SCIENTIFIC STUDY: "The Diet of the World’s Longest-Lived People and Its Potential Impact on Morbidity and

Life Span" SOURCE JOURNAL: Annals of the Academy of Sciences - Volume 1114: 434–455 (2007). Note: These are the Actual Food Measurements of the Centenarians, not conjecture. Also note that this is not the diet of All island Okinawans or the diet of the Okinawans who ate more meat and ended up dying, but the diet of the ones who lived the longest.

OKINAWAN CENTENARIAN DIET ACTUAL COMPOSITION: 70% Sweet potatoes (carbs) 70% 12% Rice 12% 7% Grains & Wheat 7% 6% Soy & legumes 6% 4% Additional vegetables 3% 3% Fruit 3% 2% Oils 2% 1% Nuts (Protein) 1% 1% Other potatoes 1% 1% Seaweed 1% 1% Sugars 1% 1% Fish 1% 1% Dairy 1% 1% Eggs 1% 1% Pork-Meat 1% 1% Flavorings & Alcohol 1%


06% Fat 85-10-5 - Carbs-Protein-Fat ratio 1785 Calories

THE OKINAWAN CENTENARIAN DIET IS: 96% Vegan 98% Vegetarian 99% Pesca Vegetarian less than <4% Animal Products (Dairy,Fish,Eggs,Meat,all combined. The Okinawan Centenarian Diet is not animal product based) less than <1% Fish (The Okinawan Centenarian diet is not fish-based) less than <1% Meat-Pork (The Okinawan Centenarian diet is plant-based, it is not pork-based) SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL: Annals of the Academy of Sciences - Volume 1114: 434–455 (2007) The Okinawa Longevity Diet is not a LowCarb High-Protein diet. The Okinawan Centenarian Longevity Diet is a HIGH-CARB LOW-FAT Plant-Based diet. The Okinawa Diet consists of over 85% carbs and starches, and the Okinawans remain thin, fit, and long-lived. The Okinawan Centenarians eat sugar. And soy. The Okinawans eat 70% potatoes, carbs, and bowls of rice, and there is no widespread diabetes problem or protein deficiency. The Okinawans eat Grains, and eat Wheat, and eat gluten, and have some of the most amazing lifespans on the planet. Note that the Okinawan Centenarians DO NOT eat a pork-based diet, this was a fake myth traced to a health-fraud spreader identified as Chris Masterjohn of a front-group called the Weston A. Price Foundation that was found debunked in 2005. As an example, a main founding member of the WAPF named Geoffrey Morell, husband of WAPF president Sally Fallon, believes he can cure people with magnets, the Weston A. Price Board Member believes in "psychic healing" from a distance, and he gives speeches around the world on "dowsing" or using 2 little sticks or crystals, to diagnose you. The Weston A. Price Foundation fabricates factually incorrect unscientific information and then spreads it in articles across the internet. If you see any articles claiming such false things as "The Dangers of Soy" or "Okinawa: Island of Pork" these are examples of concocted falsified articles fabricated by the now known debunked WAPF health-fraud front group. These are false. The Okinawans that were not centenarians ate more pork (died). The actual centenarians diet consisted of very little, less than 1% pork, only as little as once a month, or for special occasions, funerals, etc, and 99% not pork. The majority of the diet is plant-based. The ones that ate the most carbs, the most plants and the least amount of pork lived the longest.

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