and pulled out her wand. who was sitting down talking to Carla. “Summer Hill Crescent. I am not going to see you much whilst you’re training.” Carla said smiling reassuringly. who seemed unaware of her existence. Alison looked at Sarah. It’s my age. Once again. Once there.” Lidah groaned. “Yes I am. “Well. we must go. the roads are not passable with those cracks and potholes.” Lidah sighed. there is space for you. let’s get that wand. with Sarah still staring at the teacher with awe. and picked up her portal key. Now. “They will be dealt with.

“Simon.” Sarah commented when she saw Lidah’s strange looking house. and bright furnishings to match the strange.” Lidah said. when there was a knock on the back door and it was opened. “You have not dear. very quick. and grey hair that was tightly rolled into a bun. which looked far too bright to live with.“That was quick. “Carla. It is too small at the moment. “I have people coming today to extend my house to accommodate you all. when they walked into the room. The rooms were brightly coloured in gaudy flowers or patterns. “Erm Miss?” Alison began. time is a virtue. The four children gasped in delight at the room.” Lidah stated.” Lidah said beckoning everyone out of the room.” Alison gasped when she saw him standing there. the house would have looked invisible. I think you have some explaining to do. “I sneaked out the house when Mum was in the kitchen. round home. Sarah made a dash to a lime green armchair. The house seemed very modern for an old-fashioned teacher.” Lidah sighed. Carla. trying to sound nice. “Yes. The pale. who stood looking like a Victorian maid in her long dark clothes. blue coloured walls matched the blueness of the sky. If it were not for the fact that the door was red and the window frames were yellow. . Thanks for getting rid of Dad. We will be under each other’s feet if it is kept at this size.” Lidah ordered. Carla winced. come with me. ********** The brightness of Onbrier’s blue sky made each person wince when they left the dimly lit room that they had travelled in and stood on a bright orange path in Lidah’s garden. “Did I put my foot in it?” Simon asked when he saw the look of horror on Carla’s face.” Lidah muttered as she took Simon to the portal room. which had round windows and an oval door.” Robert commented. but not here.” Carla replied. It was a dome shaped building. “Simon needs his wand. “Come on in. They were just about to leave the room.” Alison answered. too. but instead the words came out croaky. “Come on. “Very well. “Wow. and please wipe your feet when you enter. with Robert and Simon pushing each other to get to a blue massage chair. At this rate the war will have ended before we get there.” Simon smiled. It waits for no one. cool place. when she went to open the door to her house.

and then they will remove it when you go. They walked through the overly large. Simon looked around the village with wonder as they walked to their training ground.” Sarah sighed. The dark red bricks and black door. and no nasty dads to boss you around.” Alison said to Sarah as she stood up to go with Matthew.“Extending? But won't that be a bit messy and take a while to do?” Alison asked. simple.” Lidah nodded. that had silver floor tiles. “Yes. Simon you will come with me. I want them to rendezvous here only. ready to leave. just quiet. “I’d do anything for a bigger bedroom. as he passed a white haired man. constantly writing as they walked along. which were all strangely shaped like Lidah’s home. who looked at Simon and smiled. all with cloaks. made the building look as though it was a reject in this Kingdom. black door. He could not believe how the people around them were dressed too. showing his toothless mouth. It caused total chaos last time. “Now. and made the building feel important. and pictures on gold painted walls of strange looking wizards and sorcerers. as the children gasped in amazement. were nothing but the loose pieces that were rejected from their important fold. Alison. . They did not walk too far. He loved the bright houses.” Alison whispered under her breath to Sarah. “They will just screw the extension to the house. with no traffic and no noise around. The house is only made of special plastic. It was a place where Simon felt he could live. And how old they looked too.” Lidah agreed. we must begin training. Carla. who had already walked towards the front door. “You will indeed.” Lidah pointed out.” The other three nodded in agreement. thought Simon. and into an excessively large reception area which had an array of brightly coloured crystal chandeliers’ that hung from the gold ceiling. They followed Lidah into a brightly coloured hallway. “See you later. for the battle in Frinda.” Sarah winked. Robert you will go with Matthew. They all seemed to be carrying clipboards. as their footsteps echoed around the high ceilinged. before Lidah walked up to a set of big yellow iron gates. pointed hats and staffs. then. as she left the room. I am not having half of the kingdoms making their own arrangements. and the serenity of the place made Simon feel uplifted and calm. “Disgusting.” Lidah insisted. Sarah. indeed aristocratic. Don’t wait up. They were all brightly coloured. and each looking as though they were looking down at the people who walked by A certainty that they were of logic of life. “Oh No. entranced hall. as she tapped the wall. with the strangest accessories to match their weird attire. and that those around. The building seemed too ordinary to be part of Onbrier. I want you to go to the council to see what the arrangements are for the kingdoms to meet at Onbrier. “I wish we could do that where we live. well maybe one day your kingdom will do this and you can extend all you want.

and tall open flamed lanterns that lit their way along the timber crossings. more like a place that should not be disturbed by their existence. . as it began glowing and showing the children the way. On the ground. as she quickly looked at Alison and Simon with her beady eyes before turning herself back around and began to walk.” Lidah huffed.Lidah walked towards a very small. with flowering trees that hung above and to the side of them. and the door grew upwards and outwards and to a more reasonable size that could now take the three people and even a house through. Apart from the years of dust it had collected. as Lidah continued walking ahead of them. the brightness of the flowers vanished and all that they saw in front of them was a heavy mist. Lidah closed the door behind them when they had entered. which stood on either side of the opening of the platforms. which smelt of violets and making Alison feel hungry by the sweet scent that drifted around. Alison and Simon gasped with delight at the spectacular surrounding's that were around them. in colours of blues. It’s very safe here. before they continued to walk into the unknown. However. green door. there was something to drink. nothing had been damaged and all in its rightful place too. Lidah examined the room with keenness when she entered the cabin. Each bridge had carvings of wizards’ heads. wooden bridges were scattered. towards a pale wooden hut. Alison had no idea what or where they were. Lidah tapped the door three times with her cane. they have now made this room into a hot springs.” she sighed as she opened the door to a cupboard in the room and groaned. It did not look like a room at all. Alison and Simon stared at it with disbelief. “Ha—” Lidah hooted. and so they could not understand how they were going to fit through such a tiny hole. I am in no mood to dry you up. and pinks. so old. before we begin training. that was a bit stronger than water. which Lidah was looking at with a puckered smile. Lidah was on a mission as she walked the maze-like springs with eagerness. and any heavy garments were quickly taken off. but follow me and don’t fall into the springs. “See. “A place I have not visited for a while. As their eyes got used to the heavy mist. in fact. “it’s okay. the tip of her long cane began flickering into life. and made it look as though they were walking in a tunnel. and the sound of the Blue Springs that bubbled gently around.” she sighed as she placed the empty sherry bottle on the table. a thick carpet of lush grass was all around and looked far too neat and short not to have been recently mowed. she noticed. It was no bigger than a letterbox. It was not cold. the heat from the springs making her sweat and hoping that in that small lodge. even my emergency liquid has dried up. The heat made them sweat quickly. and the door shrank back to its original size. everything had been kept in good condition over the years. whites. the warmth had hit them before they even ventured into the fog. As they came to the mouth of the dreamlike tunnel. they noticed that around the Blue Springs.

Alison. and one that could be shared amongst those who need the warmth of your aura — and a good potion too.” “But I thought you said it was my aura. Darkness had fallen whilst they were inside the building.” Lidah said nodding her head. without flooding the surrounding area that they were in.” ********** They spent all day in the hot springs. . things did not go to plan. but was not too sure if it was my imagination. as she looked out of the window at the springs. They don’t take complaints too well. we will start with basic spell casting. heal?” Simon asked. we will move to the more serious magic. Lidah decided to call it a day. unsure if that was a good thing or not. I have sensed it for some time now. They made each other float in the air for a few seconds. instead of a chair. He will show you how to mix potions and how to store them correctly. you have the aura with Alison’s.” Alison smiled. You will train until you understand your abilities. with the laughter came the tears.” Lidah remarked. and shot Alison across the springs. “Yes. “Now. I know. “Yes very nice. The training was not as simple as others would imagine. the aura you hold is very strong Simon. “I will also concentrate on your ability of looking into people’s minds too. Things blew up that should not have. However. and with revenge. mind. wands at the ready and we will begin. However. but I know you are a healer too. but enough to at least knock the opponent out of harm’s way. not this wooden hut though. This was once placed on top of a snowy mountain for many centuries. learning how to use their wands correctly and how to help each other with a spell. before I complained that it was far too cold for my bones.” “Yes. as spells done incorrectly can cause more chaos and disruption. the spirit that was inside Alison would have killed many. This place is new to me too. Not too strong. they placed it inside a volcano. She tapped the small green door and they left the springs.” “Me. Items would disappear for no reason.“This place is so beautiful. I am not rushing you. but with the moon shining in the sky. If it was not for you. Simon could hardly keep his eyes open. And Simon. and hopefully as time goes by. I do have to admit. they knew it was very late. “Now. They trained for what seemed like hours and tiredness was taking its toll. as we did at school. Frezca will train you to use that skill to heal others that are in need of your help.” Lidah noted with a firm nod. that will indeed be strong and powerful. They had no idea of the time. and learned how to make water appear from their wands. I have seen you at work. I need you to practice what you were taught the other day. as you are of an ability in defence. which they enjoyed. I have seen it.

It had doubled in size since they had left earlier that day.” Carla sighed.” Sarah complained. “What’s the matter. I don’t know what you mean. who only grinned back mischievously. “Where’s my bedroom?” Sarah asked Lidah. “There were thousands of us there. but also they would have to learn how to ride horses. Telling each other of their day's events. maybe you will have him tomorrow. “Oh dear. “Oh her sweetheart did not train her today. she’d better change that mood.” Alison responded calmly. which made Sarah fume more.” Sarah muttered as Robert sat next to her grinning. Alison looked at Robert mystified. and have Matthew training me. “Not till she gets better. otherwise she’ll be sent back home. before storming out of the room. and then came back into the room her eyes rolling around and her face pulling a bigger pout. with you?” Alison asked when she sat down. sighing with relief.” Yurgh made me sick. ten of us. angrily. by laughing when told of the mishaps they had. went well. Robert told them that not only did they need to train using weapons. Robert’s face was all smiles. as though they had not eaten all day. “Ooo well. “Oh Matthew. “Stupid training. before Sarah began to punch Robert in the stomach. “Sarah. They ate their food fast. It was unfair. Leave him alone and put your face straight. folding her arms and pouting.” Sarah groaned.” Robert butted in. You’ll curdle milk looking like that!” Carla shouted. domed abode. She had to go in the baby group. “Like the bleeding lurgie they were. Sarah and Robert were already home. how the places that they were taught in were the most amazing areas that they had ever seen. While I had to go to the intermediate group. Alison gasped when she saw it. and spoke of their day training. and congratulating each other when the skills that they had learnt. how to look after their equipment and the type of clothing that was allowed in battle. she won’t. . “Actually. The others laughed.” Robert said in a matter-of-fact way. cooing over Matt like a rash. “Not going again.” Sarah grunted.” Robert smiled sarcastically at Sarah. while Sarah had a look of annoyance on hers. Sarah sighed louder. The lights in the house were ablaze in the large. when Lidah had pointed the direction to her.When they approached Lidah’s house.” Sarah seethed. as she beckoned the other three to the table to eat. “Might as well have been that many. and the smell of cooking hit them as soon as they opened the front door. before storming out of the room again. All those girls.

I'm off to bed. They all seem to know about sword fighting. I know how important this is. I promise.” “I do Ali. . Many of them have probably been fighting for years. so don't let one day upset you. You only started the other day.” Sarah cried. and all these fancy footsteps you have to do. would hate them thinking I'm a weakling and was cracking up. don't tell those two. So come on. then they'll stop. “Nobody likes me there. Everyone laughed at me.” Alison yawned. me ears are pinned back. okay? You have many years to train. as though rubbing a sticky stain that was annoying her.” Alison winked. plastic walls were too bright for Alison's liking.” Alison said smiling. I don't wanna die. but the sound of crying could be heard in the outbursts that she was making. rubbing the doorway with her fingernail. I wanna give it a go and be a warrior—” “—and you will.” “I won't. the room darkened in an instance and Alison fell into a deep slumber. One lesson. really tired. still cursing. and when we had to partner up. or falling over.” Alison said softly. don't let them know it hurts your feelings. “You will do it — I know you will. I feel like I'm not supposed to be there. that's all.” Sarah smiled.” Sarah replied bitterly. and make a fool of herself. The new yellow. though. are you?” Sarah said taking gulps of air so as not to cry in front of Alison. She could hear Sarah in her room. “Thanks for listening to my moans. as she hugged Sarah. but me? I was the only one that kept dropping my sword. “Then laugh too. if you laugh with them. “See you in the morning. Alison half smiled at Sarah. some more than others.Alison kissed her mum goodnight. but luckily when she switched the light off. that's all. “You gonna make fun of me too. You just need to…you know. 'cause I tripped over me legs. no one wanted to be with me. Alison knocked on her door and waited for her friend to open it. calm down and listen carefully. don't give up yet.” “Suppose your right— as usual. “Never wrong. “G'night” Sarah said quietly. you just need to get used to it. Even Robert is good at it. Alison climbed into the oval bed that was in her room. like a natural he is. We all make mistakes. “But they laugh at me. and went upstairs to bed.

but polite. unaware of the time until they were told to get to bed. and that Carla would do most of the cooking. but hated the weather. or cried when nothing seemed to be going right in their training. she did not seem as strict as she used to be. by Lidah. he too wished there was a continuation of sunshine as well. Trying to laugh when a spell she had asked them to do. Robert told Simon of his hobbies and past times. the laughter from the youngsters’ made her feel young in her heart once more. making sure not to harm one another in the process. meant that the older children could not show friendship to the younger forms in their school. Those that did have children. They had never spoken to each other at school. Alison and Sarah still shared their time together. Robert being in year nine. Whilst other times they would chat away. She enjoyed the company in her home. He never knew a country that seemed to live with constant rain and minimum sunshine. Understanding how each one of them felt when they snapped for no reason. even siblings. either on an item or each other. They supported each other through the ups and downs with the training. in fact. before trying out the spell.CHAPTER 41 Each day the training became more demanding. as they were in different years. Children were a rarity in Onbrier. The people Alison and Simon had met each day whilst travelling to their training ground all seemed very unusual. They would comment on how they had never seen so many minors before. Mocking some of the youngsters’ she did not like and told Alison of the ones she did like — which was not that many. but at the same time. Sarah was gossiping about the kids in her training group. were far too old to have any more babies. The four kids got on well. They were taught different techniques for each spell that they cast. She also liked listening to the conversations in the living room. Simon agreed with him on this. would blow puff out of their wands. not too badly. The boys got on well too. to give him a better life He liked the English traditions. he loved the fact that England was alive with greenery. which in turn made the lessons more tiring and sometimes frustrating. she too liked the odd joke and would occasionally play them on Alison and Simon whilst training. unless they wanted to be beaten up by their form and year. Concentration was of utmost importance. Lidah seemed to have changed too. and told him of his family moving from Egypt. and if so. ********** . because most of the people who lived in the kingdom were too old to bear children. So the sight of children in their kingdom was a delight to be seen by all. Their training would continue until late into the evening and they would come home sometimes bruised and too tired to talk. They had to listen carefully and watch each example.

and for the first time it was not a forced smile. too. I don’t fancy the thought of you going home with limbs missing. she was able to come back into her own body. they would not. would do well when the time ever came for them to go to battle. You can get multi-coloured ones now.” Lidah gave a smile. we need to purchase your equipment. always be fighting on level ground. She became agile with a sword too. They were taught this. who had a side to her that neither of them could ever have guessed exist. and fight at the same time. and then you can go home to rest. Matthew will be taking Sarah and Robert. and Matthew was certain that these two. they even sell cauldrons for your potions. However. The full moon is nearing on earth. so that they could understand the importance of keeping their balance in any situation. Simon found the measuring hard. anything is possible. without fainting or being sick. on their usual sour-faced looking teacher. very nice. hating to measure the ingredients needed in a recipe . “You have all done so well.Almost a year had passed by and each of their abilities were getting better and stronger each day. He became quicker to engage in battle. “Your time In Onbrier is coming to an end. to walls that had drops so deep that the ground at the bottom could not be seen from the top. from thin branches on the tallest trees. “Before you go back to your homes. rather than cure. Simon spent time with Frezca. as well as the other trainees he had been teaching. who showed him how to make elixirs and useful potions. this seemed a little more alarming because if the potion was a little too strong. Robert was improving as well. I will take you to my favourite shop. Sarah laughed out loud. it could kill. “Simon. and Simon gave her a bashful look back. as Matthew and Zellacta pointed out many times during their training. They also learned how to ride horses. as he was not a fan of home economics at school. And Simon. you will come with me. they have such pretty clothing for you. Alison.” Sarah and Robert looked at each other with a look of fear. I have been told. Choose wisely and make sure your weapons and armoury is of good quality. They had enjoyed their time in Onbrier and with their teacher. “We have one more week of training. something she felt very proud about. and counter attack. The types of plants needed and the amount of liquid that was needed to make the potion. When at war.” .” Lidah stated one day when they were eating their tea at her home. Sarah and Robert had practiced on anything they dare fight on. Sarah found riding a horse was a lot easier than she thought. The four youngsters smiled back kindly. which could be used for healing. Lidah spent time with Alison focusing on her abilities to make her mind stronger and to withstand floating into other people’s minds and making sure. and I believe you need all the rest you can get before setting off to Frinda.” Lidah smiled. Each one of you has proved that with a bit of effort. but a friendly one. He knew the techniques to use in each training session to defeat the enemy.

and many other Kingdoms. and strange looking hats to match. go slower than in your Kingdom. they all wear it. “Yes.” Lidah said smiling. “Still don’t—” “—and you never will.” Lidah nodded. so that he would be prepared. Our days in this. if he was ever needed in battle to heal a fallen soldier or warrior. eager to try on their clothing and cloaks. “I’m going to look like a bleeding tin of sardines with all the metal I’m going to be wearing. He mumbles. Simon’s black robe had a draping peak hood and was made of lightweight cotton. and I believe you’re not doing too well in the subject at school. instead of having your head in the clouds. He also purchased a small black cauldron. and with an excitable Lidah. She also found a tunic-type dress. No sooner had they had put their items away. a mortar and pestle to grind his plants and herbs in. “It’s to protect you. “Mr Jevons is not the easiest person to listen to in class. The clothes they were to wear whilst in Frinda.” Sarah muttered. It felt warm too. The week had passed by quickly. it was quite light. rather than tights and cod pieces. However. which was black with a grey sash to wrap around her waist. They were very much like people from the middles ages. They purchased what they needed and was soon home.” Sarah groaned.“I don’t understand all this time standing still thing. t-shirts and trainers.” Sarah suddenly blurted out. he could still wear trousers.” Sarah complained. as she chewed on her beef. which she felt could be useful if they became stranded in the middle of nowhere and needed to sleep in fields or caves. They could not go to a kingdom in jeans. It’s science at its best. which Alison felt was the most important garment for her wizardly look. . “I do listen. dear. Sarah sulked. It was a black. crushed velvet robe with oversized bell sleeves. It looked like it was a heavy looking cloak. Now. I just can’t stand the old git. however. as she stood to leave the table. I suggest you sit near to the front of his class in future and listen more closely. You see. Sarah and Robert came back holding boxes and baskets filled with their items. He found this a wise buy. as Lidah walked away. and a black cord tie at the front of the robe. as in this time no such clothing existed. needed to match that era. much to Simon’s relief. “Should see what I have to wear. with woollen tunics. very confusing. so no use complicating the little knowledge you already know. and a few empty medicine bottles to put his potions in. She hated being shown up in front of her friends that way. strange pointy shoes.” Robert said shaking his head. if you will excuse me I have to go to Concesta’s house. who was eager to take Alison and Simon in to town and show them off to her acquaintances. “Well. as it also had secret compartments that only the wearer could see.” Lidah stated and nodding her head with agreement. and shoes. They also purchased cloaks.” Sarah muttered.

wearing this lot. I’m sure that old geezer had a smile on his face every time I screamed.“Well. plus.” Robert handed the shield to the other two. How are you going to carry it?” Simon asked. “My god Sarah. black leather case.” Robert said huffing. “—and this beauty is my sword. who was on the verge of attacking Robert with a gauntlet. before handing it back to Robert. I was told.” Sarah remarked.” Robert smiled proudly. No one would dare come near me with this.” all three laughed. “It’s to protect me. I have a sword too. much better than his plastic one. I’m not going to get killed with this.” “I would too. leaving Sarah to pout. until she found a very long. never mind attack you. as he looked at the handles that looked miles apart from each other on the back of the shield. is this to lie on when you’re out at war?” Simon said laughing at the size of Sarah’s white and sliver. Matthew said I didn’t need a sword that could behead folk just yet.” Robert said when opening a black leather case. I could hardly move when I tried it on. as he opened one of the boxes to show everyone his new silver armour. they did. “And what did you get Sarah? A spear or a ball chain?” Simon asked.” Sarah pouted.” Robert declared proudly. “Never mind all that. it’s horrible. because they are easier to hold. no I haven’t. over-confidently.” Sarah cried. Remind me never to come shopping with you again. “No bugger will see you. laughing.” Sarah stated. “Very sharp and very precise at its job. “I had a round one. “Well. then I can drag it behind me. I’m not going to be much good am I? Clanging away like a saucepan on hooks in a kitchen. I can hook it on to a belt and I don’t have to hold it all the time. They had many fancy things. “They enjoyed hurting me. as she held her arm out for all to see. “Hopefully I will be on a horse. “This is my shield. to put it back in its case. let’s find it. But it’s good enough just in case I get attacked while looking after the villagers. “Look at that.” Robert shrugged. who had a good look at the bronzed shield.” Alison demanded kindly. You never stopped moaning. or if I get to the back of the platoon. when Simon handed the sword back to Robert. see if I care. smiling. Look. who held the hilt of the sword and looked carefully at the blade.” Robert stated as he handed the sword to Simon. Sarah took her shield out of a big box and looked at it proudly. oblong shield. “As a matter of fact. and they pinched my skin and everything. It’s massive. swishing the sword and making the others take a step back. . “Don’t wear it. Took three people to lock me into the stuff too. get killed. but this one is nice and it’s not too long or too short.” Sarah smiled as she began to rummage through her boxes. “It was hard to find something that I could actually use. trying to calm her friend down. Hang on. let’s look at what you have.

but she didn’t listen.” Robert said quietly to Simon when the two girls had left the room.” Alison cried.” Sarah said smiling. I will grow into it. please?” Sarah asked as she picked up the unopened boxes. great. I’m going to take them into my room. “I know. No need to keep buying swords all the time. Alison obliged and took a handful of boxes and walked upstairs with Sarah. “I just hope she doesn’t get killed. with a look of disbelief on her face. he was more interested in the sword that was twinkling for him to pick up and hold once more. isn’t it? It will last me a few years too. than of a girl who complained as much as his old man when he’d had plenty to drink.“They're never going to get near you with the size of that blade.” Simon shrugged his shoulders and pulled a face. We did try to tell her that her choice of equipment was not smart. Can someone help me. The other three looked at each other mystified at what she had said. . “I have loads of things. “She’s a very strange girl.

However. “The auditors have to do the paper work.CHAPTER 42 The last day in Onbrier was a hectic one. which she was not too happy about and quickly began cursing at the unfairness of it. “He does have a point.” Sarah groaned as she tried to pick the boxed shield up on to the pavement. and walk everywhere. than live till I was a thousand years old. “Oh great. “They are lazy items to have. you wouldn’t be struggling then. as she dropped her shield box on to the floor. all battle and wizardry equipment had to be taken to the town hall vaults. while the other four children shared the remaining items. They were not allowed to take their magical or warrior equipment items home with them. “I can’t believe they don’t have cars or vans. with clothes lying around and boxed equipment taking up most of the space. how long are we supposed to stand out here for?” Sarah groaned. heading for the town hall. meant they had to walk. It’s killing me. in the reasonably sized living room. well. we’ll see. as if everyone should know the routine by now.” replied Lidah. When they arrived at the town hall. then you too would live to a very old age. Alison and Simon had no problem with their items. having no transport to take them there. which meant the living quarters of Lidah’s house looked like a charity shop. “You should have had a smaller shield. “You’ll see who survives. rather than drag a two-ton-shield behind me.” Sarah snapped back tartly.” Alison agreed.” Robert replied. which were stretched out in front of him. and allocate the vaults.” Sarah muttered. That stupid shield you have. stupid Kingdom. They too were holding boxes to be taken to the vaults. “I’d rather die young having a car. as all they did was wear them. as he carried six different shaped boxes easily in his arms. my backs in agony. Robert and Sarah had much more to carry. as she pulled her boxed shield along the ground. but at least I’ll be able to run away. However. The bedrooms were to be cleared of clutter. Matthew took the more bulky pieces of equipment. never mind protect you from some evil-axe-wielding-beast. No youngie’s were allowed to. So. “Yeah. a long crowd of people stood waiting to go inside the building. “Yes. wouldn’t cover the sun out of your eyes. and so they needed all the help they could get from the others. they left the very large shield and leather cased sword for Sarah to carry. If your kingdom did not have such vile things. .” Sarah complained. as it was a violation of the union rules if they did. However. would you?” Robert remarked and smiled sarcastically at Sarah.” Lidah snapped back.

I am here.” “And your point is?” Sarah asked rudely. you know.” Sarah muttered. how are you?” A tall and extremely pretty young girl said smiling. a boy. isn‘t it? I bought some great things the other day. You should’ve seen her the other day. “Sarah.” Alison said looking embarrassed at her friend’s outburst. “Never shuts up. when she had turned around and saw a group of people joining the queue. “Excuse me. Some of them looked as normal as she did. Whilst Sarah looked like she’d been dragged through a hedge backwards. “Sarah.” Sarah whispered to Alison. Alison laughed aloud at this statement and shook her head. had a small horn coming out of his forehead.” Sarah murmured. don’t be so rude.” Alison agreed. and around to the far left side of the building too.” Sarah shrugged “Oh Sarah. Another had brown spots all over her face and arms. “Yes. “Yeah. that’s all. “You wouldn’t need sleeping pills when she’s around — goes on all night. . smiling. had yellow eyes. The girl looked Alison up and down and smiled. Alison spotted. One girl. so bug your hands off her.” the girl sighed. plus some lovely dresses to take home with me—” the girl began.” Sarah claimed coldly.” laughed Lorella. while others had the odd differences to their appearance. lay loosely on her shoulders and her clothing lay immaculately on her torso. The queue took the whole width of the right side of the town hall. I suppose. “You had to come here. “Yeah. Alison had no idea so many children were in Onbrier. “My best mate.” the girl smiled. “Oh great. “Yes. looking all hot and bothered. she does get up tight quickly. “My name is Lorella. smiling sweetly at Sarah.” Alison looked at the girl. too? Very strange. trying not to look at the girl. Alison turned to see who Sarah was looking at. and no doubt came from earth too. good thanks.Sarah groaned louder. “Well. while another. my dear friend. you are funny. And you are?” “Alison. my I had never heard language of such oddity in my life. Lorella is being polite. “—and then Lendie told me about a lovely shoe shop and so I had to visit it. she does seem to get angry quickly. just how super this place is.” Sarah snarled.” Alison replied kindly. all right. making the people in the queue in front of them turn around and stare at the grumpy looking girl. and Lorella smiled politely. and in dire need of refreshments. who’s blonde — almost white hair.

especially when Matthew smiled back at Lorella too. A Kingdom not far from here. “Oh nothing. I can’t wait for us to fight together in a few years. “A what?” Lorella replied. six doors to your right. “Yes.“Where do you come from?” Alison asked.” Lidah announced in her teacher voice. that they can actually block out the sun. “Don’t be silly. and as hard as she tried not to talk to Lorella. The queues soon decreased. Alison kept out of her way.” Matthew commented to Lorella. so as not to fall. as he walked carefully down each step.” Lidah and Matthew came back to the queue. . looking confused. surely?” Alison asked. before pushing into Simon to move in front of him. “I don’t care.” Alison agreed. “Not an aeroplane. that’s all. She knew that Sarah was going to explode at any moment. her smile broadening and showing extremely white teeth. “It’ll be no good by the time you get to use it. by deliberately making her shield bang hard on each step. in Great Haskin. who looked at him with longing in her eyes. makes me sick. after enquiring as to the situation once entering the town hall. “Not long now. it was hard trying to ignore her when she asked a question. “Hello Matthew.” Lorella nodded. and they had reached the main doors quicker than they had anticipated. All that stupid smiling and cooing. were able to travel in flight to Onbrier. down the stairs. and Alison did not want to be the one who got the backlash from it.” “Wow. “I hope you keep up with the training. just that Lorella is teacher’s pet. not apologising for her clumsiness.” Sarah complained. They are very big winged birds that can carry six people at a time.” Lorella said her face lighting up as she said it. rather than portal.” Matthew informed Sarah. Obviously I don’t matter!” Sarah stated coldly. Their wing span is so huge. Sarah was dragging her shield in its box. “I would love to see one of those. “Through these doors. four doors to your left. “I live in a village called Toura.” the old man said when it was their turn to be processed and the paper work had been accepted. She knew it was to do with Lorella. They walked into the main room and down the first flight of steps. You’ll be a great warrior in no time. Sarah’s face turned red with anger. you have taught me well. trying hard not to throttle Sarah. almost knocking Simon and Robert over as she moved along. Sarah glared at Lorella. “It’s by a very large bird called a Bar Juchne. very big.” Lorella said pointing her finger to the east. with Sarah making the most of her anger. Why say such a thing?” Matthew asked. down the stairs and the vault room you will need for this equipment is 122674. So much better than some of the older warriors.

drink. “About time.“Excuse me?” Matthew asked. drawers and hooks on the wall. I have something for you. they expected to eat. you too will make a fine warrior. walked along without a care in the world. with each child having to put them down. her tall. Lidah closed the door. “Here we are. take your items and sort them in a way so that you can find what you need when you come back in a few days. as he almost lost his footing. The room was big with shelves. before heading home.” Lidah smiled as a blue uniformed man approached them. and began the long walk back out of the town hall. “Matthew informed me that you did not adhere to his choice of weaponry whilst shopping. The girl has abilities that exceed others of her age. and groaning at the weight once more. if anyone wished to store them.” Alison gasped. which looked similar to Roberts. and doors were not as close to each other as they had expected them to be. but she is here just to fine-tune her battle stances. then you too will be a mighty warrior to be scared of. She comes from a family who are good warriors. A long wooden bench stood at the one side of the room. Lidah on the other hand.” Lidah advised. even have time to relax. please.” Sarah shrugged as Alison looked at her with curiosity. The corridors went on for a long time. The shield was bronze and round too. we decided that we would find the items that you need. No-one else is allowed in here.” Lidah sighed. as she pointed to the bright orange door. Lidah held the paper in front of the door and with a beep.” “I’m already scared of her. and again in silence. some people work harder than others. here we are. when they left the room. Sarah nodded and smiled with gratitude before taking the items into the vault and putting them away.” Simon admitted. rails. can you wait here for just one moment. “Ahh. carrying a box and a case. If you train as hard as she has and others that are in my class. Lidah tried the door. The walk to the vault seemed never ending. “I do not favour any in my lessons. When they returned back to the house. and she could not understand the moans and groans around her.” Sarah opened the case and looked at the silver sword. So children. and did not seem as long as her own. so in haste. “However. but you have to understand. Sarah. However. and getting back to their old routine. and a big safe in the corner of the room for the valuable items that could be kept there. and to train with students near her own age. this was not to be as . looking surprised at the young girls comment. The boxes they were carrying were getting heavier by the second. “This is your vault. too. just to make sure it was locked. walking cane was all that she had. The darkness inside soon disappeared and a bright light shone around the room. the door opened. Sarah. before picking them back up. admitted that it was much better to hold than her heavy one. Her father has taught her.

” and with that Lidah declared the destination and shoved them through the open portal door.” . “I will see you at school tomorrow. before closing it behind them “Charming.Lidah grabbed Carla from her chair in the living room and opened the back door to her garden and walked towards her portal door. Until then.” Matthew commented. fond wishes. “She can be a rude old bat at times.

she looked confused at me.” Simon commented as he shook his head and pulled a cock-eyed smile. “Yep. I wish I was still at school. Alison laughed “Converted. later that day and she seemed cheerful. “Hi. Watching Frezca in his lab the other day. waiting for the girls. It seemed such a long time since she had last been.” Alison laughed. aren’t you?” Sarah commented. “I think we’re going to have to get used to this new career of being in different kingdoms.” Sarah shrugged. only good thing about school are the holidays. “Yeah. She could not remember if she’d got any or not. and was in no the mood to find her school diary to check out the relevant information.CHAPTER 43 Monday morning had soon arrived. “Might do. who was reading the daily newspaper. I have a day of droning and boredom. They'd not spoken for years. and that it is in working order.” Alison sighed. I’ll be downstairs getting ready for Frinda. snotty nosed kids running around. “Have fun. especially when you look at our boring houses and vile.” Carla sighed. She’d hoped she’d not got any homework that needed to be handed in. weird being back.” admitted Sarah. . “Hey. And even they seem to be getting less as each year passes. “Will you be home when I get back from school?” Alison asked her mum. it’s better than this dumb-hole. Kind of miss it really.” Simon said as he got up to walk with the two girls. I was expecting to see all bright things and very old people walking around. “Yeah. curious as to the whereabouts of my black eye and bruised face. They walked past the cenotaph where Simon was sitting. with his little Bunsen burners and coloured liquids mixing away. My wand needs to be tested. “Wow. have you? Thinking of moving to Onbrier?” Alison asked.” Alison smiled “So is your Mum okay. eager for school. “I managed to sneak back into the house. I think I could do with a few chemistry lessons. “Wow Ali. made me feel envious. sure I am. and Alison was in no mood for school. It was teatime when I saw her.” replied Alison. well I can’t wait to leave. as she kissed Alison on the cheek.” Simon laughed. Forgot about it. I can’t be casting spells on enemies for them to bounce back and hit one of us. Enjoy it while you can. for such lengths of time. smiling. I need to make sure I have all I need. but then I heard her talking on the phone to me aunt.” Alison complained as she went to the front door. “Bloody strange getting home yesterday. “Not you as well. I could hear her sobbing in the kitchen. now?” Alison asked Simon. as she was walking down Alison’s drive to call for her. rolling her eyes. you see. can I?” replied Carla.

“Dunno. Come on. and averted her face back to a frown. “Now.” Sarah smiled wistfully. Mrs. and were walking along the corridor to their first lesson. Alison spotted Rachel straight away and glared at her. let’s see what’s in store at school.” Sarah declared happily and put her arm around his shoulder and patted him. Her face showing bitterness.” Mrs. Sarah beamed. and Rachel flinched.” Alison declared.E unit. as he walked in the opposite direction by the changing rooms of the P. Foster picked the work up from the table and shouted the names. A weekend of travelling around is killing me. then. “— or maybe she’s gonna give us one of those keys. pulling faces as they did so and shuffled to the front of the class. as they were handed the homework back.” Alison grinned. You will report to my office as soon as school finishes today and explain the reason for handing something so… so unreadable. when she entered the classroom. the let’s-see-how-many-times-I-can-hit-Rachel’s-head-with-a-basketball. Sarah. her blotchy cheeks reddening at the thought of what was to come.” she growled The three children stood up. Simon. as she walked towards her desk. I think we have a bit of bashing to do in P. The three walked into the classroom and sat down.” Sarah laughed. I’ll have more luggage under my eyes than an airport holdall. I am disgusted at the sloppiness of this work. “Thought she said no more training. I am afraid detention is needed. “Quieten down. I could actually watch TV and eat my dinner without Dad bad mouthing. The bell went for the first lesson of the day. “Ah yes. Foster demanded.” The class groaned. Ooo I can’t wait.“But I have to say. and her cane banging on the floor with frustration. maybe she forgot to tell us how to conjure up a spell or something. I’m whacked. . averting her eyes to a poster on the wall. Foster smiled.” Alison suggested. Mrs. For this.” Simon whispered when they had left the room. “Well. hoping not to aggravate her enemy anymore. rubbing her hands together mischievously. Even Mum laughed at the sitcom on the telly. we’ll have to see. could do with one of them. winking quickly before anyone had seen her. “Now.” Simon smiled mischievously. last night was bliss. “Alison. However. and the form quickly left the room. I believe some of you have homework that was not done correctly. “Have fun. I hope we don’t need to visit anywhere today.” “Glad to hear it. rubbing her eyes.E.

“I think your tongue is speaking a lie. She looked puzzled by the expression on his face. has now changed his feelings. his face contorted to bitterness as he approached. Miss Solar began tidying up the classroom. . but not her usual sweet smile. and stormed up the classroom to the teaching assistant. bore more anger inside him. Mistella smiled. “My-my! Concerns for another? I know that is rarity for you. He did not look his normal happy self. each smile she did. but he could not help it. her face smothered with pain. and Mr. a pleasurable desire?” Mistella grinned. and the reason for you to take Alison to Grimsdritch. I hope she is worthy of your loyalty. delicate face. Miss Solar looked up and began staring back. A couple of students came towards him. Matthew could not hold his tongue any longer. and with annoyance grabbed the book that Mistella was holding in her hands and flung it across the classroom. He was tired and very moody. The end of lesson bell eventually rang. I wish no longer the innocent to fall victim to a clash that they are not involved in. Are you getting too old to fight? Are you becoming a weakling in your ability?” Mistella cackled.” Matthew replied truthfully. that Miss Solar was in the same room as him. It was not until she lifted her head up did she notice him. Matthew glared. Armstrong took his geography class. you tell me the reason for your intrusion here. “You answer me now. Plus the fact. however. it was a more sinister look that was etched upon her pretty. “I may have done things in my past that I am guilty of. she said nothing and continued to clear the tables. You are more passionate about war. He was more interested in confronting her about her taking Alison to see Prince Amir. rather than talk about the countries that lay on the equator. “Ha— were you not once in an army that found the death of another. “I slay those that deserve to die!” Matthew retaliated. than even the cruellest person of any kingdom I have come across. As a warrior who slays whoever is in your way. but I have now amended my demons. He tried hard not to glare or stare at her with anger.” Matthew demanded. did not appeal to him either. Matthew stormed towards her and pushed her abruptly against the wall. thinking of what to say.” Mistella cackled. and suddenly feels remorse for the innocent. In addition. unaware of Mr. Armstrong stood waiting for the class to exit. closing the door on the confused looking faces of the students.Mr. her lips rubbing together at the thoughts running through her mind.” Matthew yelled. your niceties were a bit out of character for a kingdom like this. “How could you take Alison to that castle? I knew you were not from this place. as he grabbed her by the throat. It is strange that a man whom seldom wished joy. but he informed them quite bluntly that he had not got time to deal with their problems and shooed them out of the room. her eyes boring into Matthews. Armstrong’s hateful stares at her.

Robert had seen them walking along. his temper was flaring to a degree that he had not felt for many years.” Mistella laughed. and the glare she gave to the teenagers around. He could smell it. He had no idea of the reason of Matthew's actions and stood staring curiously. “She was needed.” Mistella stated. The feeling of satisfaction of harming another. in their life. Her eyes glaring at his. and began pushing her roughly out of the classroom. was a woman who had the same appetite for death that he once had. and not caring about the pain that he was inflicting on her any longer. But standing in front of him. as they had never seen such an evil look on a person like this. and the urge to kill her was tempting. now?” Mistella asked cynically. whoever stood in his path. I will say no more. and making Mistella laugh harshly. woman. “My. Mistella’s usual sweetness had changed.” Matthew snarled. The corridors were full of students. as it did him. Unless you wish to join me. snapping Matthew out of his thoughts. made them shudder with fright. calmed down by the passion of teaching others. as she pulled a mocked face of horror. pleasing her. It was marked upon him from birth. all watching and curious as to why their geography teacher had got their teaching assistant in a headlock. “I could kill you right here. A life of hatred was always his destiny. staring at Matthew slyly and making him glare back. thinking hard. “I think I will let the union decide your future. “Get Lidah!” Matthew whispered to Robert. then I speak no more of the venture. taste it. but at a school of such innocence? My dear warrior. It was a private mission that I planned.” Mistella hissed. He did not care of what breed they were. beast. she was an obstacle that needed removing. Man.” Mistella sighed. To him. his eyes darkening with anger as he looked at the assistant with revulsion. as his teeth snapped with pleasure at the thought of doing such an ill deed. as he stared at her with malice. He had learned to control the hate inside him. I am sure.“I want to know the reasoning behind Alison going to the castle. . with the apprehensive crowd looking on. He was learning new things each day and developing a nature of caring towards another. “You wish to burden me with your threats or are you to execute me. what will become of the children? Seeing their sweet dear assistant lying dead on the ground. aren’t we a brave warrior? Getting others to decide for you? What an un-suspected outcome. as he walked past escorting Mistella to Lidah’s office.” Matthew asked annoyingly. filling him with desire to do so. if you wish. the sudden desire that was within her surrounding him.” Matthew sneered. Matthew grabbed Mistella. Matthew glared. “A pleasure I am sure you would enjoy. “You have no reason to know of my business. not a pleasant sight for the angelic creatures. He removed his grasp and took a step back. and the ever so popular teacher wielding a sword upon me. his good looks going for the time being. they would have felt the coldness of his sword brandishing their skin. He felt pleasure from that. and he had always had that feeling.

” Mistella said slyly.” Mrs.Robert nodded and ran off into the direction of her class. as she continued to observe the two teachers with curiosity.” Mrs. Foster grunted when Robert opened the door to her classroom.” “No Miss.” “What?” Mrs Foster asked. glaring at Mistella with hate.” Robert replied. Foster huffed as she got up from her desk. “Please Miss. Lidah walked into her office staring at the two people in her room. It’s urgent. I don’t know how this has become possible.” Lidah replied puckering her lips even more. Foster mentioned casually. before closing the door behind her. “Can it not wait? I have a class to teach. while Mistella stood looking un-fazed by this action.” “There is much you do not know.” Robert replied. Mrs. “I did not realise that you were from the other side.” Robert said anxiously. Mistella glared at Lidah with a look of pure detestation in her eyes. leave this to me. “Any noise from you lot. diseased kingdom?” Lidah asked curiously. as she saw the worried look on his face. bringing her down to you. Armstrong had Miss Solar. “I see. “It had better be important. looking around the class and seeing if he knew a familiar face in there.” Lidah said staring at Mistella and pulling her lips together with thought. “I know of many people in kingdoms that travel here.” She shouted at the class.” Mistella laughed rudely. Very urgent. my office after school. Armstrong needs to see you. “Yes?” Mrs. “It was this beast who took Alison to see Amir. what’s the urgency?” Mrs.” remarked Lidah. I think. “Dunno Miss. Miss. “What is it. something to do with erm — something. Foster barked. “How did you get to come to this kingdom? You are not permitted from Grimsdritch to travel to Earth. but Mat… erm I mean Mr. I’m sure with my appearance it was easy to persuade the odd one or two to forge me a portal for my travelling It is with lust that . Matthew was still holding Mistella in a tight grip around her neck. “Explain. “Very well. “Indeed. looking confused. Foster asked Robert quietly. “Erm Mr. I am sure. Matthew pushed her head harshly to speak. And Robert. and I will give you detention for a month. “I speak to no one about this. It is my secret.” Matthew growled in anger.” Lidah said calmly. young man. almost shouting in temper. “And the reason for you taking a child to a filthy.

my dear. the spirit that is no longer of existence. You are not worthy of the knowledge. meaning as I have shared my time with you.” Mistella purred slyly. hoping that this would stop her from spilling the secret she held. and live for eternity in the body of another? I needed someone who had the heart of a lion inside them. .” Lidah remarked. but to me they are nothing but a stepping-stone to my destination. “A hag like you?” Mistella laughed harshly. “Yes. “I urged the spirit to become the beast he wanted to be. staring at Mistella “I’m sure you could at least let me in on your secret.” Mistella beamed. but one who could adapt to the other side with ease.” She suddenly announced. with a look of confusion on her face. knowing what Lidah had done. and took him to the loves that he had always desired. “You have —” Mistella began to shout angrily. “The spirit.” Lidah smiled. “I wish you to explain your actions more. We could not allow the spirit to live amongst the innocent. and by the damage that it has caused.” Lidah vowed. and spewing your evilness on the innocents of this planet. All nice things have an inner badness that needs nurturing. The one living within Alison.” Mistella screamed. turning her face to Matthew. smiling. “I grew that spirit. “I will not share my thoughts and aspirations with you. However.” Lidah said coolly. In what way do you mean by saying there will be no need for mortals any longer?” Lidah demanded firmly.” Mistella cackled as Lidah gave a cynical smile. I am curious.” Lidah asked kindly. trying to pull away from Matthew’s firm grip. and knowing that she was unable to lie or withhold her actions from her anymore. “the spirit was taken to its loved ones. a look of harshness showing on her face. “Veritatem indiget locutus!” Mistella looked at her.many wish me happiness. “So now. I am sure it will feast on many. this was not to be.” Lidah stated. We took the pain and anger away from him.” Lidah’s declared. it seems I will have to find a way to get the information out of you. “I want to rule the worlds that are of loathsome beings. The spirit is of pleasure at the new form. “You are as pathetic as the beings of this kingdom. with a look of knowing in her eyes. She looked at Lidah and smiled.” Mistella growled. “Have you not met such a spirit that can desire death so easily. Lidah lifted her index finger up quickly and shouted.” “You don’t make sense. “The spirit passed to its new life.” Mistella cackled. which will make all the kingdoms a place for souls to live forever and there will be no need for mortals any longer. Mistella glared and shook her head. you will tell me of your reason for coming to this kingdom. “You had no reason to take him away. I will kill those of such weakness and form a life of pure hate. An unfair dismissal of a spirit that was assisting me in my future plans.” “Pity.

Lidah ignored her remarks. “You are not of real beauty. if it is not my old sparring partner. and she ran quicker to the door to the portal that would be taking her back to Grimsdritch. Matthew stared at Mistella in disbelief. hoping in vain to catch the mouse. The door opened on his third attempt and he ran up the stairs. I see it. He shouldered the door hoping to get inside. Julu had returned to Grimsdritch. will not accept you. whether they were good people or not.” Lidah stated as she stared into Mistella’s eyes closely. She felt a fool not realising her teaching assistant’s real identity. You will fall to my knees with death in your eyes. not caring if anyone in the corridor got pushed in the process. before she ventured back to Grimsley Castle. You are nothing to be frightened of. the timing of him falling to grasp the mouse was premature. cursing under his breath and began running towards the door. Julu A’ Vanda. She was always noticing things in others. “I am not afraid of you. grasping Mistella’s face hard and began staring deeply into her eyes. However. my dear Julu. He ran along the corridor up the flight of stairs to the sixth floor block. my. as thoughts of what Julu was up to. and to portray a woman of such beauty astounded him. “Ah we shall see when the full moon shines. “My. Mistella moved her face away. Alas. Julu A’ Vanda was a witch who had no happy bones. he knew the evil witch quite well.” Mistella cackled. Her mood was still not good after the encounter with Julu. this was not the case. he fell to the ground.” Lidah stated calmly.” Mistella cackled. but Matthew pulled her face back.” Mistella smiled proudly. Mistella smiled warmly at Matthew. the demons you share your life with. “Ahh.“Who are you?” Lidah asked calmly. “Yes. unless she was inflicting pain on those who she deemed unworthy of life. Seeing that he had the chance to catch her. Feared by many too. coloured mouse. are you? I sense that you are not appealing to the eyes. began spinning around in her head. my. hoping that his entry had caused the portal to cease working. having someone of such evilness around the school upset Lidah greatly. A fool who thinks of nothing but the actions of a union and afraid of your own thoughts. “You were never too good with the knowledge of others.” Lidah huffed. dear fool. Matthew stood up quickly. The look I have missed. Matthew opened the office door and ran after her. The door had been locked. her face looking drained. School had finished and the four teenagers plus Matthew. but how?” Lidah muttered out loudly to herself. an enemy that you are afraid of. She scurried away quickly through a small gap under the door. but alas. However. The portal had already done its job.” Lidah uttered. . sat in Lidah’s office. before touching her head with her finger. which glowed yellow and suddenly transformed herself into a camel. but you want to make yourself wanted. “A dream you conjured.

” Lidah said kindly. and Lidah continued to proclaim her support to the realm of wonders union. I will make sure that he will not be harmed. while Julu preferred bitter wars. Nevertheless. But this was new. A spirit that was able to accommodate within Alison with such ease. under the palace. the news will not have been told to many. Frinda’s battle is only a few days away. that she knew the wicked witches persona off by heart.Lidah had known her for many centuries. her blackness stamped on all that she touched. And besides. She felt low at the thought of this. Julu enjoyed the more evil spells and ignoring the spells that were known to assist or heal another. You are not to venture into the massacre that will be happening above. nor to you. and even though they trained together when young scholars. “Amir. How did she know that the ones that she had trained would not delve to the other side? Alison was near to this. they were friends for a while until their paths changed. Lidah did once befriend her.” Lidah sighed. She felt bitter and frustrated with herself for having allowed this to have occurred. Knew how she ticked. and had been unknown to Lidah until it was too late. “As you know. and looking at each child she wondered if she had chosen wisely. “He is the opposition. you are to be within the palace grounds. waiting for her to tell them more. making her look beautiful to the eyes of others. she this had happened without her knowledge.” Lidah said quietly looking at the four faces. “You will not die. I think you can fight like the best of the warriors who will be at that warfare. uncertainty was also on her mind. You will stay with the villagers. This I promise. “The fighting will not be good. You are not to move from the tunnels. I have a feeling the revenge by each army will not be good. about the spirit. However. Alas. She was proud of their achievements. I cannot promise that death is not close to his breath. to be free of the resentment I feel at this time. unknown as to the reason why she would say such a disheartening thing.” . which gave her death. making sure they are safe. She was a witch who had never been trusted even in those early years. “What will happen if we die?” Sarah asked softly. She knew that the future would be saved by the heroics of these four children in later life. never had she changed into something that shrouded her true identity. Yet. As I promised. Simon and Alison looked at each other shrugging their shoulders. I do not wish harm to come to them. unless there is a necessary reason for you to do so. I also know that I too have many enemies to slay. Yet. I am not sure if I mentioned your true actions in this forthcoming war. wealth and power. in the tunnels. who played its part in this up and coming war. will he die?” Alison asked desperately. Lidah breathed deeply. The reason for Lidah being assigned to Earth was to protect the kingdom from the enemies who wished to venture and destroy civilisation. Lidah looked at her new students and sighed. I will not allow my students to die. A witch who Lidah had fought for so many years. and allowing her to continue with her wicked deeds without the bat of an eyelid.

I know of your past. but then you too may die.” Lidah stood up and opened the door for the children. Can I trust you of being a minder for the youngie’s?” Lidah asked. Lidah.” said Lidah as she looked at Alison. The passing to Frinda will be of that evening. “But Carla? Should she know of our true actions in Frinda?” Matthew asked. But I am glad you allowed me the pleasure of diminishing your past.” admitted Lidah. You have done so well in changing your ways. and hope that your actions do not change. “I want you to take care of them from this moment on.” Lidah sighed. as you were once a wild beast who no one could calm. I do know she thinks highly of you. The ruler of Frinda is pressured into an uncertainty too. my dear warrior. If your demons return. Even if some of you think this is of unfairness. we spoke many times of this in Onbrier. the days in Frinda may be long. Days will roll into months. no harm will happen to them whilst I live. I cannot allow this to happen. with a look of trust in his eyes. You know of my true feelings and how the outcome is to be. Rest and I will see you this Thursday. “She will not be too happy that you have kept the truth from her after all these years. It will be easy for you to fool her into wanting you and as awful as it for you to do something so cruel.” “Control the urge.” Alison cried. I don’t know how a woman could vent my anger so much that I could kill. “I will not be here for the next few days. we have spent many years on vetting your anger. then Frinda will be doomed to death. “I am pleased of this. Matthew. I have seen how she looks at you. and lightness comes. who nodded as they left and then closed the door behind them. which showed such sadness and concern for another person. not of a warrior that fills his life with evil deeds. Alison looked at her as tears began running gently down her face.” Lidah stated kindly. but I have not got the forms as of yet to confirm this.” Matthew promised. there is much to be done. “But I think the time is right that she knows the truth.” “It was for her own good. she will fall into your arms with total ease.Lidah looked away. even years. she could not bear to look at a face. her face turning red. You will be told of what battalion you are to be delegated to. The protection of the Queen is important. “You know of my actions in this forthcoming battle. “You will return to Onbrier Thursday. “I will not allow him to die. it had returned. Alas. The outcome has not been decided. I know that the quench of death has vanished. I need the focus of your abilities to be of a true spirit. The future of Frinda is uncertain. Matthew will be here and he will assist you with any queries. You are the only one I can trust in this.” “I will obey your order.” “I take your words in gratitude Lidah.” Lidah smiled. “You may try to protect him. “You must rest. it may help us to tell her the . I don’t think a woman of such stubbornness will listen to me.” Matthew assured. “I will take care of them. As daylight goes to darkness. I don’t think even he would wish that on you. I am hoping that all four of you will be of the same regiment. and I know that if you make the move. but today with Mistella.

So much was hanging on this. He had enjoyed being in Onbrier with her. and Matthew’s undeceive approach would only make it a problem for the witch. Lidah frowned.” Matthew said. He was right. You are strong and the only one I can really depend on.truth. and I can only think of you who could do this. after all those years of being on her own. I could never hurt a person this way.” He admitted. and I would not want to harm Carla by showing a false front. half smiling “But don’t blame me if your plan goes wrong. I have no understanding of peoples’ feelings. . only to have her heart broken once more. but she was not going to allow him to spoil her plan. they talked for hours and knew by the way she spoke that she was ready to fall for another. he did not want to be used or use Carla in this way. She always needed that love in her heart. “I’ll think about it. Matthew blew. who had much to tell.” Lidah sighed. Matthew did not want her falling in love with him.

They were a different species to normal people altogether.” Sarah lied. “Well. he had never been before. I know when she’s happy she hums and I think she’s fallen for him. “Could I stay too? Mum’s off to bingo tonight. who was in her bedroom with Sarah. “I don’t see why not. Alison thought of this as being very odd. I think they look nice together. “Yeah. then pulled a face.” Alison shrugged. well. in some ways. great dream I’ll be having tonight. he never seemed to be away. too. “Your vile. “And why not?” Alison protested. how can you like him? He’s too old. sure. and how he was chosen. He was no older than her. “Is it okay if Matthew stays for tea?” Carla asked Alison.” “Don’t be so cheeky. “Your Mums not going to bingo. “I think he fancies my Mum. they could make your life a misery for the rest of your school years.” Sarah winked. Alison groaned. but since their return from Onbrier. She seems to be on a high. “Yeah. He had a mysterious side to him that she would like to know more about. making her feel alive again. Sarah looked surprised. listening to some CD’s that Matthew had bought round for them to listen to. and if you spoke to them in a way that displeased them. but with the time now nearing. She was worried about being in a place where a violent conflict was going to be held. Alison liked Matthew. she’s old enough to be his Nan.” .CHAPTER 44 The days seemed to be passing by quickly. and besides.” Alison said half-smiling. Like the life he’d had before he became a member of the realm. and this made Alison more nervous. She looked at Alison worried. you know. And besides.” Alison whispered. she might be. and last time Dad cooked. always having quiet chats to her mum about things. he burnt my sausages. and as a rule teachers were a no go area. ooo. she was indeed getting anxious. I think he has a crush on someone.” Alison muttered when her mum had left the room.” Carla replied almost humming. They had authority. always humming. making her laugh. “Him and your Mum?” Sarah cried. Matthew had also been around the house a great deal in those last few days. She had not been too bothered about it before. an extra hour staring into Matthew’s eyes. Sarah’s grin turned around. The only boundary being was the fact that he was a teacher.

“Yeah, well it’s sick, a young guy going out with an old woman. It’s not right. And besides, what happens when she’s all wrinkly and he ain’t? Gonna be a bit revolting. And what if they get married? He’ll be your step-dad. Bit weird then, eh?” Sarah stated sulking. “They’re not getting married. I don’t think they’re going out; they just, well, I dunno, seem to like each other, that’s all.” “It’s gross if you ask me. She should find someone her own age, not go snatching kids,” Sarah huffed. Alison laughed. “You have to stop getting jealous,” Alison remarked sternly, shaking her head. “I’m not jealous, I just think that he — I mean your Mum, could do better,.” The living room was the only place to eat; trays were the order of the day in this household. Carla apologised profusely to Matthew about this, who in turn laughed, shaking his head and telling her he did not mind one bit. They ate quietly, with Sarah giving Matthew the odd stare, while chewing on her food. “Have you been training at home, Sarah?” Matthew asked while taking a breather from his meal. “A bit, but Mum came in my bedroom the other day, curious of the bangs I was making, so had to tell her it was part of a gymnastic display that I was doing at school. I had to, you know, I kind have gambolled a bit too far and landed on one of my dresser drawers. Bruised me bum,” Sarah explained, and looked embarrassed when the room erupted into laughter. “Well, I think we need to teach you the lesson of quietness, and being delicate when doing your acrobatics,” Matthew smiled. “Any time you want,” Sarah grinned, showing a pea stuck to her tooth, while Alison rolled her eyes, at her love-struck friend. “Right, let’s take these trays away,” Carla said when everyone had finished. “I’ll help. That was a lovely tea, Carla,” Sarah nodded, as she got up off the floor. Alison watched as the two walked into the kitchen with the trays and looked at Matthew. She stared longer than she had anticipated. She could not help it; his eyes seemed to have invited her to. She stared into his hazel eyes and felt herself moving closer to his body. Matthew did not flinch, nor look uncomfortable at this. He stared back at her — waiting for her. “Want some ice cream?” Sarah asked, when she came walking back into the living room. With the shock of hearing Sarah’s voice, Alison’s trance had been rudely interrupted; she frowned at Sarah, annoyed at what she had done. “No, I’m fine,” Alison said quietly. “Me too,” Matthew added, not looking away from Alison, with a glint of harshness beginning to show on his face.

“Suit your selves, more for me,” Sarah hummed, shrugging her shoulders and walking back out of the living room, un-aware of what she had done. Matthew glared at Alison, who in turn stared back, unaware of his actions as he got off the settee and crawled towards Alison, his face changing from his usual carefree look, to a more sinister appearance. “I felt your presence; you are not permitted into my memory, it is a secret that I hold and I wish no one to see,” Matthew whispered spitefully in her ear. He stood up quickly when Sarah came back into the room, with a large bowl of vanilla ice cream, topped with cream, strawberry sauce and sprinkles. “I must say farewell to my dear maidens, I have much to do,” Matthew announced, when Carla entered the room, his smile appearing once more. Carla’s face changed to disappointment at hearing this, but smiled sweetly when she saw Matthew’s apologetic look. “As do I. Thank you for popping over, it was nice having adult company,” Carla said coyly. Matthew smiled gently and leaned over to Carla, putting a finger softly under her chin to pull her closer towards him, and kissed her gently on the lips, then pulled away gently, looking down at Alison with a sly smile on his face. “I will pop over tomorrow evening, if you wish,” Matthew posed, looking lovingly at Carla. Carla blushed, her stomach doing somersaults. She nodded approval to this and he returned a bigger smile. Alison followed Matthew to the front door, closing the living room door behind her. “Your actions have angered me. Be warned that you have harmed all around. You have opened the door to my past, and you have only yourself to blame if things go wrong during this forthcoming battle,” Matthew growled, as he opened the front door. “I hope you’re not going to do anything to my Mum,” Alison whispered angrily. “Your Mum is a mere decoy,” Matthew smiled evilly at Alison, before leaving the house. **********

Thursday had arrived at last. Alison was still going to school that day. She didn’t want to though; she would rather have stayed in bed and sleep. She’d not felt too good since her encounter with Matthew. She avoided him at school as much as she could. However, today he would be unavoidable, a lesson of geography was last period, and she knew she could not play truant from his class, in case he told her mum. Sarah was also upset with Matthew, but for a different reason. She was jealous of his newfound love — Carla. She despised him now, and even when she looked at her school rota, she pulled a face at the word ‘geography’. Simon was unaware of the hatred against Matthew

and spoke highly of him a number of times during the day. The girls tried ignoring him, scowling at his adoration for the man who had upset them. Sarah was not bothered about sitting at the front of Mr. Armstrong’s class; she really didn’t care if she sat in the storeroom. Alison stood next to her quietly, waiting for the teacher to let his students’ into his class. Alison was unsure how she felt about seeing him, but she knew she could not show her feelings; he was not going to manipulate her, and make her the laughing stock of the class. Mr. Armstrong opened the door of the classroom, and as usual, the girls began pushing to get into class as they normally did, when it was his lesson — all except Sarah and Alison. Sarah looked on the floor, not wanting to look at him as she passed by. Alison on the other hand, stared, her eyes not averting from his. He gave a wry smile back, unsure of her actions. She sat down quietly, Matthew watching her inquisitively as she did so. He walked slowly to the front of the classroom, and began writing on his white board. He talked to the class. Hands shooting up, questions answered by many, even Barry did not disagree when it was time to do a map of their own choice. Sarah took her pencil out of its case and began drawing on the graph paper that she had been given to draw on. She didn’t take care in her work, which she usually did in his class. No rulers were used to keep her work tidy, and if a pencil line she was drawing went over the graph paper’s neat lines, she wasn’t bothered. She didn’t want to please her teacher any longer. Alison just scribbled. She didn’t have any enthusiasm about maps and directions. She wanted the lesson to finish, her eyes quickly looking at the clock above Matthew’s desk and hoping it was nearing the end of the lesson. However, each time she looked up, she saw Matthew staring back at her, his face showing no emotion and his hazel eyes looking darker than usual, in the dimly lit classroom. The end of period bell went, and Sarah was the first to leave the classroom, not bothering to clear up her mess of crumpled paper, and a text book, which lay wide open, almost on the verge of a descent on to the wooden floor. Alison was not as quick as her friend. She didn’t make it out the door, before twenty-eight excited students pushed their way to freedom. Matthew had walked towards her, blocking her exit of the door and making her frown. “I’m sorry for the way I spoke the other day,” Matthew said softly. “It’s just that we have skeletons that sometimes come back to haunt us, and my closets full of bad things. I should not have upset you the way that I did,” confessed Matthew with a look of sorrow showing in his eyes. Alison looked at him with intent; she didn’t want to feel sorry for a man who spoke so harshly. A voice, which had sounded vindictive and cruel was all she could recall now, when she looked at his young unscathed face with uncertainty “But you threatened me, you said —” “I should not have said that. It was nasty of me. You see, I’m different to you. I made many changes to my life that you would not understand. Sometimes the past will come back and hit

you when you least expect it. I was scared of what you may see. I do not want my past to change your feelings towards me. I have noticed the change in your heart and that saddens me deeply. We are of the same side; we are off to war tonight, a war that I have to admit, I did not want to be a part of when you told me of the queen. But trust me; I am not there to harm Amir. His life stays as I speak, but his army are not to be so lucky,” Matthew declared. “I want to see this life of yours,” Alison demanded, her eyes trying to stare into his, but he refused by moving away from her. “Alison, no, I cannot allow it.” “Well, if I’m to believe that you have really changed, I think you have no choice,” Alison said, her eyes glaring. Matthew sighed. “Lidah would not be happy. She would be annoyed that you are to see something so nasty at an age of such innocence.” “We are fighting tonight? Won’t I see blood and death? I am not scared. Please let me, I need to see it for myself,” Alison demanded. Matthew looked away; he had no idea what to do. He did not want his mind to be intruded on by a young girl rummaging through his life. He knew that what she would see was not of a happy being, but of a person who enjoyed a life of causing misery to others. “No. I will not allow it,” Matthew said sternly. He moved away from the door and added. “The time is not right.” Alison frowned. She looked at him, her eyes glaring with hate. “I won’t let you harm my Mum; I won’t let you take her from me.” “I will not do that Alison, please—” Matthew began, but Alison pushed him out of the way and walked out of his classroom. Alison walked out of the school building, to a curious Sarah who was standing in the playground waiting for her. “What did he want?” Sarah asked, almost spitting the question out. “Nothing — about tonight, that’s all,” Alison replied, trying to hold back the anger she was feeling. “Oh, thought it might’ve been about his fancy woman.” “Well, you thought wrong then, didn’t you?” Alison shouted. “What’s wrong with you?” Sarah protested. “Nothing Sarah, nothing at all,” Alison retorted, walking off. Sarah began walking too, not sure why Alison was in a mood. Simon approached them as they got to the school gates and smiled. “Ready for tonight?” Simon whispered, as he walked next to Sarah.

“Yeah, can’t wait,” Sarah said, rolling her eyes. “I can’t too. I’m nervous, but excited at the same time. It’s gonna be really weird, isn’t it?” Simon said smiling. “Yeah really weird. Hopefully it will be in and out. Queen killed, back home, job done,” Alison replied abruptly, before pushing past Sarah. “What’s wrong with her?” Simon asked quietly, as he watched Alison stride off. “Dunno, been in a foul mood all week, to be honest. I think she’s peed about Matthew and her mum,” Sarah replied, nodding her head and puckering her lips up. “Nahh, she’s not like that. Is she?” “I know her better than you, and I know when things are getting her down. Definitely that, I know it is.” Sarah nodded.

Alison arrived home, and walked into the kitchen, where Carla was preparing Alison’s favourite meal; steak pie, mashed potatoes and vegetables. “Thought we’d better have a decent meal before we go, we won’t be eating much when we’re in Frinda,” Carla commented, handing a tray out for Alison. “Not feeling hungry,” Alison mumbled. “You must eat. Please Alison. We go in a few hours; you need at least a bit of food in you.” Alison sighed and began eating her food. “I think Lidah has managed to get the four of you all together. She’s moved a few people around. She did not like the idea of you all being on different teams.” “Nice of her,” Alison acknowledged, while chewing a piece of steak. “Also, she said I would be working alongside Matthew. She says that we’re good, even members,” Carla smiled. “Yeah, I bet you are.” “Alison, please,” Carla said gently. “Well, I think he wants more. I don’t think you should be near him, Mum; he’s up to something. I know he is.” “Don’t be silly, he’s just —well he’s a man, they don’t show their feelings too good.” “Well, a good job he doesn’t then, isn’t it?” Alison snapped, as she put her knife and fork down, and stood up. “I’m off to bed; I need to sleep. Wake me up when it’s time to leave.” Alison mumbled, before walking out of the room.

but more of frustration. a small stream of blood came from the open wound. showed the dreamer who he was— “Matthew!” Alison screamed alarmingly. Carla ran into the bedroom concerned at her daughter’s screams. “He’s not going to kill us. “Matthew? Are you having strange dreams?” Carla asked hugging her daughter. he has killed people. which trickled slowly on to the cobbled floor. as he began pulling harder to loosen whatever it was with great urgency. “Mum. and with this perfect cut. His halfnaked body was covered in emblems. His throat was slit. but the sound of soft sobbing could be heard. When you’re scared your mind plays havoc —” Carla began. his eyes looked distant. this was real. as though wanting no one else to share his prize. Chairs had been thrown around the small room. The only sound that could be heard in this threadbare room was the harsh sounds of tearing and the enjoyment of food for the fiend. licking the remains of blood from his fingers before turning his gaze on a child who suddenly stood in front of him. The person above the dead body looked around quickly. no skin on his once living face was intact. as though no life lived inside him. anger even. and wounds. all but a few candles were lit. His face torn to shreds. it was not a cry of worry. which were standing on a small windowsill. “It’s Matthew —he killed—” Alison began to say in disbelief to what she had dreamt. His hair was black with dreadlocks. which covered his shoulders.CHAPTER 45 The room was quiet. which were deep and so bloody that. but Alison shook her head. the intestines and organs of the dead man were now hanging outside his torso. pulling and tugging erratically. The person above the tatted material was shouting out. so precise it looked as though the sharpest knife in a drawer had made the incision. The beast who had committed this ghastly crime was now feasting on the dead body. The man grabbed the girl. It was hard to believe that one human being could be so brutal to another. The lifeless body moving erratically like a puppet as it was pushed and pulled apart by its assailant. that’s all. He wiped the flesh from his mouth. His face was reddened in blood. The material suddenly pulled away revealing the body of a blood-drenched man. it was a bad dream. One more glimpse of the man. his eyes staring into space as his teeth got ready to devour his new victim. Mum!” Alison cried. the markings of wars that he had chosen to fight for lay on all parts of his visible skin. used as weapons for protection against the intruder who had invaded this home. flickering gently. On the floor was a man who was kneeling over something that looked like rags. some had been broken.” . “You mustn’t trust him. The child did not move. It’s only your mind playing tricks.

she felt hurt at her daughters accusations of Matthew. “Never been so scared of doing something in my life. The dream was real.” Carla smiled. The sun was still shining outside. I know it. Alison let her friend through into the living and Sarah sat down. as though ready to collapse in pain. the blood drenched room. Sarah was first to arrive. if it carries on. ready for the evening. “Yes. It was no dream at all — it was real. before walking out the room. and knew that children could harm the process of romance. her voice beginning to sound harsh. “I need to have proof. Carla had all her items ready to take with her. Alison stared at her mum. but the warmness was cooling down.” Alison said to herself.” “And who is?” Carla laughed sarcastically. stronger than you can imagine. She tried to visualise the markings on Matthews’s body from her dream. Nevertheless. did not please Carla.” Sarah groaned. Alison cried pleading with her mum. time was ticking away far too quickly for her liking. and then they would all go through the portal into Onbrier. Robert. and I will believe you. but we’ll be fine. You’re going to die. we’re together and that’s that. if given the chance. “You can’t. “We’ll look out for each other. breathing heavily. ready for its adventure. but I’m not going to have you destroy my life over it. the sound of a beast eating his prey. holding her stomach. I’ll be like a make shift waterfall. . The doorbell rang. I know you are mad about us being together.” Sarah sighed. Alison got ready. I can feel it. He’s not normal.” “Hope you’re right.“He’s a warrior. with her wand. Matthew and I have feelings for each other. Mum. I don’t know why you had this dream. and her face was ashen. So please stop this silliness. to dream and blame Matthew for the killings in her dreams. I’m nervous too.” Alison smiled.” Carla snapped suddenly.” she continued. “Listen. Until then—” Carla remarked. which lay on top of the table in the séance room. She had not felt wanted for many years. “Your life? I don’t—” Alison stuttered confusion etched on her clammy face. She was unsure whether what her daughter was saying was true. or just a vile attempt to stop her from seeing Matthew again. Carla did not speak to Alison when she came downstairs. No harm will come to any of us. but dreams or no dreams. he’ll kill you. Simon and Sarah were all meeting at Alison’s house. “You show me a normal person. Alison cried. I have a feeling I’m going to be sick all through this bloody war. all warriors kill.” Carla remarked coldly. the tattoos will prove me right. her shoulder length hair was in a small ponytail. “Been throwing up all afternoon. Cases packed full of items that were no doubt needed for the war. Too real. “Alison.

with a cream sash. Carla grabbed her luggage and wand and opened the door. Alison pulled a face and moved away from her friend. Alison glared.” Alison declared wistfully. make up was of the minimum. The portal took them to the terminal of Onbrier.” Simon remarked.” Carla nodded and smiled gently to the room of young faces. “Well I don’t care. Alison looked at Sarah. which she was feeling whilst talking. pink leather.” Alison retorted. Crowds of thousands were waiting to proceed into Onbrier itself. don’t you?” Sarah smiled wryly. They nodded and followed Carla down to the séance room. wincing in pain. once the unicorns began running around the room. Her burgundy hair was tied up.” Sarah remarked. then they deserve what they get.” the old man at their door asked quickly.” Sarah cooed. “I feel fine. before she does the unforgivable to the others. Carla came into the room. “Wow Carla. “Well. though?” Sarah said slyly. “What if it’s your Mum. “Yeah. you look like a fairy. “Name and regiment. pixie-type boots. then? Or will you have the honour of killing him for her?” Sarah shrugged. She hated it when Sarah was in her cynical mood. if anyone goes near Amir. They were being processed by the officers’ who worked on all the number of doors that were the access to and from Onbrier.” Carla announced. Simon and Robert had arrived.” Carla smiled. both looking clean and tidier than usual. “Thank you.The door knocked again. that’s for sure. Her footwear was of pale. making them look more like gangsters from the roaring twenties. with hair that had been gelled back. peach pastel tunic and matching robe. But the safety of the others is important. Sarah nodded telling him of her sickness since finishing school. rather than a fighter of today. “Are we ready? Then we shall leave and head to Lidah’s home. “Onbrier. .” Alison protested. “Ahh. but I’m not sure whose side I’m on. she will tell us of our actions when we arrive. and dramatizing the pains that she was having and hoping for some sympathy.” Robert declared coolly. unsure? Well you need to get your priorities right then. and her clothing was a pale. “Nervous as Hell. “That’s not nice. are you going to support him. smiling. I just hope Amir gets Zantha. when he came into the living room. but if he kills her. I’m on Amir's. “Won’t Amir be doing his best to kill too? Bit 50-50 if you ask me. I just want to get there and do my bit.

” Simon replied quickly. rubbing his chin. each in their own train of thoughts.” Matthew nodded firmly. I hope I can use that skill you taught me the other day. but scared at the same time. Carla. “Very well. you will be the winner. No doubt Lidah will give me a lecture on time keeping again. “Carla. “Do you take accountability for the youngie’s travelling to Onbrier?” the old man asked. and held her hand with his other. The door to the room that they had just exited from was soon to be occupied by others. she never thought of the door belonging to other people but themselves.” Robert mentioned casually. with individuals who seemed to push past without caring for the person that they had shoved.” the old man smiled.“Carla Benson ability of castor of magic.” she replied. and the walk to Lidah’s began. but I’m sure that if you’re sword fighting is needed. “To take part in the war in Frinda. looking at the four eager faces. and good luck with the outcome of the war.” Carla smiled. “Yes. They too are to be dispatched to Frinda.” Carla pointed out. there are some very ignorant people who won't allow you to pass. “Keep close. “Can’t wait. .” came a voice from behind them. The old officer looked at each child carefully. Rob.” Carla said. curiously. to various destinations over Onbrier. “Reason for travelling?” Carla was asked. “Thanks. Pity I won’t be there to see it though. Go to your destination. The building was full of people coming from different destinations. Alison and Sarah shrugged their shoulders. “And are you guys ready?” Matthew asked excitedly. ready for the war.” Robert smiled. “Me neither.” Matthew shrugged. as she approached the main exit doors that would lead them into Onbrier. “I thought you were already here. though. The hassle of leaving the building was quickly over. Matthew turned back around grabbing a bag off Carla with one hand. “I had things to do. “Glad to hear it. Carla turned around and a look of happiness appeared in her eyes. hugging Matthew gently. People who had also arrived were walking in different directions. Alison was surprised at this.” Carla replied. not wanting any part in a conversation with him. The four teenagers walked quietly behind them. All five nodded and walked on. May you not be harmed. and making no effort in apologising to them for their actions.

that’s all. trying not to sound too callous.. but not now. The designs however. “Filthy sod. “Maybe one day I will tell. in fact. Sarah did likewise. Ali?” Sarah whispered to Alison. like him. Alison slowed her walking down. . I have more important things on my mind. Many looked like.” Matthew glared at her. I think he’s going to kill my Mum. you do have quite a few.” “And you call me disgusting.” Carla agreed. I know it. He’s going to kill Mum and I need to protect her. kissing her gently on the cheek. “Had a dream about him. The trouble is the one’s I saw were mainly on his back and chest. were not familiar to what Alison had seen before. I just want to see if I can remember any of the tattoo’s. but smiled once more when Carla looked at him.” Alison began. It has to be him. “So what’s with all the questions. “Just curious why you have so many. Alison was unaware that Matthew had turned to look at her. He was a beast and was eating people. you should at least tell us a bit about them.” Matthew replied. a private emblem that only a few loyal members were allowed to wear. and looked as though they had been put on by a drunken man for a laugh.” Sarah muttered under her breath. are you?” Matthew asked inquiringly. The tattoos on his arm were clearly visible. I’m serious. not his arms. “Am I being picked on?” Matthew asked putting his arm around Carla’s shoulder. what could only be described as tribe tattoos. I need to see his body. and turning around to glare at Alison more. you’re like a book.” Alison stated. his eyes showing a glint of mischief in them. I’m sure you have tales to tell us. “Well.” Sarah said coldly.” Alison replied rudely. as he turned back to Carla.Alison stared at Matthew. Sarah looked at her friend waiting for more to be told. her eyes almost peeling the skin off him.” “Don’t be daft. he won’t—” “He will. “Yes. He knows I’m on to him. He is not the nice guy he makes out to be.” “Ali— I think you need to stop all this dreaming and stuff. Those on his arms look new. but Alison looked at her angrily.” Sarah began. “This beast was covered in tattoos. if you want to show them to people. he’s the opposite. “Not thinking of having one. Some were of the normal varieties that were drawn out at a local tattoo parlour. The ink on some of the tattoos was not very neat. The other day he said something that made me change my mind about him. her face turning red with annoyance. Matthew laughed. it’s not right. I don’t trust him. whilst. “No. others were man-made. “Sarah.

hurt at not being believed. Alison began to stare at Matthew. She was trying so hard to go into his mind. we cannot guarantee that an intruder may have sneaked in unobserved.” Alison growled. I have you grouped together with a few other youngie’s. but hoping someone else would do the honours. “He’s at the town hall. before storming off from her friend. Not even the sharp-tongue of Lidah would dream of speaking the truth to him.” “That’s good of her. The group walked in quietly.” Lidah suddenly blurted aloud. Instead a black tunic dress with a white sash was worn.” Lidah agreed. Even though all the gates to the tunnels will be closed. he had shut his world away from her. as though all were trying to think of something to say. his life was a no go area for her. she would get all the help she needed to hide his clumsiness. So many people are leaving tonight. Still she stared. Making sure all the portals and equipment are ready. “Children. she kept pondering what secrets he held inside. trying not to laugh. He was not a reliable person on matters of seriousness. He is working with Fenfold. She was curious of him in a way she had not realised. Her usual bright attire was no longer present. with or without your help. She knew that he was aware of her intrusion into his life. unaware of Alison’s negative voice. Many times his mistakes had caused chaos and mayhem.” . and well. She looked solemn as though opening the door to guests at a funeral. Dabila commented. if you don’t believe me. “Indeed it is. she needed eye contact. and knew that unless he allowed it. “Children. But I need proof and I need to prove he is not who he pretends to be.” Lidah noted to Alison. hoping for at least a small glint. then so be it.” Alison said sarcastically. The room lay quiet. you know Fenfold. but holding such a position of importance in the union. “Andrew not coming to the house?” Carla asked Lidah. She wanted to know why the sudden interest in her mum. when she looked around the room. “You know Dr. no one would dare criticise him.” Lidah sighed. unsure if they were allowed to smile or talk. why he was always eager to help her when she was in need of an elder. “You must try not to be separated and be left on your own. and why he always seemed to be around when someone was needed. who waved excitedly back at her. “I see you’re much better and walking too. but he was not allowing it. Dabila. Alison smiled kindly to the strange looking man. Instead. and have many hidden areas. the tunnels to the palace are very long and dark. too. I have been told that Queen Zantha will have some of her private soldiers’ to assist you.” Dr.“Very well. They arrived at the strange blue house and waited for Lidah to open the door. The calamity councillor was not one to be trusted on serious matters. They can be very dangerous. we will set off to the town hall shortly.

Everyone stood up in unison. So please. “Will there be many of these villagers to look after?” Robert asked. as though giving it a private “good-bye” before closing the door with a loud bang! . Yintins they are known as. “So how do we know who's who down there?” “Well. some of the men insist on fighting.” The four students nodded to acknowledge Lidah.” Lidah ordered. with a voice of eeriness. remembering the sour-faced man. I believe. bit grumpy though and very rude. her face of knowledge confirming her own command. Very fragile looking. the villagers are only tiny people. “I agree.” Lidah said. the time has come.” Alison remarked. So if you meet anyone that isn’t tiny — kill them. Zindel looks like a baby. make sure you stay together. collecting their items as quietly as they could and made their way to the front door of the house. Lidah looked around her hall. “A few hundred. “Right. and she smiled at their understanding to her command.“That makes me feel so much better. couldn't harm a fly.” Simon muttered down heartily. so it will mainly be women and children.

CHAPTER 46 The queue to the town hall was long. “She thinks too much. you know. Matthew. when he saw her face as white as a ghost. Yeah. Finally. After that. take them to their vaults. “I told her that she won’t die.” The old man stated and gave each of them a green material badge. but she’s — well. she’s gone a bit weird.” Sarah whispered. “Nothing will happen to you. then you too get changed.” Matthew smiled softly. The personal weapons of each of the older soldiers and wizards who had not been kept in the secure vault at the town hall. “I’m happy that you are all clear to proceed into the town hall.” the old man declared to Lidah and her small group. hats and all items of regalia of each person seeking entry into the town hall. I will await your return before beginning the final talk on stage. were inspected thoroughly by the elder’s at the door. . if I die. was more precise than what the usual procedure would be. I will be protecting her. “Alison’s worried about her mum. you can always remember your first battle. She thinks—” Sarah stopped talking. If anyone comes anywhere near her. After one final look. who’s survived. “Please attach these badges on to your tunics. now?” Matthew asked Sarah. The gnarled old fingers of elder’s guarding the entrance checked the cloaks. Sarah half-smiled and Matthew smiled back warmly. adorned with a division name and number for them to darn on to their tunics. “I was scared too. They will take you to the unit you are to proceed to when the time comes to leave Onbrier. whilst Matthew and the children proceeded to the staircase that led them down to the vaults. you have been trained well. “Getting the jitters. Nothing is going to happen to her mum.” Lidah nodded. “Yes. Pretty strange really. it will be me that will deal with them and their life will end quickly. they all seem to blend into one.” Sarah whispered. and the process by the elder’s at the door. before walking away. Who’s died. the elders passed a long. “You must dress first. if you were not capable. you would not be here.” Matthew promised.” Matthew admitted. capes. and you forget which war you’ve been in. black wand with a crystal tip around each individual before allowing entrance into the imposing building. with a look of sincerity showing in his eyes. Believe me. the old man wished them well and ushered them along to the big doors of the town hall. who looked anxious following the search they had just had.” Sarah admitted quietly. “I’m just scared if — well.

He was followed by Robert. before all four walked into the vault.Matthew turned to look at Alison. Sarah and Robert left the room carrying their plate armour. they will then return you back here. He then sat quietly on a red bench that was against a wall to wait for his friends. A few times. However. The walk was not as tiring as their previous visit. You listen to your own instincts and pay no heed to others. except for the rhythmic movement of his chest each time he breathed. Make sure you have. and then turning back around to Sarah said. Robert. and then tied the grey sash around her waist. when she put the badge towards her tunic. or disagreement.” Alison said looking surprised at what had just happened. Alison fumbled with the fasteners on her tunic. A couple of elders will come to the door and take you to the armoury room. swords. They eventually got to their vault. She pulled on her black leather ankle boots over her black woolly tights. Alison gave a sigh. placing them in his secret pockets that were inside his cloak. Sarah smiled. Sarah. Each child dressed behind a small curtain to give each of them some privacy and to preserve each other’s dignity. He opened a small black case and took out his wand. Matthew stood waiting for the beep before saying. each heading to their own vaults to collect their belongings. who was staring at the ground. Alison sat next to Simon. helmets and any other equipment you need before we go to the main hall. motionless. with a sly smile on his face. as she had not bought a sewing kit with her. each was in their private hell of not knowing what was going to happen once they arrived in Frinda. then retrieved his bottles of ready-made ointments and potions. “Oh. “Thanks. The group began walking along the corridors beneath the town hall on their way to their personal vaults.” Matthew nodded. unless they show truth in their face. No one spoke — no mood to do so. it was still a long one. the thought of Matthew and her mum was making it hard for her to concentrate. “Well. they went through the wrong doors.” Matthew nodded. He sat like a statue. the armour needs to be fitted precisely. who looked flustered and sweaty. Sarah.” Sarah and Robert nodded in agreement. only take it sparingly. Simon was the first to finish getting changed and went to his cupboard in the vaults. so make sure that you wear your cotton clothing before doing so. nevertheless. However. the badge quickly loosened from Alison’s grip and attached itself to the tunic. She had no idea how the emblem was going to be sewn on. I don’t wish her to be the fault of anything going wrong. “I will come back for you. before putting on her robe. . The door knocked and with no fuss. and so needed to back track to a familiar corridor. She needed to focus. Alison and then finally. whatever she says. she needed to make sure she could support the villagers.” “Anytime. Other children and grown-ups were going through various doors.

Robert was already putting his tunic on. She had been warned of his past life by a dream. Matthew came towards them. only his chest and back had plate armour. she saw no evil in her new hero. they could be heard long before they could be seen. just the waiting is making me nervous. The evil looks he gave her. He took his helmet and gauntlets out of their boxes. unable to decide what to do with it. “Me too. . was a clear clue to their entrance back into the vault. “You got everything?” Simon asked Alison in a daydream state. since she had stared into his eyes that night. “Yeah. but to no avail.She needed to prove that Matthew was going to kill her mum. and the evilness he now showed her. “Can see why coppers don’t wear this type of protection when dealing with riots. However. Some showing panic in their eyes. He buckled his shield on to a belt.” Alison shrugged. He wore a leather-fringed skirt. However. He too looked confused at the green emblem. In addition. she detested. His sword and shield were strapped to his body. In fact. he jumped with surprise.” Sarah grumbled as she attempted to rub her arm up against the door of the vault. His legs were bare apart from his tanned leather boots. tan leather. whilst others looked more relaxed and seemed comfortable with the battle that was approaching. the silent talks when heading towards the vaults between him and Sarah made Alison feel edgy. though. except for leather patches to protect his elbows. I can hardly move. Simon said no more. which came to his knees. while Sarah continued to complain of the unfairness of their armour. and the slyness of his ways.” Sarah groaned as she attempted to lift her arm up. he would do this when it was time for them to leave for Frinda.” she muttered.” Alison replied. no one else seemed to have noticed. They waited outside their vault watching the array of people going backwards and forwards. still staring at the ground. but began swishing his wand around. No one was going to help her. the clanging of the plate armour was quite noticeable. as though he was siding everyone against her. which was fastened around his waist. “Look at me. However. when it flew out of his hands on to the tunic. but did not put them on. and put his sword into a scabbard that was strapped to his back. It seemed a long while before Sarah and Robert returned. his battle costume was different to Robert and Sarah’s metal armour. no one believed her. plus my arms itching and I can’t scratch it. His feelings towards her had changed too. it was only she who had witnessed it. His was mainly made of dark. he looked more like a gladiator fighting a different war to what Sarah and Robert were fighting. “Stupid thing. Her mum was love-struck with Matthew. They’d never move fast enough to catch anyone. I can’t see why we have to stay here. Why can’t we just go up to the main hall?” “Dunno. she was alone in this nightmare. His arms too were bare. and the odd moan coming from a certain young girl. like Roberts. he shuffled himself into a new position and began to stare once more.

Maybe the next war you’re in you can dress like this.” Lidah remarked firmly. blood will be of plenty. However. Fighting in too much armour would restrict my attacks. “People from other Kingdoms —” Fenfold began. a look of horror showing in young children’s faces. including Alison’s. as though what he had said was a great heroic speech. “Now come on. We are to embark to Frinda. grey and brown apparel. or even booed.” Matthew walked off. her mouth ready to begin pouring acid on the docile being. with Robert and Sarah clanging gently as they walked. and many of you will never return. “Sometimes. as predicted by Fenfold. Fenfold and Andrew. “Well. just a mass of bodies that seemed to be pushed and pulled in all directions. Dr Dabila. “Frinda is indeed ready for battle. by the enthusiastic mob trying to get a good view of the stage in front of them. All eyes were staring eagerly at the stage waiting for the speeches to begin.” Matthew fumed.” The crowd cheered. to do battle against Grimsdritch. They stood amazed at what he had said. and say we are sincerely sorry for his ignorance. we must go. and standing on the stage was Lidah. No longer were there seats to sit on. but trembling. The stage was higher than it was on Alison’s previous visit to this room. “I’m a warrior. followed by Alison and Simon. Lidah paused until the cheering crowd had quietened down. isn’t it?” Sarah cried. Death will be high.” The crowd began to whisper. She pulled Fenfold to one side with a look of annoyance on her face. but not today. The main hall was filled to capacity — standing room only. The crowd clapped with their approval of this statement. his voice loud. “Yes. but a battle. I must apologise for the outburst of negativity in his speech. Zellacta. no one clapped. We have enough military personnel. embarrassed at being undermined by one of his councillors. you’re not fighting. Lidah pulled a face. the immaturity of this man is not one to be proud of. Fenfold looked down. as she attempted to lift her arm up in protest. . Concesta. to make sure that the war is NOT going to be as bloody a war.“Where’s all your armour?” Sarah asked in disbelief.” Matthew replied. and once again stand up for the people of Onbrier. “The armour is to protect you. and no doubt many will have limbs missing. The brightly coloured costumes. which were worn previously. who were standing quietly ready to begin the meeting. cheered. But it will all be for the good of Frinda!” Fenfold shouted. “And of course — Onbrier. a battle that will dictate the future of Frinda. that’s just bloody great isn’t it? What about if I need to attack? What then? Gonna be a bit hard for me. were now substituted with black. a battle that will no doubt be the bloodiest and evilest battle that any of you folk will ever see. and sorcerers of every breed. may I hasten to say.

“Your mission is to terminate the beasts. I want you to make sure that the portals are closed once we have used them to enter Frinda. talking in words only the selected few. She has many soldiers prepared for the battle in Frinda itself. These emblems are very clever devices. with your divisions name and your personal numbers. would understand. as she began mumbling to herself. soldiers and those of the wizardly world. As you are aware. as a kingdom that wishes no ill to its people.” Lidah declared. When all the talks were completed. it was the same look that she had seen in her dream. I would like to wish each and every one of you strength and courage on this mission. while we are in Frinda. The masses applauded loudly. The crowd erupted into cheers. I don’t want Grimsdritch soldiers’ sneaking into Onbrier. as to what this charming man who stood confidently next to her said. We are of true heart and spirit. Lidah ended the meeting with a last word of instruction and encouragement. and she is anxiously waiting for the warriors. Lidah listened with interest. and also.” Lidah shouted with enthusiasm. “I have also decided that I too will accompany you to Frinda. we are not to travel as we normally do. and everyone in the hall had understood what part they played in the mission. holding her hand to her chest and bowing her head down. and begin the attack on the Grimsdritch fold!” Lidah shouted loudly for all to hear. I have always stood for the union and if need be. I will die for the union. The crowd left the hall in a dignified manner.” Lidah nodded. and let Frinda continue as it always has. Only one secret portal is to be kept open. You should all have your coloured emblems. so that the selected person. His eyes looked distant. who are to depart from Onbrier to take up their positions. Sarah on the other hand. the soldiers and warriors. . “We are to travel forthwith on our journey to Frinda. “At this time. However.“The Queen is putting her faith in us and she has agreed to the terms of the war. which you are to be deployed to. a quick glance at Matthew made her feel uneasy once more. She was excited at the thought of the adventure that was now beginning. an evil smile etched over his normally good-looking face. Alison and Simon jumped up and down with excitement — the adrenaline was flowing. groaned. and the barbarians of Grimsdritch will fear us in our fight to make Frinda safe once more. Zellacta gave his battle plan to the warriors. let your captains know that you are present without having to give a roll call.” The crowd shouted approval to Lidah’s speech. Alison looked around the near empty hall. These will take you to the correct unit. you know. She was not enjoying wearing her armour one bit.” Lidah remarked to Andrew. can re-open all the other portals once the battle has ended. while the cheers from the crowd continued. I do not wish my fellow friends to be left alone. “Andrew. “You can trust me. we are to travel in smaller units and advance into Frinda from different portals throughout Onbrier. who has been chosen to return back to Onbrier. approving of her gesture.” Andrew shouted over the noise.

“I am not one for newbies in my team. he’d felt her gaze. unlike Matthew who had an athletic figure. as though each was the first to pass. Only the orders that I give are answered.She turned around quickly in case he had seen her looking. glaring at the youngsters that were at the front of his military unit. . Alison and her friends found the unit they were to be in. Our mission is to get in and out. The troop stopped at his command. they could make out boulders and large rocks. The portal was quite a long distance away from the town hall. Simon and a few of the other young wizards stood at the front of the unit. She and Robert were with the rest of the warriors and soldiers. Their captain had a look of anger on his face. no foot was out of step. The armour that the teenagers wore clanged away like an out of tune musical box as they marched. Cheers of encouragement were heard from the villagers who had lined the streets. and were marching behind the wizards. He too wore clothing similar to Matthew’s. if ever you wished to play hide and seek. Do you understand?” He shouted angrily. Alison felt nervous.. It was hard to see what the area was like in darkness. and had wished she could join another team. “HALT!” Captain Frazer shouted. The moon was full tonight. The leather skirt he wore. no questions asked. Alison. and the crispness of its yellow light was beaming down gently on the ground. while the older fighters who were wearing the subtler apparel. as though it was burning into his flesh.” he announced. she was scared to when she saw the captain who was to lead them into Frinda. hung nearly to the floor over his short. Daylight was nearing its end. Darkness had arrived. from the military who were marching forwards towards their allocated portals. which Sarah had presumed would be the case. Alison had no idea why. so be warned. chubby legs. all waving in excitement to all the troops. and lined up quietly. as though frightened of the consequences had they not. however. I do not accept questions from you. and night-time was slowly creeping up. “Yes sir!” his team shouted back in reply. He had a thick black beard and bushy eyebrows that met in the middle. But it was too late. Drums could be heard over the liveliness of the village. as though guiding the troops to their destination. his belly bulged underneath his breastplate. nevertheless. but with Alison’s and the other young wizards’ lanterns flickering gently in their little boxes. again unlike Matthew’s that emphasized the physical build of the wearer. However. marched quietly with only the gentle chinking sounds from their swords and shields sounding in rhythmic accompaniment to their movement. She noticed one Captain who looked nice and pleasant. Everyone clapped and cheered each unit. and had wished that she could be in his unit instead. she did not ask. “The names Captain Frazer. and were given lanterns on sticks to hold. They had walked to a rocky area of Onbrier. she did not like him. The marching footsteps were in harmony with each troop. There seemed to be plenty of large fractures in the boulders to hide in. the crowd were not concerned about this.

The soldiers who stood next to the portal.” Captain Frazer commanded. who shrugged his shoulders. Alison looked at Simon with amazement. The rest of you will follow. she never realised that portals could be so big.” Captain Frazer ordered. Armstrong. “We’ll be fine. “Troops. I will let the military through first. Alison watched quietly. “Go through the gap!” Captain Frazer yelled rudely. She wished she could go home and live a normal life. Alison looked at Simon. “Youngie’s. informing them that they were to begin the expedition to the other kingdom. Venturing further. The cold and damp atmosphere enveloped them sending a chill down their spines. forward. again disappearing into the darkness before the vicinity lighting up with the brightness of the portal beams. a pain she had not felt before. Alison looked hard. turning the blackness in front of her white for a few seconds. She felt scared. Each warrior and soldier. Alison grasped Simon’s hand tightly and he acknowledged her feelings. Alison and Simon were two of the first who began the small walk to wherever the other military had vanished to. Simon squeezed Alison’s hand. Youngie’s will go through the portal last. which seemed to be moving erratically back and forth. forward. Benson-C. with mist rising from the floor and water trickling down the walls. they came to a strange looking portal. . a shaft of light appeared. They walked slowly to an extremely huge boulder with a tremendously large crack running through it. as they began to make their way through the tight gap. The entrance to the portal was square shaped and had what looked like shiny blue water flowing inside it. wizard and witch walked forward. A pungent smell hit their nostrils making them pull faces. her stomach was aching. her heart beating loud and fast. the quest had begun. We will go in small sections. They walked cautiously to the portal. but before she could get used to the darkness in front of her.” Captain Frazer ordered. they both had no idea where they were going. but it was too late now. Alison held Simon's hand tightly. They were amazed when they saw that the cranny opened up into a massive dark cavern. A gentle humming sound came from this strange doorway and echoed around the grotto. before darkness fell once more. nodded to Alison and Simon. you will go through the portal first. with goose pimples standing to attention on their arms and legs. when he had seen the worried look on Alison’s face. Carla turned around to Alison and smiled gently before disappearing into the darkness. waiting patiently to take each person to his or her destination.“The portal is just up here. trying to see where they had vanished to.” Simon whispered. Matthew and Carla pulled out of formation and began to walk towards the area where the Captain was pointing.

hypnotic object. . Alison looked at Simon. afraid of the aftermath when they walked through this impressive. letting Alison know he was not going to let her go of her hand.Slowly they walked. who nodded slowly. They both took a deep breath and began to walk further into the portal before allowing their bodies to be consumed by the unknown passage into the Kingdom of Frinda. which disappeared quickly. They both gently put one foot into the portal. To be continued…..

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