Social media’s importance means that it’s now an integral part of any social media strategy. Due to its cheapness, immediacy and allowing brands to develop a relationship with their consumers, doing social media well can certainly help you out in the long run. It’s no longer enough to say that you have a Twitter or LinkedIn account, you must be able to back it up with consistency and customer service. But while we’re all savvy enough to know what Facebook and Twitter are, the finer points like customer service on Twitter, video editing and marketing on YouTube, company pages on LinkedIn, using Foursquare as a marketing tool and the rise of Pinterest may elude you. With so many platforms out there and compelling reasons to use them, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose and in one or two cases, which ones to drop. Chances are you already two or three different platforms to focus your efforts on (unless you’re a larger company and have the luxury of a community manager) and that’s a good thing. Taking on too many platforms will only result in a diluted experience that won’t help your company or brand in the long-term. While Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the obvious choices, it may be worth looking into other depending on your industry. An app like Instagram can help show off your wares or communicate far more than a simple status update, Foursquare can be useful if you’re looking to drum up extra business by offering deals and offers and YouTube can offer a unique way of engaging with your audience. The amount of time you can dedicate to it and the type of marketing you want to engage in will determine which tools you will use to promote your business so consider your options first before you decide to embrace a new platform on top of your existing ones.



Essential Social Stats & Facts That Brand Marketers Should Consider
f there’s one thing that marketers are constantly craving for, it’s new stats and facts to sink their teeth into. Knowledge is indeed power and with new developments, research and products happening regularly it can be difficult to keep up with them. One good place to keep up with this is at the major conferences and events held around the world, where agencies, brands and companies will always provide stats and figures. The Dublin Web Summit last week was no exception so here are the major points to take away from the digital marketing stage, with key facts presented as images.

Mark Dewings – Brand Communications At Soundcloud

Talking about the importance of sound and how its under-utilised as a medium, Dewings mentioned that there is a discrepancy between how we consume and create mediums. While creating images was popular thanks to the popularity of Instagram and Camera+, others like sound and video recording was much lower, sharing similar levels of creation and consumption His main reasons for embracing sound were that it’s everywhere, it’s inherently practical as it requires less digital memory, it’s less intrusive in comparison to other mediums as it requires less effort to process as video requires more than one sense. 3

Coleman showed how you could get specific details to help your retargeting campaign such as average site visits per purchase and the number of different sites visited per purchase. One of which looking at the process between first visiting a site and purchasing a good or product. 4 . Using some of the status gathered from Wolfgang Digital’s work. analytics (finding out how many times people visit your site before a sale is made) and interest (developing interest in consumers through advanced ad targeting) – Coleman spoke about the wealth of options that brands have to help amplify their marketing efforts.Alan Coleman – Founder & CEO of Wolfgang Digital On a talk about at the three most important innovations for marketing – retargeting (promoting what the user already likes).

they were still a long way from achieving satisfactory levels (less than 50% of questions on social media were responded to). What was particularly interesting was that out of the 89%. he revealed that in a recent survey. 55% wanted to have ongoing conversations with brands and 89% would feel more loyal if they were invited to take part in a group.Jan Rezab – Founder Of SocialBakers Considering that stats are SocialBaker’s bread and butter. Grealish talked about how consumers want a greater input into how brands work and the power of getting them involved. Rezab showed that while more brands were beginning to respond to consumer queries. Jan Rezab based his talk on understanding fans and the importance of engagement and consumer feedback. However. Elaborating on Socialbakers’ ‘Socially Devoted’ concept that it introduced at Le Web London. 41% wanted companies to seek feedback from them and 37% said that they would like newer ways to interact with brands via social media. in comparison to 2011 where only 5% of questions were answered. 5 . Mentioning that 2/3 of people are influenced by personal recommendations. it’s has improved immensely Hubert Grealish – Global Head of Brand Communications At Diageo Talking about how the relationship between brands and customers has reversed.

saying that the important part is the part before the ‘+’ and how it’s playing a major part for writers and journalists.” Instead. 6 . highlighting their Google+ profile. He also stressed the importance of Google+. you’re renting it. What you want to focus on is results and not rankings.Dharmesh Shah – Co-founder and CTO of HubSpot Concentrating on how Google’s search engine works. as measuring how many leads you get for your site is more important. the number of circles they’re in and allowing you to see articles they’ve written. clean design and fast websites as that’s what Google is actually looking for. what you should focus on is creating useful content. Dharmesh Shah talked about how PPC ads aren’t as good an investment as you think saying “you’re not buying attention.

5 billion check-ins at 40 million venues. 7 . Mobile – It’s 1999 All Over Again Our very own Niall Harbison decided to speak about mobile for his presentation. With over 25 million users globally and one million businesses registered. showing visitors where to visit. the service has registered over 2. they’re still significant enough to be repeated again.Omid Ashtari – Director Of Business Development At Foursquare Although the major status Ashtari provided aren’t anything new. However. Ashtari’s talk focused on case studies where Foursquare was used in an innovative manner such as the London 2012 olympics where Foursquare became an unofficial events guide. Another example was the weather channel where your first check-in of the day triggered a weather report filled with images and global news. where all the events were being held and ran badge competitions to encourage checkins. He showed how the transition from desktop and personal computers to mobile devices is having an effect on the biggest companies like Google and Facebook as well as hurting traditional media companies.

It is no longer good enough just to have a mobile version of your website and big companies like Nokia and Blackberry have been caught out and will probably die because of the emergence of iOS and Android. 8 . The companies and brands who are going to win big are those who bet big on mobile and who start embracing while others are still asleep.

9 . While smartphone penetration continues to rise worldwide. and even across lower-spending markets. social media advertising. Looking at recent figures. or how much time we can reasonably expect them to spend with an ad. it is still an incredibly new medium. We don’t quite yet know how consumers will react to advertising via mobile. it is a much less open market than say. where many sites now have open ad platforms allowing brands to set up and manage their own campaigns.M Mobile Advertising – How The Big Social Networks Are Adapting obile advertising is experiencing an odd growth rate at the moment. Secondly. the rate at which companies are picking up on this isn’t quite matching. consumer interest in mobile is far outweighing the spend made by brands in advertising: So why the disparity? First.

which is not something immediately open for all advertisers.While Facebook is making some movement in this. mobile is currently at the stage where it is still very much an afterthought. This is understandable. While they served a purpose on desktop. Types of Mobile Advertising Banner Ads The most common example of mobile advertising out there. and what the overall strategy for a mobile ad campaign should be. We’ve shared some of the best ones below. along with some compelling stats to show why mobile advertising deserves its place on your marketing campaign. A case of ticking the box to allow your ads to show on mobile. if you’re a smartphone user. but rather conserved for those with larger budgets. And just as we saw with social network marketing or advertising. given how new the concept is. for example by allowing brands to target ads to mobile users. without really thinking about what type of ad will work. which format it should be in. some brands are making real inroads with smart mobile ad campaigns that are sympathetic of the medium they’re operating in. this is currently only available within Power Editor. the chances that you have already seen this type of ad is quite high. Image via The Alantic However. banner ads are starting to fall out of favour with 10 .

while people are spending more and more time on apps – sometimes more than they would spend surfing the Web – the majority of this time is spent on gaming apps. While they mostly feature on free apps. so if you decide to release one. to get people to download it. but as smartphone users start expecting more. Augmented Reality (AR) is where computer-generated graphics or animations are added on top of a view of your real-world environment. Its use is growing and the fact that it has yet to hit mainstream use means that its going to become more popular as usage grows.advertisers as users begin to ignore them and marketers are looking at different ways to engage users. having an app is the same thing as having a Facebook or Twitter page. or superimposing items in your home to see how they would fit in. the potential and the opportunities provided are massive. you need to make sure the quality is and have a decent marketing campaign behind it so that people will download it. Apps Quickly becoming a very crowded market. Its functions could range from providing additional information about goods or services. Augmented Reality Definitely the area that will see a lot of growth over the next few years. which would take up more time. While AR is the most expensive advertising format here. It’s no longer enough to just release an app and expect it to perform well. The cheap nature of banner ads means that they won’t be disappearing any time soon. most of these apps have a paid version which gets rid of these ads. you need to produce something special. apps have become the lifeblood of smartphones with a platform’s success or failure depending upon it. Also. The rise of companies such as Blippar is paving the way for how AR is used to market and promote brands and products. Currently. 11 . marketing strategies will have to change to reflect this.

other apps like Kuapay generate QR codes which you use to pay for goods. Tagging Working on the same principal as QR codes. and you’ll be automatically directed to whatever content is linked. Services like Google Wallet are leading the charge with numerous other competitors releasing their own versions over the coming months. those with a little more imagination would use it to provide special offers or link to different videos which show off their new products. The QR code acts as a visual URL which takes the use to a particular address when they scan it. QR Codes Although they’ve gotten a bad rep as of late. quick response (QR) codes are a great way of providing content to smartphone users in a direct manner. Its most popular use is paying for goods by simply taking out your phone and tapping/ swiping it at the checkout. Instead of scanning a code or typing in a URL. except these can be scanned on your smartphone through a specialised app. 12 .NFC Near Field Communications (NFC) is another emerging area in mobile marketing. While the majority tend to direct people towards a webpage. There is a large number of QR code generators out there. The best way to understand it is that it functions like a ‘mobile wallet’ and a large number of smartphones come with this technology pre-installed. Basically. you’re not able to change the URL once you create one. tagging is slowly becoming more popular with marketers as it provides a more seamless process. so there are other uses for it beyond linking to different URLs. tagging apps like Kooaba work by holding your smartphone’s camera over an icon. QR codes work in the same way as bar codes. Also. like in a newspaper or magazine. but remember that for most generators. for contactless payment.

which is more of a mobile play. If you think about it. people are most likely to download apps when on their phone so Facebook will no doubt be offering developers and publishers a way of securing downloads through ads in the newsfeed. apps developers can target their ads based on demographics and user interests. Here are some of the formats that are being used by the big guys. but they simply can’t serve as many ads on small screens as they can on larger devices. seems to be having great early success with its mobile ads. The beauty of these ads is that given how much information Facebook has about its users. They are promoting it heavily through the log in screen on the desktop and they have 150 million people using it already. Mobile app developers have the chance to run their ads on prime real estate on devices and given that six of the top ten apps in the iOS app store use Facebook login. Last week’s overhaul of the Facebook app does mean that more sponsored stories are starting to appear in the newsfeed and the design is done in such a way that you would hardly know they are even ads. There is also no doubt that Facebook’s next revenue stream will involve pushing app distribution through its new app store. Its mobile sites and apps are starting to see huge amount of usage. but these ads will continue to grow and become the default way to distribute apps soon.Social Media & Mobile Advertising The problem that all of the social networks face at the moment is that an increasing amount of their users are using their services on mobile devices rather than on the desktop where it is easier to show more ads. 13 . This is one of the main reasons why Facebook’s share price has been struggling whereas Twitter. Facebook Facebook’s problem is complicated. This is still very much in a test phase. you can see the huge potential here.

These are still being tested on a very small level as it essentially changes the entire Twitter experience and puts paid content into your feed. That is a big step and one that Twitter is taking slowly. Where it starts to get a little more interesting is when Twitter puts in sponsored tweets into the main feed.Twitter Twitter has a huge advantage over other social networks because most people primarily use the service on their phone or on tablet devices. One or two ads a day are fine. Word on the street is that Twitter ads are massively engaging and are seeing massive click through rates. but it doesn’t have the same challenges that Facebook has in terms of moving their revenues over to mobile. it has been busy shutting down their API to other developers because it knows that it needs to control everything in their ecosystem in order to increase revenue from ads. Over the past year. The first type of ads are pretty harmless because they just allow you to pay to be suggested users. It will also make a lot of money on the desktop. but what happens when they open it up to a much bigger and wider market with a self-service option? Chaos? 14 .

” messages that are presented to users who are within the vicinity of a business. the new format is being tested with a small number of companies.’ which is free and only appears to those users who have either ‘liked’ a venue or have checkedin a number of times. these ads are coming in the form of “promoted updates. store or restaurant. but when it’s released for general use. These updates will be found in the ‘explore’ tab and are tailored towards the likes and interests of each user. The other method Foursquare used to advertise goods is ‘local updates. This is more to reward loyal customers and only appear when somebody checks-in to a business or looks at the app’s ‘Friends’ tab. 15 . Currently.You can also target ads at people based on the mobile device they are accessing Twitter via and that makes for some interesting marketing options especially when it comes to app downloads. Similar to Facebook. it was inevitable that it would introduce its own ads. Foursquare Considering the data Foursquare has at its disposal. businesses and brands will pay Foursquare on a ‘cost per action’ model.

16 . ice-cream. of course. incorporating Facebook. QR codes were also displayed on the side of KFC cups. Universal were more than happy to promote the Kristen Stewart-starring Snow White & the Huntsmanthrough mobile devices and across a number of social media platforms. while requiring very little from excited users. Instead of using the app to arrange a limousine pickup. cinemas are populated with mobiles and social media-inclined teenagers who would be susceptible to such advertising. A really novel way to advertise a great if impractical app that spread like wildfire because of how unique it was. It stands out because it offered something different and fun. they led customers on to additional content and gave them the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes giveaway.Mobile Campaigns KFC Earlier this year.This campaign had a winning humour at its centre that’s easy-going and helpful when engaging with potential customers. KFC utilised a variety of mobile apps and channels to promote its chunky chicken pot pie. The campaign had a 1970s funk flavour to it and a Pandora radio station dedicated to only the grooviest hits was created to entice customers. This amazing campaign for limousine rental app Uber ingeniously incorporated a great product. Uber Universal Pictures Universal Pictures and the movie industry have been keen to use mobile advertising to hit key demographics. Famously. It was multifaceted and takes advantage of many platforms so as not to be one-dimensional or easily discarded. users in seven North American cities used the app to call an ice-cream truck to a location of their choosing and were encouraged to use the #OMGUBERICECREAM hashtag. with mobile savvy and.

which functioned as both an ad and an inset ad. but they also had the option to click and be taken to the “Merrymaker” gifting app. interested users would be redirected to the Snow White page.000 users for its app by using mobile barcodes. but the app also works as a remote control for vending machines spread around major American cities. promoting the chain to discerning users of popular apps. where they could view trailers and browse photo galleries and buy tickets to screenings of the film. American megastore chain Target introduced its iAd. right? Wrong. outstripping the likes of Prometheus and Battleship at the box-office. among other things. launched in 2009. as the film was one of the surprise hits of the summer. The magazine captured over 100. Big whoop. Coca-Cola Glamour Magazine Last September’s print issue of Glamour magazine had digital content and interactive competitions. The soft drinks giant is no stranger to expense and innovation in advertising. prove as such. If users didn’t engage.Essentially a fullpage interactive ad. the Merrymaker presented users with gift ideas for the holiday season and general tips to help them cope with the demands of Christmas or on how to make their Christmas a little more festive. These vending machines contained over 100 drinks and allowed users the chance to create their own cocktail of said drinks if they so pleased.000 interactions to its credit. it would still function as a static ad. Over the top.Twitter and Pinterest into their marketing strategy. and the Freestyle app and corresponding vending machines. clearly doing something right. A clever and malleable campaign. It obviously worked. The freestyle app is laded with games and tasks that encourage socialisation and sharing on social media. Target For Christmas 2010. Quite simply. with 41. These weren’t any old vending machines. featuring on large apps such as that of the New York Times. upon tapping the ad. The scans allowed advertisers to gather data from smartphone users and led the 17 . thanks to the work of the fine folks at SpyderLink. fresh and.

18 . the move led to an 18% increase in Glamour ‘s Facebook fans. The app would ask in-game questions about statistics and ask users to give their opinions on the game as it progressed. access their mobiles to interact and chat with absent friends and followers about the game they’re watching. A smart way of incorporating mobile users and guiding them to both online content and to advertisers. social media and usergenerated content.users to exclusive content. Heineken Axe (Lynx) The deodorant kingpins created a fun little game for its users. It’s a clever and titillating ad that played directly to the core demographic in a cheeky manner and promoted the brand extremely well. diversify and prove their mobile advertising. It’s an app that uses the social aspect to power consumer demand and sustain spending. of course. They also used it for its Taxi Shops campaign to help promote their Fashion Week back in February 2012. while also incorporating video. Its aim was to create a more personalised experience for their users. users could also unlock gift coupons and other discounts online. American Express American Express teamed with mobile developers Zumobi in a bid to bolster. Supplemented by a print ad that sent users to this mobile app. This isn’t the first time Glamour has incorporated SpyderLink into their campaigns. Fans. Users sync their cards with social media apps to learn the latest offers on products that they would find intriguing or essential and have the ability to view other people’s profiles as well as share their purchases and what not. Axe beckoned its fans to complete a picture of a young woman who wasn’t wearing much of anything. and it certainly paid of for the famed lager company. most visible sponsors. Heineken developed the StarPlayer gaming app in time for the 20102011 Champions League final. so Heineken were aiming to tap into this in-built audience as one of the competitions main. By taking pictures of the links and sharing them. that played to its male demographic and gave them a little puzzle to solve.

While it’s safe to say that mobile advertising is the future. 6. More importantly. had been caught napping and are now looking to implement the innovative 2-D code scanner that Starbucks used to power this great time-saver. coffee giants Starbucks created a very useful. behavioural targeting One of the benefits of mobile is that it’s portable and with location services growing in popularity. it’s easier than ever to know where your audience is.S.800 Starbucks outlets were equipped to handle mobile payments from customers using the Starbucks app. stores along with investing $25 million in the company. They simply scan their phone at the register and avoid any hassle. everyday app for its customers that both promoted their product and made it easier for customers to acquire it. 19 . it allowed user to pay via PayPal/credit card and rewarded them with offers. The company has expanded its mobile payment services by teaming up with Square. fiddling for change in their wallets etc.Starbucks Finally. Future Trends Despite the rapid advancements made in the mobile sector. there is still a long way to go before it becomes the core of any marketing strategy. here are a few areas which will be improved over the coming years.000 U. Improved relevance. The app made payment more efficient and increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty with over three million users as of June 2011. which will see its services featuring in 7. Google. for once.

aspx?R=1009228 . presentable but give you little reason to click on them. Analysing the success of mobile campaigns is currently a problem as not everyone has access to the necessary tools to successfully measure these ads.theverge.gartner.jsp?id=1726614 . these ads could be even more focused than before. But alongside that. There are some examples of interactive ads out there.mediapost. Future advertising campaigns will bypass this requirement. but the terms we use to measure the success of desktop ads doesn’t necessarily mean a perfect fit for measuring mobile ads. time and their behaviour. interactive ads that encourage you to participate and media rich ads that incorporate video and audio into their message. mobile search will continue to be a major source of revenue for Google and with the possible inclusion of social and other services like Google Now and Siri. As consumers become more accustomed to the capabilities provided by smartphones. the majority of ads are either banner or text. Mobile search Tying into the concept of geo-location services.in/2012/06/google-play-quick-stats-key-takeaways-google-io-2012/ 20 .http://www. the hunger for more interactive means of advertising will increase. In future. users will have grown accustomed to AR. Increased focus on interactivity Currently.emarketer. The next few years will see a substantial improvement in these services and what results they can generate. Measuring ad performance Currently. companies and brands will have developed a much better idea about measuring mobile ads and the analytic tools available will have improved to reflect this.com/PressRelease. we measure the success of ads on a CPM or cost per click basis. marketers will be able to target ads based on location. but the majority require you to download an app to experience them.html . Further down the line. Apps like Foursquare has already done the latter by using the data from check-ins to display relevant ads and updates that would interest specific users. Infographic Sources .http://www.http://www.you can find out when they’re in the vicinity and will be handy for fixed business and brands like cafes and restaurants.http://www. allowing users to jump into the experience immediately.com/publications/article/170935/mobile-growth-influencedby-clicks-on-paid-search.com/2012/6/11/3077792/apple-wwdc-2012-stats-ios-macgrowth .com/it/page.http://yourstory.

but by looking outside of the big player of Facebook. There are also many untapped opportunities.The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Advertising W ith advertising budgets for more expensive media being gradually reduced. 21 . Other sites have now followed suit like LinkedIn. Facebook set the trend here by making a selfserve ad system available to marketers. with Twitter more capable of adapting their existing ad system for mobile users. albeit whilst dragging their feet towards making it completely open for advertisers. has improved targeting options and has improved analytics. Increasingly. most notable in mobile advertising. the trend is to allocate this ad spend on a niche basis by focusing on the relevant social network. with some reporting a 17. we’re consistently seeing positive figures for the rise in online advertising.2% increase from 2011 to 2012. and Twitter is ultimately heading that way. this represents a whole new approach to advertising: Ultimately it’s more trackable. Facebook’s problems with this are well documented. you can run targeted ad campaigns that get you in front of the right audience as a part of their social experience as opposed to interrupting it. As more advertisers turn towards social advertising. For brands and marketers. with no minimum spend required – similar to the way in which Google Adwords functions. costs are evidently rising.

Facebook Marketing Page As you would expect. You can also find some of the best creative campaigns and practical learning tools here to help you get the most out of the platform. The fact that they collect so much personal data allows you to target ads precisely. tricks and info about the Facebook marketing platform. which can help drive excellent results if used correctly. Here are some of their excellent resources. Facebook Offers A brand new offering from Facebook and only in the process of being rolled out at the moment. Facebook is obviously the biggest platform to use. there is a Facebook page dedicated to tips. tricks.Facebook Advertising When it comes to social advertising. Learning Lab This is the hub from Facebook that has tons of tips. case studies and other information about the advertising platform. 22 . It has an incredible amount of information on how to use the platform as well as case studies and tips that you can avail of. Offers are seen as one of the main ways in which brands and small businesses will be able to generate real revenue through Facebook. It is a good place to stay on top of all the latest trends on pages and advertising.

‘Who to Follow. which will be shown at the top of a users trends list. There is a purpose to this method of stealth advertisement. the tweet in question will then appear at the top of the page. though there is less of a guarantee that influenced users will follow the brand that is promoting the hashtag. however. The promoted accounts feature is now also being exploited by advertisers in their attempts to gain followers and online popularity. on the basis of their similar interests and Twitter activity. more liable to spread and be picked up on by other users. the company is experimenting with a number of different advertising models. They are suggested to tweeters when they search specific terms on Twitter. Advertisers can choose to make their tweets specific to a particular device (iOS. of course. Accounts and Hashtags Brands use promoted tweets to spread awareness among Twitter users. Twitter is quietly emerging with its own business model that is perfectly suited to mobile. the main ones listed here. The success of these methods can be easily followed and charted with the use of Twitter analytics. Blackberry etc. It is much the same deal with promoted hashtags. 23 . depending on where are whom they want to promote to. Promoted Tweets. While Facebook has had problems with this area. further spreading the brand’s message.) or a particular geographic area.’ will promote brand accounts to users they believe are most likely to follow said account. such people are targeted in the hopes that the promoted tweet will spark conversation between the friends and thus influence their friends and followers. That said.Twitter Advertising Although it doesn’t generate the same amounts of revenue as Facebook. Hashtags are. Twitter’s core function means that it’s perfectly suited for mobile advertising. Twitter’s accounts recommendation engine. The analytics feature will monitor user trends and timeline activity that has been inspired by promotional efforts. Targeted users may also be the friends of a brand’s Twitter followers.

Twitter also offers promoted tweets and accounts to small business owners. Twitter teamed up with American Express – and all businesses using American Express – where the first 10. much as a larger business can.com. so they do not end up with a nasty shock once they become overwhelmingly popular. reply retweet etc) do they pay a fee to Twitter. While this isn’t necessarily an advertising related development. The age is not shared with the brand. target users who are likely to have an interest in their business and will promote the business in question at the right time of day so as to engage as many people as possible. However. where they will be asked to give their birth date. instead it’s when users engage (i. and they can also direct Twitter to promote them in certain geographic areas. but it’s good value for money. Business owners can put a cap on how much they are willing to spend. as well as across the web and mobile devices. a user will be sent a direct message linking them to age. twitter. the possibility of it being included with targeted advertising.e. follow.000 cardholders were allowed $100 of free advertising on Twitter. Twitter will. Such self-service advertising is very helpful and allows small businesses using Twitter to get off the ground without having to incur a large expense to begin with. could give it more data to work from and provide users with more targeted ads. of course. When it first began. but it is surely very simple to lie about your age on the internet. Upon following such a brand. Age Screening determines whether any new follower is old enough to be compliant relevant industry or legal age guidelines. They do not pay to have their accounts/tweet advertised. which Twitter recently introduced. Self-Service Advertising Twitter introduced new methods for small businesses to amplify their Tweeters and exponentially increase their reach in February. This filter will aid more age-discerning brands (specifically companies promoting alcoholic brands) to target a specific age group as well as to weed out Twitter users who are too young to be buying their products and such. the technology is far from foolproof. 24 .Age Filter Twitter recently introduced a new feature called Age Screening.

the company name. it’s perfect for any companies or people focusing on B2B. The main ads appear at the side of the page. LinkedIn doesn’t focus as much on ads nor does it offer any major differences in how you advertise. a 75 character description. Also. location and seniority and age.You can choose to pay LinkedIn either by CPM (cost per 1.” LinkedIn itself provides a number of tips and guides to improve the success rate of your ads on its site. you will know what to expect here. First. The main thing you need to focus on is creating a strong ad that will appeal to those demographics you’re targeting. Depending on your ad’s performance. Amassing extra followers can be beneficial if you have a company page as you are able to send out targeted updates. the latter is more expensive. Therefore. LinkedIn lets you target specific demographics like a particular industry. Be specific in what you’re advertising as people won’t respond to general statements and include a strong call to action that’s tailored towards your company3 like “get a free quote”. the site does offer greater opportunities for B2B companies due to its focus on professionals and is. it may be shown here. 25 . When you log in. As you only have 25 and 75 characters to work from. consisting of a 25 character heading. remember that you can promote LinkedIn company pages and groups through ads if you want to direct users towards them instead. despite this limitation. The reason it works so well is because. like Facebook. If you’re in any way familiar with Google AdWords. The second place ads appear is just underneath the main toolbar where it is a text only ad.000 impressions) or by CPC (cost per click). However. a much better suit. every word counts. While Facebook does have GlassDoor. “download now” or “free trial. therefore. it targets demographics based on their likes and interests. make sure your heading and description are eye-catching and effective. you will find that ads appear in two different places. but better if you’re more focused on generating leads. Each click will cost between $2 (the minimum CPC) and your bid. an image and a URL.LinkedIn Advertising Compared to Facebook and Twitter.

Foursquare Advertising

Foursquare is a bit of an oddity as while there’s a number of ways for a business to advertise, it recently started rolling out paid ads for brands. Since it’s a location based app, most of your audience is going to be local and so your deals and offers should reflect this. We covered Foursquare as a marketing tool recently (which you can read here) so we won’t waste too much time covering this topic. To give a brief summary, the two main ways to advertise is through local updates and promoted updates. The former are available to those who liked your venue or have checked-in a number of times, while the latter are paid ads, allowing users to discover new places and deals to those near the vicinity. Also, merchant pages and brand pages come into play when advertising any deals or offers, which has primarily been the way merchants advertised their deals on the app.

Infographic Sources

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10 Innovative Ways To Get More Out Of Facebook For Your Business


acebook pages are a crucial part of the marketing mix for businesses these days but with the platform and features changing on a near weekly basis it can be hard to get the best out of them and many people are surprised at their options available to them. We decided to put together 10 simple tips that can help you to manage your page more effectively. Some are simple 2 minute changes that you can work in to your schedule while others will take some learning and getting used to but they’ll drastically improve how you use the platform. We have a decent focus on mobile given how much importance Facebook themselves are putting on that channel. Get used to these 10 tips and you won’t be saying Facebook pages are as restrictive as you thought they once were…

Drive Revenue Through Facebook Offers

This is still a pretty new feature but one that is starting to drive very real revenues for businesses who are using Facebook effectively. The idea is that you can post any type of offer that can be used either online or in the real world and the fact that the offers can spread virally via the news feed can give you great distribution. If you have a large enough community of people who like your page that can be enough to get your offer kick started but you may also need to lean on Facebook’s advertising platform to help get the word out about the offer. This is one of the first ways that Facebook business page owners have had of driving physical sales in the real world and the early word on the street is very good. 27

Use Advanced Targeting For Updates

Until recently you could only send out status updates to people based on their location or language but Facebook have improved that targeting and now give you nearly as many options when sending out a regular update as they do when you are using their advertising tool. You might not want to target every single update but we have seen a huge improvement in engagement levels when you start targeting updates at specific groups of people based on their interests. This tool is going to be most useful for people with much larger fan bases that can be segmented down in to specific niche groups without annoying all likes with one generic update.


If the group is set up correctly you can lock the group down so as only people within the company see updates and other content. You can also drill down in to your analytics to see what your fan base growth and engagement levels are like while out and about. The app will allow you to publish updates. questions. Internal communication is just as important these days as anything else so groups are a great way of improving that on an existing platform that people know rather than getting them all to embrace something new. You’ll probably still want to do most of your updates. share photos and engage with your community while on the go. Given that most of your employees are probably already on Facebook and they are increasingly spending a large portion of their day there it is a great way to get your company talking to each other using the tools that they already know. scheduling and engagement on the main site on a desktop as it is quicker but you have a very real alternative on mobile devices now.Use Facebook Groups For Internal Communication Facebook groups are one of the most underused items on Facebook and they offer a great way of improving information flow within a company. Use The Facebook Pages App The Facebook pages app is a wonderful addition that allows you to manage multiple pages through the one app rather than having to fire up the main Facebook app which is designed for personal use. social events and anything else company related. Use groups for feedback. 29 .

The good news is that you can actually go in and edit the photo again and reposition it after you have posted without disrupting the original update. This could be competitors. All you have to do is head in to the backend of the page and you can type all the words that you don’t want to see appear on the page. Block Competitors Names With Moderation Blacklist Large brands and businesses probably don’t want people talking about their competitors or other specific terms on their Facebook business page and the good news is that you can set up a moderation blacklist to block certain words. specific products or anything else that you don’t want to have appearing on the site.Reposition Photos After Posting You’ll often post a photo update to your business page only to realize afterwards when you see it in the newsfeed that you have it totally wrong. rude words. 30 .

If somebody sees what you are writing. Now private messages might be a great way for some large brands to manage customer service in a more discrete way but some pages might just be happy to turn them off altogether and not deal with the extra volume of queries.Turn Off The Ability For People To Message The Page While it is great to give people the opportunity to send the page private messages we find that with large pages the volume of private messages can get pretty high and some business pages simply don’t have the resources to manage all the replies. You can head in to Edit Page >> Manage Permissions >> untick “Show “Message” Comment On Third Party Websites Using Your Business Page Identity Facebook comments are starting to pop up all over the web on websites who are using them as a way of improving their current commenting system and avoiding spam. The key here is to leave high quality comments that rise to the top (The comments with the most likes go to the top of the pile) rather than just spamming lots of pages to create links. 31 . While the vast majority of people leave comments using their personal profiles you do have the ability to leave comments as your business page as well. This is a great way of signposting your own page and getting people to click on your logo to find out more about you. thinks you know what you are talking about and generally likes what you are saying there is a very good chance they will then go on and like your page.

You can also run much more advanced mobile ads and generally customize your ads in a way that you never could on the traditional Facebook advertising interface.Install Facebook’s Power Editor – Match Your Existing Database With Facebook Users Power editor is a relatively new tool that completely changes the way people use Facebook’s advertising tools and although it has been mainly used by large tech advertisers. 32 . Everybody we talk to is seeing huge success through this tool and the good news is that it is getting better all the time. It feels like a work in progress and not the finished article like say a Google Analytics. You can now do really smart things like import your existing email marketing lists and telephone numbers and match them up to people who are on Facebook who like your page. Although they are clearly improving it all the time you can actually go in and download all the data from your various pages and export it in to Excel with a couple of simple clicks. agencies and brands to date it is something that anybody can get their hands on. We find that when using the data in something like Excel (or the other program of your choosing) you can manipulate the data and engage with it in a much more meaningful way to start to spot trends on your page. It will take a good bit more time but if you want better results across the board download your data and start playing with it. Export Your Insights For Deeper Stats Analysis Lets be brutally honest about things and say that Facebook insights just don’t offer the way to slice and digest the data as effectively as we all would like.

000 From Adsense In 20 Days Using A Single Blog Post And Facebook o we write this blog to share the latest marketing trends and social media news from around the world. They don’t bring in much revenue but they do allow us to hire a full time writer and pay all the hosting charges etc.This won’t work for you every time but there are lessons in here that you can use to help grow individual posts and start creating new revenue streams from your blog. People would watch it and find it so good that they would instantly share it with their friends.000 in revenue in less than 20 days. It was one single blog post that contained a viral video and which was made for sharing. The 20 Day Revenue I wanted to focus on one piece of content that really took off. It is in no way our core business although because the levels of traffic that it starting delivering last year were so high we decided to start adding some simple ads around the content. 33 . It happened last November and this post is a mini case study on some of the things that made it spread and why it was able to bring in so much revenue in a short period of time.S How To Make $10. We do write some posts that get tons of traffic though and I wanted to highlight one such post that brought in over €10. As you can see the revenue took off immediately (from a base of about €150 a day at the time) and accelerated as the sharing on Facebook picked up.

The following chart shows the revenue broken down by day with most days bringing in €300 and the top day driving €1000 in revenue. 34 . The vast majority of the traffic came from the USA with nearly 6 times more revenue than the next revenue source. Platforms Although the vast majority of the revenue is coming from the desktop you can see that people are still starting to click on the ads on both mobile and tablets.000 mark was hit in less than 20 days. Countries As always the big 6 or 7 English speaking countries were the most effective when it came to driving large volumes of clicks and a higher cost per click. The average revenue per day was €500 and the €10. This pace has also been accelerated over the last year and the percentage accessing via mobile and tablets has already increased more since then.

They won’t all see your content by default (because of Facebook’s edgerank formula) but you can pay for them all to see it. 35 . The logic here is that if they already like your page there is a good chance they will share or like your content. As you can see from the image below the post has been shared over 20. Why rely on your own judgement when you can look at the popular sites out there that let users vote on the best videos or content. If you think that everybody has a few hundred friends on Facebook and you times that by 20.000 times already and the sharing from other social networks is also strong. You could start by looking here. All of these shares are starting to count in search results now as well (especially +1s from Google) so they are telling Google that this is an “important” piece of content. Facebook Sharing Advertise If Facebook and other social networks can help you grow your traffic and revenue organically why not give them a little push to get it all started. The post itself was viewed over a million times because of the amount of shares it had.Find Content That People Are Already Sharing If you want people to share your content the best bet is to find content that people already like. or here. Find a piece of content that is about to break in to the big time but that not many people have seen yet. The vast majority of the traffic to this post came via Facebook.000 shares you can see where the volume of traffic is mostly coming from. The first type of ad is an ad that is targeted at the people who already like your page. Look for little things like the amount of thumbs up people are giving a video on Youtube as indications of how much they will share it from your blog. You won’t want to do this every single time but as soon as you have a piece of content that looks like it is going to get shared a lot why not push it with some ads. Facebook have some great ad tools that can help your content start to spread and grow it’s own legs. here. People won’t share something that has been covered in loads of places but they will share something amazing that they don’t think anybody has seen yet.

You might also be able to use ads on other networks but I always stick to Facebook given their precise interest targeting. Bear in mind that this post only took off about 2 weeks after it was actually posted so this doesn’t happen overnight. Flick The Ads On Aggressively Once you have the critical mass of people coming to the post it is then time to start placing the ads more aggressively on the post. The chances are that 36 . You need that person to find the content so relevant and funny that they want to share it with all their friends and drive them to your blog. You’ll also notice that I have gone after the countries that are performing best in terms of clicks on Adsense and delivering the best resturn on budget. We don’t want to annoy our regular readers with aggressive ads (they are normally tucked away in the sidebar far away from the content) but when a post is getting this much traction you are leaving money on the table by not placing ads within the content. There will be a number of campaigns that you can run depending on the content of your post but here is another example of a target market that would be very likely to share the content about the bikers in the cinema… What is really important to realize here is that one person clicking on your ad and looking at the content is never going to be enough. Using the precise targeting on Facebook I’ve shown the example here of people who have indicated that they like beer and targeted them with a picture of an ice cold bottle of beer and some copy prompting them to click on the image.After you have targeted your own Facebook page and the people who like it you will want to create some precise targeting ads to go after the wider population. The key here is that you are driving people to the URL in question. This stage will take a lot of refining to figure out what works and what is the cheapest way of getting them there.

Summary Find a piece of content that is amazing and that nobody has shared that much.99% of your regular readers will already have seen this on the day that it was posted and most of the people coming from all over the world are not our normal readers. sharing it. It isn’t always going to work but you give yourself a good chance by doing all the things above. Make sure the social buttons are visible for people to push it to their friends and then when it does take off place ads on to the post. 37 . Leave the ads on the post and add any social media buttons or plugins that you want to push. see how you get on and share any tips here that you might have. Embed it in to your blog and give it a push using social ads to some targeted people who are likely to share it. Try it out. commenting and pushing it up the rankings. I will say that when it does work there is no better feeling as all the hard work is done for you and the people sharing it drive all the revenue for you. Something like the video above before it has actually hit the big time. It becomes a bit of a virtual circle with more people liking the page. Ongoing Revenue These posts won’t come along every single day but when you get one you should make the most out of it. We placed 4 sets of ads all around the content as soon as we started to see the spike in traffic. With 10s of thousands of people visiting the page the post jumps up the rankings and people now searching for terms like “Carlsberg video” will arrive on our blog and possibly click on the ads. Create 10-12 of these posts and you have a nice little long term revenue stream there for the future. People were there to see the video but many would have clicked on the ads. It will never continue to drive the same revenues as it did during the peak but there will always be a certain amount of sharing and people finding it through the search engines.

As you can see from the list below. While most of the apps are fine.50 Innovative Ways To Use Twitter More Effectively W Twitter ith over 170 million active users and playing a significant role in media consumption. but what about more advanced features such as shortcuts. it is worth checking in here to see what apps you have given access to recently and purging some of the ones you no longer use. If you want to improve your knowledge or want to pick up a few tips and tricks to help you get more out of the service. there is a very good chance that you have given some apps permission to access your account. apps and SEO. 38 . there has to be a quicker way to use the desktop interface and that comes in the form of keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard Shortcuts With many of us spending large amounts of time on Twitter every day. then read on. Pretty much everyone knows how to put a tweet together and how to reply to users. there is a shortcut for pretty much every one of the actions you carry out on a daily basis. App Security Over the time that you’ve been using Twitter. Twitter has turned into the go-to site for real-time updates and gathering snippets of info from those we’re interested in.

you will find this option at the bottom of the page underneath your bio.Schedule Tweets Sometimes you can come up with a good tweet. Provided you know what the main hashtag is (eg: #London2012). sometimes you might not want people to know where you’re are or have tweeted from. To do this. Discovery Twitter Search Twitter recently redesigned its search feature so it’s a good place to start when discussing features. searching terms can be filtered by top. you can find out more real-time info. you can now embed it into your blog post and allow visitors to interact with it if they were viewing it on Twitter. ‘People You Know. all or best yet. but feel that it’s not ready to be posted for the world to see. 39 .’ The latter allows you to see what those users you follow are saying so you can jump into the conversation or add your own comment. You will see the option “Embed this tweet” appear in a new screen. then Buffer is a great tool to use. If this is the case. If that’s the case.’ #hashtag searching If you’re looking for particular topics or searching for updates to an event. expand it and click details. In your profile settings. there’s a vast number of apps and tools that will allow you to schedule tweets for later. using a hashtag to search can bring you more accurate results. The latter will mean that users will be warned about your content before they proceed. Embedding Tweets Instead of taking screenshots of a tweet. head to settings and you will find the option under ‘Tweet location. activating this option in settings will either display sensitive content (those that users have marked as such) or mark yours. for whatever reason. Tweetdeck is one example and if you’re looking for something a little more advanced. Deleting Location Information While you can turn geotagging on. find the tweet you want. Sensitive Content If. you’re tweeting content that isn’t suitable for general consumption. Linking to Facebook account The majority of social media sites allow cross-posting and Twitter is no exception. Behaving more like Google and Facebook by suggesting users.

Simply visit Twitter’s button page and select the share content or follow button. location and even moods to find what you want. the activity section shows you everything that’s been happening with those you follow. A section some users tend to ignore. accounts. Alongside presenting the major stories appearing on Twitter. Follow Buttons The majority of people have a blog so it’s a good idea to include a follow button so that people can find you on Twitter. you can filter by words. you can click the ‘Find Friends’ section and find users through your Gmail. When you’ve viewing a search result. Alternatively. Search and categories aren’t the only ways of finding friends on Twitter. Yahoo!. 40 . the Discover section also gives users the chance to find new people to follow based on interest. if that isn’t enough for you. follows and favourites so you could find new content and users to follow. Here. Hotmail or AOL account. this is the second option offered in settings alongside advanced search. In discover. Save Search Similar to how you find advanced search. Discover Follow by Category Finding Friends Not content with presenting news. you can access advanced search here. Just click on browse category and Twitter will present a list of topics that might interest you. On the search results page. fill out the details and embed it into your site. clicking the cog icon up in the top right-hand corner to bring advanced search. such as retweets. Discover’s main function is to expose you to content and users you mightn’t have found through your normal feed. you can take things a step further and increase your search capabilities.Advanced Search However. but more valuable then most people give credit for.

but using a URL shortener has its benefits. Try to space out when you tweet so that you’re more consistent throughout the day. the person retweeting should be able to fit in a quick comment. you want to give people the opportunity to retweet your stuff. you’re not doing yourself any favours. you should leave leave 20 characters worth of spare to allow this. Handy if you’re a business or blog and want to see how many clicks a link got. If that isn’t possible. The process is the same as installing the share and follow buttons and is handy if you want to get your content out there. this lets people know that this tweet has been edited so you can cut down the least essential parts or reword it so you can tweet it. Twitter and every other third-party app automatically shortens apps. Twitter lists Chances are you’re following far more people then you can keep up with. Modified Tweet For those cases where you’re retweeting something that’s too big. you can easily follow the same number of people without being overwhelmed.Hashtag & Mention Buttons If you’ve created an event or covering one. 41 Pace Yourself . all URL shorteners include analytics so you can see how effective and popular your links are. If it’s possible leave 40 since that way. Lists are a handy way of counteracting this. installing a hashtag button is an effective way of getting the message across. Marked as MT. By creating different lists for different categories. Shorten URL Yes. General Tweeting Less is More You may post interesting content or say witty things. use one of the scheduling tools mentioned earlier to space them out. modified tweets come into play. For one. but when you’re doing so. The last thing you want to do is spam your followers and if you’re one of those people who tweets everything they can think of in the one go. As a rule.

So treat it as a resource that you can come back to and you will find that its value will go up. Just be sure to choose only the best photos to tweet if you don’t want to overwhelm your followers with abstract photos. only one hashtag is necessary in a tweet. It might be to strengthen a point you made with a previous tweet or to help followers keep up to speed with a discussion. Favourites The best way to look at favourites is not to view them as things you like. It’s good to mix up your tweets with a mixture of the two.ly could help you. Hashtag tweets Most users add hashtags onto their tweets without actually thinking about why they do it. If you’re not used to taking photos or need an excuse to take some snaps. but this is tidier) and it will appear as a public tweet.Images & Video If you want better engagement or responses. sometimes an image or video is the way to go. but instead things that you would bookmark for later use. you want everyone to see it instead of just the person. Most of the time. Public replies Sometimes when you’re having a discussion. then this report from bit. To do this. then things like the ‘photo a day challenge‘ on Instagram is a great way of getting practice. but knowing the best times to tweet is another thing entirely. Learn the Best Times to Tweet Tweeting is one thing. If you’re being strategic and want to make sure your tweets are seen by as many people as possible. 42 . or a comment that you would like to save for future reference. Any more than that and it’s overkill. simply place a full stop (really you could place any symbol. Bit. the best times to tweet is any time between 1pm-3pm from Monday to Thursday. Essentially. Hashtags are supposed to signify that you’re talking about a particular topic or event so in that case.ly also recommend that you should avoid posting after 8pm on any day as well as after 3pm on Fridays.This rule also applies to any tweet that begins with a username. and two at most. you would favourite things that you don’t have time to read.

setting it to ‘low’ will mean a lower quality image that will load up faster. Read Articles Later If you have an Instapaper account and you want to save articles. Select “Turn on notifications” and now you will now be alerted to any updates from that account. how many notifications you want to receive is really up to you. Here you can activate your Instapaper or Pocket account so you can save articles you find in your news feed. Simply turn on the settings and choose the times you don’t want to receive notifications. and go into advanced. you can adjust other settings such as font size (if the smallest font is too hard to read) and image quality.Twitter Mobile SMS Twitter Just because smartphones have grown in popularity doesn’t mean that feature phones aren’t still being used. go to the account you want to keep up to date with and hit the options button (person symbol). you can choose to switch off updates during certain times. allowing you to receive text notifications. The latter is incredibly handy if you’re having problems loading up images. A section for traditional SMS still exists in settings. To activate this. just go into settings (found under ‘me’ at the bottom right-hand corner). Tweet alerts One of the new features for Twitter’s new app update is the ability to receive notifications every time someone tweets. but bear in mind that you have to enable certain followers for mobile notifications first before you can start using it. SMS Sleep settings Because you don’t want to be woken up at 3am by a Twitter user on the other side of the world. Image Quality & Size Under the advanced option. 43 .

It is a great way to visualise your tweets and the connections you’ve made on Twitter.Apps Nurph Nurph is smart in that it correlates hashtags to create an ongoing conversation between Twitter users. TweetBoard pulls your Twitter stream into real-time and reformats them into threaded conversations. It will tell you how many retweets a certain tweet has had as well as the average amount of followers the Retweet-ers have and the potential reach the tweet had with their help. MentionMap MentionMap displays all your mentions and replies in a spider diagram.it (‘deliver it’ ) schedules blog posts to be delivered onto Twitter and across other social media platforms. 44 . You can also create Twitterbots to guide users to a chatroom and funnel all your replies into the one space. Type in your username and the diagram will appear with legs dedicated to users you have tweeted. making it easier for them to respond to one another and chat through tweeting and creating hashtag chatrooms. it puts the chronology of retweeting in a simple graph for you to analyse at your pleasure. allowing you to keep up with all social media and projecting your content to as many people and in as many ways as possible at one time or many. other similar conversations and any tangential tweets as well. so as to be effective as possible. TweetBoard will enable you to view the conversation. dlvr. if you so please. To top it all off.it TweetBoard dlvr. hashtags you have used as well as tributary users and conversations. forming one giant conversation among you and your friends and followers. So instead of clicking ‘view conversation’ a viewing a feed between you and few users. Nurph is the ultimate in Twitter community curation. can be awkward to navigate. though undeniably nice to look at. which. It’s fairly by-the-numbers and simple to use. Who ReTweeted Me Who Retweeted Me enables you to congregate all your Retweeters on one page and thank them one by one.

Fast and easy to use. copy and follow lists of users from other accounts. TweetAdder TweetAdder is a management tool that is designed to get you get more Twitter followers. but you just need a few more words to convey your point. but more importantly. There’s even a search tool tailored to your account unlike any offered by Twitter itself. telling you how many people you have gained and lost and putting it in a statistical context as well. helping you add users and get properly involved with Twitter. 45 . allowing you to archive tweets and analyse the biggest trends. Whether you’re searching for stats on keywords. the Archivist will provide an extensive and aesthetically crisp analysis of whatever you want. TweetAdder will get you up and on your feet in no time. it helps bring in engaged followers suited to you and whatever you are pedaling rather then just pure numbers. It has a clean design that is similar to Twitter itself and is perfectly effective if you really need to know these details. Qwitter would be very useful with its daily updates. and the in-built analytics are comprehensive and allow you to pick the best time to make your most important tweets. TwitLonger will cut you some slack and then post a link to your extended tweet on Twitter just so everyone won’t miss out on it. Sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough and TwitLonger understands as such. You don’t want to write an entire blog or a novel. It is a good tool for those that are new to Twitter or want to exploit social media to their business’ advantage. ManageFlitter ManageFlitter is quite a behemoth. You can unfollow users and bots en masse. For people with a great deal of followers.The Archivist The Archivist is one of the premier Twitter analytic apps. Qwitter Qwitter is an email service that keeps you up to date on your followers and those who have unfollowed you and the fluctuation in each. TwitLonger Twitter is a hard task-master where TwitLonger is merciful and sympathetic. very helpful and essential for popular accounts/ businesses. hashtags or certain users.

but you should include some main keywords in it.The first is to pick a name and username that has the main keyword you want (if it’s marketing then @ABCmarketing etc. Instead of merely viewing your ‘following’ feed. Google Analytics If you have a blog or site. 46 .TweetDeck is great and quickly becoming the preferred way to use Twitter among dedicated users as it is far more expansive and comprehensive than a standard Twitter news feed. that’s just silly. don’t make your address direct to your Twitter account.). Google analytics has made this easier with the addition of a flow visualisations. There are many ways you can do this: . If you’re happy with your profile photo. you can view multiple feeds at any one time. . Most likely. .TweetDeck by Twitter Perhaps the most well known Twitter app out there. . mentions. Miscellaneous Twitter SEO Social media and SEO has a close relationship.Include your website address. which illustrates how many visits you get from Twitter and other social media sites. You only have 160 characters so make sure the words in question are high value.Your profile photo is also handy for this. you want your personality to shine through. but you want to make sure people can find your site.Your bio is also important. but there are plenty of possibilities. one would use it to view replies. If you already have a Twitter account. then just upload it again. but don’t change your username. and they can be customised to your choosing. Don’t use a URL shortener and whatever you do. then you can change your actual name. Important if you want an idea of how much traffic you can generate from the site. One complements the other and it shouldn’t be any surprise that you can optimise your Twitter account to take advantage of this. it’s an obvious statement. it’s important to know how much of your traffic originates from social media. interactions and search hashtags simultaneously. but under a new name. Above all. Make sure you rename it before you upload it.

Twitter For… Twitter itself has a vast range of guides and blogs for different sections. the site’s aim is to get you to think of the site differently and see the creative ways the service has been used. the first way is to go though your followers and make a note of the countries and locations they’re from. which is a year old by the way.Create a cartoon This is cheating a little. Smart in Argentina created this brilliant cartoon using just tweets to highlight their point. The second way is to use a third-party tool like SocialBro to do all the hard work for you. There are two ways of going about this. 47 . Simply showcasing the best stories involving Twitter. giving you data which you can use to communicate more effectively. Twitter Stories Considering that Facebook has just released its own version there. Electric car brand. Know Your Followers It helps to know who exactly you’re communicating to and with more people stating their location in their bio. it’s a good time to go back to Twitter’s version. its easier than ever to find out. which is bound to come in useful at some point. developers and newsroom just to name a few. that their car can fit into the tightest spaces. Some of them include advertising & business. If you have a significant number of followers this will be quite time-consuming. but it does show just how effective the medium can be if you apply a little bit of creative thinking.

Here’s what you should keep in mind. there are a number of ways you can improve interaction and ensure that customers leave with a positive experience. and the shrewd brands are there in place with a team of people to answer all queries and to help create brand loyalty. Beyond the basic functionality it offers. but there are a number of hacks and third party tools that you can use to help improve your customer service and Twitter themselves will be rolling out additional features over time. In some cases. however. Until Twitter does that. Tips For Using Twitter For Customer Service While Twitter’s functionality is rather limited in comparison to other sites. Not everyone is going to mention your twitter handle so to get a clear picture of what 48 .Everything You Need To Know About Twitter For Customer Service + 10 Brands Doing It Well T witter is a wonderful tool. companies are able to use it as a cost-cutting exercise with queries handled faster online and calls deflected from customer service numbers and other costly channels. but one way in which brands are using it and adding great value to their social media activity is by using it as a customer service tool. Customers will often turn to the medium first to vent about their frustrations around customer service or a new product. Using Apps like Tweetdeck If you’re going to understand your customers. you will need to work with what you have so here are a number of ways and examples you can use to improve customer service. you will need to see what they’re saying. Twitter is still limited in terms of the premium features it offers brands.

passwords and addresses. Even if you don’t have an immediate answer to their question. if you’re getting heated up. links and comments people are making about your business. If you see somebody asking a question. Never Let Customers Reveal Their Private Details Relating to the last point. It can take one bad tweet to tarnish your reputation so make sure you’re taking the moral high ground when dealing with complaints. never let a customer reveal private or potentially private information publicly. By typing in your company name. is criticising your company. but also things like phone numbers. Respond as soon as possible. Respond At Speed A simple but effective way to build trust and provide a positive experience. Be Polite And Courteous A basic TIP but always make sure that the tone you use is polite. Put yourself in their shoes: If you don’t feel comfortable sharing something. even when somebody .people are saying. you will need monitoring tools to help you out. it’s much better to show that you’ve seen their tweet and are working to solve their problem. you can see what mentions. There are many other third-party apps and analytics out there so try them out and see what fits best. don’t leave it until tomorrow. Also. The obvious examples are bank account details. chances are your customers feel the same way. remember that you’re not expected to reply straight away so use those minutes to regroup and get your thoughts together before replying. account names (if it’s about an online platform) and email would also apply. The most popular one would be Tweetdeck which lets you view numerous streams at once. 49 .

Your own site is an obvious place to highlight this.Place Your Twitter Handle In Prominent Locations Twitter’s a fast and snappy way of responding to queries so if you use it for customer service .direct people to it. and another to help promote the site. you’ll be able to have one platform for dealing with queries and questions. always make sure you’re responding to people when they tweet and do it regularly. Personalise The Experience Most companies tend to be faceless corporate identities. Be Consistent Another simple but effective tip. but if you make things a little more human. but also use your other social media channels and emails to show this as well. it might be best to create two separate accounts to make things more manageable. One good example is Triberr who place the twitter handles of their two co-founders on its bio so people know who’s responding. you could include your twitter handle instead. A good way is to put the first name at the end of said tweets so people know there’s a person behind the response. Create A Separate Customer Service Twitter Account If you’re a bigger company and you’re getting a lot of mentions and comments. If you wanted to take things a step further. For people to use it. they need to be aware of it so don’t neglect promoting it. Nobody will comment or respond to a dormant account or one that is only active when it feels like it. This way. it can have a positive effect. 50 .

this can be resolved within one or two tweets. make a note of their username and a week later. 51 . there’s still opportunity to interact with people. If you’ve solved a problem or redirected someone to another area. It’s the little things that will endear you to your fan base and will get you good publicity sooner or later. instead of answering the same question over and over again. Use Direct Messages (DM) Chances are somebody will have a complaint or problem that you need to sort out. If that’s the case. create an FAQ that answers this. Most people will look through your site first when looking for information so an FAQ will free up more time for you to focus on the less common questions. both parties need to be following each other so make sure this is the case before doing anything. Most of the time. You can use Twitter as a way to direct people to other help services so don’t try to solve a problem in 140 characters if it requires far more than that. Follow Up Something brands tend to forget is that when the problem is solved. Know When To Move Problems On Sometimes it isn’t always possible to solve a problem on Twitter and when that happens. Remember that to send DMs. but if it gets particularly heated or involves personal information.Create An FAQ From Common Questions If you’re receiving a number of queries and questions. you will probably notice a few appearing regularly. be sure to direct them to an email account or phone number to rectify the problem. it’s best to make it a private conversation between yourself and the other party. send them a tweet to see how things are going.

State When You’re Open

Unless you’re a massive company with offices in different parts of the world, chances are you’re only going to be monitoring your Twitter account during working hours. If so, place said times on your Twitter bio to avoid confusion. Also, make sure you include the time zone too as you could very easily have customers from abroad trying to reach you.

Ten Brands Doing Customer Service Right

There are many examples of brands doing customer service on Twitter, but fewer are getting it right. Since people learn a lot more from example than through theory, here are some brands that are getting customer service on Twitter right:

Zappos Customer Service

The shoe company makes sure that its customer service team says who they are as they address all queries and comments. As well as placing their team in the background image, it also injects some personality into its tweets by asking users to tweet in pirate talk and talking about the latest sport events.


Hertz makes sure that it responds to all questions from its customers, always stating who the message is from by placing their initials at the end of each tweet. Each member has their initials on the background image so you know exactly who you’re talking to.


UPS Customer Support

UPS state what times their customer support account is open for so that customers know when to expect a response. It also follows the same principal as Hertz and Zappos by placing their team’s names and photos in the background image.

Best Buy (twelpforce)

Best Buy’s Twelpforce does its best to answer any tech-related queries and brings all the different services together. While it tweets in different languages, it makes sure that its answers are as comprehensive as possible.



Since Uber is a mobile service, it follows up on customer queries by asking how their experience was, getting feedback and interacting with their customers to create a welcoming service.

Xbox Support

The Guinness world record holder for most responsive brand on Twitter certainly lives up to its name by making sure everyone gets a response, even going as far to respond to people who mention Xbox in passing.


It’s also a massive fan of (bad) puns. 55 . but also provides alternatives for contacting them on its background image. which is always a good sign. Royal Mail Not only does Royal Mail personalise its tweets and respond to queries.Southern Electric Southern Electric not only provides help on its Twitter page. It also states times for contacting them clearly so there is no confusion. but the account is incredibly funny.

it ensures that everybody gets a response. With 18 different people servicing its account. While it does use it to promote its services. Samsung One of the biggest technology companies in the world has its own support service. which it updates quite regularly.Citi The financial brand has its own customer service account. 56 . it always finds the time to help customers out with their devices. no matter how trivial it may seem.

L Stuck With B2B Marketing? The Complete InDepth Guide To Linkedin inkedIn is a stalwart of the social networking scene. purely through LinkedIn? Also. Why It Matters It’s easy to forget about LinkedIn and just use it to respond to the odd contact or post a link to something you want to promote. businesses are just starting to take more notice of LinkedIn. it can actually be an important part of your 57 . yet it often suffers from a lack of limelight around younger. Pretty much everyone you meet in the ‘professional’ world will have a LinkedIn profile. sexier upstarts. as it opens the platform to allow for campaigns and apps to run more effectively. if you consider how many connections you’re likely to have in there. The only problem is that many don’t actually know how to use it or make the most of different features available. Add to that the fact that LinkedIn has an ad marketplace that runs in the same way as Facebook’s and that it’s working more on strategic partnerships. However. How about raising investment for your new business. if you aren’t already. Of course. such as their recent addition to the new Microsoft Office and already you have numerous reasons to start using it to your advantage. you will only get out of it what you put in and there are some great examples of how LinkedIn can be used for business in ways you might not imagine.

Get Your Profile Picture Right Profile pictures are a relatively small part of any user’s LinkedIn profile. be preferable). It’s important that your headline is crisp and comprehensive so that it conveys everything you want to potential employers in 100 characters or less.professional life. but it doesn’t have to be professionally done (although that would. Think of it as an initial pitch to users to read further and learn more. 2. it is almost guaranteed to feature on employer’s background checks when researching potential candidates. with a public network like LinkedIn. if you want it to be. but it’s usually the first thing potential employers will see and are of great importance. 10 Ways To Help Make Your Profile Stand Out 1. of course. Headlines are important as they give user’s a basic idea of who you are and what you do in a concise form. extend way beyond the immediate connections you have with benefits such as SEO also being incredibly important. of course. it will make for a sufficient profile pic. as long as you are looking into the camera and your head and shoulders are visible. Include a professional headline. And. 58 . The benefits of an active LinkedIn profile. having a professional looking profile that has been properly filled with your background and work experience will ultimately make it easier for prospective employers to see what you’re all about. It can be as simple as standing in front of a neutral background and asking a friend to take a photo of you with a digital camera of smartphone. It is recommended that users get a respectable head shot taken. While it may not be the case that securing a job will be wholly dependent on your LinkedIn profile and activity. whether it’s personal or for your business.

both as a person and as a professional. family. WordPress makes this especially easy. be sure to use SlideShare to improve your presentations. in their heads. so much so that your profile should be up to standard level in no time. 4. a summary will. complete with descriptions. employers/employees and colleagues. there are plenty of others out there. then you can link on your profile. Professionalism is key. 6. to help you acquire connections outside LinkedIn. or Rapportive. but readers will use your resumé to form a better idea of you. List all previous experience. It’s an easy way to of displaying your work to users and on a consistent basis. Use applications If you have a blog or website that could be appealing to potential employers. especially if you import your CV or resumé on to the site early. Make Connections It is important that new users try and make at least 50 connections. Make sure your profile is ’100%’ complete LinkedIn is keen to assist firsttime users in building their profile with helpful tips and step-by-step guides. there’s an application to put an RSS feed on your LinkedIn profile. condense your profile’s content into a few hundred words so it is important that it presents you at your best and makes the most of a reader’s attention span. We’ve included a list of plug-ins and apps that are compatible with LinkedIn. Put the foundations in place by searching for people you know well. 5. no matter how small You may find a previous job insignificant or even embarrassing. of course. responsibilities and searchable key words and attributes will leave you in good stead. A comprehensive listing of your complete working experience. or import contacts using your email address. Provide a summary A good summary is a must and allows you to put your experience in a wider context beyond your CV/resumé. and you have to show why they should prioritise yours. such as friends. 7. so it is important that your profile is well presented and upto-date at all times.3. Ultimately. After all. 59 .

the more likely you are to show up in search results worldwide. you run the risk of sounding SEO-orientated if you use too many buzzwords. Making Groups Work For You Perhaps one of the major features that LinkedIn has over other social media sites is its groups feature. For example. creating a niche topic group that is defined by specificity and exclusivity will be show you to be an authority in your field. 9. which will make you stand out all the more. You need to put some thought into creating your profile – making sure to litter keywords throughout – so that you best match what fellow users are looking for. Granted. It can be easy to impress someone or even show up on someone’s radar with the right words. and you will be able to curate important information that will be of use in your search for the next big opportunity. the better you use them. while also effectively showing off your skills. Videos are obviously easier to digest than text. Remember: you are a person. they will make your profile more memorable and ensure you make a strong first impression. this isn’t a unique feature by any stretch of the imagination. While Facebook and Twitter can attract almost anyone. Obviously.8. videos are a good way of showing the person behind the profile and will allow you to connect with readers on a personal level. Keywords Think of employers like magpies and keywords like shiny things. Be wary though. Create a Group Groups can be the absolute nadir of LinkedIn. you know the type of people asking and answering questions are professionals and have a good working knowledge in their field. However. with LinkedIn. 1) Focus on a few select groups When you join a group (or the admin for said group accepts your application). but what LinkedIn groups have over other social media sites is the type of audience they attract. equating to glorified forums and filled to the brim with users you do not want to be associated with. not a professional archetype. Add a video to your profile Most people won’t have a video. which groups are most in-line with 60 . There are numerous reasons why you should join a few groups relating to your position if you haven’t already. here’s some pointers to keep in mind. you should get a feel for each group. 10. but for those who are unsure about how to proceed.

you will be one of the first to provide information and insight into a particular topic. the type of groups you want to join should have roughly 500 – 4. it’s better to take a proactive approach and visit these groups yourself so that when something comes up that you can comment on. we don’t just mean posting comments. Also. but making sure you’re visiting your groups regularly. That’s why it’s important to research how active these groups are when you’re starting out. if you want to get noticed. It’s better to search for ‘social media PR’ instead of ‘PR’ as the latter will bring up general groups or subsections that have nothing to do with you.000. Don’t go for the biggest groups as you will end up getting lost within the noise. You should visit each group at least two times a week so that you’re up to speed with what’s happening. While you do get daily emails regarding groups (and weekly emails if you don’t visit often). Instead. aim for specific groups within your industry and make sure you’ve more than one keyword in your search.your profession or expertise? What type of questions are asked? What discussions does this group usually have? How many are active users? You should also consider the number of members each group has. 61 . 2) Be consistent When we say be consistent.

Once you do. you don’t want to be that one person who’s constantly posting stuff online and unless you’re the group admin whose job is to facilitate discussion. the most popular discussions in a group are pushed up to the top for all to see. If you’re engaging with these discussions either through providing insight into a topic. Alongside that. responding to comments or even asking your own questions. you will know the type of discussions people will respond to and the type of questions that will benefit the group the most and be able to start your own discussions. 62 . You don’t need to go to this extreme if you’re providing helpful and insightful comments. 15 should be sharing or providing content. that is those people who gain the most traction in the group.3) Identify the top discussions and engage Usually. which is know your audience. 4) Ask Questions This links back to the first point. it’s a good idea to weigh-in on the discussion and offer your opinion or advice of certain topics. It’s best to take a sporadic approach to this. Chris Brogan made a rule for Twitter which can be easily applied to any social media site which goes like this: For every promotional tweet you post. but you want to find out the topics and subjects that allowed such interaction. 5) Make sure you’re providing value It’s ok if you want to link to an article or piece that you’ve written on a group page. Because of this. users will respond and will begin to see that you are a valuable member of the community. but make sure you’re contributing and adding value to the group. this is a bad thing. You don’t want to repeat these discussions. Knowing what’s members find important is crucial so have a look at previous discussions to see what resonated and which ones were the most valuable. but its worth keeping in mind if you don’t want to look like you’re spamming the group. each LinkedIn group has a chart showing you the top influencers.

you can also get a further breakdown of each statistic such as follower demographic. the first thing you should check out are follower and page statistics.Company Pages Why Create One? The same reason why you would create a group page. knowing what type of follower you have and how many there are is important for when you start using targeted updates. This will give you an idea as to any emerging trends or demographics. LinkedIn provide a step-by-step guide about setting up a company page so we don’t have to bore you with the how-to part. and unique visitors. Follower and Page Statistics Follow Button At one point. it’s time to see what else you can do with company pages. update impression. When you’ve promoted your page to everyone you know and you’ve amassed a sizable audience. LinkedIn decided to introduce the follow button. LinkedIn’s audience are professionals so they will take a far greater interest in what’s happening with your business (provided you make it relevant to them). 63 . Alongside that. recent followers. Once you’ve filled out the details and your page is set up. Also. Earlier this year. It also appears in Google search alongside LinkedIn’s search engine so the chances of being found by professionals increase. As well as giving you a quick overview. it gives you a platform to promote your services and products as well as any other events or items you want to get out there. Thankfully. Handy as more people would be inclined to visit your site and you want to make it as easy as possible for users to follow you. allowing users to follow the company page directly from a site. the only social button you could get for LinkedIn was the share button for articles.

company or by suggestions that LinkedIn provides you. but carefully curated and constantly changing to help filter the news that is most important to you.500. However. if your page has less than 1. Browse and manage your news categories To enhance the experience.Targeted Updates One for the bigger company pages. Linkedin Today With people spending more and more time-consuming content on Twitter and Facebook. You can also follow news by category. targeted updates allows you to post to specific demographics. It essentially personalises your business news. which will give you a huge list of the news broken down into the various categories that might be of interest to you. based on what your LinkedIn network is reading. Essentially. LinkedIn came up with its own content offering last year called LinkedIn Today. Think of it as the Financial Times. Here are a few tips that will help you get more out of Linkedin Today. so if you’re posting an update that’s only relevant to European followers. 64 . it’s perfect. click on the browse category. it’s probably not recommended to use this as you will probably end up ignoring a significant amount of followers through this. LinkedIn Today is an online business newspaper for the online generation. The exception is if you’re posting something very specific and the people not seeing the update are a tiny minority. Taking time to curate these at the start will mean that you have a better experience at a later date.

calendar and phone contacts. LinkedIn Apps & Plugins Connected is a dashboard that manages all your contacts from across your email address book. It takes details of your contacts from across the internet and melds them into a cohesive whole. Connected presents a device for constructing a comprehensive online contact list with minimal effort and little fuss. In the case of SlideShare. a corresponding profile will then be created for each. By clicking on the “Trending in your network” tab. You will find that this news is incredibly relevant to you and your business because of the time you have spent curating your connections. videos and articles relevant to you will start popping into your feed. Connected will be integral to the site’s ongoing development as the internet’s premier business network. you will see all the content that people within your network think is important. websites and media sites much in the same way as you would on Twitter. By taking the time to curate these news sources. As part of LinkedIn. the news gets even better for you and all the rich media blog posts. unifying them and making them easily manageable as part of one contact list. You can also choose to follow individual news sources like blogs.The best news for you is often the news that your connections are sharing and commenting on. users can host documents and presentations on the site to share with their contacts. social networking friends/followers/connections. SlideShare can be used 65 . ConnectedHQ SlideShare LinkedIn’s current aim is to reconstruct traditional business networking for an online generation.

and IndexTank’s engineers will be of great assistance as they attempt to maintain demand and facilitate user activity without disruption. one can add Gmail contacts on Facebook. Back in October. IndexTank IndexTank is innovative in that it allows its user to develop search apps with relative simplicity and without said users having to host their own software. LinkedIn and Gmail all from your Gmail account and without having to manually search for them on individual sites. Sign in with your LinkedIn account and any connections you have on the site and you can message them or call them whenever they’re online. Rapportive Gmail add-on Rapportive. HookFlash HookFlash is a video chat app – think of Facebook chat or Skype and you will have a pretty decent idea as to how it works. Currently. the app is available for iPad only. one at a time. Excel spreadsheets among many other file types and will surely represent a useful tool for LinkedIn users and their connections as they try to transfer their business and interactions online. Rapportive and its new owners will continue to build the extension. displays a wide range of social networking details about the contact you are emailing. but there are plans for an iPhone app and an Android version to be released later in the year. LinkedIn bought the company in October and has since open-sourced its technology.to share CVs. PowerPoint presentations. 66 . which LinkedIn acquired in February. but at this moment in time. LinkedIn predicted that upwards of one billion searches would be made on the site in 2012.

tell the world more about what you are working on yourself. Reading List by Amazon – Allows you to share and compare reading lists with your LinkedIn contacts. You can find most of the plugins listed here. WordPress – Automatically submits your WordPress blog posts to your LinkedIn account. and indeed. 67 .net lets you share content on your profile. SlideShare Presentations – Allows you to upload and display your presentations with the people in your LinkedIn network. upload your articles and other content.net Files application to manage all your important files online. GitHub – Learn more about the projects your connections are working on. agents and professionals. LunchMeet for iPhone – Put yourself out there and advertise your luncheon spot to all your many. Tripit – Allows you to plan trips with LinkedIn contacts or even plan a trip together with LinkedIn contacts. Track new property listings and available spaces and stay informed of completed deals in your area. Blog Link – Connect your LinkedIn profile to your blog. and make the right connections with other professionals at the event. you can also see which of your contacts will be in which city at what time. Be found for your expertise on LinkedIn. Legal Updates – Get legal news that matters to you and your business. faceless LinkedIn friends. a proverbial ice-breaker for you and your virtual business acquaintances. providing greater potential for networking meetings. encourages people to use lunch as a networking tool rather than an important daily meal.There are also a number of plug-ins for LinkedIn too. CardMunch for iPhone – Scan your business cards using an iPhone and it will calibrate the information given with a potential LinkedIn contact. Using Tripit. documents and Google Apps. and collaborate with friends and colleagues. which will further enhance your experience. Box.net Files – Add the Box. from conferences to local meet-ups.) Real Estate Pro – Access your local real estate and office space market. projects. Events – Find professional events. Portfolio Display – Use Portfolio Display to show off your multimedia work on your LinkedIn profile. Projects and Teamspaces – Share and track unlimited tasks. Box. Follow active brokers. (Lawyers.

com/node/1191 . LinkedIn for Outlook – Put a face to your Microsoft Outlook contacts and find their corresponding LinkedIn profile.http://www.Polls – The Polls application allows you to collect actionable data from your connections and the professional audience on LinkedIn. FB LinkedIn Resume – Extract important details and parts of your LinkedIn profile to post on your blog.0 Beta – Get your email and LinkedIn updates all in one place. Lotus Notes Widget 1.com/sites/georgeanders/2012/06/27/how-linkedin-strategy/ . search for people you want to contact and work with.http://press.forbes.linkedin.com/about 68 . Infographic Sources . see what your connections are working on. Lawyer Ratings – Lawyers can showcase their Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings™ and Client Review Ratings to further validate their stated credentials and help them make the right connections.linkedin. quickly learn more about people who send you email. share your status.http://press.

profiles. So now that all page owners have had access to the new layout for a bit. Company Profile Overview Over the last few years. However. you may have noticed that the company pages has underwent a significant redesign. While it may be annoying for any marketing efforts that you have carried out on other parts of LinkedIn in the past. sharing new positions in your company and showing off your products and services 69 . LinkedIn is now doing the same. the company pages has experienced the same facelift and have given them much needed vibrancy. it’s time to start finding out exactly what they have to offer. just as Facebook moved all brands and businesses to pages as the central presence. there have been many different places for companies to interact like groups. Following the redesign of the main LinkedIn page and LinkedIn Today. While there are obvious changes such as the introduction of a cover photo. Think of the company profile in exactly the same way you do your Facebook page although you’ll almost certainly be using LinkedIn differently. company pages and the stream itself.I The Complete Guide To Creating A Killer LinkedIn Company Profile – Including 10 Simple Tips f you’re a regular LinkedIn user. other changes mightn’t be as obvious. The pages are a great hub for pushing out company updates. you should now focus all your energy on the company pages.

A small. Something else that’s also worth reminding about is the targeting functions underneath your status. but useful addition is the character count which appears underneath the text box. The dimensions for cover photos are 646 x 220. you can do so here. ‘Careers’ and ‘Products’ Pages. LinkedIn cover photos for your products and services page is a feature brands often overlooked. This is smaller than Facebook’s cover photo. but it’s given greater importance with the redesign. as they are allowed on the ‘Home’. this is a feature that’s been available for a long time on Facebook and Google+. you’re now given the option to include a photo and select one to use. If you have a significant number of followers and only want to target a specific industry. While you already have an idea as to what’s a long message. Post Updates When you’re posting a link onto your company page. but it follows a very similar format. The Products page allows for three different cover photos that can be clicked through as a slideshow. but it does emphasise how LinkedIn is improving the visual aspect of the site to ensure more people will visit and stay on the site. There is the opportunity for multiple cover photos. This was a feature of the old company pages. this will help as you try to make non-link updates short and succinct. Granted. 70 . and allowing you to highlight a specific cover when a user lands on a page.Cover Photos One of the major features that LinkedIn has introduced is the addition of cover photos for brand pages. As well as being able to edit the heading and intro blurb. something that Facebook lacks. location or demographic. Speaking of which. One nice feature of the LinkedIn cover photos is the ability to insert links for each photo. you’ll notice that you have one or two extra options available to you before you hit share.

links. What about when you post something and you want to see how well it did? Thankfully.) and chances are that those who are really interested in your company will seek it out anyway. you will be provided with statistics relating to its performance underneath the photo of said post. clicks and shares. considering the fact that you can gain followers on your page in the same way you would on Twitter. etc. not that many of the biggest brands in the world are using the pages effectively yet. This is a little odd as visitors will have to scroll down past a maximum of ten updates to see it. careers. which was placed at the very top of the page. Here are some brands that are doing it right. Not only will you get figures for impressions. It’s a great way to see how certain posts do and better understand what your audience is looking for. the pages are designed to promote multimedia content (cover photos. but you will also be told what percentage of followers engaged with a post. has been moved to the very bottom. Brands Using Profiles Effectively Although all the functionality is there. About Section The About section. 71 . Remember that the first thing people will see is your cover photo and your posts so that will need to catch their attention first. One of the main reasons for this is that many companies are dubious about grouping all their employees into one easy to find page where their competitors could easily sift through them and poach them. within a day of posting an update.The targeted audience function is only useful if you have a diverse audience and want to ensure people only see content that’s relevant to them. it does offer a great way to build a community and have a group of people that you can push your content out to. However. connections. Having said that.

000 followers. but Zipcar is showing how LinkedIn company profiles can be used effectively and regularly for staff recruitment. It clearly puts a lot of emphasis on its page because it has all the tabs properly designed. The tabs on its page provides good information on the company such as videos. Salesforce One of the biggest enterprise tools in the world is becoming increasingly social in its offerings. Zipcar Not one of the biggest companies. 72 . and there’s a constant stream of jobs being posted. including their products and services.AT&T One of the largest phone companies in the world has an excellent page and over 170. It’s leveraging LinkedIn as a recruitment tool as it continues to build a large following on its page.

some great content from both its own and external sites and regular interaction from its 335. and a clear tone means it’s works well.000 strong followers shows that Dell knows what it’s doing with its company page. regular blog content with standout images.Hubspot The marketing software company was one of the first to get access to the new layout and it’s clear to see why. 73 . A cover photo that stands out. Dell A comprehensive careers page.

you can upgrade to a fancier and more comprehensive page. Products & Services Page If the main company page shows your social media efforts. career pages are simply a place for your company to advertise new jobs on the site. and you can afford to spend a bit of cash. You can make the tabs and individual products link through to your website or places where customers can actually buy from you. then the products and services page is where the real company details are. There are also 5-job packs for €110. You only have to look at a company like Dell. to see how much brighter and how much content features to understand the benefits. The tab allows you to add all the important information about your company and what you offer. A brief summary about what the company does with accompany video and some testimonials showing that the company is to be trusted. it’s important to remember that some potential customers might be finding you for the first time through LinkedIn.95 for 30 days. but using Ireland as an example. you will be greeted by a snapshot of employees and the opportunity to post positions for a fee (more on that later). While most people will still look for that information on your website. Prices vary per region and demographic aimed. if you’re a larger brand. For normal company pages. 74 . Scrolling down you can see that everything is clearly presented as connections and vacant jobs are given prominence. However.50 per job. for example. Saying that.99 per job and 10-job pack for €89.Careers Page Another section that has gotten a new lease of life. The page can be a very useful way of driving traffic and even sales via your LinkedIn page. the price for posting a job on the site is €139. For one it has a significant cover image covering the length of the screen. its main function is to advertise job opening in your companies and to target professionals in the demographic you’re looking at.

URLs.Adding products and services is easy and you can add as many as you wish. YouTube video and promotions if you have one running. Here. It is fairly expensive. It can be broken down by location. you can see how many people have recommended your services and any recommendations from your networks of connections. If you have any of your own content hosted on Youtube or other video sharing channels. company contacts. locating it on the right-hand toolbar. LinkedIn does offer some very targeted advertising options that can help you build a following. 2) Use Advertising To Drive Audience While you will pick up followers for your page organically. job title and there are many other advanced targeting options. Customisation is rather simple and along the usual details that you can add in key features. 75 . What’s also of value is the recommendations section. we recommend you get it into the sidebar. you will want to start spending a little to build your audience. Page Tips 1) Videos On Products Tabs Videos are a great way of showing off what you can offer clients and customers. You can also place video content here too. but that is because it is both focused and effective. You can have a look at all the advertising options. but if you’re serious about using this as a company page where you share the best content.

all of which can be seen below. 5) Add Cover Photos For Products Page You could do this with the old company profiles but since cover photos have taken greater prominence.3) Use LinkedIn Buttons On Your Site We keep talking about the benefits of social buttons. Yet you know you could do the same for your company page? Adding a share. Click create new audience and fill in the details. Simply scroll down the edit product page and you will be presented with three blank banners. follow. 76 . mobile network AT&T uses its cover photos to promote new products. endorse or recommend button can help drive views and gain you some new followers so choose the ones that you feel are most important and add them in. offers and events. it’s worth adding in or updating them. Add your images (640×220 pixels) and the URL and you will get a rotating spotlight module displaying all three. Simply go into ‘Edit’ on the services tab (located on the top right-hand corner) and it will be the first option presented to you. This is handy if you’re promoting different products. 4) Create Multiple Product Pages Chances are you might have offices based in different countries and you want to direct certain visitors to them instead. For example. This is also handy if you offer more than one service and you want to target different sectors. but they really are a great way of getting content shared. sections of your company or simply trying to provide a call to action for visitors.

engagement. 7) Use Description Tags Scrolling down the edit page. you will see the option to enter in your company specialities. impressions. Think of it as SEO for LinkedIn and use relevant keywords to ensure the best possible chance. 77 . This is important if you’re using targeted status updates as you need to know your audience if you want to effectively target them. You will be given a breakdown of follower demographics.6) Use Insights To Your Advantage LinkedIn’s insights are comprehensive in comparison to similar first-party efforts so be sure to use it to your advantage. This is important if you want people to find you so make sure you fill in as many as you can.

10) Control Your Page Depending on the size of the company. 78 . but you can also mix it up with interesting articles from other sites too. post content from that. it’s better to just have one or two people managing it instead. The key is to provide value so build it up. ensure that the image is unique from the other services you have included. you may want to dedicate one or two people to managing LinkedIn duties. You have the option to allow anyone with an email registered to the company’s domain name to be an admin. 9) Add Different Services Vary your content in your products page and when adding a new service in. the first thing that will catch their eye are distinct images so making sure they’re different is a good way of getting the unique qualities of your company across. but this should only be the case if you have a small company. If it’s medium sized or bigger. When someone first sees your page. If you have a blog.8) Update Regularly Nobody is going to visit your page or follow you if you rarely update so make sure you get into the habit of posting content regularly.

you can bold the text. photography and design. using two underscore symbols will format your text in italics and using two hyphens will strikethrough the text. Whatever your views on it. But whether you’ve been using the site since day one or have just recently jumped into it. there’s a lot to take away from Google’s social media effort.D 40 Tips & Tricks To Help Improve Your Google+ Experience espite having rubbed many of the tech press up the wrong way when it first came out. you can insert symbols for it to stand out. add-ons and features that you can take advantage of and make your experience richer. developing a reputation for blogging. Similarly. If you place two asterisks before and after the selected text. 79 . General Use Text & Image Shortcuts If you want certain parts of your post to stand out. there’s a lot of little tricks. Google+ has developed a passionate fan base.

you can go into post options and select “Link To This Post. you can edit a post long after you’ve posted it. you will see a slider allowing you to bring more or less updates from this circle into your main feed. 80 . the handy part of Google+’s hashtags is that when you check a trending topic. you can filter how much noise comes from each circle. you can add videos.” Editing/Modifying a Post Ever post something and notice a typo or feel you could have phrased it better. To do this. If so.” News Feed Filtering Noise If you’re following numerous people and you want to see more content from a particular circle and less from another. go into a circle’s feed and underneath your name. Alternatively. Handy if one circle is dominating your feed and you want to hear what others are getting up to. you can mention people in your updates by using the @ symbol and mark your post’s topic using the hashtag symbol.Some quick key shortcuts: Space = Scroll down stream Shift + Space = Scroll up stream Q = Jump to chat J = Scroll down by single post K = Scroll up by single post Return = Start comment Tab + Return = End comment Also. Linking to a Post If you want to link to a post on Google+.” When you put it into your address bar or post it on a different site. it will bring people to that post. Hashtags and mentions Similar to Twitter. allowing you to see what’s going on without being overwhelmed by constant updates. Go into your post settings and select “edit post. just right-click on the post’s date/time of post and select “copy link address. However. photos and links to your post by simply dragging them directly to the share box. you can pause the feed.

just get rid of whatever circle is there and type in the names of those you want to communicate with. Doing this will direct you to their about page without leaving the chat. and select find people. Friends’ About Page If you’re Gchatting with someone. When you’re writing a post. While Google has its own suggestions page. 81 . you can mix it up by posting long-form posts which can be 100. While starting a hangout is easy. Google+ is better for directly publishing blog content on the site than other sites. more comprehensive posts can get a lot more engagement so experiment to see what people respond to best. Finding people If only a few of your friends are on Google+ and you want to get more out of it. Circles Inviting Friends While you’re linked up to your Gmail profile. When you’re posting an update. When you post it.000 characters long. you can find people based on specific friends. only those people will be able to see your message. longer. Sometimes. Creative Web Design posted a number of Google+ directories to help you find the most followed and most interesting users on the site. when you’re on Gchat. you can access their about page by clicking on their name in the chat window. you will be notified anytime your friends are holding a hangout so you can join in. there’s an active community out there for you to discover. Hangouts The jewel in Google+’s crown.Send Private Messages Although Google+ doesn’t have a private message function like Facebook (although you could argue that it has and it’s called Gmail). When you’ve done that. you can send messages only intended for one or two people. hangouts let you talk to a number of your friends at the same time. Blog Posting Because of its formatting and style. The same notification is given when you’re on Google+ itself on the right hand side. simply drag one of your friends to the search bar and you will get suggestions based on that person. Just go into Circles.

This will allow them to be easily identified as official admins/moderators of your Google Plus page.Try and make the most of video posts on your profile. you should consider creating a small ‘twibbon’ style icon that can be overlaid on your employees’ profile pictures. which will help with your design and encouraging people to view your content. When you upload a photo you have the option of adding text onto the overlay banner. . which is what Google heavily adopted themselves across their brand pages. as it’s part of a recent update Google made to it. giving your profile page a strong design.If you’re running a company Google Plus page. Now you can upload a banner image.Design Google+ changed the option to only have thumbnail images at the top of your Page. Make sure you’re utilising this new feature. and this will carry through when they join other circles. then why not go for a good old photo hack? Check out this collection of clever hacks for a bit of inspiration. . . It will allow you to see which part of your photo will be cropped so you can test the design before going live. . you can access a handy resource here which contains some pretty nice cover images to jazz up your profile.This clever template tool will help you when you are designing a cover image to fit with your profile image. . 82 .If you’re stuck for inspiration for cover images.If you do want to go for the thumbnail option.

Using this. you can see how viral or how shared a particular post or link was. Photos Editing Photos Google+ has an impressive array of features for editing photos. Use with caution as you don’t want to risk putting people off with a profile that’s too busy.” Alongside a visual representation.One for the more advanced designers here (and we’re not totally convinced this is a nice feature). you can go to that post’s options and select “View ripples. Mobile Send Feedback Did you know that if you’re using the iPhone app. which puts it on par with many photo sharing apps and programs out there. if you spend time on a nice animated image. you will each each person’s post on the right hand side when you zoom in. Useful if your 3G connection is slow or you’re reluctant to use your network data. then you can add a bit of colour to your profile page. However. you can send feedback to the Google+ team just by shaking your phone? Now you do! Instant upload You can change the settings on this so that photos are only uploaded when you have a wi-fi connection. Alongside 83 .. but you can follow this guide to find out how to create an animated profile picture. Links Google Ripples One of the handiest features of Google+ is its ripple feature. So long as the post in question is marked public.

Flickr . Events Party Mode An interesting feature from Google+ events is the ability to group everyone’s photos together to create one massive album.the basic features like cropping. Here you can cycle through each day to see if there are any other events on during that time.Move Your Photos. This way. 84 . This is only if you don’t save uploaded photos onto your phone. you can see if you’re free at that time by clicking “check availability” on the event’s page. you can make sure Instagram. Instagram . and Flickr uploads go into Dropbox. Only Show Important Events On Google Calendar If your feed is getting clogged up with events from Google+. Facebook Camera. you can disable these by going into settings in calendar. if you feel your photo is enhanced by these additions. Check Availability If you have been invited to numerous events. mostly in the form of plugins.You can use FlickandShare or Migratr to complete this. Using If This Than That. you can apply filters to your images as well as other fun elements like speech bubbles and fake beards. but are unsure as to which ones you can attend. Everyone that’s attending the event can take and automatically upload photos onto an events album.’ or to only show invitations that you’ve responded to. a chrome extension that will move your Facebook photos onto Picasa. you can download them from Dropbox and later upload them onto Google Plus. sharpness and rotating. Facebook . Scroll down to near the bottom and you find options either to only send reminders when you’ve responded ‘yes’ or ‘maybe.You can use the IFTTT method or you can use Instaport which will export them to Pisaca. Import Photos There are a number of ways to bring your photos from your other social media accounts. showing everyone what’s happening in real-time. Cross Posting Images If you want images from your other accounts to go to your Google+ account. a handy way is to upload everything onto dropbox.

85 .google. Google+ also has its +1 button. if a post is receiving too many spam comments or if the topic at hand is quite sensitive. type in the name of someone you’re following in your circle to see what they’re presented with when they visit your profile. the shape. creating them gives you the opportunity to share your next post with them only and the next time you post something. you can disable comments as well through post options. You can also control which circles you appear in as well. Privacy through circles While Google+ is mainly a public site. Although you can’t do it directly. Simply go into your profile.com/+/plugins/+1button/ Importing your content from Facebook. width and to an extent. that circle will automatically be selected.’ This controls whether your profile is visible on search or not. go to your about page and edit settings there. How To Geek has a great guide about how you can bring all your Facebook data. https://developers. The first is through circles. You can find the code for it here and you can adjust the size. you will see a section called ‘public discovery. there are steps you can take to add your existing Facebook content onto your Google+ page. Near the bottom of the page. you can see how your profile looks to the outside world. This is helpful if you’re applying different privacy settings to different circles. there are numerous ways to make sure you’re only sharing info with people you trust. photos and videos to your Google+ profile. which you can add to your site.Brand pages Disable comments For brand pages. you can block or ignore users through this so they can’t see your profile. Restricting search visibility If you don’t want your profile to appear in Google search. Privacy View as… Similar to Facebook. +1 Plugin Button Like all the major social media sites.

link to your website (make sure you do the same thing vice versa). Tagline Not everyone has the time to read through your about page. the more people who will add you to their circles and the chances of your profile popping up beside a blog post. The more you do this. you can make sure that Google’s search engine recognises who you are by filling out your ‘About’ page. It’s best to treat it similar to Twitter’s bio as you want to make sure it’s snappy and to the point. you can activate twostep verification here. It’s best to treat it similar to Twitter’s bio as you want to make sure it’s snappy and to the point. 86 . This means that would be hackers would need to steal your phone as well to be able to access your account. Your tagline will also appear beside your name on things like Disqus. so taglines are a handy way of summarising what you’re about. What this does is if somebody somehow gets access to your account’s username and password. fill out your profile and add people to your circles. The debate about how much Google+ influences your search rankings is unclear.Two-Step Verification If you want to give your account an extra layer of protection. but you can at least place things in your favour by fleshing out your profile. SEO & Links Author SEO If you’re a blogger or write content online. Link to your other social media profiles. Tagline Not everyone has the time to read through your about page. when they enter it. your phone receives a text or voice mail with a code to enter. so taglines are a handy way of summarising what you’re about.

Google +1 Button: Lets you +1 and share a page. wherever you are on the web. Streamified .Lets you zoom in on photos on Google+ 87 . there are a number of different apps that will help you do this. Simply find the email address for your Evernote account. then there are a number of services to avail from.” then any time you want to save something from Google+ onto it.Creating A Vanity URL If you’re linking to your profile and you want your URL to be a little…snappier. Miscellaneous RSS Feeds If you want to create an RSS feed for your profile (or someone else’s profile).Lets you cross post to other social media sites Photo Zoom . add it onto a new Google+ circle called “Evernote. you can save content directly from it onto your .to is one such example. a new shorter address is yours. Circle+: Let you add people to your circles on Google+. Gplus. Sites like Plu. there are a number of extensions out there that will improve the experience for you.sr and Google+ to RSS will help you do this. Chrome Extensions If you’re a chrome user. Google+ will send the content in an email and Evernote will translate into a notebook item in your account (Tip originally from ComputerWorld). add your Google+ ID and voila. Save content onto Evernote If you’re a regular user of Evernote. wherever you are on the web. just share with that circle. Such extensions include: Google+ Tweaks: Lets you preview images when your mouse pointer hovers over them and uses the entire screen when you decide to go full screen. Simply give a nickname.

Chrome Sharing If you have Chrome for iOS. you now have the option to open up web links either on Safari or on Chrome. You can now share links and pages you find onto your Google+ account. 88 . For Google+. the app has been recently updated to allow sharing on different social media sites.

even if you haven’t warmed to it. the Co-founder & CTO of Hubspot Dharmesh Shah talked about how Google’s search engine is looking for three things: Useful content. Therefore. Install a +1 button A little obvious considering that social sharing buttons are part and parcel of any social media site. we’re going to look at the ways in which you can optimise your profile or business page and ensure that your content gets seen more. Tying into this was the importance of Google+ and how it can benefit you and search engines by focusing on the Google part. However. At the Web Summit earlier this month. it’s found and developed a core audience. there’s a very important factor to take into considering and that is how it affects your SEO rankings. and while it didn’t get off to the best start (there’s still a lot of debate about what qualifies as an active user).I How To SEO Optimise Google+ & Stay Ahead Of The Competition t’s been more than a year since Google unleashed its latest social media site to the world. If you don’t have one installed on your site. 89 . but what makes Google’s buttons more valuable is that they are the biggest driver of organic traffic. clean design and fast websites. then get on it.

+1′s or links to them. it’s under contact info). your reputation on the site will increase too so that’s also a good way of increasing views. These links work separately so if somebody shares them. you will have to add your Google+ account into your author profile (For WordPress. what you may be interested to know is that you can embed links directly into your description. To bold something. but once you’ve done that. Use The About Page To Your Advantage The About page is important as it fleshes out your profile and lets you link to other social media profiles like Facebook. This also applies to business pages as well so make sure you fill everything out to get the maximum effect. an inactive account won’t do much good for building links so make the effort to update regularly. Depending on the blogging tools you’re using. Also. their value will increase which can only be a good thing for you. Be Active Like your company blog. Insert numerous links One of the joys of Google+ is that there’s no limit to the number of links you can place into a single post. Twitter. So you want to make sure you put a bit of thought into what your title is going to be as Google is very quick in scanning new content on its site. comment and +1 stories in your feed so that your ranking goes up.Importance In Titles Since Google+ posts appear in Google’s search results. LinkedIn. it’s usually the first line of your post that’s treated as the title of your post. If you’re a blogger. These links would be valued the same way as any other link so take the opportunity to insert one or two into it. Google will do the rest. Get Author Accreditation One of the major benefits of having a Google+ account is that you can be accredited for your work. However. 90 . it may come in useful. you can put yourself down for it by going into your About page and adding yourself as a contributor to your site. use the * symbol at the beginning and end of what you want bolded.

you can enter the relevant search term into Google+ and post there with the appropriate tag. but once it’s approved. it means that you can repurpose content and change any part of your content. but there are numerous ways to create one for yourself. simply type it into the Google+ search bar. shorter address is yours. While this mightn’t seem major. Unfortunately.It may take a little bit of time for Google to recognise your name (it might be wise to expect it to happen over the course of a few weeks). This is handy if you make a mistake or spot a typo. So if you’ve written a blog post on marketing. SEO Optimise Search Terms This was a tip spotted by Ronnie Bincer back in May and it’s something definitely worth keeping in mind the next time you’re posting targeted content. which could mean people would be more likely to click on your work. Ability To Edit Perhaps one of the biggest features that Google+ has is the opportunity to edit previous posts. this hasn’t happened just yet. If you’re looking to associate a post or article upon a search term. you can post something and have it tagged in relation to the topic you’ve searched. Create A Vanity URL Back in August. Google started rolling out vanity URLs for verified users and brands with the expectation that this would be extended to everyone like on Facebook. add your Google ID and a new. One example is Gplus. you’ll see your name and profile appear with your articles. but it’s also good for repurposing content so that it’s more relevant to Google’s search results. 91 .to where you simply give a nickname.

Of course. you can also get the embed code (if 92 . Tips & Tricks Found underneath each video. participation and unexpectedness. and it’s obvious to say that the site has surpassed the internet and has become a part of our social conscious. With over three billion hours of video watched on YouTube each month. and while you’re not going to come up with the next Nyan Cat. Alongside the option to share on the major social media sites. Back in November 2011 at a TED talk. the share button is a lot more powerful than you’d expect. YouTube’s trends manager Kevin Allocca presented the three things that make any video go viral: tastemakers. achieving is by far easier said than done. The viral nature of YouTube means that while it’s incredibly difficult to create a hit without some things working in your favour. You only need to look at events like the Superbowl or the Old Spice “The Man Your Man Can Smell Like” campaigns and look at the number of ads debuting on YouTube first to properly understand this. it’s the fourth largest site on the Web. more are launching advertising campaigns online first to gauge reaction before they hit TV screens.Y Share YouTube – The Complete Marketers Guide To The World’s Biggest Video Sharing Website ou don’t need to be an expert to see that YouTube has become something more than mainstream. Brands have latched onto this and to show just how far priorities have shifted since then. there’s a lot you can do to make the medium work to your advantage.

then this tool is a godsend.you want to play the video on an external site) & shortened link for your video. Simply choose a track and it will play over your video. Be warned though. Have a look at the before and after videos presented below to gain an idea. but you can choose exactly what time you want the video to start. as the music will play over any previous audio such as voiceovers. Stabliser If your video suffers from shaky camerawork. this feature smooths your videos out and allows for a less jittery experience.000 pre-approved tracks to select from. upload files or do any editing. The ‘Create’ section on YouTube allows you to make videos without having to record. Found in enhancements. The handy part about the latter is that not only can you choose to link to the HD version. Create Video Apps YouTube video maker isn’t the only tool that you can use to create a video. Creative Commons If you want to place a soundtrack in your video and you’re unsure whether you will be breaking copyright. Handy if you want to highlight a particular part of a video. YouTube gives you access to over 150. 93 .

you can adjust the font. Annotations Handy if you want to provide additional context to what’s happening on screen or link to a page. you can visit YouTube’s speed test and compare your city to other cities and countries across the world. Simply go into editor and upload your transcription.Captions Although YouTube provides automatic transactions. you can still revert back to its original look. YouTube Speed Test If your videos are streaming slowly and you feel that it’s down to your ISP provider. but if you want your video to be found. notes. spotlights and labels. You can also make sure the pause the video at a specific point if you want to place emphasis on a particular section or provide a call-to-action. otherwise they’ll get buried in the search results. Tags and Search It’s a basic tip. you can insert speech bubbles. then there are a number of filters that you can apply. 94 . Also. font colour and background colour through clicking ‘settings’ on a video’s caption settings. If you get tired of applying filters or don’t find one that suits. Enhancements If you want your video to have a different feel. you need to get specific with tags.’ but make sure you have an even greater number of specific tags to help people find your video. they’re not the most reliable (Exhibit A: the accompanying screenshot). It’s fine if you want to include general tags like ‘business’ or ‘technology. titles.

95 . YouTube provides users with tips on production. there are a number of ways to help promote your channel. and if you’re familiar with how Google AdWords works. Creators’ Corner A fantastic resource for those who just don’t know where to get started or wanting to really improve their output. Simply click on stats on the right-hand side of a video and you will be presented with a wide range of info including performance. Promoted Videos The first is promoted videos which can usually be found on the top right-hand corner when you’re viewing a video. you can get even more detailed stats for each video in the video manager page. Here are some of the main ones. engagement. there’s a substantial amount of traffic coming into the site every day and because of that. Designed to take advantage of a viewer’s habit to click on the next video they see. editing. demographics and discovery. it helps to know what tools are at your disposal when you sign up.Video Analytics Although you can get a quick recap of stats underneath each video. As mentioned earlier. you will find the same applies here. Your video’s performance can be tracked in YouTube Insights. promoting and additional tools and resources to help you produce the best videos possible. Promoted videos are normally triggered by specific keywords which relate to the video being viewed. an analytics tool that is available for all videos. Advertising If you’re creating video content.

and it’s fairly obvious as to why.048 total channel views – that’s over 77 million ahead of its nearest competitor.246. Nokia. such as Red Bull. the advertiser is then charged. However. and it truly dwarfs the competition. Nike. they will minimise automatically. The upper echelons of both lists are littered with familiar names. with a mammoth 124. which follow the same format and appear in the search screens. If the viewer does nothing. 96 . InVideo ads and In-Stream Ads InVideo ads are transparent overlay ads that appear on the lower portion of your video. Angry Birds creator Rovio comes out tops in that category. YouTube Brand Channels brands can drive traffic by engaging viewers and gaining subscribers. Usually. If a viewer watches 30 second of the ad or watches it to the end. the Sony console fails to break the top ten when it comes total uploaded video views. viewers are given the chance to skip the ad five seconds after they start playing. The large technology companies listed above are reliant on previews and advertisements of their new products for their millions of views. the channel banners and the branding box to give your page a unique look. nearly 300 million views ahead of energy drink Red Bull. Coca-Cola. while Red Bull pulls in views with their uploads that pertain to extreme sports. but these are reserved for those brands who have a commercial relationship with YouTube. One name that is surprisingly high on both lists is Old Spice. YouTube’s Main Brands PlayStation is the most popular brand on YouTube. you’re greeted by a main video while also presenting you with featured playlists for you to browse through. Usually they appear shortly after the video has started and can be closed if the viewer wants to. Google and Electronic Arts. The page allows you to customise elements like the background image. In-Stream ads are streamed before a video starts or midway through it. When you load up a brand page. Brand Channels Similar to how Facebook pages work.There are also featured videos.

140.246.145 3) Old Spice 34.377.487.112.716. The first is uploading the video without any music and once uploaded you can go to YouTube Editor where you have the choice of thousands of songs that YouTube have the license to and which you can use on your video.952 180. The second option you have is that you can upload whatever song that you want (providing YouTube has a deal in place with the label) and let YouTube serve ads against the video. the ads are plastered all over the video which takes away from the overall quality of the video.989. 97 .206 210.893 4) Walmart 18.083 8) Cartier 10.983 293.497 5) AXE (Lynx) 16.512.049.685. The revenue from these ads will go to the record label and although you can have a quality song on your video.708 141.506 7) Nokia 11.821.592.905 128.017.656 118.294.325.202 310.379.227 Uploaded Video Views 1) Rovio 2) Red Bull 3) Old Spice 4) Electronic Arts (EA) 5) Disney Pixar 6) Google Chrome 7) Nike 8) Evian 9) EA (Germany) 10) Sony Music India 621.761.Channel Views 1) Playstation 124.178 10) Google Chrome 10.592 [Stats via Socialbakers] YouTube Music Good music can make or break a video and there are several options when it comes to uploading a video to YouTube.672 115.048 2) Coca-Cola 46.925.917 6) Nike 13.986.836 9) Apple 10.412.977 145.

you will have to connect to a Wi-Fi connection to upload in full HD.” Fill out the details including description.Most phones will have a YouTube app either built in or one that you can download from the app store. 98 . Click on “Send to YouTube. you can choose if you want the video to appear publicly. Also. All videos from mobile will be uploaded in standard definition because they are going over the 3G network and this is the default setting. private or unlisted. The apps provide an excellent experience for viewing content. title and tags. Uploading A Video From Mobile Go to the video in your Camera Roll and select the video you want to publish. but are not really built for uploading and sharing content that you’ve produced yourself. If you want to take advantage of the fantastic new cameras on your smartphones.

99 . desktop or internet-enabled television using your smartphone or other mobile device. You can engage through comments and watch full HD videos among other things. This table shows which phones support the mobile experience: YouTube Remote YouTube Remote seems like an obvious development for YouTube in this.YouTube Mobile Site With a huge increase in smartphones. By going to YouTube Leanback and downloading YouTube Remote app. much like you would be upon accessing your account on a desktop. but it is a symbolic one. and it’s just as simple to use. as more people eschew conventional television and get more of their fix online. you can now remotely control YouTube on your laptop. also. consumers are using YouTube on the go more than ever. but you can also access the mobile version of the site which offers more functionality than the apps often do. a playlist of your selected videos will be created at the top of your remote’s screen to be played on a screen of your choice. Upon accessing the app. Most phones will have an app that you can download. its seventh year of existence. The mobile site also allows you to record videos with one tap of a button and those videos are uploaded in full HD phone (if your phone is good enough). you will be presented with two tabs: Search and Recommended. From there.

Since this announcement. this is clearly the right direction for them to take. enlightening web content that you might find engaging. artists and sporting events to become the home of live content online. and it is clear the direction it’s beginning to take. which is frustrating. who have both featured in live stream projects with YouTube. which is always nice. a list of related videos will show up as well as ‘Topics in this video’. YouTube has explored a number of partnerships such as the Coachella Festival. if you leave your remote inactive for too long. Add in the likes of U2 and Barack Obama. Its success was on full show when they partnered with the Indian Premier League to broadcast live cricket matches. it works much like YouTube normally would. Beyond Video As YouTube tries to keep up with an evolving web and dealing with ‘upstarts’ such as Facebook. The YouTube remote can be downloaded for any Android device on Google Play. However. too. but that would defeat the point. YouTube have also taken this opportunity to make intermittent adverts seemingly unskippable in spite of the option to does so left teasingly in the lower right hand corner. You can like and dislike. This was their first major sporting announcement at the time. This also saw them experiment with multi-channel live streams. ensuring ease of use. fastforward and rewind. in 2010 and a healthy 39 million video views to date. except with additional motion allowed to you. and IMDb profiles of famous parties involved or additional.The videos will appear in fullscreen on your chosen screen and can be controlled by keyboard/mouse. The app and the screen are wellsynced. the user. they are beginning to adapt the platform to take advantage of new content. but is sure to be a nice addition for those relaxing at home or hosting any kind of guests. 100 . It might be somewhat redundant or convoluted if you’re working at your desktop or laptop. Apart from these minor faults. but now you can roam about as you do so. where users could switch between three channels to view a performance at any one time. where they livecast a number of concerts. it will disconnect and will likely re-start your playlist once reconnected. Upon selecting a video. which link to Wikipedia. We’re seeing more cases of Youtube partnering up with major media brands. it’s very simple to pause. skip. It’s smart. share and flag videos as usual.

101 . The platform is vast and it may well be turning into a media company of the future. This makes the site even more money and I would expect to see it move into this area more and more. but facilitated and importantly monetised by them. which it needs to if they want to survive.Rather than simply act as a destination for mass-uploaded content. But Facebook doesn’t get video like YouTube does. It has hovered up the top talent on YouTube before by bringing them in-house and giving them production facilities where they can make even better videos. Social media is clearly about the content and YouTube. or has the power to. now want to own this content like never before. it’s turning into a major content provider. Quite where YouTube’s owned content sits within here remains to be seen. where content is owned by the people. it seems. Stats and figures provided by Infographics from YouTube. but it’s starting to look aggressive in their tactics. and it certainly doesn’t get livestreaming like YouTube does. Facebook is increasingly becoming a default platform for user generated video content as it simply makes more sense for users to go for a one click upload via the Facebook mobile app where they are already connected.

it presents a wonderful opportunity for brands and businesses to have their content seen by a large audience. it means your video can get highly relevant clicks. The only downside is that with billions of videos on the site. but it is amazing how few people know that advertising is an option on YouTube. getting attention is not easy and YouTube is packed with brilliant videos that only have a few hundred views. Advertising One of the most obvious ways of getting views is to simply pay for them. One of the best ways of getting views is by making it appear in the sponsored videos section of the site.Y How To Increase Your YouTube Video Views The Right Way ouTube is one of the most important social media tools that we use and as the second biggest search engine in the world. we’ve compiled a huge list of tips and tricks that will help you get more out of the biggest video sharing site. but by simply appearing at the top of search results in the same manner as on Google Adwords. 102 . YouTube offers a wide range of advertising. The amount of views that your content ultimately gets will come down to the quality of the content because people will start sharing it then. Today.

Increasing Interaction On Videos The more people who comment or click on the like button. Have a look at some of the stats on videos and you’ll see that the main place people see them is when they’re embedded on third party sites. submit it to sharing sites and generally find sites where your content will be relevant to their audience. Don’t just expect people to find your content on a whim though as you will have to proactively go out there and ask people to feature it. This doesn’t mean that you should try and game the system. the better your video will perform in the rankings. 103 . it will definitely help you in the long-run. the more views that you will get. YouTube uses these as a metric to see which videos people are liking and engaging with to show better results to future people searching on the site.Embedding Videos Pretty obvious that the more places that your video is embedded in. but if you find ways to encourage people to like the video or leave comments.

The longer that people spend watching your video. You are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to annotations and captions on YouTube so come up with innovative ways to help them increase your video views. you can point people to another video. The idea here is that you can prompt people to do things such as like. comment or engage with your videos in subtle ways. Leave Annotations And Captions You can easily add captions and annotations to your videos and you will often see these on some of the most viewed videos on the site.Making People Watch The Videos For Longer This is one of the most recent changes to the YouTube algorithm and it’s one that makes a lot of sense in terms of determining the quality of videos that get watched on the site. they simply don’t want to click on to the next thing. 104 . channel or playlist to help drive traffic to that video too. the better it will perform in future search results. You can also turn annotations into clickable links so if you have a video that is getting a lot of views. There is absolutely no way of gaming this or trying to come up with little tricks because the best and only way of making sure people watch your video for a long time is making sure the content is so compelling.

but thankfully there are a number of ways to boost that number. which can make your video stand out more when you’re looking through the search results. While YouTube’s video editor gives you the choice of many screenshot thumbnails. Provide a call-to-actions in your video by asking them to subscribe. why they should do it and how to do it. Therefore. you do have the option to upload a custom one.Choose Your Best Thumbnail The thumbnail pic is what appears when people are searching for it and the image that shows when the video is embedded on a third-party site. your different social media channels and embedding a subscription widget on your site. The most straightforward method is to do it in your own videos. Other places you can promote your video content include your own blog. Attract Subscribers Attracting subscribers can be difficult if you don’t have a plan. you want to make sure that the image used best represents your video. 105 .

descriptions and tags but they work. So if it’s coming up to Christmas.Fill In The Meta Data It might seem boring to fill in the titles. Is Apple releasing a new product? What are the big news or sporting events at the moment? If you think what people are most likely to be searching for and make content specifically for that. phrases and tags. release something that ties in with that. 106 . you have a much better chance of appearing in search results. Create Timely Content People always look for content that is timely and relevant. you increase the chances of your video being discovered so take the time to come up with relevant keywords. YouTube’s search engine needs ways to recognise relevant videos and by filling these out.

Jump in as your own channel profile and engage in the comments as much as you possibly can. one of the best ways to get people coming back is to have an active discussion thread. Don’t be scared to disagree with other people and say things that could encourage more comments. the more people that are coming back to your video to see what’s going on. 107 . YouTube itself has a more detailed post explaining how to do it here. This is a box that will contain your username. The more people involved in the discussion. logo. While they might have negative things to say about your video.Add a YouTube Widget To Your Blog Another way of directing people to your YouTube site is to add a subscriber’s widget to your site. and number of videos and subscriptions your account has. Interact In The Comments Yourself YouTube comments are a wild place that seem to attract a particularly nasty group of commenters. What you need to do is to place the widget’s embed code into the source code of your site or blog the same way you embed a YouTube video.

Preferably. The shorter it is. If it is a case that the next new video isn’t going to appear until later than usual. When people become more familiar with your content. it’s best to know what you’re going to be covering for the next four or five videos and if it’s possible. 108 . short. you can use them to help increase your own video’s views. but if you want to produce a video that deals with something current. create them long before they’re due to go up.Be Consistent Nobody is going to come back to a channel if they don’t know when the next video is going to appear so put a schedule together that ensures you’re producing content consistently. Your viewers will appreciate it and there won’t be any confusion when it happens. While many create them for their own personal fun. When you’re scheduling. Playlists usually appear near the end of a search page so you won’t get immediate views. then highlight it at the end of your latest video or on your site. your video may get a number of views on the top of its success. not only are you ahead of schedule. Create Playlists Playlists are a great way of grouping brilliant videos you like and uniting them under the one common theme. but if you share the playlist around and it grows in popularity. That way. you can lengthen it if you wish. you had the leeway for it. Simply create a playlist that follows the same theme as the video you want to promote and then slot your video in with them. four to five minutes would be the longest video you want to create since people want to watch as much as they can in the short space of time they have. snappy videos are the best way to get people hooked. the easier it is to finish and the better chances you have of getting your message across. Don’t Create Long Videos When you’re getting started.

as your friends would probably get annoyed if you ask them to promote your latest video again and again. update or share to be genuine and for it to be shared by other people for the same reasons. find out whether they would mind sharing your video on Facebook. If you have a number of friends online. Also. The aim is for the post. This should only be a once-off however.Get Personalised Recommendations There are numerous commerce studies which shows that personal recommendations are more effective so why wouldn’t the same apply when promoting your video. 109 . don’t beg. There’s really nothing more unappealing than that. YouTube or LinkedIn. Twitter.

but most of the time it’s hilariously inaccurate so provide your own when you can. You can also copy in your video URL to get suggestions for your video. but if you haven’t one. Upload A Transcript While it’s usually overlooked. YouTube’s Keyword Suggestion Tool is a great way to discover key phrases that you can use for your video. 110 . transcribe the video and upload one as soon as you can. uploading it up is simple. YouTube does offer an automatic transcription tool for videos.Use YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool If you’re struggling to come up with the appropriate SEO related words for your video. you should provide a transcript whenever you get the chance as it will give you a major advantage when it comes to SEO. If you have a script for your video.

but you also have the option to choose a video that you’ve already uploaded. then you need as many high-qualities links as you can get. Normally. The reason why this is useful is when you scroll down. each video in your account can only be used as a video response one so choose wisely. users upload a video in response. The possibility of your video appearing there is dependent on how popular the video is and how many other users posted responses. Create Backlinks If you want your video to be more prominent in Google’s search rankings.Use Video Responses If there’s another popular video out there. Try and get as many links to your content as possible through social media sites and blogs and share it with other sites who might be interested in covering it. 111 . you can potentially piggyback off it by creating a video response. video responses are the first thing you will see. Be warned though.

it has a large active fan base. the site doesn’t generate that many sales. But there are a lot of positives relating to the site. in comparison to Twitter and Facebook.7 million users. Pinterest doesn’t quite match the figures boasted by the other major social media sites.A The Essential Guide To Using Pinterest For Marketing fter getting $100 million in funding and a $1. but has taken a more commercial route by allowing the seller to feature (if they’re the ones pinning it) and its’ clear that Pinterest has a lot to face as it embarks on the next stage of its life. 112 . despite its popularity. With 11. but with over 100 million visitors monthly. Also. Pinterest is facing a challenging time. The recent news from Amazon’s Zappos Labs which found that.5 billion valuation back in May. throw in sites like The Fancy which shares many similarities. How the removal of the ‘invite-only’ tag will affect the site remains to be seen – although you could base some of its success on its exclusivity – but there are many reasons for marketers to get in on the action. or to give it a second chance.

Marketing Opportunities If you haven’t gotten started with Pinterest. 113 . Flickr. you can create a board entitled “Dream Homes” where you show beautiful designs. If you’re a furniture store. make sure that they’re relevant to your brand. The first reason is for promotion. If you have a stunning or interesting board. you can cross post those image on a separate board for everyone to see. Use your Other Social Media Accounts There are two reasons why you should feature other social media sites in your strategy. Make sure you’re linking to it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that people know it’s there for the chance of nabbing a few new followers. For example. Interact With Users Like all sites. When you’re creating boards. if you’re a music store. Pinterest is a two-way street and while you can pin all the content you want. Create Boards Relevant To Your Brand Pinterset prompts you to create boards when you start up. you could have a board dedicated to live concerts and album covers. An important thing to remember is that users can choose to follow boards instead of the company page so you may find that you have more followers on a particular board than on your page. people will repin it and start following you. Follow them. The second reason is that if you regularly use sites like Instagram. Be selective with the images you post online though as not every image is going to be worth repining. pin some of their content (if it’s relevant) and comment on their posts. or Facebook camera. you also need to get out there and interact with your followers. but don’t underestimate how effective this can be. here are some basic ideas that will help you grow your page into something that will get numerous repins and followers. but think about what areas will provide brilliant images for you to pin.

Install plugin buttons

If your site content is visual, you can have your visitors do the hard work for you by installing a plugin button on your site. The more people who are pinning your content, the more exposure you get

Focus on Indirect Marketing

If users think you’re just going to post your own content repetitively, then the chances of them following you is very slim. Make sure your content is diverse and interesting first before you try to promote your own stuff and even then, do it sparingly. What you should be doing is pinning content that your audience will find interesting, like gift ideas, cool gadgets and interesting campaigns.

Apps & Plugins
Pin It Buttons
Like all the major social media sites, Pinterest has its own Pin it button which you can add on your blog or site. You can find it here on Pinterest’s main site.


Pinstamatic allows you to pin the usual webpages and images, but also create quotes, pin Spotily songs and even places. A handy way of diversifying your content and make it more than just images and pull quotes.


The Pinterest dictionary is probably the first place you should go to if you want to find content for your Pinterest page. Highlighting the most popular pin on different boards, it will show you what’s pins are trending so you can get ideas for your own board. You can also add yourself to Repinly’s dictionary if you want other users to find you. Spliced image If you ever looked at certain boards and wanted to make the photo layout do something different, then this tool could be what you’re looking for. It allows you to create an entire board that looks like one image, and it’s a good way to create eyecatching designs on your page without much effort.


Currently in Beta mode, SpinPicks is an interesting way of discovering new content from a number of platforms including Instagram, Twitpic, Flickr, Reddit, and YouTube. The site pulls in this content from these sites, but you can limit it to content from just Pinterest which will show you pins you can click through and introduce you to new people to follow. 114

Browser Extensions

There is a vast number of Pinterest plugins and extensions for both Chrome and Firefox. Here are some of the best: - If you just want quick and easy pinning, Pin It for Chrome lets you pin any image that appears on screen while Right-Click for Firefox gives you the option to pin sites and images by simply right-clicking them. Also, Easypinner for Chrome give images a little Pinterest icon for easy pinning. - Pinterest Pro for Chrome gives you extra features when you use your browser, including right-click images to pin and zooming in on pins by hovering over them. - Pin Search for Chrome lets you use any picture from Chrome to do an image search on Google - Pinzy for Chrome lets you enlarge pinned images by just hovering over them. - URL2Pin.it lets you pin screenshots of web pages that you’re currently on.

Pinterest Influence

If you want to see how influential you are on Pinterest, there are a number of services available. The first is PinPuff, which gives you a brief dashboard regarding how valuable your pins are, what your most popular boards are and scores rating your virility and reach. The handy thing is that you don’t need to sign in to use the service – just an email and a username – so if you wanted to, you could find out how other Pinterest pages are doing and compare. Another way is to use PinReach, which helps calculate a score for you showing how popular you are. The score is calculated through factors like followers, repines, and boards. The site also lets you know what your most popular boards are, and how you compare to the most popular Pinterest users.


Pinterest Analytics

PinReach is a pretty nifty way to monitor the activity on your Pinterest page and boards. By connecting up to Twitter or Facebook and entering your username and email, you will gain access to a dashboard showing the stats of your page. Such stats include the history of your repines, your most popular pins and advanced analytics on your followers. Another option is Pintics, which lets you see traffic and sales from your pins and boards as well as manage multiple accounts.

Marketing Campaigns

Kotex’s Women’s Inspiration Day

Feminine hygiene and toiletries company Kotex found a perfect ally in Pinterst, a famously female-driven social network in its relative infancy. Kotax, as directed by Israeli advertising agency Smoyz, sent virtual gifts to 50 influential females on Pinterest, and asked them to pin the gifts of their profiles. Upon doing so, the women would be sent an actual gift, which they would then, without fail, post about on Pinterest, as well as Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. The 50 gifts got upwards of 200,000 impressions across social media platforms, quite a return on such a small investment for Kotex. An innovative way of harnessing this fledgling social media that shows incredible knowledge of and desire to cater to a brand’s core demographic.


‘Hot House Orange’. The winner was selected by a panel of judges and wasn’t just determined by popularity. but it was anchored by Pinterest and its image-driven ethos. Guess Fashion house Guess asked its Pinterest fans to create boards inspired by four of their branded colours for Spring 2012. Once they had found them all. the competition drove interest in Peugeot’s social media brand to unprecedented levels. their task was to assemble the piece to form a whole on their Pinterest pages. or rather. Honda wanted these five people to get away from the 117 . Users had to work in service of ‘Noir Teal’. take a ‘pintermission’.Peugeot Peugeot recently hosted a scavenger hunt for puzzle pieces across the major social media platforms. Users had to scour the French car manufacturer hid parts of a main image on its website and Facebook. though that was certainly factored into the decision and helped spread the word about Guess. The first five to do so won a prize. Overall. The company offered $500 to the site’s top five users for them to stay off the site. ‘Red Hot Overdue’ and ‘New Plum Light’ to be in with a chance of winning a pair of colour denim jeans from the Guess collection. Honda Honda recently created a Pinterest account and set about discouraging users from the site.

Moscow and Marrakech. it was then their prerogative to post about their experience on Pinterest once they had done so. BMI asked its fans to re-pin all the images of holiday destinations that boasted the company’s logo that they posted (six in total). and they would be rewarded with a pair of return-flight tickets to any destination BMI flew to. You’re bound to be successful with such a great and sought-after prize. Of course.internet and accomplish some of things they wanted to do before they die. 118 . A lucky winner was then selected at the end of each week that the campaign ran. as Honda believes it is a car that encourages people to tackle their bucket lists. British Midland International Airline BMI surprised random Pinterest fans with trips abroad as part of a ‘Pinterest Lottery’. but maybe the campaign was just weird enough to pique interest. Posting images of worldwide holiday destinations as disparate as Beirut. so it is no surprise that this campaign was as successful as it was. Nice. This creative campaign came in relation to the Honda CR-V.

Sephora Another female-focused company. it has been aped by other notable fashion brands since. include relevant hashtags when pinning. etc. The competition helped users to engage with each other and the promoted products. Users had to be following @ModCloth on Twitter. cosmetics brand Sephora. The contest presented a challenge to users that would take time and effort and prove a sustainable way of increasing brand awareness. and users also had to post five images featuring their favourite colours. Something You’ criteria. of which there were ten. would win a $250 Sephora gift card. Categories such as ‘Something vintage’. The chosen winners. 119 . ‘A lovely location’ and ‘A creative cocktail’ were all included in the list of 20. held a competition on Pinterest to boost its popularity. Participants then had to pin 20 items fitting the ‘Something ModCloth. Sephora wanted its fans to create ‘Sephora Color Wash’ boards and spread word of the competition on their own boards. The boards had to be pinned in the hair and beauty category.ModCloth Clothing brand ModCloth help a ‘pin it to win it’ contest that had several conditions for its participants to fulfill in order for them to stand a chance at winning.

were $0. Sales from Pinterest. 120 . Currently. investment) was that Pinterest was looking for a ‘global strategic investor’ that would help the company grow internationally and help stave off foreign clones. users do explore the site for new content ideas and repins can be effective way to curating a wish list.66 an order – while Facebook posts garnered $2. that’s not to say it’s all plain sailing. YouTube and Twitter respectively.5 billion valuation back in May. Japanese e-commerce site Rakuten. Its investors include Max Levchin.S. It’s highly visual. at the start of 2012. a founder of PayPal. The reasoning for Rakuten’s involvement (and the lack of U. Pinterest is the fourth most popular social media network out there. However. The fact that users visit for these reasons will mean that traffic coming from Pinterest will be more targeted than other sites. On the Zappos platform. sales from Pinterest posts contribute the smallest amount of revenue. which is no mean feat considering that many were fearing that it come crashing down once the hype around it had worn off. the site already landed $100 million in funding off the back of a $1. The idea of Pinterest being a medium for e-commerce makes sense. A report released today (August 29th) from Amazon’s online store Zappos suggests that while consumers share more on Pinterest than on Facebook or Twitter.75 on average.A Platform For E-commerce? As is the case with any site that explodes in popularity. however. Twitter brought in the most revenue – an average of $33. showing that the endorsement per pin. and investment company Bessemer Venture Partners. behind Facebook. Yet earlier reports have it that Pinterest users spend twice as much as Facebook users and have a higher conversion rate so it’s difficult to say which one is right or wrong.08 per order. the conversation about Pinterest shifted towards how can generate revenue and its potential as an e-commerce platform. While the former hasn’t materialised yet.

Now that it has evened out.But saying that.appdata.http://econsultancy. there’s nothing to say that Pinterest won’t become a valuable assist for e-commerce merchants.http://www.businessinsider.http://www. Infographic Sources .com/apps/facebook/274266067164-pinterest . it’s easy to forget that Pinterest is still a site finding its feet after some explosive growth.http://econsultancy.com/ie/blog/9803-pinterest-drives-more-sales-than-facebookstats .com/ie/blog/10598-10-interesting-digital-marketing-stats-we-veseen-this-week-12 121 . If it can maintain and grow its current traffic.com/this-stat-reveals-the-incredible-potential-ofpinterest–and-why-amazon-google-or-facebook-should-buy-it-2012-7 . Pinterest needs to make sure it holds on to these users first and ensure it doesn’t let the last few months go to waste.

it still allows smartphone users to do more than snap random shots. Now that Android users have been using the service since April. Four billion photos later and the app has become the most popular photo sharing app ever created and is iconic in bringing the Polaroid look to digital photos. Tricks. now’s as good a time as ever to start using the service or take the steps to become a power user. Despite being criticised for being hipster and cheapening the art of photography. It’s not about inserting filters for the sake of making them look retro. The emergence of Instagram and other camera apps only allows regular people to become photographers themselves and while it certainly not going to replace professional photography any time soon. but that’s the price you pay when you’ve got 80 million users signed up to your service. but it’s to help amplify and convey a mood that mightn’t be possible through normal means. Case Studies And Campaigns hen Instagram first came to the iPhone.W The 101 Marketer’s Guide To Instagram – Tips. Granted there will be some that will use the service terribly. few would have expected it to become so dominant. 122 . these criticisms tend to miss the point of what Instagram is about.

For the first 18 months of the service. Although Instagram is adding more web functionality since it was snapped up by Facebook. it was only available on iOS devices and it was only in April of 2012 that it was made available to Android users. Apple Inc. which is one of the main reasons why it was acquired. but they were also known for the way they ran the startup. 123 . To put Instagram’s impressive growth and life into perspective. The company wasn’t even 600 days old when it was acquired by Facebook. the growth was impressive. when it was acquired by Facebook in April 2012 for $1 billion.Where it All Began Believe it or not. having been founded in October 2010. From its early days. Kevin Systrom and Michael Krieger actually spun the company out of their previous app which was called Burbn. Indeed. named Instagram “App of the Year” which helped solidify its position as a mainstream app with huge potential. Instagram is not even two years old yet. it only had 13 employees. despite the service doubling in size every month. sticking with just four employees for the first year. it has always been a mobile social network. which wasn’t getting much traction. Users now visit the site as a new way of sharing their photos and in December 2011. With 80 million active users on the platform.

The interface is clean and simple and photos are easy to share on social networking sites or assemble in a photo album. plus a list of a few you might find useful yourself. The name is a good indication of what you can expect from the app. The format lends itself perfectly to the photo sharing app by filling the screen up with numerous photos. They range from desktop browsers to instant printing apparatus and everything in between. Each title contains links to each app. Instagallery just focuses on one photo at a time. it’s no surprise that a dizzying array of apps. but is compatible with Instagram. It’s almost like flicking through an album the way its set up. iDarkRoom is available for the iPhone. the social magazine reader can also be used to display your Instagram photos too.Best Apps For Instagram Considering how popular Instragram is. 11 paper effects and 13 light leak & effects for you to play around with. Flipboard Although you wouldn’t think it. allowing you to appreciate each one in full-screen. texture effects. and it clearly aims to help users to edit and tinker with their photos with a greater degree of professionalism and complexity than standard IG users can. Instagallery Instead of presenting as many photos on screen as possible. iris While the other apps here go for style and follow the Instagram template. 124 . cropping options and editing functions – there are 20 colour filters. iPad Apps iDarkRoom iDarkRoom will fuel Instagram users’ love for eyecatching effects with its expansive range of colourcontrasting filters. and below are ten of out favourites. extensions and supplementary websites have popped up. blurring techniques. iris gives users a simple and clean presentation that allows you to take each photo for what it’s worth instead of trying to decide which ones are worth your attention.

InstaPad Instapad pulls off the impressive feat of packing in as many photos into the screen as possible without making you feel overwhelmed. Carousel translates Instagram onto desktops with an interface that is easy to navigate and relatable to social networks with its ‘Popular’ tab (akin to trending photos) and a chronological feed. Firstly. Web Apps Statigram Statigram is the most prominent web-based Instagram account management application. including multiple viewing windows. Browsing is easy and you’ll lose hours as you browse through your feed and discover the work of other Instagram users. You can chat with your followers. Carousel Carousel is an Instagram client made for Macs. Much like Statigram and Inkstagram. It all comes in a sleek package that is easy to use as well as on the eyes. view/respond to comments they make on your photos and analyse follower and image viewing statistics. vintage designs to boot. reminiscent of Facebook or Twitter. and it is rather comprehensive in its functionality. the ability to view your photos by location and even some quirky. it is only available to Mac and iPhone users. so users can effectively translate their Instagram experience onto their desktop browsers. 125 . but then it will present a whole new viewing experience. It functions much like Facebook or Twitter would. so much so that you could be chatting with a follower while considering the best time to post a photo or pouring over which of Instagram’s various filters will get you the most likes. but those of you who fit such criteria will be impressed. The intersection between social media and metrics is well occupied by Statigram. Again. There are some really cool and unique features. you will need to sync it with Instagram account.

126 . you can make manual adjustments to the brightness. contrast. you can select ‘<3 I’m popular’ for the most popular images on Instagram. Much like Google. before sharing your work on IG. Snapseed also offers a good range of filters and a range of other novelties. you can choose image borders or even magnify background objects. Users can easily bring their photos up to standard with the automatic adjust feature instantly bringing out the best in your shots. It is not exclusive to Instagram. So there’s not a lot to Hashgram. however. From there. but it is compatible with IG and will enable you tweak your photos to very minute specifications. It doesn’t even try to hide the fact with its design. plain and simple. white balance and various other settings. Hashgram Hashgram is Google for Instagram. which is eerily reminiscent of the world’s largest search engine. Alternatively.Snapseed This IOS-exclusive photo-editing app is probably the best currently available on the market. but it is a comprehensive search tool for Instagram and fills a glaring need for Instagram users worldwide. it is incredibly simple to use: you simply type in your search term and either select ‘# tag search’ or ‘@ user search’ before a cacophony of Instagram images appear before your eyes.

right? Well. available through the Apple store. InstaPrint adds a distinctly Polaroid-esque edge to you photography experience. Each printer is set to a 127 . then you’ve got to have photo albums. InstaPrint isn’t easily downloadable or available as a website. allows you to organise your IG photo’s by date. by using Instake you now have an option unavailable to you when using Instagram alone. or you can just search Instagram to find the pictures you like. and tags. your own photos. well. it can also determine your most used filters. instead of getting proper cameras. bringing a new edge to your holiday postcards or a hint more personality to an emailed message. You can view photos either as a normal feed or to specifications.. but it is an extremely effective organising and sharing tool that makes the IG photo stream easier to navigate and makes uploads to Facebook or DropBox exceedingly simple. Postagram With Postagram. It’s a fun way of bringing Instagram offline. It’s a simple idea that adds an element of DIY and bygone ways to your Instagram experience and is surely a nice novelty app to be enjoyed by both the sender and recipient. You can select individual photos to download or you can select all the photos on any given page. such as most popular. location. There’s not a lot to InstaAlbum. photos you have liked etc. many photos being taken. photographed locations. just because all your photos are already displayed on the internet. My InstaAlbum. one that is sure to see many. Say you have a special occasion coming. doesn’t mean they can’t be nicely compiled and ordered for the viewing pleasure of your aesthetically-minded friends and bored relatives. InstaPrint Now.Instake Instake is simple in that its sole function is to download photos from Instagram so you no longer have to take mere screengrabs to save them to your phone. you can go to the InstaPrint and rent one of their printers. type in the address along with a personalised message and it will be sent it in the post. either way. My InstaAlbum If you’re taking photographs and love curating. Simply select your picture. you can use your best images to send as postcards. but it is pretty cool. tag or filter.

the more you will notice the filter effect. Pictarine. Pic-a-Fight and many more. so it is easily synced with every part-goer’s IG account to automatically print your nicest or most embarrassing shots. it’s easy to take any photo and then choose a filter. Use it for: If you want to give your photo a somewhat aged appearance. InstaDrop. Makes images appear warm and colourful. Instarium. X-pro II What it does: If you want your photo to become more vibrant.specific location or hashtag. InstaGreat. Sierra What it does: Makes images softer but unlike Rise. Screenstagram. What it does: The ‘Vanilla’ of Instagram filters. but it’s a fun addition nonetheless. Amaro What it does: Adds more light to the image. Use it for: Any close up shots of people. Is more physical evidence of your nighttime exploits a good idea? Perhaps not. Some we may have missed InstaCat. The slight tint and altered lighting gives images a wintery feel. but most of all towards the centre so the darker the photos. Sierra gives images a slightly faded look. Not every photo requires modification so why do something for the sake of it? Use it for: Any photo you want. Use it for: Can be used for a wide variety of photos.am. Particularly nice if you’re taking photos of buildings or monuments. Instagrid. Instagram Filters: When To Use Them Normal With 17 different filters to play around with. Hudson What it does: Gives certain photos an icy look. but only if you want certain colours to stand out more. InstaWar. Cartagr. 128 . ExtraGram. Webstagram. Rise What it does: Gives photos a nice glow so if you’re looking for softer lighting. Use it for: Whenever you’re outdoors. Use it for: Nature and outdoor shots are the perfect images for this. you will find that both the quality of your Instagram photos will greatly improve. GramJunction. Gramfeed. InstaPuppy. Heroku. making colours almost calm and soothing. But if you put a little thought into it. X-pro II is the filter for you. InstaFB.

happy photos. breezy feel. 1977 What it does: Like the title suggests. Exactly what you’d expect. Use it for: Food. Use it for: If you really want to go down the ‘cool’ route. Use it for: Any summery or bright. gives the centre a burnt look and makes the image look aged. What it does: Gives photos a somewhat smoked look. much like if the photo was taken in the 1980s. Use it for: Making images look like they were taken in the 1970s. slap this filter on. warm feeling. What it does: Much like Lo-Fi but the colours aren’t as dramatic. What it does: Turns photos black and white. food! What it does: Mostly faded and blurred colours. picnics and your friend’s BBBQ (the extra B is for BYOBB). Use it for: Anywhere where you want to enhance vibrant colours. warm feel with a slightly pink tint to help achieve the effect. gives images an older feel. 129 . Toaster What it does: The most noticeable of all the filters. Brannan Inkwell Effect: Greyish tint gives images a darker. but not too much. Provides photos with a radiant glow that you will either love or hate. with emphasis on purple and brown colours to achieve the effect.Filter: Lo-fi Earlybird Sutro What it does: Adds rich colours and strong shadows makes an image’s colour richer and stronger shadows. Walden Hefe What it does: Gives images a washed-out look. so beer gardens. food. Use it for: Anything where shadows and light is the main feature. and a pleasant. Use it for: Anything you want to give an antique look. Use it for: Anything you want to look back on with nostalgia. vibrant feel. Valencia What it does: For a faded quality. makes your photos look like they were taken in the 1970s. Use it for: Summer nights out. Nashville What it does: Images get a nice. more metallic look. Kelvin What it does: Give images a bright. Use it for: Any photos that you want to give a nice. Use it for: Anything with strong shadows. Use it for: If you want to give images a creepier look so Halloween like events.

to find the next star for their ad campaigns. People from all over the world can enter. 130 . ALDO Moodboards A great example here of using Instagram’s API and combining with gamification to offer an engaging user experience. which is not a bad result for what’s still a fairly niche platform. The activity was then brought back onto their Facebook Page. but it’s nice to see a brand like Ford really embracing Instagram. but good to see a brand using Instagram’s API to extend their offering. you can select the images that you want. All you have to do is upload a picture to Instagram with the hashtag #iamlevis. So far. To promote the new Fiesta. to create your moodboard which can then be shared to your Facebook profile. with the winner starring in the Levi’s 2012 brand campaign. Ford ran a weekly photo challenge on Instagram. It would be nice to see the campaign go a little bit further in terms of the execution as the mechanic is exciting. When you visit the site. where the content was hosted within a hub.000 photos have been uploaded with the hashtag. where users had to upload photos with hashtags that reflected certain aspects of the car. Levi’s search for talent Levi’s is running a long-term campaign on Instagram.The Best Brand Campaigns on Instagram Ford This might not be a groundbreaking campaign. over 3. gathered via Instagram.

bringing user’s content right into the site experience. For its frames of life campaign. Giorgio Armani Frames Of Life Fashion brands seem to be particularly taken with Instagram and Giorgio Armani is getting in on the act. which you can take part in by uploading a pic to Instagram with the hashtag #framesoflife. The campaign has been put together to promote its EU roaming package and you can follow photos of their travels through the #O2Travel hashtag as well as following O2 on Instagram to see some of the best images reposted. make you look like the photographer you wish you were. Dan Rubin. which has it sending five influential Instagrammers – Mike Kus. Jiri Siftar.O2 road trip O2 in the UK has just launched a new campaign on Instagram. Finn Beales and Naomi Atkinson . it’s asking followers to upload a picture of them wearing sunglasses. While the ‘Frames of Your Life’ campaign has been run previously for Armani.” 131 .on a road trip around Europe. the Instagram element is a new addition. Instagram pics are pulled in alongside the frame styles in their new collection. And when you visit the Frames Of Life site.

siliconrepublic.Infographic Sources .com/mobile/2012/04/04/instagram-for-android-hits-1mdownloads-in-under-24-hours/ .http://blog.com/new-media/item/28575-instagram-now-has-80musers/ .com/post/28067043504/the-instagram-community-hits-80million-users .http://www.com/sites/ericsavitz/2012/04/23/facebook-paying-300-millioncash-23m-shares-for-instagram/ 132 .http://thenextweb.com/2012-04-03/tech/31279486_1_android-app-photosstatistics .instagram.businessinsider.http://www.http://articles.forbes.

Through use of gamification. It’s obvious that it’s popular. However. it now has over 20 million users signed up to it. 133 .T Foursquare – Why Brands & Marketers Should Be Getting On Board alk about mobile and chances are that someone will mention Foursquare. The obvious reason why it’s popular is so that people know where you are and where you’ve been. but highly engaged audience. Having spent three years quietly building up its app. it means that brands are thinking up of new strategies to help engage with what is a relativity modest. but there are more reasons behind its success than just letting users check-in to places. Why Should You Use It? With 20 million users yet only close to a million merchants using the service worldwide. there is great scope for businesses to take advantage of the platform. Foursquare has also expanded its services to the web. While primarily a mobile app. While being set up for mobile obviously helps Foursquare – especially since many other sites are making the transition – the desktop presence gives it the opportunity to really build upon its success. Foursquare has become more about discovering new places and providing tips and recommendations. creating a specialised portal that takes advantage of the capabilities offered by desktop. providing tips and highlighting deals and providing engagement that other sites can only dream of.

Foursquare For Businesses – How it Works While users are the heart of the service. There’s a dedicated user base to be taken advantage of and provided you can provide incentive for them to check-in regularly. but the next few months will be crucial as the mobile app tries to become a fully fledged business. Here are the basic ways to reach your audience. what they like to do with their free time. It’s no wonder that Facebook introduced its own check-in and location mapping service before allowing Foursquare to be an open graph app. User experience is still king. brands have been slowly getting in on the action. there is a lot to take away from it. and find out which users are loyal customers because the more they visit. it’s when you consider the data that you can gather from this that things get interesting. The platform is ever changing with Foursquare making little adjustments here and there to improve the experience for both users and businesses. you can find out about a person’s interests. Its capabilities as a social media marketing tool is really just being explored.While check-ins mightn’t seem like a big deal. Some changes are for generating revenue (Promoted Updates) while others have come from user suggestions (the return of the nearby friends feature). 134 . From numerous check-ins. the more likely they will have good things to say.

you can create it here and add in additional details such as Twitter profile. you will be suggested a number of brand pages to like so you can follow their updates. Like Merchant pages. 135 . type of venue and map location. any building or place can be checked-in so if you offer goods or services and you have a physical location. depending on where you’re based. When you boot up the app first of all. Brand pages will get web versions as well as in-app pages. All you need to do is claim your venue by filling out this form and before you know it. etc. you will have to get the word out that you can be found through word of mouth. There are also analytical tools available to use so you can keep track of how many people check-in and see how popular new deals or offers are.) Alongside being able to offer deals and let customers know what to expect. Of course. there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a merchant page.Merchants Page This is the traditional business page and is essential if you want to even use the service to promote deals and discounts. After this. etc. Foursquare will verify that you’re the manager or responsible for the place through phone or email. social media promotion and real world advertising (highlighting that you can be found on Foursquare in-store. The first thing you need to do is to claim your venue. Brand Page Mainly for those businesses that don’t have a physical presence. Brand pages can also create location-specific events for users to check-in and communicate to them through updates. If your brand has a physical location (Starbucks. users can check-in when they arrive on your premises. you will be able to connect with customers and run special offers. This doesn’t have to be limited to just restaurants and bars. H&M. you will be able to alert your best customers to new deals and updates when they’re near the vicinity. Once you’ve created and claimed your venue.). you can combine the brand page with your merchant page. the former being a cross between Twitter and Facebook’s own brand pages. If it doesn’t already exist.

the feature is only available to a number of companies and businesses. This feature is available to all companies and services that have claimed their business on the site.e. At the moment.Types of Advertising Local updates Foursquare has recently pushed new methods of advertising so that businesses can get the word out about the latest deals. Only available to those users who have ‘liked’ your venue or have checked-in a number of times. businesses are required to pay for the privilege of using Promoted Updates. These ads are tailored towards your likes and interests (i. 136 . These updates can be found in the ‘explore’ tab. local updates will be automatically shared with them when they’re in the same city. your updates will reflect that. Promoted Updates allows users to discover new places. The major difference is that. Promoted Updates Promoted Updates work differently to Local Updates. or looks at the app’s ‘Friends’ tab. businesses can promote new services. but expect it to be rolled out for general use pretty soon. as the name suggests. instead of views or impressions their updates receive. the places and venues that you regularly check into) so if you regularly check into restaurants. deals or specials through it and it will appear to anyone who is near the vicinity. Businesses and companies pay Foursquare on a “cost per action” model. While Local Updates gives users a better way of keeping up with new updates from businesses and places they already like. These work the same way as Local Updates. This rewards loyal customers and allows businesses to take care of those who are regularly bringing them business. These updates will appear as soon as somebody checks into a business. Here are the main ones to keep in mind.

Custom Badges You may remember the mention of gamification (the word that nobody really understands). you will get a response within two weeks and six to eight weeks to get ready before your campaign launches. If Foursquare like the idea. Anyone can apply for once (form found here) although you have to specify why you want to create a new badge and state what people have to do to obtain it. 137 . While mayorship is rather self-explanatory. IF you check into a specific place a number of times. which if a business is savvy enough. custom badges are really for one-off events. will use that position as a way to offer special deals or discounts. The more varied places you check into. and this comes in the form of badges and mayorship. there’s the chance you will become mayor of that spot. mostly for credit so that users can say they attended an event or did something exclusive. the greater the chance you have of obtaining a badge.

Euro RSCG There’s nothing you cannot do with a little hard graft and subterfuge. Their main aim was to get 250 check-ins at their home ground. Craven Cottage.095 people have checked in at the Cottage. Once again. they released tips on the 43 pages and linked each location to their recruitment page as a way of encouraging opposition talent to come to their agency. until they had done enough to become the mayor of each location. As part of a massive recruitment drive. and their Foursquare-infused Metropoli game is no exception. doing so would earn the ground a Super Swarm Badge. Fulham and Foursquare offered every fan to check-in at the ground special offers on tickets and merchandise once the club had reached that magical 250 mark on one game day. providing an incentive for people to use it and check-in at their favourite places. at present. From there. The club has been reasonably successful in harnessing Foursqaure and. they’ll be hoping to see that number quickly rising. As an added incentive. and friends who check in later must pay rent to the owner.Foursquare Campaigns Fulham FC At the tail end of last season. of course. To buy a property. additional social element to Foursquare. 138 . Metropoli (Formerly Foursquaropoly) from Deanna McDonald on Vimeo. amazingly enough. 3. as Belgian ad agency Euro RSCG recently proved. Metropoli adds a competitive and fun. with the new season approaching. English Premier League football club Fulham made Foursquare one of its official social media channels and urged its fans to use Foursqaure on game days. but in virtual Metro dollars instead of actually currency or Monopoly money. Metropoli combines Foursquare’s check-ins features with popular board game Monopoly. RSCG checked-in at the offices of 43 of their rivals every day. Miami Ad School’s Metropoli The creative folks at the Miami Ad School has built a reputation for their innovative concept campaigns. Foursquare users must first check-in there.

Fliers. The winning park received a $100. Quite astounding prizes. using Foursquare other social media sites to decide which surprise gifts to buy KLM fliers arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. used Foursquare and heard about the JJ Abramsdirected flick. so it is doubtful they were very successful. and more than enough to get you to use Foursquare.888th person won the final prize of actually going on a private mission to space estimated at a more than $100. and partnered with Foursquare last month to encourage more people to get active and start going to local.000 prizes were available. but this was certainly an extremely aggressive (almost shameless) campaign that is sure to get attention and give people ideas in using social media for corporate espionage and manipulation. 21. Foursquare.000 donation from Coke. put 139 . the parks. state or national parks in the US as part of a budding competition. the park received 100 points and the totals were tallied up to decide a winner.000 value.888th person won a weightlessness experience with Zero gravity corp. very niche in Belgium.Foursquare is still very. every 88. and the 888. KLM Dutch airline KLM went out of their way to surprise their customers early last year. would then have their social media output scoured over by the airline as they searched their personal preferences for the perfect gift. really. in turn. American convenience store 7-Eleven and the studio behind last year’s sci-fi blockbuster Super 8 teamed up to award prizes to Foursquare users checking it at 7-Eleven stores across the US. and the campaign very smartly ensured that more people went to the store. With every visit. but such personalised gifts certainly marked “how happiness spreads” as KLM intended and garnered them plenty of positive publicity. Verging on stalkerish? Probably. who checked at particular KLM-endorsed locations. 7-Eleven and Super 8 Coca-Cola Coca-Cola is all about health. It worked out so that every 88th check-in got tickets to see the film.

person and categories. but it’s handy to know. a handy feature to use is radar.on additional activities and exercises for Foursquare users. and with every check-in. Starbucks donated $1 to The Global Fund. and select the check-in you want to get rid of. .000. you can access your check-in history (foursquare. . Savvy and kind-hearted. enjoy Coke products and to see their local parks. Simply go into settings on your profile page and you will find radar there. It’s quite a nice way of getting people out the house over the summer. Tips and Tricks . There will be an ‘x’ located to the right of the location’s name. which will make your phone vibrate whenever you’re near somewhere or something interesting. up to £250.com/username/history). but can’t remember the name. Simply go into your check-in history. you can search through your archives and find it. you can delete the duplicates. while also encouraging them to get active. and search for it using terms like place. 140 .If you’re looking for a location that you checked into a while back. The campaign is a simple way of leveraging social media activity for charitable benefit and doesn’t ask very much fo Starbucks customers/Foursquare users at all but to keep doing what they were doing. This is useful as you can normally only make 30 check-ins in the one day.Because you won’t be looking at your phone 24/7. Starbucks and (RED) AIDS prevention and awareness charity (RED) and coffee titans Starbucks got Foursquare users to check-in at Starbucks joints across the US and Canada recently. You shouldn’t need to check-in that many times.If you accidentally checked into the same place more than once. On the web.

Infographic Sources .net/WaveLab/10-social-networks-and-a-bunch-of-stats . or if some of your friends here are people you don’t know that well. Path. you can also adjust notifications in settings and decide whether you want to be alerted to check-in notifications (nearby check-in make by your friends).com/tags/foursquare/ . you can choose to hide your mobile number (if you provided it). Here. . .http://liesdamnedliesstatistics. you will be given a number of suggestions ranging from Instagram.Relating to the last point. but not directly on the app version itself. Sonar and Lanyrd (provides info when you check-in at a conference or professional event).https://foursquare.com/business/ 141 .Your privacy settings are important if you like to keep certain details to yourself. html .. If your feed it clogged with updates and you want to filter out updates.http://www. you can manage local updates under account settings.com/2012/04/foursquare-statistics-20-million-users-2-billioncheck-ins/ .’ Here. . The second is to go into settings and select ‘Add and Manage Connected Apps. There are two ways to go about this: The first is to go into the app itself and connect it up to your Foursquare account. Brands that you like and places that you check-in regularly will feature in this list. simply go here and untick them.http://statspotting.You can add apps onto the service.http://www.Also in settings. email and control how much of your actions can be viewed by the public.com/2011/04/foursquare-users-spend-3-5x-as-much.slideshare.factbrowser. Soundtracking.

the major difference between Pinterest and Tumblr is that while Pinterest is more about sharing links to content. GIFs and videos. The popularity of the site is such that it’s given birth to a number of blogs that have gone viral over the last few months. the appeal should be obvious: As users are more interested in visual posts and easily digestible content as well as a younger audience. Since it was first created in 2007.The Complete Marketer’s Guide To Tumblr C onsidering the success and hype that surrounded Pinterest earlier this year. 142 . For brands. but has found a dedicated audience thanks to its quick and easily digestible posts. another site has been quietly going about its business and slowly growing is Tumblr. Tumblr is one of the older social media sites out there. and since brands are becoming more visual thanks to other sites. Tumblr is more commonly used for posting images. there is a lot of scope for promotion as well as opportunities to increase brand awareness. While designed to house longer posts. Also. Tumblr is all about blogging.

143 . A mere 120 million people frequent the social networking/microblogging site. Tumblr users are found to spend well over two hours per day on the site. that’s an average time only bettered by Facebook. WordPress and Blogger.Why Use Tumblr? It would be easy to write off Tumblr or see it as an afterthought. The site is among the fastest-growing online. currently. a number that is dwarfed by titanic contemporaries such as Facebook. People get lost on Tumblr that isn’t found on other major social networks. so it’s clear that Tumblr is a far more immersive site than most. for a number of reasons beyond its increasing popularity It is far more consuming that its competitors. but that is still an extremely sizeable demographic to target for brands and advertisers. Twitter. and brands are starting to take notice. it is strangely addictive and people will engage with anything from amusing banalities to high-powered advertising campaigns if they are presented correctly. making Tumblr a core element of their online marketing plans.

links and videos all together or how ever they choose. we are talking about Tumblr as an alternative to mainstream social media. the word will spread quickly if brands get any traction on Tumblr. As far as actual advertising content goes. Blogger and WordPress. facilitate synchronisation extremely well. The sites openness also lends itself to search.Tumblr also retains an air of inclusivity that other sites simply do not. Brands can post text. in fact. No content is restricted on the basis of membership. and as Tumblr is so easily integrated with Google Analytics that brands should be able to easily manipulate the SEO to their advantage. Twitter. Increased traffic is a distinct probability if your campaign has the Google algorithm at its back. 144 . which grants them a broader scope for advertising campaigns. especially with Facebook. that number can grow quickly and the potential for stealth sharing is extremely high. The reblog button is also a godsend that will help sharing increase at an exponential rate with the right campaign. it helps that you can accomplish a wide range of things on Tumblr that you cannot on certain other sites. And though. photos. So. although the number of active Tumblr users is quite a bit smaller than other sites. the site does. and the entirety of the site is completely open to whomever wants to view it.

They give lots of their different artists exposure on the site. people share its posts all day long thus exposing the TV brand to a much bigger audience. Alexander McQueen The Today Show One of the biggest TV shows in the USA uses Tumblr to share content that is getting talked about online. Because of the size of their audience. and rich photos they have. the fact that it is rich media content and that people can easily share content. there are lots of traditional publishers jumping onto Tumblr to try and drive people over to their magazines and other forms of traditional media. Given the target market on Tumblr. but prefer to stick to the safe ground of Facebook or Twitter. The second fashion type brand on the list and this Tumblr is a joy for anybody obsessed with the world of fashion. Lots of endless scrolling of beautiful images. it’s no surprise that Universal Music is on the list. Universal Music Elle Magazine As you would expect.Tumblr & Brands So the platform is growing at a massive pace and people are looking at billions of pages. It suits a brand like Elle because of the amount of stylish. Here are some of the brands and businesses that have been embracing Tumblr and doing it really well to date. but are there any brands getting in on the action? The answer is yes! There are plenty who have. 145 . which act as a great shop window for the designer’s clothes.

This might get a bit too much for your readers. Their ‘queue post’ option will allow you to space out your posts without having to actually delay uploading something when you want. The home craft site has a lot of examples of the latest goods added to their platform and this is one Tumblr where you could lose hours at a time browsing. IBM Topshop Bit of a no-brainer for one of the biggest retail outlets in the world to be on Tumblr and it essentially uses it as an extension to their shop window. Queue your posts The nature of a Tumblr blog means you’ll likely be posting little and often. you can call and record your blog post. When you’ve configured your account in the settings. Etsy Tips & Tricks Post Offline A nifty little Tumblr feature here. allowing you to upload posts offline. If ever a brand was made to have a Tumblr. Tons of people share the outfits they like the most and effectively exposing the brand to a bigger online audience. 146 . which Tumblr will then automatically update for you.One of the biggest tech companies in the world was quick to embrace Tumblr and although its content can feel a little corporate at times. You can find this option in your dashboard. then it has to be Etsy. then simply select how often you want posts published within a set timeframe. Pretty cool. so you can let Tumblr do the hard work for you and help with restraining your level of posts. it does help you understand more about what they do. via phonecall.

you can like the current post by pressing ‘L’.). all your posts will be visible allowing you to make quick changes. To reblog without having to leave the dashboard or tagging . you’ll have the option to add in your code. Hot Keys There are certain keys which make using your dashboard that bit easier. You don’t need to know any hard code in order to do this. Edit Multiple Posts If you want to edit numerous posts at the same time (give them the same tags.tumblr. then you should absolutely be combining the two. The iPhone app in particular is really easy to use for photos.Add Google Analytics If you’re serious about your Tumblr. Then simply log in to GA to find out the latest activity on your site. Simply take your pic then upload to Tumblr directly with a short description and tags. Tumblr’s apps make for an incredibly easy way to update your site on the go. Paid Advertising 147 . you should think about adding Google Analytics. Blog via mobile If you have a Tumblr and a smartphone. delete posts etc. simply use Mega-Editor http://www. which you can generate from Google Analytics. Under ‘appearance’ on Tumblr. press the ‘Ctrl’ key. simply click the reblog button while pressing the ‘Alt’ key. If you want to tag. which thankfully is pretty easy to do.com/mega-editor. Here. with advanced metrics such as traffic sources and average site visit giving you a deeper insight than Tumblr itself. Use the ‘J’ or ‘K’ keys to move forward or backwards.

The advertisement comes in the form of a ‘Radar’ post which appears on a user’s dashboard as an ad unit. there’s nothing to say just how successful this advertising model is. The campaign included the usual images and videos. In this case. and by extension brands. it was only a matter of time before Tumblr would begin venturing down the route of paid advertising. Tumblr. but developed it further with fan reactions. The section usually highlights the most popular posts from across the site so any advertisements would feature alongside these.f generating revenue (the other ways it makes money is by taking a cut from the sales of custom blog themes and allowing users to highlight posts for their followers for $1). 148 . Adidas bought a month-long slot to promote its latest football Tumblr blog for the 2012 UEFA European Championship in Poland and Ukraine. one of the top brands in the world. Ad slots could be bought for an entire day and are marked by a dollar sign to highlight that it is not organic content. In June. took a chance with it is encouraging for the site as it looks to host more large scale campaigns. The only problem is that while it was announced back in April. but it was a significantly large one to begin with. So far only one major campaign has been held here.With its popularity. tributes to players from former tournaments and podcasts. Yet saying that. is still learning how effective the medium is and it may be another while yet before any case studies begin to emerge. Tumblr’s founder and CEO David Karp announced that the site would be introducing paid advertising back in April. This was originally a surprise due to Karp’s scepticism about digital advertising but the site is gradually introducing advertising into the mix and create a new way o. the fact that Adidas.

com/2012/01/27/social-networking-stats-tumblr-reaches-15billion-monthly-pageviews-rltm-scoreboard/ .http://venpop. However. Infographic Sources .com/2012/02/tumblr-statistics-15-billion-pageviews-a-month1000-servers/ .http://therealtimereport.http://statspotting. which ran Radar and spotlight (a section that highlights content creators from specific interests) ads the week before Adidas’ campaign.http://www.http://mashable.com .Other brands who have opted for Tumblr advertising include luxury fashion retailer Bottega Veneta.com/2012/why-your-brand-should-consider-tumblr-for-social-mediamarketing/ 149 .com/2012/01/23/tumblr-15-billion-pageviews/ .info/tumblr.webcost. there has yet to be another brand who have run a campaign to the same scale as Adidas’.

On the flip side though. The common knowledge is that the best time is to send it sometime during the working day between Tuesday and Thursday.W The Complete Guide To Email Marketing – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know hile social media tools like Facebook and Twitter dominating our online strategies. targeted content with a strong call to action. but that only works if you are in a specific country and your audience is located in the same time zone. creating brilliant content and following all the right procedures. one of the most successful forms of online marketing ever is email and today we have a look at some of the tips and tricks to running a good campaign. but if you send it at the wrong time. What Are The Best Times To Send Emails You could have a brilliant email campaign featuring amazing content that’s fully optimized for people to open and click on your links. it still works great and here are some tips on how to get the most out of it. many of us consumers have been bombarded by so many spam emails and added to so many marketing lists that it can have a negative effect. In many cases. 150 . People might be saying that email is dying. So if you can deliver good. users block emails as spam or report the company for adding them to a list without permission so it is massively important to do this correctly. it is going to be highly effective in terms of driving sales. When you think about it. It also depends on the product you are trying to sell or the message you are trying to get across. but as far as we can see. you don’t stand a chance. one of the first things most of us do every day is check our email.

151 .

but that trend has changed with nearly everybody now using their mobile devices.Making Email Mobile Friendly Like everything in marketing these days. A couple of years ago. one of the newest options available is mobile and how that affects what you do. the vast majority of people would have opened their emails on their desktops or laptops. 152 . Most of the big email software companies are aware of this change and have introduced mobile friendly templates and new ways of targeting consumers on their mobiles.

the subject line (which is what most good email marketers focus on) is nowhere near as important as the “from” line. It can be very hard to get a user’s attention when there are apps and social media tools to keep them entertained. Go Big On Images You have to be prepared for people flicking through their emails. Send users to a page that is full of tiny links. which requires them to squint to see the content and they’re going to leave in a hurry. The ‘From’ Line Is The Most Important When viewing emails on a mobile device. The use of images is one way of doing it and we’ve seen large images taking up the entire screen and linking to a sales page performing really well. you will want to make sure that they are arriving on a mobile optimized page. the “from” field is by far the biggest font so you are going to have to have something there that people really want to click on. Instead. You can’t just downsize your content for a mail screen. you should be creating landing pages with mobile users in mind. 153 . As you can see from the image below. and the simple fact is you will be lucky if your email is viewed for more than five seconds on a mobile device.Link Through To A Mobile Optimized Website Presuming that your email has been opened and that somebody has then decided to click on a link within the content. It could be the difference between a lot of sales and none at all.

This is a good place to place a pop-up box as these visitors aren’t regular readers so they’ll only see it once when they first visit the site. slotting it in the sidebar is better as you don’t risk making your page look too busy. Knowing who you’re targeting is important as your newsletter or weekly emails will have a theme. which provides a video and screenshot tutorial showing you how it’s done. you can place sign up forms on your Facebook page. Place A Sign Up Form On Facebook The same principal to your site applies here. 154 . you need to make them aware that your newsletter exists. There are a number of sites which provide this. placing it as a tab on it. you must do it in a way that doesn’t disrupt their overall experience. Normally. There are a number of ways of encouraging users to sign up and to get the content in front of them. Place A Sign Up Form On Your Site For your readers to sign up. none more important than getting people to sign up and continue receiving your emails. Place a Pop-Up Box On Older Blog Posts Since a great deal of visitors would arrive at your site through Google and other search engines. If it’s social media. one of the more popular examples would be MailChimp. then market it as such. your sign-up rates will increase. The best way to do this is to place in a prominent location on your site so that it’s immediately noticeable. so here’s what you should keep in mind. This audience will form the core of your email database so know what they want and market accordingly. Provided your content is good and it doesn’t appear for regular readers.Building An Effective Mailing List Know Your Audience There are a number of general rules to keep in mind when you’re launching an email campaign. the chances are they will visit one of your older posts. which could put some people off. However.

Run Competitions Competitions are a great way to build up engagement and convince people to get involved. it’s worth trying out. 155 . then it’s perfect. but make sure it’s something you have the time to do in the long-run. people are bound to download it. Providing variety is a good way of reaching more people. With different social media outlets out there. While you’re doing that. why not encourage people to share your stuff. but if you want to inject your mailing list with a new lease of life. provided you inform buyers that you may send them emails relating to the company. The only reason we’d be reluctant to recommend this is that there are a lot of spam sites offering the same thing so make sure the site you’re purchasing from is reputable and above board. Create Different Email For Different Audiences If you’ve built up a good database and have email addresses that are associated with different sectors. Purchase Opt-in Databases This is one option you’ll need to be very careful with. Release eBooks Or Reports Providing value for readers and visitors is the best way to get followers and if you release valuable content like ebooks or reports for free. Again. it’s another great way of leveraging emails. chances are that including email addresses are already part and parcel of completing the sign-up process. get visitors to provide their email address so they can download it.Sign Up Via Purchases If you’re an online retailer. then you can send more targeted content to these people. then purchasing an email list can help as it will provide you with a targeted list. It’s pointless to start sending out four different newsletters only to cancel three of them because of time-constraints. Everyone wants to win something so provided that the prize is good and you inform them that you could be emailing them again. Encourage Sharing Word of mouth and personal recommendations are the best way to promote something so if you have a newsletter or weekly email.

Clearly state how a visitor’s email will be used (newsletters. This allows you to promote your services through other sites. 5) Send a confirmation email when someone subscribes or unsubscribes. and you’ll find that most will respond positively. 8) Promptly deal with complaints or queries that may arise.). 156 . product updates. The main rules you should keep in mind are: 1) Make sure the content and reasons for emailing are clear and easy to understand. 7) Provide a valid email address for those who want to contact you directly. The Legalities Of Email Marketing – How Not To Spam People There is nothing more annoying than getting spammed by a company that you didn’t sign up to. you are protected by some pretty important rules that companies should be adhering to (although many don’t) so make sure that you’re doing things the right way.Be Transparent We mentioned this in one or two earlier points. and then follow it. 3) Create a double opt-in to ensure that all subscriptions are from the person in question and not someone using someone else’s email address without their knowledge. 4) Never sell or disclose personal details or an email list to a third-party. 10) Provide a privacy policy on your site clearly explaining what user details will be used for. Luckily. make sure your emails are consistent and relevant. etc. Guest Blogging If you’re writing blog posts for different sites. but it’s worth repeating again as trust is vital to success. or not being able to opt out of their email updates once you have signed up. 6) Don’t’ spam users. monthly emails. you can include a call-to-action and link in your author byline. 2) Provide users with an easy way to opt out or unsubscribe from emails. 9) Build up your email list organically through site opt-ins and subscriptions.

Some of the biggest businesses in the world are powered by email marketing so coming up with creative ways of doing that is always essential. Here are three examples of creative email marketing campaigns that you can take inspiration from. Facebook and Twitter that spring to mind. Digital Accomplice – Video Campaign Digital Accomplice ran this campaign after hosing a webinar on B2B video marketing. but there are many cool things that can be done with email as well. sending out a video email. The email directed them to a page with an embedded video offering a free strategy assessment and a call to action.Creative Campaigns When you think about creative marketing campaigns. Image via Digital Accomplice 157 . getting them to fill out the form underneath. it is always sexier tools like Google.

34. offering an exclusive discount and placing a deadline on it. Artbeads. the email received twice the industry average for opens and clicks. while 7.36%. made the email specific to the user through using their first name and thanking them for their purchases. 158 .23% depending on the period. it’s worth considering if you’re thinking of including multimedia content and are targeting a specific demographic.04% to 0.1% of its email were opened.25% and a CTR of 4.com Jewellery maker and retailer Artbeads. but wanted to make sure that different demographics were catered to. While the results only correlate to one day. The overall conversion rate was 0.Within the space of a day.71%. The result was that the email achieved an open rate of 20. So it tested a number of targeted emails over the year by writing the email in a personal tone (including the CEO of the company). and was 208% higher than their previous efforts which ranged from 0.3% were clicked on.com wanted to peruse targeted email marketing.

the cost was £14.http://kb. It also worked with a company called Vismail whose proprietary software enabled graphics and embeddable videos to get past firewalls and ensure that the video actually played when the email was opened. The results showed that the video was reshared to large groups of people (5+).5 times – meaning the total number of times it was opened was 3.000 but after 5.uk/Blog/when-is-the-best-time-to-send-outemail-marketing-campaigns-1640. Overall. with one contact having their email opened over 106 times.Back in 2010.com/article/when-is-the-best-time-to-send-emails .webmarketinggroup.co. So to catch attention.http://www.556 times – and its CTR was 10% (552 times).getresponse. it created an email campaign featuring a finger sprint race video in the style of Chariots of Fire. it had an open rate of 21%.084 deliveries.mailchimp. the email was refowarded on average 3.html 159 . Ecclesiastical Insurance Infographic Stats & Figures .http://blog. insurance group Ecclesiastical wanted to target existing brokers to alert them to its new online service.com/best-time-to-send-email-infographic.aspx .

you can adjust your content to be more appealing towards your biggest demographic. the results are well worth it so here are five quick tips (and some guides below) to help you out. if it doesn’t make people want to interact or share. While there are underhanded ways of obtaining followers (paying for fake followers is the main method although we strongly advise against it for obvious reasons). crack a joke. Content. the best way is to make your page more engaging for your fans.F Five Ways To Increase Engagement On Social Media or any brand page. ask questions. videos. If you don’t have the basics in place. then it doesn’t matter what you post. Knowing factors like age. your efforts aren’t going to go far. Content. make statements. profession and gender can help you determine the best type of updates to post and who will be most likely to read them. 160 . Know Your Audience A lot of sites have either first or third-party analytics that will provide you with much information about your followers and fans. Posting links is all well and good. Post photos. and adding value and variety to their news feeds is the way to go. This way. respond to users. Just make sure you’re giving people a reason to follow you in the first place. Content The golden rule of social media. location. While this is a long-term strategy. but make sure you mix it up a little. the question of getting more fans or followers will come up sooner or later.

Timing Is Everything

Tying into the last point, there’s no point posting something if most people aren’t going to see it. The majority of research out there suggests that early afternoon is generally the best time to post. However, you’ll need to do your own research first to find out the best times for posting before you can do anything. This will involve trial and error for the most part, but Another thing to take into consideration is timezones. More often than not, the majority of your followers will be located in the same, or close to the same timezone as you so you won’t have to make major changes. However, if your fan base is more international, then you will need to experiment by posting at different times to measure engagement.

Be Consistent & Don’t Spam

If you want people to pay attention to you, then you need to make sure they’re expecting you to update. Nobody wants to follow an inactive or inconsistent account, so make sure you’re posting regularly. On top of that, avoid tweeting in quick succession as it will mean that followers will get annoyed that their feed has been taken over with your updates. Also, it’s more valuable to space out your tweets.


Really this is a Twitter and Instagram specific tip, but don’t underestimate how valuable hashtags can be. Not only do hashtags provide context, but also gives non-followers the opportunity to discover your content. One hashtag is more than enough so don’t spam users by throwing every hashtag you can think of.

Guides & Opinion

Since there are so many similar guides like this, here are some more tips and guides to sink your teeth into. - ReadWriteWeb has a quick guide about what and when to post on Instagram. - Jeff Bullas highlights ten ways you can increase fan engagement on Facebook. - OpenForum gives similar advice, but for Twitter this time. - Raka Interactive took the data from bit.ly’s research and created a handy infographic based on its findings. - Marketing Pilgrim post explains the caveats behinds broad studies relating to post and the importance of doing your own research to find the best times. - Focusing on the best times to post, Jon Loomer explains on his blog why you shouldn’t take such research literally. - ReadWriteWeb features again, this time it explains the purpose of hashtags.



The Guide To Search: Why Social & Mobile Are The Future

earch is currently in a transition period right now. As algorithms become more complex and the major search engines introduce new features, it’s clear that our expectations about how search should work and what it can do for us has risen with every new development. It’s not enough that it just suggests relevant information. Now we demand that it comes faster, becomes more accurate and matches our tastes and interests. Throw Siri and Google Now (or at least, the potential of Siri and Google Now) into the mix and the idea that the very concept of search will be radically different in three to five years time is a distinct possibility. Social search was seen as the next step in this process. Using our profiles to filter and curate the content we want to see, the results have been mixed. Google’s insistence on using Google+ and its +1 system has been criticised because it neglects the more popular social media sites to plug its own. On the other hand, Bing has struggled to even dent Google’s hold on search, despite championing its social search feature – partly because Microsoft has a stake in Facebook. Throw in the massive rise of mobile search, and the concept of search is evolving in a way that we mightn’t have expected. Yet one thing is certain: With more and more content being created online, a new way of curating and processing the vast waves of information out there will necessity. With Google making small changes to search – both on desktop and mobile – and Bing pushing its social credentials even further, the race is on to see who can discover (or possibly stumble) upon the next stage of search. 162

Where Is Social Search Headed?

Despite social platforms like Twitter and Facebook making huge strides and pulling in hundreds of millions of users, it’s still Google that controls search for the large part. Facebook has had a flawed search experience since the site launched and even a partnership with Microsoft and its search engine Bing has not been able to help them improve. Twitter has a wealth of “realtime” data with the couple of hundred million tweets they see every day, but their search experience is also poor. Despite the fact that Twitter and Facebook are not making the best strides in the battle for social search, Google does recognize the threat that they pose and that search will eventually be powered by humans rather than just algorithms, which is why it invested so much time, money and energy into Google+. While its spiders can crawl the web and their page rank system has proved the foundation of the company over the last decade, it knows that it needs to find out more about the people browsing the web and what they actually like. The fact that people spend so much time on Facebook – and that it is effectively a walled garden to which Google has little or no access to – has to be a huge worry for the world’s biggest search engine, especially with users volunteering so much useful information to the social network. There have been persistent rumors about Facebook getting into search, or at least improving the experience on their own site, and it is something that we would love to see happen. I’d love to be able to tap into the wisdom of my friends to find the best restaurants, bars, holiday destinations and books. We do see it happening through frictionless sharing for the likes of movies on Netflix, songs on Spotify and other apps through open graph, but that is a different type of discovery than search itself. Despite all the knowledge within Google, Twitter and Facebook, none of them have cracked social search yet and I fully expected one of them to have done so at this stage. One thing that is certain is that it will be one of those three companies who will eventually crack it. A startup might lead the way with a totally new solution, but one of the big guys would inevitably acquire that company and fold it into their own offering. As far as true social search is concerned, we are all still waiting. 163

Siri did at least introduce the idea that mobile search could be more than just an afterthought and give the very idea of personal search some credit. meaning that localised search plays a massive part in how mobile will develop.). 164 . Instead the focus has turned towards providing a concise answer and making sure the process from search query to result is as smooth and as frictionless as possible. people on the move don’t enjoy the same luxury. While desktop search is primarily focused on providing as much information as possible. brands and businesses will have to optimise their sties to deal with this. it’s doing enough to engage users and has given voice activated search something to work with. the only two that seem to be treating mobile differently are Google and Apple. not having the time or screen space to filter through numerous results. suggesting that while it hasn’t exactly set the world alight. As a search engine. but this has a far greater bearing than you might expect. many users search when they are shopping and make shopping decisions soon after their search. While the same search engines are available on iPhone and Android (oddly Bing’s app isn’t available outside the U. yet one-third of people are said to use it to search the internet and 87% say that they use it once a month. it must be added). Siri’s use is quite limited. Naturally. The latter’s effort. As the above infographics highlight. while for more research intensive searches.S. was the first real attempt at creating a mobile only search engine through the form of a personal assistant. While it’s by no means perfect (and it does search through Google. Siri. this is probably the avenue that mobile search will go down for quick inquiries and local searches. In a way. the majority of users search while they’re on the go.The Development Of Mobile Search The major focus of mobile is that most search queries relate to location.

Siri’s influence spreads even further into Google’s own search app. your current location and location history. but it does things differently. Considering that Google Now was just released. has been trying a number of different approaches with its search engine – unsurprising since it is its main business. is its closest rival to Siri as it too has voice control. it’s too early to comment on whether it’s more successful than Siri or not. which recently added voice recognition so you can ask questions and answer them with a brief statement. times of flights. on the other hand.Google. only drawing on results directly from the search engine instead of your previous searches. Since Google automatically keeps track of your previous web searches (unless you turn it off ). However. Tailoring it to suit your needs. the gauntlet has been thrown down and both Google and Apple will work towards making Google Now and Siri faster. 165 . smarter and better to the point where having them is essential. sporting updates and translations can be accessed or timed to help you out. Google Now. and if its promotional video is anything to go by. it will provide more diverse and snappy answers than Siri currently does. It works separately to Google Now. you can have it present different information and updates to you at various times so things like how busy traffic will be. this is the basis for social search: Taking information we already know about ourselves to make the system more effective. All of this is tailored using existing info like web history. one of the latest features introduced alongside Android’s Jelly Bean.

or just moving on quickly. which not only show what pages your users are viewing. Assets such as Analytics 9. but its visual manifestation is creative and appreciably easy to follow since it annotates any particular page with visual aids rather than with stats and graphs. Crazy Egg What makes Crazy Egg unique is its use of heat and scroll maps. but are well-suited to analysing your traffic and helping you increase it. how they are getting to your site and what pages they’re viewing – but the goals tab is especially helpful in that it allows you to set aims and then guides you along as you try to achieve them. Once you’ve copy/pasted the GA code onto your site. Heat maps will shows which links are most clicked on. and Visitor Intelligence come at a price. Story mode still presents data in a package that is simply consumed and takes various statistics and lots of information from across your site. content. Professional Services. Social Measurement. but it still packs a punch in some areas.Web & Mobile analytics tools Google Analytics Google Analytics makes it easy for anybody to manage and analyse a website. a vital and knowledgeable assistant. WebTrends is still a sound investment for those that are especially serious about their analytics. daunting or offputting to many users and small businesses and it fails to surpass younger rivals in the latest aspects of analytics. Crazy Egg is really meant to be used to measure how many clicks are being made. With that said. Free and simple to use. traffic sources. Ad Director. ecommerce and goals. The site’s dashboard is simple to navigate and is open to customisation. while scroll maps will tell you if people are scrolling through the whole page. Marketing Warehouse. but what parts of those pages they are viewing in particular. GA is pretty much essential. Score. You can monitor many sources of information with GA: visitors. 166 . you should be set to go and explore the many ways in which Google can analyse your blog or website. WebTrends WebTrends is a pensioner in comparison to many of the other analytic sites mentioned here. These are minute details which display why people are viewing particular pages rather than just if they are. but its all-encompassing ability may be superfluous. That’s all fairly standard – tracking how many visitors you have. Its ability to measure traffic and referrals remains largely unmatched still. so you can get the facts that are most important to you upfront. in spite of its competition far outstripping it in others. The visualisations of the analytics are especially clear and very malleable seeing as you can easily choose the range over which you are gauging interest and compare activity over certain time periods or across certain pages.

but SocialDon is by no means comprehensive. and updates are tailored to activity rather than a set schedule – so you will be alerted via email when RTs or followers are increasing/ decreasing at an abnormal level. It’s a helpful little tool. Pagelever can give you pure numbers. Twitter Analytics Twitsprout Twitsprout is a one-page Twitter analytics service that concisely summarises all your Twitter account’s key statistics and presents them in an easily understandable format. though it would surely be advisable that you were). but the ‘talkability’ data offers something beyond the norm and you can. The analytics are all as you would expect. That all the important facts and figures are presented on one page is what makes Twitsprout stand out. and stats are explained for those that are getting to grips with Twitter and analytics with very 167 . The graphics are informative and very colourful (which is always a plus). You can also measure yourself and your contributions to your various pages if you want. but it is very simple. for instance. but it also gives milestones that you will find interesting and help you to replicate and improve on any successes you may have. The aim of Pagelever is to cut though noise by showing businesses what is working for them on Facebook and what isn’t. Log in using your Facebook account and then using Don to compare statistics between any pages (you don’t have to be an admin. or if your business is in need of a social media evaluation and makeover. The dashboard is quick to load and stats are presented in line graphs that clearly state the facts. change the date and intervals over which you want SocialDon to measure data. Pagelever will present you with stats and graphics tell you what and when it is best to post and why that is so.Facebook Analytics SocialDon There’s not a lot to SocialDon. in the hopes that will reduce their posts and refine their content and yet still continue to grow their popularity. of course. Pagelever Pagelever is probably best know for its work with YouTube and those who has glanced at the analytics on YouTube videos can see the contextual knowledge that Pagelever provides.

so it is perfect for new users and flourishing businesses. making it one of social media’s most complete analytics/measurement apps. number of followers. the chances of it 168 . Twitsprout is smart. it is done purely online. Social SEO Post your articles immediately on social media While this should always do this. it helps to be quick. but by focusing more on what people want. it can evaluate trends and interpret them in a way the unindoctrinated eye just can’t. The faster you post something. According to Mitch Monsen of WhiteFire SEO. but you need to optimise both sectors if you want your site to benefit. it doesn’t have to be your own account. social media helps content get indexed faster. Your social and mobile search strategy should complement your main SEO strategy. so make sure you have a traditional SEO strategy first before you start focusing on social. Provide sharable content Content is very much king. Finally. the Archivist will provide an extensive and aesthetically crisp analysis of whatever you want. there’s an extra benefit that you mightn’t have considered. retweet level.few buzzwords and little jargon. The Archivist The Archivist is one of the premier Twitter analytic apps. but it also immediate. number of people following. you can just type in any username if you really want to know that type of thing. Whether you’re searching for stats on keywords. allowing you to archive tweets and analyse the biggest trends. Twitalyzer offers additional metric points and reporting data. It puts a visual preference on numbers as opposed to actual statistics as the final percentages and numbers come up in large type while their corresponding graphs and charts are dwarfed in comparison. Twitalyzer Twitalyzer will give you a complete overview of your Twitter account’s influence based on. number of retweets by others. So if you’re posting a time-sensitive post or if you focus on reporting. It is very extensive. and while we’re not saying you should create content solely for the sake of sharing. literally type in the account hashtag or keyword you want to analyse and the results will pop up in a matter of seconds.zip file if you want once you’ve signed in. among other things. but you can download the results into an Excel spreadsheet or a . Again. post it onto Twitter and Google+. the faster you get into Google’s index for your keyword terms and the faster you show up at the top of the results. So when you get the chance. hashtags or certain users. how often an account replies to other users and engages in conversations. which should alleviate worries about organisation. There is no programme or anything to downloadable. Social & Mobile SEO Practices Having a social media and mobile presence is all well and good.

Mobile SEO Different Keywords for a different format Just because certain keywords work for search doesn’t mean that you will get similar results for mobile. so you should design your website to reflect this. For other sites. As mentioned earlier.being shared and liked increases. there are two reasons for this. The second is that if a popular user or account shares your content. The same would apply to both Google+ and to an extent. but it’s worth repeating to help improve your social SEO rank. which is always a good thing. create keywords that reflect your location. resulting in another boost in your ranking. include your full website address and fit keywords into your bio and profile picture. The first is that it’s good for SEO as more shares mean more links to your site. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly Not exactly an SEO tip. Essentially. but a better way is to 169 . The traditional SEO rules apply so make sure they’re optimised for mobile use as well as desktop. make sure your name and username has the main keyword you want. The latter is handy for getting your content to those who might be interested and CNET has a great list on the best Twitter directories out there. A desktop site isn’t going to work well on a portable device (unless it’s a tablet). Twitter SEO We covered this originally in our 50 Twitter tips list last week. Some brands go for apps. but it’s important that your site is suited to mobile. mobile search usually focuses on local so if you’re a retailer. Use Twitter Directories Building up links to your Twitter profile doesn’t have to be hard provided you do two things: Tweet often and use Twitter directories. Facebook. their whole network may see your post the next time they search for similar material. have a look at your analytics tools to see which keywords come up when users search through mobile and use that data to form your keywords. According to Jordan Kesteler of PETA.

but the best thing to do is to host your homepage and mobile only pages on m.com/Company/Press-Releases/120418-Mobile-Local-SearchVolume-Will-Surpass-Desktop-Local-Search-in-2015.com/google-50-percent-of-smartphone-users-exposed-toads-took-action-74760 -http://www.googleusercontent.optimise your site to work on a smaller screen.google.html -http://thesocialskinny. Infographic Sources -http://www.biakelsey.com/mobile-and-apps/11-incredible-mobile-marketing-statistics/ -http://static. Even if it’s relatively basic looking in comparison to your main site. Patel says that you can redirect to your desktop pages. Your regular desktop content can stay the same provided you’ve reformatted it for mobile users (see last tip).tekgoblin.com subdomaion or /m subfolder.pdf -http://www.com/events/thinkmobile2011/presentations.google.viralblog. Create mobile-friendly content Linking to the last point. com/en//events/thinkmobile2011/pdfs/time-for-mobile-is-now. Neil Patel of Quick Sprout makes the point that you should figure out a way to host your mobile site and mobile exclusive content.com/99-new-social-media-stats-for-2012/ 170 . but to use canonical tags so that the links are directed back to desktop pages.asp -http://searchengineland.com/external_content/untrusted_dlcp/www.domain.com/2012/07/07/over-3-billion-searches-on-google-each-day/ -http://www. that’s much more useful as it will (a) load faster and (b) users will find the content they’re looking for faster.

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