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1) A sphere of radius 4 cm is carved from a homogenous sphere of radius 8cm and mass 160g.

the mass of the smaller sphere is Ans : density is mass/volume... density wont be varying for the two spheres... So find density first. mass/volume= 160g / 4/3pi R^3 volume of second speher=4/3pi r^3 so mass of second sphere= density X volume = 160g* r^3/R^3 =20g
5) In a bag containing only blue, red and green marbles, all but 15 are blue, all but 13 are red and all but 12 are green. How many are red?

Let the number of red marbles be . Let the number of green marbles be . Let the number of blue marbles be . All the marbles means marbles. The fact that all but 15 of the marbles are blue means that (15 of those marbles are either red or green). The fact that all but 13 of the marbles are red means that . The fact that all but 12 of the marbles are green means that . We have a system of 3 linear equations with 3 variables:

Subtracting the second equation from the first, we get --> --> Adding that to the third equation we get --> --> --> -->