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A street with buildings on either side. There is a caf in the middle of the left row of buildings. SCENE 1: (Persp) Fade in from white. Onto the bulb of a streetlight. The camera focuses onto the right side of the street with the caf. The door of the caf opens. Zuchy steps out. SCENE 2: (Zuchys eye view)

He is looking down at his hand. The hand is holding a phone. The phone screen switches from normal to displaying a message that says, Hacked SCENE 3: (Zuchys eye view) Zuchy looks up. Everything is in monochrome. The billboards go up as he looks from right to left. SCENE 4: (Zuchys eye view) Zuchy is looking at a person on the left hand side. The face of the person changes (or begins to change). SCENE 5: (Persp) Zuchy begins to walk. He sees the people around him. Their faces begin to change as well. SCENE 6: (Persp) Zuchy thinks he sees his face on a changing face of another person. He begins to follow the person. The person runs down an alleyway. SCENE 7: (Zuchys eye view) Zuchy chases the person down the alleyway. By the time Zuchy gets there, the person isnt there anymore. Zuchy is alone in the alleyway. He turns around. SCENE 8: (Zuchys eye view) Zuchy begins walking to the park. Hes still looking around for the person with his face. Zuchy arrives upon a woman sitting on a park bench.

SCENE 9: (Zuchys eye view) The face of the woman is changing. SCENE 10: (Persp) Zuchy keeps walking to a fountain. SCENE 11: Camera at an aerial shot over the fountain.

Zuchy looking down at the water in the fountain. SCENE 12: (Zuchys eye view) Zuchy sees his reflection in the water of the fountain. His face is beginning to change. SCENE 13: (Persp) (Camera from behind the shoulder) Zuchy sees a phone booth. He walks towards it. SCENE 14: Zuchy reaches the phone booth. SCENE 15: (Zuchys eye view) Zuchy sees the reflection of his face changing. His facial features disappear and an error message takes their place.

Zuchy feels a tapping on his shoulder (This is shown by a reflection of a hand tapping Zuchs shoulders) SCENE 16: (Zuchys eye view) Zuchy turns to the left. He sees a woman. Her face is in its final stages of metamorphosis. She looks at him with his face. The camera moves up to billboard with an electronic message at says, Who are you? Fade to white