Q&A (50 pts.

Quadratic Inequalities (1 pt. each) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5x^2+100x+500≥0 2x^2+7x-5<0 16x^2-10x-9≤0 3x^2+5x-15>0 5x^2-3x+9>0

Max/Min Problems (5pts. Each) 1. Sam currently sells 100 chocolate bars at Php 20 each. He thought that he wasn’t making enough money so he increased the price by 5 but he only sold 96 bars. What is the optimal value of the chocolate bars to maximize income? 2. Miko kicked a football from the ground and it reached a maximum height of 3m in 0.5 seconds. It went inside the goal with a height of 1m after 0.9 seconds. What is the equation of the ball’s travel? Radical Equations (2 pts. each) 1. √x+√x+3=3x 2. √9x^2+25=x^2 Rational Equations/Inequalities (2 pts. each) 1. 1/x+3=x/x-3 2. 4x+2/x-5≥0 3. (3x+2)(x-5)/(x+6)(5x-2)<0 Absolute Values Equations/Inequalities (5pts.) 1. |x+3|≥|5x-3| (2pts.) 2. |2x^2-5x-12|<1 (3pts.)

Pythagorean Theorem, Midpoint and Distance Formulae (3pts.) 1. An acute triangle has a side of 4 cm and 6 cm. What is the length of the longest side given that the sides above are the short sides? (2pts.) 2. A circle has a diameter with endpoints at (-1,1) and (5,1) . Find the center and radius of the circle. Conic Sections (17 pts.) 1. A circle has a radius of 9 and it passes through the points (3,2) and (4,5). Find the equation of the circle. (3 pts.) 2. Find the equation of an ellipse with a vertices at (4,1) (-4,1) and a focus at (3,1) (4pts.) 3. A parabola with the equation (x-5)2=12(y-3) intersects with a hyperbola that has an equation of 4x^2-3y^2+16x+18y+6=0. Find the point/s of intersection. (Graph if needed) (5pts.) 4. A circle with the equation (x-4)^2+y^2=4, a parabola with the equation y^2=4(x-4), a hyperbola with the equation x^2/16-y^2/9=1, an ellipse with the equation x^2/32+(y-2)^2/8=1 all intersect. Find the point/s of intersection. (You may not graph) (5 pts.) Bonus: Given an ellipse with the equation 3x^2+2xy+5y^2-6x-20y+10=0. Find the center, vertices, co-vertices and foci. (10pts.)

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