BATMAN CRUSADER Written by Jonathan Nolan & Christopher Nolan

Story by Christopher Nolan & David S. Goyer Batman created by Bob Kane

DIGITAL. A map of the Gotham City FLICKERS with pulsing white and blue lines. Throughout the city, brown-outs DARKEN the screen. Conversely, the remaining lines BRIGHTEN. Together they produce the dark shape of -the BAT SYMBOL. Grows. Filling the screen with BLACKNESS. CUT TO: INT. APARTMENT, FIFTH AVE. -- NIGHT CLOSE UP: An LCD computer monitor streaming live television. ON SCREEN: INT. CHANNEL 7 NEWSTATION -- NIGHT. News anchor VICKIE VALE. VICKIE VALE Despite repeated calls for greater authorities are still silent about arresting the vigilante and murder Leading the public outcry for more operations is Dr. Thomas Eliot. public accountability, their lack of success in suspect known as the Batman. transparency in police

A hand GRIPS a gyroscopic mouse. The hand TRIGGERS the button and... ... the channel CHANGES. ON SCREEN: INT. CHANNEL 5 NEWSTATION -- NIGHT. MIKE ENGEL reporting. In the corner, an image of a teenage STREET THUG - 17 years old. He is wearing CLOWN MAKEUP. An anarchy symbol decorates the corner. MIKE ENGEL Next, reports of petty crimes and vandalism in Westfield Park. Increased sightings of teenagers wearing white, green and red makeup thought to be inspired by the terrorist acts of the Joker of last summer. This gang does not otherwise appear to be directly connected with the Joker himself who remains incarcerated in solitary confinement at Arkham Asylum.

The channel changes... ON SCREEN: INT. CHANNEL 7 NEWSTATION -- NIGHT. CONTINUOUS Vickie Vale with the banner "Missing Children" in red above her head. VICKIE VALE An unusually high number of missing children have panicked many families in the Upper East side- a traditionally secure neighborhood. With no clear increase in criminal activities regionally, authorities believe that children are being lured from their homes through the Internet. News correspondent Al Driebel advises parents how to protect their children from online predators. ON SCREEN: EXT. GOTHAM BOYS' AND GIRLS' CLUB -- NIGHT. AL DRIEBEL has some informational pamphlets in his hand. He raises them up to display. AL DRIEBEL Thanks, Vickie. I'm here at the Gotham Boys' and The hand with the mouse lifts and PAUSES the video footage. A progress bar appears with a label that reads "SAVING..." ZOOM OUT: INT. APARTMENT, FIFTH AVE. -- CONTINUOUS The original LCD screen is surrounded by four other computer screens on a desk in the center of a dark room. The desk is covered in newspapers, handwritten notes, printouts. There is a map of Gotham on the wall above the screens, covered in pins. The rest of the room is in disarray and dimly lit. Paper, pens, highlighters and post-its litter the floor. A SHADOWY MAN sits in front of the screens, his face is hidden from sight. He is 20ish, intelligent, wearing an olive-green collared shirt. He has a pair of round spectacles. His cellphone RINGS. He PICKS UP, but KEEPS TYPING with his left hand. The original screen now shows all three news clips in smaller windows. The Shadowy Man types in a TAGGING LABEL for each window. The first spells out BATMAN. The other two: GOTHAM. On a different screen, he is initiating a TRACE on the current phone call. The Shadowy Man TILTS his head as if to say, "I'm listening."

MAN ON THE PHONE (O.S.): Edward?

BEEP - The computer finishes its trace... The source of the phone call is... ... the GOTHAM POLICE DEPARTMENT. MAN ON THE PHONE (O.S.): What do you know about (beat) the Batman?

The Shadowy Man SMILES. CUT TO: EXT. HAUSER BUILDING -- NIGHT Helicopters in the sky... SPOTLIGHTS... The police have cordoned off a brick building, the HAUSER Building. Near the entrance, 10 JOKER THUGS are tied to a pillar. They are unconscious. A small crowd is gathering at the periphery. A lone PROTESTER holds up a sign that reads: NO MORE TERROR. Officers are PUSHING pedestrians back and DIRECTING traffic away from the scene. A police car ROARS in and comes to hard stop. COMMISSIONER GORDON and STEPHENS emerge from the car. LIEUTENANT LOUIE, LIEUTENANT WONG, and SERGEANT GIFFORD approach. GORDON What's the situation?

LIEUTENANT LOUIE We have cornered the Batman in the basement of the old Hauser building. All three exits are blocked and we have marksmen watching the windows.

LIEUTENANT WONG Air support is covering the roof. Say the magic words and we can drop men down the stairways and the elevator shafts.

SERGEANT GIFFORD I have heavy artillery and SWAT on standby.

GORDON Maintain the perimeter, I want a walkie-talkie and immediate notice if the Batman's location changes.

INT. SWAT VAN PARKED NEAR HAUSER BUILDING -- NIGHT SNIPER 1 and SNIPER 2 are preparing their gear. SNIPER 2 Another "bust"?

SNIPER 1 (sarcastic) Are you suggesting that Gotham's Finest isn't up to the job of catching the Batman? SNIPER 2 All I'm saying is close as we get each time, we never quite close our hands around him. (beat) And, we all know he and Gordon partnered way back when Gordon's badge read (taps his insignia twice) Lieutenant. Interruption: TIRES squeal in the distance, the Snipers TURN their heads to the sound which is ...

EXT. HAUSER BUILDING -- CONTINUOUS ...another COP CAR arriving on scene. Gordon watches the vehicle come to a stop at his feet. The door opens... Out steps the Shadowy Man who is... ...EDWARD NIGMA. Head down, Nigma STRIDES up to Gordon. He TWITCHES and gives Gordon a smirk. Nigma holds out his hand. Gordon looks down at the hand and looks up at Nigma. NIGMA Dr. Edward Nigma, Police Consultant on the warrant for the arrest of Batman. (smiles) What is tonight's conundrum? Gordon shoots a suspicious look at Nigma. Shakes it briefly. Then turns to Louie. GORDON Agent Nigma. If I have to personally walk every new consultant through this operation, you'll be piecing together the clues about how the Batman escaped. We can get to know each AFTER tonight is over, meanwhile... (to Louie) YOU answer his question. (shouting orders to other officers) Get me blueprints of the Hauser building. I want EVERYONE on standby.

LIEUTENANT LOUIE (to Nigma) Just before midnight, 911 got a call about a robbery in progress and a hostage situation. Suspects fit the description of the JOKER GANG.

EXT. ENTRANCE TO HAUSER BUILDING -- NIGHT The JOKER THUGS are laying unconscious, tied together. LIEUTENANT LOUIE (S.O.) By the time we arrived, we knew that HE had gotten there first. So we followed the standing orders on a Batman sighting and called in the Commissioner.

EXT. 3RD AVE. ACROSS FROM HAUSER BUILDING -- NIGHT A MOTHER is comforting her CHILD. The boy is dirty, teary, but calm. NIGMA (S.O.) (bored, but quick) Tell me why you decided that he remains in the building now.

EXT. HAUSER BUILDING -- CONTINUOUS Louie motions with his hands and looks at the building. LIEUTENANT LOUIE If you listen you can here it.

NIGMA (sarcastic) You're the leader.

SOUNDS of hand to hand combat come from the direction of the building. INT. HAUSER BUILDING STAIRWELL -- NIGHT LIEUTENANT LOUIE (S.O.) Listen. ...the sounds of the FIGHT. A JOKER THUG drops to the ground, unconscious. His partner, MIKEY, is wirey and scared. The sweat on his forehead DRIPS OVER his clown makeup. Mikey BOLTS. A GLOVED HAND snags his collar. Mikey's FEET go out from under him. The gloved hand has CURLED UP as if lifting a dumbbell. Mikey reaches for a knife, but his captor disarms him. LOCKED in this position, the person holding up Mikey BARRELS forward into the light.

Jumping into the light is the masked face of the BATMAN. He is bloody, sweaty, and ANGRY. Batman SWINGS Mikey forward THROUGH a glass door... EXT. HAUSER BUILDING -- CONTINUOUS ...the sound of breaking glass ECHOES outside. A police officer looks at Gordon and then looks at the entrance. Gordon holds up one hand. GORDON 2 minutes. Nigma NARROWS his eyes and sidles up next to Gordon. NIGMA Good decision, Commissioner. After all, why interrupt the Batman when he's saving civilians? It would be so inconvenient if you blocked his way out. ... (to himself) What eats and eats, but still starves? Gordon stares at Nigma for a second, assessing him. NIGMA (innocently) What? It's not obvious that there are still hostages in the building? Who always goes for seconds, but never comes in first?

INT. HAUSER BUILDING STAIRWELL -- CONTINUOUS BATMAN The other hostage, WHERE IS SHE? MIKEY You don't get out of jail free for saving people. Not when you're the one they want.

In a rough motion, Batman LIFTS Mikey to the ceiling with one hand. With his other hand, Batman reveals Mikey's knife. Mikey's eyes go wide.

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