1. Don’t allow people with negative attitude near you. 2. Just tap on your thigh 20 times even if it is not rhythmic. 3. Boring ? Talk to your friend over phone. 4. For married, the easy way is sex. 5. Learn to say ‘no’. 6. Under stress our brain will not work 100%. Others around us will be clear, ask for help. 7. For stress at office, look at things you like for 10 seconds, you will be refreshed.

8. Write the cause for your stress in a piece of paper and tore it off. You may start writing diary also. 9. Clean the house, the mind also gets cleaned. 10.Keep your feet in luck-warm water for 10 minutes, stress will be reduced. 11.If you have committed a blunder at office, first laugh at yourself, others laugh won’t affect you. 12.Keep a bottle of Chiclets and peanut sweets at home, two peanut balls will do for reducing your stress.

13.Drink a cup of hot milk adding honey,sombu,kasa kasa and relax in a dark room. 14.‘I am a good man’, ‘only good things will happen to me’- say this positive mantras 10 times during the time of stress. 15.Divert your thinking from the source of your stress. 16.You are not God to take care of every thing. Your effort 50%, rest ‘He’ will take care.

17.If problem comes…so what? What is the next move? This should be your reaction. 18.Not doing any work also a stress, so keep busy. 19.Release the tension by stretching your hands, legs and body, before go to bed. 20.If nothing is helpful, better go to a psychiatrist.

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