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Suggested MathType Shortcuts

Ctrl+Alt+A o
Ctrl+Alt+B | Ctrl+Shift+B | |
Ctrl+Alt+D o Ctrl+Shift+D (degree)
Ctrl+Alt+E n
Ctrl+Alt+F o Ctrl+Shift+F u
Ctrl+Alt+I e Ctrl+Shift+I

(indefinite integrals)
Ctrl+Alt+M u
Ctrl+Alt+O e
Ctrl+Alt+P t Ctrl+Shift+P ( )
Ctrl+Alt+R p Ctrl+Shift+R
Ctrl+Alt+S o Ctrl+Shift+S

Ctrl+Alt+T t Ctrl+Shift+T u
Ctrl+Alt+V v
Ctrl+Alt+X ;
Ctrl+Alt+* (Multiplication)
Ctrl+Alt+. (middle dot)
Ctrl+Alt+@ (answer box)
Ctrl+F (numerator-denominator writer)

(definite integrals)
Ctrl+U superscript
Ctrl+L Lowerscript
Hint: All the shortcuts are chosen according to their pronunciation alphabet or shape of closest alphabet.