Pick Ups Thursday 22nd November 2012 Call Time: 11:30 Supersede: the story of Street End Allotments (Signed

off by Will Tippett, Dylan Cox

Director: Cat Dorsett Producer: Will Tippett Sound Recordist: Casey Parker Editor: Dylan Cox Contributors: Doug, Theresa, Alison, Bryan Equipment Canon 7D Sony EX Fig Rig Tripod Actuality – Plots/Allotment     Following plot owners around the allotment, interacting with each other, using Fig rig Individual plot owners tending their plot. Filmed on the Canon 7D If there is anything where someone is talking, use the Sony because Wind will kill the 7D mic.

Group Interview – BBQ area     Editor requires the SOUND of individuals saying “My name is X and I am plot XX” and also “I have had an allotment on street end for XX months/years” so they are given credibility with audience. If they are all newbies, why do they/we care? Ok scrap that its at the bottom, but you get the gist. All interview to be filmed with sound on Sony EX – Think before if your going to use tripod or H/H. Id suggest group shots tripod and individual handheld but its your call and depends on wind. Lastly if you are rolling and it is windy, don’t be afraid to move them, we all need to nail this. Questions. (Acting as the conclusion of the piece) Try at least one good group response Avoid overlapping answers Try and answer as if there is a guide comm., not saying "Will, or "like I said earlier" 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What do you feel Street End brings to an area like Chatham? How long did each of you have your plots? What does it mean to you to own an allotment? Will the next generation continue the good work you are doing now? What if in the future allotments were to be a thing of the past?