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Costume Notes

The protagonist will be dressed in a suit as it portrays his profession as an agent. The suit will not be tidy for the protagonist to show the lower hand of power against the antagonist. This is also a stereotype, which benefits the audience in knowing who the protagonist is. The plain black suit symbolises profession, style and also a higher level of class. We believe this is the appropriate clothing for the protagonist due to his job and the storyline of the film. We closely linked the clothing of our protagonist to the James Bond look which the audience will be able to relate to.

The Antagonist will also be dressed in a plain black suit showing class and of a higher status in the scene. The tidy, clean black suit shows power and the upper hand against the protagonist. This symbolises the high class and higher power that leaves the protagonist in danger. The smart look of the antagonist follows the stereotype of a bad guy as followed in many thriller films such as James Bond.

The quality and presentation of the black suits show contrast between the protagonist and antagonist. This shows the difference between the two.

Raja Kavaiya