after Perseus separated from the group, he met a buffaloheaded monster that camouflaged a son of Perseus (Helius).

He was deceived by the work done monster. Until fierce battles between them, and the monster falls in the hands of Perseus. He looks tired and limp after wrestling with monsters that have more power. After that he met with the group again. to go to Tartarus Perseus assisted by rescue teams to get there. Visible from a distance looks Zeus. Zeus tries to persuade Hades to help beat ares and Kronos. Hades was the sense of brotherhood helped to defeat ares. Hades has a change of heart and decides to help Zeus and stop Kronos, but Ares is still angry with his father and Perseus intervenes. Perseus arrives and uses the Trident to free Zeus. Perseus trying to free Zeus from the shackles that never could make anything. After that hades gave weapons to Perseus to make a Trium. Perseus was combined that weapon into a more powerful weapon. Perseus, Andromeda and Agenor carry a weakened Zeus down to the base of the mountain where Andromeda's army is gathered. Although the Trident and Pitchfork are now in his possession, Perseus still needs the Thunderbolt from Ares to have the power to defeat Kronos. Perseus hopes to be able to get a thunderbolt from ares. but there's

He must destroy Kronos to save the world. . Then he combines thunderbolt with Pitchfork and trident. therefore he had to use the weapon to destroy Kronos triumnya. With his perseverance finally Perseus can beat Kronos and save the world. And it could do with all his strength and spirit.only one way is to kill his own brother. Ares.

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