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Peace Officer Basic Training Commander Manual Effective 1-1-13

Peace Officer Basic Training Commander Manual Effective 1-1-13

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Published by: Mike DeWine on Nov 20, 2012
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1.5.1 As provided in OAC 109:2-1-12 (B), students who have been appointed as peace officers
and have completed a training program other than under the auspices of the OPOTC may,
prior to enrollment in a Peace Officer Basic Training program, request credit for topics in
which they may have received similar prior training. The student shall make such request
by completing a SF410bas Request for Prior Equivalent Training Analysis form.

1.5.2 The OPOTC Certification Officer will review the request and supporting documentation
to determine the topics and amount of hours of training for which credit may be given.
The Certification Officer then will send the appointing agency a letter of determination
indicating the topics and number of hours for which the student did not receive credit and
which must be completed.

1.5.3 After receiving the letter of determination, the officer must present the letter to the
School Commander and may enroll in a Peace Officer Basic Training program as a prior
equivalent student. He will be required only to attend the topics and hours assigned by
the OPOTC letter of determination and must complete all of the training with the same
school. Like any other appointed student, prior equivalent students must enroll by the
third day of class in which OPOTC topics are taught.

1.5.4 After satisfactorily completing the peace officer basic training hours assigned by the
OPOTC, the student must successfully pass the full state certification examination. If the
student fails on the first attempt, a second attempt will be scheduled. If the student fails
on the second attempt, the student must then take both the entire basic training course and
the state certification examination again. The School Commander will schedule the state
certification examination and re-test, if required.

1.54 Open enrollment students are not eligible to receive a prior equivalent training analysis.

1.5.6 A student may not change his status as a prior equivalent student once he begins a Peace
Officer Basic Training school.

Effective 1113


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