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Anaylis of Music Cover

Anaylis of Music Cover

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Published by Emily May McBride

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Published by: Emily May McBride on Nov 20, 2012
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Name of the magazine- This has been positioned at the top of the page and is in a bright colour which

stands out from the background. This makes the title seem important. The title is also in capitals which makes it stand out also. The title isn't being covered by anything which shows that is it important. The title is in a very simple font which makes it look powerful and clear. The title is in bright red with a white outline which means that it stands out.

Layout- The layout of this magazine front cover is relatively ordered. They don’t have any main text over lapping each other and everything has its own space. The colour scheme is consistent apart from the red in the title of the magazine. They have kept the text to the sides to restrict them from distracting from the main image.

Main story - The main story in this magazine is about My Chemical Romance, they are also the main image. I can tell that they are the main feature of this magazine because they have put their name in a bigger text and a different font to the other stories this makes it stand out. Also they have put the text in black against a white back ground which also makes it stand out. It is also in the middle of the page to on the left which means that it is above all of the rest of the text.

Main Image- the main image on this magazine is of a popular band. The band that is on the front also has a interview inside which means that the main image relates to what is inside the magazine. It is a medium shot of them and all of them are looking at the camera. This makes them seem important and makes them stand out. They are also wearing black which contrasts from the light background.

Barcode & Date- these have been positioned in the corner and at the bottom of the page this suggests that they are not very important.

Other stories- These are the other stories that are featured in the magazine they are in a smaller text to the rest of the page and are highlighted by using a different colour. This makes them stand out on their own and highlights the fact that they are all the same equality. They have also used capitals to highlight them as well. They are round the sides of the magazines which means that they are not distracting you from the main image or story.

Name of the magazine- This is the name of the magazine. It is in a simple and bold font and is positioned in the left hand top corner. This is the same as the previous magazine. It is in white with a red square border behind it. This makes it stand out and makes it obvious that it is the name of the magazine. Because it is at the top and in the left hand corner it is natural for our eye to go to it first as we read from left to right naturally. It is also in a larger font than all the rest of the text which means that it stands out more.

Main Image- This is the main image of the magazine and is of the celebrity Lana Del Rey. She is wearing white which represent purity but she has blood coming down her face. This makes her look unusual and represents a dark side. She is wearing a crown which represent royalty and so importance. She is very pale which makes her seem very innocent and her facial expressions is very blank. The way she is touching her hair makes her seem vulnerable and insecure. This is a medium shot and her face is positioned next to the name of the magazine which means that it is the next thing that you will look at naturally. Other stories- These are the other features of the magazine as you can see they are on the right hand side of t he page and fit the colour scheme of the rest of the magazine. The fact that they are all on the right hand side along the side makes the magazine have a ordered and clear layout, nothing is overlapping. They are in capitals to make them stand out however they are in a much smaller size than the main story. There is also a yellow circle with different information in it about festivals. The fact that it is in a circle makes it look like a sticker and makes it stand out from the rest of the text. This shows that this is a piece of information that they want you to see and will attract the audience.

Main story- This is shown by being in a bigger text than the rest of the other stories. Also her name is in a different colour and a different font which makes it stand out. This is showing that she is a new artist and shows that her story is inside. They have also used a rhetorical question and so this will draw the reader in. Her name is also in capitals and looks like it has been drawn in lipstick which highlights the fact that she is a girly girl and link with the way that she is wearing white and looks very vulnerable in the picture. Barcode and price- This is small and in the right hand bottom corner which means that is the last thing that you look at naturally. This shows that it is not important.

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