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Statement on One Wisconsin Now Open Records Request
The left-wing political operatives at One Wisconsin Now have stooped to a remarkably new low. One week after my son Sean was assaulted and brutally beaten at his home, my office received an Open Records request from this organization regarding any communications my office had with the public or media regarding the attack. The vast majority of those communications were words of condolence, sympathies, and support from the public and deemed personal in nature. Under the Open Records law, those items need not be disclosed. My office also received a number of calls and inquiries from local, state, and national media about the incident. A press release was issued in response to those inquiries, as well as interviews over the phone and in person at my home with local media outlets. One Wisconsin Now alleges my office was coordinating communications regarding this incident with the campaign staff for Mitt Romney. That is patently false. While my office did receive an initial call from an individual with the Romney campaign looking to speak with Sean, that follow-up call to Sean never came. I have no idea why the Romney people wished to speak with him, other than perhaps to send their well wishes. But again, that call never came. My office neither sought out the Romney campaign regarding this incident, nor did we “coordinate strategy” with them, as Own Wisconsin Now alleges. It appears they are playing the old game of “gotcha”, which is both disturbing and sickening. As noted in my press release, we had hoped to keep this matter private and within our family. But as an elected official, it is only a matter of time for these types of incidents to become public. The role of my office was to respond to inquiries made by the media and the public. For One Wisconsin Now to accuse me and my office of attempting to politicize this incident is despicable and precisely what is wrong with this current political climate. They should be ashamed of themselves, but as I have learned over the years, One Wisconsin Now has no shame. ###