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Andrea Mae Solas IV-Integrity Pallas Athena

June 10, 2011 English IV

Who is this foolish mortal that dares question my abilities and wisdom? Ah, pity, that it is you, Arachne. So full of yourself about your abilities but you are still nave and nowhere to match my capacity.

You do not know who I am? I am one of the greatest divinities that you worship, mortals. I am Pallas Athena. Romans call me Minerva, Greeks, Athena. No one knows my real name, but I prefer to be called Pallas Athena, or you can call me Parthenos, the maiden. As you all know, I am the goddess of Greek cities, of industry, of arts and of course of wisdom! Some of you even refer to me as the goddess of war, but, I am not like my brother Ares for I have no sympathy for his savage love of bloodshed and violence.

My birth is rather, remarkable. Zeus, the god of gods, my father, swallowed, Metis, my mother, with the fear that I would overthrow him. Later on, I sprang forth from my fathers forehead, fully grown in my golden armor. It was rather uncalled-for. I have no interest in his throne for I have other matters in mind. Love is not one of them, if you may ask. I am a busy woman and I have no time for affection. Being a goddess, I also have interests and bte noir. I have the aegis, which only my father and I share, and the owl as my symbol and pet. I prefer Athens over other cities, obviously because it is mine, after winning it with a battle against Poseidon. He brought a horse in the city, I brought the olive tree. Im Athena remember? And you know what that means? I get what I want and I always win. I have aided several heroes in their journey. Perseus, as he slew the gorgon Medusa. Odysseus led the Greeks inside the wooden horse, which I myself had suggested so that they would over the Trojans. Bellerephon used my bridle to tame Pegasus. It cant be helped thought that I would dislike some mortals of their foolishness, just like the silly, Arachne. She challenged me with my capacity in weaving. How dare she, challenging the patron of ornamental arts! I weave the best of the best showing the glory of the gods. But what is this I see? Arachne weaves something that insults the god! Furious, I tore it into shreds and she hangs herself in grief. Im not that bad though, I turned her into a spider instead out of pity, forever bearing the guilt and shame for challenging a goddess. Now who else would dare defy me?